1. HISTORY OF HOUSE ISSENDONE - Origins of the Fair Kingdoms of Men
In the Fourth Age of Aion, mankind stepped forth and founded their era upon the ruins of the fallen elven empires. The tribes of men, aided by war daemons and the gods, fought the wild hordes and beast peoples for the lands of Weston. Eventually the Firstborn hordes are driven into the Ankarra Forest, and so the Fair Kingdoms of men was established.

- The Legend of the Griffin Hunt
The reign of the Fair Kingdoms was chaotic and fragile, as overlords and kings endless contested among themselves power and land. The king of Ailen, foolishly persuaded by soothsayers and mages, embarked on a griffin hunt to capture himself a majestic creature as a mark of his power. At the peak of Issendore Reaches, the Ailenese king was ambushed and nearly assassinated save for a white griffin who took the fatal blow for the king. The Ailenese king was greatly ashamed and touched by the griffin¶s sacrifice, especially for one so undeserving as him. Later when the Ailenese king discovered the orphaned griffin cubs, he decisively declared that his house will forever watch over the linage of these griffins. In a dramatic ordeal the Ailenese king left the reign of Ailen to his regent brother and ordered a mountain fortress upon the Issendore Peaks where he and his house shall now reign.

- Sanctuary Fortress of Gryphmut
By divine chance the Ailenese discovered an ancient elven fortress on the Issendore peaks during a site survey and decided to construct their new city of Gryphmut. Construction of the fortress city would take three generations, albeit with several challenges and resounding achievements. The Ailenese recruited the gnomes under the Issendore Mountains, the local Issedones and accepted half-elven refugees (as all elven origins or linage are considered ill-omen) for work on the mountains. During the hard labor of constructing Gryphmut these people faced the onslaught of mountain predators and bandits, and a hazardous working environment. But they are united in their dream of constructing Gryphmut as the perfect kingdom. During this time the ancestral

especially the royal linage who saw the current Ailenese house as a separatist realm and desire for their ancestral homeland. with the virtue of the sacrificial griffin.Vengeance of the Slave In the fifth generation of House Issendore under King Philip. and was set upon bringing the Fair Kingdoms into ruins. 2. .The Cadwion Dilemma The remaining houses of Weston remained split in their decision of leadership against the Vair horde. a diplomat party was sent from the Fair Kingdoms to plead for military aid.March of Issenguard Most of the Issendones despised the Fair Kingdoms and Aten Church. should serve well as µelectoral overlord¶. and fought brief battle along the western borders. was completed and became a new kingdom of its own rights.House Issendone and the Fair Kingdoms Eventually Gryphmut. the slave Vair was a skilled combatant. Instead they decided that Issendones. Ailen included.homeland of Ailen was usurper by the regent successors. But these challenges only strengthen the resolve of the Issendore. The demi-humans and locals who dedicate themselves to its construction formed its diverse culture and identity. Despite mounting pressure. For a time the Issendones were at odds with the Fair Kingdoms. backed by the House Cadwion. is forcing the Fair Kingdoms to recognize the leadership and status of their pagan candidate. gathered the largest army ever assembled to raze Ankarra forest to the ground. who dismissed them as illegitimate and challenged their mandate in Issendone region. The old houses of the Fair Kingdoms. Within five years Vair unified the beast hordes through blood and conviction under his leadership. Apparently an elven slave fled from captivity of the Aten Church and escaped into the Ankarra Forest. aggressive leader and excellent strategist. . the Aten elders are highly suspicious of the supernatural origins of the Cadwion champion. However. forcing the Ailenese at Iseendone Peaks no choice but to establish a new house. RISE OF THE ISSENGUARDS . much to the Fair Kingdoms¶ skepticism. . the passionate King Philip reluctantly agrees to be µelectoral . Having learnt the ways of his masters. a native knight rumored to be aided by supernatural powers. and proudly called themselves Issendones. Even the Ailenese kingdom incited a crusade against the Issendones for their acceptance of demi-humans. Eastern Weston. and wanted to condemn them to their fate. but was ultimately massacred with Vair¶s brilliant tactics.

under the pretense of leadership negotiations. .overlord¶ of the Fair Kingdoms¶ armies. sent Sir Baldwin to check House Cadwion and its mysterious cults. for the first time in history. King Philip. leads the Issenguards into Weston to wield war as humanity¶s defender. as he was more concerned about the survival of mankind in general. King Philip.

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