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e Sustainability Report is one of the main instruments through which we disclose information to our stakeholders and society in general. It conveys our vision and our initiatives regarding sustainability, as well as the way we relate to our stakeholders. We have been using Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines to prepare this publication since 2006 (to learn more about the GRI, see the Sustainability Report section). is printed version presents the most important developments in 2010. More details are available on the Internet. Further information on the Organizations economic and nancial aspects can be found in the Annual Report and Financial Statements, which can be accessed at, in the Reports and Spreadsheets section.

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relatrio de sustentabilidade 2010 Perfil da Organizao

OrganizatiOnal PrOfile


Banking Activity

Insurance, Private Pension Plans and Savings bonds

Banking Activity

Insurance, Private Pension Plans and Savings bonds

Bradesco Consrcios Bradesco Financiamentos Bradesco Promotora de Vendas Banco de Investimentos BBI - BRAM Bradesco Asset Management S.A. DTVM - Bradesco S.A. Corretora de Ttulos e Valores Mobilirios - gora Corretora de Ttulos e Valores Mobilirios S.A.

Bradesco Vida e Previdncia Bradesco Auto/RE Bradesco Sade Bradesco Dental Bradesco Capitalizao

Bradescos Presence

Deposit capture Banking services to individuals and companies Loans operations Credit and debit cards Leasing operations Investment banking activities International banking activities Asset management Consortiums

Life and personal accident insurance Health insurance Automobile insurance Property and liability insurance Accident insurance Pension plans, including individual and corporate Savings bonds Security investment contracts

to be recognized as the best and most efficient financial institution in brazil and for promoting banking inclusion and sustainable development.

Checking accounts Savings accounts Insurance group - policyholders - private pension participants - savings bonds holders Bradesco Financiamentos Millions 23.1 41.1 36.2 31.5 2.0 2.7 3.3

to supply financial and insurance solutions, products and services quickly and competently, primarily by promoting banking inclusion and social mobility, contributing to sustainable development and building lasting relationships in order to create value for shareholders and society as a whole.

Other Stakeholders Market segmentation

Minimum investment available of r$ 2 million

annual sales higher than r$ 250 million

Total Assets and Net Equity

Total Assets
Branches Bradesco Expresso Banco Postal

Shareholders Employees R$ millions 637,485 48,043 Suppliers

Thousands 378.1 95.2 3.7

Net Equity

Bradesco Bradesco Private Corporate

11 offices investments available above r$ 70 thousand or monthly income from r$ 6 thousand 1,257 groups (11 platforms) Middle Market annual sales from r$ 30 million to r$ 250 million

Distribution Network
branches banking service units (pabs/paes/paas) outplaced bradesco atM network terminals(1) branches/ subsidiaries abroad atMs in the banco24horas network(1) banco postal bradesco expresso bradesco promotora (correspondents) automated teller machines 3,628 4,480 3,891 12 9,765 6,203 26,104 801 43,072

Market Share
credit operations demand deposits(2) savings deposits(2) funds + portfolios premiums for insurance, private pension plans and savings bonds number of branches SFN(1) 12.5% 18.3% 14.1% 17.0% 24.5%(3) 18.7%

283 branches

Bradesco Bradesco Prime Empresas (Middle Market)

12,656 economic groups (69 branches)


23.1 million clients (holders)

3,338 branches 4,480 service stations (pab/ pae/paa) 6,203 banco postal 26,104 bradesco expresso


source: brazilian central bank, anbid, susep and ans. (1) brazilian central bank figures are preliminary. (2) base date: september 2010. (3) base date: november 2010.

(1) including overlapping atMs within the banks own and shared network.


Message from the Presidency

the main accomplishments of 2010, achievement of period targets and goals for the coming years.

Sustainability Vision
how bradesco seeks to include sustainability in its strategy, daily operations and corporate practices.


Sustainable Finance
presentation of the following topics: banking inclusion, financial education, the use of social-environmental criteria in granting loans, loan products, investments, cards, insurance, private pension plans and savings bonds.


Responsible Management
how bradesco relates to customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, investors, the community, government and society, and the initiatives undertaken to generate greater value with lower environmental impact.


Social-Environmental Investments
the main initiatives aimed at environmental preservation and social inclusion, as well as educational, environmental, sporting and cultural projects and events.

52 56 58 59

Sustainability Report Statement of Assurance Independent Auditors Report Acknowledgements

Message from the Presidency

Sustainability Vision

Sustainable Finance

Responsible Management

Social-Environmental Investments

Sustainability Report


Message frOM the PresidenCy

Present in all of Brazils municipalities, Bradescos goal is to include an ever-increasing number of Brazilians in the banking system, allowing them to open checking and savings accounts, make deposits and withdrawals, pay their bills, and receive pension and retirement payments, as well as giving them access to loans and allowing them to manage their budget safely and efficiently. The Bank is determined to achieve a leading position in the Brazilian economic scenario as a financial intermediator, encouraging investments, making loans more democratic, increasing the offer of products, services and solutions, and prioritizing banking inclusion and social mobility. In 2007, the Bank began activities in the communities of Rocinha, in Rio de Janeiro, and Helipolis, in So Paulo. In 2010, it opened an Advanced Service Branch in Paraispolis, in So Paulo, and in January 2011 it inaugurated a pioneering branch, the Agncia Comunidade Cidade de Deus (Cidade de Deus Community Branch), in the west side of Rio de Janeiro. By taking financial products and services to communities lacking banking services, Bradesco boosts local commerce and adds momentum to the local economy, thereby contributing to the countrys overall economic and social development. Brazil is curently enjoying economic stability and growth, with higher employment, family income and investments, signaling important advances toward economic development. This favorable environment creates substantial business opportunities for Brazilian companies. In the last few years, for example, an average of 8,000 accounts were opened every day at Bradesco. In 2010 the Bank launched several unique products and services, tailored to each customers potential and profile, including the Bilhete Residencial Estou Seguro and Conta Bnus Celular, as well as the eye mouse, software that allows people with limited movements (whether or not they are Bradesco customers) to use a computer and access Internet Banking. Additional initiatives have also been taken in order to improve customer service, such as the adaptation of branches and ATMs for use by people with disabilities. A signatory of the United Nations Global Compact since 2005, in 2010 the Bank attended the United Nations Global Compact Leaders Summit, a debate held in New York that united more than one thousand executives from major global companies. The summit launched the Blueprint for Corporate Sustainability Leadership, which inspires companies all over the world to follow and propagate the Global Compacts principles. In order to improve its management of social-environmental risks, Bradesco became a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), which take environmental, social and corporate governance issues into consideration when evaluating investments. Additionally, the Bank continued to apply best project financing practices by using social-environmental criteria in analysis and monitoring processes. Bradesco is constantly seeking to improve its relations with suppliers, taking into account social-environmental criteria based on management rules, to select, evaluate and monitor strategic suppliers. An additional operational structure, incorporating a

sustainability report 2010 Message from the Presidency

social-environmental evaluation tool, was created to assist the Bank in the consistent development of this value chain. Fundao Bradesco, one of the largest private social and educational programs in Brazil, offers high-quality education free of charge in its 40 schools primarily located in socially and economically underprivileged regions in all Brazilian states and the Federal District. In its 54 years of operations, it has provided education to more than two million students, in addition to a further two million people who attended other types of program, totaling more than 4 million Foundation beneficiaries in all. The inauguration of the Sports Development Center in Osasco, part of the Bradesco Sports and Education Program, which benefits around 2,000 girls, underlines the Organizations commitment to promoting citizenship and social inclusion among low-income children and teenagers. With a capacity for up to 500 athletes per day, the Center incorporated several sustainability criteria in its design and construction and is currently one of the most modern sports facilities in Brazil. Once more the Bank was included in the Guia Exame de Sustentabilidade, a list of 20 model Brazilian companies in terms of corporate social responsibility published by Exame magazine. For the 14th consecutive year, it was chosen as one of the 150 Best Companies to Work for by Guia Voc S/A, also published by Exame magazine, and for the 11th consecutive year it was chosen as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work for in Brazil by the Great Place to Work Institute and poca magazine.

It was also included in the Carbon Efficient Index (IC02), which aims to encourage companies whose shares are most traded on the Stock Exchange to measure, monitor and disclose their greenhouse gas emissions. The Index was developed by the So Paulo Stock Exchange (BM&FBovespa S.A. Bolsa de Valores, Mercadorias e Futuros) and the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES). Additionally, for the 5th consecutive year Bradesco was included in the NYSEs Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), comprising companies from around the world with outstanding sustainability practices. Finally, for the 6th consecutive year the Organizations shares were included in the BM&FBovespas Corporate Sustainability Index. All these accomplishments and achievements were only possible thanks to the unceasing support and efficient and dedicated work of our employees and e would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of them.

Lzaro de Mello Brando

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Chief Executive Officer

Message from the Presidency

Sustainability Vision

Sustainable Finance

Responsible Management

Social-Environmental Investments

Sustainability Report


sustainability VisiOn

Concern for the development of the country is part of Bradescos DNA. Since its inception in 1943, and especially after Fundao Bradesco was set up in 1956, issues like education, people development, banking inclusion and promotion of citizenship have been an integral part of its day-to-day operations. The Banks business strategy is based on the concept of growth with respect for stakeholders and the environment, and is guided by three main principles: a. To grow organically, remaining alert to possible acquisitions, associations and partnerships, always committed to highquality service and the security of products, solutions and services, endeavoring to improve our Operational Efficiency Ratio; b. To identify and assess risks that are intrinsic to our activities, applying suitable controls and acceptable levels for each operation; c. To maintain close relations with the capital market, conducting our businesses with total transparency and ethical behavior, while generating adequate returns for investors. These are the principles on which the Bank bases its sustainability vision and strategy, with the goal of focusing all of Bradescos

social-environmental actions on three pillars: sustainable finance, responsible management and social-environmental investments.

Sustainability governance
The Banks sustainability initiatives are evaluated by the highest instance, the Executive Sustainability Committee, composed of one member of the Board of Directors, executive officers and departmental heads. The Committee meets quarterly, but may be convened at any time if necessary.

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer

Executive Vice-President


Market Relations Department (RSA Area) Advisory Area

Executive Sustainability Committee

sustainability report 2010 Sustainability Vision




expand the service network in brazil

a total of 175 branches, 136 banco postal units and 5,904 bradesco expresso correspondent banks were implemented


continue expansion of the service network through the installation of several units, particularly in low income communities such as: rio das pedras, complexo do alemo and Morro dona Marta

Banking Inclusion

Sustainable Finance

expand bradescos customer base, especially among the population underserved by banks

account-holder base grew from 20.9 to 23.1 million, of which more than 300 thousand are new customers from the d and e income classes launching of the ocular mouse for the disables, the onlending of r$ 15 million to a credit cooperative and the launching of residential insurance for r$ 9.90 a year consolidation of social and environmental risk management areas and the structuring of new operational models and flows to evaluate and monitor said risks

open 300 thousand accounts for customers from the d and e income brackets

Products and Services

improve the availability of products and services tailored to customers needs, while taking social and environmental aspects into consideration

perfect the responsible credit hot site and increase low-income insurance priced up to r$ 9.99 a month

Social and Environmental Risk

increase operations assessed using social and environmental criteria

implement principles for responsible investment (pri) to evaluate investments and create policies for the loan sector in at least three segments considered to be critical

spread and incorporate a culture of sustainability

Responsible Management

Personnel Management
be recognized as one of the best companies and the best financial institution to work for in brazil

7,708 employees participated in the online course in sustainability. the bank also held the ecoefficient exhibition and conducted the Minute of voluntary presence campaign expand the scope of the sa8000 certification to more than 6.6 thousand employees. the bank was also included in rankings and recognitions related to personnel management

align the bradesco volunteer program with the ecoefficiency program. divide the current online sustainability course into three modules

expand the scope of sa8000 and ohsas 18001


generate greater value with less environmental impact

creation of the director plan to guide the organizations activities in the next five years

begin actions that are part of the director plan. involve the internal public in the ecoefficiency program


Work in partnership with suppliers to spread good social and environmental practices

prepare a tool for the social and environmental evaluation of strategic suppliers and expansion of the supplier engagement program based on the sa8000 standard

implement a tool for the social and environmental evaluation of the organizations strategic suppliers

improve the performance indicators of fundao bradescos schools in order to improve the quality of education provided

a number of pedagogic actions for the training of professors and the improvement of educational resources were implemented We served over 2 thousand students through early childhood education. the educa+ao program served over 25 thousand students funds onlent to fundao sos Mata atlntica enabled the planting of over 1 million endemic trees in the atlantic forest biome through fundao amazonas sustentvel (fas), the bank contributed to maintain 35 environmental conservation units that cover a total of 16.4 million hectares inauguration of the bradesco sports development center to centralize the structure of the bradesco sports and education program and optimize activities developed by the program investment of about r$ 170.7 million to aid and sponsor several social and cultural activities in a number of cities and regions throughout the country

continue to work to improve operational excellence indicators and educational Quality indexes

turn fundao bradesco schools into centers of reference and replication in their communities expand early childhood education services to two more school units

Social-environmental Investments

support initiatives to recover damaged areas in threatened ecosystems

Maintain the partnership with fundao sos Mata atlntica to strengthen programs developed to restore the atlantic forest continue to support the conservation of the amazon rainforest through the partnership with fundao amazonas sustentvel

support initiatives to conserve remaining natural areas in threatened ecosystems

promote the social inclusion of youth through sports

increase the number of girls served by training centers to 2,200, if possible

Culture and Sports

support several types of cultural expression through donations and sponsorships

continue to support and sponsor social and cultural events in all regions of the country

sustainability report 2010 Sustainability Vision

Sustainability indexes
In 2010 the Organization was included in the Carbon Efficient Index (ICO2), developed by the So Paulo Stock Exchange (BM&FBovespa) in conjunction with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES). The goal of the ICO2 is to encourage companies to work towards a low-carbon economy, in addition to encouraging the adoption of climate change policies and transparent practices regarding their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. For the 5th consecutive year Bradesco was included in the NYSEs Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), comprising companies from around the world with the best corporate governance and sustainability practices. Seven of the 318 companies in the index are Brazilian. Since 2006 the Bank has also been a part of the BM&FBovespas Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE).

In 2010, the Code became available in Braille, facilitating access for the visually impaired. The corporate guidelines on ethics are supplemented by four sector-specific Codes of Ethical Conduct for professionals in the Accounting and Finance, Procurement, Financial and Capital Market and Insurance and Private Pension areas. All codes are under the management of the Ethical Conduct Committee, whose function is to propose guideline dissemination and compliance initiatives. The Committee comprises members of the Board of Directors, executive officers, department heads and the Ombudsman. Breaches of the Organizations codes, policies and regulations are subject to disciplinary sanctions, regardless of hierarchical level. In order to strengthen the standard of conduct culture and improve customer service, Bradesco created three online courses on ethics.

Social-environmental risk management

The Organization constantly strives to incorporate social-environmental criteria into its activities in order to manage risks and improve relations with its customers and suppliers. In 2010, it took on commitments and developed internal criteria and procedures with the purpose of enhancing social-environmental risk management and meeting the needs of its main stakeholders. For the third consecutive year, it was included in the Guia Exame de Sustentabilidade, published by Exame magazine, where it was cited as a benchmark for social-environmental and risk management. The creation of areas focused on socialenvironmental risk management in 2010 helped consolidate the structuring of new models and operational flows for risk assessment and

Ethics management
All employees receive a booklet containing the Banks Code of Ethical Conduct, which is also published on the Intranet, as well as on the Internet for the general public. The Code is a practical guide to personal and professional conduct for employees, business partners, suppliers and service providers.

sustainability report 2010 Sustainability Vision

What are social-environmental risks?

Climate change
Bradesco constantly strives to improve its assessment of the impacts of climate changes on its businesses, as well as its own contribution to the phenomenon, identifying opportunities to use renewable energy sources and evaluating the environmental risks of the projects it finances. Bradesco is a signatory to several commitments and takes part in various organizations dedicated to combating and adapting to climate change. In 2010, it ratified a public policies letter of recommendation aimed at encouraging a low-carbon economy, thus increasing its involvement with the Brazilian Companies for Climate Platform (EPC). It also maintained its Eco-efficiency Management Program, which is constantly updated to adapt to the prevailing scenario (to learn more about Eco-efficiency Management, see page 42). It also supports organizations whose activities are directly related to these issues, such as the Fundao Amazonas Sustentvel (FAS) and Fundao SOS Mata Altntica, which play a crucial role in fighting deforestation in two of the most important Brazilian biomes (see page 50 for further details).


risk management is a highly strategic issue for Bradesco. In 2010, we took some important institutional steps, which helped us prepare clearer, more defined procedures. But we still have a good deal of hard work ahead of us.

Sandra Stacioni Saito

(Manager of the Project Social-Environmental Management and Monitoring area)

monitoring. The goal for the coming years is to keep reviewing current practices and establish sector-specific credit policies in at least three segments considered to be critical. In order to improve social-environmental risk management in investments, Bradesco Asset Management (BRAM) became a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), an initiative that unites investment companies from around the world and comprises six principles for responsible investment that address environmental, social and governance issues. In 2009 Bradesco launched a project to improve the criteria for the socialenvironmental certification, assessment and development of its suppliers. In 2010, it created a tool to streamline this activity, which will initially be implemented in strategic suppliers.

Carbon credits
The Bank maintains a Carbon Credit Management area, created to provide companies with financing for projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the so-called Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM). There was no demand for this type of credit in 2010 due to the fact that it is extremely new in Brazil and also due to uncertainties regarding the continuity of the Kyoto Protocol beyond 2012. However, other lines of credit were used to purchase more efficient, less polluting equipment.

sustainability report 2010 Sustainability Vision

Carbon Disclosure Project

created 10 years ago by the british government, the initiative brings together over 534 global institutional investors, totaling us$ 64 trillion in assets. this is a questionnaire sent to approximately 3,050 publicly traded companies, in order to meet their emissions of greenhouse gases (ghgs) and their actions to minimize the environmental impacts of their businesses.

Since 2006, Bradesco has been a signatory of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), one of the largest global initiatives related to climate change and the financial market, whose participants include banks, insurance companies and pension funds. In 2010, Bradesco was the master sponsor of the CDPs Brazilian chapter. In 2008, it also joined the CDP Supply Chain, becoming one of the few companies in Latin America to take on the commitment of propagating
Commitments assumed

this initiative throughout its supply chain. The Organization has undertaken to support the initiative until 2012 (for more details, see the Suppliers section on page 37).

Global commitments
Bradesco has assumed various national and international commitments related to corporate sustainability.

equator principles

bradesco has been committed to the equator principles since 2004. the guidelines, established by the international finance corporation (ifc), the financing arm of the World bank, include standards and criteria for evaluating and managing social-environmental risks and impacts related to project finance. as a signatory of the global compact, in 2010 the organization took part in the united nations leaders summit, an event that united one thousand ceos and executives from around the world in a debate on sustainability. this resulted in the launch, under the seal of the united nations, of the blueprint for corporate sustainability leadership, an action plan supported by bradesco which inspires global companies to follow the global compact principles in their business and disclose them locally and internationally. bradesco is aligned with the Millennium Development Goals, or 8 Ways to change the World, as they are known in brazil, a list of eight international commitments established by the united nations in 2000. in 2008 bradesco joined the Financial Coalition Against Child Pornography, which maps the flow of resources and tracks on-line financial transactions involving child pornography.
comprised of 191 member states of the united nations, the movement aims to seek sustainability and improved quality of life on the planet. built by two entities, the international centre for Missing and exploited children (icMec) and the national center for Missing and exploited children (ncMec), the move aims to eradicate commercial child pornography on the internet.

global compact

Millennium development goals

financial coalition against child pornography

bradesco is a member of the brazilian companies for climate platform (epc) of the fundao getulio vargas companies for climate center for sustainability studies (gvces), which seeks to identify possible ways of tackling climate change. this initiative was developed by the Ministry of the environment (MMa), the national federation of insurance companies (cnseg) and the association of insurance companies of rio de janeiro and esprito santo. created in 2009, it seeks to promote social-environmental initiatives in the insurance segment. since 2009, the bank, through the brazilian federation of banks (febraban), has been a signatory of the green protocol commitment proposed by the Ministry of the environment, which seeks to implement a common sustainability agenda for the banking sector. bradesco asset Management (braM) became a signatory of pri (principles for responsible investment) in 2010. the initiative aims to encourage investment companies to consider environmental, social and governance issues in their investment policies and decisions.

pact for the environment

green protocol



Message from the Presidency

Sustainability Vision

Sustainable Finance

Responsible Management

Social-Environmental Investments

Sustainability Report


sustainable finanCe

rocinha branch, rio de janeiro (rj)

The financial sector plays a key role in the pursuit of sustainable development, which is why Bradesco endeavors to include sustainable finance concepts in the design and management of its products and services, prioritizing issues such as banking inclusion, microfinance, social-environmental credit lines, socially responsible investments, insurance for lowincome earners, and the management of socialenvironmental risks associated with banking activities. Bradesco maintains an Executive Committee and a Department Commission of Products and Services to evaluate opportunities and the financial and operational feasibility of products, as well as their potential social and environmental impacts.

Account-holders by income group

21.14% A and B 31.10% D and E

47.76% C
in 2010, the bank began using the fgv methodology based on ibge research to define income groups, as opposed to that used by the brazilian association of Market research companies (abep). it also adopted the concept of household income instead of individual income.

Income levels
group a b c d e Monthly income r$ 6,809.92 or above from r$ 4,518.99 to r$ 6,809.91 from r$ 1,136.99 to r$ 4,518.98 from r$ 689.48 to r$ 1,136.98 up to r$ 689.47

Banking inclusion and microfinance

The inclusion of the low-income population in the banking system, in major urban centers and remote locations, lies at the core of the Banks activities. In addition to its regular branches, Bradesco has a network of 1,660 Advanced Service Branches; Bradesco Expresso service points, distributed among more than 26 thousand business establishments, such as supermarkets, drugstores and bakeries; Banco Postal, a partnership with Correios
Geographical distribution of customers with access to banking through correspondent banks*
9% South 11% Midwest 35% Southeast 13% North

32% Northeast
* including bradesco expresso and banco postal.


sustainability report 2010 Sustainable Finance

Network distribution in Brazil

in 2010

Northeast North
a 178 (4.9%) b 2,365 (5.5%)

a 536 (14.8%) b 6,951 (16.2%)


a 302 (8.3%) b 2,892 (6.7%)

inclusion in such communities generates a virtuous circle. Once in possession of debit and credit cards, people tend to use them in local commerce, allowing small business proprietors owners to formalize their activities, becoming fully-fledged companies. With Bradescos support, these entrepreneurs can then obtain credit to invest in their businesses, generating jobs, offering better products and attracting new customers.
Banco Postal: number of branches
5,58 5 5,82 1 5,94 6 6,06 7 6,20 3


a 556 (15.3%) b 4,538 (10.5%)


a 2,056 (56.7%) b 26,326 (61.1%)

A bradesco branches B atMs (including banco24horas machines)

(the Brazilian Postal Service), with 6.2 thousand service points; and 43.1 thousand ATMs. The main beneficiaries of these networks are the D and E income groups. The extensive service network is also supplemented by other channels, such as Fone Fcil (telephone service), Internet Banking and Bradesco Celular (mobile phone service). An average of 8 thousand new checking accounts were opened every day in 2010. Bradesco has been present in all Brazils 5,565 municipalities since 2009, while 31% of its total individual account holders come from the D and E groups, attesting to the Banks inclusion efforts. Bradesco operates in communities such as Rocinha, in Rio de Janeiro, and Helipolis and Paraispolis, both in So Paulo. Additionally, in January 2011 the Bank inaugurated its first branch in the Cidade de Deus community, in the west side of Rio de Janeiro, providing approximately 120,000 residents with banking services. In 2011 it will inaugurate branches in other Rio de Janeiro communities, including Rio das Pedras, Complexo do Alemo, Gardnia Azul, Dona Marta, Salgueiro, Terreiro, Tijuquinha, Turano and Vila Cruzeiro. Bradesco believes that banking

6 200

7 200

8 200

9 200

0 201

90 02

80 02

01 02

70 02

Bradesco Expresso: total partnerships

20,2 16,0 11,5 8,11 3 61 00

6 200

Transactions conducted at correspondent banks*

(in thousands)


6 200

* including banco postal and bradesco expresso.

60 02 60 02



7 200

8 200

9 200

0 201

90 02

80 02 80 02

01 02

681 ,536 583

7 200

70 02 70 02

836 ,869


6 ,373 71

8 200

9 200

0 201

90 02

01 02

60 02

sustainability report 2010 Sustainable Finance

Microfinance is a reflection of, and, at the same time, the driving force behind banking inclusion, as it enables credit to be granted to both individuals and companies. The impact

of microfinance on inclusion is reflected in the numbers, especially loan operations for the D and E groups, which totaled R$ 1.86 billion in 2010, 20.45% more than in 2009 figures.

Conta Bnus Celular (Mobile Bonus Account)

Local Productive Arrangements (APLs)

federao das indstrias do estado de so paulo (so paulo state industry federation) banco nacional de desenvolvimento econmico e social (national bank for economic and social development) servio de apoio s Micro e pequenas empresas (brazilian service of support to Micro and small companies)

Other customer services channels

in 2010

Telephone services (Fone Fcil)

number of calls: 332.9 million number of transactions: 331.8 million


number of machines: 27,033 in branches, pabs, paes and paas 4,982 at external points 11,057 banco24horas and shared network atMs of the total of 32,015 machines, 18,176 are equipped with the biometrical reading system bradesco security in the palm of your hand. number of transactions*: 2.0 million
* includes transactions through banco24horas and shared network atMs.


registered users: 2.6 million number of transactions: 2.4 billion number of site: 80
(23 of which allow transactions)

Cell Phone

number of transactions: 32.5 million


registered users: 488.7 thousand


sustainability report 2010 Sustainable Finance

Bradesco is constantly striving to improve accessibility for people with disabilities, both to its facilities and to its products and services. A large number of branches and Banking Service Units (PABs) have already been architecturally adapted and have at least one piece of equipment especially suited for people in wheelchairs and the visually-impaired. Most of the branches and PABs also have one employee who has been trained in Brazilian Sign Language (Libras) in order to assist hearing-impaired customers. More than 24.9 thousand employees had been trained up to 2010. The complete list of product and service accessibility options is available on the Banks web site at

Financial education
Bradesco has been training its customer service professionals in how to help customers choose the most appropriate products and services for their profile and income level. In 2010 the Bank offered free courses on Personal Finance, Financial Math and the Office Package, thereby aligning the concept of financial education with digital inclusion. Also with the goal of helping customers manage their personal finance, the Bank offers the Net Finanas application in the both Personal and Prime versions. University Account holders, in turn, have access to online financial education and other courses especially designed for university students. Bradesco also created a Responsible Credit hotsite. In order to relate to small town populations, Bradesco, with the support of the Banco Postal team, organizes Municipal Credit Meetings in order to present the Bank to the local community. As a major part of the population has never had any contact with a financial institution, these meetings help guide them on the proper use of banking products and services.

Progress of adaptation
architectural works atMs adapted for people in wheelchairs and the visually impaired 2009 96.5% 91.3% 2010 97.8% 99.3%

The Bank believes that the appropriate use of credit enables the creation of wealth and stimulates economic development. This is the assumption underlying its business chain.

Eye Mouse

Social-environmental criteria in loan operations

Bradesco analyzes and manages socialenvironmental risks in credit operations through the evaluation of documents, technical visits, the insertion of contract clauses and the creation of action plans and their respective monitoring. In 2010, official figures from contaminated areas published

sustainability report 2010 Sustainable Finance

Portfolio of monitored projects

on 12/31/2010

Classification of project risk according to the Equator Principles since 2005

projects funded under the guidelines of the equator principles

a - high risk


R$ 4.3 billion


R$ 3 billion

b - Moderate risk


Social and Environmental Risks


by the environmental agencies of So Paulo (Cetesb) and Minas Gerais (Sisema) began to be systematically reviewed. An analysis tool was also developed based on satellite images that show the location of Brazilian biomes, federal preservation units, indigenous land and caves, in order to aid the socialenvironmental risk assessment process. These procedures resulted in social and environmental restrictions being placed on 225 operations in 2010. Social-environmental analyses help identify potential risks to be handled jointly with customers. Currently, the Organization monitors 61 operations involving potentially sensitive sectors. Additionally, 22 credit proposals subject to specific social-environmental conditions are currently being contracted. In order to convey the importance of social-environmental risk management to its staff, between August and December 2010 Bradesco held on-site meetings with 367 employees who perform strategic functions.
Equator Principles

(IFC), the World Banks financing arm. Since 2005 the Organization has contracted 39 operations following the commitments criteria, 34 of which are monitored and five of which have been wound up or renegotiated. In 2010 Bradesco used the same standards and guidelines proposed by the Equator Principles for financed projects worth US$ 50 million or more, regardless of the type of financing, thereby meeting the voluntary target set in the previous year.
Projects financed by risk category Equator Principles
category high risk (a) average risk (b) low risk (c) Total 2008 1 9 10 2009 3 5 8 2010* -

* four projects were analyzed/approved according to the criteria established by the equator principles, but had not yet been contracted by the end of 2010.

In 2010, four of the projects analyzed fit into the Equator Principles, one of which categorized as high risk (Category A). The others had not yet been categorized by the end of the year.

Rural loans
Bradesco made approximately R$ 8 billion available for rural loans in 2010, a 16% increase over the previous year. This credit line is used to finance agricultural activities (crops and livestock), as well as the sale and acquisition of agricultural machinery and equipment, among others. Out of the total volume contracted in 2010, 48% went

As a signatory of the Equator Principles, Bradesco analyzes and monitors the working conditions of the projects it finances and the impacts these projects have on the community and the environment, based on Brazilian legislation and the standards and criteria of the International Finance Corporation

sustainability report 2010 Sustainable Finance

to operations worth up to R$ 200 thousand. All loans in municipalities included in the Amazon biome depend on the submission of a certificate of rural property registration, a declaration that there are no embargoes on economic use in illegally deforested areas and an environmental regularity license.

BNDES-financed social-environmental credit lines for individual and corporate customers. For more information on these credit lines, see the Crdito Socioambiental section of the web site


BNDES onlending Real estate financing

A Ministry of the Cities survey in 2008 showed that Brazil had a housing deficit of around 5.8 million homes. As a financial agent with nationwide penetration, the Bank plays an important role in real estate financing in 2010 alone, it allocated a total of R$ 9.128 billion to this type of financing, enabling the construction and acquisition of 64.4 thousand properties. Bradesco is one of the main financial agents of the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES). Onlending operations include the financing of micro, small and medium enterprises.
BNDES onlending micro, small and medium enterprises
year number of operations amount (r$ thousands) Market share ranking 2008 46,245 2009 66,532 2010 151,405

4,068,673 3,569,046 10,018,209 19.71% 1


Social-environmental credit lines

The Organization offers its own and

17.55% 1

22.24% 1st

Social and environmental loan portfolio trends

value at the end of the fiscal year (in billions of reais)

BNDES credit cards

Bradesco is the first private bank with a partnership with the BNDES to offer credit cards to micro, small or medium enterprises with annual revenues of up to R$ 90 million. The product is a tool for onlending BNDES funds for machinery and equipment acquisitions, obtaining ISO 9000 and 14000 certification, and accreditation services for hospitals and similar institutions.




2.04 1.60

6 200

7 200

8 200

9 200

0 201

90 02

80 02

01 02

70 02

60 02


sustainability report 2010 Sustainable Finance

Bradesco BNDES card

amount of funds onlent (in millions of reais)



Social-environmental credit cards

Bradesco donates part of its annual affinity card fees to philanthropic entities. In the case of the SOS Mata Atlntica affinity card, the funds are allocated to the Fundao SOS Mata Atlntica. Since 1993, the card has raised R$ 49.5 million for the institution, which uses most of the resources to reforest degraded areas, provide technical training and develop new forest protection projects. The Bank also donates proceeds from affinity cards to the Fundao Amazonas Sustentvel (FAS) the first credit card in Brazil made from recycled plastic (between 80% and 85%). Funds are also donated to the Association for Assistance to Children with Disabilities (AACD), the Association of Parents and Friends of the Mentally Disabled (Apae) and Casas Andr Luiz. Since their launch, the AACD card has raised R$ 1.7 million, the Apae card, R$ 3.7 million and the Casas Andr Luiz card, R$ 435 thousand.
Affinity Cards
number of affiliates



532 285 .3



6 200

7 200

8 200

9 200

0 201

90 02

80 02

01 02

70 02

Payroll-deductible loans
This product consists of loans to employees of government agencies and private companies that have agreements with the Bank, as well as for beneficiaries of the Brazilian Social Security Institute (INSS), which are repaid via payroll deductions. Interest rates are lower than other market options as there is a much lower risk of default since the borrowers salary acts as a guarantee. In the case of retirees, payroll-deductible loans have become an important tool for banking inclusion. Between 2009 and 2010, the Banks payroll-deductible loan portfolio increased by 5%.

INSS benefit card

This card is used to receive INSS benefits and is a safer alternative for retirees and pensioners as it allows increased control and monitoring of their purchases. More than 5 million people use the INSS card to pay for their purchases in installments.
6 200 7 200 8 200 9 200 0 201

60 02

371 280 ,5 182 3 65 21 ,218 213 ,675 ,067


90 02

80 02

01 02

70 02

Amounts onlent to entities

(in millions of reais)


6 200

60 02

10.3 8.59 5.80 0



7 200

8 200

9 200

0 201

90 02

80 02

01 02

70 02

60 02


sustainability report 2010 Sustainable Finance

Private Label cards

Bradesco has been issuing Private Label cards since 2004 via partnerships with retail chains in order to provide customers of these stores with credit and other financial products. Many low-income consumers are inserted into the banking system through these cards. Retailers with private label agreements include Casas Bahia, Leader, O Boticrio, GBarbosa, Esplanada and Colombo. The Bank currently has over 40 million private label cards.

monitoring of the investees. The idea is not to exclude companies from the Banks portfolio, but to encourage their commitment to improving their practices.

Socially responsible investments

Bradesco offers four funds whose investment decisions are based on social-environmental, ethical and governance criteria:

Bradesco FIC FIA Sustainable Planet Bradesco Prime FIC FIA Corporate
Sustainability Index

The Organization has two types of sustainability-related investment operations its own, the Equity Investment Funds (FIP), and those offered to customers, the SociallyResponsible Investment Funds (SRI). Following adherence to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), Bradesco Asset Management will develop procedures for analyzing the social, environmental and governance aspects of the companies in which it invests customers assets. A questionnaire will be prepared to collect the information required for investment decision making and the periodic

Bradesco FIC FIA Corporate Governance Bradesco Prime FIC FIA Corporate

Funds in 2010
product bradesco fic fia sustainable planet net equity r$ 2,366,949.92 return 2.96% 4.14%

bradesco prime fic fia corporate r$ 27,466,966.84 sustainability index bradesco fic fia corporate governance bradesco prime fic fia corporate governance r$ 21,074,626.26 rs 22,203,596.23

9.51% 10.05%


sustainability report 2010 Sustainable Finance

Equity Investment Fund (FIP)

Through the Multi-sector Plus Equity Investment Fund, Bradesco BBI holds stakes in two companies with sustainabilityrelated operations. One of them, Empresa de Investimento em Energias Renovveis S.A. (Ersa), explores opportunities associated with electricity generation from renewable sources, while the other, Haztec, provides integrated sustainability solutions.

Insurance, private pension plans and savings bonds

Insurance for the low-income population
The insurance market has been undergoing continuous expansion in recent years and is currently one of the last frontiers of inclusion. In 1980, insurance sales accounted for around 1% of Brazilian GDP; by 2009, this ratio had increased to 3.4%, and the market could well double by 2020 thanks to the inclusion afforded by micro-insurance, which targets the low-income population. Given this scenario, this type of insurance has assumed a key role in the Organizations social inclusion strategy. With this in mind, in 2010 Bradesco Vida e Previdncia launched Primeira Proteo Bradesco, a product developed specifically for the lower income groups. The company also offers three other types of insurance through several channels (telemarketing, the Internet, direct mail and partnerships with retail chains): Vida Segura Empresarial Bradesco, Vida Segura Bradesco and Tranquilidade Familiar Bradesco.

Morro Dona Marta

In regard to our social

inclusion strategy, it is worth pointing out that we are the only insurance company that has at least one insured family in each of the countrys municipalities.

Eugnio Liberatori Velasques

(CEO of Bradesco Vida e Previdncia)

first brazilian insurance market has adapted to the philosophy of microinsurance, the product covers personal accidents with monthly fees of r$ 3.50 with coverage of r$ 20,000. it sold more than 560,000 insurance policies in 2010.

group life insurance with monthly cost of r$ 50.90 for small businesses that have 3-15 employees.

life insurance with monthly cost of r$ 9.94.

life insurance with monthly fees of r$ 5.98.


sustainability report 2010 Sustainable Finance

so we are redesigning our products in order to provide better service for the elderly.
Marco Antonio Rossi
(CEO of Grupo Bradesco de Seguros e Previdncia)

People are living longer,

For four years Bradesco Vida e Previdncia has been implementing initiatives focusing on longevity, an issue that has become increasingly important in the global scenario due to the increase in life expectancy. In 2010, the Company held the 5th edition of the Longevity Forum, in which Brazilian and foreign specialists presented studies and case histories illustrating the impact of longevity on society. It also promotes the Longevity Run and Walk Circuit to encourage people of all ages to cultivate healthy habits and improve their quality of life. To date, there have been 35 editions of the Circuit involving more than 100 thousand people.

Porteiro Amigo do Idoso program

Savings Bonds
Some of the proceeds from Bradescos savings bond products are donated to social and environmental projects.
Social-environmental bonds marketed (units)
product p Quente bradesco sos Mata atlntica p Quente bradesco gp ayrton senna and p Quente bradesco ayrton senna institute p Quente bradesco sustainable amazonas p Quente bradesco fashion targets breast cancer Total partner institution benefitted fundao sos Mata atlntica ayrton senna institute fundao amazonas sustentvel brazilian institute for cancer control 2008 509,261 464,706 333,089 89,753 1,396,809 2009 498,866 340,404 277,867 66,798 1,183,935 2010 530,961 306,243 309,697 54,208 1,201,109

Targets and objectives 2010

to increase the customer base in the d and e income groups by 20%. to seek partnerships with civil society organizations of public interest (oscips) for the transfer of microcredit funds. to increase the volume of loans to d and e income group customers by 20%.


the customer base in these income groups increased by 8.72% over 2009. the bank transferred microcredit funds of r$ 15 million through an agreement with the credit cooperative, in a similar operation to the one that would be conducted with the oscips and with the same objective.

loans to customers in the d and e income groups totaled r$ 1.86 billion, 20.45% more than in 2009.

* this target was not achieved due to the change in the criterion used to classify customers into income groups. When setting the target in 2009 the bank used individual income of up to r$ 800.00. however, when the 2010 results were determined, the classification was based on the family income criterion used by fundao getulio vargas (see table on page 11).

Targets for 2011


to expand the service network by 183 branches. to increase the number of correspondent banks to 33 thousand, 5 thousand more than in 2010. to capture 300 thousand customers from the d and e income groups. to increase the sale of insurance to low-income earners with monthly payments of up to r$ 9.99 by 25%. to improve the responsible credit hotsite by providing more comprehensive financial education content.

Message from the Presidency

Sustainability Vision

Sustainable Finance

Responsible Management

Social-Environmental Investments

Sustainability Report


resPOnsible ManageMent

Stakeholder relations
Bradesco maintains relations with several stakeholder groups, seven of which play a fundamental role in the Banks business performance: customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and investors, the government and society, NGOs and communities. Because of the complexity of this array of relationships and also due to Bradescos responsibility as one of the countrys major economic drivers, it is important to identify expectations regarding its operations, especially in a scenario of economic growth, which brings both great opportunities and social and economic risks. As a consequence, in 2010 the Organization began to reassess, align and enhance its engagement practices based on the AA1000 Standard. Initially, current processes will be mapped out and assessed. Subsequently, action plans will be created to improve communications and the engagement with employees and customers. Finally, this effort will be

extended to the other five stakeholder groups. As a result of this reassessment process, the 2nd Open Dialogue with Stakeholders, scheduled for 2010, was not held.

Bradesco and its stakeholders

Shareholders and Investors

378.1 thousand shareholders and the market in general

60.2 million customers

Internal Public
95,248 employees


3.7 thousand suppliers



Government and Society

present in all brazilian cities

sponsorship and support of 180 events and actions

relations with over 100 institutions


sustainability report 2010 Responsible Management

contacts branches by telephone or in person to assess their compliance with quality standards. Telephone assessments recorded an improvement of 17% in the average annual grade between 2004 and 2010, while in-person anonymous customer visits recorded an improvement of 32% between 2005 and 2010. Furthermore, in 2010 362 assessments were made to determine the quality of service provided to the hearing and visually-impaired and to people in wheelchairs.

Service quality is a major factor in customer attraction, retention and loyalty. Consequently, the Organization invests heavily in training its employees, offering courses on behavior, ethics, consumer rights, business practices, communications, personal marketing and Brazilian Sign Language (Libras). In 2010, more than 255 thousand employees participated in on-site and distance courses on these topics. In regard to service quality in the branches, Bradesco makes a great effort to reduce the time spent waiting in line by issuing tickets with bar codes, which are then captured by the teller. Consequently, branch management can find out how long customers have been waiting and, if necessary, take corrective action. Additionally, every branch must have one employee operating as a Quality Agent, whose duty is to solve problems raised by customers. All employees must share clients complaints with the Quality Agent. Bradesco has also contracted a research institute which, through an anonymous professional (anonymous customer),

Customer security The Bradesco Segurana website features recommendations for accessing the Bradesco Dia & Noite Service Channels, with examples of attempted fraud and information on security devices, best practices and tips on secure access. On the Internet Banking and Net Empresa channels, customers are advised to install the security plug-in to protect their computers when logging in, and have recourse to an exclusive channel through which they can submit samples of suspect emails.
In addition, automated teller machines identify users through the palm secure technology, which captures the vascular pattern of the palm of the hand, functioning as an additional password for ATM users. By the end of 2010, 2.8 million customers were registered with this system, installed in approximately 18.2 thousand ATMs. As for physical safety, the internal operational team is fully trained in the Organizations policies, while outsourced security personnel are trained by the companies that provide this type of service to the Bank. Federal regulations (Law 7102 of 1983 Ordinance 387 of 2006)


sustainability report 2010 Responsible Management

determine that these professionals should be trained and recycled every two years through the Security Personnel Training Course, which addresses issues related to human rights and human relations in the workplace.

Customer complaint management

al bradesco sac and fale conosco Together, Al Bradesco SAC (Customer Support Service) and Fale Conosco (Talk to Us available online at represent the first level at which customers comments and complaints are dealt with. On both channels, customers complaints or requests must be responded to within five days. However, Bradesco endeavors to accomplish this within three days. In 2010, 7 million telephone calls and 131 thousand e-mails were responded to. There are also separate call centers for specific products and services.

The Ombudsman also records complaints originating from the Brazilian Central Bank, the Consumer Protection Agency (Procon) and the media, as well as through letters. In 2010, 14,804 complaints were submitted to this second level service. Complaints must be responded to within 15 days, and an average of 4 thousand responses are given every month. With the acquisition of Banco Ibi, in 2009, the number of complaints increased substantially, accounting for 20% of the total. The most common recurring issues addressed by the second service level include the delivery of non-requested credit cards, lack of guidance on Private Label cards, overdue invoices, unrecognized debits, the charging of maintenance fees, delays in obtaining copies of documents, early settlement of loans and excessive time spent waiting in line. In order to deal with these matters, the Ombudsman sends a weekly report containing the most recurring issues to the managers of the areas with the largest number of complaints and attends monthly meetings with these managers to discuss and assess the actions taken to correct and improve the processes in question. The Bank also created the Executive Analysis Group, which meets every two months with key managers and the Board of Executive Officers in order to make an assessment of the previous twomonth period. The idea is to check the evolution of figures and the actions taken to improve customer service in general and the products and services offered. The Board of Executive Officers and the Board of Directors receive monthly reports on the status of complaints and the corrective actions taken by each area.
Total contacts/year

Total contacts/year
2008 complaints compliments suggestions cancellations information 182,206 11,548 3,760 451,510 2009 304,493 13,405 4,567 197,099 4,202,107 2010 312,003 10,285 4,090 276,998 6,245,786

second level (ombudsman)

The Ombudsman does everything possible to ensure satisfactory solutions for customer and user requests within the appropriate period. A deeper analysis of the data related to the requests permits the detection of shortcomings in the Organizations processes and the creation of opportunities for improvement. Through the Ombudsman, customers can request a review of complaints already presented to Customer Service but needing further clarification or lacking satisfactory resolution.

complaints compliments suggestions

2007 14,714 0 2

2008 28,178 6 2

2009 41,493 2 4

2010 68,462 1 0


sustainability report 2010 Responsible Management


In order to ensure a more rapid response to requests associated with credit cards submitted to Procon, in 2010 the Bank created an exclusive 0800 (toll-free) hotline for the consumer protection agency, through which Procon units throughout Brazil can get in touch with Bradesco and settle customers issues immediately. Since this toll-free number was implemented, 80% of customer calls to Procon units that use this channel have been resolved by telephone. Currently, the hotline is used exclusively for cardrelated complaints, but the goal for 2011 is to expand it to all the Organizations products and services. The substantial increase in the number of complaints made to Procon between 2009 and 2010 is due to the incorporation of complaints concerning Banco Ibi, which was acquired by the Organization in mid-2009.
Annual evolution of complaints to Procon

developing a specific online course about the Ombudsman and how to provide customers with better service at the branches.
Annual evolution of complaints to Bacen
7,31 9* 6,93 8 9,90 8

4,20 2,95 3


6 200

7 200

8 200

9 200

0 201

90 02

80 02

01 02

70 02

* of the totals, 1,680 complaints in 2007 and 1,600 in 2008 were judged as unfounded by bacen.

Complaints classified by the Brazilian Central Bank as breach of bank secrecy

2006 3 2007 1* 2008 0 2009 0 2010 1

* only those complaints upheld by the central bank.

90 41,2

grupo bradesco de seguros e previdncia ombudsman

15 4,36 2 7,80 5




6 200

7 200

8 200

9 200

0 201

brazilian central bank

The Ombudsman also receives complaints from the Brazilian Central Bank, which provides customers of financial institutions with a channel through which they can register their complaints. Featured in the Central Bank ranking in 2010, Bradesco is investing in training tools to improve its customer service, including the Bradesco Retail Service Standards Manual, video training and the Service Quality booklet. It is also

Grupo Bradesco de Seguros e Previdncia currently has two levels through which customers can make comments and complaints: Customer Service (SAC) and the Ombudsman. Now the Ombudsman also has access to customer complaints registered by the SAC and on social networks. The challenge going forward is to establish an even closer relationship with area managers for an increasingly effective service. Currently, the most frequent complaints are those associated with delays in the payment of indemnifications. The Ombudsman has several customer service channels, such as the call center (toll-free), the insurance companys web site, emails and letters.
Annual evolution of reports Bradesco Seguros
complaints suggestions compliments Total 2008 17,462 203 409 18,074 2009 18,621 173 317 19,111 2010 15,329 119 169 15,617

60 02

90 02

80 02

01 02

70 02

60 02

sustainability report 2010 Responsible Management

Lawsuit management and control (GCPJ) Created in 2009, the Lawsuit Management and Control System (GCPJ) aims to reduce the number of lawsuits, improving identification and carrying out in-depth analyses of judicial demands. This online tool assists employees in the management and prevention of lawsuits filed against the Organization.
Financial indemnifications
category delayed service, credit refusal, offensive behavior from bank employees and provision of incomplete information embarrassment caused by the use of revolving security doors breach of customer banking secrecy 2008 lawsuits 38

Number of legal suits

139 272


8 200

9 200

0 201

90 02

r$ 237,421.99

67 7

r$ 317,480.84 r$ 65,649.76

* More types of lawsuit were considered as of 2010 in view of the new registration analysis.

80 02

01 02

2009 amount lawsuits 51 amount r$ 235,034.28 Lawsuits 214*

2010 Amount R$ 957,827.32

68 19

r$ 358,839.83 r$ 175,456.17

45 13

R$ 255,006.16 R$ 40,785.70

Satisfaction surveys Bradesco develops several satisfaction surveys to assess the degree of satisfaction with the Organizations customer service and products. One of them, the Corporate Satisfaction Survey, takes into account the degree of customer satisfaction at every contact point. Another survey, the Financial Industry Panel (PIF), analyzes

market share and the acceptance of products and services by the Brazilian market. In 2011 the Bank will conduct surveys targeting customers whose accounts are inactive or who have wound up their accounts in order to improve its understanding of loyalty indicators.


sustainability report 2010 Responsible Management

Financial Industry Panel (PIF) 2010

segment sample size general satisfaction index (0-10) strengths points for improvement actions for improvement ustomized service: workshops C on the importance of good service for employees in the opening of accounts area. odern, automated branches: M biometric solution (registration at the moment of opening the account and the possibility of proof of life through this technology); suite of services automatically registered and improvements in the account opening system. ompetent, qualified staff: C training employees in the Opening of Accounts area; lectures and memos to the branches addressing specific service quality issues, including service provided to inss beneficiaries. D evelopment of systematic improvements to bradesco net empresa. I nvestments in management team training. I ncrease in the management teams. nvestments in employee I training, especially in the management area. vailability of specialized A consultants via telephone and chats. evelopment of D systematic improvements in internet banking. evelopment of exclusive D products for the segment, such as investment funds and auto insurance with additional benefits.

retail (individual)



olidity; extensive S branch network; long-term partnership relationship; reliable source of credit; complete suite of products and services; easily accessible from anywhere.

ustomized service; C modern, automated branches; competent, qualified staff.

retail (corporate)



ocation and extensive L branch network; solid bank; a complete bank, with a full array of products and services; long-term relationship and reliable source of credit.

apid , streamlined R transactions.




ustomized service; C reliable source of credit; complete bank; easily accessible from anywhere.

L ong-term relationships; solidity; low error rate; competent, qualified staff; advanced technology.

Middle Market



ong-term relationship, L branch network; qualified staff and complete bank. xtensive branch E network; longterm relationship; complete bank.

dvanced technology; A administrative speed and provision of high-quality services. eliable source of R credit; administrative speed and advanced technology.




orkshops with management W areas for the development of actions to improve processes. nvestments in specific I training programs.

the financial industry panel (pif) is an annual market survey with a significant sample size of banking users. the survey allows identification of behavioral trends in the adoption and use of financial products and services and relationship channels, verifying the degree of customers satisfaction in relation to their financial institutions.


sustainability report 2010 Responsible Management

Satisfaction surveys Grupo Bradesco de Seguros e Previdncia in 2010

product/ company sample size strengths points for improvement actions for improvement reation of a team c to monitor processes offered to customers and service providers. onstitution in 2011, c of a reimbursement system to better manage processes. raining of call t center staff.

bradesco sade bradesco dental Mediservice

2.1 thousand policyholders (individual and corporate).

uality and Q promptness in the service provided at hospitals, laboratories and clinics. safety and reliability.

eimbursement r process, quality of call center service and number of accredited medical specialists.

bradesco vida e previdncia

bradesco auto/re

bradesco capitalizao

rocess of inclusion p and exclusion of ompanies are c 142 company employees, benefit visited to discuss managers dealing payments and results and, together, with private redemption of define solutions pension plans. amounts deposited for improvement. by employees. laim settlement c processes, sale of n 2011, improvements i support materials 1,836 active rand strength and b will be made to the and additional insurance brokers. product quality. claim reporting services provided system. when claims are reported. 2.2 thousand customers of raining of staff and t the retail and c edemption r onfidence periodic visits of the prime segments, inspired. periods. commercial area to distributed through branch teams. 10 regions of the country. eliability, product r quality, contribution services and monitoring of plans and services.

Targets and objectives 2010

to obtain iso 9001 certification for the ombudsman department. to create toll-free hotlines for procon units aimed at strengthening relations with the agency and minimizing complaints. to create tools to optimize the ombudsmans relationship with managers in order to improve the organizations products and processes.


iso 9001 certification was obtained for the entire ombudsman department in november. the bank created a specific call center for the procon units. toll-free hotlines were created to respond initially to card-related complaints. the new system is being developed and implementation is scheduled for june 2011. however, in 2010 bradesco used the business object (bo), a tool to assist in the preparation of centralized reports of complaints at the two levels.

Targets for 2011

to provide the procon units with a single toll-free hotline to respond to complaints associated with any of bradescos products or services. to implement a new tool in order to enhance the ombudsmans relationship with management. to create an online training program about the ombudsmans department for all the organizations employees.


sustainability report 2010 Responsible Management

In 2010 Bradesco was once again considered one of the best companies to work for according to the Guides published by the magazines Voc S/A Exame and poca (Great Place to Work Institute). It was also featured in the ranking of the 100 Best Companies in terms of the Organizational Human Development Index by Gesto RH magazine, in addition to being recognized as one of the best companies in people management according to the annual survey by Valor Carreira magazine, a Valor Econmico newspaper publication. These awards reflect Bradescos efforts to ensure that its employees have the best opportunities for professional development and growth. The Bank adopts a policy that prioritizes, encourages and values its employees careers and admits new employees always at the base of the structure, in entry-level positions. Through its internal recruitment policy, the Bank promotes employees at intermediate and superior levels and prepares them for leadership positions. More than 27 thousand employees were promoted in 2010 alone and there is nothing to stop employees from reaching the highest positions in the Organization, exemplified by the fact that 95% of Executive Officers have built their careers within the Bank.

Employees by category
2008 board of directors executive officers superintendents Managers supervisors/ technicians administrative operational 5 107 119 8,302 32,167 17,879 28,155 2009 7 125 106 8,670 32,509 17,523 26,264 2010 6 144 121 9,531 35,633 18,794 31,169

Benefits In addition to the benefits provided for by the legislation, Bradescos employees have access to health and dental insurance (including those cases where dependents are the result of a proven stable homosexual relationship), private pension plan, life and personal accident insurance, funeral assistance, specialization courses, social and psychological services, snacks, discounts on medication at accredited drugstores, vaccination against flu, social loans (for emergency situations) and credit lines at subsidized interest rates, among others. These benefits cover all employees except for interns.

sustainability report 2010 Responsible Management

Distribution of Employees
3,210 (3.37%)
a b c d e f g h i j K 1,413 (44.02%) 1,797 (55.98%) 1,594 (49.66%) 1,819 (56.67%) 1,391 (43.33%) 58 (1.81%) 3,152 (98.19%) 7 (0.22%) 616 (19.19%) 329 (10.25%) 11.0%

11,835 (12.43%)
a b c d e f g h i j K 5,679 (47.98%) 6,156 (52.02%) 4,790 (40.47%) 7,437 (62.84%) 4,398 (37.16%) 220 (1.86%) 11,615 (98.14%) 22 (0.19%) 1,489 (12.58%) 864 (7.30%) 7.7%

a b c d e f g h i j K female Male african-brazilian full-time employees part-time employees employees with definite contract term employees with indefinite contract term interns admitted dismissed turnover

( ) percentage of total

128 (0.13%)
a b c d e f g h i j K 54 (42.19%) 74 (57.81%) n/a 128 (100%) 0 0 128 (100%) 0 21 (16.41%) 8 (6.25) 6.5%

4,741 (4.98%)
a b c d e f g h i j K 1,953 (41.19%) 2,788 (58.81%) 1,275 (26.89%) 3,009 (63.47%) 1,732 (36.53%) 73 (1.54%) 4,668 (98.46%) 14 (0.30%) 841 (17.74%) 502 (10.59%) 11.1%

8,706 (9.14%)
a b c d e f g h i j K 3,915 (44.97%) 4,791 (55.03%) 428 (4.92%) 5,753 (66.08%) 2,953 (33.92%) 47 (0.54%) 8,659 (99.46%) 35 (0.40%) 1,392 (15.99%) 763 (8.76%) 9.2%

66,628 (69.95%)
a b c d e f g h i j K 33,895 (50.87%) 32,733 (49.13%) 10,337 (15.51%) 45,744 (68.66%) 20,884 (31.34%) 824 (1.24%) 65,804 (98.76%) 763 (1.15%) 10,763 (16.15%) 5,589 (8.39%) 8.9%

Workplace In order to improve the working environment, the Organization has applied the requirements of the SA8000 social responsibility standard. As a result, in 2010 it expanded the scope of

the certification to the call center areas, in the states of So Paulo and Minas Gerais, to the Santa Ceclia (SP) and Nova Central (SP) buildings and to the Alphaville Administrative Center (SP), encompassing more than 6.6

Generation of value for employees

2008* number of employees salaries (billion) payroll taxes (billion) profit sharing plr (million) provision for labor claims (million) training (million) health (million) food (million) private pension plan (million) childcare/childcare stipend (million) other (million) 86,622 r$ 3.7 r$ 1.3 r$ 550.4 r$ 349.4 r$ 93.8 r$ 344.1 r$ 620.3 r$ 269.5 r$ 45.2 r$ 16.3 2009 85,072 r$ 3.9 r$ 1.4 r$ 650.0 r$ 394.1 r$ 86.8 r$ 392.5 r$ 691.8 r$ 266.5 r$ 42.9 r$ 176.0 2010 95,248 R$ 4.3 R$ 1.6 R$ 808.1 R$ 543.3 R$ 107.1 R$ 486.5 R$ 775.7 R$ 379.5 R$ 51.6 R$ 162.7

* as disclosed to the market on july 3, 2009, the financial statements, together with the indexes, include the management reclassifications for the periods after 2007.


sustainability report 2010 Responsible Management

thousand employees. By 2009, the standard had been implemented in the entire Cidade de Deus complex, covering around 11 thousand employees and 3.5 thousand service providers and also the business areas and associated companies located in the Avenida Paulista building, in So Paulo. Next year, SA8000 certification will be expanded to the Insurance Group building, in So Paulo, the Administrative Center in Braslia, the Centralized Service Centers and the Osasco branches, to include a further 4.1 thousand employees.
Climate Report
employee satisfaction index (%)

Cases of discrimination Employees can register complaints and claims concerning cases of discrimination through the Al RH channel, all of which are treated in the strictest confidentiality. Responses are given within 72 hours and an action plan is subsequently drawn up for cases considered valid.
The Bank also provides suggestion boxes and/or an SA8000 P.O. box and employee representatives in the Cidade de Deus headquarters, in Osasco, and in the Avenida Paulista building, in So Paulo, in order to help centralize the reports, whether or not they are anonymous, which are then evaluated by the Internal SA8000 Committee at weekly meetings. Whenever the scope of the SA8000:2008 Standard is expanded, these communication channels are implemented and/or disclosed to employees and service providers so that their concerns, criticism and suggestions can be received and dealt with. Processes associated with cases of discrimination are submitted quarterly to the Ethical Conduct Committee for analysis and the taking of decisions.
Cases of discrimination






6 200

7 200

8 200

9 200

0 201

90 02

80 02

01 02

70 02

regarding the 100 best companies to Work for survey, conducted by the consultant gtpW great place to Work, in a partnership with poca magazine.

8.4% 9.0%

6 200

the calculation of turnover, which indicates the level of stability of employees in their jobs, considers the total number of terminations in relation to the total annual average number of employees. source: febraban

60 02 60 02


% 9.1% 8.9%

reported* considered valid

2008 24 2

2009 73 6

2010 154 9

* through all sgrs bradesco communication channels, especially al rh (corporate), employee representatives and suggestion boxes (sa8000). the significant increase in reports is due to the expansion in the scope of sa8000 certification.

7 200

8 200

9 200

0 201

Labor claims The ratio of labor claims to the total number of terminations was 3.9% in 2010, versus 1.8% in 2009.

90 02

80 02

01 02

70 02

Labor claims
2008 claims administrative proceedings infractions to articles of the brazilian labor laws (clt) Moral harassment 116 14 amount r$ 218,684.30 r$ 363,409.11 claims 121 16 2009 amount r$ 271,339.25 r$ 199,538.97 Claims 279 34 2010 Amount R$ 664,992.94 R$ 794,798.95


sustainability report 2010 Responsible Management

Human capital mapping Bradesco maps its human capital through interviews aimed at identifying employees potential and developing career plans. Individual or group training is recommended based on the results of the interviews.
Up to the end of 2010, 71,778 employees had been mapped and had received feedback. The aim is to extend the mapping and skills analysis process to all Bradesco employees by 2013.
Number of employees mapped
71,7 59,5 44,8 49 60

Bradesco also develops training programs for interns, trainees and apprentices, as well as specific executive education initiatives within the Advanced Development Program. In order to engage more than 90 thousand employees, the Bank offers approximately 150 e-learning courses, as well as classes which are transmitted via satellite to other regions of the country. In order to propagate the concept of sustainability and make it an integral part of the organizational culture, it is the subject of several on-site and distance courses, booklets and video training sessions.
Participation in training activities
type of activity on-site treinet (online) video training and booklets Total participants total hours 2008 179,550 1,091,592 266,804 1,537,946 13,388,179

One of our challenges

is to develop a systematic knowledge of the Organizations entire human capital so we can improve employees skills and development.

Jos Luiz Rodrigues Bueno

(Head of the Human Resources Department)




7 200

8 200

9 200

0 201

2009 176,860 1,390,227 449,781 2,016,868 14,425,270

2010 209,773 1,239,725 384,694 1,834,192 14,242,740

90 02

80 02

01 02

Education and training Human capital is a strategic and fundamental factor for the Bradesco Organization, give that employees preparation and commitment are reflected directly in the results. Thus investing in education and development reinforces and reflects Bradescos career bank policy. This means having people permanently qualified and in sync with the Organizations culture and values.
The Banks training framework focuses on developing and improving technical and behavioral skills that are essential for professional advancement. It adopts several models, including continuous and one-off training sessions, using appropriate learning media and technologies to ensure that knowledge is acquired in a structured, practical and consistent manner.

70 02

Annual average training hours of active employees*, by professional category

category executive officers superintendents Managers administrative operational supervisors/technicians Total 2008 119 106 62 144 156 135 2009 68 47 169 75 194 175 159 2010 89 89 129 65 191 170 155

* based on the current workforce (january 2011) and training course attendance.

Funds invested in training

(in millions of reais)

107 94 87

75 58

6 200

7 200

8 200

9 200

0 201

90 02

80 02

01 02

70 02

60 02


sustainability report 2010 Responsible Management

the program aims to provide participants knowledge and skills to the labor market, focusing on financial institutions. learn more at

Diversity Bradesco strives to maintain a diverse working environment that fosters the personal and professional growth of all its employees. At the end of 2010, the Bank had 18,424 African-Brazilians on its staff, 8,659 of whom in leadership positions. In addition, 49% of staff members are women, 22,058 of whom in leadership positions.

inclusion of people with disabilities

In association with the Brazilian Federation of Banks (Febraban), Bradesco developed the Program for the Professional Qualification and Inclusion of People with Disabilities in the Banking Sector, designed to prepare professionals with disabilities for work as banking assistants. In 2010, 73 people were hired through this program.

Breakdown of personnel by age

4,492 (4.7%) Greater than 50 years

Breakdown of personnel by seniority in the Organization

13,477 (14.1%) From 11 to 20 years 14,408 (15.1%) From 6 to 10 years

41,736 (43.8%) From 30 to 50 years

49,020 (51.5%) Up to 29 years

48,187 (50.6%) Up to 5 years

19,176 (20.1%) More than 20 years

Breakdown of personnel by gender

Breakdown of personnel by type of job

46,909 (49.2%) Female

48,339 (50.8%) Male

47,113 (49.5%) Non-commissioned

48,135 (50.5%) Commissioned

Breakdown of personnel by education level

10,507 (11.0%) Graduate Degree 12,669 (13.3%) Secondary education 566 (0.6%) Primary education

Breakdown of minorities
Women african-brazilians employees aged 45 and over people with disabilities 2008 41,754 13,374 9,070 1,285 2009 41,095 15,989 10,252 1,581 2010 46,909 18,424 11,638 1,696

71,506 (75.1%) College education


sustainability report 2010 Responsible Management

Ratio of average salary by employee category (men to women)

level board of directors executive officers superintendents Managers supervisors/technicians administrative operational 2008 103% 79% 92% 67% 98% 2009 66% 82% 98% 87% 94% 75% 99% 2010 63% 87% 103% 87% 92% 76% 97%

In December, Bradesco created the Bradesco Program for Qualification of People with Disabilities, developed in partnership with Fundao Bradesco. The purpose of this one-year program is to provide people with disabilities with access to education and the job market. In the initial pilot stage, 20 people were hired to work part-time at the Organization and attend technical courses at Fundao Bradesco. On completing the course, participants receive a technical diploma in Business Administration.

and facilitates access between unions and management. All employees are ensured freedom of association and union representation and are covered by collective bargaining agreements.

Union relations The Banks Union Relations sector maintains a dialogue with union representatives. The area receives comments, complaints and suggestions, answers questions

Occupational health and safety Bradescos Avenida Paulista building, in So Paulo, and Information Technology Center (CTI), in Osasco have received OHSAS 18001 occupational health and work safety certification, covering around 1.4 thousand employees. The Organization also invests in preventive programs for such issues as repetitive stress injuries, stress, chemical addiction (alcohol/ drugs/tobacco), obesity, cardiovascular disease, sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS.


sustainability report 2010 Responsible Management

Occupational health and safety indicators

injuries total % of total staff total % of total staff absenteeism* total % of total staff lost days total rate** total rate** 441,363 509.53 1,084,660 1,252.18 359,246 422.28 957,359 1,125.35 330,661 347.16 1,069,001 1,122.33 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 2008 2,406 2.78 2009 2,191 2.58 2010 2,028 2.13

cases of occupational illness n/a n/a n/a n/a 1,320 1.39

The Bank also promotes vaccination campaigns. In 2010, it launched the Workplace Postural Guidance Program in the Cidade de Deus headquarters, whereby physical therapists guide employees on how to best adjust workplace furniture and equipment to enable the healthiest posture.
social and psychological assistance

total days with absences

* bradesco does not monitor this indicator because there is no standard method for the financial sector. ** the 200,000 factor is the result of 50 weeks of work (40 hours each) by 100 employees.

Bradesco provides its employees and their families with personal social and psychological support. In 2010, it created the 0800 Viva Bem hotline, a telephone service operated by an independent company through which specialized professionals provide assistance and guidance on a wide range of professional and personal issues. The service operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and calls are toll-free and totally confidential.

Targets and objectives 2010

to expand sa8000 certification to the call centers in the states of so paulo and Minas gerais, the alphaville administrative center (sp), and the nova central building (sp). to expand the postural guidance program to all employees at cidade de deus. to map human capital in order to identify potential and develop career plans. information will be handled by the sap system, ensuring secure, high-quality knowledge management. to implement the diversity appreciation program. to implement, as a pilot project, life Quality programs in the human resources department and the av. paulista building.


the social responsibility Management system (standard sa8000:2008) was expanded to these areas and they were recommended for certification in january 2011. the process is in the final stage and should be concluded at the beginning of 2011. an average of 10 thousand employees are mapped per year. bradesco intends to map the organizations entire human capital by the end of 2013.

the bank began this program in conjunction with fundao bradesco. health and life risk evaluations were conducted and a health fair was held in the av. paulista building, and an internal Work-related accident prevention Week was held in both locations. based on the results, new initiatives will be proposed for promoting quality of life.

Targets for 2011

to expand the social responsibility Management system (sa8000:2008 standard) to the insurance group building in so paulo, the braslia administrative center (federal district), the centralized service centers, and the osasco branches. to expand the postural guidance program to all employees at cidade de deus. to implement, as a pilot project, life Quality programs in the human resources department and the av. paulista building. to expand the scope of the ohsas 18001 certification. to expand the qualification and training of professionals and make it even more effective.


sustainability report 2010 Responsible Management

Shareholders and investors

Bradescos practice is to reward its shareholders with dividends above the minimum percentage established by the rules applicable to publicly-held companies. In 1970, it became the first financial institution in the country to pay monthly dividends and interest on shareholders equity. As a minimum mandatory dividend, it guarantees payment of 30% of adjusted net income above the 25% required by Corporation Law. In the case of preferred shares (PN), dividends are 10% higher than those paid on common shares (ON). In 2010, Bradesco paid dividends and interest on shareholders equity totaling R$ 3.369 billion, representing 35.39% of adjusted net income (net of withholding tax of 31.50%). At the end of the year, Bradescos market capitalization stood at R$ 109.759 billion.

bradesco investor day at the nyse

Publishes press releases with material

information, in addition to posting them on the website. After publishing the quarterly results, holds two conference calls (in Portuguese and English). Organizes quarterly video chats through which shareholders can obtain answers regarding results and business strategies in real time directly from the Banks IR team. Takes part in several conferences, both in Brazil and abroad. Maintains the Fale com RI (Talk to IR) channel to attend market professionals, individuals and institutional investors. Maintains a specific service area for individual investors. Maintains the IR web site, a communications channel with segmented tools and content for institutional and individual investors. Maintains a Twitter profile.

Evolution of Bradesco Shares* x Ibovespa

2006 bradesco on bradesco pn ibovespa 34% 33% 33% 2007 25% 33% 44% 2008 -38% -37% -41% 2009 55% 66% 83% 2010 7% 12% 1%

* adjusted in accordance with dividends paid. source: economtica

Investor Relations The Bank maintains an Investor Relations (RI) area under the umbrella of the Market Relations Department (DRM), which provides continuous, diversified information to shareholders, investors and capital market professionals, building transparent relationships with these stakeholders. Actions and communications vehicles The IR area carries out several actions during the year with the goal of ensuring the two-way flow of information between the Bank and the market: Organizes events in Brazil and abroad, such as Apimec and INI meetings, and Bradesco Day in Brazil, London and New York.


Bradesco Open Day On May 6, 2010 the Bank held a Bradesco Open Day for the first time in Brazil, uniting Brazilian and foreign analysts and investors for the presentation of the Organizations results and its strategy for expanding its Brazilian market presence. The event, which was attended by 66 analysts and had 4 thousand online accesses, addressed the following topics: economic and financial aspects and sustainability; presence in Brazil;

instituto nacional de investidores (national investor relations institute)


sustainability report 2010 Responsible Management

insurance, private pension and savings bonds; cards; real estate loans; payrolldeductible loans; vehicle financing; loans; CRM tool; information technology; and macroeconomic aspects.

Attention to shareholders, analysts and investors

activity Meetings with investors conference calls events abroad apimec/ini meetings* chats/video chats** Total 2008 198 55 20 17 3 293 2009 160 59 18 18 3 258 2010 130 78 24 19 4 255

Apimec meetings and other events Bradesco holds Apimec and INI Meetings in several locations across the country in order to disclose the Organizations economic, financial and sustainability performance. In December 2010, it held an Apimec meeting in Manaus, the capital of Amazonas state, thereby expanding the event to all regions of the country. In 2010 as whole, meetings were held in 18 cities, including 11 state capitals. Thirteen of these meetings were broadcast live over the Internet with simultaneous translation into English. In So Paulo, the event was also transmitted live via iPhone, iPad and Android (an operating system for mobile devices). Bradesco also conducted road shows in seven other countries and the 2011 goal is to expand these events to even more countries.
In this manner, Bradesco strives to make its information more democratic so that all investors can make informed decisions based on the same level of knowledge.

* bradesco began holding simultaneous meetings in association with apimec and ini in 2009. ** bradesco began using video chat in 2009.

Individual investors Bradesco organizes and participates in several events targeting individual investors. It takes part in the Expo Money Circuit in several regions of the country, which is designed to provide financial education to individuals, companies, brokers or anyone who is interested in learning how to take care of their personal finances or improve their knowledge of the financial and investment market. It also participates in the Money Show, in Orlando, USA, and Borsadiner, in Barcelona, Spain, both of which with the same concepts and aims. It also worth noting the substantial increase in the participation of individual investors in the quarterly video chats, in which Bradescos CFO and Investor Relations Officer took part.

Targets and objectives 2010

to implement a crM system to identify investor profiles and improve relations on an ongoing basis. to hold apimec Meetings in all regions of brazil.


the tool was installed in november and the infrastructure was delivered in december. overall implementation is scheduled for the first quarter of 2011.

in december 2010, bradesco held an apimec meeting in Manaus, the only region where these meetings were not held previously. in May 2010, the bradesco open day was held for the first time in brazil, in the organization's headquarters in cidade de deus, osasco.

to hold a bradesco open day in brazil.

Targets for 2011


to increase the number of road shows. to increase participation in the expo Money circuit. to increase the number of meetings with analysts and investors after disclosure of the quarterly results.

sustainability report 2010 Responsible Management

Bradesco selects its suppliers through a process that assesses, among other factors, their commitment to sustainability. To achieve this, it uses the Request for Information (RFI) tool, which examines potential suppliers financial, commercial, technical and socialenvironmental aspects (social-environmental criteria account for 15% of the RFI grade). By signing the contract, suppliers agree to preserve the environment, not adopt discriminatory practices, not employ illegal, forced or child labor, not employ youngsters under the age of 18 in conditions that compromise their development, and comply with Bradescos Code of Ethical Conduct. The Banks business relationship with these stakeholders is also regulated by the sector-specific Code of Ethical Conduct for Procurement Professionals.
Generation of value for suppliers
number of contracts financial volume (billion) 2008 2,365 r$ 7.6 2009 2,172 r$ 9.8 2010 2,348 R$ 9.6

In 2009, the Bank implemented the Suppliers Engagement Program (PEF), which monitors the suppliers of Bradescos SA8000-certified buildings through internal and external audits, interviews conducted in third-party work posts and oversight visits to suppliers headquarters. The Organization makes use of several tools to assist it in the evaluation: supplier self-assessment questionnaires; an oversight checklist used in every visit; and oversight visit reports. In 2010, 1,168 suppliers were mapped through the PEF, 228 were engaged in events and 264 became formally committed. Since the program was implemented, 3.6 thousand supplier employees have been trained.

Oversight activities
2007 visits self-assessment questionnaires 18 2008 28 2009 30 49 2010 39 111

Supplier engagement Every year, the Bank organizes the Bradesco Meeting with Suppliers in order to align suppliers with and engage them in its environmental responsibility strategy. Since its first edition, in 2006, approximately 830 companies have attended the event. Additionally, in November 2008, Bradesco assumed the role of disseminator (Supply Chain Leadership Collaboration, SCLC) of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), an initiative that encourages companies to develop programs to offset and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. In 2010, 23 suppliers responded to the CDP questionnaire, the same number as in 2009.

Relationship program The Organization maintains a relationship program with strategic suppliers to discuss the reevaluation of the supply chain in terms of total acquisition cost, product optimization, innovation and sustainability. Periodic meetings are held between Bradesco and suppliers at executive level to establish common objectives and monitor action results. As a result, several suppliers have adhered to eco-efficiency principles, reduced their waste production and fuel consumption and created quality and sustainability areas.


sustainability report 2010 Responsible Management

Relationship channels The suppliers web site helps the Organization improve communications with its suppliers. Here users can access videos of the Bradesco Meetings with Suppliers, learn about hiring processes and codes of conduct, and pre-register for the selection of new companies. It is also a space for posting questions, suggestions and criticism and sharing socialenvironmental initiatives on the Mural de Ideias (Ideas Notice Board).

Electronic negotiation pilot project The electronic quote and negotiation system known as Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) will allow Bradesco and its suppliers to negotiate and complete purchases through an electronic platform. This process will ensure faster, more secure and more transparent negotiations.

Stages of supplier relations that involve social-environmental aspects

Ratification companys entry into the organization (to be implemented gradually) Selection identification of companies to take part in the bidding process Purchases Quotes, negotiations and contracting Assessment of contract suppliers (to be implemented gradually) Development of suppliers (to be implemented gradually) application of social-environmental requirements (adherence to bradescos corporate sustainability policy and the prevailing legislation). rfi request for information evaluation with classificatory criteria (social-environmental aspects account for 15% of the final grade.) standard social-environmental responsibility contractual clauses, compliance with bradescos sector-specific code of ethical conduct for procurement professionals. required fsc certification for graphic materials and furniture. supplier monitoring. relationship program with strategic suppliers, social-environmental supplier assessment, social-environmental Questionnaire, adherence to sa8000 (pef), iso 14001 and ohsas 18001 standards. social-environmental supplier development. development of suppliers belonging to critical categories in regard to social-environmental aspects and with a low level of activity. development based on the guidelines of the corporate sustainability policy. engagement: bradesco Meeting with suppliers and cdp supply chain.

Targets and objectives 2010

to carry out strategic negotiations with the main purchasing segments, focusing on operational efficiency and social-environmental compliance in the supply chain. to develop social-environmental criteria for the organizations strategic suppliers.


the first phase of strategic negotiations, focused on reducing expenses, reviewing service levels and consolidating acquisitions such as the call center, was concluded. as of 2010, FSC certification became mandatory for all suppliers of furniture and graphic materials. the social-environmental criteria were developed and implementation began at the end of 2010.

Targets for 2011


to hold a new Meeting with suppliers. to conclude the process of implementing social-environmental criteria for strategic suppliers.

sustainability report 2010 Responsible Management

Bank of the Planet Community

The Organization develops and supports several initiatives, ranging from its own projects and those of partners to volunteer work by its employees, in order to benefit the communities where it operates. (To learn more about these projects, see the Social-Environmental Investments section on page 45.)

Volunteer Activities Bradesco developed the Bradesco Volunteer Program to encourage volunteerism among employees, by providing them with a structure enabling them to choose the preferred locations for their activities.

With this in mind, it holds social marathons and mobilization campaigns, as well as maintaining a social mobilization network, the Bradesco Volunteer Portal. In 2010, the program won the Golden Peacock Award for its corporate social responsibility.

Bradesco Volunteers





under management of social and environmental responsibility to add concepts of sustainability to the program.

contact channel for volunteers. special interviews and support in internal communication.

selection of themes for activities supported by guideline manuals, booklets, guidelines and measurement of results.

communication to recognize people that make a difference within the organization.


Bradesco Volunteer Portal

Minute of Voluntary Presence Campaign

a social mobilization network that works to establish connections between people who seek different ways in which to volunteer.

an initiative to motivate the development of volunteer actions. results have been shown in 1 minute videos about the volunteer work performed.
2010 people benefitted states involved employees involved institutions benefitted hours donated friends and family members involved 42,853 25 1,682 160 11,219 7,507

2008 employees registered (% of total employees) family members registered number of hits 6,809 (7.5%) 42,821

2009 9,574 (10.8%) 207 67,858

2010 10,664 (11.2%) 263 86,734


sustainability report 2010 Responsible Management

to learn, visit

Aiming to recognize its employees volunteer initiatives, in 2010 the Bank created the Volunteer Minute, whereby participants sent one-minute videos demonstrating their volunteer work. A total of 1,682 employees took part and of the 352 videos submitted, 30 were awarded. This initiative encouraged volunteers to share their experiences on video, in an effort to acknowledge and value initiatives from different regions across the country. In 2011, the social marathon and the mobilization campaigns will be repeated. The Bank also began to organize Aprender para o Bem (Learning to do Good) workshops, with topics chosen by the volunteers.

Bradesco Volunteer Portal This is an internet-based social mobilization network developed to establish connections between people seeking different ways to volunteer. With 10.8 thousand registered participants, including employees, friends and family members, the portal is the largest corporate volunteer network in the country. National Volunteer Action Day Organized annually by Fundao Bradesco with the support of the Bradesco Volunteer Program, the 2010 National Volunteer Action Day (DNAV) provided over 1.4 million acts of service by 44,732 students, teachers, and employees of Fundao Bradesco and the Organization, as well as community members. The aim of the event is to collect donations of goods and offer free activities and services, such as dental consultations, medical exams, and sporting, cultural and recreational activities for the communities in which Bradesco operates.
National Volunteer Action Day DNAV
acts of service service locations volunteer participants volunteer employees 2008 1,745,501 225 34,082 5,606 2009 1,665,296 248 31,478 7,274 2010 1,471,782 218 44,732 12,741

employees take part in the volunteer Minute event

Targets and objectives 2010

to enhance the bradesco volunteer portal by making it more interactive. to organize a Mobilization campaign to collect products and develop activities focused on the elderly. to implement initiatives to recognize and motivate the organizations volunteers.


the bradesco volunteer portal was enhanced at the end of 2010 and is now more interactive. due to the volunteer Minute event, this target was postponed to 2011.

the volunteer Minute event was implemented to award brazils best volunteer activities.

Targets for 2011


to organize new mobilization campaigns. to hold a new social marathon. to enhance the bradesco volunteer portal to include new tools.

sustainability report 2010 Responsible Management

Government and society

Bradesco relates to civil society and the government through partnerships that include onlending from development banks such as the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES), banking inclusion actions, the fostering of educational initiatives, and concern for environmental preservation. The Bank also has special products and services for the public sector. In the private sector, its representatives participate in several associations (such as industry federations) and other national and international bodies.
Value generated for society (billion)
type of resource taxes and contributions paid and provisioned taxes and contributions collected 2008 r$ 5.7 2009 r$ 7.7 2010 R$ 9.0

302/99 and 6385/76) and Bradesco Seguros e Previdncia paid a total of R$ 443,120.08 in fines imposed by Susep and the ANS. The Federal Police Department also imposed fines totaling R$ 1,064,808.84 for failures in security devices.

Competition In 2010, the Organization was not subject to any accusations of unfair competition or anti-trust or monopolistic behavior. Prevention and combat of illicit activities Bradesco has several measures to prevent illicit activities, including the Program for the Prevention of Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism (PLD/FT), consisting of policies, processes and specific control tools aimed at preventing and/or detecting the use of its structure, products and services for money laundering and the financing of terrorism. Bank employees receive annual training in a variety of different formats, including booklets, videos, e-learning and on-site lectures.
Online courses available up to December 2010

programa de preveno e combate lavagem de dinheiro e ao financiamento ao terrorismo (program for preventing and combating Money laundering and terrorism financing)

r$ 166.2

r$ 167.6

R$ 209.4

Retirees and pensioners Every month, the Bank handles benefit payments for more than 6.4 million National Institute of Social Security (INSS) retirees and pensioners. For their increased comfort and security, retirees who receive their benefits from Bradesco through their magnetic card or by having the payment credited to their accounts can perform the proof of life test required by the federal government through the biometric solution installed in the Bradesco Dia & Noite ATM network. Regulatory/control bodies Bradescos activities are subject to regulation and control by several bodies, such as the Brazilian Central Bank, the National Supplementary Healthcare Agency (ANS), the Superintendence of Private Insurance (SUSEP), and the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM).
In 2010, the CVM imposed a fine of R$ 132,780.70 for non-compliance with investment fund-related rules (CVM Rules

internal controls and compliance prevention of Money laundering information security

number of trained employees (% of total) 81,722 (85.91%) 81,111 (85.27%) 74,371 (78.19%)

Preventive anti-corruption monitoring

year 2008 2009 2010 total 3,339 3,429 3,623 facilities audited/inspected 2,260 2,312 2,024 ratio (%) 68 67 56

Bradesco values the relationship and partnerships it establishes with NGOs. Among other institutions, the Bank maintains relationships with Fundao SOS Mata Atlntica, the Ayrton Senna Institute, Fundao Amazonas Sustentvel, the Brazilian Institute for Cancer Control, the Ethos Institute and the Akatu Institute.

sustainability report 2010 Responsible Management

stand at the our presence on the planet exhibit, in cidade de deus, osasco (sp)

Eco-efficiency management
seek a level of organizational efficiency guided delivery of goods and services with competitive prices and satisfying human needs and improve quality of life at the same time that the environmental impacts and the intensive use of natural resources are reduced to a point dynamic equilibrium that supports the environment.

Bradescos eco-efficiency concept is based on the definition from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). Aiming to create more value with less environmental impact, the Banks Eco-efficiency Program adopts a strategic management system that links environmental and financial performance to the optimization of processes, recycling, technological innovations, and the efficient use of natural and material resources. In the Banks pursuit of better results, it has created a new Governance area focusing on eco-efficiency (see the flowchart below), which is connected with the Efficiency Executive Committee.

In 2010, the Eco-efficiency Working Group developed a Master Plan that aims to establish an environmental management structure in line with the Banks activities, including actions to be developed over the next five years. Based on indicators and targets, the plan addresses ten topics: energy, water, paper, plastic, waste, greenhouse gasses, wastewater, training, efficiency and value chain.

Executive Sustainability Committee

Monitoring of the programs results

Executive Efficiency Committee

critical analysis, monitoring and resolution on the programs initiatives

Ecoefficiency Work Group

coordinate the programs strategy and development

develop strategies and monitoring the ecoefficiency programs actions regarding branches

Zero Waste Work Group

create an ecoefficient culture among employees and develop guidelines for responsible communication

Ecoefficiency Communication Work Group

identify innovations; stimulate and develop green it initiatives

Green IT Work Group

identify, stimulate and develop initiatives for reduction, reverse logistics, recycling and safe disposal of waste

Waste Work Group

Sustainable Transport Work Group

stimulate initiatives for sustainable transport

coordinate actions to improve the monitoring of data and technical initiatives to reduce consumption

Water and Energy Work Group

stimulate and develop ecoefficient initiatives for products and services regarding means of payment

Green Cards Work Group

spread the guidelines of the ecoefficiency program throughout the supply chain

Responsible Value Chain Work Group


sustainability report 2010 Responsible Management

Nossa Presena no Planeta (Our Presence on the Planet) Exhibit

In 2010, the Sports Development Center received Leadership in Energy Environmental Design (LEED) certification from the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), which proposes standards for the certification of sustainable projects. Bradesco aims to obtain this certification for its sustainable branch as well. The Information Technology Center (CTI) in Cidade de Deus also presents many sustainable construction characteristics, especially in regard to energy efficiency.

The ecoefficiency

movement makes us rethink our processes, the way we do things, the quality of our processes and our current service standards.

Amilton Nieto

Green IT
The Organization adopts sustainability guidelines and practices for the management of technological resources. It has established eco-efficiency requirements for the acquisition of equipment, investments in technology and waste disposal. The Information Technology Center (CTI), for example, is one of the most efficient in the world. Since 2008, Bradesco has adopted a process for reusing and recycling electronic equipment that has been replaced. Some items are reused in Fundao Bradescos Digital Inclusion Centers (CIDs) and others are recycled by a specialized company that transforms electronic waste into inputs for the manufacture of paint, ceramic tiles and glass. Between 2008 and 2010, around 683 tons of equipment were recycled. In 2010 alone, this figure amounted to 237 tons.

(Head of the Assets Department)

Management of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

Bradesco prepares its inventory of GHG emissions based on the guidelines established by the Brazil GHG Protocol Program and the ISO 14064 standard, which defines principles for the quantification and reporting of GHG emissions. The inventory encompasses all units over which the Bank has operational control, including its headquarters, departments, administrative buildings, branches and associated companies. In 2010, Bradescos GHG inventory was ranked among those of the seven companies in the Gold Category of the Brazil GHG Protocol Program, awarded to companies that provide the most complete record of their greenhouse gas emissions, which are independently verified.

Sustainable construction
Bradesco has built two units that comply with the best sustainability standards in the construction industry: the sustainable branch, in Perdizes, So Paulo, and the Bradesco Sports and Education Programs Sports Development Center, in Osasco. All stages of the projects (planning, construction and operation) were based on concepts that minimize social-environmental impacts: pollution prevention, water reuse, energy efficiency, recycling, and others.

sustainability report 2010 Responsible Management

Some initiatives in 2010:

aper: optimization of the paper collection system resulted in the P reduction of more than 9 million statements and payment slips. aper: thanks to the Authorized Direct Debit (DDA) system, the P issue of 15 million payment slips was prevented in 2010. aper: due to the implementation of the electronic policy system, Bradesco P vida e previdncia saved a total of 34,000 sheets of paper. lastic: Bradesco issued 224,581 recycled PET cards, made from used P plastic bottles. since the cards were launched in 2008, more than 13,000 pet bottles have been used in their manufacture. ero Waste: a campaign that seeks to promote conscientious consumption Z among branch network employees in order to reduce spending on water, energy, materials, transportation and the printing of documents, among others. auto-recycling program: grupo bradesco de seguros e previdncia sends scrap material and replaced auto parts removed from vehicles damaged in accidents involving policyholders and/or third parties for recycling. every month the program collects nearly 100 tons of scrap material and auto parts throughout brazils north, northeast and Midwest regions, as well as part of the southeast region. seal recycling: by collecting seals used in the mailbags used by the bank and its associated companies, more than 4 tons of plastic was sent for recycling through reverse logistics. recycling of checks and dead files: more than 1,9 million tons of paper were sent for recycling. internal and external technological Waste collection campaign: more than 16 tons of electronic waste were collected during the three-month campaign. the initiative counted on the participation of the employees of the administrative units in so paulo and rio de janeiro and the osasco community.




Green IT

Targets and objectives 2010

to conclude the environmental certification project for the sports development center. to conclude the construction of the sustainable branch and obtain its certification. to launch the project for the wastewater treatment station at cidade de deus, with conclusion scheduled for 2011. to implement selective waste collection programs in some branches in so paulo. to improve the administrative centers water and energy data collection system.


the sports development center received leed certification in october. construction has been concluded and leed certification is currently awaiting approval by the certifying institution.

all wastewater from cidade de deus is currently directed to the waste treatment station. the project is expected to be concluded in 2011. the constitution of a working group with other financial institutions is being considered in order to implement a common selective waste collection program. bradesco expanded the implementation of sustainability elements from 10 to 35 administrative buildings. in these facilities, monitoring procedures, which were previously performed in an accounting manner, began to be controlled in terms of kWh and m3, with the assistance of targets. a company was hired to help create an online carpooling tool. the system has already been developed and is currently being implemented.

to implement a carpooling program for employees.

to carry out an internal marketing campaign to strengthen the eco-efficiency Management program and expand the number of participating employees.

in 2010, the our presence on the planet exhibition was held, with nearly 7 thousand visitors.

Targets for 2011


to begin implementation of the eco-efficiency Master plan. to develop new initiatives to promote the eco-efficiency program. to obtain leed certification for the sustainable branch. to implement the carpooling program for employees. to create specific locations in the administrative units where employees can properly dispose of electronic equipment. to analyze environmental improvements to the organizations products and services. to structure the corporate Waste Management program to comply with the requirements of the national solid Waste policy. to expand the auto-recycling program to all regions of brazil.

Message from the Presidency

Sustainability Vision

Sustainable Finance

Responsible Management

Social-Environmental Investments

Sustainability Report


sOCial-enVirOnMental inVestMents
Bradesco seeks to contribute to environmental preservation and social inclusion in the communities where it operates through investments in institutions, as well as projects of its own and of partner entities with an educational, environmental, cultural and sporting focus. Our social-environmental investments are divided into three segments:
Social-environmental investments
investments in direct social activities (education, environment, digital inclusion, health, culture and sports) in millions of reais

private social investments, sponsorships and donations. In 2010, R$ 488.1 million was allocated to social-environmental investments, including R$ 83.1 million in donations under incentive laws (Rouanet, Audiovisual, Sports, and the Child and Adolescent Statute). In 2008, the Organization restructuring the concept of social-environmental investments with the support of the Institute for the Development of Social Investment (Idis). Subsequently, in 2010, two standards were established to make the Organizations position on the issue official: the Corporate Social-Environmental Investments Standard and the Corporate Sponsorship and Participation in Events Standard. In addition, the Organization began the process of identifying the indicators that will be used to monitor the results of the Banks main social-environmental investments. In 2011, we will be preparing a brochure and instruction manual on the topic, which will be distributed to all employees.
Social and Voluntrios Environmental Bradesco Investments










6 200

7 200

8 200

9 200

0 201

90 02

80 02

01 02

70 02

amounts include investments under incentive laws and include funds applied to fundao bradesco (one of bradescos controlling groups).

Amount invested
(in r$ millions)

project fundao bradesco* bradesco sports educa+ao business-school integration project fas fundao amazonas sustentvel fundao sos Mata atlntica other incentives (bradesco sports) Total

* one of bradescos controlling groups. ** a total of r$ 1.579 million was invested in the educa+ao program and is counted as a part of the r$ 262.339 million invested in fundao bradesco.

60 02

Private social investments



financial resources invested voluntarily in the companys own projects or in ngos, institutions and foundations in a strategic, planned, monitored and systemic manner, accompanied by regular evaluation of results

financial support to social and cultural projects that may or may not be eligible for tax incentives under federal laws (rouanet, audiovisual, sports e statute of the child and adolescent). commercial events are not included

financial resources allocated to communities in a number of ways (community councils, ngos, community associations, hospitals, daycare centers, retirement homes, etc.) without bradescos direct involvement in activities

Amount invested
(in r$ millions)

Amount invested
(in r$ millions)

2008 220.791 3.966 0.892 0.316 32.448 10.835 9.118 1.109 279.475

2009 237.760 4.573 0.509 0.451 10.535 12.238 7.967 2.288 276.321

2010 262.339 4.828 ** 0.403 11.030 12.946 6.377 3.125 301.048

tax incentive laws Rouanet Audiovisual Sports Statute of the Child and adolescent Conanda Total With own resources

2009 46.725 1.200 11.557 5.700 0.500 65.682 29.828

2010 57.157 0.395 15.975 9.593 83.120 87.594 With own resources tax incentive laws Total

2009 7.197 1.514 8.711

2010 11.211 5.129 16.340


sustainability report 2010 Social-Environmental Investments

Fundao Bradesco
Fundao Bradesco is a non-profit organization seeking to ensure equal opportunity through education. Founded in 1956, the social-educational program currently maintains 40 schools in underprivileged communities in all Brazilian states and the Federal District. Headquartered in Cidade de Deus, Osasco, in the state of So Paulo, the Foundation has 2.8 thousand employees and has provided high-quality education free-ofcharge to over two million students, a figure that rises to four million people if other on-site and distance-learning courses are included. In 2010, with a budget of R$ 262.3 million, the Foundation benefited 646 thousand people. Most of its resources come from the dividends on its shares in Bradesco. Fundao Bradesco expanded its operations through the implementation of pre-school activities in another seven of its schools. In 2011, these activities will be further expanded to include the schools in Ceilndia (DF), Gravata (RS) and Rio de Janeiro (RJ).

Students served
educational level basic education youth and adult education preliminary and continuing education Total no. of students in the schools other attendances: virtual school, cids (digital inclusion centers) and programs conducted in strategic collaboration, such as the educa+ao 2008 2009 2010 number of number of number of % of total % of total % of total students students students 49,317 44.5 50,030 46.0 49,976 43.4 18,829 42,684 110,830 17.0 38.5 100.0 17,063 41,732 108,825 15.7 38.3 100.0 17,741 47,543 115,260 15.4 41.2 100.0

407,830 students served

323,112 students served

530,740 students served


sustainability report 2010 Social-Environmental Investments

Investments Fundao Bradesco

(in millions of reais)






.7 237



6 200

7 200

8 200

9 200

0 201

90 02

80 02

01 02

70 02

The passing rate at Fundao Bradesco schools has averaged 95.10% over the last five years, which is in line with the best international parameters. The top three final-year graduates are offered a job with the Organization according to the openings available. The high quality of the education provided by the Fundao Bradesco schools is underlined by the fact that 60.14% of high-school students pass the university entrance examination.

Escola Virtual
Fundao Bradesco also maintains the Escola Virtual (Virtual School), an e-learning portal offering distance-learning courses via the internet, as well as semi-attendance courses. The Escola Virtual provides more than 100 courses in the behavioral, information technology, and continuing education areas. In 2010, it School served over 305 thousand people.

Targets and objectives 2010

to increase the number of students, while maintaining the same number of schools. to continue expanding the pre-school program, with new classes in another seven schools, benefiting 489 children. to expand the one computer per student program to three fundao bradesco schools in osasco (sp). to consolidate the education portal in all schools, based on the web 2.0 concept (

60 02

digital inclusion center, embu (sp)

Digital Inclusion
In 2010, four new Digital Inclusion Centers (CIDs) joined Fundao Bradescos network, which now has a total of 113 units, all of which promote social responsibility and entrepreneurship, and nurture citizenship in underprivileged communities. In addition to acting as learning centers, the CIDs are organized in partnership with companies, public schools, universities and national and international research centers, such as the University of So Paulo (USP) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technologys Media Lab (MIT-USA). In 2010, the CIDs served more than 166 thousand people.

to learn more about the work developed by the fundao bradesco, please see the activity report, available at


the number of students totaled 115,260, 5.9% higher than in the previous year. new pre-school classes were created in another seven fundao bradesco schools, benefiting 487 children. this project is being reassessed.

all fundao bradesco schools have access to the education portal.


sustainability report 2010 Social-Environmental Investments

Educa+Ao (Education + Action Program)

In 2007, Bradesco and Fundao Bradesco created the Educa+Ao (Education + Action) program, seeking to raise educational standards in public schools in the first years of elementary school. The project aims to unite private enterprise and the public sector and give teachers the necessary resources to ensure that all children can read and write by the end of second grade and are therefore capable of handling the appropriate content in subsequent years. In 2010, the program involved 127 schools from eight cities in Vale do Ribeira, Embu and Jundia, in So Paulo state, and Ivinhema, Anglica and Porto Esperana, in Mato Grosso do Sul. In 2011, it will be expanded to Ilha

Comprida and Cananeia. Currently, it involves one thousand teachers and benefits around 25 thousand students. In addition to text books for the students and teaching materials for the teachers, the schools receive systematic teaching supervision, which is provided through training courses and school visits. The programs website will be updated to offer multimedia functions and new distance-leaning resources. All students participating in Educa+Ao are evaluated through Portuguese, mathematics, science, history and geography tests, and the literacy rate obtained is 90%. In 2010 Bradesco invested R$ 1.5 million in the program, which also received funding from other partners, including the Sociedade Amigos do Embu, Anglica Agronegcio Ltda., the Jundia municipal government and Acaia Pantanal.

Targets and objectives 2010

to continue expanding the program in municipalities where it is already in place. to introduce the program in jundia (so paulo) and porto esperana (Mato grosso do sul). year-end target: 13 municipalities, 140 schools, 900 teachers and 24 thousand students.


in ivinhema and anglica, educa+ao had already been functioning for two years and was further expanded in 2010, its third year of operations. the program was implemented in both cities. at the close of 2010, educa+ao was present in 13 municipalities and 127 schools, involving around 25 thousand students and more than a thousand teachers.


sustainability report 2010 Social-Environmental Investments

the bradesco sports and education programs sports development center in osasco (sp)

Bradesco Sports and Education Program

For more than two decades, the Bradesco Sports and Education Program has promoted citizenship and social inclusion among girls aged between 8 and 18. Based in Osasco, the program offers free sporting activities for nearly 2,000 girls, with an emphasis on volleyball and basketball, which take place in Fundao Bradesco units, private and municipal schools, and sports centers run by the municipal government. The program supports the formal educational process by insisting that the girls involved are enrolled in and regularly attending school. In addition to learning about sports, the girls receive medical, psychological, physiotherapeutic and nutritional supervision, as well as information and guidance on hygiene, stress, teenage issues, and the prevention

of drug use, STDs and early pregnancy. The program also provides life insurance and a health plan. The program was the first initiative to receive support from the Child and Adolescent Statute under the Tax Incentive Law through an agreement between the National Council for Childrens and Adolescents Rights (Conanda) and the Ministry of Sports.
learn more about the program and the center for sports development website

Sports Development Center

Targets and objectives 2010

to inaugurate the bradesco sports development center in osasco (so paulo) in the first half of 2010.


the center was inaugurated in june 2010 and received leed certification in the second half of the same year.


sustainability report 2010 Social-Environmental Investments

agnelo bittencourt center in the tumbira community, on the banks of the rio negro (aM)

Fundao Amazonas Sustentvel (Sustainable Amazonas Foundation FAS)

In partnership with the Amazonas state government, Bradesco co-founded the Fundao Amazonas Sustentvel (FAS), which aims to preserve the Amazon rainforest and improve the quality of life of riverside communities. Bradesco and the state government initially contributed R$ 20 million each to build a permanent fund, only the returns from which would be invested, thereby ensuring the longterm financial sustainability of the resulting programs. As it is responsible for maintaining the Foundation, Bradesco also agreed to contribute an additional R$ 50 million over five years (R$ 10 million per year between 2008 and 2012). The funds invested in the FAS are raised through the sale of affinity products related to the initiative (credit cards and savings bonds). Fundao Amazonas Sustentvel helps maintain 35 environmental conservation units covering 16.4 million hectares in Amazonas. Other privateenterprise organizations also contribute with financial and technical resources.

FAS is responsible for implementing and managing the Forest Grant (Bolsa Floresta) Program, which seeks to compensate the traditional populations for maintaining the environmental services provided by the tropical forests. The initiative is divided into four categories: Forest Grant Income Bolsa Floresta Renda (generation of sustainable income), Forest Grant Social Bolsa Floresta Social (improvements in health, education, transportation and communications), Forest Grant Association Bolsa Floresta Associao (promotion of empowerment and community participation of the reserve dwellers) and Forest Grant Family Bolsa Floresta Famlia (cash payment via an electronic card for the sustainable use of natural resources and environmental protection and conservation). By December 2010, the Forest Grant Program had benefited 7.2 thousand families in Amazonas.

Fundao SOS Mata Atlntica

The Organization has established a partnership with the NGO, Fundao SOS Mata Atlntica in order to generate resources for the conservation of the Atlantic Forest. With this in mind, it has launched several specific products over the


sustainability report 2010 Social-Environmental Investments

years, such as the SOS Mata Atlntica Affinity Card, P Quente Bradesco SOS Mata Atlntica Savings Bonds, Vehicle Eco-financing, and the Hiperfundo investment fund. A portion of the resulting proceeds is donated to the Foundation for the implementation of conservation and environmental education programs, as well as forest restoration. The funds transferred by Bradesco have already contributed to the planting of more than 29 million nativespecies seedlings in the Atlantic Forest, thereby restoring 17,000 hectares. Once fully grown (20 years), these trees will neutralize around 7 million tons of CO2. Since 1989, around R$ 99 million has been transferred to the Foundation.

In 2006, the Organization initiated a partnership with the Brazilian Institute for Cancer Control (IBCC), which promotes the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of various types of cancer. Each year, the IBCC handles around 72 thousand consultations, and carries out 5 thousand surgical procedures and 14 thousand mammograms, in addition to 17.8 thousand chemotherapy and 45 thousand radiotherapy sessions.

Sponsorships and donations

We support and sponsor a wide range of social and cultural events in several cities and regions across the country.

Total tree seedlings planted due to the sale of products*

2008 bradesco sos Mata atlntica card p Quente bradesco sos Mata atlntica savings bonds vehicle eco-financing hiperfundo Total
* thousand trees.

2009 580 1,040 336 1,956

2010 380 550 332 10 1,272

Popular festivals
Every year we support regional festivals that preserve old folk traditions, including the So Joo Festivities in Campina Grande (Paraba), which is considered the largest gathering of its type in the world; the 2010 Illuminated Christmas, with performances by the Helipolis Symphony Orchestra in twelve cities in the state of So Paulo; and the Alto Vale do Itaja Choir Festival, in Santa Catarina state.

900 950 227 2,077

Enterprise-School Integration Project

The Enterprise-School Integration Project (Integrao Empresa Escola), an initiative created in Rio de Janeiro by Bradesco Seguros e Previdncia, offers free athletic and cultural activities to 858 children and adolescents aged between 8 and 18 who study at Fundao Bradesco schools.

Cultural initiatives and events

Bradesco has also sponsored several initiatives and events under incentive laws, such as the publication of audio and Braille books by the Dorina Nowill Foundation for the Visually Impaired, the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra, the reconstruction of the Cultura Artstica Theater, in So Paulo, and the 18th Bento Dance Festival, in Bento Gonalves, Rio Grande do Sul.

Other partner organizations

Ayrton Senna Institute
We have established a partnership with the Ayrton Senna Institute to support educational programs that aim to provide solutions for learning problems affecting children and teenagers in Brazils public schools.

Telethon AACD
Since 1998, Bradesco has participated as a sponsor and donor in every single edition of Telethon, a televised fund-raising event for the Association for Assistance to Children with Disabilities (AACD). In 2010, the Organization donated R$ 1.2 million.


Message from the Presidency

Sustainability Vision

Sustainable Finance

Responsible Management

Social-Environmental Investments

Sustainability Report


SuStainability RepoRt
Since 2006, Bradesco has adopted the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines for its Annual and Sustainability Reports. Headquartered in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, GRI is a multi-stakeholder initiative to create management indicators and guidelines for the preparation of economic, social and environmental performance reports. We have also adopted GRIs Financial Services Sector Supplement, with its specific financial sector indicators. The GRI Application Level attributed to Bradescos 2010 Sustainability Report was A+. The Organization also discloses its Ibase Social Audit on a quarterly basis, which is available in the Supplementary Information section of the website. The topics to be addressed in the Sustainability Report are defined based on the Materiality Matrix (, which was created in 2008 based on two pillars: society, including issues raised by stakeholder discussion panels, benchmark studies, social and environmental regulations, and sustainability index questionnaires; and business strategy, including employee and supplier panel results, and Bradescos ethical policies and codes. While preparing the report, Bradesco was assisted by two specialized sustainability consulting firms: Report Comunicao, responsible for content, and Key Associados, which collected and examined the GRI indicator responses. During this process, chief executives, executives and managers from the Organizations various areas were interviewed face-to-face in order to provide information, structure the report, identify possible improvements in the preparation process and to establish an ongoing dialogue with the interviewees. The information included in this report was subjected to external verification by two companies: BSD Consulting, an independent consulting firm that checks the preparation process in line with the AA1000 Assurance Standard 2008, and the independent auditors PricewaterhouseCoopers, who are responsible for evaluating the accuracy and reliability of the reports information, in addition to the GRI Application Level.

The information included in this report covers activities developed by the Bradesco Organization in Brazil and abroad, and by Fundao Bradesco and Bradesco Sports and Education. Responsibility for the reliability of the reported information lies with the management team of each department of the Organization.

GRI Application Level

C Mandatory Self-declared Third-Party Checked Examined by GRI Report Externally Assured Report Externally Assured C+ B B+ A A+



sustainability report 2010 Sustainability Report

Global Compact
In 2005, the Bradesco Organization joined the United Nations Global Compact and began to develop initiatives based on its principles. We are also part of the Brazilian Global Compact Committee (CBPG).

Global Compact Principles

directly relevant gri indicators Principle 1 Respect and protect human rights Human Rights Principle 2 Prevent human rights violations Principle 3 Support the freedom of association Principle 4 Eliminate forced labor Labor Standards Principle 5 Eliminate child labor Principle 6 Eliminate discrimination in the workplace Principle 7 Support a preventive approach to environmental challenges en2, en5, en6, en7, en10, en13, en14, en18, en21, en22, en26, en27 and en30 hr1, hr2 and hr8 hr1, hr2, hr3, hr4, hr5, hr6, hr7, hr8 and hr9 indirectly relevant gri indicators la4, la13, la14 and so1

hr5, la4 and la5


hr1, hr2 and hr3


hr1, hr2 and hr3

hr4, la2, la13 and la14

hr1, hr2, ec5, ec7 and la13



Principle 8 Promote environmental responsibility

ec2, en1, en3, en4, en8, en9, en11, en12, en15, en16, en17, en19, en20, en23, en24, en25, en28, en29, pr3 and pr4

Principle 9 Encourage the development of environmentfriendly technologies Principle 10 Fight corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery

en2, en5, en6, en7, en10, en18, en26 and en27


so2, so3 and so4

so5 and so6

To contact the team responsible for this report, please e-mail:

Bradesco has been a GRI Organizational Stakeholder since January 2009 and is part of a support network that brings together companies and organizations around the world, responsible for propagating the GRI guidelines.

sustainability report 2010 Sustainability Report

GRI Table of Contents

The responses to all GRI indicators presented in this Report are indicated by the page number where they can be found in this document, in the 2010 Annual Report, or in any of the other aforementioned websites. Detailed information on the protocol of each of the indicators can be found, in Portuguese and English, at
General Indicators
gri description 1. Strategy and Analysis 1.1. statement from the ceo 1.2. impacts, risks, and opportunities 2. Organizational Profile 2.1. name of the organization 2.2. primary brands, products, and/or services answer pg 4 Message from the presidency 2010 annual report integrated risk control pg 59 addresses and contacts pg 2 organizational profile 2010 annual report business strategy 2010 annual report products and services 2010 annual report Market segmentation 2010 annual report bradesco's companies corporate information pg 59 addresses and contacts 2010 annual report international area 2010 annual report organizational structure overview overview overview 2010 annual report directors' report pg 59 acknowledgements 2010 annual report acknowledgements january 1, 2010 to december 31, 2010 prepared in 2009 annual pg 59 addresses and contacts pg 2 presentation pg 52 sustainability report pg 52 sustainability report pg 52 sustainability report these are outlined in the text whenever necessary to support information provided. information referring to restatements relative to previous years accompanies new information in the respective chapter or specific chart. there are no significant changes. pg 54 gri indicators

gri description answer Commitments to external initiatives 4.11. precautionary approach pg 6 sustainability vision pg 8 social-environmental risk management pg 14 social-environmental criteria in loan operations sustainable finance products and services executive committee 4.12. charters, principles pg 4 Message from the presidency and initiatives pg 10 global commitments 4.13. Membership responsible Management in associations government and society Stakeholder engagement pg 21 stakeholder relations 4.14. list of stakeholders pg 21 bradesco and its stakeholders 4.15. identification of stakeholders 4.16. stakeholder engagement pg 21 stakeholder relations 4.17. stakeholder demands pg 21 stakeholder relations responsible Management

Performance Indicators
gri description Economic Performance DMA. Management Approach ec1. distributed added value ec2. climate change ec3. benefit plan ec4. financial assistance received Market presence ec5. range of ratios of standard entry level wage compared to local minimum wage ec6. spending on locally-based suppliers ec7. local hiring Indirect economic impacts ec8. infrastructure investments answer pg 21 responsible Management responsible Management indicators social balance ibase pg 9 climate change pg 28 benefits pg 29 chart: generation of value for employees responsible Management government and society responsible Management employees responsible Management suppliers pg 28 employees responsible Management employees pg 43 sustainable construction pg 46 fundao bradesco pg 49 bradesco sports and education program socio-environmental investments pg 11 banking inclusion and microfinance pg 19 insurance, private pension plans and savings bonds pg 45 social-environmental investments socio-environmental investments pg 42 eco-efficiency management responsible Management eco-efficiency management responsible Management eco-efficiency management responsible Management eco-efficiency management responsible Management eco-efficiency management responsible Management eco-efficiency management pg 43 green it responsible Management eco-efficiency management responsible Management eco-efficiency management responsible Management eco-efficiency management pg 43 Management of greenhouse gas emissions responsible Management eco-efficiency management responsible Management eco-efficiency management Management of greenhouse gas emissions responsible Management eco-efficiency management responsible Management eco-efficiency management Management of greenhouse gas emissions responsible Management eco-efficiency management

2.3. operational structure 2.4. location of the organizations headquarters 2.5. countries where the organization operates 2.6. nature of ownership 2.7. Markets served 2.8. scale of the organization 2.9. Major changes in the years 2.10. awards received 3. Report Parameters Report profile 3.1. reporting period 3.2. previous report 3.3. reporting cycle 3.4. contact point for questions Report scope and boundary 3.5. definition of report content 3.6. boundary of the report 3.7. report scope and boundary 3.8. basis for reporting 3.9. data measurement techniques and bases of calculation 3.10. effects of any restatement of information 3.11. significant changes GRI content index 3.12. standard disclosures Assurance 3.13. external assurance

ec9. indirect economic impacts

Environmental Performance DMA. Management Approach Materials en1. Materials used en2. Materials used originating from recycling Energy en3. direct energy consumption en4. indirect energy consumption en5. energy saved en6. energy-efficient products and services en7. initiatives and reduction in consumption Water en8. total water withdrawal by source Emissions, effluents and waste en16. direct and indirect emissions of greenhouse gases en17. other relevant greenhouse gas emissions by weight en18. initiative to reduce emissions en20. nox, sox and other significant air emissions by type and weight en22. total weight of waste by type and disposal method Products and services en26. initiatives to mitigate environmental impacts of products and services

bradesco adopts two types of external verification in this report: audit of data, conducted by pricewaterhousecoopers (pg 58), and reporting assurance by bsd consulting (pg 56). 4. Governance, Commitments and Engagement Governance 4.1. governance structure 2010 annual report corporate governance 4.2. identification of main executives corporate governance board of directors 4.3. independent board Members corporate governance board of directors 2010 annual report corporate governance 4.4. communication channels with the board 4.5. remunerao by sustainability the variable compensation of members of the highest governing body, the executive directors, and other executives is in accordance with financial-economical criteria. the addition of socio-environmental criteria is currently under consideration. 4.6. conflicts of interest corporate governance 4.7. Qualifications of board members corporate governance board of directors 4.8. internal values, codes of pg 8 ethics management conduct and principles corporate governance 2010 annual report values 4.9. board oversight of the investor information organizations sustainability legal notes and risk factors performance 4.10. self assessment by the evaluation of the performance of the members of the council in assessing the board of directors is conducted by the chairman. sustainability performance

pg 43 sustainable constructions pg 43 green it responsible Management eco-efficiency management Social Performance Labor Practices and Decent Work pg 28 employees DMA. Management Approach pg 32 diversity pg 33 union relations responsible Management employees Employment pg 28 chart: employees by category la1. employees profile pg 29 distribution of employees pg 32 diversity responsible Management employees


sustainability report 2010 Sustainability Report

gri description la2. turnover rate

la3. benefits Labor/Management relations la4. collective bargaining agreements la5. Minimum notice period(s) regarding organizational changes Occupational health and safety la6. percentage of employees represented by committees la7. rates of injury, occupational illness, absenteeism, lost days and deaths la8. assistance to employees with respect to serious diseases la9. health and safety topics covered in formal agreements with trade unions Training and education la10. training hours

answer pg 29 distribution of employees pg 30 chart: turnover responsible Management employees pg 28 benefits responsible Management employees pg 33 union relations responsible Management employees the organization does not have a guideline or clause specified in its collective bargaining agreement. responsible Management employees pg 34 chart: occupational health and safety indicators responsible Management employees occupational health and safety pg 34 social and psychological assistance responsible Management employees occupational health and safety responsible Management employees people Management labor practices pg 31 chart: annual average training hours of active employees, by professional category responsible Management employees training and education pg 31 human capital mapping responsible Management employees pg 31 human capital mapping responsible Management employees

la11. Management skills and lifelong learning la12. analysis of performance and career development

pg 30 labor claims pg 41 regulatory/control bodies Social Performance Product Responsibility pg 11 sustainable finance DMA. Management Approach sustainable finance Customer health and safety pr1. evaluation of impacts pg 22 customer security pg 23 customer complaint management responsible Management customers pr2. non-compliance Product and service labeling sustainable finance pr3. product labels pg 23 customer complaint management pr5. customer satisfaction pg 25 satisfaction surveys responsible Management customers Marketing Communications pr6. adherence to standards the organizations marketing communications observe the rules established by the national council of advertising self-regulation. pr7. non-compliance in 2010, there were no recorded complaints about possible breaches of codes and laws related to marketing, advertising, promotion and sponsorship. Compliance pg 25 chart: financial indemnifications pr8. complaints for loss of responsible Management customers customer data Compliance pg 41 regulatory/control bodies pr9. Monetary value of responsible Management significant fines government and society

gri description Anti-competitive behavior so7. legal actions Compliance so8. fines and penalties

answer pg 41 competition

Diversity and equal opportunities la13. breakdown of employees per pg 28 chart: employees by category category according to diversity pg 29 distribution of employees responsible Management employees pg 32 diversity responsible Management employees diversity la14. proportion of salary pg 33 ratio of average salary by employee men/women category (men to women) responsible Management employees Social Performance Human Rights DMA. Management Approach pg 29 Workplace Investment and procurement practices hr1. significant investment pg 15 equator principles agreements that include sustainable finance human rights clauses social-environmental criteria pg 37 suppliers responsible Management suppliers hr2. percentage of significant pg 37 suppliers suppliers and contractors pg 37 chart: oversight activities that have undergone responsible Management screening on human rights suppliers and actions taken hr3. training responsible Management suppliers Non-discrimination hr4. total number of incidents pg 30 cases of discrimination of discrimination and responsible Management actions taken employees Freedom of association and collective bargain agreement hr5. risk to freedom of association pg 33 union relations and collective bargaining responsible Management employees Child labor hr6. operations that may have pg 29 Workplace risk for child labor pg 37 chart: oversight activities Forced and compulsory labor hr7. operations that may have risk pg 29 Workplace for forced or compulsory labor pg 37 chart: oversight activities Security practices hr8. training in human rights aspects pg 29 Workplace responsible Management employees training and education Social Performance Society pg 41 government and society DMA. Management Approach responsible Management government and society Community pg 11 banking inclusion and microfinance so1. Management of impacts sustainable finances Corruption so2. risk assessments pg 41 prevention and combat of illicit activities of corruption pg 41 chart: online courses available up to december 2010 so3. training anticorruption responsible Management government and society prevention of illicit activities responsible Management so4. actions taken in response government and society prevention of illicit activities to incidents of corruption Public policies responsible Management so5. position on public government and society policy and lobbying responsible Management so6. contributions to political government and society parties, politicians

Sector Indicators
gri indicator fs1. social-environmental policies answer pg 8 social-environmental risk management pg 11 sustainable finance pg 14 social-environmental criteria in loan operations sustainable finance pg 8 social-environmental risk management sustainable finance social-environmental criteria credit operations pg 8 social-environmental risk management pg 14 social-environmental criteria in loan operations bradesco sustainability vision social-environmental risk Management pg 14 social-environmental criteria in loan operations responsible Management employees training and education pg 14 social-environmental criteria in loan operations sustainable finance pg 37 supplier engagement responsible Management suppliers sustainable finance pg 11 banking inclusion and microfinance pg 16 social-environmental credit lines pg 19 insurance, private pension plans and savings bonds sustainable finance pg 16 social-environmental credit lines sustainable finance pg 8 social-environmental risk management bradesco sustainability vision social-environmental risk Management pg 37 suppliers responsible Management stakeholder relations pg 14 social-environmental criteria in loan operations sustainable finance pg 37 suppliers responsible Management supplier pg 18 investments sustainable finance investments the bradesco organization does not have a policy concerning this issue. pg 11 banking inclusion and microfinance

fs2. evaluation of social-environmental risks fs3. customer social-environmental monitoring fs4. social-environmental policies training fs5. interaction about social-environmental risks/opportunities

fs6. percentage of business lines portfolios by region, size and sectors fs7. products and services for social benefit

fs8. products and services for environmental benefit fs9. social-environmental policies audit

fs10. interaction with companies on social-environmental issues fs11. assets subject to social-environmental screening fs12. voting policy(ies) applied to social-environmental issues fs13. access to scarcely populated or economically disadvantaged areas fs14. access for people with disabilities fs15. development and sale of products and services fs16. incentives for financial education

pg 14 accessibility sustainable finance banking inclusion and Microfinance accessibility pg 11 banking inclusion and microfinance sustainable finance pg 14 financial education

in determining the topics covered in this report, the following gri indicators were not considered material: en9, en10, en11, en12, en13, en14, en15, en19, en21, en23, en24, en25, en27, en28, en29, en30, hr9 and pr4.


Message from the Presidency

Sustainability Vision

Sustainable Finance

Responsible Management

Social-Environmental Investments

Sustainability Report


stateMent Of assuranCe
Bradesco contracted BSD Consulting for third-party verification purposes to ensure that its 2010 Sustainability Report was consistent with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines. The object of the verification process is to provide Bradescos stakeholders with an independent opinion on the quality of the Report, the sustainability management process, adherence to AA1000AS 2008 standards and continuation of the processes established. The scope of our work covers all information included in the printed version of Bradescos 2010 Sustainability Report.

Responsibilities of Bradesco and BSD

Bradesco has prepared the Sustainability Report and is responsible for any and all information contained therein. Neither the reliability of the reported data, the GRI application level of the data, nor the additional content available on the Banks website were within the scope of BDS Consultings evaluation.

Scope and Limitations

The scope of our work covers all information included in the printed version of Bradescos 2010 Sustainability Report for the period in question. The independent verification process was conducted in accordance with AA1000 Assurance Standard 2008, type 1, which offers a moderate level of assurance. The process comprises the evaluation of adherence to the three AA1000AS principles of Inclusiveness, Materiality and Responsiveness.

We work independently to assure that no BDS member maintains consulting agreements or other commercial links with Bradesco. BDS Consulting is licensed by AccountAbility, an AA1000 Licensed Assurance Provider, registered under number 000-33.

Our Competence
BDS Consulting specializes in corporate sustainability. The verification process was conducted by a highly qualified team of professionals with long-standing experience in external assurance.

The approach of the AA1000 evaluation process consisted of evaluating the text of the 2010 Sustainability Report, assessing the results of the 2009 Sustainability Report satisfaction survey, analyzing the pilot project for the implementation of the AA1000ES standard, analyzing the current stakeholder map, analyzing relevant issues within the current scenario, and interviewing process participants. We interviewed executives, managers and employees of key areas in relation to the relevance of the reported information.


sustainability report 2010 Statement of Assurance

Main conclusions AA1000AS Principles

1. Inclusiveness addresses the participation of stakeholders in the process of developing transparent and strategic sustainability management

2. Materiality Topics necessary for stakeholders to make decisions concerning the organizations social, economic and environmental performance

3. Responsiveness considers the actions taken by the organization in response to specific stakeholder demands.

So Paulo, february 4, 2011.

Maria Helena Meinert

(Partner) BSD Consulting, Brasil 57

Message from the Presidency

Sustainability Vision

Sustainable Finance

Responsible Management

Social-Environmental Investments

Sustainability Report


indePendent auditOrs rePOrt Of liMited assuranCe On banCO bradesCO s.a. sustainability rePOrt
To the Management of Banco Bradesco S.A.
We were hired for the purpose of assuring Banco Bradesco S.A.s 2010 Sustainability Report, prepared under the responsibility of the Banks management, which includes the design, implementation and maintenance of internal controls for the adequate preparation and presentation of the report. Our responsibility is to issue a limited assurance report on the information disclosed in this report. assurance level but do not meet the requirements for the issuance of a more comprehensive assurance report, as established by the aforementioned rule. Our limited assurance evaluation also covered the verification of GRI-G3 requirements for reports with an A+ Application Level.

Scope and limitations

The objective of our report was to identify and assess whether the data included in the Banks 2010 Sustainability Report, in terms of obtaining qualitative information and measuring and calculating quantitative information, complies with the following criteria: (i) Brazilian Accounting Standard NBC T 15 Social and Environmental Information; and (ii) the Global Reporting Initiatives sustainability guidelines (GRI-G3). Opinions, background information, descriptive information and information subject to subjective assessment are not included in the scope of our report.

Criteria for the preparation of the Sustainability Report

The 2010 Sustainability Report was prepared in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI-G3) guidelines for Application Level A+. Following these guidelines, Banco Bradesco S.A. reported on 61 core and additional indicators, as well as 16 supplementary financial performance indicators.

The limited assurance report was prepared in accordance with Rule NBC TO 3000, which addresses assurance other than audits or reviews of historical financial information, issued by the Brazilian Federal Accounting Council (CFC). This rule requires compliance with ethical standards and planning and provision of service procedures in order to obtain limited assurance that we have not become aware of any matters leading us to believe that the 2010 Sustainability Report of Banco Bradesco S.A. was not prepared in accordance with the criteria described below (Scope and limitations) in all its relevant aspects. In a limited assurance model, the procedures for obtaining evidence are more limited than in the reasonable assurance model and the level of assurance is consequently lower. The procedures chosen depend on the judgment of the independent auditor, including an evaluation of the Sustainability Reports noncompliance with the criteria described below (Scope and limitations). Our work consisted of the following procedures, among others: (i) planning the works, taking into account the relevance and the volume of information presented by Bradesco S.A.s Sustainability Report; (ii) ensuring an understanding of internal controls; (iii) carrying out tests to verify the evidence supporting the reports quantitative and qualitative data; (iv) interviewing the managers responsible for the information; and (v) comparing the financial information with the accounting records. The above procedures were deemed sufficient to permit a limited

Based on our limited review, we are not aware of any relevant changes that should be made to the information contained in Banco Bradesco S.A.s Sustainability Report for the year ended December 31, 2010 for this information to be properly presented, in all its relevant aspects, with regard to the criteria used for Application Level A+.

Additional considerations
In relation to the definition of content of the 2010 Sustainability Report, following the GRI-G3 principals, we noticed the following improvements in its preparation process:

More objective reporting of information than in last

years report, ensuring greater emphasis on those issues considered important by the Bank;

Better comparability with the previous years report

since the structure of the document remained the same, making it easier to follow indicator behavior and target compliance.

So Paulo, February 4, 2011.

Auditores Independentes CRC 2SP000160/O-5

Luis Carlos Matias Ramos

Accountant CRC 1SP171564/O-1

sustainability report 2010 Acknowledgments

Once again, Bradesco is included in the Dow Jones
Sustainability Index (DJSI).

Honorable mention in the Prmio Abrasca de Melhor

Relatrio Anual (Abrasca Best Annual Report Award) in the Social-Environmental Aspects category. Winner of the Prmio Brasil Ambiental (Brazilian Environment Prize) from Amcham Rio in the Sustainable Management category, for its Technological Waste case. Leader in the seventh edition of the Empresas que mais Respeitam o Consumidor (Companies who Most Respect Consumers) survey by Consumidor Moderno magazine in partnership with Shopper Experience.

Addresses and Contacts

Banco Bradesco S.A. Cidade de Deus, Osasco SP CEP 06029-900

The Bank is included in the Corporate Sustainability

Index (ISE).

Bradesco is also included in the So Paulo Stock

Exchanges Efficient Carbon Index (ICO2).

Bradesco is one of the 20 Brazilian model companies

in terms of corporate social responsibility, according to the Guia Exame de Sustentabilidade 2010, published by Exame magazine, with technical support from the Fundao Getulio Vargas. Winner of Corporate Registers 2010 CR Reporting Award in the Best Report in Credibility through Assurance category, for its 2008 Sustainability Report. Among the winners of the GRI Readers Choice Awards in the Most Effective Report category, for its 2008 Sustainability Report. For the second consecutive year, the Organization received the Selo Paulista da Diversidade (So Paulo Diversity Seal) from the So Paulo state government, which is granted to companies, NGOs and government bodies who welcome indigenous people, senior citizens, African-Brazilians, people with disabilities, women and minorities onto their staff. For the 14th consecutive year, Bradesco was chosen by Exame magazines Guia Voc S/A as one of The Best Companies to Work For. For the 11th time, Bradesco was elected one of the 100 Best Companies to Work for in Brazil through a survey conducted by the Great Place to Work Institute and published in poca magazine. Bradesco was ranked second by the Best in People Management survey (4,000+ employees category) published in Valor Carreira magazine, a Valor Econmico publication, with the technical support of Hewitt Associates. For the third consecutive year, Bradesco was ranked among the most distinguished companies in the Prmio de Mudanas Climticas (Climate Change Award), an poca magazine initiative listing those companies most engaged in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. For the second consecutive year, Bradesco won the 2010 Golden Peacock Award for Corporate Social Responsibility, for its Bradesco Volunteer Program.

Market Relations Department

Av. Paulista, 1450 1o andar Bela Vista, So Paulo SP CEP 01310-917 Phone: (55 11) 2178-6201 Fax: (55 11) 2178-6215

AAA+ in Sustainability by Management &
Excellence (M&E).

Social-environmental Responsibility Area

Phone: (55 11) 2178-6210

Gamma 7 score from Standard & Poors Governance

Services, for its high corporate governance standards, 7+ being the highest corporate governance Gamma score ever assigned anywhere in the world.

Investor Relations Area

Institutional Investors Phone: (55 11) 2178-6204 Individual Investors Phone: (55 11) 2178-6217

SA8000 (social responsibility) In 2010, the
certification was expanded and now encompasses more than 19 thousand employees and around 5.5 thousand outsourced workers. ISO 14001 (environmental management) and OHSAS 18001 (occupational health and safety) Received by both the Av. Paulista building, in So Paulo city, and the Information Technology Center, in Cidade de Deus, Osasco (SP). ISO 14064 Quantification and report on greenhouse gases, including direct emissions, indirect emissions from the purchase of electricity and other indirect emissions from companies controlled by Banco Bradesco S.A. GoodPriv@cy (data protection and privacy) 15 certified products and services. ISO 9001 (quality management) 216 products and services certified by year-end.


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