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VARIABLE AND ABSORPTION COSTING Ayrton Company manufactures metal cans used in the food processing industry. A case of cans is sold for Rp 25.000. the variable standard cost of production for one case cans are as follow: Direct Material Rp 7.500 Direct Labor Rp 2.500 Variable Manufacturing Overhead Rp 6.000 Variable selling and administrative costs amount Rp 500 per case. Budgeted fixed manufacturing overhead is Rp 400.000.000 per year, and fixed selling and administrative cost is Rp 37.500.000 per year. The following data pertain to the companys first two years operation. (A unit refers to case of cans) Year 1 Year 2 Planned production (in units) 80.000 80.000 Finished goods inventory (in units), January 1 0 20.000 Actual production (in units) 80.000 80.000 Sales (in units) 60.000 90.000 Finished Goods inventory ((in units), Desember 31 20.000 10.000 There were no variances during Ayrtons first two years of operation. Actual cost were the same as the budgeted and standard cost Required: A. Prepare operating income statement for its first two years of operations using: a. Absorption costing b. Variable costing c. Throughput costing B. Reconcile Ayrton Companys operating income reported under absorption and variable costing for each of its first two years of operation C. Suppose that during Ayrton third year of operation actual production equals planned production, actual costs are equal to budgeted or standard costs and the company ends the year with no inventory on hand. a. What will be the difference between absorption costing income and variable costing income in year 3? b. What will be the relationship between total operating income for the three year period as reported under absorption and variable costing? explain SOAL 2. HIGH LOW METHOD Senna Hospital contains 600 beds. The average occupancy rate is 90% per month. In other words, on average 90% of the hospitals beds are occupied by patients. At this level of occupancy, the hospitals operating costs are Rp 25 per occupied bed per day, assuming a 30-day month. This Rp 25 cost contains both variable and fixed cost elements. During April, the hospitals occupancy rate was only 80%. A total of Rp 390,600 in operating cost was incurred during the month. Required: 1. Using the high-low method, estimate: a. The variable cost per occupied bed on a daily basis. b. The total fixed operating costs per month. 2. Assume an occupancy rate of 85% per month. What amount of total operating cost would you expect the Hospital to incur? SOAL 3. VARIABLE AND ABSORPTION COSTING Wiengot Antennas, Inc., produces and sells a unique type of TV antenna. The company has just opened a new plant to manufacture the antenna. The following cost and revenue data have been provided for the first month of the plants operation: Beginning inventory 0 Units produced 50,000 Units sold 45,000 Selling price per unit $61 Selling and administrative expenses: Variable per unit Fixed (total) Manufacturing costs: Direct materials cost per unit Direct labor cost per unit $4 $640,00 0 $12 $9

Variable manufacturing overhead cost per unit Fixed manufacturing overhead cost (total)

$3 $900,00 0

Management is anxious to see how profitable the new antenna will be and has asked that an income statement be prepared for the month. Required: 1. Assume that the company uses absorption costing. a. Determine the unit product cost. b. Prepare an income statement for the month. 2. Assume that the company uses the contribution approach with variable costing. a. Determine the unit product cost. b. Prepare an income statement for the month. 3. Explain the reason for any difference in the ending inventory balance under the two costing methods and the impact of this difference on reported net operating income. SOAL 4. HIGH LOW AND SCATTERGRAPH ANALYSIS Sinai Cedars Hospital of San Francisco has just hired a new chief administrator who is anxious to employ sound management and planning techniques in the business affairs of the hospital. Accordingly, she has directed her assistant to summarize the cost structure of the various departments so that data will be available for planning purposes. The assistant is unsure how to classify the utilities costs in the Radiology Department since these costs do not exhibit either strictly variable or fixed cost behavior. Utilities costs are very high in the department due to a CAT scanner that draws a large amount of power and is kept running at all times. The scanner cant be turned off due to the long warm-up period required for its use. When the scanner is used to scan a patient, it consumes an additional burst of power. The assistant has accumulated the following data on utilities costs and use of the scanner since the first of the year. Number Utilities Month of Scans Cost January 20 $6,000 February 50 $7,200 March 80 $8,400 April 60 $7,740 May 100 $8,988 June 70 $7,800 July 30 $6,600 August 10 $5,856 September 40 $6,660 October 90 $8,400 The chief administrator has informed her assistant that the utilities cost is probably a mixed cost that will have to be broken down into its variable and fixed cost elements by use of a scattergraph. The assistant feels, however, that if an analysis of this type is necessary, then the high-low method should be used, since it is easier and quicker. The controller has suggested that there may be a better approach. Required: 1. Using the high-low method, estimate a cost formula for utilities. Express the formula in the form Y = a + bX. (The variable rate should be stated in terms of cost per scan.) 2. Explain the result

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