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Chapter no. i. Title Introduction
1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9 1.10 1.11 Background study: Theoretical provisions to the worth of the issue: Problem statement: Tourism vision: Project objectives Vision of the project Purpose of study Scope of study Limitation of study Constraints of the educational project Methodology

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Tourism in pakistan
2.1. 2.2. 2.3. 2.4. 2.5. 2.6. 2.6.1. 2.6.2. 2.6.3. 2.6.4. Pakistan history Pakistan facts Major attraction Cultural sites Weather in pakistan Facts related to tourism When to go Practical information for tourist Costs Money

2.2.6. 3.1.4. Atms Cash Credit card Exchange money Traveler’s cheque 2. 2.8. 3. Khyber Pakhtun khawa 11 Feature of kpk Physiography of the province Tourism in Pakistan iv. 4.2.2. 2.12. 3. Terrorism badly affect tourism industry Bad law and order situation affecting tourism industry . 2. 2. Insurance 2.2.7. 2. Language of pakistan Tourism in pakistan What has pakistan to offer the world Role of pakistan tourism development List of ptdc motels in pakistan iii.6.7.6. Decline of tourism 4.6. Decline of tourism Factor affecting tourism 4. Before you go 2. Tourism in kpk 2.8.5. Travel insurance 2. Five strategies to increase the viability of world tourism map Development organization of tourism product in keeping with customer expectations Lack of facilities and infrastructure 4. 2010 hunza lake disaster 4. Adjusting promotional strategies to new information and communications technologies: 5. Types . Lack of security 4.2.3. Improving knowledge of client Strategies for tourism development in pakistan Tourism marketing strategies Conventions Promotions Experiences Increase in tourism marketing 5.5. Pakistan floods 2010 4.2. Damages to tourism in swat 5.3.2. 5.4. 5.4. Emphasis on market offering the best return on investment Establishing a strong business relationship between the minister of tourism and the tourism industry 5. 5. Flood of the century Damages in pakistan due to flood 4. v.1.1. 5.3.5. Marketing 5. Lack of internet and cellular services Promotion of tourism through different strategies and techniques 5. 5. 6. 6.3.1. Price competitiveness 6.1.8. 6. 5. 6.6.2. 5. Vi 6.1.11. Sound policy and regulations 6. 6.5. 6. 6. 6.3. 5.2.1. Effects Methods and techniques to promote tourism Educational and cultural content of tourism Concentrate of activities around important theme Uses of mass media promotion of tourism in kpk Promotion of tourism Promoting sustainable growth Preference to tourism industry Environment sustainability Safety and security issues Health and hygiene issues Host community involvement Accessibility to facilities Increasing competitiveness Human resources Natural resources Cultural resources Quality assurance Tourism infrastructure and business envoiroment 6. Marketing strategies 6. 6.4. 5.2.3. Performance evaluation . 6.5. Geography Transport infrastructure development

6.13.2. 6.5. Calendar event 6.13. 6.5. Risk sharing 6. Access to a wider range of skills in planning.5. 6. Shandur festival polo . Access to new source of capi9tal 6.11. Maintain or improvement service levels 6.10.2. Tvs show tour –bus gets rolling 6. 6. Accelerated development of infrastructure 6.5.5. Sradaryab family park 6.6.13. Role of Sarhad tourism corporation Objective of STC with respect to promotion of tourism Basis of tourism promotional activities and infrastructure Tourism development recent activities Infrastructure improvement 6. 6.4.13. Research studies Provincial programmes Different projects to promote tourism development and environment 6.13. Realize value of under-utilized assets 6. Realize economic development opportunities Innovations 6. management and service delivery Role of public sector in tourism development Role of private sector in tourism development Public private partnership in tourism development 6. STC participation 6.12. 6.6. STC goes online

2 Objective of launching Food Street 9.9. G Walks Food Street A walk down Kolkata’s food street Malaysia Food Street Seoul’s famous Food Street Food Street in Thailand Mexican food street Brazilian Food Street Food Street in china Summary IX Food Street in Pakistan 8.6. 7.1. 7.7 Project investment .1. 7.7.5 Limitation Scope of Food Street 9. 8. 8.4 The functioning of Food Street 9.2. Islamabad X Food Street In Peshawar 9.6. 8. 7.5. 7. VII Project identified Reviews of Food Street 7. 7.6 Swot analysis 9.5.6. 8.3 Launching a new Food Street 9. 8. Food Street in Pakistan Gawal Mandi Food Street Boat basin Food Street Karachi Burns road Food Street Port grand Food Street Melody Food Street. 7. 7.3.4.

8.8 Proposed business legal status 9. Capacity of production A success business in recreational activities Promotional benefits 10.9.3. Potential market Available market Targeted customers Market analysis 11.9.2. 11.1. 11.9. Economic benefits Crucial factor and steps in decision making for investment XI Business plan 11.2.5. Marketing plan 11.6.4. Secondary data 11.7. Conclusion 11.10 10.3.2. 11.1. Production . Health benefits 10.2.1. Primary data 11.9 Opportunity rationale Social benefits 10.1.9. Environmental benefits 10.2.2. 11. Introduction Sector analysis Marketing analysis 11. Menu 11.2. 11. Product 11. Miles stones 11. 11.11. 11.11. Covered area for this project Land requirement Guarantee Process Risk evaluation Goals 11. 11.5.9. Operations 11. Market location and cuetomers 11. Price 11.2. The competition 11. Future opportunities 11. Strategies 11. Place Promotional strategy 11.15.10. Services The target market 11. Market trend and future Location of operations 11.3. Competitors profile Competitive strategy Market penetration Long term exit plan 11. Physical evidence 11. Facilities and offices 11. Material used .

17.1 Appraisal summary Total project cost Mode of financing .19. 11.12. Detailed of capital required 11. External finance 11. Management and organization 11. 11.17.2 12.16.17. 11.8.11. Human resource and planning Controlling and evaluation Supervisors and monitoring Maintenance Repair and maintenance Gate installation Furniture Safety guards Utilities requirements 11. 11.17. Advertisement charges 11. 11. 11. Staff requirements Hours of operations Employees training and management System and control Food production 11.18. Source of finance XII Project Appraisal Gas connections 11.16.6. Water supplies 11.11. construction cost 11.2.

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