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In the late 1940s, Dick and Mac McDonald were searching for a way to improve their little drive-in restaurant business in San Bernardino, California. Rather than tinker with the business, which was bringing in a very comfortable $200,000 yearly, they invented an entirely new concept based upon speedy service, low prices, and big volume. They did away with car-hops in favor of self-service at the counter. They ditched their 25-item barbecue menu in favor of a limited menu of just nine items: hamburger, cheeseburger, three soft-drink flavors, milk, coffee, potato chips, and pie, with French fries and milkshakes added soon after they resumed operations. They re-engineered their stainless steel kitchen for mass production and speed with assembly-line procedures. And they slashed the price of their hamburger from a competitive 30 cents to just 15 cents. When the new McDonalds re-opened in December of 1948, business took a while to build. But it soon became apparent that they had captured the spirit of post-war America. By the mid-1950s, their little hamburger factory enjoyed annual revenues of $350,000 almost double the volume of their previous drive-in business at the same location. It was not unusual for 150 customers to crowd around the tiny hamburger stand during peak periods. Word of their success spread quickly, and a cover article on their operations in American Restaurant Magazine in 1952 prompted as many as 300 inquiries a month from around the country. Their first franchisee was Neil Fox, and the brothers decided that his drive-in in Phoenix, Arizona would be the prototype for the chain they envisioned. The resulting red-andwhite tile building with a slanting roof and the Golden Arches on the sides became the model for the first wave of McDonalds restaurants to hit the country, and an enduring symbol of the industry. The McDonald brothers actually designed the assembly line kitchen twice as large as their original by drawing an exact chalk diagram on their tennis court. They were able to place the equipment most efficiently after studying their crew members as they walked through their food preparation steps. Occasional rain bursts washed out the chalk, prompting them to redraw and refine their design. But the brothers successful beyond their dreams in San Bernardino were barely tapping the franchising potential of the business concept they had pioneered.

For as little as a thousand dollars, franchisees would receive the McDonalds name, a basic description of their Speedy Service System, and the services of Art Bender, their original counterman at the new restaurant, for a week or two to get them started. But then, in 1954, a milkshake machine salesman named Ray Kroc saw the McDonalds operation first-hand. The fast food industry was about to take off. HELLO MR. KROC:

Ray Kroc was 52 years old an age when many people begin thinking about retirement when he founded the company that has become the McDonalds of today. But Kroc, who dropped out of high school at age 15 to drive a Red Cross ambulance in World War I, was a constant dreamer...a salesman who never stopped looking for the ultimate product to sell. He began by selling paper cups to sidewalk vendors in Chicago, took a fling at Florida real estate, and had ultimately built a good business as the exclusive distributor for Multimixer milkshake machines. It was the sale of Multimixers, which first drew him to the McDonald brothers hamburger stand in San Bernardino, California. After all, if he could discover the secret of how they sold 20,000 shakes each month, how many more milkshake machines could he sell? But when Kroc showed up at McDonalds one morning in 1954 and saw the rapidly moving line of customers buying bags of burgers and fries, he had but one thought: This will go anyplace. Anyplace! After the McDonald brothers explained that they didnt have the personal desire to oversee the expansion of their concept across the nation, Ray Kroc became their exclusive franchising agent for the entire country. A great salesman had discovered his ultimate product. Kroc formed the new franchising company on March 2, 1955 under the name of McDonalds System, Inc. On April 15, 1955 his prototype McDonalds restaurant began business in Des Plaines, Illinois, opened with the help of Art Bender, who had served the first McDonald brothers hamburger and the first Ray Kroc McDonalds hamburger. Bender went on to open the first of Krocs McDonalds franchises in Fresno, California, and ultimately retired owning seven restaurants. But it was in the area of franchising where Kroc uniquely applied the lessons of his sales background to create a successful organization. In many ways, it was a matter of necessity.

Krocs agreement with the McDonald brothers was to limit the franchise fee to $950 per restaurant and charge a service fee of only 1.9 percent of restaurant sales with 0.5 percent of that going back to the McDonald brothers. In addition, Kroc decided early on that the McDonalds system would not be in the business of selling franchise owners their equipment, their supplies, or their food. The company did, however, purchase or lease much of the real estate the restaurants were located on; a program that soon produced a valuable competitive asset in its own right. At the end of 1956, McDonalds 14 restaurants reported sales of $1.2 million and had served some 50 million hamburgers. In just four years, there were 228 restaurants reporting $37.6 million in sales, and the company had sold its 400 millionth hamburger mid-way through 1960. But to enjoy further growth, Kroc knew he had to buy out the McDonald brothers in order to loosen the restrictive agreement, which he had been operating under. For all the restaurants success, Krocs company had netted a meager $77,000 profit in 1960 and was carrying $5.7 million in long-term debt. Kroc managed to obtain a loan in 1961 based on the companys real estate values and though it ultimately cost him $14 million to repay it, he bought the ability to control his growing system. That same year, he opened Hamburger University in the basement of a restaurant in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, a training facility for new franchisees and store managers which has grown to be a worldwide institution utilizing sophisticated training techniques and high-level management courses MCDONALD'S IN PAKISTAN: Aiming to be the world's best quick service restaurant, McDonald's Pakistan opened its doors in September 1998 at Lahore and presently operating in six major cities with a network of 20 restaurants. With a strong belief in the Ray Krock phrase when you are green you are growing, McDonald's Pakistan has an aggressive plan to expand in all other cities of Pakistan and is rapidly growing with the focus to provide friendly and quick service restaurant experience to our customers. MCDONALD`S IMAGE AS AN EMPLOYER: Our overall image and local reputation as an employer is shaped daily by many factors, including the benefits programs, compensation package, fun working place coupled with numerous enthusiasm activities, employee development programs, and our world renowned best people practices.

Employees, the key ingredient play a vital role each day in shaping our over all employment image through their performance behavior. Realizing our people strength we provide the best employment experience to our employees in order to achieve the goal of giving the worlds best quick-service restaurant experience to our valued customers. We strive to recruit the best, hire the best, and provide the best place to work.

FACTS AND FIGURE: McDonald's restaurants are found in 119 countries and territories around the world and serve nearly 47 million customers each day. McDonald's operates over 31,000 restaurants worldwide, employing more than 1.5 million people. Most standalone McDonald's restaurants offer both counter service and drive-through service, with indoor and sometimes outdoor seating. More than 75% of McDonald's restaurants worldwide are owned and operated by independent local Men and Women.


FOR INTERNATIONAL: Be the best employer for our people in each community around the world Deliver operational excellence to our customers in each of our restaurants; and Achieve enduring profitable growth by expanding the brand and leveraging the strengths of the McDonald's system through innovation and technology

RELATED TO PAKISTAN: McDonald's mission is to be our customers' favorite place and way to eat with inspired people who delight each customer with unmatched quality, service, cleanliness and value every time. we invite you to be the part of this winning team and give yourself an opportunity to grow with the family of people striving to create smiles on the faces of millions of people every day.


McDonald's vision is to be the world's best quick service restaurant experience. Being the best means providing outstanding quality, service, cleanliness, and value, so that we make every customer in every restaurant smile.


To be the world's best quick service restaurant experience, being the best means providing outstanding quality, service, cleanliness, and value, so that they make every customer in every restaurant smile.

McDonalds is a fast food restaurant, and have the variety of products that are served to the customers. The range of foods offered depends on the time of day. Lunch items such as hamburgers and fries are generally not served during breakfast time. The food prices vary region to region or countries.



Every employee is consistently treated with dignity and respect. All employees are valued and recognized for their contribution to the organization.


Every employee is a leader who listens and communicates openly and honestly and every employee acts in the interest of all other people who contribute to the success of the business, including customers, owner, and suppliers.


To recognize our people part in our business success, our Pay and Rewards program follows a Pay-for-Performance philosophy, the better results produced by employees, the greater pay opportunities.


Employees have the opportunity to advance in skill, contribution and career level through high-quality training, coaching and feedback.

ACCORDING TO THE HR MANAGER OF MCDONALD:At McDonald's Pakistan, our people are our most important asset. We provide the best employment experience for our employees in order for McDonaldss Pakistan to achieve our goal of providing our valued customers with the worlds best quick-service restaurant experience. We strive to recruit the best, hire the best, and provide the best place to work.





According to the recruitment policy of McDonalds the total employees are categorized on the basis of Operational and General and Administration staff. This main division of employees consists of 95% Operational workers and only 5% General & Administration (G&A).

OPERATIONAL EMPLOYEES The operational staff is further divided into different types according to their job tasks. The division of operational employees can be identified through following diagram.




The designations which are covered under these two heads are as follows:


Floor Manager Restaurant Manager 1st Assistant Manager 2nd Assistant Manager Group Leaders Crew Members

OPERATIONAL MANAGER: Area Manager Area Supervisor Trainee Manager First line Manager Quality control Manager








INTRODUCTION: The recruitment decision is of prime importance as the vehicle for obtaining the best possible person-to-job fit which will, when aggregated, contribute significantly towards the Company's effectiveness. It is also becoming increasingly important, as the Company evolves and changes, that new recruits show a willingness to learn, adaptability and ability to work as part of a team. The Recruitment procedure should help managers to ensure that these criteria are addressed.

The Company Recruitment Policy will: be fair and consistent; be non-discriminatory on the grounds of sex, race, age, religion or disability; conform to statutory regulations and agreed best practice


Recruitment is the process whereby a firm attracts or finds capable individuals to apply for employment. Of course, the objective is to find these applicants at the lowest possible cost

The duties and human requirement of a companys job is defined by job analysis .the next step is to recruit and select the employee. The process of recruitment and selection is a series of hurdles

It is consist of following steps, Personnel planning and forecasting Build a pool of candidate(internal & external recruitment)\ Candidates complete application form , go for initial screening interview Selection tools Tests Background investigation Make an offer and final interview


Job Developed

Personnel planning and recruitmen t

Final interview

Pool of candidate

Internal recruitment Make an Offer Candidate application from

External recruit ment

Selection Tool

Initial Interview

RECRUITMENT IN MCDONALDS: The reputation of any business ultimately depends on the quality of its products. High quality products need high quality people to create design produce & deliver them So if a business is to maintain its reputation it needs to do well at recruiting high quality employees. For any business offering a large element of personal service, an ability to recruit, train and retain high quality staff is particularly vital. For McDonald's, people are its most important Asset. This is because customer satisfaction begins with the attitudes and abilities of employees and committed, effective workers are the best route to success. For these reasons, McDonald's strives to attract and hire the best, and to provide the best place to work. EMPLOYEES ABILITY: McDonald's needs people who want to excel in delivering outstanding service. To ensure the company recruits the right people, it has identified essential skills and behaviours that applicants should be able to demonstrate. For each position there is a job description outlining typical duties and responsibilities and a person specification defining personal skills and competences.


The recruitment and selection process starts with employment or personnel planning. This is the process of deciding what positions the firm will have to fill, and how to fill them. Personnel planning embrace all future positions, from, maintenance clerk to CEO Employment planning should flow from the firms strategic plans. Plans to enter new businesses, build new plants, or tot reduce costs al influence the types of positions the firm will need to fill or eliminate. If we talk about McDonalds the management of McDonalds builds employment plans on basic forecasts. And there are three things which were kept in mind while forecasting like personal needs, the supply of inside candidates, and the supply of outside candidates. First of all starts with personnel needs. FORECASTING PERSONNEL NEEDS: Here is the forecasting the personnel needs of McDonalds, the manager should consider considers several factors when forecasting personnel needs. First of all manager forecast revenues, and then from that they estimate the size of staff required to achieve the sales volume. The other factors like resignation or dismissals, decision to upgrade or down grade, technological changes and the department of financial resources are also kept in mind while forecasting. In any case McDonalds use several simple tools for projecting personnel needs as follows. TREND ANALYSIS: Trend analysis means studying the firms past employment needs over a period of years to predict future needs. If we talk about McDonalds he also do trend analysis, in this technique he take the data of past employment needs and then he plan the new employs for hiring according to the past experience

FORECAST PERSONNEL REQUIREMENTS THROUGH COMPUTERS: In this type of forecasting McDonalds uses softwares in which they determine the future staff needs of projecting sales, volume of production and employees required to maintain this volume of output.

FORECASTING THE SUPPLY OF INSIDE CANDIDATES: McDonalds will hire the employees inside the organization. The main task of McDonalds is to determining which current employee might be qualified for the project opening. Like if McDonald opens a new branch then he check the current branch manager that he is able to control the function or new branch, if the current employ is fulfilling the requirements then management hire this manager if he fails then management go for outside hiring. There are further methods of forecasting of supply of inside candidates.

QUALIFICATION INVENTORIES: In this organization maintain the records of current employs like his/her education, personal skills, interests, hobbies, in which department he is interesting, special skills, languages, and etc. on the basis of this organization will decide that which employ is suitable for this post

PERSONNEL REPLACEMENT CHARTS: In this, the organization use this charts in which the most important positions of inside candidates by shown his/her present performance and then he promote

POSITIONS REPLACEMENT CARDS: In this, the organization prepare a position replacement card for each position to show possible replacement candidates and there qualification.

FORECASTING THE SUPPLY OF OUTSIDE THE ORGANIZATION To acquire the potential job candidates in specific occupation like crew members, branch manager, workers McDonalds forecast the supply of outside the organization. Mostly this is done by internet.


INTRODUCTION: Internal recruitment means hiring a current employee for the job. It is also known as current employee or promotions from within DEFINITION: Policy that gives preference to existing employee when filing a job vacancy. Internal recruitments have several advantages like Increased morale for employees The organization is perceived to reward good performance or loyalty. Often, one promotion leads to another vacant position and this chain effect contributes further to increased morale. Employee's work habits are known The employee's work habits are known and previous performance appraisals are on record. Familiar with the firm Employee will be familiar with the firm's products, clients, organizational policies, and corporate culture. Eliminating orientation sessions

As an employee already know about that company policies product etc. so orientation is not required

With having some advantages there are some Disadvantages of internal recruitment some are as follow If company policies mandate internal recruitment, then employees promoted from within may not have all the requisite skills required for the job. In such cases, employees will have to be trained for their new jobs. This can be a costly process. It becomes even more costly if the chaineffect of successive internal promotions requires a series of training sessions to be implemented. Another unintended negative consequence of internal recruitment might be organizational politics. This may occur when more than one employee aspires to the job vacancy. Those not getting the promotion will be disappointed and may be unwilling to grant the new job-holder the authority required to do the job McDonalds mostly go for internal recruitment because there is a specific way of working at MacDonalds. Which they train there employee during their training process. Another reason McDonalds go for internal recruitment is this that .McDonalds offers great opportunities to the individuals who decide to join their team. They provide Excellent career paths extensive training personal development possibilities & Attractive reward structures

All of this wrapped up in an international, multi-cultural, dynamic and fun environment. This is reflected in the fantastic team spirit that runs throughout the company. McDonalds value there staff and believe in giving people the chance to realize their potential. Thats the reason McDonalds is great place to work.


McDonalds use two sources for recruiting internal candidates Job posting Succession planning

JOB POSTING: One of the most common means of filling open positions within a firm is by using internal job postings. One of the most common means of filling open positions within a firm is by using internal job postings Advertising of job opening to current employees via bulletin board s, newsletters or personal letters Here are some guidelines for job postings: o o o o o o o procedure should be clearly explained to all employees procedure must be consistent to avoid employee suspicion job specifications must be clear results in fewer and better applicants must be specific with respect to the length of time the positions will be open application procedure must be made clear ensure that applicants get adequate feedback once a selection is made

reasons for no acceptance suggested remedial measures information concerning possible future openings

assistance in the posting process

McDonalds go for job posting for many of its position opening. When any job is vacant in McDonalds, The HRM department of McDonalds posts the job opening on bulletin board with a complete job specification, pay, working hour and a skill required for that position. In McDonalds the restaurant manager cater the need of people. Two type of people are recruited in McDonalds and they are

staff members management members

Under McDonald's recruitment policy, each individual restaurant is responsible for filling job vacancy. The human resource department in fortress stadium coordinate the recruitment of employees. For recruiting permanent and temporary employees the human resource department of McDonald's use several ways. Positions are generally advertised in the restaurant. SUCCESSION PLANNING: Forecasting the availability of inside executive candidates is particularly important in succession planning. It is an ongoing process of systematically identifying, assessing, and developing organizational leadership to enhance performance. Succession planning include three steps Identifying and analyzing key jobs Creating and assessing candidates selecting those who will fill the key position

In McDonalds Succession Planning senior executives periodically review their top executives and those in the next lower level to determine several backups for each senior position. This is important because it often takes years of grooming to develop effective senior managers. McDonalds do so because there is a critical shortage in companies of middle and top leaders for the next five years. So Organizations will need to create pools of candidates with high leadership potential. McDonalds careful and considered plan of action ensures that the least possible disruption to the persons responsibilities and therefore the organizations effectiveness. Examples include such a person who is, suddenly and unexpectedly unable or unwilling to continue their role within the organization; accepting an approach from another organization or external opportunity which will terminate or lessen their value to the current organization; indicating the conclusion of a contract or time-limited project; or Moving to another position and different set of responsibilities within the organization.

A succession plan clearly sets out the factors to be taken into account and the process to be followed in relation to retaining or replacing the person.



Firms cannot get all the employees they need from their current staff, and sometimes they just dont want to. As a result of this firms prefer to go for external recruitment.

Where vacancies have not been filled through an internal process or where it is known an eligible / suitable candidate is not available internally, recruiters in consultation with Human Resources Division (HRD) will decide if external recruitment is the best option for filling a vacancy. External recruitment has often been viewed as a necessary evil in that it trades off the need for outside talent with incentives of inside workers. The external recruitment and proper campaign increase the popularity of the organization on the job market, which helps to improve the position for further expansion. On the other hand, the external recruitment is expensive and takes a lot of energy from the HRM Function to handle all the job candidates in the selection process.

DEFINITION: A process of finding and attracting capable applicants for employment outside the organization the process begins when new recruits are sought and ends when applications are submitted .the result is pool of applications from which new employees are selected.

ADVANTAGES: The following are some advantages of recruiting externally: A larger variety of people will apply for the job. The person could bring new skills and ideas into the business.


The following are some disadvantages of recruiting externally: Hundreds of applications may be received. In this case, short listing will be time consuming. Money will have to pay in order to advertise the job. Recruiting externally is a risk. This is because in most cases, a business will not particularly know the candidates.


In case of McDonalds it is not very much involved in external recruitment for the operational level employees however for general and administrative employees McDonalds prefer external recruitment. External recruitment plays a very important role. This is because working at McDonald's is not restricted to restaurants alone. They have a very strong support system. Already they have provided employment opportunities to accountants, computer operators, real estate representatives, architects and many others in the areas of marketing, human resources etc.

The External Recruitment allows the organization to define the right requirements The organization can select the candidate, which suits the organization best. brings new people to the organization, which can be a huge benefit for the organization

External recruitment in McDonalds is a long and difficult process. It managers in taking the initial job and personal specification, discussing the best cost options for advertising the role, through to dealing with the response and presenting suitable candidates to your business. The employees of McDonalds come from all walks of life. However while recruiting McDonalds value people with a positive attitude towards customers, themselves and other employees and who have high standards of personal performance.


HR department can use various approaches to locate and attract external candidates, often looking to more then one source. Government employment agencies, private employment agencies, recruiting consultants, head hunters, educational institutions and professional organization are popular sources, as are advertisements, employee referrals and unsolicited application. Recruiting candidates from all the other sources (like outsourcing agencies etc.) are known as the external sources of recruitment. McDonalds use some of these approaches to attract the external candidates. Through different external sources they look for candidates who reflect a strong focus on customer and client service. These sources are described as follows:

ADVERTISEMENT: Although online recruiting is changing the way the HR managers approach of recruiting. Advertisement through local and national newspapers, magazines, billboards is still used by many organizations. The choice of advertising media depends on the job for which recruitment is being done.

To be effective, advertisers use a guide AIDA to construct ads. An employment advertisement must have attention grabbing headlines

Must be able to create the interest of the reader. Create the desire by highlighting interest factors The ad should be able to prompt action

Advertisement must specify the personal qualities, formal qualifications and knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for success. Moreover the advertisement must enhance the image of the organization as a good place to wok.

In case of McDonalds advertisement of jobs is on very small scale and it is based on needs

This is because they mostly recruit employees internally. The reason behind that they are well known the organizations culture and environment. Depending on your requirements, we can advertise External advertisements are placed in other regional papers/journals, as required.

UNIVERSITY RECRUITING: University Recruiting refers to attracting young professionals and management trainees, many public and private organizations recruit directly from universities and colleges. Various management institutes, engineering colleges, medical Colleges etc. are a good source of recruiting.

Generally this done via a University appointments board or career advisory service. Vacancies are advertised on notice boards and campus interviews are arranged. Career fairs and career carnivals are arranged for this purpose. Interested candidates are given a chance

McDonalds recruits

fresh graduates from the Universities, For this purpose the company goes to the career carnivals and career fairs of the universities Interviews are conducted on the spot. After interview and criteria test the selected candidates are hired for the job.

It helps to create effective talent pool and to source the right talent as per job requirement

They provide facilities for campus interviews and placements. This source is known as Campus Recruitment.

RECRUITING VIA INTERNET/ELECTRONIC RECRUITING: Electronic recruiting, cyber recruiting or recruiting on the internet present a major change to the way in which companies traditionally recruit personnel Online recruitment techniques Giving a detailed job description and job specifications in the job postings to attract candidates with the right skill sets and qualifications at the first stage. A well defined and structured applicant tracking system should be integrated and the system should have a back-end support.

Wherever possible, McDonald's directs applicants towards applying on line. Online Recruitment technique is relatively a new concept in Pakistani Job Market but McDonald's prefer this technique due to its importance of time saving and effective tool to make quality hiring decision.

The McDonalds is having a contract with e-recruiting firm

McDonalds does not have its own website in Pakistan. They collect online cvc through Rozee. The Human Resources Department (HR) of McDonald's usually handles job applications.


Recommendation made by current employees can be a useful source of applicants .notice vacancies with request of referrals can be posted on the organizations bulletin board. Prizes and cash bonuses may be given to who recommend a candidate who is subsequently hired.

McDonalds also has the policy of recruiting employees with referrals. The existing employees recommended their friends and relatives for the vacant vacancy. But as mentioned above McDonalds focuses on internal recruitment this is done rarely.. Also, the office bearers of trade unions are often aware of the suitability of candidates. Management can inquire these leaders for suitable jobs. In some organizations these are formal agreements to give priority in recruitment to the candidates recommended by the trade union.

UNSOLICITED APPLICATIONS: Unsolicited applications often called walk ins and write ins can also be a source of qualified personnel. Walk ins is people who approach HR department seeking a job. Write ins is those who submit a written enquiry about job opportunities. In McDonalds people normally drop their resume or cv while visiting the restaurant. This type of cvs are also welcome. Many job seekers visit the office of McDonalds, on their own. Such callers are considered nuisance to the daily work routine of the enterprise. But can help in creating the talent pool or the database of the probable candidates for the organization.

JOB CENTERS: Another way of external recruitment is Job Centers. Job Centre refers that there are candidates are given the opportunity of an onsite work trial at the work place. In McDonalds candidates are given the opportunity of an onsite work trial at a McDonald's restaurant as part of their recruitment process. This will gives candidates the opportunity to demonstrate their personal qualities in action, when in different circumstances they might not be considered for employment on the strength of their CV or an interview with other employers. The report finds that McDonald's gives people opportunities to progress that they might otherwise not have had including aspiration, skills and progression


The recruitment process is a very complex HR Process, which involves many parties and the clear follow up of the individual process steps is essential. The HRM Function is responsible for setting and defining the external recruitment process and it has to be sure to solve several success factors in the external recruitment process. The company's recruitment history shows this is the best method of hiring quality staff e.g. people living locally and/or friends of existing employees. This process plays a very important role in recruiting those employees For recruiting external employees McDonald's follows several steps. IDENTIFY VACANCY: The first step in the recruitment process is to identify the vacancy. The vacancy may arise due to retiring member of the staff. In McDonalds, for operational staff the recruitment is only for the vacancy Trainee Manager. To join as a Trainee Business Manager in McDonalds, the candidate also need to be a logical thinker who can apply common sense as well as relevant background experience to different situations. Besides this the external recruitment is mostly used for the General and Administrative staff.

PREPARE JOB DESCRIPTION AND PERSON SPECIFICATION: The job description is updated and an employee specification is written. The job description lists the duties of the job whilst the employee specification gives details of the experience, skills and abilities needed to carry out the job. ADVERTISING THE VACANCY: The next step in the recruitment process is to advertise that vacancy for which the recruitment is required. This can be done trough a number of ways depending upon the job and depending upon the organization. In case of McDonalds, it mostly advertise the through the internet. Application forms are sent out along with copies of the job description and employee specification and must be returned on or before the closing date that has been set. The application covers general information about yourself, your contact details, work experience, education and work availability. There will then be a series of multiple choice questions for you to answer at the end. The majority are What if fictional scenarios with others

being direct questions. Each question or scenario will be followed by possible responses from which you need to choose which is the most appropriate action / response.

1. MANAGING THE RESPONSE: McDonalds decentralizes its recruitment process. If candidates have any queries regarding a vacancy they can contact the McDonalds at After the closing date, the McDonalds collate and go through all the application forms and pre-screen them. This process is always conducted by authorized person .All application forms are pre-screened against criteria, as outlined in the person specification.

SHORT-LISTING: A shortlist is compiled of applicants who are going to be invited to attend for interview. This is done by the recruitment panel who compare each application form with the requirements of the employee specification. Feedback can be provided (upon request) to those not shortlisted and applicants have the right to complain if they feel they have been unfairly treated.

Online applications, at, are screened for evidence of teamworking skills and an understanding of customer service.

ARRANGE PRELIMINARY INTERVIEWS: Once the final list of short-listed candidates has been agreed McDonalds arrange preliminary interviews for the candidates. CONDUCT INTERVIEW: Interviews are held. The panel will use the same set of questions with each interviewee. The interview may include a selection test. Feedback can be provided (upon request) and unsuccessful applicants have the right to complain if they feel they have been unfairly treated. The recruitment process of McDonalds is then followed by selection process that is the final interview and the decision makers convey decision and appointment formalities


Employee testing is a growing phenomenon. Some companies use testing as a way to select candidates in; others use it screen candidates out. Others use it for training, development or succession planning. A test is basically a sample of a Person`s behavior. Using the test assumes the device is both reliable and valid. RELIABILITY: In order to ensure that the company is achieving its desired and planned targets, the management should make sure that it is hiring the best personnals. For this purpose all of the steps of recruitment and selection process should be organized properly.

A reliable test is one that yields consistency scores when a person takes two alternate forms of the test or when he or she takes the same test on two or more different occasions. Talking about the tests, the basic requirement is the reliability of the selection test i.e., the consistency of scores. As everyone knows that McDonalds is a high standard fast food organization with higher service expectations of the customers. This factor increases the importance of reliability of test for this organization in order to test all the candidates on the consistent bases and selecting the best ones.

VALIDITY: If a selection test is not testing what it is supposed to be, then it is a shear wastage of time and resources and also its useless to conduct such a test. In a McDonalds restaurant, the main thing is the interaction of the workers with the customers who belong to all types of societies and school of thoughts. Like people from elite classes to the illiterate persons who even have a hint how to behave with others, all visit McDonalds every now and then.

So under such circumstances the test should include the questions like how will you behave if a customer is not happy with the way you serve him/her, knowing that the customer is wrong? while if you ask the candidate how many glasses of water you can drink in one minute? then such question in the selection test of McDonalds is nothing but a blunder. Being a worldwide known organization, the importance of reliability and validity of the selection tests is much higher for McDonalds as compared with other local or small size businesses where you can by-pass some of the steps or standards

TYPES OF TESTS Now lets have a look at some of the types of tests that McDonalds is conducting for selection purposes.

W.I.S (WHAT IS SITUATION?) TEST: The name is giving a clear hint about the nature of the test, i.e, a list of some special situations is given in this test and the candidates are required to write down to solutions according to best of their knowledge, experience and tactical approach. The situations can be the already faced ones or the supposed ones. This is a special and main type of selection test that is conducted in McDonalds and most of the selection is done on the bases of this test. The good thing about this test is that no one can raise questions about the reliability and validity of the test as the candidates are asked about those things that they are going to face in real after being selected. This test also fulfills the requirement of Specific Cognitive Abilities Test. Here are some of the sample questions that are asked in the W.I.S test, How will you deal with a customer who is angry because his order is delayed?

What will be your reaction towards a customer who does not want himself to be lined up and wait for his turn? One day if you are asked to come to job early and unfortunately you get late due to a genuine reason, how do you will explain things ti your branch manager? If you feel that one of your co-worker is not working properly but even then getting the praises, in this situation will you complaint with the manager or will use some other approach

These questions are just to give you an over view and create a brief sketch in your minds. In What is Situation test, a number of such questions can be asked from the candidate in order to test his mental ability and reactions under sudden and critical actions. Test of motor and physical abilities

TEST OF MOTOR AND PHYSICAL ABILITIES: Motor and physical ability tests are two different but inter related types of tests. These are related with testing the body movements of finger and arm movements and also the stamina and power of the entire body. Motor test is related with fingers and arms skillfulness. This type of test is not required at McDonalds is not conducted as there is not any skill working is done inside McDonalds. the employees are simply required to behave well with the visitors and fulfill their orders as quickly as possible.

The later type of the test i.e., physical ability test is carried out at McDonalds and it is quite obvious why this type of test is conducted. As mentioned earlier, what is required of the employees is to take the orders and fulfill them as quickly as possible and we also know that McDonalds is a rushy place and workers cannot think of time to feel relaxed. But at the same time, workers cannot show the tiresome expressions on their faces because in this situation they will not be able to impress or welcome the customers properly. After mentioning the above factors, the importance and reason of conducting this test has become crustal clear.

MEASURING PERSONALITY AND INTEREST: Normally the motor and physical abilities test help the management to explain the candidates physical abilities of the candidate. To check the manners and behavior in critical situations, another test is required that can measure such traits. This objective can be achieved with the help of a personality test In case of McDonalds physical fitness also matters but its not the only property that a worker is required to possess, the more valuable features are the ethics, attitude, body movements, patience, etc. Thousands and thousands of people visit McDonalds on the daily bases. So it is quite obvious that all these are not well mannered and well educated. Under such circumstances, the employees at McDonalds must be calm and collective to deal with any sort of people who respond you well and also those who dont. The employees are supposed to remain calm whatever the condition is. They cant shout at customers, cant show anger and cant behave rude and rough because its not their personal matter.

They are doing it all oh the behalf of McDonalds which possesses good repute all over the world. Keep are these factors in mind, short tempered or emotional persons cannot be recruited as they can behave any way when they are disgraced by some ill mannered customers. To avoid any mishaps the candidates are test in this regard under the personality and interest test. Another feature that is tested with the help of this test is the will of the candidate in terms of how much or to what extent, he is determined to make progress and move to the next level.

ACHIEVEMENT TEST: Achievement test basically measures what a person has learnt. More precisely, it is about testing the jog related knowledge of a person. As at the start of the report, it has already been told that in McDonalds most of the recruitment done, is the internal one and the candidates are trained with the help of on job training and some other techniques. Here arises the need of an achievement test as the workers are going to be promoted on the next level from the existing employees because for the lower level employees, the external hiring is quite rare in McDonalds. The achievement test conducted at McDonalds is somewhat like a class test. It is conducted after six months after a batch of the employees is recruited. What happens is the employees keep on getting on job training for at least six months then a class is arranged

THE SELECTION POLICEY: EEO: McDonalds strictly follows Equal Employment Opportunity. In every selection test they follow EEO. They do not discriminate between males and females. The selection criteria is strictly on merit i.e. every candidate has to pass the tests.

QUALITY OF PEOPLE: McDonalds in their application form prefer graduates as well as those students who want to apply for a job while completing their studies. They even look forward to High School students in hiring i.e. if he/she passes the required tests of McDonalds. A person with more managerial qualifications gets the job on merit and after a training session of 6-8 months, he/she than joins the management.

SOURCE OF PEOPLE: McDonalds generates applicants domestically. MANAGEMENT ROLES: If the applicants are for staff members, than the Staff Manager (Floor Manager) will select the proper candidates and if the applicants are for a managerial post than they are to be selected. From the HR manager (i.e. the managers select for the managerial staff. The Floor Manager is the Line Manager. HR department is responsible directly for the hiring of managerial staff. Senior Executives are very less involved in the hiring of the staff members as well as managerial staff. SELECTION TECHNIQUES: Skills of applicants are tested for a month. The applicants are assigned to certain tasks and are observed by the staff manager. Gradually screening is also being done as well. These steps are used for both the managerial staff as well as the Restaurant staff. There is no such intelligence test conducted at McDonalds but they have a medical examination. They strictly want a healthy atmosphere for their restaurant. Different sort of interviews are conducted i.e. 1. preliminary interview 2. Panel interview.




Casually speaking, it is the welcoming of the applicants in the organization. It is very important and it gives a great impression on the applicants. The way they are greeted, the level of interest shown to them in their discussions, the tone with which the staff holds conversations with them. Negative attitudes can put a bad name to the organization and their can be a loss of good applicants for the organization. Sometimes in larger organizations telephone screening is being done due to the lack of time to conduct interviews for every individual applicant. If they think that the candidate fulfills the minimum requirements of organization, than they are called for interviews. Electronic applications are nowadays preferred. Due to the changing technology of today some of the organizations prefer electronic applications through e-mails McDonalds also prefers electronic applications. In fact, they have an application form on their website, which you can fill at the spot and than send it, which directly goes to the HR department. In other case, you can mail your CV to the given website. They have questions related to personal, professional background and in which branch of McDonalds do you wish to apply.


The preliminary interview may be used to check quickly on skills, language, qualifications, and the enthusiasm of work in the applicant. It should be held in a non-discriminatory and efficient way. McDonalds conducts preliminary interviews and screen out those applicants who do not fulfill their language requirements. Those interviews for conducted by the staff manager and hr manager for particular positions. Staff manager interviews for the restaurant staff applicants. HR manager interviews for the management staff applicants. Initial screening of McDonalds is conducted after the preliminary interviews.


Application form is the basic source of all employment information that is used in the later steps of selection as well. It covers all the information about qualification and experience. Nowadays, multinational organizations avoid discriminating questions and prepare such an application form which completely follows the EEO requirements.

McDonalds also have an electronic source of application form. i.e. if you cannot drop by your CV in any of the restaurant, than you can fill their application form just by going on their website and fill the information required for the job. Below is the form which is present at the McDonalds website for the applicants. It has been prepared by fulfilling the EEO requirements.


Tests are an important means of observing the abilities the applicants possess for the required job. There are different sorts of tests such as employment tests, interest tests, aptitude tests, intelligence test and personality test. McDonalds conducts


Intelligence test WIS(situational tests) Aptitude test Achievement tests


Employment interview is the most widely used selection technique. There are two patterns of interviews, structured interviews and unstructured interviews. Structured interviews use a predetermined checklist of questions that usually are asked of all applicants. Unstructured interview uses a few planned questions, if any, it enables the interviewer to observe in depth, te applicants responses McDonalds use structured interviews with all the applicants. They have a predetermined list of questions which are asked by all the applicants.


Applicants are trained and are practically examined in real type situation. Their behaviors are observed in the restaurant by the staff manager. Screening is being conducted by the staff manager if he observes that the particular applicant is not capable of performing the job properly. When the managerial staff passes the employment tests, than the HR manager conducts their screening. So basically employment tests are conducted by the staff manager for both the staff and management and HR manager conducts the screening tests for the management only.



Panel interviews are taken by the managers, of the applicants who have passes the tests. A group of managers conduct this test, including the HR manager. In this interview, the behavior and other different skills of the applicants are observed.



Examinations to check whether an applicant is physically fit to perform the job. McDonalds keep a very through check on the Medical examination. They emphasize greatly on an healthy environment for their restaurant. The HR manager of McDonalds, Miss Shumaila HR Manager Lahore was emphasizing on this point that we take good care of the health of the employees.


The final decision of selecting the candidates is taken by the conjunction of the staff manager and the hr manager whether to hire this person or to reject this person. The staff manager is responsible to hire the restaurant staff applicants and the HR manager is responsible for hiring the management staff applicants. The reason the decision of staff manager is required by the applicant is because staff conducts the employment tests for both, the restaurant staff and the management staff. Successive Hurdle Approach is used by McDonalds, for as the screen out applicants in each test and interview.

WEAKNESS IN SYSTEM Suggestion Conclusion McDonald's believes that the success of the restaurants and the company is achieved through the people it employs. The company aims to recruit & select the best people, to retain them by offering ongoing training relevant to their position and to promote them when they are ready. Its recruitment policies, procedures and practices reflect the company's determination to fulfil its aim.