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A legal document from a court of law which informs somebody that them will be involved in a legal process and instructs them what they must do. The authority to make rule or laws. (Of something bad such as damage, cruelty, waste) extreme and showing complete lack of care. To destroy or weaken something. A series of rulers or leaders who are all from the same family, or a period when a country is ruled by them Spoken or physical behavior which is threatening and involves harm to somebody or something A formal piece of writing that considers and examines a pt subject To experience something, usually something unpleasant, as a result of actions you have taken Angry because of something which is wrong or not fair Wishing to fight or argue. Fighting a war To say false and unpleasant things about somebody or to unfairly criticize them Careful when using money or food. (Of a meal) cheap. Small in amount Not showing or giving careful thought to the possible results. A very clear message or instruction about what action is needed To make a low, agreement, order or decision no longer has any (legal) power. A very small piece of food, a very small piece or amount When people or things or events agree or come together or coincide Unwise by failing to consider the likely results of ones actions Awkward and uncomfortable with other people esp. because of being young and inexperienced To spoil or weaken something so that it is less effective (the making of) a remark or remarks that suggest something unpleasant but do not refer to it directly An expert in law esp. a judge Too much Opposing the ideas of the people in authority and planning to change the system by using force. If somebody is rebellious one is difficult to control and does not behave in



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Vitiate Dynasty



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Treatises Incur

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Indignant Belligerent Malign Frugal Incautious Clarion call Rescinds Morsel Concurrence Imprudent Gauche

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Impair Innuendo

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Jurist Excessive Rebellious

A fact or situation that is area son for something bad happening Able to use both hands equally well The part of a country’s government which is responsible for its legal system and which consists of all the judges in the country’s court of law Somebody who willingly does risky. in a way that harms their reputation Another name for Satan (a powerful evil force and the enemy of God) A candle which again gives out light To feel sorry about an event and wish it had not happened. An announcement or event or idea that is completely unexpected or shocking 25 26 27 Iconoclast Faux pas Equivocate 28 29 30 Sinister Egregious Dexterity 31 Culprit 32 33 Ambidextrous Judiciary 34 35 36 37 38 Desperado Malefactor Vice Verso Impartial Pun 39 40 Transgressor Protocol 41 42 43 44 45 46 Traducer Lucifer Coerce Rue cinder Harry 47 48 Academic Thunderbolt .a way one is expected 24 Nonconformis t Somebody who lives and thinks in a way which is different from other people. A member of a Christian group which is protestant but does not belong to the church of England A person who strongly opposes generally accepted belief and traditions Words or behavior that are a social mistake or not polite To speak in a way that is intentionally unclear and confusing to other people esp. often causing them to feel anxious or angry Relating to or connected with schools. A formal agreement To strongly criticize somebody esp. colleges and universities A flesh of lighting and sound of thunder together. The ability to perform a difficult action quickly and skillfully with the hands. Regret A small piece of partly burnet coal or wood To repeatedly demand something from somebody. or the ability to think quickly and effectively Somebody who has done something wrong. dangerous and often criminal things A person who does bad or illegal thing Used to state that what you have just said is also true in the opposite order Not supporting any of the sides involved in an argument An amusing use of a word or phrase which has several meanings or which sounds like another word The breaking the rules. to hide the truth Making you feel that something bad or evil might happen (Often of mistakes) extremely and noticeably bad. The system of rules and acceptable behavior used at official ceremonies and occasions.

Someone who likes something very much or is very interested in something Extreme happiness sometimes more than is reasonable in a particular situation A lump or earth or clay Expensive and luxurious 70 71 72 Eloquent Logical Fiend 73 74 75 Euphoria Clod Opulent . in a court of law A slow sad song or piece of music. sometimes played because somebody has died A person who studies or has a special knowledge of economics To destroy or badly damage something to spoil something completely A sad poem or song esp. When everyone is treated fairly and equally. A system of justice which allows a fair judgment of a case where the laws that already exist are not satisfactory A rough and sometimes violent man. by the government. remembering somebody who has died or something in past To develop a bruise or to causes or something to have a bruise Having or containing a lot of specialist knowledge Describes something bad that happens unexpectedly early or at a time which is not suitable A special court or group of people who are officially chosen esp. an animal esp. Legal in English speaking countries. Rich in rise and fall or a brilliant musical passage Using words in a clever and funny way Honesty and correct moral behavior A legal representative who officially accuses somebody of committing a crime esp. to examine (legal) problems of a particular type That which has tongue like that of man and is used for forms other than human beings. a large one An official announcement 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 Dirge Economist Wreck Elegy Bruised Erudite Untimely 61 Tribunal 62 Anthropoglot 63 Equity 64 65 Brute Pronounceme nt Aesthetic Litany Erroneous Liturgy 66 67 68 69 Relating to the enjoyment or study of beauty. Wrong or false (A particular set ) the words.49 50 51 52 53 Glowworm Cadenza Witty Rectitude Prosecutors A beetle of which the females and young produce a green light from the tail. Describes an object or a work of art A long Christian prayer in which the priest speaks some parts. Christianity Giving a clear and strong message Using reason An evil and cruel person . music and actions used in ceremonies in some religions esp.

in matters of art and literature An old and powerful woman in the family. rather than doing the activities yourself (a) reclusion Smelling strongly of something or having qualities (esp. extreme unfriendliness or active opposition To (cause to) to lose water Extremely large A person who is not grateful To (make something) become larger in amount or size. Price or tax increases When somebody ’s name is not given or known Experienced as a result of watching. you leave substances such as tea leaves. If you infuse a drink or it infuses. snow and rock falling quickly down the side of a mountain. The sudden arrival of many things Trying to appear or sound more important or clever than you are esp. smells) that make you think of something else. herbs in hot water so that their flavor goes into the liquid. listening to or reading about the activities of other people. or the female leader of a society in which power passes from mother to daughter An unusual part of somebody’s personality or habit. suffering from a mental illness in which you believe that other people are trying to harm you Hate. or something that is strange or unexpected Avoiding being recognized by changing ones name or appearance To write something such as a book or speech again.76 77 78 Egotist Augment Paranoid A person who considers themselves to be better or important than other people To increase the size or value of something by adding something to it Feeling extremely anxious and worried because you believe that other people do not like you or are trying to harm you. in order to improve it or change it because new information is available A way of discovering what is true by considering opposite theories A person’s way of thinking and their opinions To fill with an emotion or quality. A person who considers themselves to be extremely important and able to do anything 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 Antagonism Dehydrated Colossal Ingrate Increase Anonymity Vicarious 86 87 Depletion Redolent 88 Symposium 89 Avalanche 90 Pretentious 91 Matriarch 92 Quirks 93 94 Incognito Rewrite 95 96 97 Dialectics Mind-set Infuse 98 Egomaniac . An occasion at which people who have great knowledge of a pt subject meet in order to discuss a matter of interest A large amount of ice.

idea or set of beliefs An agreement which allows you to borrow money from a bank or similar organization. in order to buy a house or apartment.99 Polemic A piece of writing or a speech in which a person strongly attacks or defends a particular opinion. person. esp. or the amount of money itself 100 Mortgage .

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