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AIR FORCE ONE MOVIE Movies Summary A thriller about a steadfast U.S.

President who has just told the world he will not negotiate with terrorists. Now, Russian neo-nationalists have hijacked Air Force One and the President is faced with a nearly impossible decision to give in to terrorist demands or sacrifice not only the country's dignity, but the lives of his wife and daughter. ROLES OF THE PRESIDENT IN POM ON AIRFORCE ONE MOVIE PLANNING: These are an activity that establishes a course of action and guide future decision making in planning. The operations manager defines the objectives for the operations subsystem of the organization, and the policies, and procedures for achieving the objectives. This stage includes clarifying the role and focus of operations in the organizations overall strategy. It also involves product planning, facility designing and using the conversion process. In the movie the president clarifies his role on how he will get rid of terrorism and planned that he will do all it takes to make sure that terrorists are taken care of in the future. DECISION MAKING BEHAVIOUR Operation managers are concerned with how their efforts to plan, organize, and control affect Human behavior. They also want to know how the behavior of subordinates can affect Managements planning, organizing, and controlling actions. Their interest lies in decisionmaking behaviour. The president decided not to escape from the plane and remained to help the people and his family that were on the plane. He also decided that the General Redek to be released from jail in order to save his family but eventually he manages to kill all the two terrorists and general is killed while trying to escape from jail compound.

ROLES OF THE VICE PRESIDENT IN POM ON AIRFORCE ONE MOVIE ORGANIZING Activities that establishes a structure of tasks and authority. Operation managers establish a structure of roles and the flow of information within the operations subsystem. They determine the activities required to achieve the goals and assign authority and responsibility for carrying them out. The Vice president organizes her staff and tries to negotiate with Russian government on release of General Redek otherwise he will execute the hostages after every half an hour. CONTROLLING Activities that assure the actual performance in accordance with planned performance. To ensure that the plans for the operations subsystems are accomplished, the operations manager must exercise control by measuring actual outputs and comparing them to planned Operations Management. Controlling costs, quality, and schedules are the important functions here. The Vice president controlled her works mate in the absence of the president even when secretary of defense and Attorney general wanted the jurisdiction in absence of the president but the plan did not go through because the Vice president refused to go along with it. MODELS As operation managers plan, organize, and control the conversion process, they encounter many problems and must make many decisions. They can simplify their difficulties using models like aggregate planning models for examining how best to use existing capacity in short-term, break even analysis to identify break even volumes, linear programming and computer simulation for capacity utilization, decision tree analysis for long-term capacity problem of facility expansion, simple median model for determining best locations of facilities etc. as for the Vice President she encountered many problems and made decisions and organizing the team in order to save the president.