Birthday is an important day of our life. It is a day of remembering the moment of our first existence. So, we always want it to be special. We want to celebrate it in the best way we can. In our younger days, we have dreamed of having a party with lots of balloons, bubbles, party hats, giveaways, cakes, clowns and ice cream. We always wished this party would be for real.

But there are times in which a happy birthday party becomes a horrible disaster. Misspelled name in a birthday cake, unlikely color of the balloons, undesirable themes and concepts, boring clowns and entertainers, and worst, no party at all! These circumstances could happen because of disorganization of information to a party service you have entrusted for the awaited event.

Our group has been inspired by this whole birthday concept. So, we decided to create a system that will help birthday event organizers provide full customer satisfaction.

This system would increase business potentials of party service by having a more systematic way of getting the customer's personal information, the customer's needs and other important details in how a customer would want to celebrate this special day. In this way we can prevent problems and celebrate the party perfectly.

Furthermore, our system would allow administrators to observe current sales, compare the changes, and see the progress of their company.

Party service is a good business that aims to make people enjoy their birthdays. Because we wish to have happy birthdays, we want to improve the customer service efficiency as well as the business development by developing this system.

editing and cancelling orders by the use of computers.GOALS AND OBJECTIVES Goals  To develop a system that will organize orders in a party service business Objectives  To provide a system that will hold all data of existing orders in a party service company. payments and other necessary details  To offer customers fast service and accommodation in accepting. instead of manual writing  To improve company s efficiency by providing a systematic way of getting information to the customers so that every important details regarding the order is provided  To validate business progress by providing the administrators information about the company status through computation of income and expenses by the use of system s automatic calculation . orders. these data will provide information about the customers.

 The requirements analyst is responsible for translating the business requirements in to a specification for the client/server programmers or web developers depending on the platform chosen for the software project.  Research.PROJECT ORGANIZATION Role Responsibilities  The project manager's role in a nutshell is the overall responsibility for the successful Member Project Manager planning. maintain and update installation instructions. Zarina Ann Villahermosa Merielle Impreso Zarina Ann Villahermosa Requirement Analyst Gladys Blanco Software Tester John Sen Macainan .  The one who would write the code that would run on the client as well as the code that would run on the server. execution. Technical Writer  Create. edit and proofread Merielle Impreso complex technical data. John Sen Macainan Gladys Blanco Computer Programmer  Must follow the progress of programs to ensure that they are operating correctly and fix any program errors that might occur along the way.  The one who tests the software first and checks if it's bug-free. write.  Tasked with deciding how best to portray Graphic Designer the values of a company through the use of color and layout. Copyreader  The copyreader is responsible for checking accuracy of the documents. training material and other technical documents. control and closure of a project. monitoring.

ACTIVITY NETWORK 01/07/1 1 1 day 01/11/11 2 days 01/18/11 3 day 01/28/11 Start T1 M1 T2 M2 T3 M3 2 days T5 1 day 02/04/11 1 day T4 T6 02/22/11 4 days M4 T7 02/08/11 M6 M5 4 days 03/07/11 T8 M7 1 day 03/11/11 T10 M8 1 day 3 days T11 03/15/11 T9 End .

ACTIVITY TIMELINE 01/07 Start 01/14 01/21 01/28 02/04 02/11 02/18 02/25 03/04 03/11 T1 M1 T2 M2 T3 M3 T4 T5 M4 T6 M5 T9 T7 M6 T8 M7 T10 M8 T11 End .

STAFF ALLOCATION 01/07 01/14 01/21 01/28 02/04 02/11 02/18 02/25 03/04 03/11 T1 T2 Macainan T6 T10 T11 T1 T2 Blanco T5 T9 T8 T10 T1 T2 T3 Impreso T4 T5 T6 T7 T8 T10 T11 T1 T2 Villahermosa T9 T10 T11 T11 .

TASK DURATION AND DEPENDENCIES Task T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6 T7 T8 T9 T10 T11 Schedule 1 day 2 days 2 days 1day 2 days 1 day 4 days 5 days 3 days 1 day 1 day Dependencies T1 (M1) T2 (M2) T3 (M3) T3(M3) T5 (M4) T6 (M5) T7 (M6) T6 (M5) T8 (M7) T10 (M8) Legend: T1 Interview with the client T2 System Planning T3 Coding of Homepage (Discarded at T6) T4 Logging in Process (Discarded at T6) T5 Registration Process (Discarded at T6) T6 Integrating Shopping Cart Software T7 Coding for Front-End T8 Coding for Back-End T9 Designing and Layouting T10 System Validation T11 Finalizing Overall System .

USE-CASES Sales Management Staff Management Administrator Stock Management Staff Order Management Customer Services Customer Viewing Services .

DATA FLOW DIAGRAMS Logging-in Process for Staff Blank Login Form Complete Login Form Username + Password Validate Staff Username Username Check Order Update Delivery Status Update Stocks Username Logging-in Process for Administrator Blank Login Form Complete Login Form Username + Password Validate Administrator Username Username Username Check Order Cancel Order Username Username Update Stocks Add Event View Sales .

Product Selection Process for New Order Blank Cart Blank Cart View Products Product ID Select Item Partial Order Product ID Add to Cart Rate Item Item Rating Add Another Item Updated Partial Order Partial Order Update Quantity Product Database Updated Partial Order Partial Order Delete Item Partial Order Blank Cart Clear Cart Partial Order Checkout Partial Order Checkout Process Completed Order + Blank Information Form Completed Information Form Complete Information Form Cart Database Validate Form Validated Form Ordered Product Details Order Details Add Order E-mail address Order Database Recipient s Details Recipient Database Send Email Process .

Send E-mail Process E-mail Address + Message E-mail Address Microsoft Outlook Send E-mail Update Stocks Process Username All Stocks List Item Details View All Stocks List Select Item Update Item Details Modified Item Details Stock Database Update Delivery Status Process Username Enter Order Number Order Number Display Order Details + Delivered Button Order Details Order Details w/ status= Delivered Item Codes + Quantity Current Date + Order Total Done Message Automated Stock Update Automated Sales Update Order Database Select Delivered Order Details w/ status= Delivered .

Automated Stock Update Process Item Codes + Quantity Item Codes+ Quantity Modified Item Details Select Items Subtract Quantity Stock Database Automated Sales Update Process Current Date + Order Total Current Date Sales + Order Total Current Date Sales Find Current Date Add Order Total Sales Database View Sales Process Username Category Category + Range Enter Category Give Range Display Sales Cancel Order Process OrderID Updated Order List Delete Order Display Orders Order Database .

Add Event Process Black Event Form Completed Form Validated Form Complete Form Validate Form Event Database .

RISK ANALYSIS Risk Other activities come up which hinders the members to work on their tasks The time required to develop the software is underestimated Members would become ill during the development of the software Changes to requirements are proposed System design changes when codes are brought together Probability Moderate High Low Moderate Low Effects Serious Serious Serious Tolerable Tolerable .

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