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" redirects here. For the Timurid dynasty ruler, see Shah Rukh (Timurid dynasty) </wiki/Shah_Rukh_(Timurid_dynasty)>. "King of Bollywood" redirects here. For the film, see King of Bollywood (film) </wiki/King_of_Bollywood_(film)>. Page semi-protected </wiki/Wikipedia:Protection_policy#semi> Shahrukh Khan </wiki/File:Shah_Rukh_Khan_(Berlin_Film_Festival_2008)_4.1.jpg> Shah Rukh Khan at (Berlin Film Festival 2008) Born 2 November 1965 (1965-11-02) (age 45) New Delhi, India Other names Shah Rukh Khan, King Khan, SRK^[1] <#cite_note-0> Occupation Actor, producer, television presenter Years active 1988–present Spouse Gauri Khan </wiki/Gauri_Khan> (1991–present) *Shahrukh Khan* (Urdu </wiki/Urdu>: , Hindi </wiki/Hindi_language>: ; born 2 November 1965), often credited as *Shah Rukh Khan*, is an Indian film actor and a prominent Bollywood </wiki/Bollywood> figure, as well as a film producer and television host. Khan began his career appearing in several television serials in the late 1980s. He made his film debut in /Deewana </wiki/Deewana_(1992_film)>/ (1992). Since then, he has been part of numerous commercially successful films and has earned critical acclaim for many of his performances. Khan has won fourteen Filmfare Awards </wiki/Filmfare_Awards> for his work in Indian films </wiki/Cinema_of_India>, eight of which are in the Best Actor </wiki/Filmfare_Best_Actor_Award> category (a record). In 2005, the Government of India honoured him with the Padma Shri </wiki/Padma_Shri> for his contributions towards Indian Cinema </wiki/Indian_Cinema>. Khan's films such as /Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge </wiki/Dilwale_Dulhaniya_Le_Jayenge>/ (1995), /Kuch Kuch Hota Hai </wiki/Kuch_Kuch_Hota_Hai>/ (1998), /Chak De India </wiki/Chak_De_India>/ (2007), /Om Shanti Om </wiki/Om_Shanti_Om_(film)>/ (2007) and /Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi </wiki/Rab_Ne_Bana_Di_Jodi>/ (2008) remain some of Bollywood's biggest hits </wiki/List_of_highest-grossing_Bollywood_films>, while films like /Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham </wiki/Kabhi_Khushi_Kabhie_Gham>/ (2001), /Kal Ho Naa Ho </wiki/Kal_Ho_Naa_Ho>/ (2003), /Veer-Zaara </wiki/Veer-Zaara>/ (2004), /Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna </wiki/Kabhi_Alvida_Naa_Kehna>/ (2006) and /My Name Is Khan </wiki/My_Name_Is_Khan>/ (2010) have been top-grossing Indian productions in the overseas markets </wiki/List_of_highest-grossing_Bollywood_films_in_overseas_markets>, making him one of the most successful actors of India.^[2] <#cite_note-1> Since 2000, Khan branched out into film production </wiki/Filmmaking> and television presenting </wiki/Television_presenter> as well. He is the founder/owner of two production companies, Dreamz Unlimited </w/index.php?title=Dreamz_Unlimited&action=edit&redlink=1> and Red Chillies Entertainment </wiki/Red_Chillies_Entertainment>. Globally, Khan is considered to be one of the biggest movie stars,^[3] <#cite_note-Newsweek-2> with a fan following numbering in the billions^[4] <#cite_note-3> and a net worth </wiki/Net_worth> estimated at over Indian Rupee symbol.svg

</wiki/File:Indian_Rupee_symbol.svg>2,500 crore </wiki/Crore> (US$ </wiki/United_States_dollar>557.5 million).^[5] <#cite_note-4> In 2008, /Newsweek </wiki/Newsweek>/ named him one of the 50 most powerful people in the world.^[3] <#cite_note-Newsweek-2> Contents [hide <#>] * 1 Biography <#Biography> * 2 Film career <#Film_career> o 2.1 Background <#Background> o 2.2 1990s <#1990s> o 2.3 2000s <#2000s> o 2.4 2010s <#2010s> * 3 Producer <#Producer> * 4 Television <#Television> * 5 Awards and nominations <#Awards_and_nominations> * 6 Filmography <#Filmography> o 6.1 Film actor <#Film_actor> o 6.2 Producer <#Producer_2> o 6.3 Playback singer <#Playback_singer> o 6.4 Stunts director <#Stunts_director> o 6.5 Television appearances <#Television_appearances> * 7 See also <#See_also> * 8 Notes <#Notes> * 9 Bibliography <#Bibliography> * 10 External links <#External_links> Biography </wiki/File:Draft_lens5000532module37002812photo_1243797433shah_rukh_khan_sword_ of_honor.jpg> </wiki/File:Draft_lens5000532module37002812photo_1243797433shah_rukh_khan_sword_ of_honor.jpg> Shah Rukh Khan attended the elite St. Columba's School </wiki/St._Columba%27s_School,_Delhi> in New Delhi where he won the school's highest accolade, The Sword of Honour. Khan was born in 1965 to Muslim^[6] <#cite_note-5> parents of Pathan </wiki/Pashtun_people> descent in New Delhi, India.^[7] <#cite_note-Rediff-Pathan-6> His father, Taj Mohammed Khan, was an Indian independence activist </wiki/Indian_independence_activists> from Peshawar </wiki/Peshawar>, British India </wiki/British_Raj>. According to Khan, his paternal grandfather was originally from Afghanistan </wiki/Afghanistan>.^[8] <#cite_note-7> His mother, Lateef Fatima, was the adopted daughter of Major General </wiki/Major_General#India> Shah Nawaz Khan </wiki/Shah_Nawaz_Khan_(general)> of the Janjua Rajput </wiki/Janjua> clan, who served as a General in the Indian National Army </wiki/Indian_National_Army> of Subash Chandra Bose </wiki/Subash_Chandra_Bose>.^[9] <#cite_note-8> Khan's father came to New Delhi from Qissa Khawani Bazaar </wiki/Qissa_Khawani_Bazaar> in Peshawar </wiki/Peshawar> before the partition of India </wiki/Partition_of_India>,^[10] <#cite_note-9> while his mother's family came from Rawalpindi </wiki/Rawalpindi>, British India.^[11] <#cite_note-10> Khan has an elder sister named Shehnaz.^[12] <#cite_note-11>

Growing up in Rajendra Nagar </wiki/Rajendra_Nagar,_Delhi> neighbourhood,^[13] <#cite_note-12> Khan attended St. Columba's School </wiki/St_Columba%27s_School_(Delhi)> where he was accomplished in sports, drama, and academics. He won the /Sword of Honour/, an annual award given to the student who best represents the spirit of the school. Khan later attended the Hansraj College </wiki/Hansraj_College> (1985–1988) and earned his Bachelors degree in Economics (honors). Though he pursued a Masters Degree in Mass Communications </wiki/Mass_Communication> at Jamia Millia Islamia </wiki/Jamia_Millia_Islamia>, he later opted out to make his career in Bollywood </wiki/Bollywood>.^[14] <#cite_note-13> After the death of his parents, Khan moved to Mumbai </wiki/Mumbai> in 1991.^[15] <#cite_note-mumbai-14> In that same year, before any of his films were released, he married Gauri Chibber </wiki/Gauri_Khan>, a Hindu </wiki/Hindu>, in a traditional Hindu wedding </wiki/Hindu_wedding> ceremony on 25 October 1991.^[16] <#cite_note-15> They have two children, son Aryan (b. 1997) and daughter Suhana (b. 2000). According to Khan, while he strongly believes in Allah </wiki/Allah>, he also values his wife's religion. At home, his children follow both religions, with the Qur'an </wiki/Qur%27an> being situated next to the Hindu deities.^[17] <#cite_note-16> In 2005, Nasreen Munni Kabir </wiki/Nasreen_Munni_Kabir> produced a two-part documentary on Khan, titled /The Inner and Outer World of Shah Rukh Khan </wiki/The_Inner_and_Outer_World_of_Shah_Rukh_Khan>/. Featuring his 2004 Temptations concert tour, the film contrasted Khan's inner world of family and daily life with the outer world of his work. The book /Still Reading Khan/, which details his family life, was released in 2006. Another book by Anupama Chopra </wiki/Anupama_Chopra>, /King of Bollywood: Shahrukh Khan and the seductive world of Indian cinema/, was released in 2007. It describes the world of Bollywood through Khan's life.^[18] <#cite_note-17> ^[19] <#cite_note-18> Film career Background Khan studied acting under celebrated Theatre Director Barry John </wiki/Barry_John_(theatre_director)> at Delhi's Theatre Action Group (TAG). In 2007, John commented thus on his former pupil that, "The credit for the phenomenally successful development and management of Shahrukh's career goes to the superstar himself."^[20] <#cite_note-19> Khan made his acting debut in 1988 when he appeared in the television series, /Fauji </wiki/Fauji>/, playing the role of Commando Abhimanyu Rai.^[15] <#cite_note-mumbai-14> He went on to appear in several other television serials, most notably in the 1989 serial, Aziz Mirza </wiki/Aziz_Mirza>'s /Circus </wiki/Circus_(TV_series)>/, which depicted the life of circus performers.^[21] <#cite_note-20> The same year, Khan also had a minor role in the made-for-television </wiki/Made-for-television> English-language film, /In Which Annie Gives it Those Ones </wiki/In_Which_Annie_Gives_it_Those_Ones>/, which was based on life at Delhi University and was written by Arundhati Roy </wiki/Arundhati_Roy>. When Khan appeared in those teleserials, people found in him some resemblance with legendary actor Dilip Kumar </wiki/Dilip_Kumar> and also compared his acting style with the thespian.^[22] <#cite_note-21>

1990s Upon moving from New Delhi to Mumbai </wiki/Mumbai> in 1991,^[15] <#cite_note-mumbai-14> Khan made his Bollywood movie debut in /Deewana </wiki/Deewana_(1992_film)>/ (1992). The movie became a box office hit, and launched his career in Bollywood.^[23] <#cite_note-22> His performance won him a Filmfare Best Male Debut Award </wiki/Filmfare_Best_Male_Debut_Award>. He went on to star in /Maya Memsaab </wiki/Maya_Memsaab>/, which generated some controversy because of his appearance in an "explicit" sex scene in the movie.^[24] <#cite_note-23> In 1993, Khan won acclaim for his performances in villainous roles as an obsessive lover and a murderer, respectively, in the box office hits, /Darr </wiki/Darr>/ and /Baazigar </wiki/Baazigar>/.^[25] <#cite_note-24> In Khan's entry in Encyclopedia Britannica </wiki/Encyclopedia_Britannica>'s "Encyclopedia of Hindi Cinema" it was stated that "he defied the image of the conventional hero in both these films and created his own version of the revisionist hero."^[26] <#cite_note-Britannica-25> /Darr/ marked his first collaboration with renowned film-maker Yash Chopra </wiki/Yash_Chopra> and his banner Yash Raj Films </wiki/Yash_Raj_Films>, the largest production company in Bollywood. /Baazigar/, which saw Khan portraying an ambiguous avenger who murders his girlfriend, shocked its Indian audience with an unexpected violation of the standard Bollywood formula.^[27] <#cite_note-26> His performance won him his first Filmfare Best Actor Award </wiki/Filmfare_Best_Actor_Award>. In that same year, Khan played the role of a young musician in Kundan Shah </wiki/Kundan_Shah>'s /Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa </wiki/Kabhi_Haan_Kabhi_Naa>/, a performance that earned him a Filmfare Critics Award for Best Performance </wiki/Filmfare_Critics_Award_for_Best_Performance>. Khan maintains that this is his all-time favourite among the movies he has acted in.^[28] <#cite_note-27> In 1994, Khan once again played an obsessive lover/psycho's role in /Anjaam </wiki/Anjaam>/, co-starring alongside Madhuri Dixit </wiki/Madhuri_Dixit>. Though the movie was not a box office success, Khan's performance earned him the Filmfare Best Villain Award </wiki/Filmfare_Best_Villain_Award>.^[29] <#cite_note-28> In 1995, Khan starred in the two biggest hits of the year in India. His first release was Rakesh Roshan </wiki/Rakesh_Roshan>'s /Karan Arjun </wiki/Karan_Arjun>/. The film, which dealt with reincarnation </wiki/Reincarnation>, became the second-highest grossing film of the year.^[30] <#cite_note-29> He followed it with Aditya Chopra </wiki/Aditya_Chopra>'s directorial debut, the romance /Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge </wiki/Dilwale_Dulhania_Le_Jayenge>/. A major critical and commercial success, the movie became the year's top-grossing production in India.^[31] <#cite_note-30> In 2007, it entered its twelfth year in Mumbai cinemas. By then the movie had grossed over 12 billion </wiki/1000000000_(number)> rupees </wiki/Rupee>, making it one of India's biggest movie blockbusters.^[32] <#cite_note-31> /Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge/ won ten Filmfare Awards, and Khan's performance as a young NRI </wiki/Non-resident_Indian_and_Person_of_Indian_Origin> who falls for Kajol </wiki/Kajol>'s character while on a college vacation, won him his second Best Actor Award. In 2005, /Indiatimes Movies </wiki/Indiatimes>/ ranked the movie amongst the /25 Must See Bollywood Films/, citing it as a "trendsetter of sorts".^[33] <#cite_note-32> In that same year's retrospective review by Rediff </wiki/Rediff>, Raja Sen stated, "Khan gives a fabulous performance, redefining the Lover for the

1990s with great panache. He's cool and flippant, but sincere enough to appeal to the junta. The performance itself is, like the best in the business, played well enough to come across as effortless, as non-acting."^[34] <#cite_note-33> 1996 was a disappointing year for Khan as all his movies released that year failed to do well at the box office.^[35] <#cite_note-34> This was, however, followed by a comeback in 1997. He saw success with Subhash Ghai </wiki/Subhash_Ghai>'s social drama /Pardes </wiki/Pardes_(film)>/ – one of the biggest hits of the year – and Aziz Mirza </wiki/Aziz_Mirza>'s comedy /Yes Boss </wiki/Yes_Boss>/, a moderately successful feature.^[36] <#cite_note-1997_BO-35> His second project with Yash Chopra </wiki/Yash_Chopra> as a director, /Dil to Pagal Hai </wiki/Dil_to_Pagal_Hai>/ became that year's second highest-grossing movie, and he won his third Filmfare Best Actor Award </wiki/Filmfare_Best_Actor_Award> for his role as a stage director who falls in love with one of his new actresses.^[36] <#cite_note-1997_BO-35> In 1998, Khan starred in Karan Johar </wiki/Karan_Johar>'s directorial debut, /Kuch Kuch Hota Hai </wiki/Kuch_Kuch_Hota_Hai>/, which was the biggest hit of the year.^[37] <#cite_note-1998_BO-36> His performance won him his fourth Best Actor award at the Filmfare </wiki/Filmfare_Awards>. He won critical praise for his performance in Mani Ratnam </wiki/Mani_Ratnam>'s /Dil Se </wiki/Dil_Se>/. The movie did not do well at the Indian box office, though it was a commercial success overseas.^[38] <#cite_note-overseas-37> Khan's only release in 1999, /Baadshah </wiki/Baadshah>/, was an average grosser.^[39] <#cite_note-38> 2000s </wiki/File:Shahrukh_Khan_2008.jpg> </wiki/File:Shahrukh_Khan_2008.jpg> Khan at the Zee Carnival </wiki/Zee_TV> in Sun Tech City, Singapore </wiki/Singapore>, in 2008 Khan's success continued with Aditya Chopra </wiki/Aditya_Chopra>'s 2000 film, /Mohabbatein </wiki/Mohabbatein>/, co-starring Amitabh Bachchan </wiki/Amitabh_Bachchan>. It did well at the box office, and Khan's performance as a college teacher won him his second Critics Award for Best Performance </wiki/Filmfare_Critics_Award_for_Best_Performance>. He also starred in Mansoor Khan </wiki/Mansoor_Khan>'s action film /Josh </wiki/Josh_(2000_film)>/. The film starred Khan as the leader of a Christian gang in Goa </wiki/Goa> and Aishwarya Rai </wiki/Aishwarya_Rai> as his twin sister, and was also a box office success.^[40] <#cite_note-2000_BO-39> In that same year, Khan set up his own production house, /Dreamz Unlimited/ with Juhi Chawla </wiki/Juhi_Chawla> (see below </wiki/Shahrukh_Khan#Producer>). Both Khan and Chawla starred in the first movie of their production house, /Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani </wiki/Phir_Bhi_Dil_Hai_Hindustani>/.^[40] <#cite_note-2000_BO-39> His collaboration with Karan Johar </wiki/Karan_Johar> continued in 2001 with the family drama /Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham </wiki/Kabhi_Khushi_Kabhie_Gham>/ which was the second biggest hit of the year. He also received favourable reviews for his performance as Emperor Asoka </wiki/Asoka> in the historical epic, /Asoka </wiki/Asoka_(2001_film)>/, a partly fictionalised account of the life of Ashoka the Great (304 BC </wiki/304_BC>–232 BC </wiki/232_BC>).^[41] <#cite_note-BO_2001-40> In 2002, Khan received acclaim for playing the title role in Sanjay

Leela Bhansali </wiki/Sanjay_Leela_Bhansali>'s award-winning period romance, /Devdas </wiki/Devdas_(2002_film)>/. This was the third Hindi movie adaptation of Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay </wiki/Sharat_Chandra_Chattopadhyay>'s well-known novel of the same name </wiki/Devdas>, and surfaced as one of the biggest hits of that year.^[42] <#cite_note-2002_BO-41> Khan also starred opposite Salman Khan </wiki/Salman_Khan> and Madhuri Dixit </wiki/Madhuri_Dixit> in the family-drama /Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam </wiki/Hum_Tumhare_Hain_Sanam>/, which did well at the box office.^[42] <#cite_note-2002_BO-41> In 2003, Khan starred in the moderately successful romantic drama, /Chalte Chalte </wiki/Chalte_Chalte_(2003_film)>/.^[43] <#cite_note-2003_BO-42> That same year, he starred in the tearjerker, /Kal Ho Naa Ho </wiki/Kal_Ho_Naa_Ho>/, written by Karan Johar and directed by Nikhil Advani </wiki/Nikhil_Advani>. Khan's performance in this movie as a man with a fatal heart disease was appreciated. The movie proved to be one of the year's biggest hits in India and Bollywood's biggest hit in the overseas markets.^[43] <#cite_note-2003_BO-42> 2004 was a particularly good year for Khan, both commercially and critically. He starred in Farah Khan </wiki/Farah_Khan>'s directorial debut, the action comedy /Main Hoon Na </wiki/Main_Hoon_Na>/. The movie did well at the box office. He then played the role of an Indian officer, Veer Pratap Singh in Yash Chopra </wiki/Yash_Chopra>'s love saga /Veer-Zaara </wiki/Veer-Zaara>/, which was the biggest hit of 2004 in both India and overseas.^[44] <#cite_note-2004_BO-43> The film relates the love story of Veer and a Pakistani woman Zaara Haayat Khan, played by Preity Zinta </wiki/Preity_Zinta>. Khan's performance in the film won him awards at several award ceremonies. In that same year, he received critical acclaim for his performance in Ashutosh Gowariker </wiki/Ashutosh_Gowariker>'s drama /Swades </wiki/Swades>/. He was nominated for the Filmfare Best Actor Award </wiki/Filmfare_Best_Actor_Award> for all three of his releases in 2004, winning it for /Swades/.^[44] <#cite_note-2004_BO-43> In 2006, Khan collaborated with Karan Johar for the fourth time with the melodrama /Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna </wiki/Kabhi_Alvida_Na_Kehna>/. It did well in India and much more so in the overseas market, becoming the biggest Bollywood hit in the overseas market of all-time.^[45] <#cite_note-2006_BO-44> His second release that year saw him playing the title role in the action film /Don: The Chase Begins Again </wiki/Don:_The_Chase_Begins_Again>/, a remake of the 1978 hit /Don </wiki/Don_(1978_film)>/. The movie was a success.^[45] <#cite_note-2006_BO-44> Khan's success continued with a few more highly popular films. One of his most successful works was the multiple award-winning 2007 film, /Chak De India </wiki/Chak_De_India>/, about the Indian women's national hockey team </wiki/India_women%27s_national_field_hockey_team>. Earning over Rs </wiki/Indian_rupees> 639 million </wiki/Million>, /Chak De India/ became the third highest grossing movie of 2007 in India and won yet another Filmfare Best Actor Award </wiki/Filmfare_Best_Actor_Award> for Khan.^[46] <#cite_note-boxoffice-45> The film was a major critical success.^[47] <#cite_note-director-46> In the same year Khan also starred in Farah Khan </wiki/Farah_Khan>'s 2007 film, /Om Shanti Om </wiki/Om_Shanti_Om_(film)>/. The film emerged as the year's highest grossing film in India and the overseas market, and became India's highest grossing production ever up to that point.^[46] <#cite_note-boxoffice-45> It earned him another nomination for Best Actor at the Filmfare </wiki/Filmfare_Awards> ceremony. His 2008 release, the romantic drama /Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

</wiki/Rab_Ne_Bana_Di_Jodi>/ was a box office success. His only 2009 release was /Billu </wiki/Billu>/ where he played film superstar Saahil Khan who is reunited with his childhood friend Billu played by Irrfan Khan </wiki/Irrfan_Khan>. 2010s Khan's next film was /My Name Is Khan </wiki/My_Name_Is_Khan>/, his fourth collaboration with director Karan Johar and the sixth movie in which he is paired with Kajol </wiki/Kajol>. Filming commenced in December 2008 in Los Angeles and ended in October 2009. While on one shoot in Los Angeles, along with his wife Gauri </wiki/Gauri_Khan> and director Karan Johar </wiki/Karan_Johar>, he took a break from filming to attend the 66th Golden Globe Awards </wiki/66th_Golden_Globe_Awards>, held in Los Angeles, on 11 January 2009,^[48] <#cite_note-47> ^[49] <#cite_note-48> where he was introduced as the /King of Bollywood/.^[50] <#cite_note-49> Khan introduced /Slumdog Millionaire </wiki/Slumdog_Millionaire>/, a movie he had previously turned down, along with a star from the film, Freida Pinto </wiki/Freida_Pinto>. /My Name Is Khan/ was released on 12 February 2010.^[51] <#cite_note-50> Based on a true story, and set against the backdrop of perceptions on Islam post 11 September attacks </wiki/September_11_attacks>, /My Name Is Khan/ stars Khan as Rizwan Khan, a Muslim man suffering from Asperger syndrome </wiki/Asperger_syndrome> who sets out on a journey across America on a mission to meet the country's President and clear his name. During a promotional visit to the United States, Khan was detained </wiki/My_Name_Is_Khan#Airport_security> at Newark Airport, New Jersey </wiki/Newark_Liberty_International_Airport> because of the similarity of his last name to known terrorists.^[52] <#cite_note-51> Upon release, the film received positive reviews from critics and became the highest-grossing Bollywood film of all time in the overseas market </wiki/List_of_highest-grossing_Bollywood_films_in_overseas_markets>. Khan won his eighth Filmfare Award for Best Actor for his portrayal, thereby joining Dilip Kumar </wiki/Dilip_Kumar> as the record holder in this category. He is currently filming for Anubhav Sinha </wiki/Anubhav_Sinha>'s science fiction /Ra.One </wiki/Ra.One>/ opposite Kareena Kapoor </wiki/Kareena_Kapoor>, which is due for release on 26 October 2011. Producer </wiki/File:Shahrukh_Khan_Berlinale_2008.jpg> </wiki/File:Shahrukh_Khan_Berlinale_2008.jpg> Khan at the 2008 Berlin International Film Festival </wiki/Berlin_International_Film_Festival> in Germany Khan turned producer when he set up a production company called /Dreamz Unlimited </w/index.php?title=Dreamz_Unlimited&action=edit&redlink=1>/ with Juhi Chawla </wiki/Juhi_Chawla> and director Aziz Mirza </wiki/Aziz_Mirza> in 1999. The first two of the films he produced and starred in: /Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani </wiki/Phir_Bhi_Dil_Hai_Hindustani>/ (2000) and /Asoka </wiki/Asoka_(2001_film)>/ (2001) were box office failures.^[41] <#cite_note-BO_2001-40> However, his third film as a producer and star, /Chalte Chalte </wiki/Chalte_Chalte_(2003_film)>/ (2003), proved a box office hit.^[43] <#cite_note-2003_BO-42> In 2004, Khan set up another production company, /Red Chillies

Entertainment </wiki/Red_Chillies_Entertainment>/, and produced and starred in /Main Hoon Na </wiki/Main_Hoon_Na>/, another hit.^[44] <#cite_note-2004_BO-43> The following year, he produced and starred in the fantasy film /Paheli </wiki/Paheli>/, which did poorly.^[53] <#cite_note-BO_2005-52> It was, however, India's official entry to the Academy Awards </wiki/Academy_Awards> for consideration for Best Foreign Language Film, but it did not pass the final selection. Also in 2005, Khan co-produced the supernatural horror film </wiki/Horror_film> /Kaal </wiki/Kaal_(2005_film)>/ with Karan Johar, and performed an item number </wiki/Item_number> for the film with Malaika Arora Khan </wiki/Malaika_Arora_Khan>. /Kaal/ was moderately successful at the box office.^[53] <#cite_note-BO_2005-52> His company has gone on to produce /Om Shanti Om </wiki/Om_Shanti_Om_(film)>/ (2007), in which he starred, and /Billu </wiki/Billu>/ (2009), in which he played a supporting role as a Bollywood superstar. Apart from film production, the company also has a visual effects studio known as /Red Chillies VFX/. It has also ventured into television content production, with shows like, /The First Ladies/, /Ghar Ki Baat Hai', and/ Knights and Angels/. Television advertisements are also produced by the company.^[54] <#cite_note-53> / In 2008, Red Chillies Entertainment became the owner of the Kolkata Knight Riders </wiki/Kolkata_Knight_Riders> in the BCCI </wiki/Board_of_Control_for_Cricket_in_India>-backed IPL </wiki/Indian_Premier_League> cricket </wiki/Cricket_(sport)> competition. Television In 2007, Khan replaced Amitabh Bachchan </wiki/Amitabh_Bachchan> as the host of the third series of the popular game show /Kaun Banega Crorepati </wiki/Kaun_Banega_Crorepati>/, the Indian version of /Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? </wiki/Who_Wants_to_Be_a_Millionaire%3F>/.^[55] <#cite_note-54> The previous had hosted the show for five years from 2000–05. On 22 January 2007, /Kaun Banega Crorepati/ aired with Khan as the new host^[56] <#cite_note-55> and later ended on 19 April 2007.^[57] <#cite_note-56> On 25 April 2008, Khan began hosting the game show /Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain? </wiki/Kya_Aap_Paanchvi_Pass_Se_Tez_Hain%3F>/, the Indian version of /Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? </wiki/Are_You_Smarter_Than_a_5th_Grader%3F>/,^[58] <#cite_note-57> whose last episode was telecasted on 27 July 2008, with Lalu Prasad Yadav </wiki/Lalu_Prasad_Yadav> as the special guest.^[59] <#cite_note-58> In February 2011, he began hosting Zor Ka Jhatka, the Indian version of the American game show Wipeout </wiki/Wipeout_(2008_U.S._game_show)>, on Imagine TV </wiki/Imagine_TV>.^[60] <#cite_note-59> Awards and nominations Main article: List of Shahrukh Khan's awards and nominations </wiki/List_of_Shahrukh_Khan%27s_awards_and_nominations> Khan has been awarded several honours which includes the Padma Shri </wiki/Padma_Shri>, India's fourth highest civilian award from the Government of India </wiki/India> in 2005.^[61] <#cite_note-60> In April 2007, a life-size wax statue of Khan was installed at Madame Tussauds

</wiki/Madame_Tussauds> Wax Museum, London. Another statue was installed at the Musée Grévin </wiki/Mus%C3%A9e_Gr%C3%A9vin> in Paris, the same year.^[62] <#cite_note-61> During the same year, he was accorded the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres </wiki/Ordre_des_Arts_et_des_Lettres> (Order of the Arts and Literature) award by the French government for his “exceptional career”.^[63] <#cite_note-62> There are also statues in Hong Kong^[64] <#cite_note-63> and New York^[65] <#cite_note-64> In October 2008, Khan was conferred the /Darjah Mulia Seri Melaka/ which carries the honorific Datuk </wiki/Malay_titles#Datuk_2> (in similar fashion to "Sir" in British knighthood), by the Yang di-Pertua Negeri </wiki/Yang_di-Pertua_Negeri> Tun Mohd Khalil Yaakob </wiki/Mohd_Khalil_Yaakob>, the head of state of Malacca </wiki/Malacca> in Malaysia. Khan was honoured for "promoting tourism in Malacca" by filming /One Two Ka Four </wiki/One_Two_Ka_Four>/ there in 2001. Some were critical of this decision.^[66] <#cite_note-65> He was also honoured with an honorary doctorate in arts and culture from Britain's University of Bedfordshire </wiki/University_of_Bedfordshire> in 2009.^[67] <#cite_note-66> Filmography Film actor Year Film Role Notes 1992 /Deewana </wiki/Deewana_(1992_film)>/ Raja Sahai Filmfare Award for Best Male Debut </wiki/Filmfare_Award_for_Best_Male_Debut> /Idiot </wiki/Idiot_(1992_film)>/ Pawan Raghujan /Chamatkar </wiki/Chamatkar>/ Sunder Srivastava /Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman </wiki/Raju_Ban_Gaya_Gentleman>/ Raju (Raj Mathur) /Dil Aashna Hai </wiki/Dil_Aashna_Hai>/ Karan 1993 /Maya Memsaab </wiki/Maya_Memsaab>/ Lalit Kumar /King Uncle </wiki/King_Uncle>/ Anil Bhansal /Baazigar </wiki/Baazigar>/ Ajay Sharma/Vicky Malhotra Filmfare Award for Best Actor </wiki/Filmfare_Award_for_Best_Actor> /Darr </wiki/Darr>/ Rahul Mehra Nominated—Filmfare Award for Best Performance in a Negative Role </wiki/Filmfare_Award_for_Best_Performance_in_a_Negative_Role> /Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa </wiki/Kabhi_Haan_Kabhi_Naa>/ Sunil Filmfare Critics Award for Best Performance </wiki/Filmfare_Critics_Award_for_Best_Performance> Nominated—Filmfare Award for Best Actor </wiki/Filmfare_Award_for_Best_Actor> 1994 /Anjaam </wiki/Anjaam>/ Vijay Agnihotri Filmfare Award f or Best Performance in a Negative Role </wiki/Filmfare_Award_for_Best_Performance_in_a_Negative_Role> 1995 /Karan Arjun </wiki/Karan_Arjun>/ Arjun Singh/Vijay /Zamana Deewana </wiki/Zamana_Deewana>/ Rahul Malhotra /Guddu </wiki/Guddu>/ Guddu Bahadur /Oh Darling! Yeh Hai India! </wiki/Oh_Darling!_Yeh_Hai_India!>/ Hero /Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge </wiki/Dilwale_Dulhania_Le_Jayenge>/ Raj Malhotra Filmfare Award for Best Actor </wiki/Filmfare_Award_for_Best_Actor> /Ram Jaane </wiki/Ram_Jaane>/ Ram Jaane /Trimurti </wiki/Trimurti_(film)>/ Romi Singh 1996 /English Babu Desi Mem </wiki/English_Babu_Desi_Mem>/

Vikram/Hari/Gopal Mayur /Chaahat </wiki/Chaahat>/ Roop Rathore /Army </wiki/Army_(film)>/ Arjun Cameo /Dushman Duniya Ka </wiki/Dushman_Duniya_Ka>/ Badru 1997 /Gudgudee </wiki/Gudgudee>/ Special appearance /Koyla </wiki/Koyla>/ Shankar /Yes Boss </wiki/Yes_Boss>/ Rahul Joshi Nominated—Filmfare Award for Best Actor </wiki/Filmfare_Award_for_Best_Actor> /Pardes </wiki/Pardes_(film)>/ Arjun Saagar /Dil To Pagal Hai </wiki/Dil_To_Pagal_Hai>/ Rahul Filmfare Award for Best Actor </wiki/Filmfare_Award_for_Best_Actor> 1998 /Duplicate </wiki/Duplicate_(1998_film)>/ Bablu Chaudhry/Manu Dada Nominated—Filmfare Award for Best Performance in a Negative Role </wiki/Filmfare_Award_for_Best_Performance_in_a_Negative_Role> /Achanak </wiki/Achanak_(1998_film)>/ Himself Special appearance /Dil Se </wiki/Dil_Se>/ Amarkant Varma /Kuch Kuch Hota Hai </wiki/Kuch_Kuch_Hota_Hai>/ Rahul Khanna Filmfare Award for Best Actor </wiki/Filmfare_Award_for_Best_Actor> 1999 /Baadshah </wiki/Baadshah>/ Raj Heera/Baadshah Nominated—Filmfare Award for Best Performance in a Comic Role </wiki/Filmfare_Award_for_Best_Performance_in_a_Comic_Role> 2000 /Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani </wiki/Phir_Bhi_Dil_Hai_Hindustani>/ Ajay Bakshi /Hey Ram </wiki/Hey_Ram>/ Amjad Ali Khan /Josh </wiki/Josh_(2000_film)>/ Max /Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega </wiki/Har_Dil_Jo_Pyar_Karega>/ Rahul Cameo /Mohabbatein </wiki/Mohabbatein>/ Raj Aryan Malhotra Filmfare Critics Award for Best Performance </wiki/Filmfare_Critics_Award_for_Best_Performance> Nominated—Filmfare Award for Best Actor </wiki/Filmfare_Award_for_Best_Actor> /Gaja Gamini </wiki/Gaja_Gamini>/ Himself Special appearance 2001 /One 2 Ka 4 </wiki/One_2_Ka_4>/ Arun Verma /Asoka </wiki/Asoka_(2001_film)>/ Asoka /Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham... </wiki/Kabhi_Khushi_Kabhie_Gham...>/ Rahul Raichand Nominated—Filmfare Award for Best Actor </wiki/Filmfare_Award_for_Best_Actor> 2002 /Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam </wiki/Hum_Tumhare_Hain_Sanam>/ Gopal /Devdas </wiki/Devdas_(2002_film)>/ Devdas Mukherjee Filmfare Award for Best Actor </wiki/Filmfare_Award_for_Best_Actor> /Shakti: The Power </wiki/Shakti_(2002_film)>/ Jaisingh Special appearance /Saathiya </wiki/Saathiya>/ Yeshwant Rao Cameo 2003 /Chalte Chalte </wiki/Chalte_Chalte_(2003_film)>/ Raj Mathur /Kal Ho Naa Ho </wiki/Kal_Ho_Naa_Ho>/ Aman Mathur Nominated—Filmfare Award for Best Actor </wiki/Filmfare_Award_for_Best_Actor> 2004 /Yeh Lamhe Judaai Ke </wiki/Yeh_Lamhe_Judaai_Ke>/ Dushant /Main Hoon Na </wiki/Main_Hoon_Na>/ Maj. Ram Prasad Sharma Nominated—Filmfare Award for Best Actor </wiki/Filmfare_Award_for_Best_Actor> /Veer-Zaara </wiki/Veer-Zaara>/ Veer Pratap Singh Nominated—Filmfare Award for Best Actor </wiki/Filmfare_Award_for_Best_Actor> /Swades </wiki/Swades>/ Mohan Bhargava Filmfare Award for Best Actor </wiki/Filmfare_Award_for_Best_Actor> 2005 /Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye </wiki/Kuch_Meetha_Ho_Jaaye>/ Himself Special appearance /Kaal </wiki/Kaal_(2005_film)>/ Special appearance in song /Kaal Dhamaal/ /Silsilay </wiki/Silsilay>/ Sutradhar Cameo /Paheli </wiki/Paheli>/ Kishenlal/The Ghost

/The Inner and Outer World of Shah Rukh Khan </wiki/The_Inner_and_Outer_World_of_Shah_Rukh_Khan>/ Himself (Biopic) Documentary directed by British-based author and director Nasreen Munni Kabir </wiki/Nasreen_Munni_Kabir> 2006 /Alag </wiki/Alag>/ Special appearance in song /Sabse Alag/ /Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna </wiki/Kabhi_Alvida_Naa_Kehna>/ Dev Saran Nominated—Filmfare Award for Best Actor </wiki/Filmfare_Award_for_Best_Actor> /Don - The Chase Begins Again </wiki/Don_-_The_Chase_Begins_Again>/ Vijay/Don Nominated—Filmfare Award for Best Actor </wiki/Filmfare_Award_for_Best_Actor> Nominated—Asian Film Award for Best Actor </wiki/1st_Asian_Film_Awards> /I See You </wiki/I_See_You_(film)>/ Special appearance in song /Suba h Subah/ 2007 /Chak De India </wiki/Chak_De_India>/ Kabir Khan Filmfare Award for Best Actor </wiki/Filmfare_Award_for_Best_Actor> /Heyy Babyy </wiki/Heyy_Babyy>/ Raj Malhotra Special appearance in song /Mast Kalandar/ /Om Shanti Om </wiki/Om_Shanti_Om_(film)>/ Om Prakash Makhija/ Om Kapoor Nominated—Filmfare Award for Best Actor </wiki/Filmfare_Award_for_Best_Actor> 2008 /Krazzy 4 </wiki/Krazzy_4>/ Special appearance in song /Brea k Free/ /Bhoothnath </wiki/Bhoothnath>/ Aditya Sharma Cameo /Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi </wiki/Rab_Ne_Bana_Di_Jodi>/ Surinder Sahni/Raj Nominated—Filmfare Award for Best Actor </wiki/Filmfare_Award_for_Best_Actor> /Kismat Konnection </wiki/Kismat_Konnection>/ Narrator 2009 /Luck by Chance </wiki/Luck_by_Chance>/ Himself Guest ap pearance /Billu </wiki/Billu>/ Sahir Khan 2010 /Dulha Mil Gaya </wiki/Dulha_Mil_Gaya>/ Pawan Raj Gandhi (PRG) Extended appearance /My Name Is Khan </wiki/My_Name_Is_Khan>/ Rizwan Khan Filmfare Award for Best Actor </wiki/Filmfare_Award_for_Best_Actor> /Shahrukh Bola Khoobsurat Hai Tu </wiki/Shahrukh_Bola_Khoobsurat_Hai_Tu>/ Himself Cameo 2011 /Koochie Koochie Hota Hain </wiki/Koochie_Koochie_Hota_Hain>/ Rocky (Voice-over </wiki/Voice-over>) Post-production /Ra.One </wiki/Ra.One>/ G.One Post-production /Don 2 - The Chase Continues </wiki/Don_2_-_The_Chase_Continues>/ Don Post-production 2012 /2 States/ Krish Announced^[68] <#cite_note-67> Producer * * * * * * * * * /Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani </wiki/Phir_Bhi_Dil_Hai_Hindustani>/ (2000) /Asoka </wiki/Asoka_(2001_film)>/ (2001) /Chalte Chalte </wiki/Chalte_Chalte_(2003_film)>/ (2003) /Main Hoon Na </wiki/Main_Hoon_Na>/ (2004) /Kaal </wiki/Kaal_(2005_film)>/ (2005) /Paheli </wiki/Paheli>/ (2005) /Om Shanti Om </wiki/Om_Shanti_Om_(film)>/ (2007) /Billu </wiki/Billu>/ (2009) /Always Kabhi Kabhi </wiki/Always_Kabhi_Kabhi>/ (2011)^[69] <#cite_note-2indianews1-68> * /Ra.One </wiki/Ra.One>/ (2011)^[69] <#cite_note-2indianews1-68>

Playback singer * /Main to hoon Pagal/ – /Baadshah </wiki/Baadshah>/ (1999) * /Apun Bola/ – /Josh </wiki/Josh_(2000_film)>/ (2000) * /Khaike Paan Banaraswala/ – /Don - The Chase Begins Again </wiki/Don_-_The_Chase_Begins_Again>/ (2006) * /Ek Hockey Doongi Rakhke/ – /Chak De India </wiki/Chak_De_India>/ (2007) * /Sattar Minute/ – /Chak De India </wiki/Chak_De_India>/ (2007) Stunts director * * * * * /Kuch Kuch Hota Hai </wiki/Kuch_Kuch_Hota_Hai>/ (1998) /Main Hoon Na </wiki/Main_Hoon_Na>/ (2004) /Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna </wiki/Kabhi_Alvida_Naa_Kehna>/ (2006) /Chak De India </wiki/Chak_De_India>/ (2007) /Om Shanti Om </wiki/Om_Shanti_Om_(film)>/ (2007) Television appearances * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * /Dil Dariya/ (1988) /Fauji </wiki/Fauji>/ (1988) ... Abhimanyu Rai /Doosra Keval </wiki/Doosra_Keval>/ (1989) /Circus </wiki/Circus_(TV_series)>/ (1989) /In Which Annie Gives It Those Ones </wiki/In_Which_Annie_Gives_It_Those_Ones>/ (1989) /Idiot </wiki/Idiot_(1992_film)>/ (1991) ... Pawan Raghujan /Kareena Kareena </wiki/Kareena_Kareena>/ (2004) ... Special appearance /Rendezvous with Simi Garewal </wiki/Simi_Garewal>/.....Guest /Koffee with Karan </wiki/Koffee_with_Karan>/ (2004–2007) ... Guest (3 episodes) /Kaun Banega Crorepati </wiki/Kaun_Banega_Crorepati>/ (2007) ... Host /Jjhoom India </wiki/Jjhoom_India>/ (2007) ... Guest /Nach Baliye </wiki/Nach_Baliye>/ (2008) .... Guest /Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain? </wiki/Kya_Aap_Paanchvi_Pass_Se_Tez_Hain%3F>/ (2008) .... Host /Oye! It's Friday! </wiki/Oye!_It%27s_Friday!>/ (2009) ... Guest /Tere Mere Beach Mein </wiki/Tere_Mere_Beach_Mein>/ (2009) ... Guest /Friday Night with Jonathan Ross </wiki/Friday_Night_with_Jonathan_Ross>/ (2010) ... Guest /Zor Ka Jhatka: Total Wipeout </wiki/Zor_Ka_Jhatka:_Total_Wipeout>/ (2011) ... Host See also * List of Indian Actors </wiki/List_of_Indian_Actors> * Newark Airport Incident </wiki/My_Name_Is_Khan#Airport_security> Notes 1. *^ <#cite_ref-0>* "Indian cinema doing well because of cultural ethos: Shah Rukh Khan" <>. /The Hindu/ (Chennai, India). 17 June 2007. Retrieved 16 August 2009.

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Naseeruddin Shah </wiki/Naseeruddin_Shah> (1981) *—* Naseeruddin Shah </wiki/Naseeruddin_Shah> (1982) *—* Dilip Kumar </wiki/Dilip_Kumar> (1983) *—* Naseeruddin Shah </wiki/Naseeruddin_Shah> (1984) *—* Anupam Kher </wiki/Anupam_Kher> (1985) *—* Kamal Haasan </wiki/Kamal_Haasan> (1986) *—* /no award/ (1987) *—* /no award/ (1988) *—* Anil Kapoor </wiki/Anil_Kapoor> (1989) *—* Jackie Shroff </wiki/Jackie_Shroff> (1990) *—* Sunny Deol </wiki/Sunny_Deol> (1991) *—* Amitabh Bachchan </wiki/Amitabh_Bachchan> (1992) *—* Anil Kapoor </wiki/Anil_Kapoor> (1993) *—* *Shahrukh Khan* (1994) *—* Nana Patekar </wiki/Nana_Patekar> (1995) *—* *Shahrukh Khan* (1996) *—* Aamir Khan </wiki/Aamir_Khan> (1997) *—* *Shahrukh Khan* (1998) *—* *Shahrukh Khan* (1999) *—* Sanjay Dutt </wiki/Sanjay_Dutt> (2000) -----------------------------------------------------------------------Complete list </wiki/Template:FilmfareAwardBestActor> *—* (1954–1960) </wiki/Template:FilmfareAwardBestActor_1954-1960> *—* (1961–1980) </wiki/Template:FilmfareAwardBestActor_1961-1980> *—* *(1981–2000)* *—* (2001–present) </wiki/Template:FilmfareAwardBestActor_2001-2020> [show <#>]v </wiki/Template:FilmfareAwardBestActor_2001-2020> *—* d </w/index.php?title=Template_talk:FilmfareAwardBestActor_2001-2020&action=edit&r edlink=1> *—* e <>Filmfare Award for </wiki/Filmfare_Awards> Best Actor </wiki/Filmfare_Award_for_Best_Actor#2000s> Hrithik Roshan </wiki/Hrithik_Roshan> (2001) *—* Aamir Khan </wiki/Aamir_Khan> (2002) *—* *Shahrukh Khan* (2003) *—* Hrithik Roshan </wiki/Hrithik_Roshan> (2004) *—* *Shahrukh Khan* (2005) *—* Amitabh Bachchan </wiki/Amitabh_Bachchan> (2006) *—* Hrithik Roshan </wiki/Hrithik_Roshan> (2007) *—* *Shahrukh Khan* (2008) *—* Hrithik Roshan </wiki/Hrithik_Roshan> (2009) *—* Amitabh Bachchan </wiki/Amitabh_Bachchan> (2010) *—* *Shahrukh Khan* (2011) -----------------------------------------------------------------------Complete list </wiki/Template:FilmfareAwardBestActor> </wiki/Template:FilmfareAwardBestActor_1954-1960> *—* </wiki/Template:FilmfareAwardBestActor_1961-1980> *—* </wiki/Template:FilmfareAwardBestActor_1981-2000> *—* *—* (1954–1960) (1961–1980) (1981–2000) *(2001–2020)*

[show <#>]v </wiki/Template:FilmfareCriticsAwardBestActor> *—* d </w/index.php?title=Template_talk:FilmfareCriticsAwardBestActor&action=edit&redl ink=1> *—* e < r&action=edit>Filmfare Critics Award for </wiki/Filmfare_Awards> Best Actor </wiki/Filmfare_Critics_Award_for_Best_Actor> 1991–2000 Anupam Kher </wiki/Anupam_Kher> (1991) *—* /no award/ (1992) *—* /no award/ (1993) *—* *Shahrukh Khan* (1994) *—* /no award/ (1995) *—* /no award/ (1996) *—* /no award/ (1997) *—* Anil Kapoor </wiki/Anil_Kapoor> (1998) *—* Manoj Bajpai </wiki/Manoj_Bajpai> (1999) *—* Manoj Bajpai </wiki/Manoj_Bajpai> (2000)

2001–2010 *Shahrukh Khan* (2001) *—* Amitabh Bachchan </wiki/Amitabh_Bachchan> (2002) *—* Ajay Devgn </wiki/Ajay_Devgn> (2003) *—* Hrithik Roshan </wiki/Hrithik_Roshan> (2004) *—* Pankaj Kapoor </wiki/Pankaj_Kapoor> (2005) *—* Amitabh Bachchan </wiki/Amitabh_Bachchan> (2006) *—* Aamir Khan </wiki/Aamir_Khan> (2007) *—* Darsheel Safary </wiki/Darsheel_Safary> (2008) *—* Manjot Singh </wiki/Manjot_Singh> (2009) *—* Ranbir Kapoor </wiki/Ranbir_Kapoor> (2010) *—* Rishi Kapoor </wiki/Rishi_Kapoor> (2011) [show <#>]v </wiki/Template:Red_Chillies_Entertainment> *—* d </wiki/Template_talk:Red_Chillies_Entertainment> *—* e < ction=edit>Red Chillies Entertainment </wiki/Red_Chillies_Entertainment> Key people *Shahrukh Khan* (Founder) • Gauri Khan </wiki/Gauri_Khan> (Co-founder) Filmography /Main Hoon Na </wiki/Main_Hoon_Na>/ (2004) • /Kaal </wiki/Kaal>/ (2005) • /Om Shanti Om </wiki/Om_Shanti_Om>/ (2007) • /Billu </wiki/Billu>/ (2009) • /My Name Is Khan </wiki/My_Name_Is_Khan>/ (2010) • /Always Kabhi Kabhi </wiki/Always_Kabhi_Kabhi>/ (2011) • /Ra.One </wiki/Ra.One>/ (2011) • Assets Red Chillies VFX </wiki/Red_Chillies_VFX> • Kolkata Knight Riders </wiki/Kolkata_Knight_Riders> Persondata </wiki/Wikipedia:Persondata> Name Khan, Shahrukh Alternative names Shah Rukh Khan, SRK Short description Film actor Date of birth 2 November 1965 Place of birth New Delhi, India Date of death Place of death Retrieved from "" Categories </wiki/Special:Categories>: 1965 births </wiki/Category:1965_births> Filmfare Awards winners </wiki/Category:Filmfare_Awards_winners> Hindi film actors </wiki/Category:Hindi_film_actors> Indian actors </wiki/Category:Indian_actors> Indian film actors </wiki/Category:Indian_film_actors> Indian film producers </wiki/Category:Indian_film_producers> Indian Muslims </wiki/Category:Indian_Muslims> Indian Premier League franchise owners </wiki/Category:Indian_Premier_League_franchise_owners> Indian singers </wiki/Category:Indian_singers> Indian television actors </wiki/Category:Indian_television_actors> Indian television presenters </wiki/Category:Indian_television_presenters> Indian people of Afghan descent </wiki/Category:Indian_people_of_Afghan_descent> Jamia Millia Islamia alumni </wiki/Category:Jamia_Millia_Islamia_alumni> Living people </wiki/Category:Living_people> Officiers of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres </wiki/Category:Officiers_of_the_Ordre_des_Arts_et_des_Lettres> Pashtun people </wiki/Category:Pashtun_people> People from Delhi </wiki/Category:People_from_Delhi> People from Peshawar </wiki/Category:People_from_Peshawar> Recipients of the Padma Shri </wiki/Category:Recipients_of_the_Padma_Shri> University of Delhi alumni </wiki/Category:University_of_Delhi_alumni> Indian game show

hosts </wiki/Category:Indian_game_show_hosts> Hidden categories: Use British English from June 2011 </wiki/Category:Use_British_English_from_June_2011> Use dmy dates from June 2011 </wiki/Category:Use_dmy_dates_from_June_2011> Wikipedia indefinitely semi-protected biographies of living people </wiki/Category:Wikipedia_indefinitely_semi-protected_biographies_of_living_peop le> Wikipedia indefinitely move-protected pages </wiki/Category:Wikipedia_indefinitely_move-protected_pages> Articles with hCards </wiki/Category:Articles_with_hCards> Articles containing Urdu language text </wiki/Category:Articles_containing_Urdu_language_text> Articles containing Hindi language text </wiki/Category:Articles_containing_Hindi_language_text> Personal tools * Log in / create account </w/index.php?title=Special:UserLogin&returnto=Shahrukh_Khan&campaign=ACP2> Namespaces * Article </wiki/Shahrukh_Khan> * Discussion </wiki/Talk:Shahrukh_Khan> Variants<#> Views * Read </wiki/Shahrukh_Khan> * View source </w/index.php?title=Shahrukh_Khan&action=edit> * View history </w/index.php?title=Shahrukh_Khan&action=history> Actions<#> Search Search </wiki/Main_Page> Navigation Main page </wiki/Main_Page> Contents </wiki/Portal:Contents> Featured content </wiki/Portal:Featured_content> Current events </wiki/Portal:Current_events> Random article </wiki/Special:Random> Donate to Wikipedia < 085&language=en&utm_source=donate&utm_medium=sidebar&utm_campaign=20101204SB002> * * * * * *

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< E0%A4%96%E0%A4%BC_%E0%A4%96%E0%A4%BC%E0%A4%BE%E0%A4%A8> * Bahasa Indonesia <> * Italiano <> * ‫תירבע‬ < %27%D7%90%D7%9F> * Basa Jawa <> * < E0%B3%8D_%E0%B2%96%E0%B2%BE%E0%B2%A8%E0%B3%8D_(%E0%B2%B9%E0%B2%BF%E0%B2%82%E0%B2 %A6%E0%B2%BF_%E0%B2%A8%E0%B2%9F)> * Kurdî <> * Lëtzebuergesch <> * Magyar <> * < E0%B5%8D_%E0%B4%96%E0%B4%BE%E0%B5%BB> * < E0%A4%96_%E0%A4%96%E0%A4%BE%E0%A4%A8> * Bahasa Melayu <> * Nederlands <> * 日本語 < E3%82%AF%E3%83%BB%E3%82%AB%E3%83%BC%E3%83%B3> * Norsk (bokmål) <> * Occitan <> * < E0%AD%81%E0%AC%96_%E0%AC%96%E0%AC%BE%E0%AC%A8> * < D9%86> * < %86> * Polski <> * Português <> * Р <,_%D0%A8%D0%B0%D1%85_%D0%A0% D1%83%D1%85> * Shqip <> * Simple English <> * <> * Srpskohrvatski / С о <> * Suomi <> * Svenska <> * < E0%AF%8D_%E0%AE%95%E0%AE%BE%E0%AE%A9%E0%AF%8D> * < E0%B1%8D_%E0%B0%96%E0%B0%BE%E0%B0%A8%E0%B1%8D> * ไทย < E0%B8%B8%E0%B8%82_%E0%B8%82%E0%B9%88%E0%B8%B2%E0%B8%99> * Тоҷ ӣ <

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