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-Major Case Analysis Methodology A.

Non Diversified Company

1. Executive Summary: (5%) A brief description of the major strategic issue(s) the company is facing, the reasons why the company should resolve this (these) issue(s) and your recommendation. The length should not exceed one page. This is usually written after you have completed your case analysis. 2. a. b. c.

The Analysis of present situation: (10%)

Identify the present mission/vision of the company. If it is not given in the case use companys web site What are the strategic objectives of the company What is the present strategic direction of the company? What strategies are being followed? How successful is the company in achieving these objectives d. Do you think that there is alignment between present strategy, structure, and culture? Why/ Why not e. What core competencies does this company possess? Why do you think that these are core competencies? Any distinctive competence? 3. Industry Analysis:.( 25%) a. Analyze the general environment faced by the industry b. What are the strategic groups present in the industry. What are their characteristics. What is the nature of competition within each strategic groups and between the strategic groups c. Using Porters five forces model is the industry attractive. Please note that in the main body of the report you should discuss each of these forces giving overall reasons for each force being attractive or not, The detailed analysis in matrix form should be part of your appendix d. What are the major driving forces that may have impact on the industry dynamics e. What are the success factors for the industry. Develop a competitive profile matrix 4. Analysis of the Company (25%) a. Develop EFE matrix for the company b. Analyze each value chain activity of the company. c. Analyze the financial health of the company; This would require comparison of three year trends by analyzing common size statements, financial ratios, ( for financial ratios I would expect that you also compare it with industry standards or a major competitor though internet search) and cash flow analysis. Please note that you should give your overall assessment in the main body of the report. All your required analysis should be the part of your appendices d. Develop IFE matrix e. Develop a SPACE Matrix 5. Identify the major strategic issues faced by the company with reasons (10%) 6. Recommendations (25%) a. Develop a TOWS matrix b. Identify three alternative strategies based on TOWS matrix; Give advantages and disadvantages of each alternative c. Recommend the alternative that in your opinion will resolve the issue identified by you d. Develop long term (Three year ) objective for the company e. What implementation steps will be required in executing your strategy

B. Diversified Company: 1. Same as in A (5%) 2. Analysis of Present Situation: (20%) a. Type of diversification being pursued b. Mission and objectives of each SBU of the company c. Trend analysis of present SBUs in terms of revenues, market shares, costs profit margins, ROI d. Overall performance of each SBU in terms of achievement of objectives e. Overall Financial health of the company Industry Analysis: (25%) a. Environmental analysis for each SBU b. Industry dynamics for each SBU (Porter analysis). You should only give the overall conclusion for each SBU with logical reasoning c. Key success factors for each industry the SBU is operating d. Develop Competitive profile matrix for each SBU

4. Company Analysis (25%) e. Develop industry attractiveness matrix or EFE for each SBU f. Develop Competitive strength matrix or IFE for each SBU g. Develop Grand strategy matrix, BCG, GE matrix h. Identify the strategic fits in the various value chain activities i. Identify Cash Cows and Cash Hogs 4. Identification of issues or problems with reasons (10%) 5, Recommendations and implementation steps (15%)