Cosmos College of Management and Technology

(Affiliated to Pokhara University) Tutepani, Lalitpur, Nepal GPO Box No. 11713

Date: 2068/1/27

Code of Conduct for Term Test II
Every examinee should follow the following code of conduct for Term Test II. 1. Examinees should be present in their respective examination room 5 minutes before the start of the examination. Examinees are not allowed to enter the examination room after 30 minutes of the start of examination. 2. Examinees should be seated according to the seat plan. 3. Examinees should clearly write their Roll No., Name and Subject in their answer book. 4. Examinees should write their answers in English language. 5. Examinees should bring their college ID card which will be treated as admission card. Examinees should compulsorily show their ID card when asked by the invigilator. 6. Examinees should not keep prohibited items (programmable calculators, notes, books, unrecommended codes, etc.) while seated in the examination room. 7. Mobile phones must be switched off during the examination period. 8. Any form of indiscipline or adoption of unfair means is strictly forbidden in the examination room. The following will be considered as indiscipline or adoption of unfair means during examination: a. Communicating with fellow examinees. b. Copying from another examinee’s paper or any other source. c. Possession of any incriminating documents including those mentioned in clause 6 above whether used or not. d. Rude behaviour with invigilator. e. Unruly behaviour which disrupts the examination environment. 9. No examinee is allowed to leave their seat or examination hall without permission of invigilator. 10. Whatever stated in clause 9, examinees are not allowed to leave the examination room until 1 hour from the start of the examination. 11. Toilet break is allowed for maximum 5 minutes subjected to maximum of 2 times in an examination. The toilet break is not allowed in the first 30 minutes and in the last 30 minutes of the examination duration. 12. Examinees must submit their answer book to the invigilator while leaving the exam room. Once the answer book is submitted, examinees should leave the examination room and are not allowed to enter the room again.

The superintendent of the examination committee of the college has the full right to decide and the kind of punishment. Lalitpur. Nepal GPO Box No. Breach of code of conduct by ay examinee will be subject to punishment. 14. . an examinee is unable to sit in regular examination hall due to disabilities or health problems and needs separate room. 11713 13. it should be preinformed to the examination-committee. preferably one day earlier. In case.Cosmos College of Management and Technology (Affiliated to Pokhara University) Tutepani.

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