Title: Forbidden Fruit Author: AishiteSubete Rating: T Summary: Since that very first time, it was a game of cat

-and-mouse. I wanted his heart, he wanted my death. SasuSaku.

Putting on my shoes--the new ones that Tsunade bought me--was a bit of a challenge. I've fought and destroyed S-rank criminals and nearly killed one of the deadliest rogue shinobi in the world, yet I was still defeated by eight simple buckles on each of my boots. I sighed, taking them off; I didn't have time to finish fighting my footwear tonight. Shizune would have my head if I didn't get to my shift in time. With that in mind, I tossed the present-shoes behind my couch and slipped into the sandals by the door. I was at my post right on time, and Shizune barely uttered a word as I took my position. It was eleven at night, and nobody in Konoha was stirring; in fact, most of the shinobi who were even in town were catnapping and only half-aware. When I analytically broke down the situation I was in, I realized that I was the only line of defense that stood between a sleeping Konoha and fatal enemies. It was such a daunting concept that I had never considered before, despite its truth. But when I realized the effect the thought had on me (such as making me shake and dart my eyes around the area) I stopped thinking it; within moments, I was back in my happy place, keeping a careful watch over the peaceful gates of Konoha. Or so I thought. I felt a bandaged hand over my mouth, effortlessly shattering any delusions I had about a peaceful watch shift, and I responded quickly: I bit the hand of whoever tried to grab me. It was such a rudimentary response--one that many shinobi forgot to even use--that it took my attacker off guard. The man yelped (the timber of the pained sound clued me in to the gender) and my self-defense one-oh-one skills kicked into overdrive. I extended my leg with the force of a train, catching my assailant in the groin; another howl was emitted, and it egged me on further. A sharp shove on the chest and a jab at the solar plexus had the mystery man backed against the city gates, my left hand at his throat and a kunai placed precariously above his heart. My breathing fell a little heavier than it did forty-five seconds earlier, and I also felt my attacker's chest heaving under the pressure of my weapon. The adrenaline was addictive, and I didn't remember how long it had been since I had felt this rush; it definitely had been a while, ever since I had quit taking missions to specialize in city defense. A solitary cumulus cloud moved from its position from the moon, illuminating the gates of Konoha with a radiant, silvery light. It was with the aid of the moon that I was

"Why are you here?" I asked." He chuckled. "Why do you want to kill me." Sasuke said simply. his orbs carrying no emotion other than passive boredom. and I know he felt it too. "Though you seem to react pretty well to shock. realizing that I was now doing what so many had failed to: I have put the great Uchiha Sasuke. don't start acting like that now. "The third time's always the charm. "Uchiha Sasuke-san. never breaking the contact. "Sakura. to be honest). I felt a tremor of fear run through my body. and I knew he did it on purpose. whether or not he would take another breath. I looked down at it interestedly. I tightened my grip on his throat and pressed the kunai a little deeper into his chest. for his laughter rose in pitch. "Don't address me like you know me. flowing from the point of my kunai. raven hair (kind of styled like a duck's rear end. trying to soak in the appearance--every little detail. "My heart has changed since then. causing the kunai to tear a small. glowering down at me. I looked over the male multiple times. I paid attention to the thin layer of sweat that coated his forehead." He chuckled darkly. I narrowed my eyes at him. to the point of discomfort for him. the murderer of Uchiha Itachi. Sasuke-san?" "You love me. Everything he did enraged me. "I thought that having the element of surprise would give me the upper hand." Sasuke continued his miniature monologue and chuckled." I growled." He said it as if it were the most logical thing in the world--he wanted to kill me because I loved him. coal black eyes. in my mercy. "Answer me. linear wound on his chest. "I don't love you!" I said defensively. curled upward into the faintest trace of a grin. . So I continued to bare down on his throat and chest. He laughed a little more. keeping the hard edge in my voice to show him that I was no longer a pushover like I had once been." "I've tried twice to kill you. a toned chest exposed by a low v-neck shirt. It was intoxicating. With an inaudible snarl." I watched as his lips. staring down at me." he shrugged. tightening my grip on his throat even more. keeping the eye contact going." His voice struck a nerve with me. and the small trail of blood that ran over his pecs and his ribs. lifting my green eyes to stare into his for the first time tonight. Acting as such won't change the fact that I have the upper hand. He only smiled. He hadn't activated his Sharingan yet--something which came to me as a shock.able to make out the facial features on the man in front of me. like he was laughing at his own joke. dry and slightly chapped. and I could see the hint of insanity that lurked in his eyes. I controlled whether he lived or died. and you've never cared to. the fact that he was still able to talk surprised me. almost as though I was supposed to know the answer. "You've never known me. the way he said my name--my given name with no honorific--hit even harder. and a large purple rope encircling his waist.

I did respond. Though my devotion has ebbed. Sasuke put his arms around me. will it bring you to death sooner?" Those words stabbed me like knives. You would have died for me. His heart for my destruction. Uchiha Sasuke also knew that a few years ago I would have thrown away my life and everything I cared for to go with him. distract me. At one point. I didn't respond to him. would have killed the Sound Four or Yakushi Kabuto or whomever to keep him safe. It was a brief moment (well. the kunai was knocked from my hand and my grip on his neck was destroyed. The last Uchiha stood behind me. "But Sakura--" "Sakura-san!" I corrected with a loud yell. each threatening to drown me." He grinned ferally and within a moment. I didn't push the Uchiha away. after so many years of pining away for him and thirsting for his love. Was my heart becoming something I didn't understand anymore? "Sakura-san. nor did I melt into his arms. I knew what he was doing." he caved in and used the honorific. He had thrown my infatuation for him under a microscope and studied every little thing I did. He knew that. "If I give you my heart. pulling me closer to his chest. that being said. When he said those words into the open night air. his love. "All I wanted then. he said. His usage of honorifics--or lack thereof--was grating my nerves.my affections have turned to Naruto. Then his lips met mine. refusing to leave under even the most extreme circumstances--like tonight. he was going to give me his heart." Uchiha Sasuke was telling me the truth in the harshest words possible. there were still a lot of things that I would do for him. Sasuke-san. and I knew his taste. we were now connected in this way. but just enough. he had hit the nail on the head. and it was in a situation not much unlike this one that you would have betrayed your homeland to be with me--if it meant spending the rest of your life by my side. or worse yet. It was a rush of two emotions--ecstasy and disgust--that washed over me like tidal waves. "I'm more than your average traitor. it also stood firm. I wish I fully understood why his manner had such an effect on me instead of just speculating at it. He knew that I got rid of my first true friendship with Yamanaka Ino in hopes of wooing him. And now he's using it against me. to confuse me. control my motions. I couldn't believe that. it was a maneuver to throw me off. . would have killed for me. you would have betrayed our village." I took a steadying breath to help hold back the tears that threatened to spill. the attached word acting like a salve to my nerves. his lips right near my ear. I was your first love. even now. you destroyed friendships to try and capture my love. When the Uchiha pulled away. for it was a trade that I wasn't sure if I wanted to make. he knew that I would have fought to the death with the Otogakure shinobi to protect him. like a trade. brief to me) of colliding lips and wrestling tongues. I don't love traitors. too. threatening to destroy my usually calm disposition. was your heart.

and I had told no one of our meeting. I threw the fruit into the wastebasket without a second thought. I'd try to forget that Sasuke was my forbidden fruit. for I kept dreaming of Sasuke. It was funny. I laughed. kept wondering when he was going to pop from the shadows to claim his part of our trade. and regret it the moment you swallowed. sinister sound. Moving the apple away from my lips. ------------------------It had been less than twelve hours since my encounter with the sole heir of the Uchiha clan. my heart belongs to you. soon standing to maneuver into the kitchen. At lunch. I liked them even less." Then he was gone. They tasted just like Sasuke. as I watched the white heart begin to change to brown. I spent most of the morning feeling guilty. and all that you were going to do in the future. so I grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl on my kitchen table and bit down on it."I'll collect my share of the trade at random. being instantaneously given knowledge of all the wrongs you had done in your life. they had always said that the apple was once viewed as a forbidden fruit. I sat up from my resting position on the couch and stretched. destroying my appetite). . I wasn't too hungry (the incident weighed on my mind tremendously. becoming contaminated with airborne bacteria. Today was a new day. My brief nap from eight to noon was restless. I looked at it intensely. Haruno Sakura. Even when Hinata came to relieve me of my duty. really. I had never really liked apples to begin with. I said nothing to her about what had transpired. you'll never see it coming. a dark. and after two bites. studying the two bite marks that had come to form a white heart against the fruit's skin. It was said to have once represented something so beautiful and so desirable that you would take a bite of it anyway. From this moment 'till the moment you take your last breath. maybe I'd finally defeat those boots that Tsunade had bought me as a birthday present.