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Department of Technical Education Diploma Course in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Second Semester Subject: Electrical Circuits Laboratory

Contact Hrs. / Week: 06 Contact Hrs. / Semester: 96 Contact Hrs. Study Experiments: 1 Identify and study diferent types of conductors, resistors, capacitors and inductors. 2 Idenify stndard symbols of load, force, protective devices, measuring instrumens, and circuit elements as per I S. 3 Identify standard resistors, standard capacitors and standard inductors. 4 Identify different types of power sources like primary cells, batteries, regulated powe supplies, consumer's main and note the area of application. 5 Identify and select ammeters and voltmeters for measuring curent and voltage in simple circuits. 6 Study different types of rheostats, like wire wound, water rheostat, carbon rheostat etc. 7 Identify and study single phase and three phase wattmenters. 8 Study secondary cells and their ratings. 9 Identify and study megger, multimeter and tongtester. PERFORMING EXPERIMENTS: 10 Verify Ohm's law by applying to a simple circuit. 11 Verify Kirchoff's current and voltatge law. 12 Measure the resistance of a given material by using ammeter and voltmeter method and calculate the specific resistance of Copper, Nichrome, Eureka. 13 Measure the temperature coefficient of resistance like Copper, Nichrome, Eureka etc. 15 Connect secondary cells in series to a simple circuit and measure emf and current. 16 Connect secondary cells in parallel to a simple circuit and measure total emf and current. 17 Connect secondary cells in Series - Parallel group to a simple circuit and measure emf and current. 18 Test and report the condition of car battery of 12 V and 24 V rating 19 For a given load, select the ammeter, Wattmener and connect them in the load circuit to measuere current, power and p.f of the load 20 Use the multimeter to measure The voltage across the terminals The curreint flowing in the circuit The resistance of the load 21 Verify experimentally super position theorem. 22 Verify experimentally reciprocity theorem. 23 Verify experimentally Thevinin's theorem. 3 6 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

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Demonstration Experiments: 24 Rig up a circuit to demonstrate Faraday's laws of electromagnetic induction and the field due to a current carrying conductor. 25 Demo on AC quantities using CRO in R, RL & RC circuit to show leading and lagging currents. 27 Mini Project (Only for Internal Assesment) Tests Total Scheme of valuation Record Study experimet Procedure Conducting Result Viva-Voce Total

3 3 15 6 96 Marks 5 15 15 30 15 20 100

References: 1 Electrical Lab Manual by CCTEK, S. J. (GOVT.) POLYTECHNIC,BANGALORE. 2 Experiments in Electrical Engg by Soni, Gupta and Bhatnagar