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A COMMUNITY PROJECT BY RACHEL WIGFALL PRECIOUS MOMENTS To Mothers, Fathers and extended family, you are not alone. In partnership with ean CONTACT BAG FUNIDEAS oe CHECKLIST CHECKLIST PRECIOUS MOMENTS nl ACTIVITIES ms In Supervised Contact. SNACKS/LUNCH BAKING DRINK SCAVENGER HUNTS BOOKS PLAYING SHOPS SUN LOTION/HAT ARTS AND CRAFTS LEARNING BOOKS BLOW BUBBLES \ PLAY DRESS UP rer ACAMERA FoR _— ose MEMORIES! a For more ideas goto ‘www DO BE 5 MINUTES EARLY PLAN YOUR CONTACT TIME SPEAK REASSURINGLY TO YOUR CHILD HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE READ AND WRITE IN THE CONTACT BOOK RELAX PUT YOUR BRAVE FACE ON FOCUS ON YOUR CHILD HAVE SUPPORT PLANNED AFTER CONTACT GET AGoOOD NIGHTS SLEEP WEAR SUITABLE CLOTHING DON'T BE ON YOUR PHONE CONSTANTLY HAVE AN ATTITUDE WITH STAFF TALK ABOUT COURT OR SOCIAL WORKER ETC BRING SUGARY DRINKS OR SWEETS TO CONTACT USE INAPPROPRIATE LANGUAGE DURING CONTACT LEAVE THE CONTACT ROOM IN A MESS. PUT YOUR NEEDS BEFORE YOUR CHILD'S. DON'T TRY TO DO TOO MUCH IN ONE CONTACT ABOUT ME AND BEAM ‘BEEN ABLE TO FLOURISH IN MY IDEAS ONE OF THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE EXPERIENCES | HAD DURING COURT SUPERVISED WITH MY CHILD, INITIALLY THIS MADE ME PEEL }UDGED, SCARED, AND FROZEN. HOW IT FELT TO BE SUPERVISED AND LOCKDOWN TIME TO CREATE SUPPORT ‘CONTACT. ‘YOU TRULY PARENT WHEN YOURE THIS 1S WHY | CREATED THIS YOUR PRECIOUS MOMENTS. Kathi D ~ PRECIOUS MOMENTS |" “fue” ACTIVITY SHEETS . ee os . baby wipes Colourful Goodness Fruit and Vegetable snacks are always a good idea. Why not make some fun out of it? ° Use fruit as a paintbrush and release natural dye to paint a rainbow on paper. Some fruits have more colour than others. * Arrange fruit pieces to make a rainbow on paper then take a picture. ¢ Write names of fruit in the colours of the rainbow below. Always prepare fruit away from your child or prepare before you come to supervised contact. For more ideas goto ‘woe beam supper preciousmoments PRECIOUS MOMENTS. ™ peverorcnan ACTIVITY SHEETS, > “temare’ Treasure Map Arrive early for your contact session to set up the room. Communicate this to your supervisor. © Draw a map or print our precious moments map from our website. © Use points around the room to mark on the map and choose a finishing area, X marks the spot. * Place some treasure in a secret location for your child to find. * As you go along your map mark the route you take. Al Always put things bback they way they you found them This map was used in a community contact. This parent arrived early to pin point different areas to visit on the map. autscuisnanesse EvEmre For more ideas oto woru bears cupport/preciousmoments + Use points around the room to mark on the map and choose o| PRECIOUS MOMENTS restesteatnnt J). trngaen ers ACTIVITY SHEETS, | :ireomes"" —shersrin, |: Syn tlontnr neler carrera Treasure Map Auvive carl fr your contact session tose up the room, Communicate histo your supervisor. NB PRECIOUS MOMENTS. Bote: ACTIVITY SHEETS. ~ Goa | What do I want to do next time? My name is Next time | see | want to... Please circle one or two activities you would like to do. S His

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