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Friends of Coburg Olympic Pool North Coburg 3058 Moreland Councilors Locked bag 10 Coburg 3058 Cc: The Hon

. Christine Campbell The Hon. Kelvin Thompson Moreland Leader Newspaper Peter Brown, CEO, Moreland City Council Andrew Day, Director Social Development, Moreland City Council

Dear Moreland Councilors, RE: Decision to exclude Coburg Olympic Pool (COP) from Heritage overlay proposal (as identified & recommended in the North of Bell Street Heritage Study Citation Report commissioned by Moreland Council & prepared by Context Heritage Consultants 2011) The Friends of Coburg Pool (FCOP) write to request that Moreland City Council overturn the decision to exclude the Coburg Olympic Pool from the Heritage overlay proposal. As the decision to not include COP in the heritage overlay proposal goes against the recommendations of the report and that of council officers, FCOP would greatly appreciate a detailed explanation of your reasons and greater insight into your decision making process. FCOP strongly supports the recommendation from Context Heritage Consultants and Moreland Council officers that the Coburg Olympic pool be included in the heritage overlay proposal. The Heritage citation report clearly demonstrates that the Coburg Olympic Pool is of local historic, architectural, aesthetic and social significance to the City of Moreland. As one of the few municipal swimming complexes dating from the 1950 and 60¶s in Victoria to survive largely intact, Moreland City has a responsibility to ensure that the heritage value of the Coburg Olympic Pool is preserved. As is the case in the City of Melbourne where forward thinking Councilors recently voted to undertake the biggest expansion of heritage protection in 30 years with most of the identified sites being examples of 1950¶s & 60¶s Modernist

architecture from the post war period ± As outlined in great detail in the heritage citation report, Coburg Olympic Pool is a fine example of architecture from this period and should be given heritage protection. We note that the conservation guidelines in the report allow plenty of scope for modifications to the complex including pool replacement to enable the ³important objective´ ±the use of the complex as a public pool to continue. FCOP regret that we became aware of your decision (as described above) via a Moreland Leader Newspaper journalist. As a strong and active community group we feel that the opportunity to engage and consult has been missed and would like to extend an invitation to meet with you to discuss this matter further.

Yours Sincerely, Robin Parker Catherine Hall Melanie Alexander Kitty Owens Karen Lokerse

Friends of Coburg Olympic Pool