Student Name: _Lora Peterson_____________Preceptor/Faculty: _____________________________ Spring 2011 Clinical Setting: Behavioral Health Date/s of Experience: ___2


Brief Clinical Performance Rating Sheet: To be completed by the preceptor (if applicable) and faculty, viewed by the student, and retained by the faculty. Complete one every 12 hours at clinical. 70 points each x 6 ratings. Please note that if you are precepted by a staff RN that the clinical faculty is the one who decides on the grade taking into account feedback from the preceptor. Implementation of Nursing Care Rating: Circle the best fit a. Communicates clearly with clients/families 3 0 b. Respects Diversity in belief & behavior 3 0 c. Demonstrates caring & empathy 3 2 1 d. Seeks & integrates constructive feedback 3 2 1 e. Evaluates own clinical performance objectively 3 2 1 f. Demonstrates commitment to goals of profession 3 2 1 II. Application of knowledge a. Practices nursing within the scope of state nurse practice acts and the ANA Code for Nurses 3 0 b. Utilizes effective teaching/learning strategies 3 2 1 c. Collects appropriate assessment data 3 2 1 d. Develops and implements a plan of action 3 2 1 e. Evaluates outcome of nursing actions 3 2 1 f. Charts correctly (actual or simulate) 3 2 1 III. Safety a. Assumes responsibility for safe nursing practice 3 2 1 b. Seeks guidance when appropriate 3 2 1 c. Utilizes proper aseptic/sterile technique 3 2 1 d. Follows agency policies 3 0 IV. Professionalism a. Demonstrates Professional Dress including name badge 3 0 b. Communicates clearly and respectfully with faculty, peers, & staff 3 0 c. Uses therapeutic communication techniques 3 2 1 d. Seeks opportunities to learn 3 2 1 e. Prioritizes client care activities 3 2 1 f. Adheres to agency policies 3 0 g. On time and back from break on time 4 0 STUDENT: Identify one issue/behavior/skill that I did well: My patient upstairs today came in with postpartum depression and because the doctors were worried she was a danger to her baby. I assessed that the patient was well groomed and sitting on her bed. She seemed anxious and worried and also confused. She expressed a lot of concern to me about the staff on the unit after one of the therapists had talked to her. She stated that they were trying to confuse her and that she felt like they weren t on her side. I had a 1:1 intervention with here where we discussed her feelings and how she needed to understand that all the staff were there to help her. This intervention was important because if she started feeling distrust and anger with the staff then she wouldn t be able to progress and start to heal as well in her treatment plan because she would be too busy worrying about her paranoia. I reiterated to her that they were trained professionals and that they knew what they were doing and were on her side in wanting her to get better. Patient seemed very relieved to just being reminded of these things since she had just got out of a talk with her therapist that didn t go very well. Patient thanked me for helping her to see these things and said she knew that the staff was there to help her and that they knew what was best for her even if she didn t always necessarily like what they had to say. I feel like I assessed, helped her with her intervention, and had a pretty positive outcome very well with this patient today. She seemed to feel much more calm after my 1:1 intervention with her. I.

So I wasn t 100% sure what she had come in for. However. However. Faculty Comments: Student Signature Lora Peterson_____ Score total for the week: _____________________/70 . The interventions I did with her were to just discuss ways of feeling happier and focusing on positives since I assumed she was maybe there for depression. I didn t do very good on the interventions with her because I assumed that she was there for another reason such as bipolar or depression and didn t realize that she was there for dependency on drugs. I asked her positive things she could think of that would make her feel better since she had stated that she felt sad about being in the hospital. She stated that thinking of her children or being in dark. I assessed that the patient was in a lot of pain from fibromyalgia and that she seemed very focused on getting her pills for the pain. The outcome of my talk with her about doing positive things was that she decided to go lay down in her room with the lights off so that she could relax and not feel so stressed about being in the hospital. One problem was I didn t get to see her chart before I talked to her since the patient I had been originally assigned to did not want to talk to me. after knowing that she was in there for drug dependency I feel like I should have focused more on talking about alternative ways to help with her pain and different ways of not being dependent on drugs.STUDENT: Identify one issue/behavior/skill that could use improvement: The patient I had downstairs today I felt like I could have done a little better on with interventions. quiet places were good ways for her to feel more positive and not focus on the negatives of being in the hospital.

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