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Ancient Hidden Secrets(Eng)
28 October 2010 1,304 views No Comment
Ancient Hidden Secrets and Freemasons Revelation.

The Beginning:
We said, we will reveal the secrets of Human light body Activation. Before that, We need to bridge the
Eastern and Western tradition for proper understanding of True Wisdom and spiritual knowledge, Purpose
of this Article is to provide a common spiritual platform to Eastern and Western tradition, Both the
Tradition might be separated by many different boundaries physical ,Mental and physiological ,But we all
share the same source no matter how far we are We all are ONE.
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Humanity Merkaba Field Path to Light Body trasformation achived through our Own Eyes Image
represent that Human Eyes will Burn destroying all 7 karmic barriers Transforming us to our
Divine Higherself
Rabbit Hole:
Eastern and western civilization is far more different in their spirituality, Tradition and the way of living.
But both have ONE in common is knowledge and Spiritual wisdom.
We Might have asked our self, who is God? What is his Purpose? Why he is always hidden from us? It is
very hard to know the truth until you start searching for him, if you Succeed finding him you will realize
that God, whom you were searching was none other than you.
The Search:
Let us Search spiritually where we are in this known universe, who we are and to find our divine place in
this universe, let us take an small Example from Eastern Tradition for the Meaning of God, In Tamil
(gu|) God is called as KADAVUL if you Translate the word to English its meaning is TO GO INSIDE
OF YOU, so the all Ancient tradition says God is inside of us and waiting to be revealed, We might think
how to go inside of us, is it possible? Its Everyones quest to find it and I am sure everyone will have
their Own ways to find.
Known secret and karma:
Its is true that Humanity has forgotten its own divine identity and we all are searching for Long time to
Re-member with our Divine. We might ask our self who made it so difficult to find our Divine self and
why it is so hard to find our Divine Purpose in this universe? Answers for this are within us.
Every human souls does have karmic past, in return are suffering from Bad Karmic reincarnation process
of Life and Death.
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Vallalar Primary goal was to eradicate death from humanity not through technological and medical
means, but with pure spiritual experience from Light Body Transfiguration. In our present time one might
think it is impossible, But it is true Divine nature of every human higher souls was in a light form as a one
divine Being creator of this universe.
At present time there are countless of distraction keeping all humans in karmic reincarnation Because of
wars, famine materialistic, Hatred etc all other negative emotions keep distracting us from the truth, those
who seek truth finds really hard adjust with this society, which was put forth to conquer our inner fear to
awaken our spiritual divine self. At the same time we are not alone in this Path we have been watched and
guided given a choice of freewill towards true Love and Divine knowledge.
A researched Revelation on a secret Society of Freemasons.
I was fascinated about Freemasons for many years and knew Freemasons society was manipulated in
some degree most cases found 33 and above degree or ranking. They are playing many games to keep all
human in this karmic incarnation cycle reversing our evolution from divine rights and challenging us
against the Divine rights we have in this universe. But Their ancient purpose was true spiritual awareness
of Divine light and love for entire Human kind and help to grow spiritually towards true wisdom this was
true before the dawn of Egyptian civilization, later it took wrong turn totally manipulated the divine
knowledge and pushing Humanity from evolution path of loving and divine identity to karmic Evolution,
were each human souls suffer from karmic reincarnation cycle, this was continued for many thousand
year, No matter what ever their agenda is they intend to do this for ever on Humanity for what purpose is
a big mystery we are going to reveal that in Future Articles.
But the same times there are Higher souls incarnated these Hard times they are connecting the spiritual
web around the world helping people towards Spiritual Love and divine path holding the spiritual
vibration of Humanity.
During the Birth of Language two Language was considered the oldest of human Spoken and Written
language.(Tamil and Sanskrit)
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Tamil was written and spoken Language used by Many siddhars to hide the secrets of Light Body
activation and humanities divine identity, Their intention for hiding is they foresaw the future Events and
Manipulation of truth decided that humanity should wait to know the truth at right time when there are
many Karmic souls incarnated in planet Earth (wonder why we are in 6 billion including others for
whom this opportunity was given) ,Whole Humanity can achieve Light Body and join with Their Divine
Identity That TIME HAS COME NOW. But, many Enlightened gurus believe this secret was passed on
for many generation they intend to keep it hidden from Mankind, Enlightened gurus
should overcome their own fear and tell to whole world how to achieve True moksha (Evolution). This is
not a Secret as I told you,Siddhars intended to spread this information to everyone.
Reason Siddhars True wisdom was not manipulated because of Ancient Tamil Language Wisdom scripts
is highly difficult to decipher their meaning and Purpose, until you know their True Wisdom.

Let us discuss about Revelation of ancient order of freemason a subject I was interested after 9/11.
Below information is to the People who know about Freemasons and the People of Freemasons Society. If
you dont know anything about them read on Wiki ,this is the only way to bridge our two Tradition bring
the true divine wisdom to the world.
Decipher The Eye:
The freemason do exists present day, they do hide them self as a secret society, keeping the ancient
knowledge of humanity and keeping us in karmic incarnation they have fallen from their divine purpose.
(this is to Everyone who are in that Group should know the truth),What is the Purpose of its existences

The Above image is one of the most important Freemasons symbolisms:
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Look their image carefully what they intend to hide in their symbolism.
Free masons symbolism consists of scale compass and letter G in middle this tells about their Agenda.
Let us we the People decipher it, First Step take TWO SCALES another scale is reveled to only master
masons above 33 degree which is the hidden scale.

Completing above 33 degree masons will understand the purpose of freemason let us add two scales to
form as image below.
All is harmony ferenc sebok 2007
Page 5 of 17 Content Archive Ancient Hidden Secrets(Eng)

The eye in a center with two scales, what is the Purpose of Compass then

Compass is used to draw circles in middle exactly 7 Circles,How did this number 7 comes up in the place
Letter G

G is the number 7
character in English Alphabetic. Number 7 has meaning I will explain it later.

After Knowing the Purpose of compass we can draw 7 circles like below Image.
Page 6 of 17 Content Archive Ancient Hidden Secrets(Eng)

Above image Completes the eye with Freemason Tools.
What is the Eye? what can a eye Do? what is purpose of the eye ?what is number 7? you will learn that
later in this article Please read further.
Check below Image actual image of shiva linga is the Eye this can be compared to Even Eye of Ra,
Almost every Spiritual gurus knows this symbolism in India, But it sad they compare it some other parts
of body to distract people from truth and few are sworn to secrecy that they will never reveal this secret.

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Look above image all are in form of Eye
Decipher 8 and 2:

Above image has 2 headed Eagle with 33 numbers on the Top Symbolism of highest degree of
Let us decipher this.
Number 33

Page 8 of 17 Content Archive Ancient Hidden Secrets(Eng)
If number 3 right side is inverted it will transform 33 to number 8 like shown above image and also eagle
has a 2 head.

(In Mayan belief a serpent rope emerges from the center of the galaxy, symbolized by an 8-rayed or 8-
spoked wheel. Cosmic sap oozes from this world tree or cosmic cross)
The Divine Puzzle:

In recent Hollywood and TV Series is Crawling with Freemason number.
The most recent one is this series called The Event ,the Highlighted double EE can be decrpted to form 33
(8) degrees symbol and also see the Masonic symbolism in below image, this below series is definitely
crafted by freemasons, it has 8 characters in it 7 colored Logo of NBC below Freemasons Secrecy

Page 9 of 17 Content Archive Ancient Hidden Secrets(Eng)
The Divine Truth:
This is where eastern tradition revels to Humanity about the divine truth and Humanity Light Body
Activation, there is no need to keep this has secret anymore.
Below information of number 8 and 2 is a Hidden info written by all Ancient siddhas,I will write another
article about 8 and 2 it does have mind blowing information.
Number 8 in Tamil revels Our Right Eye, it also called solar Eyes compared with Solar Eyes in Egypt,
Number 2 in Tamil is also called Lunar eyes this to can be compared with lunar eyes in Egypt, only deep
researcher and spiritual Gurus know this information.
You can check below site for information about solar and lunar Eyes in
8 and 2 are highly secretive number which was hidden in ancient siddhas Leafs in form of wisdom quotes,
their meaning was never understood until Now.
Horus, the son of Osiris and Isis, was called Horus who rules with two eyes.
His right eye was white representing the sun while his left eye was black representing the moon.
According to Egyptian legend Horus lost his left eye during a fight with his murderous uncle, Seth, to
revenged his fathers death. Seth tore out his nephews eye but lost the fight because the assembly of the
gods declared Horus the victor. The eye was reassembled by the magic of Thoth. Then Horus gave the eye
to Osiris who experienced rebirth in the underworld.
- Jordan Michael, Encyclopedia of Gods
Our Great Saint:
Arutprakasa Vallalar was a saint around 18
century who attained transfiguration to Light body on
January 30, 1874,with his unique meditation through higher wisdom(with the mirror and Light)
Saint Arutprakasa Vallalar has Built a Temple of Wisdom 8 sided Octagon shaped temple he was true
worshipper of pure light Arutperunjothi. Temple itself reveals everything about Light body activation for
Page 10 of 17 Content Archive Ancient Hidden Secrets(Eng)
careful eyes it is a wisdom beyond understanding.

113254 N 793245 E
Our Temple interior:
There are two smaller shrine inside the Temple which represent solar eyes and lunar eyes which forms
perfect two Eyes as the Right eye represent Solar Eyes and left eye represent Lunar Eyes similar like
below freemason tracing board another important symbolism of freemasons deciphered.

Page 11 of 17 Content Archive Ancient Hidden Secrets(Eng)

Solar Eyes shrine, Main Hall, Lunar Eyes shrine and Freemasons Tracing Board.
One Big Middle shrine Section with Light is Layered behind 7 color screens, now we are getting Closer
solving the Ancient hidden knowledge .Yes 7 screens which can be traced to Freemason Letter G in
middle of the eye

Page 12 of 17 Content Archive Ancient Hidden Secrets(Eng)
All is harmony ferenc sebok 2007
An Ancient ceremony Timing in Tamil calendar to map a celestial Day called thaipossam important
celestial event were SUN,MOON can be seen in specific time.
During that Certain period of time 7 screens will be Opened one by one in middle of shrine to reveal final
light or we call Arutperunjothi ,the Screens are actually colored as below image ,this event will take place
every year between jan and feb it is open to all public it takes palace in tamil nadu vadalur district.But not
everyone knows about this True Wisdom event purpose.

Middle shrine and 7 colors.
In above image middle Shrine Light is not visible because it is behind 7 screen.
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Now we know what is the true meaning in number 7 is.

Human Eyes are door way to heaven. Through The Eyes alone we can achieve the final Light body
Activation Guru shivaselvaraj disciple of vallalar is been reveling this Truth openly and teaching people
how to attain light body transformation.
Page 14 of 17 Content Archive Ancient Hidden Secrets(Eng)

There is unique meditation is followed which is given in form of diksha to all disciples.they can practice
this mediation to attain light body more important over come your karmic level in order to achieve light
body transformation safely.
One of the important books of Guru Shiva selvaraj are Saka-kalvi(Light body Activation) and Meiporal
are the revelation books , Explained clearly about how can we activate Light Body activation, how ancient
teachers hidden the words and secret for Humankind to find their Higher Souls.
This information is considered has highly secret by many people in INDIA and other part of the
world ,We ask everyone to see beyond their own hatred for holding this secrecy you wont gain nothing
look beyond it, Love everything around you, it so blissful to see all human beings to attain Siddhi (Light
body transformation).It is Time to Wakeup ,A new Light and Love revolution has began as we Enter a
New Beginning of Humankind .All this information is a TRUE WISDOM in form of revelation.
This Article is dedicated to all Higher Souls, Supporting us for bringing true wisdom to Humankind.
ArutperunJothi ArutperunJothi ThaniperunKarunai ArutperunJothi.
Please Share this Wisdom with Everyone
Article By Vasan and ArcoT

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