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strategic plan 20092014

community scholarship

unbounded spirit

Dear Friends of Crystal Springs Uplands School, We are pleased to present The Strategic Plan 20092014 to the csus community. This plan emerges from three years of effort, including the creation of a mission statement, a long-term vision and strategic initiatives. The planning process involved a variety of people, internally and externally, who worked diligently to affirm the underlying values of csus, identify areas that distinguish the institution, and determine a set of priorities that will direct institutional resources for the next five years. The new strategic plan is meant to be a living documenta roadmap that provides focus and direction to ensure that csus builds a strong and vibrant future. A good strategic plan is mission-driven; it is meant to be a product and an emblem of who we are as a community. Therefore, the first step in the planning process was the creation of csuss first mission statement. Working in collaboration with administrators, faculty, parents, students, alumni and the Board of Trustees, the new mission statement reflects both the kind of learners we hope to attract as well as the environment and experiences we aspire to create.

strategic plan 20092014

| initiatives

csus mission statement

At CSUS, we inspire motivated learners to lead meaningful lives in a rapidly changing world. Our intimate, collaborative community encourages students to pursue passions, explore new interests, build confidence, develop compassion and thrive in an environment of academic excellence.
Having crafted a mission that captures who we are, we began to look toward our future. As part of the process, we referred to several resources including the 2008 California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) Accreditation Report, two Image Audits (2006 and 2008), board retreats, surveys of seniors and graduates, and nearly five years of community feedback. As we imagine the school we would like to become in the future we are energized by our tremendous strengths and by the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. Our vision for the future of csus requires us to preserve the things that distinguish us today: excellent academics and faculty, strong and supportive relationships between and among faculty, students, parents and administrators, and the opportunity for our students to participate broadly as they pursue their passions. All of these elements were used to inform an exciting future which includes a new campus for a larger Middle School with a distinct program, a new curriculum that is more global and better integrated to meet the needs of the 21st century, and an educational experience that is broader in its offerings. We will strive to increase the diversity and inclusiveness of our school in all of its constituencies to better reflect the diversity of the communities in which we live. These strategic priorities became the focal point of the plan and, as such, are highlighted in its core initiatives:

outstanding teachers and coaches world-class curriculum the student experience growth diversity

strategic plan and mission statement committee members

Jill Grossman Chair Susan Alcala 81

2008-2009 board of trustees

Anne Avis Bruce Bean Steve Dow Linda Feng Jamie Gates Rachel Goodrich 92 Jill Grossman Vicky Heron John Jarve Pradeep Jotwani Bao Lamsam Randy Livingston Gorretti Lui Sherry Madding Laird McCulloch Marc Metcalf Fred Middleton Laurene Powell Patty Raleigh Amy Richards Billy Schwartz Chi-Hwa Shao Kristi Spence 59 Sarah Stein 93 Millie Wenzell

Our vision for the next five years is to direct institutional energies towards the continuation of meaningful experiences inside and outside the classroom. These changes will reflect the quality and depth of instruction for which we are known, while incorporating innovative curricula and enhanced student experiences. csus needs to navigate these changes with an eye towards preserving its intimacy and smallness, but also to distinguish itself from an increasing number of private, public and charter schools. In doing so, csus will continue to thrive and enjoy many years of prospective students eager to enter its gates. We look forward to a future replete with new challenges and unparalleled opportunities for csus. We are confident you will want to take part in this exciting journey. Sincerely,

Sarah Boisseree 09 Phil Carpenter 85 Ken Considine Andrew Davis Christy Dillon Steve Dow John Draper Andrea Edwards Maggie Fongheiser Taylor Francis 10 Debbie Fried Jamie Gates AJ Goldman Rachel Goodrich 92 Kit Halvorsen 08 Kent Holubar Debra Hunt Diane Isola Kathy Jany Pradeep Jotwani Bao Lamsam Cynthia Lang Bill Lautner Lori Livingston Gorretti Lui Rachel Madding 09 Marc Metcalf Holly Myers Patty Raleigh Chris Read Amy Richards Javier Rojas Dan Rudolph

Amy C. Richards Head of School

Dan Rudolph President, Board of Trustees

Kristi Spence 59 Mieke Tonn Abby Wilder 73 Suzanne Wilsey Tom Woosnam Dan Rudolph President

learners experiences environment

development sustainability

our mission

our vision for the future

keeping pace innovation

Great teachers share three attributes: they know their subject and are passionate about it; they understand how students build knowledge; and they care deeply about their students intellectual progress. As csus moves
into the second decade of the 21st century, our first and foremost challenge is to continue to retain, hire and inspire outstanding teachers. We need to provide teachers with exceptional resources including compensation, benefits, professional development and mentoring, while setting the highest standards for performance.

csus must also ensure that its curriculum is keeping pace with a rapidly changing
world. What our students will need to know, what they will need to be able to do, what they will care about and who they are will change. In its report, Forecasting Independent Education 2025, the National Association of Independent Schools encourages member schools to explore and develop, programmatic sustainability. Schools must become more focused on the skills and values that the 21st century marketplace will seek and reward, and less narrowly isolated in a traditional disciplinary approach to teaching and learning. Ongoing review of the curriculum, with an eye towards innovation, is an institutional priority. Consequently, csus must become a school that feels bigger. The world our students will inherit will be smaller and flatter, and will possess an interdependency not seen in any previous generation. Hosting outside speakers, presenters and scholars/artists-in-residence will enable students to learn from outside experts. Using technology to partner with schools around the world, and collaborating with institutions of higher education on innovative programs, will broaden our scope of learning and our students horizons. We can also help our students better understand their roles and responsibilities as global citizens by providing them with opportunities to become involved in the world beyond our campus. Activities such as community service, service-learning projects, internships, research opportunities and increased school-sponsored travel will help attain this goal. Global citizenship carries with it significant challenges including serious environmental issues. The School will adopt practices that reduce our carbon footprint, waste and consumption. Our hope is that our students will learn to be responsible stewards of limited resources.

strategic plan 20092014

| our vision

In addition to outward thinking, we must also look inward to create an optimal student experience. csus is a place where caring for students is everyones responsibility. The meaningful relationships that develop between students and teachers are a defining attribute. Relationships like these must proliferate throughout the campus. In an era of heightened expectations regarding achievement, when stress and performance anxiety punctuate students lives, a strong and interconnected student support system is crucial. This support system must involve the students advisors, the guidance counselor, Director of Academic Support, college counselors, administrators, teachers and parents. Student support, however, entails more than formal, traditional systems. Building community spirit, creating opportunities for fun, and making time for reflection all contribute to our students emotional well-being. Our strong sense of community is also built upon a commitment to diversity which enriches the educational experience and supports our mission. csus aspires to have students, teachers, coaches and school leaders who reflect the diversity of the communities from which we draw our families. Enhanced financial aid resources, outreach initiatives and programs that promote inclusiveness are essential to achieve this goal. csus looks forward to a future when we can enroll any wellqualified student regardless of their ability to afford tuition. As a school with a capped enrollment and a small endowment, this may be our biggest challenge. One means to becoming more diverse is to increase the size of the student body and school community. Growth will also enable numerous programmatic benefits and objectives. In spring 2007, the Board of Trustees Growth Task Force determined that csus should grow by adding a new site for a larger Middle School with a distinct program. By keeping the Upper School on the current campus with an additional 100 students, the School will be able to broaden its academic course offerings. Expanded enrollment also creates a more vibrant social atmosphere. In addition to increased financial stability, having more long-term csus families adds to the strength of the community. Maintaining our intimate, nurturing community and low student-to-teacher ratio is essential. The active pursuit of a second site is an ongoing and exciting initiative, one that will transform the csus experience.

In order to achieve this exciting vision for the future of csus, we believe that we must focus our institutional energies and resources on the following five strategic initiatives.

outstanding teachers and coaches

csus is known for academic excellencea reputation that is built on our ability to retain, attract and develop a team of inspiring educators, inside the classroom, on the stage and on the playing field. In order to enhance this reputation as an institution of high-quality education, we are committed to maintaining and building a community of creative and dedicated teachers and coaches, and providing them with necessary compensation and professional development opportunities. We are also dedicated to fostering our collegial culture of mutual respect and support that makes csus an outstanding place to teach.

The faculty is fantastic at this school. Im comfortable asking questions in class, the teachers make themselves available to us outside of class, and there is always more than one person I feel comfortable speaking with to help me resolve whatever difficulty I face. Middle School Student

strategic plan 20092014

| initiative 01

goal To retain, attract and develop outstanding teachers and coaches by

providing competitive compensation and benefits.

action steps

01 Continue to conduct annual comparisons with competitor schools on

compensation and benefits practices including salaries, bonuses, medical insurance, housing, tuition remission, sabbaticals and retirement. 02 Conduct regular faculty surveys to prioritize compensation and benefits. 03 Evaluate benefit options to meet individual needs and circumstances. 04 Develop a compensation philosophy that can be shared publicly and used as a recruiting tool.

goal To refine and enhance professional development opportunities. action steps

01 Assess the current professional development program. 02 Identify new professional development vehicles that nurture growth

and innovation. 03 Create a professional development plan with current and new initiatives identified, prioritized and funded.

The academics are challenging and meaningfuland the atmosphere for students and parents is truly one of community. The communication among faculty, administration, students and parents is the best that I have ever experienced. Upper School Parent

strategic plan 20092014

| initiative 01

goal Maintain the highest teaching and coaching standards by providing action steps
01 Evaluate current assessment practices for new and veteran teachers. 02 Extend current teachers assessment practices to include coaches. 03 Create a plan to utilize fully teacher and student evaluations. 04 Provide meaningful feedback mechanisms and timely improvement

performance assessment and feedback to foster continuous improvement and accountability.

action plans.
05 Evaluate the staffing levels required to develop, implement and maintain

a systematic assessment plan.

goal Develop the next generation of academic, artistic and athletic educators by providing proactive mentorship and opportunities for leadership at every stage of tenure.

action steps

01 Evaluate how new educators are mentored. 02 Develop a systematic mentoring program. 03 Evaluate the staffing levels required to develop, implement and maintain a

systematic mentoring plan.

04 Identify leadership and enrichment opportunities for teachers, coaches and


competitive compensation

outstanding educators

professional development continuous improvement leadership opportunities

The teachers at Crystal all genuinely love their subject and their students. They stay after class and they offer extra help to anyone. If you have a teacher who is truly inspired by what they teach, it is hard not to be intrigued yourself.
Upper School Student

world-class curriculum
csus must ensure that its curriculum is keeping pace
with a rapidly changing world and offer programs that are vibrant, engaging and relevant. Although 21st-century learning takes place in traditional classrooms, it also occurs in venues outside conventional boundaries. As schools become green, buildings transform into potential laboratories. Similarly, school-sponsored community service, servicelearning projects and volunteerism can expand a students perspective. At csus, we seek to provide our students with well-crafted and meaningful experiences that allow us to stand apart from other schools and broaden our students horizons. Therefore, ongoing review of the curriculum, with an eye towards innovation, is an institutional priority.

curriculum review

world-class curriculum

21st century global citizen the world beyond CSUS civic engagement

strategic plan 20092014

| initiative 02

CSUS was the richest educational experience Ive hadthe best teachers and classmates in 19 years worth of schooling. What I learned there has stuck with me the most and has contributed to my success everywhere else. Alumnus

goal Create a systematic method of reviewing departmental scope

and sequence.

action steps

01 Require each teacher/department to review and regularly update their

respective scope and sequence.

02 Require each department to read the entire departmental scope and

sequence to identify strengths and weaknesses and determine any changes.

03 Present a written report of scope and sequence to the Division Heads by

January of the review year.

04 Prior to adding a new course, obtain approval from the Department Heads.

goal Develop and implement a systematic approach to designing and action steps

evaluating curriculum that anticipates the changing needs of the 21st-century global citizen.

01 Use the results of departmental systematic scope and sequence reviews to

identify necessary curricular changes. 02 Maintain a permanent Curriculum Committee of faculty and administrators charged with designing and evaluating curriculum. 03 Study the design and development of innovative curricula including visits to other schools, review of professional literature and consultation with experts in the field. Implement new ideas and courses as appropriate.

strategic plan 20092014

| initiative 02

goal Explore innovative learning environments that support new programs. action steps
01 Continually investigate how students learn best, including research on brain

and cognitive development and its impact on school architecture and learning environments. 02 Assess our classrooms, studios, theater and non-traditional learning spaces, and ensure they are eqqiped with the furniture, technology, lighting and fixtures that optimize learning. 03 Assess how to partner with schools and students around the world through the use of technology. 04 Assess how to physically green the campus and how environmental sustainability can be integrated into student learning, especially in areas such as technology, environmental science and physics.

goal Provide students with opportunities to involve themselves in the world

beyond CSUS.

action steps

01 Increase the curriculum offerings by supporting, encouraging and assisting

students seeking alternative educational experiences.

02 Develop a program that brings outside speakers and scholars/artists-in-

residence to campus. 03 Partner with institutions of higher education on innovative programs.

goal Evaluate and enhance opportunities for civic engagement, service

learning and community service.

action steps
our students.

01 Explore service-learning opportunities as part of the curriculum review. 02 Expand the existing grade-level community service program. 03 Research and publicize community service opportunities available to

I am encouraged to learn and bring new things back to my classroom. We are given the means and opportunity to hone our craft. Lifelong Learning isnt just about words in the schools philosophy; the faculty embodies it.
Faculty Member

the student experience

The csus Mission Statement articulates the critical importance of enabling students to pursue passions, explore new interests, build confidence, develop compassion and thrive. csus must ensure that its environment and programs provide students with engaging intellectual and personal experiences, while allowing students time for reflection, extracurricular activities and social lives. Providing flexibility so that students may achieve their own sense of balance, helping students find their voice as they navigate choices, and creating an environment in which fun and surprises are woven into the fabric of their school life, will help our students lead emotionally healthy lives.

strategic plan 20092014

| initiative 03

goal Collect, monitor and evaluate meaningful feedback from students and
alumni about their CSUS experience.

action steps
CSUS experience. atic feedback loop.

01 Create consistent mechanisms that give students a voice in shaping their 02 Evaluate the staffing required to develop, implement and maintain a system-


In light of student feedback, evaluate, refine and enhance existing student support services.

action steps

01 Assess CSUSs academic, emotional, advisory and college counseling services. 02 Identify new programs to enhance service offerings. 03 Create a student support services plan with current and new initiatives iden-

tified, prioritized and funded.

04 Explore new methods of advising students that enable them to make appro-

priate academic, athletic, fine arts and extracurricular choices.

The sense of community is one of the schools strongest attributes. At Crystal, kids work together to prepare for major tests, support each other at sporting events, and attend every major performance night. Alumnus

strategic plan 20092014

| initiative 03

goal Develop a new Parent Education initiative that ensures that parental action steps
01 Assess current opportunities for parent education.

expectations are aligned with CSUSs philosophy and approach to learning.

02 Create a new program that educates parents about CSUSs resources as well

as community and cultural values.

goal Foster and enhance an environment that encourages school spirit and
meaningful bonding experiences.

action steps

01 Develop new programs to enhance offerings which may include community

service, athletic and arts, and intra- and inter-school activities. meaningful feedback

student services
parent education initiative

student support

spirit and fun

You may have pegged yourself as an artist or an athlete, but at Crystal you quickly learn that you are beyond categories and labels; there are so many ways to try new things. The runner is also the lead guitarist in the school jazz band; the actor is a soccer star.
Upper School Student

The active pursuit of a second campus has the potential to transform the csus experience significantly. In spring 2007, the Board of Trustees Growth Task Force concluded that the addition of a dedicated Middle School campus would allow csus to focus on the needs of 10- to 13-year-olds and enable greater flexibility in schedules, staffing and courses. Adding 100 students to the Upper School on csuss existing campus also brings numerous programmatic and social benefits for our older students including additional elective courses in the arts and sciences, increased foreign language options, an expanded athletic program and a broader social pool.

I believe all students would benefit from more students per grade in the Upper School. The increase would bring more opportunities for friends, a wider range of views, more diversity, more participants for arts and athletics, and more course variety. Crystal is fantastic but the social dynamics sometimes feel too limiting. Upper School Student

strategic plan 20092014

| initiative 04

new Middle School site

growth of our school

maintain a low studentteacher ratio culture of one school

programs and offerings

goal Actively pursue a new Middle School site and determine site priorities. action steps
01 Continue to research potential sites while refining and evaluating priorities. 02 Assess viability, create initial site drawings and estimate financial costs as

sites are identified.

03 Conduct a fundraising feasibility study. 04 Continue to educate the CSUS community on the progress and benefits

of growth.
05 Continue to monitor the competitive landscapeas well as the current

campusin the context of adding a Middle School.

goal Begin the purchase, building and financing process of a new site. action steps
01 Enter into a purchase contract with an 18-month contingency process. 02 Ensure that entitlement is secured, neighbors consent, costs are appropri-

ately estimated, and financing/fundraising is achievable.

03 Begin construction plans including developing blueprints, evaluating con-

tractors and obtaining approvals.

01 Once a site has been identified, assemble a team whose charter is to main-

goal Maintain a culture of one school. action steps

tain a culture of one school. 02 Identify characteristics to preserve. 03 Institute new traditions building bridges between two campuses. 04 Maintain an optimal student/teacher ratio.

The families of the mid-Peninsula area, from which csus students are primarily drawn, represent broad diversity in terms of race, culture, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and family economics. A school community that reflects this diversity enriches the educational experiences of our students and supports csuss mission. While progress has been made to increase the diversity and inclusiveness of the csus community, there is more work to be done on both fronts.

If I could have changed anything about my Crystal experience, it would have been a more diverse student body and faculty. Alumnus

strategic plan 20092014

| initiative 05

goal Continue to increase the diversity of the CSUS community including

students, faculty, staff, administration and the Board of Trustees.

action steps

01 Assess support for student economic diversity and create a Financial Aid

model that balances diversity goals with resource capacity.

02 Strengthen outreach initiatives to assure we communicate the value and avail-

ability of a CSUS education to every segment of the mid-Peninsula community. 03 Assess the potential cost and impact of increased transportation support to improve access to CSUS for students from underrepresented groups. 04 Broaden hiring and Trustee recruitment efforts to increase the diversity of the adult population at CSUS.

goal Continue to improve the inclusiveness of the CSUS environment so action steps

that every student and adult feels like a valued member of the community.

01 Expand and enhance programs that support and retain students from under-

represented groups. 02 Expand and enhance anti-bias and inclusiveness training for both students and adults in the community. 03 Expand and enhance community service activities that develop inclusiveness and civic responsibility among our students. 04 Ensure that our curriculum, pedagogy and communications strengthen the inclusiveness of the CSUS community.

foster an inclusive community increase diversity enrich educational experiences

community scholarship unbounded spirit

outstanding teachers and coaches

the student experience

world-class curriculum

growth diversity

our vision

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