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Valencia Trip

Everton Football College


 During this project we stayed in Galileo Galilei, Valencia, Spain. Whilst we were present
here we did a variety of activities and learnt different skills. These included; coaching,
Spanish lessons, training with ex pro coaches and visited numerous tourist attractions.

 As already explained, we completed

several coaching sessions such as,
playing forward in possession, rondo
drills, shooting practices and driibiling
drills. Our coaches were called Rafa
and Miguel, both ex pros. They made
our sessions fun and enjoyable, taking
into account what we wanted to do.

 We played two football matches and

experienced the different style of play
presented by the Spanish players. The
first team we played were Valencia
Women U16’s and the second team
we played were a local open aged
women’s team. This was an exciting
experience for all as we learnt the
copious amounts of intensity needed to
compete with these teams.
Spanish Lessons

 Another activity we did was Spanish

lessons. This opened our minds to a new
and intriguing language. During these
lessons, we learnt to count to ten and
how to greet each other. We also
played fun games whilst learning this
language, interesting us even more.
Our teacher was called Patri, who
helped us to communicate with each
Cultural Trips

 Whilst staying here, we watched

Valencia Women as well as Valencia
Men. Furthermore, we learnt to cook
profuse amounts of Spanish dishes such
as; Paella, Tortilla and a traditional
Spanish cake.
Youth Coaching

 We split into two groups and coached

different age groups. These included;
an U15’s Boys Team, Valencia Disabled
Team and an U7’s mixed team. This
experienced opened our eyes and
taught us how to communicate with
people of another language.

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