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Energy and Power: Production, Distribution, and Society

Energy and Power: Production, Distribution, and Society

This course is an introduction to energy and power within a societal context.

Useful Prerequisites
A general knowledge base in these topics will facilitate learning. Calculus Electricity and Magnetism Physics Statistics Thermodynamics

/Units and Conversions/ /Fluid Property Tables/ /Crib Sheet of Commonly Used Equations/

/Introduction: A Global Energy Balance/

Energy Consumption: Utility and Inequality

1. /World Portfolio/ /Breakdown by Users, Sources, and End Use/ /Relationship to GDP/ /Trends, Projections, and Scenarios/ /International Efforts/ 2. /United States Energy Policy/ /Energy Portfolio/ /The Department of Energy/ /History, Policy, and Industry/

Basic Ideas: Exercises and Review

1. /The Conservation of Energy/ /Special Topic: Crackpot Claims and Spotting Violations of the First Law/ 2. /Work and Heat in Thermodynamic Analysis/ /P-V Diagrams/ /T-S Diagrams/ /Psychrometrics/ /Chemical Energy and Combustion/

/Temperature Dependent Chemical Equilibrium/ 3. /Circuits: Resistors, Capacitors, and Inductors/ /DC Circuits/

Energy and Power: Production, Distribution, and Society /AC Circuts/ 4. /Transformers, Motors, and Turbines/ 5. /Distribution of Electric Energy/

Energy Sources: Technology, Cost, and Potential

1. /Special Topic: Non-Renewable, Renewable, Sustainable/ 2. /Fossil/ /Coal/ /Natural Gas/ /Petroleum/ 3. /Nuclear/ 4. /Solar/ /Photovoltaics/ /Solar Thermal/ 5. /Water/ /Hydroelectric/ /Ocean Wave/ /Ocean Tidal/ /Ocean Current/ 6. /Biomass/ 7. /Wind/ 8. /Geothermal/

Energy Storage and Conversion

1. /Gasification/ 2. /Waste to Energy/ 3. /Fuel Cells/ 4. /Hydrogen/ 5. /Micro-Turbines/ 6. /Flywheels/ 7. /Batteries/ 8. /Electricity/ 9. /Distributed Generation/ 10. /Diesel Generators/ 11. /Turbines/

Building Energy Use

1. /Green Building Design/ /Information Technology and Building Energy Management/ /HVAC systems/ /Psychrometrics, Human Comfort, and Energy/ /Lighting/ 2. /Time-Dependent Demand/ 3. /Commercial and Residential/

Energy and Power: Production, Distribution, and Society

1. /Spark Ignition, Diesel, and Hybrid Vehicles/ 2. /Freight and Shipping/ 3. /Air Travel/

The Path of Emerging Technologies

Power Cycles and Car Engine Design 1. /Otto Cycle/ 2. /Diesel Cycle/

Power Cycles and Power Plant Design

1. /Rankine Cycle/ /Reheat/ 2. /Brayton/ 3. /Issues in Efficiency and Cost/

Combustion and Pollution

1. 2. 3. 4. /Combustion and Chemical Energy/ /Kinetics/ /Common Pollutants and Concerns/ /Regulation/

Economics and Energy Markets

1. /Limited Natural Resource Economics/ /Jevons Paradox/ /The Consumption Curve/ /Reserves/ 2. /Pollution Caps and Trading/ 3. /Electricity/ /Supply and Demand: Peaks and Valleys/ /Grid Capacity and Infrastructure Costs/ /Deregulation/ /Real-time Pricing/ 4. /Developmental Economics and Energy/ /Traditional Energy Portfolios/ /Human Impacts and Correlations/ /The Great Divide: North vs South/ 5. /Econometrics and Energy Forecasting/

Energy and Power: Production, Distribution, and Society

Sustainability and Energy

1. /Global Warming/ /CO2 Equivalent Sources and Sinks Accounting/ /Carbon Sequestration/ /Atmospheric Modeling/ 2. /Energy Sources and Magnitudes/ 3. /Special Topic: Consumption, Capitalism, and Unsustainable Growth/

The Future: Scenarios of Disaster and Opportunity

1. /Economic and Environmental Forces for Change/ 2. /The Role of the Engineer: Ideas with Potential/

Further reading
Basic Electrical Generation and Distribution Power Electronics

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Article Sources and Contributors

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