End-Term Examinations – June 2010
Subject Code : IMT-112 Subject Name: Customer Relationship Management
Time Allowed : 3 Hours Max. Marks : 70

Notes: (a) Answer any FOUR questions from SECTION-A and CASE STUDY as given in SECTION-B. Each Question (SECTION-A) carries 14 MARKS and (SECTION-B) Case Study carries 14 MARKS. (b) For students enrolled before January 2008, the Question Paper would be treated for 50 marks instead of 70 marks. (c) No doubts/clarifications shall be entertained. In case of doubts/clarifications, make reasonable assumptions and proceed.


MARKS : 56

”We don’t ask customers what they want. They don’t know. Instead we apply our brain power to what they need, and will want, and make sure we’re are there, ready”-This is the philosophy presented by Sony Corporation. Do you agree with this? How in your opinion is relationship marketing built and conducted? Define Customer Relationship Management. Explain the various stages of an effective CRM programme. Which are the key areas that need to be addressed for formulation of a successful CRM strategy? a) What are the reasons behind organizations losing customers? Discuss how can you help a firm in building customer loyalty? b) Describe the significance of customer loyalty for a super market chain like big bazaar. Discuss the importance of acquisition and retention of right customer to an organization. Discuss the impact of maximizing customer retention for an insurance company. Write a short note on Customer Life time value and its growing importance. Technology can help in building relationship with the customers? Discuss the role of an employee in internal marketing for an insurer. behaviors contribute towards an integrated approach to CRM? Write brief notes on any three: a. E CRM b. Analytical CRM c. Contact centre d. Data mining e. Up selling and cross selling Explain how information



Q4. . Q5.


How do employee attitudes and


SECTION-B HSBC In Personal Banking

(Case Study)

MARKS : 14

HSBC adopted the CRM system in order to maximize customer convenience and provide anytime, anywhere and anyhow banking. It is revolutionizing customer empowerment and beating its competitors in market place. In traditional banking, customers need to wait in a long queue to do simple transactions such as money transfers, remittances, deposits, withdrawals, paying bills etc. This entails face to face interaction between tellers and customers in the bank itself. Later developments were ATM and phone banking, which are used via electronic technology to save the bank manpower, and also to save customers time by eliminating queuing. Today, HSBC supplies a cost- effective and user-friendly e-banking service via the Internet. Personal services provided by ebanking comprise check account balances, the payment of bills, transferring money to local or overseas HSBC accounts, and the updating of personal details. ETE-June 2010 Page 1 of 2 IMT-112

Do you think HSBC has been able to build a relationship with their customers? suitable arguments. Through the CRM system. How can Data mining help HSBC in understanding its customers better? Q3. thus it is starting to consolidate services and products in these areas. Nowadays. people looking for banking services are demanding more than what traditional banking services have offered in the past. Q4. HSBC can also know who her main customers are. It has started to look for professionals and at providing training for its staff in investment. ETE-June 2010 Page 2 of 2 IMT-112 . Support your answer with What in your opinion should be their strategy in retaining the loyal customers? How will they find out their ‘right customers’ and reward them suitably? How in your opinion can HSBC meet its customer requirements by cross selling and up selling products. Q2. personal financial planning and insurance aspects. HSBC knows these kinds of services are more profitable than traditional banking services. Therefore. it has converted some of the branches into Day & Night Banking centers were customers can handle their accounts at their own convenience and in their own free time. They prefer their banks to provide one-stop financial services to meet their investment. Give examples. It also promotes related products to the market such as Power Vantage Banking Services and Business Vantage Banking Services. insurance and savings needs. They would like their banks to provide financial advice to meet their needs. HSBC has provided a special banking service for her VIP customers.Customer Centered HSBC knows their customers are busy. called HSBC Premier. Questions Q1. want everything quickly and do not have time to go to the bank during banking hours.

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