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All images and content contained in this book are the intellectual property of the individual contributors to this book.

Door Ryan Hill 2008 Photography/Photoshop

The Slender Man Tony Via 2009 Digital/Pen and Ink

Round the Bend Ian Richens 2009 Digital painting/Photoshop

El Chupacabra Matt Beaudoin 2009 Ink with digital coloring

Window Ryan Allen 2009 Pencil & Watercolor

Parisian Catacombs Martin Bishop 2009 Photography

Alone Ptur Gumundsson 2009 Photography

Vexatious Kenny Garza 2009 Digital

Jawbreaker / Coffee Slug Tony Via 2009 Pen and Ink, Digital

Dead Chupacabra Johanna Saarenp 2009 Digital

Still Waiting Tricia Owens 2009 Photography / Digital

Fetch the Harpoon OtherCubed 2009 Digital

Guernica Moon Ryan Allen 2009 Acrylic

Lost in the woods Luis Branco 2009 Digital Illustration

Punishment Matt Cornelius 2009 Photography

Hunting the Vebluss from Beast Hunters, Berengad Games Joanna Barnum 2006 Pen & ink, ink wash

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Joanna Barnum 2005 Watercolor

Face of Fear Ethan Hansen 2009 Photography

Under The Bridge Alec Garcia 2009 Photography

In the Ossuary in Sedlec, Kutna Hora, Czech Republic Jian Bastille 2003 35mm film

Post Conspiracy (Were Not in Kansas Anymore) Troy De Viet 2009 Digital

See You Next Year! Christine A. 2009 Ink on rice paper

Broken Michael Behrend 2009 Photography

The Doctor Ryan Allen 2008 Acrylic on Aspen wood

Shell Never Leave Thomas Mulligan 2009 Digital

Depravity Ryan Allen 2008 Acrylic on Wood

A Case of Mistaken Identitiy Matt Cornelius 2009 Photography

Touch Matt Beaudoin 2009 Ink with digital coloring

Silent Hill Jian Bastille 2006 Digital

Its the End of the World Koenig 2009 Digital

Bird Michael Winebrenner 2009 Digital

Point Pleasant Monjad Othman 2009 Vector Illustration

Flatwoods Kai Kotajrvi 2009 Digital

Untitled Michael Bussell 2009 Photography

Vampire Running with Babies Matt Beaudoin 2009 Ink and Digital Colors

Dr. Venkman Dan Yuk 2009 Digital

Celestial Ninja Ops on The Eve of Armageddon Kurt Peterson 2009 Ink with Digital Color

In Tangles Justin Marquis 2009 Ink, Prismacolor, Digital

Alien Skull No. 3 Justin Marquis 2009 Ink

Shadowboxing Brian Stritmater 2009 Graphite/Ink/Digital

The Water Horse Dan Yuk 2009 Ink/Digital

Awakening Steve Mc Manus 2009 Photography

Boneyface Justin Marquis 2009 Ink, Prismacolor, Digital

Omnipresent OtherCubed 2009 Digital

held Tad 2009 Digital

Igor Ryan Allen 2009 Vector Illustration