Sleep Well Southern Boys

Half are unknown from 30 November. Names that are lost, we no longer remember. The Tennessee boys were all coming home. Now buried in rows, hewn from 'ole Carnton stone. "We'll make the fight," said Cleburne to Govan. "If today I'm to die, let me die like a man." 'Cross the valley of Harpeth, stride men on their steeds. Giving orders to all, to those willing to bleed! They march in the face of peril and danger. With shells raining down, from the Blue guns of Granger. Generals in Gray, like Adams and Strahl. Leading their troops, and die where they fall. The men came in columns, in oceans of waves. Now resting in peace, in lone shallow graves. Sleep well Southern boys, no longer in strife. No greater love than to lay down one's life.
Copyright 2011, Kraig McNutt

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