him l

intelligent' nn I j)l'it h took np
of Joo. W. Morao. ions. H'- r est e
the fight t 'ilizen ( nd manfully

[RY JO•. E. JO_-E"".] Cbickam
bat le-l with litli 'u't't" (ncl prejn­
'es umil ' 'c-.; d hi,
,Jolm ,V. ,,,as born at Perry\'il
Dl'esc1en, Tennes ee, on 2(5, hattle!::.
1 40, anll lieU at .I.
u!:h 'ilie, Tenu. WU. en
r of
at ..:t. Th rna 1 o;,pitnl while the Ihlge h"
clock Wit striking t 'elw, on Fri- our co
day night, April 12, 1. 2. He re- J): 1
ideo h 1'e an his lite except a conI
- ..:al­
vhort inlenal beior t Illl during Ian+-.
the war. His fathel . 'lm, ::\10- ,llll' .
ran, wa a ill reba t <tt- Dresden IriB
and hi mother wa", HaI'- 11"
riet, Rani::;, 01 )ld. more_ville,
T nn. leI.
As a boy, he'le(l he life and p,ll;- in
.. es ed the pI. yfnl 'l.'t,:adel'i tiC's I (
that were <.:omll101 til hoy' of antt'- ':
bellum duy!:. Til 'ommon, or I
public 'chool,ll<hl1 existence at
thut time. Ei;.: l' 'ation, which
"', His
wa' a pmetical out'.'om ohtainell
• l' life
at the priYute ,I'h·) 1.; in Drs den,
and at old Beth' "Jlleg, at hi
;-, and
grandmother's 1 '11k,
tonts and
The writer l.tl_ t>:ljoyell many
't "Were
13 arty ide-shake:::, HS he b<ls hear 1
will re­
Mr. Moran tell ,he ane.:c1ote,. I
many of
bi .boyhood life, itll cir 'um tan-
Lee, Jack­
tiality anc1l1etail, alway accompa­
5t in the
nyiug th word with fine mimie­
no more
ry and real, first-cIa' acting.
ggling ar-
Early in life he decided to h
come a bu ine man, and after
outh was
leaving school, ,tarted his career
f Lee were
as a lerk in a store at Hickman.
. odeI' , John
Hardly had he gotten at eHse 1.1
• I find him­
him1 the counter, when tl. gr!
'erty. With
internecine, conflict between tl.e
North anJ the South was preci1 i­
1)l1"ied in .'
011 the h'l •
B, F.
when I ;, • .­
all the Ii
well-kn .
ben over
JL1lig m 1'­
dv thirtic"
,he financial
westorn part
_ 1l" who was
his j y and
Mi So- tor 0
, ghter of Dr.
. '
- ashville, but cepti
i the early nine- arri.,
I hi· 'on-in-law
and daugb er. . Irs. Moran lived he d
until September, and was
the mother of ','c CHildren, to wit·
• 1 en'
Fannie, now J. B. Ezell, of
Newsome; Iua, he wife of W. G. f d'
Timbedake, Jackson; Marion, wife 1
of C. H. Cobb, (-nion City, and IS I
Harold an 1.Jam H. Moran. 0 of tb
tatell. A bnlTe heart heat o;>j L bugl
his osom, and bis every Imp'

and U1oti"e wn loyal to tIle aclvE
a Better
of his ifnI 'outblancl. 01
wei tJ'-nn" year" of age he w," - That question t- be asked you almost daily by business men seeking
· se::-...ices, if you q-.: '-:-,-take the DraughonTraming-and howambl'tl'on to rt'04
- ore . ,orse RA S Colleges than indor e all other busi
h I' teered, tOQ"ether witI I)1 you" l' I B KER D U
brother, Jilllmi 1\'101', n, tl' liz, _:5 colleges CO. - ED. 48 Colleges 1D 18 State. In emational reputation
.e of Hl/> S nth. P:nm8GoshodIP. English", SJ)OUiDg. ArithmetIc, Letter Wrltlov BulliDet
_ c, 'J es. 0 POSITION:::; GUARANTEED under reasonable coodltlOns
'1 I J' .. Bookkeeping. 'keepers all over Home Study. 7"'!zot"sands of J.
Jrollt'l'" gil I,:ut y::Jt1ng . e T-nl'ted St t h D h ... • ft sud (I 'Of<
\.- a e" .' t raug on's iers, and ..-'S a"
,(, n :a sluin [\JIll John _lie' ,'ew- SYstem ofB ee th hId' r • 6' r£(<-',
';um 25 to 50 per -, pIng saves em 0 mg good as the result 0
cease,l to lilonI'n for hin.. ' nwork and worry. taking Draughon's Home Study.
Shorthand. alh' all U. S. offi- CATALOGUE. F ' I
fo 19ltt in l'!:'[lny of tl e' .:a! court repor: rite the System of BY ' pnces on esson he r
.. r:..anrl . n . C II' , .f " J- o. ·F. DRAUGHON
porlnI,! I atti r the \"ur. at'l .". > B _.. n. () teach. Pre"ldent, ash\-.lle, Tenn. his (
.1 -..' _' , . ';-:u\\' It IS tfl.fJ best. alogue G':::: co' r.e..-1 TeOLLEGE ,,'t
bis (
I rem mbe.r, wa B'iSI ESS
w undrd on oue 01' mol' "'. •l __r h,<: ::l:' Kno,d,e. I ..""n.• or PAducah. 1:':;;-.• 0:: EVaJ»ville, Iq,g."
or c(
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Tennessee Valley F
tilizer, Seed Pota­
toes, Onions.
The Choicest Fresh Meats
at all times, cut by our
Expert Cutter,
Fre h, Staple
Groceries. Our Place
I is kept clean. Call and ee
oman ever more ricWy endowed broken it was a lovely and cuI-
nel hIe sed her husband's life tured one. Father, mother and
1100 did )11' • Moran. Her chil- children all in love with each oth­
ren were not all grown and none er, and I thought heir conduct,
them were married when God each to the other was delicately
call d I er away from thi world. beautiful and wo hy of example.
How well do I remember that A I write thi my poor and
beautiful but exceedingly sad Sep- unworthy tribu to my dead
tember day, when we alI,hu band, friend and neigh 1', aml as the
children, relatives and neighbors, tears stream from my eyes, I re­
stood lw the bedsid of dear Mrs. call, as it were but yesterday,
I ophia . )loran when her eyes when my wife nd I and little
'loseu on this world forever. boys moved to Dresden, and be-
His lo,e for her was so intense came his neare:; neighbor, how
that, trong man as he was, the h and Mrs. 1\I ran came to our
at his bedside were up- home, became acquainted with .!
a-elIen,h'e that he would die the family, wI were struI)ger
om grief. During his married here, and s ", in substance,
'fe be forsook the ways of sin, and "Come over d we will didde
.iecame a Impil and a lover of the what we have . h you." Then,
of Gallilee. From the time with a heart fu of love, do we re­
I! joined the church in middle call that dark, -'[Jld December
home and all life, he wa: a constant supporter in 1894, when ur
of her institutions and awol' hip- of its contenL 'as totally destroy­
Eskridge & andefer
at her altars. For years he ed by the _l1"age, devouring
was an official of the Methodi t flames. We ere not allowed to
East Side Square
chure'h, South, at Dresden, and in sit down and urse our grief, vio­
all things was a safe, sane, con- lent as it wa but John Moran
Dresden, Tennessee
servative counsellor. Before his and his famil - though living in a
death all the members of his fami- mall hou e, that time, gladly I
Iv had become meinl ers of the took u in a made us members As the end approached his son
M. E. church at Dr sden, where- of their hou ehold for day and and who were with him

in bis deceased wife had so long days, witho money and without at his request, placed him on the
boen a pillar. price. fast train with rapid speed
Mr. 11oran,in the days of health These are acts to me .that out made their way to dear old Ten­
un Yigol", was n'bt easily moved weigh all the gold of Op]llr or the nessee and to Nashville' and there
to enthusiasm, but calmly cattle on a. hills. Th!s the shadows on him.
coolly thought out every questlO? occurr ll('e :: nmeteen ill He was brought to Dresden with
for himself, and acted upon h1S the past, b my heart cnes folded hand closed eyes and a si­
own judgment of His in- at this late ay to the Eternal One lent pul e with costly and
nuence over his friends for good to bless hi., and her sacred memo- beautiful' flower , tokens of love
was ,ery pronounced. . ries, and t( all their chi1(lren £ri nd hip.

Socially he wa a charn:mg and grand ·lnlhen. . b it po sible that flashing eyes
man, anrl was fond of the SOCIety What I lave related of nus per- will be trained at the old windows
of the young. Xot being trained' sonal kilH 1 es has been extended to watch for his coming but that
in mu ic, he wa still quite fond to many other in town and he will never come again? ball
of in trumental and vocal mu ie, ountry, tbousana heart have we sit and 'listen for the familiar
and 0 remained until the angeL heen made glad because he came footfall that will never be beard
calleo himl1ome; and me think, thi ., again? The kindly voice is hush­
tllnt on the other 1lOre, he may IllS, Sl:5ter, Mrs. In'me, ed in silence of the grave, but we
have already opened illO e eye and his aunt, Mrs. \ ll'gllua Wood, will believe unW we see him again
upon the {orm, ano heard the are growing old, and be wa a that when the trumpet is sound­
beautiful voice of the one who treasure to them, "May he who ed and all of the dead in sea and
u:ed to sing and play so perfectly tempers the wind to ·hor.n earth arise no whiter, purer, more
for him in the old Dresden home. lamb" give them comfort m theIr exalted soul will come up through
He never grew tired of visitors bereavement. storm and conilict
the glad hand of wel- Through protracted illness he er's many
to the "Fath-
anel mansions" than the
neighbor we knew in
Dre den, Joo. W.
>luling of toration to. health, far away from.
come to all. Much experien' anu was carried by loving hands and friend H'nd
in life, with frequent loyal hearts with the hope of res-
books and a rensona­
copyright 2011 Mary Pepin Moran
k up
reju- ion.
d bis
.zera e
<ls are
)osse ­
. have
er, ull(1
g l1Wl'­
1'11 part
ho wa
y and
ss So-
e t sense, an] prepared him at all From hi· reo ting place there he
times for an enjo?;'able compan- could bear the hoar e anthem of
tbe ever surging sea. However,
III politics he was a democrat of his affliction was such that no
the old style; was fond ot GOY. profes -ional and could relieve,
Parler, Clint Athns, Isham G. ami no balm: atmosphere could
Harris. Wm. B. Bate and James allay.
B. Frazier. TIJe first time I . It was at . Petersburg,Florida,
knew him, he was ehairman of that i.t was 11 , ]e clear to his be­
tlla democratic executive commit- dimmed visillll tlmt death was at
tee for ,reakley county, and bad hand. In til' 11 ur he longed to
prior to 1884, as I umlerstand, sec ,the face o. I is old friend. - in
taken all acUn' interest in party "Yeakley COUI and his b'usiness w'
mutter .. At all times and place' H sociate ag, in. au(l to ga7.e on
h was without reservation a tem- the. etting su here once more.
perance adYocate. The 'ause gl' w By letters S7,'ee and pure, heat,h­
upon him as the years passed 11Y. iug his affectin for them, he amp­
He was the cleyotec1 friend, person- tie 1 his sOlll "i ,fear, envy and
ally and politically, of SenatOT unkindness. 1. i" a great thing
CaTmack, and Lis grief over the wIlen a man ::; . Ity-two years of
untim leath of the Senator was age 'omes to who ba been
as genuine anrl as that oi he<:wily engl ge- 'n l)usiness
flny friend he hall iu the cun pea,ceinlly to sleep WIth
" goo(l wJll to u 'nd mahc'e to-
When Hon. George V\ lTl tead, wards none.
then a citizen of Dresden, owa
at McDowell' , Fulton, Ky. 4-2t
Commencement at Sharon T
ing School.
Mu .j" 't· 'i'rl, Frirlflj' night, April
:!! l, :\Ii:, . IWl'ri II.
C<lIlllJWW'ulllent sermon Sunday
morning, April 28, at 11
O'clock, by Dr. H. E. Watters
of .:Hartin.
Recitation hy expression cia s.
Wednesday night, May 1,
Miss McKenney.
T. H. Farmer medal contest,
TIllHsdav afternoon May 2,
at 2 o'clock,.
Gracluatil1g exerci e, Friday
morning, at 10 0' ·lock, May 3.
- 'Ia: ad(lress, E. P. Smith,
"The Iron Hand," a comedy dra­
ma play, Friday night, May 3.
All exerci es will be held in the
auditorium. Remember the dates.
of Dr. MI'. Winstead a non-political re­
ILe, ,but ception at tbe court bou e, on his
IJ' mne- arrival home. Captain Moran was
selected as pre iding officer, and
an hved he did the honors of the a casion
W ill Son Aga in Hear the Pleasing
and gracefully and grandly. As pres­
to WIt: ident of the bank, he presided in a
Music of the Hammer and the Saw
-,-,zell, of gracious manner over the board
W. G. of directors and stockholders, and :·····:OT the knocking hammer, but the useful in­
wife his name is written in the hearts : N: of the trained artisan i1,1 the up- ­
Ilty, and all
: : bUilding of our town. Our SerVice, WhICh
ran. No of them < • ,
His charity was always well dl­
••••••• includes good qualities of lumber, strictly
-1-1-- rected and unostentacious. No I
high-grade mill work, delivered always WHEN
PROMISED and fair, square prices, has been an im­
good deed, or said a good word, to
bugle wa. blown when he did a
portant factor in the growth of Martin and Gleason,
adverti e the act..
and the rapid growth of our company is the best
_ One of tbe bravest and most recommendation we can offer of Ollr SERVICE.
you knighUy of all the soldiers in gray, THERE'S A REASON for our great success. Most
he rarely ever attended a reunion, good contractors and careful I11vestors know it. If
reputation because. as his friends thought, of you don't, come out to our plant and let u show you
the pomp and. ,how incident to
'bankcash sn.h occasions.
'aphers ]
e result o· Not having been f:woreCl with
Idy, early oppOl'tunitie - for ec1uoltion,
he readily deternlined to educate
'orfreecat hi children. Each of the five had
Martin, Tonn. and Gleason, Tenn.
:GE. y:rit. hi or her at the higher schools
or college. Before his home was
rille. lQd.
nominated by the republicans for i===========IDI============-.
governor in 1 92, a the competi. r
tor of Go\'ernol' Turney. VI'e gave
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