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Contract Date: Tenant: Home: Cell: Email: Drivers License: Name(s) of Tenants: Pets: Property: Colonial Seas, 2 Saulsbury Street Unit #5, Arrival Date: Saturday, 3 pm Departure Date: Saturday, 10 am Maximum Occupancy: PARKING: Two assigned off-street parking spaces are provided in the driveway with a 5. Please use only the spaces designated for your unit. Condominium parking passes will be inside the unit for your use during your stay. PLEASE be sure to have the permit showing in your windshield at all times, otherwise your car may be towed. All vehicles must be removed from the property by 10 am on the day of departure or the vehicle may be towed at the tenants expense. ACCOMMODATIONS: 3 bedrooms (Bedroom #1 king bed, Bedroom #2 Queen bed, Bedroom 3 one full and one twin beds), 2 Full Baths, Central Air, Microwave, Cable TV, Dishwasher, DVD, Washer/Dryer, Wifi. Tenants must bring linens, towels, paper and soap products. Rental Charges: $ $ $ $ $450.00 $ Rental Rate Accommodations Tax Pet Fee Cleaning Fee Security Deposit Total

Payment Terms: Check # 1: $ due by Check # 2: $ due by Check # 2: $ due by Payment Terms: $ due by via PayPal account Please print, read, sign and return entire lease by due date with check(s) made payable to: Richard Hanewinckel, 19606 Coastal Hwy, Suite 201, Rehoboth Beach DE 19971. Landlord Contact Info: Marcia: 301 580-3379; Rich: 302 853-0678. _____________________________ Tenant Date __________________________________ Landlord Date

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2 Saulsbury Street Unit #5, Dewey Beach, DE 19971 Lease Contract


1. Early check-ins are not permitted without prior written approval of Landlord. Should Tenant
enter the Property prior to the Arrival Time without prior approval, Tenant is subject to a $50 per hour charge. The time between 10 am and 3 pm is set aside for cleaning and property maintenance. Even if the cleaning is completed early, the owners and maintenance contractors may still be working at the home during this time. If the cleaning crew is cleaning the house or has not yet arrived at the time of an unapproved early check-in, the cleaning crew will be unable to complete the cleaning. In such event Landlord is not required to provide further cleaning of the house prior to Tenants departure. It is very important we have this time free of interruption to maintain our properties. We hope you understand. 2. Late Check-outs after the Departure Date/Time are not permitted without prior written approval of Landlord. Should Tenant depart the Property later than the Departure Date/Time without prior approval Tenant is subject to a $50 per hour charge. 3. It is agreed and understood that Agent, Landlord or their representatives and employees may enter upon the premises at any time to effect necessary repairs and cleaning between the hours of 10 a.m. to 6 pm on the date this rental begins. 4. It is agreed that this property may be used by Tenant as a private dwelling and not for commercial purposes for the use of Tenant, designated occupants and invitees. The property may be used only by the persons listed as occupants on this agreement, not to exceed the maximum occupancy limit. Tenants may neither sublet the property nor assign this agreement. Tenant must sign the agreement. Landlord and/or agent have the right to refuse occupancy to anyone attempting to sign the agreement who is not the Tenant designated herein. 5. If Tenant shall default in any one of the payments for twenty-four hours, the Landlord may at his option, take immediate possession without suit, writ of possession or other legal action, and the Tenant hereby agrees that any deposit or rent payment made up to the time of default shall be forfeited and retained by the Landlord because of the tenants failure to comply with the terms of this agreement. 6. The Tenant agrees that this agreement shall not be assigned, pledged or hypothecated, voluntarily or involuntarily nor the property covered thereby nor any part thereof sublet or under licensed or used for any other purpose than as a private dwelling. Public gatherings are not permitted on private property. 7. The Tenant agrees to replace or restore any personal property which may be broken, lost, destroyed or damaged and excepting for usual and normal wear and tear, to repair all damages and injuries to the buildings hereby licensed, resulting from the lack of reasonable care and attention by the Tenant or by negligence of the Tenant, family and/or guests. Any personal property that must be replaced will be of equal value and quality to the items being replaced based on the sole judgment of the Agent or owner. Any personal property that must be repaired or restored will be repaired or restored to their condition at the time of Tenants arrival. 8. If Tenant, family members or guest create any disturbances of the peace which are reported to the Agent or owner or police or violate any term of this agreement, the Tenant at the sole discretion and request of the Agent or owner agrees to vacate the premises immediately upon request from Agent or owner. In this event, Agent and/or owner makes every reasonable effort to re-rent the premises, and if successful in this endeavor, to refund to the Tenant that portion of their rent that was paid for the remaining term of the lease, less commission, costs of repair and/or cleaning. 9. Tenant agrees that she/he is personally responsible for any damage to the property to the property caused by Tenant, occupants or invitees. Tenant agrees he/she will immediately upon taking possession make an inspection of the property and promptly report any defects or damages to/in the property requiring repair, especially any property conditions that may cause injury or otherwise __________ Tenants Initials __________ Landlords Initials

2 Saulsbury Street Unit #5, Dewey Beach, DE 19971 6/20/2011 Lease Contract present a safety hazard. Any personal property that must be replaced or repairs that must be made will be of equal value and quality to the items being replaced/repaired based on the sole judgment of the Agent or owner. 10. When the Landlord provides a grill, VCR, DVD, printer, fax or icemaker it is a courtesy only. Repair or replacement during the terms of this license is not guaranteed. Tenant to furnish linens, soaps, towels and all paper products. 11. In the event that Tenant requests cancellation of the agreement for any reason, the owner and/or agent will undertake reasonable efforts to re-rent the property. If the property is rented to a third party, the deposit less 15 percent cancellation fee on the gross rent, will be returned to the defaulting party. If the property is rented to a third party for less than the contracted rental amount paid by the Tenant, the Tenant will be responsible for the difference. If the property is not rented to a third party, then the defaulting Tenant will remain responsible for the entire rental amount for the term. 12. Utilities are included in the rental price unless specified otherwise. 13. Pets: Landlord grants lessee permission to have the dog(s) identified on page 1 of this agreement at the Property during the rental period. Lessee is entirely responsible for any damage caused by the dog(s) at the property including inside and outside the unit, which includes common condo grounds. Lessee is also responsible for any damage caused by the dog(s) to other persons. It is agreed that the Landlord will assume no responsibility for personal injury caused by the dog(s). The dog(s) must be leashed at all times when outside the property and lessee must clean up after the dog(s) immediately. If any actions of the dog(s), including continued barking, are reported to the Landlord as an annoyance, the dog(s) must be removed from the property within 6 hours of notification by the Landlord. It is highly recommended that owners keep dog(s) crated while not at the residence. The Lessee must provide current dog(s) records including shot and vaccination records and proof that the dog(s) is on some type of an anti-flea regimen. It is not permitted to allow your dog(s) in any body of water and then re-enter the house while wet. Dog(s) are not permitted on the furniture at any time. 14. The Tenant maintains a permanent residence elsewhere and acknowledges this is a transient lodging; therefore; terms of this agreement are not governed by Delaware Landlord-Tenant Code. 15. If the rental property is also listed for sale, Tenant will allow access for showings with a minimum of four hours notice. Showings will be conducted between the hours of 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. 16. Inspection: Since it is difficult to describe properties over the telephone we strongly urge each Tenant to personally inspect a property before placing a deposit. Tenants acknowledges that he has personally inspected the demised property, and accepts it in an as is condition or if he has not inspected premises, he waives the right to withhold rent for any alleged deficiency in the premises or to otherwise claim that the property has been misrepresented to him either by the landlord or Agent. Both Tenant(s) and Landlord agree that to the best of their knowledge and belief the premises comply with the statues, rules and regulations of government authorities. Tenant(s) agrees that the premises are in good, sound and reliable condition and that if he is not personally acquainted with the condition of the premises that he will immediately make an inspection thereof to determine any weaknesses that may result in injury to him, or his family or guest(s) and that he will indemnify the Agent and or Landlord for any injuries, accidental or otherwise, that may be incurred or suffered upon the premises for any cause whatsoever during the term of this contract/lease. 17. Cleaning: It is our goal to have the unit cleaned between 10am and 3pm. Occasionally it will be necessary to clean later than these times. Therefore we reserve the right to clean premises until 6pm on day of check-in. 18. Notification: If upon check in, the tenant(s) witnesses any damage to the property and/or deficiencies (including cleaning), the tenant(s) is responsible for notifying the owner and/or Agent within 24 hours of check-in. __________ __________ Tenants Initials Landlords Initials

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2 Saulsbury Street Unit #5, Dewey Beach, DE 19971 6/20/2011 Lease Contract 19. Security Deposit will be refunded by mail within three weeks of checkout if no damage is found and there were not any charges made to Comcast. 20. If Tenant leaves personal items behind upon checkout and needs them to be returned, the cost of postage/shipping, as well as an administrative fee of no less than $15 will be deducted from the security deposit. If there are not enough funds left from security deposit due to damage, Tenant agrees to pay these additional costs. 21. Trash Collection: Trash is collected on Tuesdays and Fridays. Trash receptacle is located in the parking lot.

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22. This is a non-smoking unit. Smoking is not permitted inside the condo. If the cleaning
service, owners and/or Agent detect that smoking has occurred inside the house, the tenants will forfeit their entire security deposit. 23. Property should be left in the condition it was found at check in (broom swept, beds made, dirty dishes washed and put away, furniture in original location, etc.). The cleaning service will arrive after 10am on day of departure. There will be deductions from your security deposit if unit is not left in same condition as it was found. Central Air should be set at 78 degrees, winter heat should be set at 50 degrees when you depart. Be sure to leave extra keys and parking passes on the table or counter. Leave key in the lock box. All windows should be closed and door locked. ELECTRIC PANEL BOX: Is located in the central outside closet on the lower level on the south side of the building. For Unit #6, go down the rear stairs the closet is behind the steps and has a lock box, code is 1267. Please put the key back in when you leave. For Unit #1, go out door, right around porch and down the walkway...closet is at end of walkway w/lock box. Unit panels are numbered. There is also a flashlight in each unit and inside the closet should you need it.

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