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Green Leadership

Greentrac Overview for the CEO

Green Leadership
Todays executives are under pressure to balance financial performance, future growth and corporate responsibility. You want to be Green but Do you have time to be Green? How much will it cost to go Green? Where does Green sit in your priorities? Do you think that it will make a difference?

Green Value
Adopting an organisation-wide Green strategy is not without costs, but benefits can include:
Retention or attraction of staff who are Green aware. Satisfying customers desire for suppliers with Green credentials. Take advantage of government incentives for companies adopting Green initiatives. Benefit from the media exposure associated with Green companies. Quantifiable carbon savings that can be published by your Green committee. Reducing CO2 emissions and saving money on energy costs.

Traditional Approach
Common areas that organisations focus on when implementing Green strategies include:
Air Conditioning
Change temperature settings or add smart technology - requires capex and external expertise.

Greentrac Approach
Within your PC Fleet there are Green opportunities:
PC Power Management
Shutting PC down when not in use (without impacting user productivity). Starting up PCs in a smart way (e.g. security pass activation).

PC Idle Time
Assigning personal responsibility for idle time during business hours (e.g. meetings, lunch etc).

Install energy efficient lighting - high capex with slow returns over a long period.

Lifetime Asset Management

Monitoring if a workstation still performing to an optimum level and reporting if it needs to be replaced.

Green Buildings
Implement Green architecture - very costly.

Manufacturing and Logistics

Optimise manufacturing logistics processes requires extensive planning.

Individual Print Utilisation

Tracking the costs of power, paper, toner and the associated environmental costs of printing.

Sourcing products and services from Green companies - requires research.

User Experience
Encourage staff to be more environmentally aware rather than frustrating users by enforcing complex power management policies. Greentrac will help you unlock these opportunities without capex and without external consultants.

Optimise data centres and implement server virtualisation - requires capex and external expertise. PC fleets use more power than data centres in over 99% of organisations.

The Green IT Company


Green Leadership
Greentrac Overview for the CEO

How it is Achieved?
Greentrac precisely measures PC Energy consumption, calculates CO2 emissions and monitors user activity and the performance of every PC in your fleet in real time.
Greentrac calculates the idle time of your PC fleet and displays this wasted energy costs as a dollar ($) amount and a Carbon Emission quantity. Greentrac monitors (and can even shutdown, hibernate or stand-by) PCs that are left on overnight or on weekends. Greentrac informs staff of their usage patterns and offers tips on how to be more energy efficient. Staff can easily see how they can reduce energy costs during business hours (when power costs are usually at a peak). Greentrac can reduce capex by identifying hardware that is still performing and does not need to be replaced.

Employees are the Key

Staff gets their own Personal Electricity Meter page on the intranet that displays their real-time Energy Efficiency Score and tips to improve it.
Staff can see the difference they are making at an individual, departmental or company level in terms of in financial, energy and CO2 savings. To help drive continual performance, individuals can compare their personal and departmental performance against other departments and the company overall. Greentrac identifies inefficient PCs and printers, and helps reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions through a combination of cutting edge technology and staff education. Greentrac is an ongoing, sustainable program that utilises intelligent power management, accurate monitoring and realtime reports to provide positive feedback to employees.

Expected Outcome
A change in behaviour driven by the individual through education and transparency, not policing. You can expect to see:
Reduced Energy Costs
Real saving of up to US$50 or more per PC per year.

Green Leadership
Greentrac can for be the cornerstone for your Corporate Green Strategy.
Easy to Install
Greentrac does not require capex or external expertise to implement.

Highly Visible
Greentrac is highly visible at a customer, staff, executive and board level.

Carbon Savings
Carbon savings will be commensurate with power savings, ranging from 1.3 to 0.5 tonnes of CO2 per PC per year depending on the provider.

Real Time
Greentrac shows quantifiable savings (in real time) on a daily, weekly, monthly basis by building, cost centre, country and currency.

Improved Life cycle Asset management

Greentrac lets you know when you need to replace individual workstations.

Rapid Returns
Greentrac has an ROI which is measured in months not years (typically 6 months which is 1/10th the time for Energy Efficient lighting). Call Greentrac for more on how we can help you reduce your energy costs and CO2 emissions.

Flow on Effects
Employees become more aware and efficient in other areas of the business, not just PC usage.

Make A Difference
Tick the Green Corporate Strategy box with a quick win.

The Green IT Company

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