Why collect an Iron WarrIors army?
The Iron Warriors were the Imperium’s most able-bodied siege troops. Renouncing their allegiance to the Emperor and siding with Horus in a galaxy spanning civil war now known as the Horus Heresy, they took part in some of the most despicable acts of the war, notably the Istvaan V drop site massacres, and the virus bombing of Tallarn. Even though they were pushed back from the gates of the Emperor’s Palace they have continued to wage there war unrepentant of the choices they have made, fueled by hatred and bitterness that has lasted for over ten thousand years. Collecting an Iron Warriors Army is vastly unique from any other Chaos Legion. There is no wall or indomitable citadel they can’t break. They are the masters of the siege, carrying more heavy weapons than any other Chaos Legion and are armed with specialized vehicles and equipment tailored to there way of warfare. The collector is rewarded with a variety of unique units such as Sappers, and Cybernetic Chaos Hounds, to terrible machines of war like the Forge Breaker, Centurions, and the Basilisk. Even the staunchest servant of the Imperium dreads facing an Iron Warrior force. They have two choices; Flee or be ground under their infernal machineries of war.

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The creation of the Iron Warriors Minidex started almost two years ago. It has been a long and windy road dealing with codex design; as well as personal challenges. The loss of my Mother to cancer in ‘09, and my Father to a stroke in 2010. I couldn't have completed this project without the help and support of so many. It is to all of you I wish to give my heart felt thanks. To my friends Wayne and Andrew who helped with the initial codex layout. Krug and Cog giving me tons of feedback, and bringing my units to life with your conversions. Janus for running the numbers on unit costs to make sure they were balanced. Phil Bradley for designing the Hobby Section. Klaus, and SonofLoki for your beautiful art, and all the Freebootaz, and Playtesters. Above all I want to thank Crayolasmoker, (Nathan Herron) for standing beside me, and taking over the reigns when the world seemed to be crashed down around me til I was able to pick them back up again. Without your help my dream of an Iron Warrior Fan Dex would have come to an end. Thank You. Iron Within, Iron Without. Axinous, (Chris Miller)


Back when the Emperor of Mankind still walked among the stars He came upon the world of Olympia, a mountainous world of sheer cliffs and deep river valleys. He reunited with his long lost son Perturabo, finding him in the City-State of Lochos, and gave him the command of the Fourth Legion, which bore their Primarchs’ geneseed. Just like their Primarch the Legion was reputed as being dark and melancholy. Coldly efficient logic and razor sharp intellect. They mastered technology and complex calculations with ease. Expert engineers; It was said that Perturabo himself could match wits with Adeptus Mechanicus Magi, that he could read the schematics of Titans, and talk design theory of warp drive technologies. Perturabo was raised by a man named Dammekos, who was known as the Tyrant of Lochos. He ruled with his City-State with a clenched fist. When the young Perturabo was first found, he spent much time trying to earn the trust and affection of the young Primarch making him a part of his household, and treated him as his son. Perturabo never responded with any warmth towards the man, eventually deposing of the tyrant and bringing Olympia under the light of the Emperor. Dammekos spent the rest of his life trying to marshal support to retake what he felt was his. He never lived to see his dream realized, yet he did create the under current of unrest that would prove to be pivotal later. In command of the Fourth Legion and with the Great Crusade well on the way, the Iron Warriors cut their teeth on the nearby world of Justice Rock laying siege against the heretical Black Judges. Under Perturabo's leadership the Iron Warriors proved to be devastating siege troops gaining the experience he had learned on Olympia, the strategic hold of passes, bridges, and high ground for military security. Siegework proved to be back breaking work. Establishing and expanding trenchlines, protecting artillery positions, and waiting. Waiting until there was a breach in the enemies defenses that could be exploited. Then the Iron Warriors would spill through in the most savage close quaters fighting imaginable. Unfortunately the Iron Warriors were too good at their job. Initially Perturabo and the Fourth Legion were fanatical in their service to the Emperor, volunteering to break the most brutal sieges in the galaxy. Even taking garrison duty when the other Primarchs refused to divide up the strength of there Legions. This led to the Iron Warriors being typecast. Being the natural choice for siege and garrison missions the Iron Warriors were constantly engaged in one campaign after another. Without any time to rest and reorganize, the constant exposure to battle was taking its toll on morale. Perturabo began to resent the missions he was given; and the casual disdain his Legion was treated with. His Iron Warriors mirrored his sentiment. The question lies... How much can one man take, much less a Primarch, before he breaks? He watched as his Legion slowly withered and died from con-



stant combat with no respite in sight. Nothing was ever said of his Legions sacrifices, or there heroic deeds. Yet the other Legions were quick to take the glory and credit that his men died for. Some say it was Rogal Dorn that antagonized his brother Primarch, his vanity like a barb constantly irritating Perturabo, each boast of his superiority like an open wound upon Perurabo's heart. It’s certain when news that Olympia fell to rebellion that Perturabo was devastated. The shame of being the only Primarch whose home world turning its back from the Emperor. What transpired on Olympia has been lost to history. Though it is known that a horrible massacre happened against the populace of the planet, that the blood of innocents dripped from the Iron Warriors hands. In the aftermath of such atrocities is when Perturabo received word of Horus's rebellion. By the order of the Emperor the Iron Warriors were to join six other Legions to punish the Traitor Horus and his Legion,along with those who already sided with him: Angron’s World Eaters, Fulgrim's Emperors Children, and Mortarion’s Death Guard. The Silver Towers of Prospero were set ablaze by Russ; everything Perturabo knew and understood was turned upside down. It was in this shattered frame of mind that the Primarch realized his Legion's excess's meant nothing. What were a few million souls compared to the whole galaxy being in civil war. What the Iron Warriors did on Istvaan V stained their name in blood throughout time. They betrayed their oaths to the Emperor. Joining with the Word Bearers, Night Lords, and the Alpha Legion. Turning

there guns on the three remaining loyalist Legions. Decimating the Salamanders, Iron Hands, and the Raven Guard almost to the man. Siding with Horus the Iron Warriors were filled with a terrible energy. Acting like titans of old being released upon the galaxy. Reducing Vanaheim's hive cities to twisted ruins, covering Thranx, and Avellorn with forests of razorwire, and virus bombing Tallarn. Finally laying siege to Holy Terra itself. The loyalists turned them back from the gates of the Imperial Palace at a terrible cost. With the death of Horus the Iron Warriors withdrew from Terra. Unlike the other traitor Legions, it took loyalist forces led by the Imperial Fists and the Ultramarines a decade long campaign to liberate worlds under the Iron Warriors dominion. Only when they had their revenge on the world of Sebastus IV did the Sons of Perturabo retire to the Eye of Terror taking the World of Medrengard. The Iron Warriors still wage their war against the Emperor to this day with their allies in the Dark Mechanicus and the Titans of the Legio Mortis. They have been pivotal in the destruction of the installation on Hydra Cordatus and the Kasr Worlds in the Cadian System. Warsmiths like Axinous and Kang lead their Grand Companies, preying upon Imperial Systems, building great fortifications to take on all challengers. While others splinter off completely from the Legion and take on new names like the Steel Brethren terrorizing isolated worlds. One thing is for certain; their hatred and bitterness against the servants of the Emperor are just as strong now as they were ten thousand years ago.



These Correctional Facilities were little more than massive prisons built by the very people that had been enslaved. Distress signals were sent out and the nearby world of Olympia answered the call. Perturabo had only recently taken control of his Legion and the heretical violence and arrogance of the Black Judges was the perfect target for the Iron Warriors to show their devotion to their Primarch and Emperor as well as a way for the new recruits of Olympia to prove their worth. They numbered in the hundreds and towered over all other edifices. The mass graves were seen from orbit by traders and smugglers passing through or fleeing from the Black Judges and their armies. The Black Judges scoffed at the notion of an Emperor. called truce to save their home world and brought law and order to those who sought to destroy their lifeblood. They bore large caliber rifles and carried highpowered energy pistols at their side. Feuding warlords finally banded together. Absolute power of the planet twisted the minds and hearts of the ruling elite. For hundreds of years life was hell on Justice Rock. the prison population swelled in the tens of thousands. They slaughtered thousands who opposed their will and enslaved millions more.THE FALL OF JUSTICE ROCK Before the start of the Great Crusade and the Emperor of Mankind’s Galactic conquest. They declared the planet to now be called “Justice Rock. The total lack of reason was the Black Judges undoing. The Adeptus Astartes of the Iron Warriors Legion demanded that the Black Judges cease all acts of aggression and show fealty to their Lord and Primacrh. clothed in black. Once order had been restored they began building the first Correctional Facilities and the first Laws were passed. as justice knew right without sight. Perturabo.” walking dealers of twisted retribution. The Black Judges. The warlords now in power became the judges. Anyone found guilty of treason or lesser crimes was severely punished. juries and executioners.” a fitting name for a world now ruled by martial law. now confident in their righteousness. they continued their madness and cut contact off. began to pacify the entire system and brought their brand of Law and Order to less willing populations. Built to punish those who failed to follow the Law. The population began calling them the “Black Judges. Their helms fashioned in the shape of grim reapers but void of eyes. 6 HISTORY OF THE IRON WARRIORS . a small barren planet was nearly driven to the brink of extinction and anarchy. The warlords dressed themselves in a puritan manner. blaspheming his name and disregarding the Legions mandate. while free men lived in fear. plain black attire and jet sheen armor.

The Legion stormed forward. his bones and innards pulverized from the impact. The precision and dogged manner the Iron Warriors fought with left the Black Army retreating to their Correctional Facilities. He raised the heathen by his neck and strangled the life from him in silence. Millions of soldiers loyal to the Black Judges died in the first three days of fighting. The Iron Warriors slaughtered all who raised weapons in last defense and those who fled were ripped apart by bolter fire or stampeded by the steel boots of the Space Marines. their super charged combat batons not even stunning our mighty Lord. the three High Marshals. only to be cut down by the cunning and lethal Marshals. The trenches and open killing fields were flooded with the blood of the Black Judges army. ramming the final Judge up against a marble effigy. One by one the strongholds of the Black Judges were cleansed with righteous fury. “A dozen Iron Warriors stood watching in awe as our Lord sidestepped a volley of gunfire and decapitated one of the Black Judges with a single blow from his power mace. his dark eyes starring coldly as the Black Judges final breathe left his lips in a gasp of blood. Pure rage pulsed through the Primarchs head as he exited his command tank and squared off against the last of the Black Judges. swatting one Judge to the floor. Imperial Records state that a Captain Thalza was witness to the wrath of his Primarch.In a matter of days the Entire Legion mobilized and invaded Justice Rock. only to have the Legion demolish them to rubble with massive cannons and siege tanks. Iron Warriors jump troops dropped from the skies as tactical squads advanced through servitor built trench lines. The Iron Warriors relentless assault took the Legion to the gates of the Black Judges palace.” HISTORY OF THE IRON WARRIORS 7 . The walls of the palace shook and moaned as it was bombarded every hour from orbit as well as by ground artillery. Perturabo charged headlong. splintering it in two. the sound of a hundred rhinos and Land Raiders shaking the very ground and dwarfing even the most extreme of ordinance explosions. Justice Rock’s three moons were clouded in smoke when Perturabo mounted his personal Land Raider and gave the order to breach the palace. Perturabo himself led the attack on their fortress. bodies piled so high they had no use for sandbags. hundreds of drop pods and storm birds slammed down onto the planets rugged surface. Perturabo had sent three squads of his newly formed Terminator armored Iron Warriors to apprehend the heretics. Until only three Black Judges remained. One handed he swung his mace again. The Black Army caught off guard was broken into piecemeal defensive units by the sheer onslaught of the Iron Warriors. Both Judges attacked the Primarch at once.

Bright specs of light gathering in intensity on the dark surface then dissipating into the darkness of the Gugann night and the void beyond.. It always surprised him that such elemental power had no voice in the depth of space." As one the Commanders stepped forwards and entered. Hanging in space around the 'Olympian' were the bombardment ships of the Iron Warriors and the Mechanicum Ordinatus platforms that served the 18th Expeditionary fleet.THE SCOURGING OF OLYMPIA Blooms of light faded on the darkened surface of Gugann. Prepare us Equerry. Perturabo's thoughts passed to the comment his gene brother Rogal Dorn had made many years before on Olympia.. Silence. Forrix stood silently in his massive Terminator armour. I find his news. In the shadows of the amphitheatre Peturabo stood in full battle plate of polished steel and trimmed in brass and gold." "Immaterial Rastigan. the order you have brought is commendable. not a sound came with such violence that was being wrought on the world below him. those are my orders." "He'll not like that my lord. the peoples of Olympia were loyal in their hearts he knew it. I want us ready for warp jump before the next rotation. the ships of the Iron Warriors began to cease their bombardment and shift position towards higher orbit. The doors of the Strategium to the rear of the bridge rumbled open and the Equerry addressed the massed commanders. I should have seen this.. On the bridge of the Olympian all was calm efficiency. These nobles require constant vigilance. I have no reason to doubt my brother." Rastigan bowed as he backed away." Perturabo had dismissed this as another or Dorn's arrogant taunts. "Brothers of iron! Enter this place. The siege was going well. I simply cannot believe our homeworld is in open revolt my lord?" Rastigan stepped forward into the gloom of the observation dome. Equerry" the briefest hint of annoyance was noticeable on his sharp features as they were made visible for the flash of another fusillade.. The darkened observation dome briefly illuminated its deepest recesses as the flash of the bombardment cannon pounded the Hrud central warren complex.. Rastigan stood in the armoured doorway as his master gazed out.. "My Primarch. Inform Marshall Gless the Imperial Army must persecute the Xenos without the aid of the Iron Warriors. "My lord I. With the loss of Dammekos it was only a matter of time before those that coveted his power choose to take it for themselves. the Warsmiths of the Grand Companies had massed on the fleets command ship for final briefings. "The news comes from the Warmaster himself. it is unthinkable?" "Inform the fleet. "Has the messenger left Rastigan?" The voice quiet but like velvet thunder. The Hrud are almost broken a few.. Brushed aside as they sped to welcome their master met them. He came for an audience with me that tells me the import of the news.. unsettling. a slowly spinning representation of their home. his hands placed on its head whilst the stave rested on the dark marble-like stone of the floor. The mighty war hammer ‘Forgebreaker’ at rest. he knew it! As he contemplated. For I fear their allegiance to the Emperor may one day be tested. to his side the other Grand Company Commanders.. but revolt on Olympia. I have seen it in their eyes a thousand times.. our core purpose now is to rid our home-world of traitors. The Strategium was a large amphitheatre with stepped sides going down to a central pit where a hololith projector was placed. what do you make of the news he brings? I.. Behind the Primarch two hooded figures barely visible 8 HISTORY OF THE IRON WARRIORS . the Warmaster’s escort has left. *** The System Monitor ships were no more than expanding clouds of gas and debris as the lead ships of the Iron Warrior fleet moved from the jump point into the Olympian system. A shudder passed through the deck plates as another salvo sped towards the surface like fiery comets.. the airlock door slid back into place and the lord of the Iron Warriors was left in the darkness again. "Be careful brother there is much avarice in these people. I have no reason to doubt the Warmaster’s word. but the veneer is thin.

How can a home-world of the Astartes fall? We cannot allow it. Kang's sideways glance at Toramino said it all "brave but foolish. I will see the leaders of this rebellion and offer them parley. there is good in our people. but clearly a brother of the Machine God. commander of the Emperor’s armies? Daedalus you tread a fine line even for one of such rank and esteem within our Legion.. you sit at my right hand as a Lord Commander but do not forget the master of mankind!" Perturabo added. perhaps I just need to see this for myself." Kang. "Indeed. Rastigan joined his master as the lord of the Iron Warriors addressed the Commanders. He could make out the hooded figure on the throne at the far end of the room. lay down their weapons and turn over the ring leaders to the Legion. 'palatable' operation. Whilst we stand guard.. to do their duty to their Primarch... "Return to your men and steel them for the coming conflict. I was briefed by the Warmaster himself of this uprising he made special provision to inform me of this corruption!” “How do we know these people are . "We are home my brothers. corrupted?” “You question the Warmaster? A brother Primarch. his voice dropped.. I know it.. This will not be a. “Ironsmith. those below would know the Iron Warriors had returned home and their displeasure at what they had found. The Storm of Iron will rain down on its cradle world and smite those that offend us." stated the Primarch. Forrix recognized the fleets' Mechanicum Equerry Locqutus. no quarter!" The assembled Commanders slapped their armoured fists to their breast plates in salute "No quarter!" came the call. You have the co-ordinates for the strikes.... The instigators must pay. Perturabo turned from his huddle with the robed Mechanicum adepts as the Ironsmith stepped forward.. "Lord!" Daedalus enquired. I grant you a day to bring these fools to their senses. Imperial Army and various adepts the gathering of Space Marines looked small and out of place... in a place usually filled with officers of the fleet. but I have questions about our actions?" "Questions?" the briefest flash of violence went across the Primarchs’ steely eyes.. on our home-world those that crave power have risen up to take over from those we have entrusted to keep half-light. he strode alone through the Olympian dusk across the walkway and down its magnificent black marble steps to the main throne room. the Emperor. Give them the chance of realizing the slight they have made on the grace of the Emperor before the wrath of the Legion is unleashed?” “Your passion for you fellow Olympians is commendable Daedalus. "But this is not a happy homecoming. even Daedulus could barely penetrate the gloomy shadows with his enhanced vision.." "And of course. though unidentified.” “My Lord I will not fail. a dour look on his patrician features. low yield warheads into the upper atmosphere of Olympia." "Daedalus what troubles you? Are your men not ready after their action on Gugann?" "My lord they are ready as any Astartes.. Make sure they know who we strike and why.. As he approached a dozen hooded figures bearing the symbol of the Olympian first house moved to stand behind the mighty stone HISTORY OF THE IRON WARRIORS 9 .” “I mean no insult Lord..” *** The 'Olympian' opened up a volley of widely dispersed.. Behind his master the other figure. Daedulus' Stormbird sat on the landing pad on the palace of Damekos as the warheads streaked overhead. Send me down to the surface. Toramino and Daedalus glanced at each other as the other commanders turned to take their leave of the Primarch and prepare their troops. Our forces are strewn across Imperial space like the Emperor's guard dogs... Lord Ironsmith. The throne room was silent and in darkness. It has been long since we have fought as Legion.

three weeks.. he carried no weapons. Mighty cities reduced to rubble at the fury of the Legion. Under flag of parley the rebels had openly attacked the Iron Warriors representative. grabbing the hooded figure by the throat taking the figure in a choke hold. The Astartes ran forward. wore only fatigues. We are betrayed!" On the bridge of the ‘Olympian’ the fury of the Primarch was barely contained at the outrage. They had found massed insurgents in every city and had laid waste to them. make the Traitors pay with their blood!” The drop pods fell like leaves in autumn over the city states of Olympia as the sun started to rise. As he did. Then silence as the last of the figures were cut down or fled. “Prepare the Iron Guard in the Teleportarium NOW! All Grand Companies are to assault their assigned targets with extreme prejudice.. Daedulus slumped uncon- scious. Daedulus had upward of twelve darts penetrating his skin. Lord Daedulus is laid low.. As the bolts found their mark. ash fell at ground level covering the remains of the fallen. The Primarch had led the wrath of the Iron Warriors on the rebellious peoples of their home-world. long blades drawn. The Astartes swatted them like of Olympian power. The leader of the Astartes opened a secure channel over his armour vox. dripping blades held above their heads screaming as they ran. the dart pierced the skin on his exposed neck. "You have offended the Emperor and my Lord. the hood fell back and Daedulus saw the face of Laninal. The figures behind the throne that had recoiled at his attack of Laninal stepped forward as the Astartes faltered and fell to his knees. Daedulus drew the vox unit on his belt and thumbed a button on it. his head bear. But we give our brothers and sisters and ultimatum. As the venom in the darts started to cloud his vision he squeezed harder. he was moving forward. Treachery! Traitor! Daedulus squeezed hard. we mean no offence. the knives slashed and stabbed at the Astartes as the strength drained from him. picking up the limp body of the Ironsmith and hurrying out and back to the Stormbird. affront and punishment will be swift but merciful. figures exploded in showers of gore and blood. wrapping the world in a cloak of death. 10 HISTORY OF THE IRON WARRIORS . A single dart would kill a human in 5 seconds. Daedulus came to a halt 10 feet from the throne. As blades continued to stab. then another and another. two days and twenty-three hours since the first wave of Iron Warriors had hit the population centers of Olympia. The smoke of the burning buildings and funeral pyres was visible from low orbit shrouding Olympia. The sound of bones cracked in his victim as yet more darts hit his exposed flesh. The Iron Warriors fell on their kith and kin with great vengeance and wrath. running at the Astartes with a manic blood lust. the crowd of figures lost in their blood lust did not see the five Astartes enter the throne room." The figure stood from the throne. "Lord Astartes. We merely have rested interests back into the hands of loyal Olympians. it is you who are wrong Astartes there are things you do not understand!" Daedulus stepped forward. staccato sound of rounds being fired echoed in the grand hall. The gloom of the room was lit up with the muzzle flashes of the bolters. Traitors." "Loyal Olympians! You stand and dare to justify this outrage against your ruler and the Lord of Mankind and declare yourselves loyal?" "A Lord we have not seen these past two hundred years and a ruler who takes to the stars and expects us to follow like sheep! No.... The Primarch had been right. Slumping forward.. the high chancellor. A pool of quickly congealing blood flowed around him. "Gretfal to 'Olympian' we need an Apothecary team standing by for our return. how could they turn on the Astartes? The Primarch had been right.. Daedulus felt the first pierce his back puncturing his primary heart. on the ground and from orbit the Iron Warriors pummeled the rebels to submission.. instinctively his hand going for the hilt of his power sword he no longer wore. It had been five months. Taghe worm venom. he had come under flag of truce. Surrender and give us the leaders of this.

we leave for the Istvaan system within the hour. the mighty warrior looked out over the ruins of his home world. No quarter. His armour scorched and blackened. The Emperor would have my Legion as canids guarding his citizens. The Apothercary had had no choice but to remove his legs and left arm. father. Perturabo’s armour was dirty and scratched. Daedalus felt sorrow at the outcome but his resolve had been hardened. the massive fur cloak draping his pale green armour with the single staring eye icon. the proud peoples of the Iron Warriors home.” HISTORY OF THE IRON WARRIORS 11 .” Peturabo turned from Horus.... we must press on. Millions of souls were to set on this venture. The Primarch had determined the people’s fate. You are that leader my had been utterly subjugated... I see it is strength that is required. “ “I live to serve Warmaster. wafting out in the cool evening breeze..Daedalus had been returned and for 6 weeks had been in a self induced coma whilst his advanced metabolism tried to recover. heavy and cold. blasted cityscape. a dark grey armoured warrior joined the Warmaster as Olympia’s sun dipped below the remains of the city’s defense wall. It was magnificent. as the Warmaster laid a supportive hand on the shoulder guard of his brother as he walked back into the ruined palace fortress. As the massive figure of Perturabo withdrew. "You will have your revenge for this Ironsmith!" *** The mighty Dreadnought looked out over the smoldering. Atop the Regent’s palace of Lochos on the magnificently carved balcony. As he turned to march back to the company command post. As Perturabo watched his favoured son laid low he muttered to himself. We need to establish order through strength. his face darkened and streaked with soot and dirt. they must atone for their falsehood.” The second figure pulled closer. the population would work to rebuild the world they had betrayed. for the sake of Humanity!” “My heart is as iron Horus. It is up to us now. Dammekos. If such rebellion can strike here I fear for the Imperium. 'Daedulus' Siege engineers were erecting compounds to hold the remains of the shattered population.. “Your zealots have done magnificently whipping up the population of this rock to throw off the shackles of the Imperium. the setting sun glinted of the gold etch name plate on the sarcophagus. you see now brother why you have to join our cause. he felt hate instead of pity – the traitors must pay.. You have seen this Perturbo. my men are warriors. the Emperor cares not what goes on here. the defense walls wrapped the city. His eyes heavy as he stared out across the once mighty city-state. Bring in my transport. two mightily armoured figures stood shoulder to shoulder. both hearts and many of his organs had been shredded by the three hundred plus knife wounds to his body. The Taghe venom had mutated in his Astartes body setting to canker in his limbs. showed me across the city tops from here.. Only the Astartes can provide that strength as Legion under a leader that can raise humanity up to new heights and salvation.. you showed that strength! The bureaucrats the Emperor sends out to the reclaimed worlds cannot control this.. “I grew up here you know. or destroyed. Astartes not his goalers. it takes strength to rule. “We must rule the peoples of the Imperium with an iron hand my brother or they will fall and take mankind to the abyss. We have the initiative and the weak are falling.. Now it’s all smashed. He has his own agenda. Strength to act. first hand.. In the setting sun. We have seen that here. ”The pieces are in place it is time to move the game. even if it killed them. Your efforts are to be commended First Chaplain your actions have secured us a vital part of the plan.

Iron Within. Crushing bastion after bastion with an overwhelming superiority of numbers. Taking the bait the loyalist Thunderhawk-borne troops attacks the silos while Rogal Dorn did a full combat drop at the perimeter of the killing ground. It was Axinous. Those of us who could gathered at Sebastus IV. Our bitterness grew hearing about Dorn The Defender. The Imperial Fist fleet was deployed in low orbit to support Dorn's assault. With The Eternal Fortress sitting at its center. It was a twenty-five mile square of death. its surviving ships being severely crippled and forced to leave the system. and razor wire forests. The Legion worked with a terrible energy transforming the tranquil world into a hell of trench works. yet Angron claimed that it was the World Eaters. it was vulnerable to our assault boats led by Forrix. an avenging son with his Imperial Fists by his side. Warsmith of the 11th Grand Company who suggested we set a trap. Patiently waiting for the bombing to stop in underground bunkers. We knew he would. Hero of Terra. With no room for maneuverability and the majority of its Thunderhawks on the surface. When the other Legions fled with the death of Horus. Rogal Dorn deployed his forces. The work on Sebastus IV began. Since Terra. but we had the element of surprise. With the escape of the imperial fleet we knew our time was limited. We withdrew. Throwing up thousands of tons of debris into the atmosphere. The ground shook and heaved. As the sons of Dorn breached the silo complexes we detonated the missile stockpiles. "If he is so bent to cage you in iron My Lord. Disrupting communications with the loyalist fleet. We withdrew because our allies were weak. When the Primarch finally heard of Sebastus IV he gathered up all his Fists to him to make war against Perturabo himself. Iron Warriors manned their trenches forcing the loyalists forward to blast away dragons teeth. Many loyalist ships were captured or sent tumbling to the surface. With a wave of Perturabo's hand the attack began. The Imperial Fists fleet announced their arrival with an orbital barrage. There was always someone else who claimed the glory. and fill in vehicle pits so there armour could press on. The Iron Warriors were the first to breach the Imperial Palace. Our numbers were not much greater than theirs. Axinous opened up with his heavy artillery showering the Imperial Fists with air bursts sending shrapnel raining down. We retaliated in kind. At its center sat The Eternal Fortress. It was time things changed. We followed Perturabo's resolve. Then it should be easy to trap him with arrogance. Remote missile silo's fired back at the loyalist fleet. We all heard his words. Against Roboute Guilliman's plea's Dorn went to attack The Eternal Fortress alone.THE IRON CAGE Nothing changed. He made it a point to attack every world held by the Fourth Legion. Rogal Dorn was on a mission. and bring him back to Terra in an iron cage. Dorn was cut off and unsupported. four companies strong. They marched headlong toward our fortifications. and Daedalus. Making it nearly impossible to support the landing force. Herding Dorns finest into our minefields. fortifications. Glory paid with Iron Warrior blood. He was going to dig Perturabo out of his hole." Perturabo smiled. The Imperial Fist fleet couldn't hold against so many Iron Warriors fueled by vengeance. The attack was masterful. Someone would come to save the Primarch. The detonation signaled our fleet to attack. From a hidden observation tower Perturabo watched. Meanwhile several squads led by Kroegar burst forth from camouflaged bunkers attacking the tanks halted 12 HISTORY OF THE IRON WARRIORS .

Initially fighting in company strength. Finally the long-standing insult was repaid. kept ordering his marines forward. We continued our withdrawal. Still the arrogant fool rampaged around empty trenches calling out Perturabo's name demanding personal combat. No Son of Dorn was able to walk off the battlefield under his own power. I was there. We showed them no mercy. At the end of the third week only Axinous' 11th Grand Company was left on the surface of Sebastus IV. We know he performed a ritual. Killing them from afar with impunity. How we were driven from the planet. You can see in there eyes the terror we brought to them at the Iron Cage. What I would have given to see their Primarch’s face surrounded by his bodyguard when he finally breached the Eternal Fortress only to find nothing inside. Imperial Fists assaulting the trench lines had to fall back to protect their crippled armour only finding empty redoubts and clouds of smoke. though he gave no order for us to worship any power. And so it went for another three weeks.. As the last blue thunderhawk disappeared into the clouds. We cracked their communications signal. Iron Without. We watched with grim satisfaction at Dorn's impotence. though we know not what was said between them. collapsing the way behind us so they couldn't follow. So it went that we followed Perturabo's plan. I know the truth. shattering his Legions morale more than we ever could. I was there. sent scurrying to the Eye of Terror. Iron Without. He was given the honor to be the last one off the field of battle. They were broken. and listened to their combat chatter. Even though Dorn was still chasing after shadows. We moved as ghosts disappearing into hidden tunnels.. Iron Within. He didn't come to fight’ but to bring his brother back to Terra. Cylus Taur HISTORY OF THE IRON WARRIORS 13 . the living piling up the bodies of their dead brothers for cover. When the Ultramarine Thunderhawks descended to the surface not one shot was fired by either side. Perturabo's honor guard strode across the killing ground with impunity taking the geneseed from the dead and the dying of the Imperial Fists. Our Primarch was elevated to being a Daemon Prince that day. Imperial propaganda tells a different story of what happened on Sebastus IV. convinced victory was in the defenses. It took almost twenty years before they could marshal for war again. All the while Dorn was convinced that victory was within his grasp. squad-by-squad. only Perturabo remained on the strangely serene surface. In the dark they pray to their Corpse God on his Golden Throne for solace. Guilliman arrived like we knew he would at the head of a large Ultramarines Armada. by the sixth day each Imperial Fist was virtually alone. sacrificing the geneseed that was collected. The last of the Fourth Legion withdrew to their ships. Dorn. We listened as his men cried out in desperation and died alone. We watched as the Ultramarines took away the injured. Dorn was taken by his brother from Sebastus IV a broken man. Perturabo gave the order for a gradual withdrawal. Most of the fleet had already started its journey for the Eye of Terror. They were done. It tells of the heroics of the Imperial Fists and the Ultramarines. Fearing the words. We dissected them tank-by-tank. We know words were spoken between Roboute and Perturabo. We listened as Dorn's captains plead for a breakout. Melta Bombs and satchel charges ripped tank treads apart and set vehicles ablaze.

The Iron Magus is successful on a d6 roll of a 4+. He cannot assault during the turn he is attempting to take control of a vehicle. as it takes up his complete concentration to do this. vehicles and champions. PSYCHIC POWERS A Psyker may only attempt to use one Psychic Power per turn. The Iron Magus shows absolute disdain for the enemies’ defenses. An Iron Magus uses the psychic power in the Shooting Phase on any one allied vehicle within 24”. Iron Without Iron Warriors units are Stubborn as per the Universal Special Rule in the Warhammer 40K Rule Book. It is a place of nightmares where the laws of physics no longer apply. Underbrush cuts like razor wire and steam vents out of the earth from the slave factories down below.FORCES OF THE IRON WARRIORS This section of the book details the forces used by the Iron Warriors . An Iron Magus uses the psychic power in the Shooting Phase. It is a world with a dead sky and a black sun dominated by mountains of impossibly high towers and dungeons plunging deep into its core. the vehicle can then fire its weapons on using the ballistic skill of the Iron Magus during the same Shooting Phase. Keeping a vehicle in the thick of battle. Perturabo’s Wrath Medrengrad is the home world of the Iron Warriors in the Eye of Terror. If he is successful. SPECIAL RULES Iron With. weapons. Each entry gives a description of a unit along with the specific rules you will need to field them in your army list. Being the Master of a thousand sieges. 14 FORCES OF THE IRON WARRIORS . Insidious Aim The Iron Magus’s will invades the weapon systems of an allied vehicle attempting to wrench control of its’ guns and use them to better effect. Every enemy unit within 18 inches of the Iron Magus that makes a successful cover save must reroll the result. It repairs one immobilized or weapon destroyed result and has a range of 12”. The Iron Touch The Iron Magus use the power of the warp to reknit twisted metal and melted circuits. Moving stone and flesh aside with his will.their units. This power is used during the Movement Phase. It is here that the Daemon Primarch Perterabo rules over his Legion.

None can compare with their knowledge of siege-craft. they have been tearing down the fortifications of the Imperium since the Horus Heresy. When one of the other Chaos Legions needs to subvert an enemy defensive position it is to the Warsmiths expertise that they turn. They are esoteric madmen. Krak Grenades. Close Combat Weapon. Krak Grenades Special Rules Iron Within. Frag Grenades. Frag Grenades. They are also responsible for the repair and maintenance of the Legion’s vehicles. Independent Character. Armourer Combat Engineer: Siege Masters have millennia of experience in undermining fortresses and armour giving them and any squad they join the Tank Hunters Universal Special Rule. 5+ Invulnerable Save Armourer: Can repair Weapon Destroyed or Immobilized results on a D6 roll of 5+. in charge of an artillery battery. Librarians of the Iron Warriors dedicated themselves to Chaos and received new psychic powers. Force Weapon. salvaging captured enemy equipment and leading Iron Warrior units into battle. a trench line or a series of bunkers. the overlord of a fortified world. Close Combat Weapon. masters of archaic Technomancy and binders of Data Daemons. performing rituals and making pacts to invite Daemonic entities into the chassis of Centurions. Frag Grenades. Combat Engineer Combat Engineer: Warsmiths have millennia of experience in undermining fortresses and armour giving them and any squad they join the Tank Hunters Universal Special Rule. making it bleed one trench line and artillery barrage at a time. se lling their souls with promises of untold power. WS BS Iron Magus 5 5 S 4 T 4 W 3 I 5 A 3 Ld 10 Sv 3+ Wargear Power Armour. Servo Arm Wargear Power Armour. Bolt Pistol. Armourer: Can repair Weapon Destroyed or Immobilized results on a D6 roll of 5+. Masters of siege-craft for millennia. Bolt Pistol. Defilers. Combat Engineer: Siege Masters have millennia of experience in undermining fortresses and armour giving them and any squad they join the Tank Hunters Universal Special Rule. Krak Grenades Special Rules Independent Character. FORCES OF THE IRON WARRIORS 15 . and other vehicles. Combat Engineer. Iron Without. WS BS Siege Master 5 5 S 4 T 4 W 2 I 4 A 2 Ld 10 Sv 3+ Wargear Power Armour. WS BS Warsmith 5 6 S 4 T 4 W 3 I 5 A 3 Ld 10 Sv 3+ SIEGE MASTER While the Warsmith oversees an entire siege. Independent Character. IRON MAGUS During the Heresy. Special Rules Fearless.WARSMITH The Warsmith is the commander of a Grand Company of Iron Warriors. their minds glimpsing realms beyond mortal comprehension. the Siege Master supervises a portion of it. or the tyrannical maniac leading a Chaos War Fleet.They became the Iron Magi. Bolt Pistol. 5+ Invulnerable Save.

Perterabo. They are masters of siege warfare and fortification. Bolt Pistol. the player may instead choose to remove a base Iron Warrior model if one is available. Frag Grenades. Close Combat Weapon. Also. if a model with a heavy weapon should be removed as a casualty. Bolter. because all Iron Warriors have extensive training with heavy weapons. Wargear Power Armour. Weapon teams may take additional weapons bought from their unit entry. Weapon Teams Weapon Teams: For every ten man Iron Warrior Squad one three-man Weapon Team may be purchased. WS BS Iron Warrior Aspiring Champion 4 4 4 4 S 4 4 T 4 4 W 1 1 I 4 4 A 1 2 Ld 9 10 Sv 3+ 3+ WEAPON TEAMS Some Iron Warriors form weapon teams carrying Heavy Weapons to lay down supporting fire for their brethren. Iron Without. Close Combat Weapon. Bolt Pistol. They dominate large swaths of the battlefield with minimal manpower and merciless volleys of fire. they have an affinity for technology and coldly efficient logic. Implanted with the Gene-Seed of their Primarch. These teams provide devastating anti-infantry and anti armour firepower. Frag Grenades. Bolter. formed when Imperium was still young and the Emperor still walked. They are fielded as three-man teams that do not take a Troops choice and cannot hold objectives. 16 FORCES OF THE IRON WARRIORS . letting the other more favored Legions take all the glory. In game terms. Krak Grenades Special Rules Iron Within. When the Heresy began the Iron Warriors joined Horus on Istvaan V. They have a reputation as the most heavily armed of the Chaos Legions. They had become cold-hearted killers filled with resentment and bitterness toward the Emperor.IRON WARRIORS The Iron Warriors are the 4th Legion of the First Founding. Krak Grenades Special Rules Iron Within. if a model with a heavy weapon dies another member of the squad can pick up the weapon and resume firing. methodically grinding down their opponents through withering salvos of fire. Each threeman team counts as being worth 1 Kill Point for victory conditions in missions that use Kill Points. Iron Without THE GARRISONING FORCE AT THE IRON KEEP OF DELGAS II WAS A SQUAD OF TEN IRON WARRIORS AGAINST A HOSTILE POPULATION OF 130 MILLION. WS BS Iron Warrior 4 4 S 4 T 4 W 1 I 4 A 1 Ld 9 Sv 3+ Wargear Power Armour. having been used to fight the bloodiest battles of His Crusade.

Bolt Pistol.IRON WARRIOR SAPPERS The most experienced and dedicated of Iron Warriors are the Sappers. Deyz went down a hole all sneakzie like.” The Blood Axe tried to put a reverent look on his face.” Wargear Power Armour. overrunning trench lines and filling breaches in fortifications. Close Combat Weapon. Iron Without Special Rules Iron Within. Krak Grenades Special Rules Iron Within. Jump Infantry FORCES OF THE IRON WARRIORS 17 . Infiltrate IRON WARRIOR RAPTORS Iron Warrior assault troops are known as Raptors. setting up ambushes and outflanking enemy positions to undermine entrenched positions and fortifications. Raptors are vicious hunters. Nuthin iz getting close to dem. Frag Grenades. Such is their effectiveness as assault troops their arrival often proves to be a turning point in many a battle. following a vanquished foe for miles to kill or capture them. Close Combat Weapon. WS BS Sapper Aspiring Champion 4 4 4 4 S 4 4 T 4 4 W 1 1 I 4 4 A 1 2 Ld 10 10 Sv 3+ 3+ IRON WARRIOR BIKERS Well armed and highly mobile. They are usually held in reserve to be sent against the weakest part of the enemy line. Krak Grenades Special Rules Iron Within. Dez rigga’d da hole to go boom. WS BS Iron Warrior Aspiring Champion 4 4 4 4 S 4 4 T 4(5) 4(5) W 1 1 I 4 4 A 1 2 Ld 9 10 Sv 3+ 3+ Wargear Power Armour. These highly skilled and ferocious warriors are typically in the vanguard of an attack. Da Beakies wurn’t dere. Chaos Bike with Twin-linked Bolter Wargear Power Armour. Squads of Sappers have many centuries of combat experience. WS BS Raptor Aspiring Champion 4 4 4 4 S 4 4 T 4 4 W 1 1 I 4 4 A 1 2 Ld 9 10 Sv 3+ 3+ “U seez boss. Bolter. Sappers will use their battle skills to infiltrate enemy lines. Ugmar an ez Boyz got inside an nuthin wuz dere. Frag Grenades. Weglum had a worried look on his face. Bolt Pistol. striking swiftly and mercilessly cutting their foes down when they are the most vulnerable. They have learned how to make the best use of cover to survive the many and varied battlefields of the 41st Millennium. “Wez still outta range ov dere Big Gunz. “So’z did Ugmar go’z down da hole afta dem?” “Yez boss. Iron Without. Iron Without. They are merciless in pursuit of the enemy. Krak Grenades. Ugmar iz wit Mork now. Frag Grenades. Bikers make excellent reconnaissance troops and are used to launch deadly raids behind enemy lines. Close Combat Weapon. Not at all propa like for Beakies. Bolt Pistol.

S !” a em cksnapp holda d boss Ne ar ge to W . Skra en ned up n’ eat funny ed tin uv bei ar all eel wiv a a iez Dogg f st Dok got made o k like loo Jaws eyz dey howl. the organic and inert. WS BS Terminator Terminator Champion 4 4 4 4 S 4 4 T 4 4 W 1 1 I 4 4 A 2 3 Ld 10 10 Sv 2+ 2+ OBLITERATORS The machineries of the Iron Warriors include many monstrous creations heaving with warp power and arcane technologies. Doggiez . There is a cadre of warriors who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of alchemical and mechanical perfection through the power of Chaos and have turned their bodies into living weapons. A terminator can move and operate with remarkable freedom and agility considering the sheer mass of the actual armour. which provides as much protection as an armoured tank hull. it is massively bulky and contains a full artificial skeleton of fiber bundles and adamantium rods to support the heavy gauge plasteel and ceramite plates that form the outer carapace. Iron Without by eaten e bein r aid Gitz a ar afr z gjaw’s obbos e “Scra da G eyz de . stalking lone enemy troops. Multi-Melta. Power Weapon. Once Techmarines. WS BS Obliterator 4 4 S 4 T 4 W 2 I 4 A 2 Ld 9 Sv 2+ Wargear Terminator Armour. Just like their masters they were susceptible to mutation and the mutated limbs were replaced with cybernetic ones turning them into cruel and twisted beasts of steel. twin-linked Flamer. Their blood can become white-hot plasma. Special Rules Iron Within. twin-linked Meltagun. Their brains as much machine as living flesh. Their bones fused with titanium. inhuman grotesque arcano-cyborgs. Obliterator Weapons Obliterator Weapons: May shoot once per turn from the following selections: Lascannon. WS BS Cybernetic Hound 4 0 S 4 T 4 W 1 I 4 A 2 Ld 7 Sv 6+ Originally canines were used by the Iron Warriors to sniff out hidden munitions stores and tunnels of the enemy. More commonly known as Terminator Armour. Plasma Cannon. 5+ Invulnerable Save. They are the Obliterators. the technological and the Daemonic. Deep Strike CYBERNETIC CHAOS HOUNDS thing a victim would hear is a mechanical howl before losing its life. When the Heresy began these animals faithfully served along side their masters and went with them into exile in the Eye of Terror. All gjaw s like. Often Iron Warriors release packs of them during a battle to run down tunnels and trench lines. They use arcane knowledge learned from the Adepts of the Dark Mechanicus.messa Special Rules Fearless. twin-linked Plasma Gun. they are obsessed with the overlap of the material and immaterial. Twin-linked Bolter Wargear Powerfist. They often act as his personal bodyguard. Slow and Purposeful. Usually the last Special Rules Feel No Pain 18 FORCES OF THE IRON WARRIORS .IRON WARRIOR TERMINATORS Many veteran Iron Warriors enter battle wearing the revered and rightly feared Tactical Dreadnought Armour. blurring the boundaries between the biological. Terminators stand in great favor with their Warsmiths.

They have a 5+ invulnerable save. Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon. 2-5 6 FORCES OF THE IRON WARRIORS 19 . Their goals are to lead the Legion against its enemies. but gains the Fleet Special Rule and must run towards the nearest enemy. bipedal armoured war machines that fight along side troops in battle. Instead of existing in self-loathing and self-pity the Engine of War has the long view. if able. Searchlight. blasting the enemy with heavy weapons or smashing opponents aside in hand-to-hand Combat with gigantic claws and blades. If the dreadnought is immobilized. Most Dreadnoughts of the Traitor Legions date back to the Horus Heresy. A torturous and mocking punishment. treat this result as a. The secrets of building Dreadnoughts are incredibly old and virtually lost. Extra Armour. 2 – 5 sane. Heavy Flamer Special Rules Arcane Warding Arcane Warding: Engines of War are inscribed with arcane and daemonic runes to further protect the Legion champions interred within. Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon. Dreadnoughts provide invaluable support.IRON WARRIOR DREADNOUGHT Dreadnoughts are giant. making most of them completely psychotic. result instead. At the beginning of the Shooting Phase it must pivot on the spot towards the closest visible unit (Friend or Foe!) and fires all of it weapons against it twice! If the dreadnought cannot fire any ranged weapon. treat the result as a. A Dreadnought is piloted by a single crewman installed in a fetal-like position at the machine’s heart. D6 1 Result Fire Frenzy: The dreadnought may not move or assault this turn. In the Shooting Phase the dreadnought may not shoot. connected by nervous system implants and mind impulse units. Some focus on their bitterness and hatred toward the Emperor. ending its move facing this target. WS BS Engine of War 5 5 S 6 FA SA RA 12 12 10 I 5 A 3 Wargear Smoke Launchers. The dreadnought must then assault this enemy in the Assault Phase. the dreadnought must move as far as possible towards the nearest enemy. Wargear Smoke Launchers. Sane: The player controls the model normally. Iron Warriors consider being consigned to a Dreadnought as a living death. result instead. Blood Rage: In the Movement Phase. Searchlight. 2 – 5 sane. WS BS Obliterator 4 4 S 6 FA SA RA 12 12 10 I 4 A 3 ENGINES OF WAR Not all Dreadnoughts fall into insanity. Follow the results from the table below. to one day return to Terra and tear down the gates of the Imperial Palace itself. Twin-linked Bolter Special Rules Crazed Crazed: Roll a D6 before activating this model.

the advance of these daemon engines is unstoppable.” He dropped the dirt back onto the ground.IRON WARRIOR DEFILER The origins of the war machines known as Defilers are shrouded in mystery. half robotic monstrosities. Other Legions will bind any daemons that suit their purpose. It is dark and rich soil. Those bound with Slaanesh daemons usually have a perfumed or sickly sweet scent. Battle Cannon. grabbing a handful of dirt in his gauntleted hand. while those with Nurgle daemons are found with clouds of flies around them. Seeing such defilement of machines dedicated to Khorne has caused much outrage and conflict between the World Eaters and the other Legions. Full of nutrients. rubbing it between his fingers like he did every year before planting season. Searchlight Wargear Special Rules Fleet Two Dreadnought Close Combat Weapons (extra attack included in profile above). He grabbed his son into his arms and ran. but up in the sky. “Tomorrow we will begin aerating the soil and. the Adepts of the Dark Mechanicus and Iron Magi to draw forth the essence of a daemon from the warp. Dreadclaws pierced the clouds and started landing at the far end of the untilled fields. Daemonic Possession. Smoke Launchers. Daemonic Possession. Smoke Launchers. Twin-linked Heavy Flamer. Using complex arcane rites. They will charge anything that gets in the way. WS BS Centurion 4 3 S 6 FA SA RA 10 10 10 I 4 A 3 Wargear Two Dreadnought Close Combat Weapons (extra attack included in profile above). 20 FORCES OF THE IRON WARRIORS . The Defiler is not operated by a human crew. horror across his face. Repear Autocannon.” The Warsmith smiled as he looked to the Hive City in the distance. Searchlight Special Rules Scouts Lorik bent down on one knee and picked up a handful of soil.. It is soft enough to dig a trench line and packs well to absorb incoming ordinance. WS BS IW Defiler 3 3 S 6 FA SA RA 12 12 10 I 3 A 3 CENTURIONS Centurions are half daemon. attacking ferociously until they are destroyed.” Lorik noticed his son wasn’t looking at him anymore. Used since the time of the Horus Heresy. Originally used exclusively by the World Eaters other Legions have taken up using Centurions. We can quickly build formidable earthworks. This year was different. trapping it within the rune bound hull of a Defiler. “This is good dirt. Instead it is fuelled and guided by the warp energy of a bound daemon. This year Lorik’s son was with him. Ygrantl Hive fell three days later. Twin-linked Hades Pattern Bolter. Looking into the youthful eyes that mirrored his own he smiled at his son. ---------Gravix knelt down in his power armour.. Enraged and full of immortal anger it advances across the battlefield without hesitation or fear. “There is good soil here my Lord. Good for planting.

FORCES OF THE IRON WARRIORS 21 . or they can be swiftly redeployed to another part of the battlefield to out maneuver their adversaries. Searchlight Special Rules Repair. Squads mounted in Rhinos can close rapidly with the enemy. Armor BS IW Rhino 4 Front 11 Side 11 Rear 10 COMMAND RHINO Command Rhinos give up their transport capabilities for advanced sensor and communication systems. Communications Array Sensor Array: This is a long ranged scanner used to detect hidden enemy troops. Sensor Array. Communications Array: If the Command Rhino is on the board the Iron Warriors player may re-roll a single Reinforcement dice once per turn or have one squad Deep Strike with pinpoint accuracy. Armor BS Command Rhino 4 Front 11 Side 11 Rear 10 Wargear Twin-linked Bolter. roll a d6 – on a 6 the immobilized damage result is repaired and the Chaos Rhino is free to move again in later turn. Special Rules Repair Repair: If a Chaos Rhino is immobilized. Communications Array Wargear Twin-linked Bolter. being able to detect hidden enemy positions. The crew may attempt a repair in the shooting phase (this stops this vehicle from shooting). lay down more accurate fire. These shots are taken before the battle begins and may cause the infiltrators to Fall Back. At the time of the Horus Heresy the Legion had access to hundreds of these armoured vehicles. Sensor Array.IRON WARRIORS RHINO The Rhino is the ubiquitous transport vehicle of the Iron Warriors. Smoke Launchers. Searchlight. They are relatively simple to build and maintain. or the coordination of reinforcements. To do so. protecting them from small arms fire. The normal shooting rules apply but any rolls to hit that miss may be re-rolled once. No roll for scatter is required. Smoke Launchers. If enemy infiltrators are within a friendly squads line of fire then one squad is allowed to take a free shot at them.

hull-mounted Demolisher Cannon. Smoke Launchers. Named after the hammer Horus gifted to Perturabo and armed with extra armour plating. Smoke Launchers. Searchlight Special Rules Assault Vehicle Assault Vehicle: Models disembarking from a Chaos Land Raider may assault in the same turn. It can plough into the enemy army with virtual impunity its thick adamantium and ceramite plates withstanding all but the deadliest anti. hullmounted twin-linked heavy bolter. Armor BS IW Land Raider 4 Front 14 Side 14 Rear 14 IRON WARRIOR FORGEBREAKER The Forgebreaker is a Land Raider variant used exclusively by the Iron Warriors Legion. Warsmiths often use Land Raiders as their personal transports to proclaim their status and power. hullmounted twin-linked heavy bolter. THE IRON WARRIORS TOOK PART IN THE GREATEST TANK BATTLE IN IMPERIAL HISTORY. The Land Raider’s capacious hull can carry a full squad of Iron Warriors or a detachment of deadly Terminators. Land Raiders are highly prized by the Iron Warriors. adorning their mechanical behemoth with large banners and decorating its hull with the bodies of the slain and symbols of the Dark Gods. 22 FORCES OF THE IRON WARRIORS . Searchlight Special Rules Siege Dozer Siege Dozer: The Siege Dozer is a reinforced dozer blade that provides an additional +1 to the strength of a Ram Attack up to a max of 10 and allows the tank a 4+ invulnerable save against any vehicle ramming its front. Wargear Two sponson-mounted twin-linked Lascannons.tank weaponry. Once in position a Land Raider opens its front assault ramp to disgorge its cargo of Iron Warriors directly into combat with the foe while providing supporting fire with its multiple weapon systems. Extra Armour. with its lascannons blazing and enemy shots sparking harmlessly off its armoured hull. DURING THE HORUS HERESY THE WRECKAGE OF OVER A MILLION TRAITOR AND LOYALIST TANKS LAY STREWN ACROSS THE TALLARN SANDS. A Land Raider is a bastion of strength that can spearhead an attack or form a mobile rallying point when in defense. Siege Dozer. Its been known for entire armies to abandon a flank seeing one of these fiercesome machines on the horizon.IRON WARRIOR LAND RAIDER The Land Raider is one of the heaviest ground vehicle used by the Iron Warriors and is more akin to a mobile strong point than a battle tank. it is used to smash through enemy defenses with is Demolisher Cannon and Siege Dozer. a Siege Dozer allows the tank to re-roll a failed Difficult Terrain test. Once a breach has been established it rakes the enemy lines with reaper autocannon and heavy bolter fire. Armor BS IW Land Raider 4 Front 14 Side 14 Rear 14 Wargear Two sponson-mounted Reaper Autocannons. In addition.

Smoke Launchers. By sacrificing all troop carrying capacity the Predator is also protected by a reinforced chassis within its armoured plates. It can be fitted with different weapons allowing for anti-armour operations. additional internal bracing. Smoke Launchers. hull-mounted Heavy Bolter. or a mixed role. Armor BS Basilisk 4 Front 12 Side 10 Rear 10 Wargear Wargear Hull-mounted Demolisher Cannon. Turret-mounted Autocannon. supported by thick recoil suppressors. Smoke Launchers. Based upon the versatile Rhino chassis. It can be further armed with the addition of side sponsons mounting extra heavy weaponry. Protected by an enormous armoured plate at the front. Shots from Ensorcelled Ammo use the small blast template and provide no Cover Save. the Predator has an armoured turret that can sport an Autocannon or Lascannons. Basilisks are just one of these tools. Smoke Launchers. Dozer Blade Earthshaker Artillery Gun. their impact on the battlefield cannot be ignored. Armor BS Cabal Class Predator 4 Front 13 Side 11 Rear 10 Wargear Turret-mounted twin-linked Hades Pattern Bolter.IRON WARRIOR PREDATOR The Predator is the main battle tank of the Iron Warriors. Searchlight. Armor BS IW Vindicator 4 Front 13 Side 11 Rear 10 IRON WARRIOR BASILISK Large amounts of artillery are needed for sieges. Searchlight IRON WARRIOR VINDICATOR The Vindicator is another Iron Warrior vehicle based upon the Rhino Standard Template Construct data. The Thousand Sons have been seen with squadrons of these vehicles with eldritch flames dancing across their hulls. This is needed for the massive demolisher cannon mounted on the front of the hull. the basilisk is capable of elevating to angles that allow it to fire at targets out of its field of vision. Its powerful shells are capable of smashing apart both infantry and vehicles with ease. Searchlight FORCES OF THE IRON WARRIORS 23 . approaching the walls of an enemy stronghold until its devastating armament is within range. Armed with Plasma Cannon sponsons and a Twin-linked Hades Pattern Bolter with ensorcelled ammunition. the Vindicator can move into position under intensive enemy fire. The Vindicator sacrifices its transport capacity in order to mount reinforced armour. Iron Warrior Predators are best used as mobile support unleashing a blaze of fire to decimate enemy formations attempting to counter attack or part of the main battle line for an assault. It has been increasingly seen amongst the Chaos Legions. Though relatively rare. A fearsome piece of artillery. and ammunition storage. Searchlight Wargear Special Rules Ensorcelled Ammo Ensorcelled Ammo: Hades bolter shells are often enchanted by Iron Magi with warp energy. Armor BS IW Predator 4 Front 13 Side 11 Rear 10 CABAL CLASS PREDATOR The Cabal Class is a new variant of the predator pioneered by the Thousand Sons. so the Iron Warriors have learned to capture and reconstruct Imperial equipment for the job. anti-infantry firepower. The enemies of the Iron Warriors rightly fear the shriek of its incoming shells.


Power Fist. He has become a specter of that long forgotten age. Remembered by none except for the Imperial Fists. Numerous video footages show an ethereal female form putting itself between Axinous and harms way or is seen whispering is his ear standing atop of governor’s ruined palace. On the planet of Virilus Prime Imperial agents noticed that a daemonic force protects Axinous. Master Artillerist: After a piece of ordinance on his side has fired. Independent Character. If the result is a one the daemon bound in the Kai gun rebels. Axinous made them pay for every trench line with blood and blasted power armour. Since then his name has faded into history and myth. The next time he arrived was at the head of a mighty chaos war fleet during Abaddon’s 13th Black Crusade. Daemonic Consort: Axinous is protected a Deamonic Entity that takes the brunt of any damage aimed his way. WS BS Axinous 5 6 S 4 T 4 W 3 I 5 A 3 Ld 10 Sv 2+ Wargear Terminator Armour. Therefore he has the Eternal Warrior Universal Special Rule on page 74 of the Warhammer 40K Rule Book and a 4+ Invulnerable save. His deeds before and during the Horus Heresy are all but forgotten. it turns the hate and malice of its firer into tangible bolts of energy. in an alliance with other Warsmiths. relenting only by his Primarch’s command. SIEGE MASTER OF SEBASTUS IV Axinous is the Warsmith of 11th company. Daemonic Consort Combat Engineer: Axinous is a Warsmith. laid siege to and conquered the Kasr Worlds in the Cadian System. Axinous may not make any shooting attacks in this round. Kai Gun. Combat Engineer. In the Treyia System near Tau space. Axinous. 6 AP 3 Type Assault D6 Special Rules Fearless. The Inquisition calls it his Iron Consort. It is currently undetermined which of the Ruinous Powers Axinous’s consort is aligned to. He has millennia of experience in undermining fortresses and armour giving him and any Squad unit he joins the Tank Hunters Universal Special Rule. It was at the battle of Sebastus IV that he earned his infamy. He may use this ability once per turn. FORCES OF THE IRON WARRIORS 25 . Axinous’s forces bitterly attacked a Black legion warband. Since then he has been leading his Iron Warriors on a path of destruction across the Segmentum Obscurus.AXINOUS. Master Artillerist. The Kai gun is used as a normal range weapon with the following profile: Weapon Kai Gun Range 24” Str. He suffers one wound with no armour saves allowed. Axinous can adjust the drift by D6 inches in the direction of his choice. personally commanding the weapon batteries that decimated the Sons of Dorn. Currently it is believed Axinous’s Grand Company is terrorizing Tau systems with Legio Mortis support and having skirmishes with the Scythes of the Emperor Space Marine Chapter. Only leaving when every last fortification was shattered. Imperial agents have noted this enmity. Personal Icon Kai Gun: A huge bolter of archaic design.

It is extremely resilient. Perturabo wept. 26 FORCES OF THE IRON WARRIORS . Five million civilians died by Perturabo’s cold anger. When the Iron Warriors landed on Terra. A symbol of the legions bitterness unleashed. Since that time Daedalus has been in countless engagements enforcing Perturabo’s will. Add one Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon attack during close combat. Daedalus has a 5+ invulnerable save. His body was placed within the armoured Sarcophagus of a dreadnought. Extra Armour. Though his body lay ruined. Heavy Flamer. Any Penetrating Hit against Daedalus becomes glancing instead on a d6 roll of a 5+. Hard to Kill: Perterabo personally built the Dreadnought chassis for Daedalus. Taught secrets that only the greatest of Techno-Magi would know. Part of Perturabo’s personal guard. Artificer’s Arm. Only retreating after Horus’s death and Perturabo’s order. his body ruined by deceit. At the start of each Assault Phase Daedalus can declare that he is using his Artificer’s Arm to perform one of the following functions: Special Rules Arcane Warding. Loved by Perturabo as if he was his own son. Daedalus walked again in the body of a dreadnought chassis made by Perturabo’s own hand. The people of Olympia were culled. Cause one Immobilized or Weapon Destroyed result on an enemy vehicle in base contact on a roll of a 4+.DAEDALUS. His name is Daedalus. • • • Repair one Immobilized or Weapon Destroyed result on himself or an allied vehicle in base contact on a roll of a 4+. Smashing one Imperial fortification after another. Plasma Cannon. only leaving Medrengard when the legions interest is at stake. Searchlight Artificer’s Arm: This a highly advanced Servo Arm. Smoke Launchers. Daedalus did not die. WS BS Daedalus 5 5 S 6 FA SA RA 13 13 10 I 5 A 3 Wargear Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon. One who is favored above all the rest. he fell on Olympia. He was a juggernaut of destruction. FAVORED OF PERTURABO Among the Iron Warriors there is only one who has Perturabo’s ear. Olympia burned and suffered for its treachery. Hard to Kill Arcane Warding: Daedalus is in all respects an Engine of War and is inscribed with arcane and daemonic runes to further protect him.

Flamers are perfect for scouring the enemy from any defended position. They are the weapons of choice when facing the larger of the Tyranid bio-constructs. Autocannon rounds are most effectively used against light vehicles or particularly tough infantry. usually a Meltagun. The normal rules for psychic powers apply. Range Strength AP Type Close Combat Weapon Chaos Space Marines utilize an array of close combat weapons. Roll to hit and wound as normal. Chain-swords. A Chain-Fist is treated exactly as a power-fist. self. the enemy model suffers instant death. Promethium is a highly volatile liquid chemical that ignites on contact with air. Range Strength AP Type Some bolters are converted to house another weapon. The Psyker may then take a psychic test to use the weapons power against anyone opponent that suffered an unsaved wound in the players turn. regardless of toughness value. Remember that a Psyker may normally us only one power per turn. slaughtering the foe in a roaring conflagration of burning death. This power can instantly extinguish the life force of any opponent. Thanks to their smaller size they are perfect side arms for Chaos Space Marines. The bolter may be fired every turn. This extra weapon carries limited ammunition allowing the weapon a single shot. but also confer to the wielder one additional psychic power used in close combat. blowing the enemy apart from the inside.loading weapons that fire large caliber. as well as the ramshackle buggies utilized by the Ok Tribes. A model armed with a combi-weapon may choose to fire either the bolter or the other weapon. allowing any invulnerable saving throws the victim might have. A masterful unification of rate of fire and destructive power. Range Strength AP Type Template 4 5 Assault 1 Force Weapon 24” 4 5 Rapid Fire Chain-Fist A power-fist fitted with a chain-blade attachment designed to carve through armoured bulkheads or vehicles with its whirring adamantine teeth. A potent psychic weapon used exclusively by trained Psykers. Each self-propelled bolt explodes with devastating effect once it has penetrated its target. IRON WARGEAR 27 . high velocity explosive shells. along with the rules for using them in your games of Warhammer 40. Range Strength AP Type A Boltgun or bolter is a compact weapon that fires small rockets. or bolts. Flamer 12” 4 5 Pistol Boltgun Flame-throwers spew jets of burning promethium. Chain-Axes. They have the same effects as power weapons. If the test is passed. but rolls strength +2D6 (rather than +D6) for armor penetration. or flamer. WEAPONS Autocannon Autocannons are automatic. A chain-fist can be affixed to a suit of terminator armour and have been found to make deadly weapons against any form of armoured target. Combi-weapons 48” 7 4 Heavy 2 Bolt Pistol A smaller version of the bolter. You may not fire both weapons in the same turn.IRON WARGEAR This section of Codex: Iron Warriors lists the weapons and equipment used by Iron Warriors’ infantry. plasma gun. and Combat Blades are among the most commonly used items. All of the weapon statistics found here can also be found in the Summary section at the end of this book. but the other weapon may only be used once per battle.000. Perfect for shots of opportunity. It fires the same ammunition.

Each time a missile launcher fires the controlling player may choose the type of missile being used. only the best armored and most resilient foes can withstand the fiery blasts of a Heavy Flamer. the Meltagun is capable of reducing rock. it makes up in mobility. Defilers and Dreadnoughts. Used by Terminator squads. A marvel of technology. What it lacks in range. Melta bomb 18” 4 4 Assault 3 Heavy Bolter Larger versions of the Boltgun. Range Strength AP Type These are lethal anti-armour weapons. the missile launcher is one of the most versatile weapons available. See WarHammer 40. Used effectively in pairs. They are also used when undertaking assaults against heavily fortified defense lines and bunkers. 36. it has become increasingly popular with Chaos Space Marines. See WarHammer 40. Meltaguns super-heat their target with sub-molecular thermal agitation. flesh. Meltagun 36” 5 4 Heavy 3 Heavy Flamer A larger version of the flamer. Melta Missile Launcher Template 7 4 Heavy 2 Krak Grenade Anti-tank explosive designed to disable lightly armoured vehicles such as enemy walkers. reinforced and fitted with long slashing talons sheathed in a rippling power field. 63).000 Rulebook for details of using Krak grenades (pg. a Heavy Flamer is the ultimate weapon for sweeping fortifications clear and destroying the ranks of the enemy at close quarters. Sapper squads. 36. and living matter to molten slag or ash. See WarHammer 40. A model armed with lighting claws only receives the additional close combat weapon bonus if it is armed with a pair of lighting claws. 63). stripped down heavy bolter. Heavy Bolters put the fear of the Dark Gods into enemy infantry. Frag missiles are designed to wreak havoc in lightly armoured infantry formations. Range Strength AP Type A deadly type of demolition powered by a subatomic charge capable of melting through even the most heavily armoured targets. Blast Type 48” 9 2 Heavy 1 48” 8 3 Heavy 1 28 IRON WARGEAR . Lascannon A weapon system that can fire either Super-Krak or Frag missiles. They are much bulkier than Krak grenades with a more sophisticated detonation mechanism. It is an assault weapon with the following profile: Range Strength AP Type Consisting of heavily armored gloves. Most effective at very short range. Literally cooking and melting away armour plate. Supplied with both types of ammunition.000 Rulebook for details of using Melta bombs. causing a storm of shrapnel that drives opponents further under cover.000 Rulebook for details of using Frag grenades (pg. With a staggering rate of fire and shells even more lethal than the standard Boltgun. Frag Missile Range Strength AP Type These are enormous heavy weapons made to destroy heavily armoured targets. At long range there are few finer weapons for tank hunting than the Lascannon. Heavy Bolters are deadly weapons that fire fist. Chaos space marine sometimes carry Melta bombs to destroy enemy tanks and bunkers. Range Strength AP Type 12” 8 1 Assault 1.Frag Grenade This is hurled at the enemy prior to an assault. metal. Lighting claws ignore armour saves and re-roll any to wound dice that fail to cause a wound. while Super-Krak missiles can break open all but the most heavily armoured targets. The gun houses a laser chamber that charges an explosive energy blast capable of piercing enemy armour. and bone with the same terrifying effectiveness. Lighting Claws Hades Pattern Bolter A modified. lighting claws slices through armour. Range Strength AP Type 48” Krak Missile Range 4 Strength 6 AP Heavy 1.sized bolts at the enemy.

Range Strength AP Type Comprised of a high yield explosive. Range Strength AP Type Plasma Gun A type of double-barreled Autocannon called the Reaper. Gets Hot! Plasma Pistol The variant in the plasma weapon family. Multi-Meltas are perfict for destroying bunkers and enemy tanks. It is mostly used by Chaos Terminators to allow them to lay down a hail of shots giving them a much greater chance of hitting their target. Attacks with a power fist are always delivered at initiative 1 (ignore initiative bonuses from special Rules. power weapons cuts through armor. A power fist is a power weapon. Reaper Autocannon 36” 7 2 Heavy 1. They are also used to flush out dug in pockets of resistance. Because of the deadly energies contained within them. Iron Warriors utilize them to breach fortifications or destroy armour. Melta Plasma Cannon A powered armoured gauntlet surrounded by a disruptive energy field. although the range and rate of fire are less. Special Equipment Twin-Linked Bolter 12” 7 2 Pistol. a plasma gun does not fire a blast in quite the same fashion. and bone with ease. and also doubles the user’s strength. willing to take the risk in exchange for their devastating power. Gets Hot! The inclusion of Terminator Armour in the Pre-Heresy Space Marine arsenal brought the ability to bring more firepower to the battlefield. it is used to deliver crushing blows to the enemy. (Up to a maximum of 10) power fists however are difficult and cumbersome to use. more destructive version of the Meltagun. Plasma Weapons are prone to misfire and overheating.Multi-Melta A larger. The first weapon designed for Terminators was the Twin-Linked Bolter. Range Strength AP Type 36” 7 4 Heavy 2.) Weapons that are deadly to both their targets and to those that risk using them. a Multi-Melta has a greater range than its smaller cousin. generating the destructive heat of a small sun. Traitor Legions have made wide spread use of this weapon. Range Strength AP Type 8” 10 2 Assault 1. Models wounded in close combat by the attacks of a model armed with a power weapon are not allowed armour saves. Rather several smaller pulses of plasma are fired instead. Plasma Weapons fire a plasma bolt that explodes on impact. Though it confers no strength bonus or particular armour penetration advantages. Despite the risks it poses to the bearer. Chaos Space Marines often select plasma guns from the armoury. Twin-Linked IRON WARGEAR 29 . Range Strength AP Type 24” 4 5 Rapid Fire. the destructive power of a satchel charge is focused into a shaped blast. Blast. flesh. A plasma pistol can be used as a close combat weapon. Since the Horus Heresy. war gear. Range Strength AP Type Power Weapon Sheathed in a lethal haze of a disruptive energy field. Blast. Gets Hot! Smaller than the Plasma Cannon. Range Strength AP Type Power Fist 24” 8 1 Heavy 1. etc. the forces of the Emperor no longer employ it. Twin-Linked Satchel Charge 24” 7 2 Rapid Fire. each shot from a plasma pistol contains all the destructive fury of a large plasma gun.

ignoring armour saves.ARMOUR Power Armour The standard protection of Chaos Space Marines. capable of firing its armament on the move and launching devastating charges into combat. Made of thick ceramite plate and electrically motivated fibre bundles that replicate and enhance the movements of the wearer. EQUIPMENT & UPGRADES Chaos Space Marine Bike A bike fitted with powerful engine. even if it is not part of the mission being played. its distinctive outline casts fear into the enemies of the ruinous powers. a servo-arm grants the model a single extra close combat attack made separately at initiative 1 and strength 8. On the other hand. Personal Icon A staff used to simply guide teleporting models. Terminator Armour is capable of withstanding almost any attack. A Sorcerer with a familiar may be given one psychic power more than normal. or a living being invested with the power of the warp. It does not count as an extra model and is only removed if its master is killed. (Icons and Deep Strike) for details. From small imps. In addition models that are wearing jump packs can be dropped from low-flying gun-ships. They may always start the game in reserve and arrive using Deep Strike Rules. mutants. Power Armour offer some of the best protection armour can provide. Using their jump packs to swoop down onto the battlefield. Servo-Arm Mechanical arms used for battlefield repairs or even put to use as weapons. Each bike is a versatile fighting platform.000 Rulebook. See the Chaos Space Marine codex. although it is permissible to represent it separately for modeling purposes. Models equipped with jump packs are jump infantry as described in the WarHammer 40.linked bolters as standard. To represent this they can be kept in reserve and arrive using the Deep Strike Rules (see the mission Special Rules section of the WarHammer 40. dwarfish. evil-looking mannequins or twisted. A jump pack allows the wearer to travel incredibly quickly. a warrior equipped with a jump pack can make great bounding leaps across the battlefield. any model wearing terminator armour can be teleported onto the battlefield. Models in terminator armour are capable of moving and firing heavy weapons.000 Rulebook. and Made to be incredibly durable. as described in the WarHammer 40. bulletproof tires. Passing over obstructions and racing swiftly into close combat. Jump Pack Containing jets or turbines that can lift even heavy power armour from the ground. Terminator Armour Originally designed for close fighting aboard space hulks and in other confined areas.000 Rulebook). The familiar is always assumed to be on the same base as its master. They can any form. models in terminator armour may not sweeping advance after assaults. Chaos Space Marine bikes are fitted with twin. 30 IRON WARGEAR . Familiar A Familiar may be a small creature made of psychic energy. Also. A model wearing Terminator Armour has a 2+ armour save and a 5+ invulnerable save. Models equipped with power armour receive a 3+ armour save. Models equipped with chaos space marine bikes follow all of the rules for bikes.

Dozer Blade A heavy plough. IRON WARGEAR 31 . When possible. it may not be taken by that vehicle. Chaos space marine use such a weapon on a Chaos variant Russ tank or other vehicles that may take the battle cannon. They are used to clear obstacles from the vehicle’s path. Vehicles equipped with extra armour count crew-stunned results on the vehicle damage tables as a crew shaken result instead. All upgrades may only be taken once per vehicle. blade. bounded within the warped. such as the Basilisk tank or by semi-mobile instillation. Iron Warrior vehicles may be fitted with the following equipment. Range Strength AP Type 48” 5 5 24” 10 2 Ordinance 1. Range Strength AP Type A weapon system where the terror of unseen and unheard ordnance rains death upon its enemies. Range Strength AP Type A missile launcher that fires a cluster of high explosive missiles. See the combi-weapon war gear entry for details. pintle-mounted weapons are treated as an additional weapon with the profile of a normal combi-weapon that can always be fired in addition to other weapons as if the vehicle did not move more than 6”. The vehicle ignores crew shaken and stunned results altogether (though transporting passengers are affected normally). But its BS is reduced to a 3. Some vehicle crews add additional armour plating to they vehicles to provide a little extra protection. mounted on the front of a vehicle hull. When the vehicle tank shocks. Large Blast Extra Armour Deamonic Possession The vehicle’s crew has been replaced by a daemon. Large Blast Ordinance Barrage 1. the enemy suffer an extra -1 modifier to their leadership. Large Blast Heavy 1. Havoc Launcher Demolisher Cannon Another Leman Russ tank weapon variant that servers the Chaos Space Marine interest. all upgrades should have visible representation on the model. Battle Cannon Earth-shaker Artillery Gun An ordnance weapon system placed in the turret of a Leman Russ tank. Range Strength AP Type 36”-120” 9 2 72” 8 3 Ordinance 1. rune-inscribed hull. ram. If an upgrade is not listed in a vehicle entry. A vehicle equipped with a dozer blade can re-roll a failed difficult terrain test as long as it is not going to be moving more then 6” that turn. Twin-Linked Pintle-Mounted Combi-weapon Dirge Caster This device emits terrifying screams and wails to demoralize the enemy. or in a weapon placement.VEHICLE ARMOURY & UPGRADES Iron Warriors have a wealth of choices when it comes to enhancing their vehicles’ combat abilities. Used by Chaos Space Marines to provide additional close range firepower to their vehicles. This weapon is mounted on an open top vehicle. Blast. or scoop is an up-grade to tank hulls.

I am tracking the ballistic trajectory.. Hold on. Range Strength AP Type = = Transmission Intercepted = = = = Recording. The human Astartes are pulling back. = = . They were on the verge of over running our position when they just stopped firing and withdrew. Siege Hammer An industrial sized jackhammer used to undermine fortified structures or enemy vehicles. Pintle.I wish to hear what these vermin are squealing.e’La Astartes nal’fahl ek! ++ Initiate translation matrix. ++ ++ Begin the second phase. They have just fired artillery. ne. Smoke Launcher: Bolt-on grenade launchers used to obscure the vehicle. allowing it to cross open area. In addition all models that suffer an unsaved wound from a siege hammer and not killed will be knocked reeling. ++ ++ My Lord. It counts as a dreadnought close combat weapon that adds an additional d6 to armour penetration rolls. ++ 24” 4 5 Rapid Fire. See WarHammer 40. our spotters are reporting that enough have made it through to inflict heavy damage.mounted twin-link bolters are treated as an additional weapon with the profile of a normal twin-link bolter which can always be fired in addition to other weapons if the vehicle did not move more than 6”. but having fired at that unit.. Your last statement was garbled. a vehicle using a searchlight can always be targeted during the following enemy turn. the Tau have used their drones to intercept most of the incoming shells. will illuminate it with the searchlight. For the rest of the Shooting Phase. However. If a vehicle has a searchlight it must still use the night fighting rules to pick a target.. See the twin-link bolter war gear entry for details.y again Shas’ui. Ignoring the night fighting rules as the enemy see the searchlight. Such is the force of being hit by a siege hammer that any damage result also inflicts a crew shaken result..000 Rulebook for details of using Smoke Launchers. 32 IRON WARGEAR . Twin-Linked Searchlight Of use when the night fighting rules are in effect. It is not heading for us? Evacuate the base! The artillery is heading for you! I think they have cracked our comm.. Their forward base is neutralized. = = Transmission lost = = = = End Recording = = ++ Report. I repeat... ++ ++ Excellent.. any other unit that fires at the illuminate unit does not use the night fighting rules. However. ++ . Reducing their initiative to a value of 1 until the end of the next player turn.Pintle-Mounted Twin-linked Bolters A weapon system fitted to Chaos Space Marine vehicles to provide additional firepower.

POWER ARMOUR WS BS Warsmith 5 6 S 4 T 4 W 3 I 5 A 3 100 POINTS Options: Ld 10 Sv 3+ Unit Composition: 1 Warsmith • • • • • • • Unit Type: Infantry Wargear Power armour Bolt pistol Close combat weapon Frag grenades Krak grenades Special Rules: Fearless Independent Character Combat engineer 5+ Invulnerable save • • • • • May replace bolt pistol with: .jump pack +20 points .power weapon +15 points .HQ AXINOUS.twin-linked bolter +5 points .combi-weapon +10 points • May take any of the following: . FAVORED SON OF PERTURABO WS BS Daedalus 5 6 S 6 FA SA RA 13 13 10 240 POINTS Wargear I 5 A 3 Unit Composition: 1 Daedalus • Unit Type: Walker (Unique) • Smoke Launcher Searchlight Dreadnaught Close Combat Weapon w/ Heavy Flamer Extra Armour Plasma Cannon Artificer’s Arm • • • • • • Special Rules: Arcane Warding Hard to Kill WARSMITH.personal icon +5 points .single lightning claw +25 points .servo arm +30 points • May take one of the following: .plasma pistol +15 points • May replace CCW with one of the following: .melta bombs +5 points .power fist +25 points .bike +30 points • May have a command rhino +45 points IRON WARRIORS ARMY LIST 33 . THE SIEGE MASTER OF SEBASTUS VI WS BS Axinous 5 6 S 4 T 4 W 3 I 5 A 3 215 POINTS Ld 10 Sv 2+ Unit Composition: 1 Axinous (Unique) • Unit Type: Infantry Wargear Terminator armour Power fist Kai gun Personal icon • • • • • Special Rules: Fearless Independent Character Combat Enginseer Master Artillerist Daemonic Consort • • • • • • • DAEDALUS.pair of lightning claws +30 points • May take one of the following: .

May replace twin-linked bolter with: • combi-weapon +5 points .the iron touch +20 points .personal icon +5 points .Must take one of the psychic powers as above.melta bombs +5 points .jump pack +20 points .insidious aim +25 points • May replace bolt pistol with: .single lightning claw +10 points • May replace TL bolter and power weapon with: . and force weapon: +15 points .plasma pistol +15 points • May take any of the following: .pair of lightning claws +10 points • May have a personal icon +5 points • May have a command rhino +45 points IRON MAGUS WS BS Warsmith 5 5 S 4 T 4 W 3 I 5 A 3 100 POINTS Options: Ld 10 Sv 3+ Unit Composition: 1 Iron Magus • • • • • • • Unit Type: Infantry Wargear Power armour Bolt pistol Force weapon Frag Grenades Krak Grenades Special Rules: Independent Character 5+ Invulnerable save Sorcerer • • • • An Iron Magus must take one of the following: . .May take any of the following: • personal icon +5 points • familiar +5 points 34 IRON WARRIORS ARMY LIST .power fist +10 points .HQ +30 points • May replace all wargear with terminator armour. TERMINATOR ARMOUR WS BS Warsmith 5 6 S 4 T 4 W 3 I 5 A 3 130 POINTS Options: Ld 10 Sv 2+ Unit Composition: 1 Warsmith • • • • • Unit Type: Infantry Wargear Terminator armour Twin-linked bolter Power weapon Special Rules: Fearless Independent Character Combat engineer 5+ Invulnerable save • • • • • May replace twin-linked bolter with: .perturabo’s wrath +15 points . twin-linked bolter.chain fist +15 points .combi-weapon +5 points • May replace power weapon with: .familiar +5 points • May take one of the following: .

bike +15 points +15 points +25 points +5 points +5 points +20 points +30 points COMMAND RHINO Armor BS Command Rhino 4 Front 11 Side 11 Rear 10 Unit Composition: 1 Command Rhino • Unit Type: Vehicle (Tank) • Wargear Sensor array Communications array Twin-linked bolter Smoke launchers Searchlight • • • • • Special Rules: Repair Sensor array Communication array • • • IRON WARRIORS ARMY LIST 35 .melta bombs . ENGINEERS WS BS Siege Master 5 5 S 4 T 4 W 2 I 4 A 2 80 POINTS Options: Ld 10 Sv 3+ Unit Composition: 0-3 Siege Masters • • • • • • • • Unit Type: Infantry Wargear Power armour Bolt pistol Close combat weapon Frag grenades Krak grenades Servo arm Special Rules: Iron Within. Iron Without Independent Character Combat engineer Armourer • • • • • May replace bolt pistol with: .twin-linked autocannon +20 points .power fist • May take any of the following: .jump pack .HQ ENGINE OF WAR WS BS Engine of War 5 5 S 6 FA SA RA 12 12 10 165 POINTS Options: I 5 A 3 Unit Composition: 1 Engine of War • • Unit Type: Walker Wargear Smoke launcher Searchlight Dreadnought close combat weapon w/ heavy flamer Extra armour • • • • • • Must take a second arm with one of the following: .dreadnought CCW w/ heavy flamer +15 points (will add +1 to number of attacks on profile) • One Dreadnought CCW may be upgraded to a Siege Hammer w/ heavy flamer for 10 points.multi-melta +10 points .plasma cannon +15 points . Special Rules: Arcane Warding SIEGE MASTER.twin-linked lascannon +35 points .personal icon • May take one of the following: .plasma pistol • May replace close combat weapon with: .power weapon .twin-linked heavy bolter +15 points .

hades pattern bolter +15 points .heavy flamer +15 points • If a unit of Terminators is 10 models strong.heavy flamer +15 points .chain fist +15 points .satchel charge +10 points .power fist +25 points • The squad may take a Chaos Rhino as dedicated transport for +35 points plus upgrades. • Any number of Sappers may take Meltabombs at +5 points per model.reaper autocannon +25 points .ELITES IRON WARRIOR TERMINATORS WS BS Terminator Terminator Champion 4 4 4 4 S 4 4 T 4 4 W 1 1 I 4 4 A 2 3 105 POINTS Options: Ld 10 10 Sv 2+ 2+ Unit Composition: 3 Terminators • • Unit Type: Infantry Wargear Terminator armour Twin-linked bolter Power weapon • • • • Special Rules: Iron Within.twin-linked bolter +5 points .single lightning claw +10 points • Any model may replace TL bolter with: . • May upgrade one Terminator to an Aspiring Champion for +10 points.combi-weapon +5 points • Any model may replace TL bolter and power weapon with a pair of lightning claws: +10 points • One model may replace TL bolter with: . Iron Without • May add up to 7 Terminators at +35 points each. 36 IRON WARRIORS ARMY LIST . • Up to four models may choose one of the following: .power weapon +15 points . • Any model may replace power weapon with: . • The Champion may replace his bolt pistol with: . a second Terminator may replace his TL bolter with one of the special weapons at the cost detailed above.hades pattern bolter +20 points • May upgrade one Sapper to an Aspiring Champion for +10 points.plasma pistol +15 points • The Champion may replace his bolter with: . IRON WARRIOR SAPPERS WS BS Sapper Aspiring Champion 4 4 4 4 S 4 4 T 4 4 W 1 1 I 4 4 A 1 2 100 POINTS Options: Ld 10 10 Sv 3+ 3+ Unit Composition: 5 Sappers • • Unit Type: Infantry Wargear Power armour Close combat weapon Bolt pistol Bolter Frag grenades Krak grenades • • • • • • • • Special Rules: Iron Within. Iron Without Infiltrate • May add up to 5 Sappers at +20 points each.combi-weapon +10 points • The Champion may replace his CCW with: .power fist +15 points .

multi-melta +10 points .siege hammer w/ heavy flamer +20 points Special Rules: Crazed OBLITERATOR CULT WS BS Obliterator 4 4 S 4 T 4 W 2 I 4 75 POINTS EACH Wargear A 2 Ld 9 Sv 2+ • • Unit Composition: 1-3 Obliterators • Unit Type: Infantry • Power fist Obliterator weapons (one per turn from lascannon. twin-linked flamer) Special Rules: Fearless 5+ Invulnerable save Slow and Purposeful Deep strike • • • • IRON WARRIORS ARMY LIST 37 .twin-linked heavy bolter +15 points .ELITES IRON WARRIOR DREADNOUGHT WS BS Dreadnought 4 4 S 6 FA SA RA 12 12 10 90 POINTS Options: I 4 A 3 Unit Composition: 1 Dreadnought • • Unit Type: Vehicle (walker) Wargear Smoke launcher Searchlight Dreadnought close combat weapon w/ twin-linked bolter • • • • • Must take a second arm with one of the following: .plasma cannon +15 points . twinlinked meltagun.twin-linked autocannon +20 points . plasma cannon. twin-linked plasma gun. multimelta.twin-linked lascannon +35 points .

• The squad may take a Chaos Rhino as a dedicated transport for +35 points plus upgrades. Iron Without • May add up to 5 Iron Warriors at +17 points each.plasma gun +15 points .plasma gun +15 points • If the squad numbers 10 models.lascannon +20 points • May upgrade one Iron Warrior to an Aspiring Champion for +15 points.combi-weapon +10 points • The Champion may replace his CCW with: .heavy bolter +10 points .twin-linked bolter +5 points .power fist +25 points • The Champion may take melta-bombs for +5 points. • The Champion may replace his bolt pistol with: .auto cannon +10 points .TROOPS IRON WARRIORS WS BS Iron Warrior Aspiring Champion 4 4 4 4 S 4 4 T 4 4 W 1 1 I 4 4 A 1 2 105 POINTS Options: Ld 9 10 Sv 3+ 3+ Unit Composition: 5 Iron Warriors • • Unit Type: Infantry Wargear Power armour Close combat weapon Bolt pistol Bolter Frag grenades Krak grenades • • • • • • • Special Rules: Iron Within.missile launcher +10 points .plasma pistol +15 points • The Champion may replace his bolter with: . a second iron warrior may replace his botler with: .) • - 38 IRON WARRIORS ARMY LIST .plasma pistol +15 points • One Iron Warrior may replace his bolt pistol with: .melta gun +10 points .melta gun +10 points .power weapon +15 points .flamer +5 points .flamer +5 points . Options: A Chaos Rhino may have any of the following: dozer blade +5 points extra armour +15 points daemonic possession +20 points A Chose Rhino may pintle mount one of the following: twin-linked bolter +5 points combi-weapon +10 points havoc launcher +15 points CHAOS RHINO Armor BS Command Rhino 4 Front 11 Side 11 Rear 10 • Unit Composition: 1 Chaos Rhino • • • • • Special Rules: Repair • • Unit Type: Vehicle (Tank) Wargear Twin-linked bolter Smoke launchers Searchlight Transport Capacity: 10 models (Obliterators and models in Terminator Armour may not be transported. • One Iron Warrior may replace his bolt pistol with: .

Weapons Teams do not take up a force organization slot.bolter with plasma gun +15 points • One model may be upgraded to an Aspiring Champion for +15 points.bolter with flamer +5 points . and may not hold objectives.bolt pistol with plasma pistol + 15 points . IRON WARRIORS ARMY LIST 39 . Iron Without Weapons Team You may field one Iron Warrior Weapons Team for each 10 man squad of Iron Warriors in your army.TROOPS IRON WARRIOR WEAPONS TEAM WS BS Iron Warrior 4 4 S 4 T 4 W 1 I 4 A 1 50 POINTS Options: Ld 9 Sv 2+ • One Iron Warrior may replace his bolter with a fire - Unit Composition: 3 Iron Warriors • • Unit Type: Infantry Wargear Power armour Close combat weapon Bolt pistol Bolter Frag grenades Krak grenades • • • • • • • • support weapon or anti-tank weapon from the following: heavy bolter +15 points autocannon +20 points missile launcher +20 points lascannon +35 points Special Rules: Iron Within.bolter with melta-gun +10 points . do not count as Troops.power weapon +15 points . FAST ATTACK IRON WARRIOR RAPTORS WS BS Raptor Aspiring Champion 4 4 4 4 S 4 4 T 4 4 W 1 1 I 4 4 A 1 2 110 POINTS Options: Ld 9 10 Sv 3+ 3+ Unit Composition: 5 Raptors • • Unit Type: Jump infantry Wargear Power armour Close combat weapon Bolt pistol Bolter Frag grenades Krak grenades • • • • • • • May add up to 5 Raptors at +22 points each. • Up to two Raptors may replace: . • The Champion may replace his CCW with: .power fist +25 points • The Champion may replace his bolt pistol and CCW with a pair of lightning claws for +25 points.

Iron Without • May add up to 7 Iron Bikers at +35 points each.power weapon +15 points .power fist +25 points • The Champion may take melta-bombs for +5 points. CENTURIONS WS BS Centurion 4 3 S 6 FA SA RA 10 10 10 70 POINTS Options: I 4 A 3 • May add up to 2 Centurions at +70 points each. Unit Composition: 1 Centurion • • • Unit Type: Vehicle (Walker) Wargear Two dreadnought close combat weapons (attack included in profile) Wargear (cont. Unit Composition: 5 Cybernetic Chaos Hounds • Unit Type: Beast • • Special Rules: Feel No Pain You may field any number of Cybernetic Chaos Hound units. They do not use any force organization slots.) Twin-linked hades pattern bolter Daemonic possession Smoke launchters Searchlight • • • • • Special Rules: Scout 40 IRON WARRIORS ARMY LIST .plasma pistol +15 points • The Champion may replace his CCW with: . but are otherwise considered fast attack units.flamer +5 points .FAST ATTACK CYBERNETIC CHAOS HOUNDS WS BS Cybernetic Chaos Hound 4 0 S 4 T 4 W 1 I 4 A 2 70 POINTS Options: Ld 7 Sv 6+ • May add up to 5 Cybernetic Chaos Hounds at +14 points each.melta-gun +10 points . • The Champion may replace his bolt pistol with: .plasma gun +15 points • One model may be upgraded to an Aspiring Champion for +15 points.) Bolter Frag grenades Krak grenades Chaos bike with twin-linked bolter • • • • • Special Rules: Iron Within. • Up to two bikers may replace their close combat weapons with: . IRON WARRIOR BIKERS WS BS Iron Biker Aspiring Champion 4 4 4 4 S 4 4 T 4(5) 4(5) W 1 1 I 4 4 A 1 2 105 POINTS Options: Ld 9 10 Sv 3+ 3+ Unit Composition: 3 Iron Bikers • • • • • Unit Type: Bike Wargear Power armour Close combat weapon Bolt pistol Wargear (cont.

extra armour +15 points .heavy bolters +30 points .extra armour +15 points .extra armour .dirge caster +5 points • May pintle-mount one of the following: .daemonic possession .dozer blade +5 points .daemonic possession +20 points .daemonic possession +20 points .havoc missile launcher +15 points CABAL CLASS CHAOS PREDATOR Armor BS Cabal Class Predator 4 Front 13 Side 11 80 POINTS Options: Rear 10 Unit Composition: 1 Cabal Class Chaos Predator • • Unit Type: Vehicle (Tank) Wargear Turret-mounted twin-linked hades pattern bolters Smoke launchers Searchlight • • • • Special Rules: Ensorcelled Ammo CHAOS VINDICATOR BS Vindicator 4 Front 13 Side 11 125 POINTS Options: Armor Rear 10 Unit Composition: 1 Vindicator • • Unit Type: Vehicle (Tank) Wargear Hull-mounted demolisher cannon Smoke launchers Searchlight Dozer blade • • • • • May have any of the following: .twin-linked bolter +5 points .HEAVY SUPPORT CHAOS PREDATOR Armor BS IW Predator 4 Front 13 Side 11 Rear 10 70 POINTS Options: Unit Composition: 1 Chaos Predator • • Unit Type: Vehicle (Tank) Wargear Turret-mounted autocannon Smoke launchers Searchlight • • • • May replace the turret autocannon with a twin-linked lascannon for +35 points.combi-weapon +10 points .dirge caster • May pintle-mount one of the following: .heavy bolters +30 points .twin-linked bolter .plasma cannons +40 points • May have any of the following: .combi-weapon +10 points .dirge caster +5 points • May pintle-mount one of the following: .combi-weapon .havoc missile launcher +15 points +20 points +5 points +5 points +10 points +15 points IRON WARRIORS ARMY LIST 41 .dozer blade +5 points .lascannons +60 points • May have any of the following: .havoc missile launcher +15 points • May add a pair of side sponsons armed with: .twin-linked bolter +5 points . • May add a pair of side sponsons armed with: .

close combat arm (+1 attack) free .havoc missile launcher +5 points • May replace reaper autocannon with: .) Unit Composition: 1 Iron Warriors Land Raider • • Unit Type: Vehicle (Tank) Wargear Hull-mounted twinlinked heavy bolter Two sponson mounted twin-linked lascannons Smoke launchers Searchlight • • • • • Options: May have any of the following: dozer blade extra armour daemonic possession dirge caster May pintle-mount one of the following: twin-linked bolter combi-weapon havoc missile launcher • • - +5 points +15 points +20 points +5 points +5 points +10 points +15 points Special Rules: Assault vehicle 42 IRON WARRIORS ARMY LIST .twin-linked lascannon +20 points Special Rules: Fleet IRON WARRIORS LAND RADIER BS IW Land Raider 4 Front 14 Side 14 220 POINTS Transport Capacity: • 10 models (Models in terminator armour count as two Armor Rear 14 models for the purpose of being transported.close combat arm (+1 attack) free . Obliterators cannot be transported.) Reaper autocannon Twin-linked heavy flamer Daemonic possession Smoke launchters Searchlight • • • • • • • May replace twin-linked heavy flamer with: .twin-linked bolters free .HEAVY SUPPORT IRON WARRIORS DEFILER WS BS IW Defiler 3 3 S 6 FA SA RA 12 12 10 150 POINTS Options: I 3 A 3 Unit Composition: 1 Iron Warriors Defiler • • • • Unit Type: Vehicle (Walker) Wargear Two dreadnought close combat weapons (attack included in profile) Battle cannon Wargear (cont.

"Remove those now" Rumantus waved at two sniveling.extra armour . cowering bearer slaves who warily moved forward to remove their crushed brothers not wishing to share the same fate. The Ordnance servitor looked on blankly as the mighty load arm picked up a pallet of Earthshaker rounds.dirge caster +5 points +15 points +20 points +5 points • • • • Ordinator Rumantus prepared the Basilisk 'Revenge' for firing. He discarded the bodies aside as he would a ration pack. Rumantus walked up to the flank of the mighty artillery piece.) Two sponson mounted reaper autocannons Hull-mounted demolisher cannon Siege dozer Extra armour Smoke launchers Searchlight • • • • • • Options: May have daemonic possession: May pintle-mount one of the following: twin-linked bolter combi-weapon havoc missile launcher • • - IRON WARRIOR BASILISK Armor BS IW Basilisk 4 Front 12 Side 10 135 POINTS Options: Rear 10 Unit Composition: Iron Warrior Basilisk • • Unit Type: Vehicle (Tank.HEAVY SUPPORT LAND RADIER FORGEBREAKER BS Forgebreaker 4 Front 14 Side 14 250 POINTS Special Rules: • Siege dozer +20 points +5 points +10 points +15 points Armor Rear 14 Unit Composition: 1 Land Raider Forgebreaker • • • Unit Type: Vehicle (Tank) Wargear Hull-mounted twinlinked heavy bolter Wargear (cont. callously squeezing the life out of two ammunition bearer slaves to entice the daemon spirit that infested it ancient targeting cogitator. Open-topped) Wargear Earth-shaker artillery gun Hull-mounted heavy bolter Smoke launchers Searchlight • May have any of the following: . IRON WARRIORS ARMY LIST 43 .dozer blade . wiped the blood of the sacrifices against the flanks of his ancient charge. A shudder emanated from deep within the vehicle and the visibly infected daemon flesh around the sealed hatches writhed and shivered.daemonic possession .

I've also drilled out he end of the boltgun using a pin vice and 1mm drill bit. some modelers do it before building. knife and right shoulder pad are straight from the plastic Chaos Space Marine set. Unlike a number of gamer/modelers I know I do this for every gun-wielding model in my armies. STEP 2: PAINTING AN IRON WARRIOR Before painting. I tend to do my minis as a batch. Once cleaned the parts are glued using super glue. it’s a lot quicker to run a production line of a number of figures doing the same painting stage at a time rather than doing one completely. wash the mini in soapy water. If you’ve ever wondered why the paint won’t apply evenly on you mini and ‘runs off’ the surface its because of this. I've used my methods for painting rank and file troops rather than characters. Sunburst yellow. backpack. Base is a scenic resin 10mm base from EPICAST with deck plating detail. pouches. then the next. Torso is from the Iron Warriors Index Astartes set. Left shoulder pad is a metal Iron Warrior item from GW mail-order.. rifles and some heavy weapons. Iron Warriors are probably the most powerful Chaos army for firepower and the easiest to paint! GW even gives you a quick '5 minute' guide on painting Iron Warriors in the original 3rd edition Codex: Chaos Space Marines. This agent and the grease if kept on can stop paint adhering to your minis. Dwarf bronze. It’s quick and simple and adds realism to your models. STEP 1: BUILDING AN IRON WARRIOR I've delved into my bits box to make up this guy. Colours: Chaos black.. Pistols. ''Tusked' helmet is from the Chaos Havocs set. Skull white.MODELING AND PAINTING IRON WARRIORS As an army. also it helps get the grease from your fingers you apply to the mini whilst handling it during building. Build list is as follows: Khorne Berzerker legs Arms. All colours I use for painting are from the GW range. Burnished gold. Carefully pat dry them with a light towel or kitchen towel and then leave to air dry. If not done the slightest knock will ensure a scratch on your mini. Shining gold. I tend to paint troops in squads or batches. This helps get off the release agents GW use in their metal and plastic molding process. Boltgun metal. So I've set out here a step-by-step way of painting Iron Warriors.. I'd normal use these for champion models but I'm all out of GW blank bases! All the parts are clipped off their sprues and trimmed and cleaned with a fine file and scalpel. bolter. Golden yellow.. My method isn't '5 minute' but it's quite easy to miss out some of the detailing steps below to get a usable good looking Iron Warriors army on the gaming table in just a few days. I'll put some extra notes in the areas that I'd concentrate more on if painting to a character level model. 44 MODELING & PAINTING .

not too much though. The base colour is GW’s Boltgun Metal. The result when dried should be a dark matt base with an oily/ dirty look to it. red. I find GW’s metallics are the best.000 years. LOWLIGHT . Bleached bone. A couple of light coats to get as much of the figure covered as possible. It’s simple and quick. When this is dry it’s followed by a further wash of GW Badab Black wash. if too heavy it can obliterate detail. as it doesn’t pick up hair and lint.To give the armour really aged and ancient feel I use GW’s Devlan Mud wash using a paint brush.To dry brush.) MODELING & PAINTING 45 . If it looks simply black you might want to try another cost of thinned Devlan mud to give a brown tint to the armour plate. b) Use a small piece of kitchen/toilet towel to soak up the excess. But this method can be applied to any model with different sized brushes and different ‘loads’ of paint to do everything from picking out fine details on chest plates to brushing mud on the track of Land Raiders. As there isn’t that much liquid paint on the brush it will settle on the higher mould points of the model leaving the crevices (in this case) black and picks the detail up nicely. Chainmail. The mix of dark brown and black washes gives the armour a look like it’s been around for 10. As the washes can take a couple of hours to PAINTING STAGE 2 Now we start to add some colour. If you find the wash ‘pooling’ either a) brush with clean water thinning the wash out and distribute it around the model.. This can be done several times in specific areas to really build up the detail. flesh PAINTING STAGE 1 Very simply a good undercoat is vital. Don’t worry about painting over areas that you don’t want to be Boltgun Metal.. Vomit brown. I predominantly use GW Chaos black spray paint. After the washes are dry see what you think of the appearance. Wipe the brush until it’s virtually dry and then brush the mini up and down. Once done I go over my minis with Chaos black thinned with black wash using a large(ish) brush to ensure all the nooks and crannies are filled and the undercoat is nice and even. This is dry brushed* all over the body of the mini in an even coat. PAINTING STAGE 3 To pick out the detail on my models I use a method known as lowlight-highlight. I add clean water to the washes to thin them we don’t want anything too heavy at the moment. Bubonic brown. Mithril Silver Washes: Black. This process also gives the mini a slightly semi gloss appearance. chestnut. this is a base colour and detail can be painted over at later. * Dry brushing . As above. Wipe the excess off the brush onto some kitchen towel (I use this rather than cloth rag. Be careful not to use a heavily loaded brush as the wash will pool excessively in crevices. With the above model I didn’t brush too much of the paint off as I’m trying to cover a fairly large area. brown.Bestial brown. take a paintbrush loaded with the colour required.

The metal areas of the bolter were washed with black wash and the edges of the side casing were lined with Mithril silver to give a worn look to the sides of the bolter. you could simply use a brown or black wash for the armour. hips and knees. Use a small brush and paint it around the tops of the armour plates where the armour and banding join. A thin line of sunburst yellow was put on the left hand edge of the Iyanden yellow to give a highlight. The pipes on the top of the backpack could be painted black and then highlighted with a dry brush of Boltgun metal. In the case You can use Bubonic brown in place of Iyanden yellow to give a more brown appearance. then lightly washed with Devlan mud wash. However I simply washed them with black wash. Black wash will pick out the detail the stage 2 dry brushing may have gone over. For characters I may apply a couple of thinned Black washes then a Devlan wash. BOLTER The bolter side casings were first painted skull white. I also keep a wash of my own concoction. It’s much easier to apply a dark base colour and add details using a lighter colour than applying the light colour and trying to darken areas. If you wish repeat stage 3 and stage 4 to add real metallic depth to the effect. washed with Devlan Mud wash and then highlights dry brushed using Dwarf bronze thinned with Mithril silver. you could then wash with either yellow wash to enhance the yellow or with brown wash to give an aged look. I’ve lightly dry brushed the model with Boltgun metal using an old medium sized paintbrush to apply the paint but the dry brush is much lighter than stage 2. The tips of the bolter shells and the rangefinder on the muzzle end of the bolter were painted red. you shouldn’t paint on a model with wet wash still on it. PAINTING STAGE 5 Time to look at adding the detailing I use for special units and characters . The finished result is very much like lots of carbon build up on steel/iron which is what I’m looking for. described further down. Next the bolter shells. Don’t overdo this though. which is half Gryphonne Sepia and half Badab black this makes for a nice mid tone dirt brown wash which isn’t as dark as Devlan mud. Should you wish. The basic colour is now done. Then the black cross hatch lines were painted on next with detail brush. part of the rear plating was painted Dwarf bronze. feed mechanism. Repeated a couple of times you can build the colour up on a figure to look very malevolent. bolter arrow trims and cocking handles were painted with dwarf bronze. The same method was used on the flexible joints on the elbows. this method I’ve tried and looks far more artificial. PAINTING STAGE 4 This stage gives us the ‘highlight’ part of the ‘lowlighthighlight’ method mentioned above. Each is slightly lighter than the previous shade. In all counts it’s better to apply two or three thinned coats rather than one heavy coat. then Iyanden yellow as a base coat for the Golden yellow. the colours run! If you wish to make the lowlight darker repeat the process until the armour is as dark as you require. this really darkens the armour giving a very ancient look done in conjunction with the highlight process. don’t go too mad with this. I’ll do a last highlight coat using a light dry brush of Chainmail. be careful not to make the wash too heavy. The former will give a rusted appearance.dry. this sinks into the recesses leaving the tips of the ribbing on the pipes with its original colour (the dry brushed Boltgun metal) still shining through. BACKPACK The backpack was painted as per the rest of the figure. You can add to stage 4 to accentuate the colour with further light dry brushings with lighter shades of the highlight colour. The backpack 46 MODELING & PAINTING . If you are careful you can do a few very light dry brushes to add depth to the colour. GW’s Gryphonne Sepia wash is good for ‘rusted’ detailing. of Boltgun metal GW list Chainmail and Mithril silver as the highlight colours. Stage 4 is very similar to stage 2.

The horns/tusks were first painted bestial brown and washed with a mix of black/brown wash.. Lots of the details can be applied to other forces/legion/chapters as well as Chaos Marines. This gives a stripped’ effect of colour progressing up the horn/tusk. acter models I sometimes follow these methods. Try to keep the palette down to as few colours as possible as this gives a much more uniform look to your forces. The center of the pad was painted black and the trim and arrow & skull icon painted dwarf bronze.vents were trimmed with dwarf bronze and the lower exhaust ports were highlighted with Mithril Silver. washed with black ink/wash and then the side casing picked out in simple black. I wash this then with Thraka green wash and pick out the pin with Boltgun metal HELMET. The blade was then dry brushed with Boltgun metal and highlights of Mithril silver used along the blade edge. Clasps are done in with Boltgun metal or Shining gold. The same was done on the Iron Warrior icon shoulder pad. So there ya go. however I use a simpler and quicker way. Using a thinned wash of the colour you require over the lens. For char- There you have it! As mentioned above. This guy has a frag grenade hanging from his belt. Bolters can be painted Boltgun metal. Eye lenses can simply be a single painted colour with no highlight. The trim & icons were washed with Devlan Mud wash. next a stripe of white is applied on top of the black leaving a black border around the white area. TUSKS & HORNS The basic helmet is painted as per the rest of the armour. now get paintin’! MODELING & PAINTING 47 . then carefully dry brush Goblin green on to the fragmentation plates of the grenade. Use Bestial brown as the base colour and wash with the Gryphonne Sepia wash. highlights need to go on the edges of the pouches and high spots of the fleshy base the Chaos Marines have them put on. to paint this I wash the grenade with black wash. I put a small drop of black wash onto the rivet and left it to dry. But you can see what can be down with a limited palette or colours. using a wash can give you a quick lowlight with the high points of the base colour giving you a natural highlight doesn’t require further highlighting. Mithril silver was used to highlight around the lens sockets. The hilt and guard were painted dwarf bronze and also washed with the Devlan Mud wash. I then wash lightly with brown wash and then re-emphasize the white tip of the horn/tusk. For speed you might want to drop some of the highlighting techniques. Then using black or dark brown and a fine brush paint vertical ‘ridges’ up the length of the horn to give the illusion of grain and gouges in the horn. The handgrip was painted bestial brown and washed with a mix of black and brown washes. On larger models this is best done with multiple stripes of mixed colour graduating from the dark base to the white tip. I equipped this model with a combat knife from the Chaos Space Marines plastic sprue. The mouth grille is the painted with a light wash of black wash. But that’s essentially the way I paint my Iron Warriors. The iron skull was painted Boltgun metal. This will give your lowlights. GW has published in White Dwarf magazine on several occasions’ articles on painting gems and lenses. although this also applies to holsters. I’ve included some detailing tips I would probably skip over if painting up regular troop units. trim is done with Dwarf bronze as per the other pieces of armour. Paint the eye lens area in white. mouth grille and ear pieces. Around the moulded rivets on these shoulder pads. SHOULDER PADS The right hand shoulder pad was a plastic item from the kit. PACKS & POUCHES Lastly we have the packs and pouches. The area above the base the horn is then painted Bubonic brown. Helmet lenses are first painted black to ‘fill out’ the lens area. then Bleached bone and finally white at the tip of the horn. you can achieve a natural highlight. Once dried I carefully add a spot of Shining gold this accentuates the rivet detail.. The wash will naturally ‘pool’ in the corners of the eye socket leaving the domed center area of the lens with the white undercoat shining through more than the corners. washed with black wash and then dry brushed highlights applied with Mithril silver. To highlight I use firstly Bestial brown and then Bestial brown mixed with some Bleached bone.

twinlinked Assault 1. Gets Hot! Heavy 2.SUMMARY: IRON WARRIORS UNITS INFANTRY Axinous Aspiring Champion (Biker) Aspiring Champion (Terminator) Aspiring Champion (All Others) Cybernetic Hounds Iron Magus Iron Warrior IW Biker IW Havoc IW Raptor IW Sapper Iron Warrior Terminator IW Weapons Team Obliterator Siege Engineer Warsmith WS BS 5 4 6 4 S 4 4 T 4 4(5) W 3 1 I 5 4 A 3 2 Ld 10 10 Sv 2+ 3+ WALKER Centurion Daedalus Defiler Engine of War Iron Warrior Dreadnought WS BS 4 5 3 5 4 3 5 3 5 4 S 6 6 6 6 6 FA SA RA 10 13 12 12 12 10 13 12 12 12 10 10 12 10 10 I 4 5 3 5 4 A 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 1 4 3 10 2+ 4 4 4 4 1 4 2 10 3+ VEHICLE 4 5 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 0 5 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 6 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4(5) BS 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 FA 13 14 13 11 13 11 12 14 SA 11 14 11 11 11 11 10 14 RA 10 14 10 10 10 10 10 14 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 3 4 5 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 2 3 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 2 2 3 7 10 9 9 9 9 9 10 9 9 10 10 6+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 2+ 3+ 2+ 3+ 3+ Cabal Predator Chaos Land Raider Chaos Predator Chaos Rhino Chaos Vinidcator Command Rhino Iron Warrior Basilisk Land Raider Forgebreaker 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 RANGED WEAPONS Weapon Autocannon Bolt pistol Boltgun Combi-bolter Flamer Melta Plasma Flamer Hades pattern bolter Heavy bolter Heavy flamer Kai Gun Range 48” 12” 24” 24” Template 12” 24” Template 18” 36” Template 24” Str. Blast Range 48” 12” Str. Gets Hot! Rapid Fire. Blast Heavy 1 Heavy 1. Melta SUMMARY . Gets Hot! Assault 1 Assault 3 Heavy 3 Assault 1 Assault D6 Satchel Charge 8” 10 2 Weapon Lascannon Meltagun Missile launcher Frag Krak Multi-melta Plasma cannon Plasma gun Plasma pistol Reaper autocannon 48” 48” 24” 36” 24” 12” 36” 4 8 8 7 7 7 7 6 3 1 2 2 2 4 Heavy 1. Blast. Gets Hot! Pistol. 9 8 AP 2 1 Type Heavy 1 Assault 1. 7 4 4 4 4 8 7 4 4 5 5 6 AP 4 5 5 5 5 1 2 5 4 4 4 3 Type Heavy 2 Pistol Rapid Fire Rapid Fire Assault 1 (1 shot) Assault 1. Melta (1 shot) Rapid Fire. Melta Heavy 1.

SUMMARY: IRON WARRIORS IRON WARRIORS SPECIAL RULES Arcane Warding Confers a 5+ Invulnerable Save. Combat Engineer Confers Tank Hunters Universal Special Rule on unit. It repairs one immobilized or weapon destroyed result and has a range of 12”. Also allows the tank to re-roll failed Difficult Terrain tests. Iron Within. IRON WARRIORS PSYCHIC POWERS Perturabo’s Wrath Being the Master of a thousand sieges. An Iron Magus uses the psychic power in the Shooting Phase on any one allied vehicle within 24”. Assault Vehicle Models exiting this vehicle may assault in the same turn they disembark. An Iron Magus uses the psychic power in the Shooting Phase. Repair Instead of shooting. Sensor Array If enemy infiltrators begin the game within a friendly squads line of fire then one squad is allowed to make a shooting attack at them before the battle begins. Ensorcelled Ammo Shots from Ensorcelled Ammo use the small blast template and provide no Cover Save. Siege Dozer Provides an additional +1 to the strength of a Ram Attack up to a max of 10 and allows the tank a 4+ invulnerable save against any vehicle ramming its front. may attempt to repair an immobilized result during the shooting phase. Communications Array If the Command Rhino is on the board the Iron Warriors player may choose to re-roll a single Reinforcement dice once per turn or have one squad Deep Strike without scatter. SUMMARY . the vehicle can then fire its weapons on using the ballistic skill of the Iron Magus during the same Shooting Phase. Keeping a vehicle in the thick of battle. This may cause the infiltrators to Fall Back. Crazed Text goes here. This power is used during the Movement Phase. He may use this ability once per turn. Normal shooting rules apply with any missed rolls to hit being able to be re-rolled once. Iron Without Confers Stubborn to the model/unit. Master Artillerist After a piece of ordinance on his side has fired. the player may instead choose to remove a base Iron Warrior model (from the Weapons Team squad) if one is available. On a single D6 roll of 6+. He cannot assault during the turn he is attempting to take control of a vehicle. Moving stone and flesh aside with his will. Armourer Can repair Weapon Destroyed or Immobilized results on a single D6 roll of 5+. The Iron Magus shows absolute disdain for the enemies’ defenses. The Iron Magus’s will invades the weapon systems of an allied vehicle attempting to wrench control of its’ guns and use them to better effect. Hard to Kill Penetrating hits against Daedalus become glancing hitson a single D6 roll of 5+. Weapons Team If a model with a heavy weapon should be removed. Every enemy unit within 18 inches of the Iron Magus that makes a successful cover save must reroll the result. Daemonic Consort Confers Eternal Warrior and a 4+ Invulnerable Save. If he is successful. as it takes up his complete concentration to do this. Insidious Aim The Iron Touch The Iron Magus use the power of the warp to reknit twisted metal and melted circuits. Axinous can adjust the drift by D6 inches in the direction of his choice. The Iron Magus is successful on a d6 roll of a 4+. the vehicles is no longer immobilized and may move as normal in subsequent turns.


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