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Bv At*oclatrd rrtit. I'MXCETO.S", X. J.. Nov. 7.—"I think my right course just no-.v is Jo hear everybody and isske no statcThl* w.s the answer made by President-Elect Woodrow Wilson today to a series of requests for statement* of his attitude on national and International questions. He was asked by various newspapers ai-out an extra scsrlon of congress, Canadian reciprocity. International relations, the Panama canal and a variety of Issues. In line with his campaign argument that his presidency should be conducted through the "common councils of the country," he will now, so far as possible, assume a receptive attitude, rather than one of pronouncing himself on Issues before he takes his office. The Presld-nt-elect looked eagerly I toward a big basket of mail filled to overflowing. It appeared that he would continue hi* custom of opening ail mall himself. He likes to do It. "You know that I can recognise the typewriters of some of my personal friends." he mused. "I don't know Just how I do It. I 'guess 111 need a tonic to go through that pile, though."


Gains 3 0 Pounds Baptist Field Agents Outline in 3 0 Days $500,000 Seminary Campaign Eemarluble Result of the New T u n *
Notes Will Be Distributed Over State—Convention to Hear Report Friday.
Builder, >rotcme, in Many C U M of Ban-Down Hen

and Women.


Campaign plans to raise a -liOO.OQO1 "But if w*->** *o.n;, to back out for.l a little endowment fur ihe Routtfttteetvrn Bap- a little hard time, irt's upend and lie, more for pome feather beds tist Theological Seminary °* Fori down and j-o to sleep. Worth were, made al a meeting of •"-Cettlnc money out of' BaptlM* Is field representatives in PL Paul's a fine art. It has to be undertaken carefully."Methodist Church Wednesday iftlTl>r. Cambrell, continuing, advised etinjr was picMded over by: that the campaign be taken directly pi raided U n. Siar'.-nrough. r.nd was o.^nedjinto the rural districts, EARL & WILSON with a prayer by Dr. J, It. Cambrel!,! "If you conduct such a c chairman ••:" the Imard of trustees. 'he said, -you win not onl; •• jret the* SHIRTS 3|so AND MORE !p. .'.nnovncin" ti:o object i.f Ait . money, but you "wilt do a i nuch big- j • mevunj I>r. Scar! rough raid: ' ger and better thing—you will R *t' "We are to r.«Vf the convention to; thousand j of 'Uaptlfts Interested In, indorse the proposed endowment, from;and a'part of the work.*' 10 to 12 oVl'-ck lY.day mornlr.c, atj Campaian Outlined. whi.h lime I>r. Carroll will m.i.c« his The formulation of a practical catn, report and deliver an address. There paign then was started by Dr. "Scarwlii \M no collection taken, but our • borough. He asked In the first place hope is tit present to the convention: that the endowment be given a prom-' • an orsanl-ratloii that nwy prove ef-'tneut place In the fifth Sunday meet-1 | fectlve. . lngs In December, and asked that a "We never hr.v« readied the whole*; s<mln»ry rally day be set apart by people of Texas In a sr-at clucitlonal ; each nssi*cUition some lime about ,t!w „_ . Everything. Vclh'i-Crawford »dw. Co. camiiaUn. Our hope in to tarry this: firrl of the year. » —Advertisement. campaign hack to the people." i He explained that no»e* will bo, ]g rounds Standard •"Irtnulated There wore expressions of •.•••nfl-} sent out by the xniuniliue, looking! Sugar for Jl. The Great Atlantic & deiieo In and go**d will for the project I after '*" Ilection, payable In . „ „ . . ,-k - , George. - -— I never saw anythlni raclflc Tea Co.—Advertisement. from a number of th** ministers, about, yeai at the lonRest, and lerarlng s l x ! ' ' " " effects of that r.ew treatment, is. iionutj years • Fresh Country Emu, Sne dozen. The fifty of whom were present. and then I per cent Interest. Cash recclp's will j ""rotone. for building, up of weight. Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co.— Dr. J. IT. Gaml»r*-ll of Dallas dleenseed.be used to pay the expenses nf t h e ! " 0 lost nerve force. It acted more Advertlsem-nt. a miracle than a medicine." ealJ campaian, he said, and what is let a well known gentleman. In fPMfcnS Pleads for Right Spirit. i.vi-r will be dei«sltcd as the endow of the revolution that hsd taken place Justice It. K Pcden and family have He pleaded first f..r tli» riKlu spirit, Cone to Childress, where they will visit urclne Ihe Texas Baptists to build with the former's relative! until MonDr. Scarl»ornuch read a list of sev In his condition. "1 befran to thlnx> • up ihts seminary "«'t t > compete with eniy-flve of the i;ai:t'sl associations I that there was Ewthlng on eart'.i that < day. could make me fat. 1 tried tonics, di(other ltaptist seminaries, but to CO- the stale, with the amount he h Fresh Elgin Creamery Butter, diets, operate with them. to raise from each III.- ;,r.:,i.'>all.i:is | gestives, i heavy eating,I Linir A milk, e pound. The Great Atlantic & Pacific asked that ^'-r. .-Mi. Jlmo.-l evnr:. .V l O> "There are ;;.0»0 churches in the preventative* ,,( Tea Co.—Advertisement. c Henry Traver* and May Hal ton in T he Girl F r o m Tokio," a t Byers F Scuth." hi- Bltld. "What is on; feral- consider the muunt and c^j»re?s' their could think of. but without results. I Bon's Steam Dye House, cleaning, V Suit Filed in County Court. • J had uern thin for years, and l.e*an , nary to them? What we really need pressing, dyeing. Phone Lamar 6510.— Hunt-llawes Grocery Company vs. P me to be j Is Slill another seminary over about in this list tbe Tarrant County As- to think It was natural forabout the Advertisement. ; Atur.ta. Oa. sociation was set down for S3;.(i00. that way. Finally I read Ed llemsell. business manager of the Pe Walch. appeal from Justice court successes brought about ; "We are m>t KOinK to have very (Among others were the following: remarkable of Protone, eo I decided *e Carpenters' Union. lenves tomorrow use Suits Filed in District Courts. as the cwnMn rel Austin. J23.aoo; Alvarado. SII.300: by the myeeif. Well, when; I look at time in this work. morning for Rochester. X. Y.. where W. ,900; try it In the mirror now. I tliint It going to have a gloriously hard time.l HUnco, $11,200; Bl? Springs, he will attend the annual convention shell. II. Wills & Co. vs. J. K. Howdcmyjelf Christ cave himself debt. ti.k-n One reason we are goln^ to have a|Cifco. ts.O'to; Concho valley, of the Amerlacn Federation of Labor. is 5omel>ody el?e. I have put on Just lh»- righteousness of mankind. P. C. Craig vs. n- ir. Miller, debt and C. W. Woodman Is the delegate from i hard lime is because some preachers'. Collin, .18.500: Central Texas. M.O00; 30 pounds during the last month unC Colas continiii.!. and his saciifice the local Trades Assembly, but will be will not understand. There arc some j Colorado, S10.000; Denton, J7.i00: El never felt stronger or more nenr/ the ItoiM- «.f tl:.- Iimneii nice. Jtzle McAllster vs. J. R. McAlister. unable to riv'te the trip because of I of them yet who do not see the con-jPaso. 113.000; Fannin. 10.000; Hunt, In my life.Sanctlflcaticn. he si.id. mines t' other buslnis*. jlO.000; San Antonio. Union <inic Ftlchards vs. Hen U. Pilchards, human soul nnly when the man accepts r.ection between education and preach- j Association. JS.OOO. and IS.OOO; .10.000. i Protone is a powerful Inducer oil Waco. Christ as a 'personal Savior: The l i t - Ing the gospel. divorce. nu'lrltlon. Increases c*ll-growth. make* tle for holiness is hofeslvee If tlie sinperfect the assimilation of food. Inner fights it alone. creases the number of blood-corpusF o r t y - E i o h t h D i t t r i c t Court. Dise-jssins; the word "redemption." cles, and as a necessary result hulldi ION. n. ii. m:cK. J U D G F . Dr. C-pas .-aid that It really included up muscles and solid, healthy flesh M. Hard vs. J. \V. Wicher: disall that had l>e.-n said before, but as and rounds out the flpaire. missed nt cost of plaintiff. used in the text It referred only to For women who can never appear Robert J. Ri.bcrson vs. n. W. Owens the final victory and deliverance from When Well Known Fort W o r t h Peostylish In anything they wear because al.; TV. C Williams appointed ICONTI>:UI:D FROM P A G E O N E * the presence of sin. or their thinners; this remarkable ple Tell I t So Plainly. guardian ad litem for minors: JudKVision le Needed. treatment is a revelation. It I* a' ent agnlnat defendants as to Interest Iker, u. TV. Tyson. TV. A. livers. Tesas Baptists need a new vision of | When public Indorsement Is made beauty maker, ss well as a form propertv described In petition. \:y a representative cltlxen of Fort in R. Vickcry vs. George W. Rose: Mrs. j . K. Arnett. Mrs. A. A. Duncan, the Savior Hke that given t" Paul r.n builder, and nerve strengthened the way to Damascus, to make them Dr. F. M. McConnell Advocates Worth, the proof 1. positive. Vou ludsment hy default for tl.7Jo.0l and Holmes Nichols. The regular $1.00 size of Protone It must believe It. Head this testimony. foreclosure as prayed for. Time. Place and Sermon for Next realize that He is lilted.above and befor sale by- all druggists, or. -rlli be. F.ver>- backache sufferer, every man, _ J. Tarker vs. F.. W. Samuel!: Session—TV. R. Earn, TV. F. Hlllsmon, yond all space and lime, he sa'ld. mailed direct. ul>on receipt of price. woman or child with any kidney trou- judement fur plaintiff for t:3T.4s. and It- A. Ilarty. M- F. Drury. J. TV. Isrore, Before the morning sessioii ail. Tithing—Big Crowd Agrees by The' Protone Co.. S0JS Protone Bids.b r will find profit In the reading. forecb.sure. as i.rayed for. I. N. I.-inK'ton. J. R. Nutt. Journed the committee on order of bus, Detroit. 3!lch. With Doctrine. Committee to Nominate I^hicatlon iness made n partial report, designatj It will* cost you nothing to prove' Mr*. J. F." Bradford. ISO" CarnlU St.. D. F. Allen Jr- vs. M. .7. Campbell Trustees of I the remarkable effects of this, treat-' Fort Worth. Texa*. says: "A member et al.; dismlsse.1 as to Peth M. I.ewls. Hoard and If. Wynn. T. E.Correlated ing tlie hours for meetings nf the conWi? hours 9 to of my family suffered for years from Judement bv default for plaintiff for .Schools—TV. J. J. Wister, K. Canned; vention. These 2 to Z were from from ment. It. is absolutely non-Injurious p. m. and W. A. T ray. V Amnion 12 a. m.. from kidney trouble. Several months IS2.S0. to the most delicate system. The pro-. 7 p. m. until It was deemed wise to F. M. McConnell of Dallas de he tried Doan's Kidney Pills. At that Hulda Ilardon. Kua'dlan. vs. O. C. I. F. Ilalley. J. TV. Jent. tone Company will send to anyone who Committee- t» Nominate Trustees of'dose each night. Fifteen mlnut time he was so bad with his kidneys l a m et al.: judement by default for I sends name .and address, a free C0c at i livered the closing address of the Bap- j | ,j Baptist Theological the beginning of each session will be that he could hardly stand. Doan's plaintiff for IS.1M-3* and foreclosure Southwestern s t ninis-tcrs and Laymen's j package of Protone. with fuI| Instruc* Remlnary—A. -I- Harris.-T. C. l.ong,|for devotional exercises. A meeting I *.,- , ^ . . . . . ,. Kidney Pills effected » complete cure as prayed for. tlons. to prove that It does the work. and he was conn feeling fine. It Is a J. N- Winters ltea'ty Company vs. BKnni- Grimes. R. TV. McCann, TV. II., of the sutidr.v school br.ar.l was an- vnee Medncsday night, l-ik.ne as his They will also send .you their'book Pleasure for me to recommend so ex- Ilolman Tavlor: Judement for plain- evens. L. L. Sanls, w. J. Eptlng. I nounce,] for 2 o'clock tliis afternoon. I * ul <''•" '^ I on . "Why You Are -Thin.*'' !free- of ddresp followed a talk by Rex*. cellent a remedy ns Doan's Kidney tiff for I5.40r..03 and foreclosure n* Committee to Nominate Trustees of From 2:30 to 3 o'clock the session will j charge giving facts which' will prob-'j : J. It Ramsey of Austin on "Why I Pills." Texas Baptist Memorial Sanitarium—[be devoted to the home board, and Itecame a Raptist." ably astonish you. fiend coupon below'. t«r. Waterman. R. it. White, J. A. from 3:3o until 4 will be devoted to the today with your name and address^ For sale by all dealers. Price 50 Thomas f- WWlen vs. Supreme The attendance Wednesday afteriMtard II. J. Matthew.-. J. A. cents, Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, Ixulee U. I). A.: dismissed at cost of Howard. Peterson. B. A. Owens. Cara- o'clock on* ministerial will fldjoutn In noon rwealed 1.000. while Wednesday the convention way, It. New York, sole agents fer the United plalr.titf. night the auditorium and gallery of Committee to Nominate Trustees of order that a States. A. D. Meyer vs. J. J- Jenkins et al-: Baptist Sanitarium and Hospital—J. Southwestern visit may be paid to the the First Methodist Church wns llf Free Protone Coupon Baptist Theological sem- erallv packed. . -• --. J , Remember the name—Doan'sdismissed at cost of plaintiff. inary Tonight will lie devoted to the It -will cost you nothing; to prove '.vT^ take no other.—Advertisement. Otb-1 S. Houston vs J. R. Sandlfer E. Treloar. S. C. Itailey, L. T. Grum- Bu.kiuT Orphans' Homo. The meeting Wednesday nf'emoon the remarkable effects of this treatet nl.: judgment ny default against all ble*. M. S. Humphrey, It. G. Rellrmnn, After the report had heeii adopted. was or»cned by Rex*. O. R- Fulls of Theodore iMsig, J. S. Hunter. ment. The Protone Company will defendants for .1,053.44. of Fort Worth asked D**nisnn. who conducted dex*otional exThe Invocation was J. M. send 'to anyone a free i*0c tiackn'te Olho S. Houston vs. W. E. Newman Frost, secretary of the by Rev. school O. s. I.-mlmnre people to step taking etVteeit. The first address of the aftthe Fort Worth Sunday of Protone. If they. will, nil out this et al.: Judement by d.fault against all board of the southern Baptist conven- seats In the main body of the audito- ernoon xvas by Re\\ J. H. Moore of coupon, and Inclose 10c in .stamps defendants for Jl.fSC.T7. Dallas, rium, and requested also that the vis- and the xx-hose subject xvas "Teaching or silver to help * cover 'postage.. Kingdom.*" Nellie C. and D. W. I.ettler vs. W. T. BBCI itors use the galleries and allow- the Rev. J. and Slaty T. Camp: dismissed at cost conducted M. Dawson nf Templev who messengers to occupy, the auditorium. Tlie Raptist periodicals were the devotional exercise**,' ! Dr. L. R. Scarborough of the South- thuslaMically praised in n talk by enof defendants. Rex*. REV. J . R. RAM3EY. read from the fourth chapter of thewestern seminary announeeJ a -meet- J. W. Daxvuon of Temple, who told of You Are Thln.r Texas Securities Company vs. J. Ie Rev. W. H. The bl(tiett point of woman's hap- Cray et al.; R. II. PmlPi appointed Epistle to the Philippians. a prayer for ing of the trustees al S o'clock tonight the good work the pa*»ers are doing, session were/conducted by Rev. J. K. THE PROTONE COMPANY. Hamlet of pines* I* reached only through moth guardian ad litem to represent minors. guidance, Muskogee le.1 In followed by in the parlors of the Westbrook hotel. and the things they make It possible Ramsey, and before calling on Dr. 50J3 Pretone Bldg, Detroit. Mich. and this was for the church to do. Mary Violet Howard vs Charles II. the singing o( "Come, Thv Fount of •rhood. In the clasping of her child McConnell,' Mr. Ramsey told of his a* .IIJ=O nnnounc^il that the cducaEvery ^;e•^*inc^.•• Rev. J. F. Williams, the last speaker change rrom the Methodist to the Bap- Street within her arms. Yet the mother-to- Howard; divorce granted. ti'm hourrl of the convmtMn will meet Toafcum County. Texas, vs. C. C. Dr. Buckner Opens Convention. of the afternoon, speaking on "Doc- tist Church, -which took place here In be Is often /earful of natnre'a ordeal plauchetr; Judement '«r defendant for fit T:S«) p. m. tnnlRht. and Kingdom DuildCity State. ... Dr. R. C. Ruckm-r called the conDr. Itucknrr dismiss*"] the conven- trinal Preachingagainst the preaching Julyand shrinks from the auffcrlnt; Inci- land described in plaintiffs petition. vention to order at S:T.3 o'clock. Dr. tion with a benediction siv»rlly after ing." protested but nonscrlpturil matDr. • McConnell in his address on dent t o 1U consummation. But for of spectacular, Ruckner Introduced Perry Jester, a finance, strongly 'advxrated ter. He advised sticking closely to the church claiming it was a law of God. The regular $1.00 siie of Protope la nature's Ills and discomforts nature County Civil Court. child of about eight or nine yetirs. as Convention Notei. tithing, e sale In Fort Worth by Rentro Drug: HON- C. T. PnEWETT. JUDGE. provide* remedies, and In Mother'* the page of th* convention. A passage Ue\* B. K. While, for thirteen years church doctrine. He asked all those who. practiced It TV. P. Morgan vs. A. from the Korty-Klghth Psalm was read l-a^tor nf the Joneshoro church., and "If we do not deserx*e to exist be to hold up their hands, and then asked Co, Ninth and Houston sta.; Covey V Friend Is t o ba found a medicine of al.; Judement for plaintiffC. Barnes Martin. SI0 Maln.st. Hamlet, and he then great ralue to every expectant mother. and foreclosure of chattel for J473.75 by Rev. .Mr. K- H. King of McKinney Rev. C. A. Ilornburs of Catesville, mes- cause of our diatinctlx'e differences. those who favored It to hold up their mortgage called on Dr. senpers from the l-von River Arsocla- xx-e do not deserve to eslsl nt It IS an emulsion for external Maxwell-Clark Drug Company vs for the convention prayer. said. "I'aptisis are understood less hands. The last-named • class was service of thanksgiving In the mosque timi. arrived Wednesday niffht. application, composed or ingredient* II. N. Robertson et al.: Judzment for than any other denomination. People stronger. Miss I-"tti« Watson, a teacher in the call us narrow becausv of our »"idellty Dr. John A. Rice welcomed the conDr. McConnell denbuncedpthe(preva- of St. Sophie: which act with beneficial and sooth- plaintiff by default for »:77.:0. Jnnesh-i'ro Sunday vchool. find Miss to our- convictions. vention to his church. with lencc of low salaries to pret'.ciiers. The Turkish fortress nf Scutari, near ing effect on those portiona of the Southwestern States Portland Dr. II. H. Carroll delivered the ad-I.ueile <;afner. a pupil in the schonl. Jesus Christ In the I'd rather lie tha and said that a general reform for the Montenegrin frontier, and that of. narrow •ystem Involved. It Is Intended to ment Company vs- Westside Lumber dress of welcome. Adrianople. In the eastern sphere' OE. | are en route to Dallas to visit the with the world in the broad xvay higher salarjes had to come, way." Company: kner Orphans' Horn**. The trips operntlons. are still making a stubborn' To respond to the address of welprepare the system for the crisis, and default for Judgment for plaintiff by closed S341.M. e offered as prizes for ?nod attends The devotional exercises of the night prayer ofeetlng wasIts success resistance. Military critics who know come. Dr. Ruckner introduce,] Dr. I. thanks for Una relieve. In great part, the suffer- First National flank vs Jame the country well utter the.warnlng~.not M. Carroll of San Antonio, a brother anc*- and cood recitati ing through which the mother usually Farmer et al.: Judgment for plaintiff of the man who made the address of to espect the early fall of Adrianople, Keath]*»y of Colorado, Texas. I' ' passes. The regular use of Mother's by default for PS5.70. welcome. He explained, in so doing, makes a refflr] of not ha vine missed a [Quaker Village in London d there Is is saw, ha? few if any competitors. promised by the optimistic Bulgarians. Friend -trill repar any mother in the TVapies-Platter grocery Company vs. that when Dr. J. Itf. Carroll was nsked nvention in six years Vy his attend- i attracted by the loveliness of the Qua- Killed for all of three interesilnjr acta comfort it afford* before, and the help- p . E Valliant et al.: judgment for to respond to the address It was not a nee on this one. | ker girl who gives the name lo the xxith ludlcrouA situations, comical combv default for JS6D.33. known NO PLACE FOE WIDOWful restoration to health and strength plaintiff Worth State Bank or Fort welcomethat his elder brother was to Rev. R. t>. Hood and Rev. .1. A. Bond . play. The girl becomes attached to plications .and humorous explanations. the messengers. Fort are messengers from the Joncsltoro ' ihe princess and her gay friends and is It keeps the audience in continual Kansas City Woman' Writes Police It- bring* about after baby comes. Worth vs. TV. J. Blair et al.: Judgment church. They arrived Wednesday night, least off hy the Quakers. Then the real laughter and contented amusement. Buckner Re-Elected. Mother'* Friend for plaintiff hy default for JI40.4;. Chief Asking f e r Job. * Ilootli . for the T»«» for president J. M. Reagan vs. St. Louis. San Fran- was Dr.onlyC.nominationThis will be his byf his wife, of Citesville. accompanied action begins, spite ofprincess returns "The Confession." by James HallecK Is for sale a t came In Wednesday nis'nt to Trance In the police and R. Ruckner. cisco A Texas Railway Company: dis- twentieth term. Kansas City is no.place for-a.wjdow Irar store*. to look on at the convention. J takes the Quaker girl, prudence, along. Kfid. which created such favorable missed by agreement at cost of dea child to support according t o Accompaniment for the singing dur- Prudence falls In love with Tony Chute. comment while appearing at the Bijou with Ella Lampnear, 33,. who has writIBrits for our On- of the secret;rri#-s of the assoXendant. Mrs. ciation reported that 1.500 messengers ing the convention Is furnished on the a handsome, dashing, rollicking fellow. Theater, Broadway. New York, on its ten Chief Henfro asking him »j find tree book for had registeredpiano hy .Miss Kunlce Ncott. The sing- .who holds that the world is made for auccessful run, will be the,offering at her a position as housekeeper in.Fort. ixpectant mothAfter a brief expre«sion of thank*. Ing I., le.i by D. n. Wade. enjoyment, and he means to get all the Byers Saturday, matlneeand night' Worth.. . er* which contain* snnch valnable I. P. Maud Dr. Ruckner called for nominations for Rev. R. T. Rryan. for many years a I that is coming his way. He teaches •Tills Is no place- for a quiet, goodbformatlon. acd many suggestions O Finn. f vice president. missionary to China, is attending the j prudence to dance and she proves an tempered woman without a husoand," eral Wells, and Rev. J. M. Dawpon nominated Dr. J. convention. I helpful nature. laid pupil. They-sing a duct. "The Bad says Mrs. Lampbear. "Chief, please Miss Kahieen Evans. Riverside. J. Robert*, of Ulllsboro. Itev. K- Am* Hoy and the Good Girl.** which furget me a Job. : weigh 122 pounds, am. Roscoe Williams, Mesquite. and Miss nions of Houston nominated Rev. A. J. I nisi 'he key to the situation. There five feet two inches In height and I Ruth Ormshy. Mesquite. Rarton of Waco. O. S. Lnttlmore r.f least twenty musical numbers am not afraid of work. I have the Julian Hernandez and Mrs. Emily Kurt Worth and Forrest Smith wer«« play, and each one fits right atADFIZLD EEGUUTOI CO.. Atlssta, Ca, best of references to show that I am petgarto. Dallas. nominatfd. but as only three were to the story', and all are tuneful and a good cook and reliable In every way." be elected Mr. Smith withdrew. I H. Beasly and D. Odum. city. catchy. rt. C. Bryant. Dallas, and Miss AnThe role of Tony Chute is played by I>. R. Pevoto and C. o . Ke>* w*r» AT THE BYERS. nie J. Evans. 918 Cherry street, city. elected secretaries. Victor Morley. who Is well known to If nothing had ever been raid Europe and America, through his great BtUe Springs Crtemtry Bailer U P. Tannahill and Miss I.uetta Dr. Dawson moved that the lime. from 10 to 12 a. m, Friday be siven ance about the three-act operetta. | j7|t i n the original "Three Twins" Tin«ley. city First Celebration in 20 Years r Clover Leaf Brand, made b y to the Raptist Seminary. The motion The Quaker Girl." which I- to he pre- Iductlon. carried. Belle Springs Creamery Co., tented at Byers tonight, there at the j would Will Be Held Here SatTwo committees were nnnoumed!hr j be ;i greatly 'surprised audience Ii<» Girl From Tokio." a bricht, Abilene, Kan., the best b u t morning. T h e . . n i t i a , Iirrfr,rmnnr#?p for> judging from •nsful farce, adapted from tlicGerDr. Ruckner Thursd omposed o. l [ m t i l ] p ( p n „ would never suspect thai ter on earth, for sale by tbe urday Night. nill I»e seen at flyers Friday the atmosphere of the play Is distinct nipht. As a mirth provoliins laugh profollowing g r o c e r s : ly Parisian, and that there Is dancing ducer, this charming bit of comedy. It H. H. Pitman. en I ssy cured. 1 moan Just what an.l gayety. handsome gowns and ocMembers of the committee > that V .By—C-U-lt-E-n. and not merely Court, was called to meet at once, P casions to display them. In a Paris sa, Avenue Gro. Co. the Wilson-Marshall campaign patched up for awhile, to return worse was the committee on order of bus and ut a fancy ball In Paris. The The Mechanic raised in Tarrant county met la the ^-W.A.Schafer. than before. Remember. I make tnis nesg composed of A- I>. funds oroad statement afier putting ten years of t, W.J.Cain. Mu-t have a eleit law office of Clifford G. Reckham. me time on this one disease and hand ng » O. V. Colvin. eje and ftcleir held Flatlron' building. Thursday afternoon n the meantime a nuirier of s million at 2 o'clock to plan for fhe JollificaJ|U5!of th" dieart/ul _di»»" * « - ' < > The only <liar.ee for friction during > — A second's lapse tion parade next Saturday night. & ' Fort W o r t h Gro. Co. not c vas removed oft r n meacs seriocs Tli.re will he automobiles, torchlights B - T . I I . llueller. Dr. courco'u'lS>notTTUreJ.-all I ask I, Just I whenrace l-'orresl Smith withdrew from ai'ci'ieut. Ynj snd borne by walkers and brass bands In the for vice president. E^eO* of• P i n t o Gro. Co. the parade. It will be the first parade • chance to show you th.it I know what fice was filled by acclamation. t be And *H thinking jprj. 1- Pummill. Worth In twenty Convention Sermon. , ,m talking "bout. If y O « • ! « * « gf O workers most not let In Fortthe election of ayears to celebrate Democratic SrJLake Street Gro. Co. T01>ST. I will send S'O'J a FREE TRIAL Rev. B. A. Coras of San Marcos beheadache unfit 70a. of mv mild, soothing, guiranlced core -an the convention sermon at 11 ule* O u r t U l Jell)?, •©•tbw i Fuqua Gro. Co. that 'will convlace you more a month o'clock. Dr. Copas took his text from The committee in charge Is'composed could In In a da; than I or M are disgusted and discoor- Kirst Corlnlhlans. 1:30. of Morris Rector, chairman:' W." Arnt C.1»Pat.If**l- I«*Vaui4»fc . H . E . Sawyer. nirvuts. banptoFKEE. Hanger. C- O. Beckham, John L. Tere vou to give me a chance to "But of him In Jesus *-* x»ait£»r»»* . . G . W . Powell. seed, i •'-- claims. By writing me today Who was madeare ye us wisdomChrist. rell. B. B. Paddock. C. K; Lee and I . J. unto from Wortham. Cold Crawford & Grady. prove m" enjoy .more real comfort than God. even righteousness and sanctlfimy — remoTei th« caaee, whether nerrotu ! W . P. BogRCSS. you £d' Jver\noUgh.-7h-.."worM hold; ratlan ami redemption." Sunday Ofty for Entrance. Salvation io Jill of Cod and is all ness. !>«•-, cold, or gripp- On« 10c trial LOXDOX. Nov. 7.-—Tne coramaeders ilcXeelej- Gro. Co. for you. Just try It and you wld see I through Jesus Christ, the speaker said. will proTe it. of the Bulgarian Invaders are -said to He spoke of the situation that Paul or Mttllin Gro. Co, Sedan*- Mo. in Corinth, with the have flaed Sunday next as the day References: Third Rational Bank. Sedalia. facedhand demanding "the Jews on sign one a material Texas Ha* and Grain Co. on which they will enter the Turkish ronld you do a belter set than to send from God and the Greeks demanding C capital Willi their troope-an*.- hold.a y • Distributers. this notice to seme poor sufferer of | wisdom that would appeal to taeir Ecxem.?— (Adverhieninit./




Brief Items of Interest i n City!




Finance Is Closing Topic of Baptist Pastors and Laymen


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