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Open Letter to Mr.

Amir Subhani, Home Secretary, Bihar Submitted by admin3 on 19 June 2011 - 12:00pm Indian Muslim By Afzal Usmani, Dear Mr. Amir Subhani, The Forbesganj incident in Araria district of Bihar (India) raised many question s in our minds. It is even more disturbing to know that it happened when we have one of our best as the Home Secretary of Bihar. It is not only a question of br utality against innocent Muslims but against innocent Indians. The toddler who d ied was a hope for the country and he was punished for a crime which he could no t even conceive. The uniformed police supposed to protect us and maintain law and order. But what the world has seen in Forbesganj is an act of terror and brutality. Their attit ude was inhuman and for me they are no different than terrorists and Maoists who go on a killing spree and does not even bother to see who is on the receiving e nd. We are very sure that Police have a code of conduct to deal with a mob. Did they use tear gas, water cannon and rubber bullets before to the final resort to fir e real bullets? When a layman like me can see, why not machinery of Govt of Indi a in general and Govt. of Bihar in particular can see all these when its happeni ng under their nose. I still remember how much we cheered and enjoyed in 1987 when you secured the fi rst position in Civil Services Exams conducted by Union Public Service Commissio n, Govt. of India. You became a role model for millions and we saw a new hope in you. We always complain about the lack of presence of Muslims in Civil Services and whatever few we have, we need them to do justice with their job. Muslims of India do not look forward to you and your likes for any special favor, they loo k up to you for justice and to be role model for the entire nation. If we see this kind of inaction from people like you, we will loose faith from t he Civil Servants and no one will ever cheer for Mr. Javed Usmani, Mr. Amir Subh ani or Dr. Shah Faisal. Share Comment viewing options Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to a ctivate your changes. it is not a matter of aamir Submitted by ghazanfer (not verified) on 20 June 2011 - 2:14am. it is not a matter of aamir subhani or xyz home seretary,he/she did what suits t o the defence of state or the administrative machinary acted on behalf of the st ate.i expect the same whether he/she is aamir or sushil, they are bound to react in the same way to defend the state action.why we should expect an undue favour because home secetary is aamir subhani,our fight is with the system,why a toppe r and an ias is so helpless,why the some yadav has dared to dance that tune in p resence of senior police is matter of growing communalisatin at ever y level.The custodians of constitution are violating it.why the bjp has kept mon brat on this issue, if they are the champions of human rights in ramdev issue, where the stalwarts like shahnawaz, naqvi, prasad, ramachandran has gone,where h as gone the rahul in bhatta parsol fame,(is the adventure limited to bhatta pars ol not to the forbesganj),where are the anchors of diffeent programme of differe

nt news channels who highlight the different burning issues before the masses or before the nation.honestly speaking i stopped watching news,and again started r eading manufacturing consent by chomsky.a sadhu died in oblivion is not the news at that time why baba only, because, sell what people are ready to purchase in the market, it can be the principle of capitalism not the soul of constitution w hich we have given to ourselves.if wise people of india can gather for the drive against corruption whether for hazaare or ramdev,why cant they go against the i nsensitivity of media when dealing with the issues. The days are not far off,when survey report will point out that the media prsonn el are the equally hated people along with the politicians.Nehru said india is n ot a nation but nation in the making,at the eve of independence,and paliamentary democracy will support to make it a nation,the feeling of being an indian first then other identities comes,but what is going on, media is playing the same rol e as the different political parties,what is lusting the media, the trp or the a ds by companies,if it is the policy makers of the media groups are not a good bu siness man,i feel sympathy for their myopia.i m in the support of freeing the be urocrats and fourth pillar of state from the clutches of power hungary politicia ns at any cost and the different media lobbies seves the inteest of different pa rties.The situation is same as in the time of british empire or roman empire, bu t thanks god they were having some ethics. reply Share After Forbisganj Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 19 June 2011 - 11:56pm. A common man sees that any one can change on money, Post& Position, First we complain our leaders that they are not doing justice with US. Now we can add Muslim officers and Urdu media both are Like commodity Which will be always with Power & money not with Indian CONSTITUTION, HUMANITY & JUSTICE. It is Proved. Macca Masjid & other firing in Hyderabad came in the time of M A BASIT - A musli m officer and Muslims are still continuously surfing Forbis ganj firing came in the Time of Amir subhani and Muslim family is still u nder open Jail. Regarding Urdu paper you had seen more reply Share Why always you consider Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 19 June 2011 - 3:02pm. Why always you consider issues related to religion? Your thinking has deteriorat ed. Divide India again then yo will be happy. Have you gone there and seen why p olice had to take action. I condemn the killing. But you can't justify the demol ishing of the factory by local people. Bihar doesn't have industry and if people start to oppose the establishment of industries then how can be the condition o f poor people will be improved? Be rational. Don't be communal. And think also for other communities. reply Share Woow look at this Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 20 June 2011 - 2:37am. Woow look at this guy....justifying killing. It was the police that was communal not the villagers. Other thing whatever villages did they don't deserve to die

like this, we don't want industries in Bihar at the cost of poor peoples life. T he police is working for rich baniyas in Bihar. Go watch that youtube video!! an yway you are biased you won't understand and don't try to understand.. reply Share Nitish industrialisation & injustice of corporates and SDO. Submitted by bobby (not verified) on 19 June 2011 - 2:31pm. Civil servants are part of government,and the lobby or party which elects him.He cannot disobey the master,s electing him.Muslims cannot be communal being a par t of government offices, but always wears a secularism on its sleeves this is cl assical example of muslims in high government posts.If the injustice is meted to araria people by police by the few high handed industrialists, the inquiry and action has to be accomplished early. Nitish kumar is trying to devlop bihar by a cquiring lands and constructing industries,at the costs of poor. Shameful injust ices should be avoided and due compensation provided with justice impossible thr ough corrupt judiciary. reply Share