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Well Aware
Rob McLean, Zellers Pharmacy

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From the Makers of Canada’s #1 Selling Tea Tree Oil*

Stock your Shelves today with NEW Tea Tree and Vitamin E products from Holista®

Paraben Free with Chamomile!

Soothing Relief!

Restorativ Vitamin E Lotion
Combat Environmental Damage!
Vitamin E helps to protect cells from free-radical damage - one of the core reasons for the appearance of aging. This creamy lotion provides immediate moisture, soothing chamomile, and the powerful protective properties of Vitamin E. There are no added fragrances, and it’s also paraben free!

Tea Tree Spray and Hand & Body Lotion
Natural Antibacterial Action!
Get natural antibacterial action without the negative side effects such as dryness, redness or peeling. Use Tea Tree Hand & Body Lotion to moisturize and combat acne. Fresh scented Tea Tree Spray with Peppermint oil is perfect for freshening hands or feet, or for gently treating minor cuts, scrapes, bites or infected areas.

1.800.204.4372 Call today to add these products to your shelves!
* Nielsen MarketTrack, National All Channels, 52 Weeks Ending June 5, 2010

Crystal Clean from the Sea


Major health organizations around the world agree that Omega-3 essential fatty acids are very important for your overall good health. Because it isn’t always easy to get enough Omega-3 in our diet, a superior quality Omega-3 supplement is essential. MEG-3 fish oils from webber naturals provide your customers with a natural source that is nutritious, pure, and safe.

Cardio | Healthy Heart
Provides maximum health benef its to the cardiovascular system. Supports circulation with its blood thinning properties and has an anti-inf lammator y effect on the lining of the coronary arteries. | One softgel delivers 200 mg EPA, 100 mg DHA and 265 mg ALA.


Pharmaceutical Grade MEG-3 fish oils are Molecularly Distilled and Ultra Purified, exceeding government standards for safety.
MEG-3 is a safe and pure product from naturally sourced ocean fish (anchovy, sardine, and mackerel). It is produced by a unique patented process, ensuring crystal clean fish oil, free of contaminants. MEG-3 is among the safest sources of Omega-3 available on the market today.

Enteric | No Fish Burps!
This enteric coated, high potency formula lowers triglyceride levels and promotes cardiovascular health. Canadian processed and super concentrated. | One softgel delivers 400 mg EPA and 200 mg DHA. Enteric . coated to eliminate heartburn or reflux.

We have an Omega-3 essentially for YOU.
Omega-3s are beneficial for cardio, mental, visual, nervous system, and overall health. With Omega-3 ESSENTIALS you can target any or all of these areas. Omega-3 ESSENTIALS make it easy for your customers to include Omega-3 as part of a healthy lifestyle and are guaranteed to meet label claims for strength, purity, and quality.

SuperVision | Eye Health

Specially formulated for eye health, with bioflavonoids and antioxidants for nutritional support of the macula, retina, and lens. Lutein helps filter out damaging blue light while DHA supports healthy cell membranes. | Two softgels daily deliver 10 mg Lutein and 200 mg DHA.

Triple Strength | One Per Day
Convenient One Per Day formula for cardiovascular health and brain function — ideal for people with high blood pressure, high triglyceride levels, risk of coronary artery disease, and those struggling with cognitive decline. | One softgel delivers 600 mg EPA and 300 mg DHA. Enteric coated to eliminate heartburn or reflux.

Emotions | Mood Support

Essential fatty acids can improve mood and support central nervous system function. EPA in particular has a powerful effect on stabilizing mood and emotions. This product provides a high EPA to DHA ratio to support improved mood and emotional well-being. | One softgel delivers 500 mg EPA and 70 mg DHA.

Women | Balanced for Women
A balanced blend of essential fatty acids from Fish, Flax, and Evening Primrose Oil for the unique nutritional needs of women. Can help support circulation, cardio, and mental health, relieve PMS and menopause symptoms, and nourish hair, skin, and nails. | One softgel delivers 200 mg EPA, 100 mg DHA, 130 mg ALA and 25 mg GLA (Omega-6).



KIDS | Kid Sized!
Perfect for growing children, this product provides a balanced blend of EPA and DHA to support brain activity and retinal development. These softgels are naturally orange f lavoured and very small, so children can swallow them. | One softgel delivers 100 mg EPA and 50 mg DHA.

The BEST Omega-3 You Ever Tasted !

Premium | Super Concentrate
This high potency formula lowers triglyceride levels and promotes cardiovascular health. Canadian processed and super concentrated. | One softgel delivers 400 mg EPA and 200 mg DHA. DHA

Liquid | Super Concentrate with A + D
Get your Omega-3 in liquid form with the added benefits of Vitamins A + D. Perfect for anyone who is seeking higher concentrations of fish oil, or for those who don’t like swallowing pills. Natural orange flavour. | One serving delivers 980 mg EPA and 545 mg DHA. DHA

3·6·9 Plus | Balanced for Overall Health
This balanced ratio of Essential Fatty Acids can help address eczema and dull hair, relieve digestive disorders, support brain function and development, lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and improve blood pressure. | One softgel delivers 400 mg each of Flaxseed, Borage, and Fish Oils (120 EPA, 80 DHA).

Want more information about webber naturals products?

1-800-430-7898 |

700 mg of Omega-3 PLUS 100% of your daily requirements of Vitamins D and A in every delicious spoonful!
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Herbals and supplements from webber naturals® are advertised on national television, major market radio, in consumer magazines, and daily newspapers.

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Volume 11 Issue 3

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Erin Poredos
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John Gibbins Publisher Integrated Health Retailer


IHR shOW issue 2011

Joining Pharmasave has been one of the best business decisions I have ever made
Rosanne Currie, Pharmacist/Co-Owner Lucknow, Walkerton

Independent... But Not Alone
We will work with our members to ensure the long term success of their retail business and the Pharmasave Brand
Never before have independent pharmacy owners faced such challenges with so many factors threatening the success of their business. Now, more than ever, will a strong, well established program provide pharmacy owners with the support necessary to get through these challenging times and help owners reinvent their business model to ensure a successful future. We can help. There is an unprecedented importance to joining a group who takes care of its members first. You are guaranteed to achieve this at Pharmasave because Pharmasave is owned by its members. Pharmasave has more than 25 years of experience in building a program that works for you and has a strong team of professionals to ensure you get the most value out of your program. While being part of a strong buying group is important, and Pharmasave has the leverage of one of the largest independent pharmacy buying groups in the country, we have stayed true to our values. The strength in any program lies in the support that is provided to its members. We have remained committed to building a program around support first, which is why so many independent pharmacists have made the decision to join Pharmasave and why Pharmasave is the best option to support independent pharmacists on their path forward. Let us work with you to ensure that there will always be a place for independent pharmacy!
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British Columbia Pharmasave Drugs (Pacific) Ltd. Dave Reston Direct: (604) 575-5730 Alberta Pharmasave Drugs (Western) Ltd. Vinod Thakrar Direct: (403) 255-5022 1-866-308-7779

Saskatchewan, Manitoba, North West Ontario Pharmasave Drugs (Central) Ltd. Robert Gare Direct: (204) 985-0225 Ontario Pharmasave Drugs (Ontario) Ltd. Doug Sherman Direct: 1-800-515-8620 x223

New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island Pharmasave Drugs (Atlantic) Ltd. Greg Van Den Hoogen Direct: (902) 481-5175


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ron Garant, a Toronto native, resided and contributed to several music magazines in California and New york before returning home recently. He has written cover stories with artists such as american Idol’s randy Jackson, and covered countless product reviews, news and profiles. During his music career, ron won a Juno award for best Children’s album.

Ken Vannucci is a Merchandise Manager for London Drugs responsible for OTC, NHP, Vitamins, baby and Grocery. Ken has a passion for retail, has been in retail with London Drugs since he graduated from ubC in 1989 with a bachelor of Commerce specializing in marketing. He has a keen interest in product and package development and the marketing of products with the emphasis on consumerpackaged goods. Ken is from Trail, b.C and is married with two sons. Sylvie Savage is the founder and president of Savage Solutions. In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing retail environment, Savage Solutions helps vendors develop and grow their business in large retail banners. The company offers services in 3 functional areas: CONSuLTING, SaLES and aDMINISTraTION. Sylvie has 15 years of experience in strategic selling, including over 5 years of specialization in the natural health industry. Sylvie was born in Montreal and now lives in Toronto.

as a Scientific regulatory associate, ashleigh Hampton is primarily involved in the development of clinical trials and substantiation of health claims for Natural Health Products. Her role at Dicentra includes evaluating clinical trials to support the safety and efficacy of natural health products, compiling detailed safety assessments as well as managing projects and advising our clients on how to facilitate the licensing of their natural health products. ashleigh holds a Master’s degree in Pharmacology and Toxicology from Queen’s university and an Honours bachelor of Medical Sciences with a focus on Pharmacology and Toxicology from the university of Western Ontario.

Each March for the last 10 years I have headed south to sunny California to attended the Natural Products Expo West. The world’s largest natural and organic products trade show set attendance records this year drawing nearly 56,000 attendees from the industry to stroll the 1 million sq. ft of show space. I am amazed at the continued growth of the natural product industry even in challenging economic times, proof that consumers are committed to healthy and sustainable lifestyles. The Canadian contingent was quite prominent including host of Canadian retailers attended searching for new, innovative products that they can make available to their consumers. Brokers, distributers, regulatory experts and marketing agencies were present to ensure the products do become available to Canadian retailers and are marketed so Canadian consumers are aware of these great, new products. As a proud Canadian, it was great to see how many Canadian companies like, Sequel, Natural Factors, Bio-K, Ocean Nutrition, Ascenta Health, Manitoba Harvest, Nature’s Path Foods, Glutino, to name a few, have successfully entered the USA market. I look forward to being a part of the very successful CHFA EXPO WEST show in beautiful Vancouver and hope to see you there. The most rewarding thing about the natural products industry is the quality of people who work in it. We are fortunate to be like a big family where although we compete we do so in a friendly manner, where people are always willing be supportive. I feel honoured to be a part of this industry in such exciting times.


IHR FEbruary 2011

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sku review

1. ester–C® 600 mg, easy swaLLow
600 mg | 75 capsules 24 hour immune support · Better Absorption · stomach Friendly Ester–C ® is a unique and patented form of Vitamin C, valued for its non–acidic, stomach–friendly nature. Because ester–C is ph–neutral and buffered with calcium, it is the number one choice for people with sensitive stomachs. Now available in an easy-to-swallow, easy-to-digest 600 mg capsule. For more information, write 119 on the Free info Card on page 73.


2. Vitamin d3, Liquid and softgeLs
Vitamin D3 from webber naturals® helps the body incorporate calcium into the bones, boosting bone mineral density. Vitamin D–related bone thinning is common among the elderly, those with dark skin, people don’t go outside often, or who wear clothing covering most of their skin. Research suggests higher doses of vitamin D may also provide protection against certain cancers. Vitamin D3 Liquid offers fast absorption and dose flexibility; Vitamin D3 softgels provide a high potency option in an easy-to-swallow softgel format. For more information, write 120 on the Free info Card on page 73.


3. HoLista tea tree spray
New from holista, Tea Tree spray; a potent antiseptic and germicide that can be applied to minor cuts, abrasions, acne, stings and more. This convenient spray is perfect for freshening hands or feet, or for gently treating minor cuts, scrapes or infected areas. For more information, write 121 on the Free info Card on page 73.

4. Lemon meringue Liquid omega-3
700 mg ePA/DhA | 470 mL liquid Lemon Meringue Liquid omega-3 from webber naturals® — Finally! An omega-3 that kids and adults will love. even the texture of oil is gone in our new emulsified product. Double the potency of standard fish oil capsules, and delivers 100% of the daily requirements of Vitamins D and A. No fishy aftertaste. No pills to swallow. Just delicious! For more information, write 122 on the Free info Card on page 73.


5. muLtisure® easy swaLLow CapsuLes
Multisure ® for women from webber Naturals® provides antioxidant protection for the maintenance of good health. Also included: calcium, magnesium and vitamin D3 (in respected ratios). iron and folic acid are at optimal levels since young and middle aged women may be prone to low levels at this time of life, possibly leading to deficiency. For more information, write 123 on the Free info Card on page 73.



IHR show issue 2011



Pycnogenol® binds with skin proteins, collagen and elastin, and protects skin from various harmful enzymes helping to rebuild elasticity, essential for a smooth, younger look.†


For details, write #1107 on Free Info Page, page 73.

Scar Formation
Several clinical studies have shown that Pycnogenol® protects the collagen matrix and increases skin stability during healing.

Sunburn is an inflammation caused by free radical induced tissue damage. By neutralizing these free radicals, Pycnogenol® helps protect skin from the stress and damage of sunburn and photoaging.‡

Look for these brands at your favorite health food retailer.

Pycnogenol® helps promote the “glow” and reduce over-pigmentation for a more even complexion.§

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

*For a complete list of scientific research and further information visit our website at † Segger et al., J Dermatolog Treat, 2004 ‡ Saliou et al., Free Radic Biol Med, 2001 § Ni et al., Phytother Res, 2002 Pycnogenol® is a registered trademark of Horphag Research, Ltd and its applications are protected by U.S. patents #5,720,956 and #6,372,266 and other international patents. © 2011 Natural Health Science, Inc.

sku review
1. 1. Iron KIds omegas for smart KIds
since 2006 Life science Nutritionals inc and the world Triathlon Corporation have been partners in the development of ironkids nutritional gummy products for kids. This partnership developed out of a shared desire to create a trusted brand of children’s nutritional products that exhibits a strong commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle. ironkids gummies contain all natural flavors, colors and sweeteners, helping parents provide great tasting and guilt-free nutrition for their active children. ironKids Multi-vitamin gummies were designed to help keep your kids healthy and active by provided vitamins that are specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of active children. ironKids omega-3 gummies support the development of your child’s learning skills by supplying over 100 mg of fish oils per serving. Available at True North Nutrion. 1-8000261-4223 For more information, write 124 on the Free info Card on page 73.


2. delapoInte’s sHea Butter
Feel this wonderful, high-quality pure shea butter from Delapointe. Delapointe is the first importer of Fair Trade certified and certified organic shea butter in Canada. Pure and 100% natural, shea butter can provide relief from dry skin to many minor dermatological diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. use it on your lips and skin to battle the harsh winter climate! For more information, write 125 on the Free info Card on page 73.


3. HolIsta tea tree Hand & Body lotIon
New from holista, Tea Tree hand & Body Lotion; protect, soothe and moisturize skin with this fresh scented lotion without experiencing the negative side effects such as dryness, redness or peeling. use this lotion as a daily moisturizer or to help relieve acne and fungal skin infections. For more information, write 126 on the Free info Card on page 73.

4. ascenta’s nutrasea+ d 4.
Nutrasea+ D is an omega-3 supplement with added vitamin D3. with a balanced ratio of ePA and DhA combined with 1,000 iu of natural vitamin D3, it is suitable for children, adults and seniors, and is available in an apple-flavour. Ascenta’s green tea antioxidant gives Nutrasea+ D a fresh twist. For more information, write 127 on the Free info Card on page 73.

5. organIKa’s all natural gummIes
introducing an innovative way of allowing your kids to take their daily supplements with ease. organika’s Vita Bears, omega Yummies and Calcium Bears have come to their rescue! Yes, they look like regular gummies but the similarity ends here. organika’s gummy supplements are packed full of wholesome goodness, for the kids you love! For more information, visit our website at For more information, write 128 on the Free info Card on page 73.



IHR show issue 2011


Registration Open!

the Journey
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CACDS | ANNUAL EXECUTIVE EXCHANGE CONFERENCE Sheraton On The Falls | Niagara Falls, Ontario | June 14, 16, 2011

Build new relationships, solidify existing relationships and identify new prospects at the Annual Executive Exchange Conference.
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sku review
1. 1. Life Science nutrition
In 2009, Life Science Nutritionals Partnered with the National Basketball Association and their NBAFit program to create NBA AllStar Gummies. Life Science Nutritionals is pleased to partner with NBA since both companies share a passion for creating awareness for the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle. NBA All-Star gummies are great tasting SUGAR-FREE children’s gummies. They do not contain any artificial flavors or colors, nor do they contain any high fructose corn syrup or Aspartame. NBA ALL -STAR Multi-vitamin gummies provide 9 essential vitamins to help support an active lifestyle. They were designed to help keep your kids healthy and active by provided vitamins that are specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of active children. NBA ALL -STAR Vitamin D gummies help prevent Vitamin D deficiency. Each gummy contains 400 IU of vitamin D. Available at True North Nutrition. 1-800-261 4223 For more information, write 129 on the Free Info Card on page 73.


2. HoLiSta® reStorativ® vitamin e Lotion
New from Holista, Restorativ ® Vitamin E Lotion with Chamomile; this creamy lotion provides immediate moisture, soothing chamomile, and the powerful protective properties of Vitamin E to nourish the entire body. Each 120mL bottle provides 1800IU of Vitamin E plus there are no added fragrances, and it’s also paraben free! For more information, write 130 on the Free Info Card on page 73.


3. Super proState, extra StrengtH
ONE PER DAY FORMULA Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a very common and uncomfortable problem for older men, causing urinary difficulties and possibly increasing disease risk. Super Prostate Extra Strength from webber naturals® contains saw palmetto extract and other herbs and nutrients to help relieve urological symptoms associated with mild to moderate BPH. For more information, write 131 on the Free Info Card on page 73.


2.5 g per stick | 30 convenient sticks PGX® DAILY Singles from webber naturals®— NEW PGX granules are a great format for anyone who doesn’t like to swallow capsules. Conveniently packaged in single-serving “sticks” they , can be quickly dissolved in a beverage or sprinkled on food. Great with all weight management programs. For more information, write 132 on the Free Info Card on page 73.


5. ironkidS caLcium gummieS
Since 2006 Life Science Nutritionals Inc and the World Triathlon Corporation have been partners in the development of Ironkids nutritional gummy products for kids. IronKids great tasting calcium gummies help children build strong bones by providing as much calcium as one full glass of milk. Ironkids calcium gummies also provide 100% of your child’s daily recommended intake for Vitamin D. A. For more information, write 133 on the Free Info Card on page 73.



Stronger, healthier looking hair with incredible shine after one use.

Rich in mineral and organic proteins, bamboo extract helps strengthen the hair follicle and retain moisture to promote shine. Boo Bamboo products improve the strength and condition of your hair, helps eliminate frizz and creates incredible shine. Your hair will never feel smoother! • Sulphate Free • Paraben & DEA Free • Contains All Natural & Organic ingredients • Cruelty Free & Vegan


Our products are guaranteed to perform better than existing syn t h e ti c ( beauty) hai r pro du ct s or your money b a ck .

Hemp: i t’s a mi racl e for your hair and skin
For details, write #109 on Free Info Page, page 73.

It’s natural, the most nutritious oil on earth and good for your whole body. Easily absorbed into the skin and hair with no build-up or greasy residue. Naturally rich in Omega fatty acids and anti-oxidant vitamins, to lock in moisture. Makes your hair softer and more manageable with brilliant shine! • Sulphate Free • Paraben & DEA Free • Contains Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil • Cruelty Free & Vegan

For ordering info contact:


M² Brand Management


top seller review
heALTh BouTiQues
Nature’s Care health Products, ottawa, oN store size: 1,000-3,000sq.ft. Demographics: 25-40 income: $20,000$40,000
ToP ThRee PRoDuCTs

Nutrition house, Mississauga, oN store size: under 1,000sq.ft. Demographics: 40-65 income: $40,000$60,000 whole seeds, salba, 180g Berry Greens, New Chapter, 360g N/A winterwood Natural Food store store size: under 1,000sq.ft. Demographics: 40-65 income: $20,000$40,000 Parsley, sage & Thyme store size: 1,0003,000 sq.ft. Demographics: 40-65 income: $40,000$60,000 old Fashion Foods, Prince Albert, sK store size: 1,000-3,000sq.ft Demographics: 40-65 income: $40,000$60,000 hemp seeds, Green Boy, 454g Gluton Free Pasta, Tinkyada, 565g Flax seed, Green Boy, 1kg Food For Thought, st. John’s, NL store size: 1,000-3,000sq.ft. Demographics: 25-40 income: $40,000$60,000 Nettle Tea, Now, 24 bags Dark Roast Blend Coffee, spitfire, Bulk N/A

Don Valley health Food Ctr Ltd., North York, oN store size: under 1,000sq.ft. Demographics: 40-65 income: $20,000$40,000 Flax, Goldtop, 1lb


Apple Cider Vinegar Bragg 1L Coconut oil, heartland, 900 grams N/A

Flax seed, spearville, Coconut oil, Alpha, 1lb pearville, 1lb 475 ml honey, Local Distribution, Bulk Peanut Butter, Local Distribution, Bulk hemp Nuts, Farmers own, 500g Nutritional Yeast, Red star, Bulk

whole seeds, salba, 300gr Apple Cider Vinegar, omega Nutrition, 1L

ToP ThRee PRoDuCTs


omega 3 oil, Nutra sea, 500ml Fish oil, Nutra sea, 500ml Milk Thistle, Trophic, 60 caps

Milk Thistle, Flora, 60 caps st. John’s wort, Now, 90 caps hawthorn, Now, 90 caps

Zyflamend, New Chapter, 60 soft gels oil of oregano, Joy of The Mountains, 30ml holy Basil, New Chapter, 60 soft gels

Raspberry Tea, Golden Bough, Bulk

sore Throat spray, A.Vogel, 15ml

echinacea, Nature’s way, 100ml Crown Rich, Natural Factor, 90 caps Metab-herb, Metab-herb, 90 caps Tea Tree oil, Newco, 20ml Alpha Lipoic Night and Day Cream, Newco, 30ml N/A

oil of oregano, hedd wyn, 25ml Milk Thistle, Naca, 100 caps N/A

Labrador Tea, Golden Maria’s swedish Bough, Bulk Bitters, Flora, 250 ml Peppermint Tea, Golden Bough, Bulk oil of oregano, enerex, 30 ml Pyconogenol, Derma e

ToP ThRee PRoDuCTs


Tree Tea oil, Desert essence, 4fl.oz. haircolour, hair Vita, 135ml N/A

Vitamin e Moisturizing Cream, Derma e, 113g shower/Body wash, Jason, 900ml soap, Kiss My Face, 230g

Tea Tree oil, Jason, Tea Tree oil, Desert 75g essence, 15/30ml Power smile Toothpaste, Jason, 6oz Aloe Vera Deodorant, Jason, 2.5oz Purple K, Fusion, 100 caps Protein shake, sequel, 1020g, Vanilla, Chocolate whey Protein, isoflex, 2lbs

Ayurbedic soaps, Auromere, 1 bar Krill oil, Naturally Nova scotia, 100 caps Pure Castille soap, Dr. Bronner’s, 16oz

Peppermint and shampoo, Lavendar oil, Golden Carina Bough, 10ml Toothpaste, spry Biotin shampoo, Mill harmonized Creek, 16 fluid oz.

ToP ThRee PRoDuCTs


iso whey, interactive, 2lbs Glutamine, ultimate Nutrition, 1kilo Muscle Juice, ultimate Nutrition, 10lbs, Chocolate

Amino Complete, Now, 120 caps Protein Powder, iso Pro, 908g, Vanilla Protein supplement, Mammoth, 2.2kg

Creatine, Now, 100 tabs N/A

whey Protein, Progressive, All flavours Breezer, Progressive, Mango Vega Products, sequal, All sizes


whey Powder, Grain Process, Bulk Protein Powder, Grain Process, Bulk N/A




ToP ThRee PRoDuCTs


iron supplement, salus, 500ml silicea, hubner,500ml Vitamin C, ester C, 150 caps

Multi Vitamins, Natural Factors, 90 tabs easy Multi, Platinum, 60 caps iron Free Vitamins, Natural Factors, 90 tabs

Active easy Multi Plus, Platinum, 60 caps iron Free Multi Vitamins, Nutrition house, 186 caps every Man’s/ woman’s one Daily, New Chapter, 30 tabs omega swirls, Bar Leans, 454g Multi Vitamins, Garden of Life, 120 caps N/A

Vitamin C, Flora, 1000mg Liquid iron, salus, 250ml CinnaMax, sisu, 60 caps

ultimate Flora, Renew Life, 30 super Critical omega, Renew Life, 30 stressential for women, Platinum, 60

Liquid iron, salus, 500ml Formula 100, Nikolic, 120 caps Croma Cin, health First, 28 caps

Maca, Now, 90 caps Pysillium husk, Now, 200 caps N/A

ToP ThRee PRoDuCTs




Lotion/Body wash, Leaf source Green Beaver, 325ml Loose Leaf Tea Glass, Libre, 290ml AlliMax, 30 caps


sprouting seeds, sprout Master, Bulk Dark and Light Chocolates, Ambriel, 100g N/A

Glucosmart, Lorna Teething Necklaces, Vanderhaeghe, 30 Pur Noisetier, Various caps


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herbs and health Foods, Abbotsford, BC store size: 1,000-3,000sq.ft. Demographics: 40-65 income: $20,000$40,000 Mangosteen 100, Genesis Today, 32oz Coconut oil, Nutiva, 54oz Goju 100, Genesis Today, 32oz Angie’s Natural Foods, Port hawkesbury, Ns store size: under 1,000sq.ft. Demographics: 40-65 income: $20,000$40,000 soya Flour, Grain Process, Bulk Crackwheat, Grain Process, Bulk Flax seed, Golden, Bulk Choices Market, Vancouver, BC store size: over 5,000sq.ft. Demographics: N/A income: $40,000-$60,000 N/A Pharmasave, humboldt, sK store size: over 5,000sq.ft Demographics: 40-65 income: $40,000-$60,000 N/A Claresholm Pharmacy, Claresholm, AB store size: over 5,000sq.ft. Demographics: 40-65 income: $20,000-$40,000 old Fashion Root Beer, Real Brew, 355ml old Fashion Ginger Ale, Real Brew 355ml Black Cherry Juice, Knudsen, 946ml The Medicine shoppe, saskatoon, sK store size: under 1,000sq.ft Demographics: over 65 income: $20,000-$40,000 N/A The Chemist Pharmacy, Markham, oN store size: 5,000sq.ft. Demographics: 40-65 income: over $60,000 N/A Academy Clinic Pharmacy, Thunder Bay, oN store size: 1,000-3,000sq.ft Demographics: 40-65 income: $20,000-$40,000 N/A











hawthorne, A. Vogel, 50ml Kelp, Nature’s way, 100 caps Anti-Viral echinamide, Natural Factors, 100ml Fragrance Free shampoo, Jason, 16oz Moisturizing Cream, silver soul, 4/8oz hairspray, head organics, 8oz

Basil, organic Connection, Bulk oregano, organic Connection, Bulk N/A

Milk Thistle, Natural Factors, 90 caps Black elderberry, Nature’s way, 60 caps Rhodiola, Nature’s way, 90 caps

Chondroitin, webber Naturals, 120 caps Glucosamine, webber Naturals, 120 caps Cranberry Complex, Jamieson, 500mg incontinence Pads, Tena, Assorted oral health, All Brands, Assorted sizes N/A

echinacea, sisu, 100 caps evening Primrose oil, Jamieson, 90 caps Digestive enzymes, Albi, 100 caps Lip Moisturizer, Carmex, 4.25g Kiwi shampoo, Down under Natural’s, 50ml hair Colour, L’image, 1 kit

echinacea, Jamieson, 120 caps Glucosamine, Rexall, 90 caps

Glucosamine, swiss herbal, 120 caps echinacea, swiss herbal, 100 caps

Glucosamine, Jamieson, 90 caps echinacea, webber Naturals, 100 caps N/A

CoQ10, Jamieson, odourless Garlic, Jamieson, 300 caps 30 caps

hand Moisturizer, Kiss My Face, 3oz Tea Tree soap, soap works, 1 bar oatmeal soap, soap works, 1 bar

Castille soap, Dr. Bronner’s, 8oz shampoo, Avalon, 250ml Lip Balm, Burt’s Bees, 15 oz


shampoo and Conditioner, Pantene Pro V, 375ml Fructis shampoo and Conditioner, Garnier, 384ml N/A

Body wash, Burt’s Bees, 12oz Lip Balm, Burt’s Bees, .15oz



whey Factors, Natural Factors, 1kg slim styles, Natural Factors, 800g N/A

Protein Powder, Grain Process, Bulk whey Powder, Grain Process, Bulk N/A

whey Protein, Vega, 1kg L-Glutamine, Natural Factors, 90 tabs Vega sport, Vega, 500mg

Meal Replacement, ensure, 237ml energy Drinks, Boost, 237ml, Vanilla, Chocolate, strawberry N/A

Lean whey Protein, Prairie Naturals, 908g high Protein Meal Replacement, ensure, 235ml


whey Protein, webber Naturals, 2lbs energy Drinks, Boost, 8oz, Chocolate N/A




N/A energy Drinks, Boost, 8oz, Vanilla


omega 3, Natural Factors, 120 tabs Multi Vitamins, Natural Factors, 180 tabs Calcium Magnesium with D, Natural Factors, 180 tabs

Vitamin C, Natural Factors, 90 caps Multi Vitamins, Natural Factors, 90 caps Glucosamine, Natural Factors, 90 caps

every woman, New Chapters, 90 tabs every Man, New Chapters, 90 tabs Multi Vitamin, AoR, 369g

Vitamin D, well Quest, 100 caps Calcium, well Quest, 100 caps Vitamin C, Jamieson, 90 caps

Vitamin e, seroyal, 100 caps Vitamin D, seroyal, 100 caps Calcium, seroyal, 100 caps

Calcium 500 with Vitamin D, Rexall, 200 caps Complex 50 with Vitamin D, Rexall, 90 caps

Vitamin D, swiss herbal, 90 caps Calcium, wampole, 100 tabs

Vitamin C, Jamieson, 100 caps Vitamin D, Jamieson, 100 caps Vita Vim, Jamieson, 100 caps

Vitamin D 1000 i.u., Vitamin B Complex, Rexall, 100 caps Jamieson, 90 caps

Mineral Gel, silver soul, 30ml/60ml Night Rejuvenating Cream, silver soul, 30ml/60ml Day Rejuvenating Cream, silver soul, 30ml/60ml



Angels, willow Tree, Assorted hazel wood Bracelets, Pur Noisetier, Assorted scented Candles, Country home, Assorted

Marine Phytoplankton, uMAC, 500mg omega 3, Now, 100 caps Graviola, Now, 500mg


PGX Daily, Natural Factors, 60 soft gels N/A N/A







The Top selling producTs in the review are from randomly selected retailers. The review is meant to give readers some idea of what consumers are buying most of in these selected stores. participating stores are free of any third-party influence and provide all the information. The information cannot be seen as a statistical survey or taken to reflect top-selling products on a national, regional or local level. *demographics: store owners estimated primary demographic

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industry news
Higgins Cohn Brand Management Appoints Director of Key Account
Corrie Henneberry has been appointed to the position of Director of Key Account – Eastern Canada. HCBM said, “Corrie brings with her a wealth of experience managing FDM accounts in the personal care and natural products categories. She is an excellent fit for our growing organization and is already proving to be an enormous asset to our company and the brands that we represent.” HCBM specializes in complete management of the Canadian market for natural and specialty food product manufacturers. Corrie can be contacted at (905) 856-8252 ext. 240.

Carrefour May List Certain Assets
Although no decision had been made, Carrefour, the world’s second-largest retailer, confirmed that it is looking at listing certain assets to boost their valuation, and added that it planned to retain control of its Carrefour Property division. Carrefour stated, “As soon as the studies are completed, they will be submitted for review to the board of directors.

Boost For Shoppers Drug Mart’s Victory?
Successful in their challenge of the Ontario Drug Benefit Act’s regulation that held that a pharmacy’s private-label generic drugs are not eligible for reimbursement, Shoppers Drug Mart’s bottom line may see some improvement. SDM and Katz group (Rexall/Pharmaplus) challenged the regulation, and analysts have mixed views on a potential upside. If the court decision stands, other major pharmacy players may introduce their own privategeneric drugs, meaning more parties negotiating for part of the margins.

chocolate and 35% said tea. Only 8% of the respondents were aware of coffee’s antioxidant benefits.

public health measure,” the researchers concluded.

New Meta-Analysis Links Vitamin D to Colon Cancer Prevention
A new meta-analysis of observational studies from an international team of researchers, led by Philippe Autier of the International Prevention Research Institute in Lyon, France, revealed that for every 10 nanograms per millilitre increase in levels of Vitamin D (25-hydroxyvitamin D) , the associated risk of colorectal cancer decreased by 15 percent. At the same time, no association between vitamin D levels and the risk of breast or prostrate cancer was observed. “To assess whether vitamin D status is a risk factor or a risk marker for colorectal cancer, it is likely that new randomized trials will need to be organized to test whether increasing the 25-hydroxyvitamin D level changes the risk of colorectal cancer, and to determine how much of an increase is required to change the risk of cancer sufficiently to be useful as a

Study Suggests Boost in Omega-3 Bioavailability via Gel Emulsion
A new study by researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology suggests that a 40+ percent increase in bioavailability from omega-3 rich fish oils EPA and DHA can be obtained by using a solid gelled emulsion compared to soft gel capsules. “This study presents a new type of vehicle for the delivery of PUFAs [polyunsaturated fatty acids]. The vehicles are soft and chewable with the possibility of adding flavours, sweeteners and colour, and this makes the vehicles ideal for delivery of PUFAs to consumers having problems swallowing large capsules or cod liver oil,” said the researchers. Dr. Harry Rice, PhD and VP for GOED (Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s), noted that the study is interesting and could be commercially promising, however should be considered preliminary because the research data was from a pilot study.

Belgium’s Vesla Pharma Develops Probiotic Encapsulation Technology
Using technology that was developed using the lactobacillus rhamnosis strain but which can be applied to any probiotic strain, or even other ingredients, Belgian start-up Vesale Pharma, along with German lab BRACE, has attracted the attention of industry heavyweights for its IntelCaps microencapsulation process. The secret to the technology is the “smallsphere” method that employs molecules of between 0.6 and 1 micro metres, dimensions approaching nano levels. Vesale Pharma’s international manager Johan Quintens stated, “All of these big probiotic companies already had projects in microencapsulation but it is not easy to find the gentle technology (where) you do not put too much stress on the probiotics – otherwise you will kill them before they can bring any benefit to the body. So we are very excited that this year will see the first commercialization of the technology this year in the form of an OTC food supplement.”

Nestle High On Coffee’s Antioxidant Content
Consumer research conducted by Nestle with over 2,000 UK adults shows a marked lack of awareness of the high antioxidant content of foods such as coffee and red wine. Over half of the 2,027 adults questioned last December named blackcurrants as important sources of antioxidants, while 46% named red wine and carrots, 40% dark



For Details, write #110 on Free Info Page, page 73

industry news
News from Expo West
The Natural Products Expo West 2011 hosted its largest number of exhibits – 3,533 – and more than 58,000 industry members at the Anaheim, California event. Industry Award Winners from Canada Higgins Cohn Brand Management were the winners of: Royal Pacific Foods/The Ginger People Broker of the Year National/International Business Boulder Canyon Natural Foods Broker of the Year North America Kiss My Face Broker Rep of the Year for North America Presented to Cristina D’Addario, Account Manager for Higgins Cohn Brand Management by John Reppucci of Kiss My Face.

Pre- & Probiotics Virtual Conference
Organized by Nutraingredients. com and subtitled “Building Gut Health Science & Claims,” this free online conference takes place on March 29th. Live conferences include “Science: Gutless without biomarkers,” “Bringing digestive and immune health to everyday life,” “The growing up of GOS,” “Markets: New rules and messaging in the claims game” and others, and a live “Chat with the experts” will also be featured. For more information, the conference program and to register, go to

reduced calorie consumption, increased physical activity, and consumption of more healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fat-free and low-fat dairy products and seafood, and less consumption of sodium, saturated and transfats, added sugars and refined grains. Additional consumer-friendly advice and tools, including a next generation Food Pyramid will be released in the coming months.

Selenium Supplements for Prostate Health
A new study conducted by the Department of Human Nutrition at Ohio State University suggests that selenium glycinate supplementation gave changes consistent with improved selenium functional status and lowered prostate risk in a group of 30 middle-aged men. The new study tested whether a 6-week supplementation of 200 micrograms of selenium (in the form of glycinate) affected the activities of two blood selenium enzymes (erythrocyte and plasma GPx) and a marker of prostate cancer risk (plasma PSA). The researchers reported that selenium supplementation,

but not placebo, raised both plasma and erythrocyte GPx activities. They also found that selenium glycinate, but again not placebo, lowered the cancer risk marker of serum PSA. They also pointed out that reducing a marker of prostate cancer doesn’t necessarily mean a reduction in cancer risk. In related news, a seleniumenriched garlic product from Sabinsa Corp. is now available in the U.S. SelenoForce contains 1,000ppm selenium in a bioavailable organic form, in a base of natural garlic powder.

release providing summary disclosure of the listing and any related transaction is expected at the time of the listing. Acasti Pharma is developing a product portfolio of proprietary novel long-chain omega-3 phospholipids and is focusing initially on treatments for chronic cardiovascular conditions within the overthe-counter, medical food and prescription drug markets.

Retailer Fights for Market Share
“We expect 2011 to be one of our toughest years yet,” said outgoing president Allan Leighton during a conference call with analysts and investors. The big players are, “really fighting for a share of an increasingly tight consumer wallet.” Leighton will step down from the retailer’s board and return to his role as advisor to the majority owners, the Weston family, in the second half of this year. Vicente Trius, 53, a director with France’s supermarket giant Carrefour SA, will be his replacement, and is expected to play a key role attracting new Canadians with his deep knowledge of Asian and other ethnic markets. Loblaw reported an 8.5% drop in fourth-quarter profit on lower sales as prices

New Dietary Guidelines for Americans
The new USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans was released on Jan. 31, 2011 by agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack and Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, and provides both challenges and opportunities for food scientists to modify the current food supply. With more than one-third of children and more than twothirds of adults in the U.S. being overweight or obese, the 7th edition emphasizes

Neptune Subsidiary Receives TSX Conditional Approval
Acasti Pharma, a subsidiary of Neptune Technologies & Bioressources Inc., has received a conditional approval for the listing of its class A common shares on the TSX Venture Exchange under the ticker symbol APO. The listing is conditional to fulfillment by Acasti of all the Exchange’s requirements, and Acasti’s management expects to waive all conditions with respect to the listing prior to March 21st, 2011. A press



industry news
deflated in the drugstore business due to government regulatory changes and general merchandise resorted to heavy promotions to clear items out in the holiday quarter. earnings for the fourth quarter ended January 1 fell to $151 million from $165 million in the same period the year earlier. Further investments in iT are expected to lower operating income by about $135 million compared to 2010. The company’s apparel line, Joe Fresh, performed strongly in the fourth quarter and is closing in on a goal to post $1 billion in annual sales. how well it does opening its first four non-Canadian stores, especially the New York City market, remains to be seen. “Generally, the [retailers] that do well (in the u.s.) have a very good consumer proposition and a very good management team. growth in the u.s. and plans to open as many as forty smaller units this year. sections for fresh produce, refrigerated foods and frozen items will go down one side and along the back of the express store, which will have about a dozen aisles and three or four checkout counters, and include around seventy-five parking spaces, as opposed to the as many as eight hundred for supercentres. pressure on any one resource,” says Marc st-onge, president of Ascenta. wild squid contains 35% more ePA+DhA than salmon and 100% more than krill. using parts of the squid not used for the calamari industry achieves maximum utilization of this resource, and the eco-friendly catch method has no impact on the marine environment. Nutrasea DhA contains the highest quality natural ingredients and uses a unique green tea antioxidant to protect against oxidation, ensuring that the product retains its taste through the entire shelf life. Based in Dartmouth, Nova scotia, Ascenta develops, produces and markets omega-3 supplements for human and animal health. its human products under the Nutrasea and NutraVege brand dominate the Canadian market with a 43% share. Ascenta products are sold throughout North America, europe and Asia. demonstrated the safety and efficacy of the product in addressing symptoms and in improving various physical activities, as measured by VAs and woMAC scores. in other news, BioCell Collagen ii was affirmed status of GRAs (Generally Recongnized As safe), verifying that it is safe for use in conventional foods and beverages. VP suhail ishaq commented, “The GRAs affirmation of BioCell Collagen ii represents another positive milestone for the company allowing our safe ingredient to now be incorporated into a range of foods with valueadded health functionality.” The company was also recently awarded the Frost & sullivan Best Practices in Customer Value enhancement of the Year Award. The BioCell Collagen ii supplement combines collagen type ii, chondroitin sulfate, and hyaluronic acid that is reduced to highly-bioavailable, very low molecular weight forms due to its patented hydrolysis process.

Seventh Generation Selects New CEO/ President
John Replogle has been appointed to serve as Ceo and President for seventh Generation, a brand of “green” household and personal-care products based in Burlington, VT. Replogle replaces Chuck Maniscalco, who resigned last september. Replogle was formerly the President/Ceo of Burt’s Bees, and has previously worked with unilever and Diageo. An active proponent of education and humanitarian causes, Replogle also serves on the Boards of habitat for humanity, Triangle Community Foundation and Dartmouth College.

Walmart Goes Small
while the average size of a walmart supercentre is 185,000 sq. ft., the world’s largest retailer is introducing a new format called “express,” comprising approximately onetenth the size. Construction of the first store begins March 16th on a 14,400 sq. ft. store in Gentry, Arkansas, a town about 32 kilometres southwest of walmart’s Bentonville headquarters. The new stores will feature a pharmacy and groceries section. According to company filings, groceries accounted for fifty-one percent of walmart’s $258 billion in sales in the u.s. for fiscal 2010. As comparable-store sales in walmart’s namesake stores have fallen for seven straight quarters, Ceo Mike Duke is seeking new avenues for

BioCell Technology Showcases Mega Exhibit at Natural Products Expo West
held at the Anaheim Convention Centre from March 11 to 13, BioCell Technology of Newport Beach, Calif., unveiled their new state-of-the-art 20 x 40 ft. booth at the recent expo. The exhibit was used to share recent news about the company’s flagship product, BioCell Collagen ii, and as a platform to host several industry figures that spoke about their firsthand experience with the product. Recent news includes the completion of the largest human study to date of BioCell Collagen ii in subjects suffering from joint condition. The multi-centre, doubleblind, placebo-controlled trial

Business As Usual for Danone
sales continue to grow for Danone despite FTC-led storms that forced it to alter gut health claims for its probiotic yogurt brand Activia. The FTC settlement saw Danone pay $21 million to about 40 states to reimburse claim investigations, and held that Activia could only claim to, “relieve temporary irregularity or help with slow intestinal transit time” if it was also stated that three servings per day were required to achieve the benefit. “After three rigorous reviews we continue to market the products as per usual,” Dannon spokesperson Michael Neuwirth said.

Ascenta Health Introduces NutraSea DHA
utilizing the most eco-friendly and sustainable marine source – wild squid (also known as calamari) – Nutrasea DhA contains 800mg of DhA and 400mg of ePA omega-3’s per serving and comes in a natural citrus flavour. “we have strategically focused on using the most sustainable sources of omega-3 and have progressively worked towards diversification to avoid putting

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Guiding Lights
New rules for “Product of Canada” and “Made in Canada.”
By Jessica uniac


IHR show issue 2011


“If a product does not meet the criteria, the Bureau recommends using more specific terms to reflect the activities that took place in Canada, e.g. ‘Assembled in Canada with foreign parts.’”

o ensure truth in advertising and to provide manufacturers, importers and retailers with guidance, the Competition Bureau has introduced new enforcement guidelines relating to “Product of Canada” and “Made in Canada” claims applicable to non-food products. The guidelines that came into effect on July 1, 2010, supersede the former guide to “Made in Canada” claims, and describe the Bureau’s approach to assessing claims under the false or misleading representation provisions of the Competition Act, the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act (with respect to non-food products only) and the Textile Labelling Act. The publication of the new guidelines is a clear signal that territorial source of origin claims should be revisited and reexamined in order to avoid attracting scrutiny from the Bureau and to avoid potential consumer complaints. The Acts administered by the Bureau prohibit the making of false or misleading representations. Therefore, when a business makes a “Product of Canada” or “Made in Canada” claim, it should do so in accordance with the guidelines. The Bureau relies on the guidelines in determining whether to investigate a consumer claim or to undertake appropriate enforcement action for noncompliance. The new guidelines create a clear distinction between “Product of Canada” and “Made in Canada” claims. In order to be identified as a “Product of Canada,” items must satisfy two conditions. First, the last substantial transformation of the goods must have occurred in Canada. Secondly, at least 98 per cent of the total direct costs of producing or manufacturing the goods must have been incurred in Canada. The requirements for a “Made in Canada” claim are less stringent, and must conform to three conditions. First, as in a “Product of Canada” claim, the last substantial transformation of the goods must have occurred in Canada. Secondly, at least 51 per cent of the total direct costs of producing or manufacturing the


good must have been incurred in Canada. Finally, the “Made in Canada” representation must be accompanied by a qualifying statement, such as “Made in Canada with 60 per cent Canadian content and 40 per cent imported content.” If a product does not meet the criteria, the Bureau recommends using more specific terms to reflect the activities that took place in Canada, e.g. “Assembled in Canada with foreign parts.” General terms such as “produced” or “manufactured” are discouraged as they are likely to be understood by consumers as synonymous with “Made in Canada.” When determining whether a “Product of Canada” or “Made in Canada” declaration has been made, even if these exact words are not used, the Bureau will look at the general impression conveyed by the representation. The Bureau will also consider any visual elements (e.g. flag representations or colour schemes), illustrations and implied claims that may alter the plain meaning of the words. If the Bureau finds that a territorial source of origin representation is materially false or misleading, several avenues of enforcement are available, including administrative monetary penalties, restitution and prohibition orders, publication corrective notices or criminal prosecution. The enforcement of the misleading advertising provisions of the Competition Act also give rise to a civil right of action in certain circumstances, exposing manufacturers, importers and retailers to direct consumer litigation and potential class action claims. Those selling or advertising products in Canada should revisit packaging and marketing materials as well as current inventories of product in order to consider appropriate changes to comply with the guidelines, including the over-stickering of inventory not already sold to the market.

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Wakunaga of America
Celebrating the opening of their new facility.
By Ron Garant


ased in Mission Viejo, in Orange County, California, Wakunaga of America has opened a new 53,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Mira Loma, in nearby Riverside County. The new plant sits beside the company’s existing garlic-aging operations and offices, and will provide expanded production/distribution capacities, laboratories and quality control, packaging, shipping and storage areas. Administration (sales, marketing, R&D, Accounting, Finance, Legal and Human Resources) will remain at the Mission Viejo office. A subsidiary of Japan’s Wakunaga Pharmaceutical Company, the American company is among the world’s largest suppliers of garlic extract, medicinal herbal supplements, probiotics and other nutritional products. Most of their supplements focus on benefitting the immune system and cardiovascular health. Under the brand name Kyolic (“kyo” means strength in Japanese), some of the company’s best sellers include its Aged Garlic Extract line, Dophilus Probiotics and Kyo-Green, as well as its Moducare brands. With more and more people taking preventative supplements with regard to their overall health, Wakunaga of America’s president and CEO Kenro Nakamura stated, “We have been growing so steadily in the last ten years that we had to expand our operational capabilities to meet consumer demand for our products, especially our Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract. Our customers know that our thoroughly researched and tested products will improve their quality of life, and our more than ten percent sales growth during the last few years, in what has been a very challenging economy, is a vivid testament to the effectiveness of our products and our customers’ trust.” The new facility was completed last fall and an official opening ceremony was held this past January 27th, with over 250 guests in attendance. The celebration began with the Japanese and U.S. anthems, and included a sake-barrel- breaking ritual, after which guests were invited to share a drink. Riverside County Foreign Trade Commissioner Tom Freeman was delighted with

the new facility and said, “(Wakunaga of America) is hiring local workers, investing in Riverside County and is able to export to 40+ nations from the county.” Nakamura introduced a table of seven recently hired employees and said, “They are all very honest and diligent and working very hard. We’ll hire more in the near future.” Chief sales officer Albert Dahbour indicated that approximately twenty-three employees would be transferred to Mira Loma from the Mission Viejo headquarters. The company intends to grow to a work force of one or two hundred this year. Wakunaga Pharmaceutical was formed by a banker, Mr. Manji Wakunaga and a scientist, Dr. Eugene Schnell, in 1955 in Osaka, Japan. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Schnell developed an aging extraction process for garlic, which resulted in their Aged Garlic Extract preparation. Wakunaga of America was formed in 1972 by Manji Wakunaga and his son, Gisuke Wakunaga. Both firms “keenly recognize the social responsibility of companies engaged in manufacturing pharmaceuticals and nutritional and herbal supplements. It is our continuing mission to promote good health throughout the world.” In Canada, Wakunaga’s brands (Kyolic®, Kyo-Green® and KyoDophilus®) are distributed by Purity Life Health Products, a SunOpta Company. Kyolic has been available in Canada since 1978 and is the most trusted and clinically-proven natural health supplement for cardiovascular health in Canada. The Kyolic brand is currently undergoing a label upgrade based on consumer research to better highlight its cardiovascular benefits. Watch for the new Kyolic look hitting retailer shelves in March. Wakunaga continues to invest into probiotic and cardiovascular research from around the world. Kyolic is currently completing a study on Irritable Bowel Syndrome at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine to further support Kyo-dophilus’ benefits for IBS.

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company profile

Monfitello Inc.
By Ron Garant


pecializing in the packaging of food products in tubes, Monfitello is the food division and sister company of Montebello Packaging, a leading supplier of aluminum and laminate tubes for the pharmaceutical, industrial, and cosmetic industry. The establishment of Monfitello makes it the first and only Canadian manufacturer of food and beverage products in tubes. In addition, Monfitello is the founder and Canadian distributor of Intuition™ add-to-water herbal drink concentrates. Relatively new to the North American market, tube-packaged food has been popular in Europe, South America and Asia since the 1920s and can be used for numerous food products from condiments such as ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise, to pastes, chocolate and even beverages. Tubes provide convenient and reseal-able packages that retain the product’s flavour by keeping the air out, and are easy to store. You can forget about can openers and difficult jars – no muss, no fuss, you just squeeze out what you need and replace the cap to re-close. Plus, they’re lightweight and shatterproof, and since they’re made of 99.8% pure aluminum, they’re easy and efficient to recycle.


IHR show issue 2011

company profile

Today’s busy lifestyle and environmental concerns create the perfect opportunity for Monfitello to introduce this type of packaging and they are actively seeking opportunities to partner with brand owners and retailers to develop new products as well as refresh some classics. Perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, picnics, etc., they are also great for travelling – the 100ml clear laminate tubes meet most airline carry-on restrictions for liquid products and are already retailing at international duty-free shops, including Montreal, Ottawa, Halifax and Winnipeg. The possibilities for foods in tubes are endless: Imagine if you will – butter, cheese, pet food, condiments, cooking oil, honey, natural health foods, fruit toppings, beverages and more. Speaking of beverages: Intuition Identifying today’s women on-the-go, Intuition was created as an add-to-water mix that offers a variety of health benefits without having to swallow supplements. Utilizing their convenient tubes, it’s easy to dissolve, easily absorbed into the body and can be mixed with hot, cold or sparkling water. Monfitello teamed up with Natures Formulae Health Products to source herbal ingredients and develop Intuition drink concentrates. Monfitello also partnered with professional mixologists, The Martini Club International Inc. to ensure delicious flavours. “Working together with Natures Formulae and The Martini Club, we’ve successfully created the perfect balance of delicious herbal, healthy blends that taste great,” Betty Pilon, president of Monfitello says.

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company profile

“Tubes provide convenient and reseal-able packages that retain the product’s flavour by keeping the air out, and are easy to store.”
There are currently two mixes available, My Vitality and My Waistline: My Vitality is a sweet and spicy wild strawberry flavoured caffeine-free concentrate that contains red clover, Korean Ginesing, Siberian ginesing, fo-ti-tien, ginkgo biloba, California poppy, licorice root, Oregon grape, burdock root, Jamaican sarsaparilla, Echinacea and cayenne, to provide balanced energy levels and promote physical and mental vitality. It’s low in calories (36), gluten-free with no sugar added. My Waistline offers a tangy lemongrass lemonade flavour that includes appetite suppressing and body cleansing herbs. It’s designed to stimulate one’s metabolism and facilitate the way the body processes food. Ingredients include St. John’s Wort, Hawthorn berries, plantain leaf, yerbe maté, bladderwrack seaweed, parsley root, dandelion root, guarana seed, fennel seed, cascara bark, hibiscus, papaya leaf, oat tops, black seed, passionflower, cornsilk, valerian root, blue flag root and gymnema. It contains 33 calories per tube. Both mixes are available for purchase in 3-tube packs for $5.99 or 14-tube packs for $24.99 CAD, and additional flavours are planned to be introduced. They are available in health stores across Canada and online at Natures Formulae Health Products, of Kelowna B.C., is a progressive Canadian developer and manufacturer of herbal health products, and was founded in 1975 by Barbra Johnston, who holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Brigham-Young University. They produce over 5,000 herbal-based products and provide a large inventory of herbal ingredients. The Martini Club is based in Toronto and specializes in custom drink design, mixology training programs and specialty bar service. Mixtress Michelle Hunt is Intuition’s “Flavour Maker,” and takes pleasure in combining a wide range of tastes, using fresh herbs and spices in unexpected ways. Interestingly enough, in addition to developing Intuition’s formulations, The Martini Club developed easy-to-make Intuition cocktail recipes, including The Skinny Collins (gin, lemonade and My Waistline) and The Vitality Daquiri (spiced rum, sour mix and My Vitality). Talk about a healthy happy hour!


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• Herbal bene ts to ne-tune the body • Easy to dissolve and absorb into the system • Unique, creative packaging (patent pending) • Convenient, portable tube for on-the-go • Low calories, gluten-free, no sugar added • Refreshingly delicious!

For details, write #111 on Free Info Page, page 73.

Intuition TM is a line of preventative products that o er a variety of health bene ts through a special blend of medicinal herbal tinctures and juice concentrates, delivered in a delicious, low calorie, add-to-water mix. This all natural beverage comes in a convenient, on-the-go tube…just peel and squeeze into hot, cold or sparkling water.
Floor Display includes 18 x My Waistline 3 pack 18 x My Vitality 3 pack 6 x My Waistline 14 pack 6 x My Vitality 14 pack Code 436910

Suggested Retail Pricing: 3 Pack - $5.99 / 14 Pack - $24.99 Great value for consumers
Now available through Purity Life Health Products. To order call 1 800-265-2615 For Product information call Mon tello Inc. 1 866-808-8889

Make a cocktail with it!

cover story

Giving People What They Want
Rob McLean is the Over The Counter (OTC) category manager for Zellers Pharmacy, which is under the Hudson’s Bay Company umbrella. With 23 years of experience, Rob definitely has his finger on the pulse of retail
By Ron Garant Photography by James Merritt



cover story

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Right after graduating from Humber College, Rob started to work with Shoppers Drug Mart as a stock boy, became a receiver, then assistant front-shop manager and finally front-shop manager. Not only was this position a great learning experience, it also laid the foundation for his career in retail. He then worked for approximately five years with Big V in a similar role before Shoppers Drug Mart acquired the company. While front-shop manager, an opportunity for advancement came up at Walmart as an assistant buyer; this was his move into a head-office environment.

The transition from front-shop manager to head office was somewhat of a culture shock for Rob: “I was used to being my own boss,” he says. “When I got to Walmart, I was petrified of public speaking. My very first day I had to face that fear head on by being called up to the front of an auditorium to do the Walmart cheer (‘Give me a W…W!; give me an A…A!’) and after being promoted to buyer (other retailers call this position category manager), had to present my offerings at meetings to managers from all across Canada, and they are not a reserved group of people – constantly yelling questions and comments at you.”


IHR show issue 2011

cover story

During this time Rob was involved with the design, set up, and assortment of Walmart’s Nutrition Centres. He worked closely with the various vendors in a hands-on role setting the counters, merchandising the sections and determining the product mix. “I learned more about the health category at Walmart in five years than I did in the previous ten,” he reflects. Rob also was able to travel across Canada to visit various Walmart stores, which gave him a better understanding of the regional differences in the retail environment, specifically in the health categories. Rob then had an opportunity to take on the role of category manager at Shoppers Drug Mart. In this role, he further developed his understanding of the impact of the health categories as a drug retailer that focuses on pharmacy. Rob feels that having come up through the store ranks has helped him be a better category manager: “I’ve always had an appreciation for the stores because if you’ve never worked in a store, you might not understand how your decisions impact them. Is the decision you’re making greater than the expense

and the time that the store is going to have to take to do it?” In 2005, Rob joined HBC as category manager for both The Bay and Zellers pharmacies with responsibility for the Vitamin, Diet, First Aid, Footcare, Family Planning, Medicinal and Feminine Hygiene categories. At Zellers, Rob felt the greatest opportunity was to show senior management the importance of the pharmacy department and what it could bring to the overall business. “In the five years I’ve been at Zellers, the Pharmacy Department has come a long way in gaining support,” he states. “Senior management can see that it draws consumers into the store versus just a service that’s offered. I think large retailers struggle with having customers that shop in their stores regularly, yet still don’t know they have a pharmacy.” To create awareness for its pharmacy, Zellers utilizes marketing to educate their customers about their pharmacy benefits and enlists services such as patient records, patient counselling, drug information and interactions, as well as their WellAware program.

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There have been other successful developments for the front shop of the pharmacy: “I think that through our team, we’ve taken it to a whole new level,” Rob says. “[When I came] to Zellers, the pharmacy had never had a front-page flyer feature; displays were minimal and stock was only on shelves. Now we have pharmacy products promoted with significant flyer ads, supported with in-store activity like vendor pre-packs and even, in some cases, large pallet displays. There is a new look in Zellers’ pharmacies that is quite contemporary. The pharmacy has been given much better focus. The pharmacy in the Scarborough Zellers was a paradigm shift – as soon as you walk in, (you see) the pharmacy. (Instead of) 10-foot high dark aisles, the counters are very low so you can see right across to the other end - it’s bright and clean. We’ve had really good results from that store, so we know it’s what the people want – they want to be comfortable and have a good shopping experience. That decision was made for the right reason and it’s paid off. “I observe competitors closely by monitoring their promotional activity, visiting their stores and keeping up with industry news,” he says. “Keeping my ear to the ground is also important. To stay ahead of the curve, you have to be willing to take chances

and have the support of management.” Vendor Relationships In these busy and challenging times, Rob is always looking for the next new thing and he appreciates it when vendor representatives are succinct and understand what he needs to see. He also wants them to be able to do what they say they’re going to do and likes them to have a plan B, in case things don’t go the way they had hoped. So what kind of products does he look for? “You’re always looking for the diamond in the rough,” he says, “Or maybe something the other retailers haven’t picked up on yet; [even] a run-of-the-mill product that the vendor is going to spend a lot of money on to promote and [therefore help] you do your job. I also might go with someone that I’ve had a relationship with before or someone that has a good reputation. So many times, people come in and (tell you) it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, we’re going to spend 5 million dollars on it, it’s going to be a household thing – and you don’t know who these people are, you’ve never seen them before, no one’s heard of them. So you back away a little bit, [compared to] if it’s


IHR show issue 2011

cover story

“In the five years I’ve been at Zellers, the Pharmacy Department has come a long way in gaining support. “Corporate can see that it draws consumers into the store versus just a service that’s offered.”
someone you’ve done business with over the years and they’ve never left you out in the cold.” Buying Decisions Today’s business environment has changed. “You [used to know] in your gut that something was going to sell or not,” Rob states. “Now it’s more, ‘Well, how do you know that?’ Now you have to be fiscally conscious when you make a decision and a lot more is done by committees.” He also finds that people move around in their jobs more: “It seems like everyday we have a new account person or something else. So often we think we just got that (person) trained, now they’ve been promoted and we’ve got someone new and (have to) start all over again. On both sides, a lot of it is understanding how Zellers works as an organization – when we need product and how we need it as well as with the vendors. You lose so much when you have to re-establish that instead of just [having to ask], ‘What do you have that’s new?’ or ‘When can we do something?’” Personal Lifestyle As a divorced father of three, Rob is devoted to his children. “When I have my kids, I don’t have time for anything else,” he states. “They’re 15, 13 and 10, so whatever they’re up to or involved in takes a lot of my time. Outside of the kids, I’m a big Toronto Maple Leafs fan, a Blue Jay fan, I love watching sports.” His personal goals are to continue to grow as a person, add value to Zellers, ensure a proper balance between work and his personal life and, as part of a Health Team, help improve the health of Canadians. The Future Rob plans to continue to help grow profitable sales for Zellers, gain market share and build the private label business, ensuring the success of the HBC Pharmacies. “As consumers expect more from life, do not want to age, are more active and more knowledgeable, the health segment will become even more important,” he offers. “The retailer will have to work harder to satisfy the wants of the consumers. All retailers dealing in heath will be chasing this business. Competition will be fierce!” The Hudson’s Bay Company became sole owner of Zellers in 1978 and maintained its growth tradition, acquiring the Towers chain in 1991, Woodward’s in 1994 and the Canadian Kmart locations in 1998.

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Arranged marriage is not a thing of the past
Ask any buyer juggling the demands of health conscious consumers and navigating the maze of natural products available in today’s market!
By sylvie savage


onsumers who are seeking sound solutions for their health now expect to find the best natural options and the associated products on the shelves of their favourite retailer. They have no idea how these items get to the shelf, and who makes that decision – but if they don’t find quality options for natural products they will go where their needs are met. For retailers, their challenge is to figure out the best way to provide the locally made, newest – most innovative products for these health conscious customers – selecting from an endless

range of options, often from smaller vendors than they may not have traditionally dealt with in the past. As a buyer, you have exposure to a vast supply of options, to the current trends and ideas. You are courted continuously by vendors hoping to be matched with your consumers. Marrying vendors’ values with consumer values can be difficult and you hold that unique role of blessing the union. How can you as a buyer make the best match between a new vendor and your customers in the area of the rapidly growing “natural” product market?

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• Does the vendor have a clear channel strategy? • Will the administrative portion including providing listing forms, managing of credits …… of the partnership be managed effectively to prevent confusion? • Does the vendor have an understanding of their category and the impact of their product within that segment? • Does the price point work in the current market for the targeted consumer and within the category? • Is there a clear differentiation between theirs and other competing products, including conventional? Some of the above questions are probably not what you are used to having to ask of large vendors. The time required to deal with smaller vendors may be more than you have available in your busy schedule. Yet there is a need to make this match between the needs of your consumers and of the retailer. Are you in need of some extra support now that you need to deal with smaller vendors? Many of the products being demanded by health conscious consumers now come from smaller manufacturers who don’t have the experience, resources and processes in place. If this makes you nervous about making the wrong match, there is support for you. The solution? and retailers Brokers – the Matchmakers between consumers

If you do not want to miss an opportunity to work with small innovative and entrepreneurial vendors who can keep you in the lead, ahead of your competitors and increasing your sales work with a broker who understands the needs of both retailers and small innovative vendors. A quality brand management broker will provide the support and experience to these smaller vendors that you require and expect them to have. Support that a broker will give to small, emerging vendors include consulting on strategies in insuring appropriate presentations, navigation through the complex requirements of retailers, sales direction for support on sales budgets, forecast and experienced sales representatives who know the retailers processes and cost, sales analysis to help evaluate existing trends and rankings, and administration guidance to ensure correct specifications and information is provided. Think of the broker as the Matchmaker. As the request for natural products unroll, these Matchmakers are involved before and during the marriage – they are not just there to “fix” marriages! They make sure the buyers, the retailers and the consumers have great success, and all parties live “happily ever after”!

Consider the following when looking at a new vendor... • Can they supply sufficient product for the required potential volume? • Is the packaging compatible with Government regulations? • Does the vendor have a marketing plan that will drive consumers to your store? • Are product formulas and ingredients stable and ready for the market place? • Does the vendor have a plan on how they will educate the consumer and promote their products?

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rowing a brand of nutritional products takes a true entrepreneur with the talent and resources to pull it all together. One of the biggest challenges in taking a great concept and product to the next level is to find financing, and there are some very creative ways to do that. Sometimes you need to slay a “dragon” as Ryan Foley of NuvoCare Health Sciences discovered. “You are what you eat.” With this simple adage from his mother, Ryan Foley’s interest in health and nutrition began. Taking it a step further – also with encouragement from his mother – he pursued fitness and bodybuilding, winning his first championship at the age of eighteen. At the age of thirteen, Foley began his career in the natural health industry working at Willie Pelzer’s health food store (founder of Sunny Crunch Foods Ltd.) in Markham, Ont. While working with Sunny Crunch, he founded a sports nutrition company, Bionex, with brands such as Quad-Fusion and CreaPump. At the age of twenty, upon the completion of a Food Science and Pharmacology Degree, Ryan began a position at Muscletech Research & Development, which later became Iovate Health Sciences

By Ron Garant


Inc. Six years later he joined Allmax Nutrition as an R&D director and brand manager. Within a year, he had launched five new brands and almost twenty new SKUs for Allmax before resigning to what he calls his “God given purpose of body and earth sustainability.” Ryan’s enthusiasm for the health and nutrition industry is obvious: “I love the natural health products business! It is my life and my genuine passion and is a part of everything I do. I live and breathe it.” In December of 2006, Foley created NuvoCare Health Sciences Inc. to fulfill his purpose of “helping to bring the health of North America to a higher level using both lifestyle and plant nutrients backed by human research to be both safe and effective.” To make ends meet, Foley provided consulting for a major nutraceutical company, while focusing on developing a brand that would utilize every bit of his knowledge in the health and wellness industry, and represent the emerging new Nutricosmetic category. The AGEOFF® brand was born – “a patented method and composition for cellular DNA repair, improvements in lean body composition, and improvement in skin surface health.” AGEOFF was launched in Canada in January of 2008 on the Shopping Channel to a resounding success.


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Now with a year of sales and cash flow NuvoCare launched Skin Minus® Youth-Signaling Serum – a topical version of AGEOFF – on the Shopping Channel. Foley also developed a nighttime version of AGEOFF, scientifically designed to stimulate the onset of deep-sleep (Delta sleep) by reducing stress and anxiety and thereby promoting the production of the Human Growth Hormone, which stimulates growth, cell reproduction and regeneration. In March of 2009, it was launched under the brand name SleepON®. Weight-OFF® was then launched as a method for stimulating safe weight loss, followed by DNA Essentials, a product Foley says, “Represents a brand new nutrient category classified as a Progenerate – a class that increases cellular DNA repair enzymes and takes you beyond conventional anti-oxidant use (the true future of internal anti-aging).” The development and marketing of all these products require substantial upfront funding. Foley became aware of the CBC show “Dragons’ Den,” and decided he would like to audition for it. “I thought it would be an excellent PR opportunity for the company,” he says. In April 2010, he was contacted by the CBC, who gave him a chance to face the Dragons and pitch them his business on one of their episodes. Facing five fiery, profit-driven venture capitalists on coast-tocoast live television takes a lot of chutzpah – not to mention a total command of every aspect of your business and the logistics of your “ask.” When Foley appeared on CBC’s Dragons’ Den in November he worked hard to be completely prepared. He consulted his business mentor David Green of the Innovation Synergy Centre in Markham, Ont., and his accountant Sidney Laufer. His ask was for CAD $250,000 for a 25% equity stake in his company, NuvoCare Health Sciences Inc. He was one of the fortunate ones who got a deal from the ruthless Dragons, albeit giving up a 50% share of the company to Dragon Brett W. Wilson. “Dragons’ Den is all about building and strengthening your entrepreneurial skills and that’s exactly what the experience did for me,” he states. “I am a stronger businessman from that experience and I have CBC and Brett Wilson to thank for that.” While the due diligence process was in progress, Foley received an offer from a private investor that he felt was a better strategic fit for both the short and long-term goals of the company. “It was not easy to walk away from Brett Wilson,” Ryan says. “He is a solid person and a businessman whom I both admire and respect but I had to trust my instincts and go with the other offer as it made more sense.” The deal closed on January 27th, 2011 and he now continues to focus on the building of his brands. •

At a Glance
NuvoCare Health Sciences Inc. Location: 4968 Yonge st., suite 2005, Toronto, oN M2N 7G9 Phone: 416-889-4605 Customer Care: 1-800-535-4371 Email: Websites: Brands AGEOFF: SleepON: WeightOFF: SkinMinus: DNA Essentials:

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Ken Vannucci
I am Kenny Vanucci and the focus of my column will be to give you an idea of what I find “kool” in life and work. I am a Merchandise Manager for London Drugs. I love product and package development and the marketing thereof! I love consumer packaged goods marketing! I love social media and networking! I love retail!

Niche Out Man, Niche Out!
Retailing in a Big Box World!
By Ken Vannucci


IHR show issue 2011

ken’s kool

ill this be ramblings of “retail marketing genius” or those of a “Kootenay Born” individual who grew up in the late 70’s! I’ll leave that for you to decide and for you to draw your own conclusions! Personally, I like to think the prior, but then again, I do have an ego that needs constant care and attention. Once again I am writing at 38,000 feet en route to Toronto for a days meeting. What’s the reason for this post? This time it is too much trade magazine reading and a lot of questions from vendors and talk within the industry; as well as a tonne of questions and concerns from family/friends; all regarding the changing Canadian retail landscape. Announcements of Wal Mart spending perhaps a billion dollars into the Canadian market to add more food and general merchandise to their stores. Changes in the way Loblaws is doing business with respect to Joe, new look in Real Canadian Superstores and then coming of No Frills banners to Western Canada. Changes to the leadership at Shoppers Drug Mart and finally the coming of Target stores as well as a multitude of other American big box and specialty retail to Canada in the next 18 36 months. WTH!!! (that meant “what the heck”; my kids and the owners do read my blog once in awhile, gotta keep this clean!). This is a lot of stuff going on in a country with a very small population and with an already overabundance of retail! How much retail can a small country support? What does this mean for Canadian Retailers and more importantly to the Canadian Consumer?! Quite frankly, I don’t know, but I do have opinions; shocking I know! What it will most likely mean is greater selection of goods and probably better prices for consumers. The three big box guys of Wal Mart, Loblaws, and Target have large stores to fill, and will be trying really hard to gain your loyalty and trust with their offerings. Typically that means low prices for the everyday commodity type products. It will probably also mean that more of the Mom and Pops will continue to struggle and probably close. It will mean that like our neighbours to the South, we will continue to have an economy that is over emphasizing consumerism with little effort put into local manufacturing. More off shore stuff and more focus on product from the few, and very large, multinational consumer packaged goods companies.


It also most definitely means that the amount of true Canadian retailers and vendors will diminish. We seem to have a love for American retail and foreign goods. Now, whether that is good, bad, or indifferent is open for debate and discussion, but the reality is that this is where it is going. It probably also means more of the “same same” type of shopping feel, selection, and look in retail outlets. Diversity will go to the wayside, and we will feel that from one large retailer to another, nothing really changes, and if anything, we may not even really know who’s store we are shopping in! A sea of retail sameness! It will feel kind of like those dance remix songs, or these new pop songs that never seem to never end. Just one lonf song with no breaks, and yet my kids tell me that I have listened to six different songs; who knew?!?! It just feels and sounds the same. I know, I sound like an old man! I also realize that this has to seem nuts for someone in retail to suggest, but how much do we really need to buy and own? Is there just too much retail? Hmmmm? Now, having said that, I will suggest in this post, that retail and consuming is fine, I would just like to see it evolve away from the kind of retail that is like “the country to the south of Canada” style of retail. I am really trying not to pick on our neighbours to the south. Wow! Must sound like I think retail sucks or that I am throwing in the towel and have just given up! Not likely! Way too proud and way to committed to what I do! I think what these kind of large changes forces the “little guys” to figure out where and what they want to be when they grow up. I can’t, and won’t speak to, or for, London Drugs and it’s greater direction or strategies as this is not for me to determine, discuss not divulge. That is for the owners and executive team to figure out and discuss. Plus, if I new that kind of info and for some silly reason decided to share that info, I gotta think this would most likely be my last post as a LD employee, and “we” are trying to avoid that outcome! Employment is good and even though this is my blog and these are my opinions, I kinda need LD to fuel some of the stories; there are only so many holidays I can take and write about, and only so any pics I can post of my life. LD provides a great array of kool things to work from. Retail is fun and does allow for a lot of story telling. As per usual, I digress. So what can I share with you? I can share the changes that you will see right now, and the ones that are soon coming in the categories that I get to “play” in at LD that relate to the premise of this post.

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ken’s kool

“These are the things that can be done in a big box, highly competitive, and over retailed world. You try and find spots or areas; “niches”; that you can work in that can make you, your suppliers and most importantly, your customers, happy and hopefully loyal.”

The things that we will be trying to do to stand out in the “sea of Canadian retail sameness”. Over the next many months I will post some really kool things that I (“We” - I have a tonne of people that help me and this is hardly an “I” world!) am doing in food, baby and health. New ideas, directions and products. All of it stemming from the initial title of this blog post; “Niche Out Man, Niche Out”! Ok, so what does that mean? Pretty little word that has been so overused in retail and business today, and yet, is rarely executed well. What does it mean to “Niche Out”(by the way - I am taking full credit for that term - “niche out”!)? Without giving out trade secrets; not much of a secret when all you need to do is walk into a store and look at what we have done in the grocery department at LD, but most of the changes here would be an example of “niching out”. Over the last numbers of years, I have had the dream of wanting to be a grocery buyer, in a quasi grocery store. But alas, I have had to wake up and realize that I was in a drug store, and we were never going to acheive my dream; we are not, and will not, be a grocer (it just hurts deep down to write that) :-( We don’t carry produce, we have no meats or seafood to offer, we have no dairy to speak of, no deli and no bakery. How can you be grocer without that!?! Answer; you can’t. You would think with all that, I would have realized that my dream was not going to come true much earlier! However, if you ask many of the Western Canadian consumers, or ask the staff in LD stores, or ask many in the vendor community (food guys or not), or just walk into any of our stores on your own, you soon realize and witness, that for some reason, this drug store seems to do ok in “grocery”. How can that be? How can that be done? It takes a lot of work, a lot of encouragement, and a lot of trust has to be given to you from above (referring to the bosses here, not God; although that does not hurt to hopefully have both on your side). It also takes

a willingness to be a bit different. We hear it all the time, “you guys carry some an awesome selection of healthy cereals” or “what great selection of higher end coffees and teas” or “great to see the huge selection of single serve coffee and tea pods (when I have stock - there is a story there) or “I love the selection of gluten and p-nut free products you carry” or “it’s great to see you support so many smaller local companies”. Do we do everything well; of course not. Are things we can do better; for sure. Have the moves come at the expense of some consumers and some vendors; unfortunately yes. However, there is a flip side. Do we do these niche sections well and have we offered some kool procuts to Western Canadian shoppers; of course. Will we continue to evolve and try to do better and continue to find those small gems; for sure. Have the moves allowed us to attract consumers and new vendors and have they maybe chained the way some of our long time shoppers look at us; fortunately yes. These are the things that can be done in a big box, highly competitive, and over retailed world. You try and find spots or areas; “niches”; that you can work in that can make you, your suppliers and most importantly, your customers, happy and hopefully loyal. Pick your spots! Over the next couple of months I will give you some clear examples of many of the kool initiatives that we are taking in some of these categories. In the mean time, walk down to your local London Drugs and take a look at the new food ailse and let me know what you think. Remember, I am sensitive…. my Mom always said that if you had nothing nice to say…. And remember, “Niche out man, niche out!” Check in regularly over the next while for updates and for postings on the new and kool at LD. I thin you will be impressed with the many new products that you will be able to purchase in our stores. I also think you will feel good about the variety of quality products we are trying to choose for you.


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Omega-3 formulas that focus on
Cognitive Health Mood & Mind Health Eye Health Heart Health Pre- & Postnatal Health Joint Health

Today more than ever, your customers are looking for specific health benefits from their supplements. EPAX products are sophisticated, marine-based EPA/DHA blends that have been created to address a variety of health concerns. With specific formulas for cognitive, mood and mind, eye, heart, joint and

pre- and postnatal health, you can choose EPAX with confidence because our ingredients are supported by more clinical research than any other marine omega-3s in the industry.* So make the smart and trusted choice. EPAX.

For North America contact:
*Data available upon request

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
For details, write #112 on Free Info Page, page 73.


Setting the gold standard in Omega-3 manufacturing N
orwegian company, EPAX is well established within the marine-based Omega-3 industry. The business has set up manufacturing processes and procedures that have cemented the company’s position as a leading global supplier to the international dietary supplement industry. Following years of testing and clinical research EPAX has developed a portfolio of marine-derived condition-specific Omega-3 concentrate formulas which are designed to address specific health concerns including cardiovascular health, pre- and postnatal health, mood, joint, cognitive and eye health and healthy inflammatory response. One example of where EPAX has really pushed the boundaries is in its ecological commitment, which has now been developed into “a best in class” business practice. In fact, EPAX’s EcoVision, has become the gold standard in this highly competitive industry. EPAX has worked hard to balance its carbon footprint through the optimisation of transport with the company’s business and as far as possible chooses the most environmentally friendly means of transportation. The company has among other things established local warehouses in the US both on the East and West Coast, as well as Canada, that are accessible by sea to help reduce transport based CO2 emissions.

EPAX recently launched a website dedicated to communicating details of its environmental sustainability policy, highlighting the Company’s environmental credentials. The EcoVision site explains the three core focuses of the environmental business strategy - sustainability, traceability and accountability, and what this means to EPAX operations. It is these proactive measures in the production and processing of Omega-3 oil, coupled with the implementation of an eco policy at its newly built office complex and its commitment to reducing CO2 emissions, that makes EPAX’s clearly stated and implemented EcoVision stand out within the industry. Environmental work is ongoing and the company continuously work on environmental improvements by identifying and measuring areas for action and efforts. So what does this entail? Sustainability EPAX has taken major steps to ensure the ocean’s resources are not exhausted before they can be naturally replenished. The company has a long-term strategic alliance in place with the Peru-based fishery, Austral Group SAA, EPAX’s crude oil supplier which is a Friend of


IHR show issue 2011


Accountability “We at EPAX hold ourselves accountable to practices that help maintain healthy oceans and healthy neighbourhoods”, remarks Gunilla Traberg, Head of Marketing. “This concern helps shape daily manufacturing and business activities to be eco-friendly because all actions directly impact the well-being of the local communities.” the Sea (FOS) certified fishery for anchovetas (the Omega-3 raw material)*. EPAX is also certified by FOS for the use of sustainable and traceable starting material that is supplied by the same company. e main criteria of FOS compliance is verified by independent accredited certification bodies. Essential criteria for fisheries are: • the product should not originate from overexploited (nor depleted, data deficient or recovering) stocks • the fishing method should not impact the seabed; and • the fishing method should be selective (below the world average for discards). Austral Group SAA is dedicated to preserving the health of the oceans and has provided other companies in the industry with a good example of global accountability. Through its on-going relationship with its crude oil supplier EPAX can claim that the raw material for all products is derived from a sustainable source. Traceability Traceable operations with this supplier enables EPAX to be fully involved with quality assurance and quality control functions throughout the supply chain – from sea to finished Omega-3 ingredient - for product quality and consumer safety. Among other things, EPAX has installed its own control and measuring instruments in the Peruvian processing to ensure full accordance in the measuring of results and data along the line. EPAX applies full material accounting – i.e. is in full control registering any material that comes in and goes out of the company. EPAX also makes use of 100% of all the crude fish oil so that no raw material is wasted. The high-quality raw material is gently refined, purified and concentrated. Any oil that is not used for EPAX Omega-3 products during this process consists of marine fats with no nutritional value, and is used for biofuel and fertiliser products. “Even the new corporate headquarter building, named the OmegaHus (OmegaHouse), was constructed using only natural materials and is as stunning as it is environmentally friendly. The OmegaHouse was designed to use low energy consumption and is heated solely through “waste heat” from the neighbouring processing facility. “EPAX has a long term commitment to the environment and it is replicated in all parts of the business. e launch of the EcoVision website enables EPAX to clearly express its environmental commitment and credentials in a formal structure, and enables customers and business associates to clearly see that commitment verbalised”, concludes Gunilla. The new acquisition of EPAX by Trygg Pharma, a Norwegian Omega-3 biotechnology company, combined with its continued focus on ethical and sustainable business practices, are driving the business forward, and the company remains a global leader in the Omega-3 market, meaning customers can rest assured that EPAX is and will continue to be their first choice business partner.




Fair Trade Helps Green & Black’s Preserve the Unique Taste and Quality of its Chocolate


arly last year, Green & Black’s Organic, the world’s first organic chocolate brand, announced that its entire range of chocolate bars and beverages, worldwide, would become Fair Trade Certified. Already recognized for creating the best tasting premium-quality chocolate using all organic ingredients, Green & Black’s commitment to Fair Trade further propels positive change in numerous communities, particularly in the Dominican Republic. Green and Black’s recognizes that only by creating a thriving cocoa community, and by supporting and guaranteeing a sustainable supply chain, will Green & Black’s continue to be a leader in the production of great tasting ethical chocolate. More than 15 years ago, Green & Black’s introduced its Maya Gold bar – the very first Fair Trade Certified chocolate product in the world. Since then, the Company has been both a pioneer and an advocate for the Fair Trade movement. Fair Trade ensures that farmers are paid a guaranteed, fair price for their crops. is provides them with a sustainable income, along with social premiums that go towards improving social, economic, and environmental conditions within their communities.




Unique Green & Black’s Flavour One of the regions to benefit from this increased Fair Trade commitment is the Dominican Republic. Green & Black’s has purchased quality, organic cocoa beans from co-operatives in the Dominion Republic for over 10 years and it’s critically important for the Company to continue to source its cocoa beans from this region. The unique flavour of Green & Black’s chocolate is dependent on the use of Hispaniola beans that only come from these communities. Hispaniola beans are of the Trinitario variety which comprises of approximately just two percent of the global cocoa production, and are mainly grown in the Caribbean and Latin America. Trinitario beans have strong and distinctive flavour characteristics which set them apart from the Forestero bulk beans which make up the other 98 percent of the world’s cocoa crop. The flavours of Trinitario also differ from region to region due to differences in climate and soil types, in a similar way to individual terroirs on wine. For example, Trinitario beans from the Dominican Republic – where Green & Black’s sources the majority of its cocoa – taste differently than those from Peru. Properly Supporting Cocoa Communities Currently the global cocoa industry is facing a number of well documented problems including declining yields, ageing trees, poor farm management and problems with pests and fungal crop diseases. The effect is forcing farmers to seek livelihoods through other means either by diversifying into more reliable crops or by taking jobs in the city. The Dominican Republic is not immune from these problems. In 2009, Green & Black’s commissioned an independent report, conducted by the University of Manchester, to identify the opportunities and challenges facing the cocoa communities in the Dominican Republic and to understand where support is most needed. In response to the report, Green & Black’s is tackling these issues

in a way that ensures the Dominican Republic cocoa communities are being properly supported. Green & Black’s is committing £400,000 per year for a planned period of eight years to the Dominican Republic cocoa farmers and their communities. This investment will be made mainly through Fair Trade premiums and direct investment from Green & Black’s, and is helping improve productivity through better farm management. It’s also supporting the communities with improved facilities like access to fresh water, health care and schools. As a result, Green & Black’s is helping to make the cocoa producing industry a more attractive, viable proposition for younger people in the Dominican Republic. In addition, Green & Black’s is investing £100,000 per annum in communities in Belize which supply cocoa for its popular Maya Gold bar. Investing for Future Generations “Green & Black’s has a long standing relationship with Fair Trade,” says Neil La Croix, Head of Sustainability at Green & Black’s. “Both organizations have similar goals regarding the development of farmers. Fair Trade requirements provide the ideal framework through which to invest, as it follows a democratic process in which accountability and decision making is delegated to the growers’ organizations.” To Green & Black’s ethical trading makes good business sense. Trading fairly and paying a fair price for chocolate is key to creating thriving cocoa communities. Supporting a sustainable supply chain and preserving the livelihoods of all those involved in the production of chocolate will ensure the survival of the Dominican Republic cocoa and the unique taste of Green & Black’s chocolate for generations to enjoy. Green & Black’s Fair Trade product is available in Canada this Spring. Look for the Fair Trade symbol.

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Safety Update: Synephrine
Compiled by: Ashleigh hampton, Msc, scientific evaluator at Dicentra inc.
here has been speculation that synephrine, a constituent naturally found in bitter orange (Citrus aurantium), may be associated with adverse cardiovascular or central nervous system effects. There are 2 main isoforms of synephrine: parasynephrine (p-synephrine) and meta-synephine (m-synephrine), the latter more commonly known as phenylephrine. m-synephrine is a common ingredient of over-the-counter nasal decongestants which may increase heart rate and blood pressure. Furthermore, scientific evidence has suggested that while p-synephrine is a natural constituent of bitter orange, m-synephrine is not. Bitter orange fruit and fruit peel has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, but most recently has been included as an ingredient in weight management products. In a recent publication, Stohs (2010) reviewed 22 adverse events reported to the United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) between April 2004 and October 2009 and compiled a summary in an attempt to determine whether the adverse reactions may in fact be related to the consumption of bitter orange or p-synephrine. In many of the reports bitter orange was used in combination with various other alkaloid-containing ingredients in addition to other confounding factors outlined in the reports. Based on the pharmacological and biochemical evidence available for bitter orange and p-synephrine, and having taken into account the multi-ingredient products used in many of the reports, Mr.


Stohs was not able to conclude that bitter orange was responsible for the reported adverse reactions. Health Canada (2010) has set an upper limit of 30 mg synephrine daily in over-the-counter products, such as natural health products. Furthermore, the Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD) considers synephrine in combination with caffeine as a high risk combination. Products containing high risk ingredients, such as this combination, are not eligible to receive an Exemption Number (EN), as per the Unprocessed Natural Health Products Regulations adopted in August 2010. In summary, evidence has suggested that p-synephrine, the alkalaoid present in bitter orange, is safe for consumption in amounts up to 30 mg daily in Canada, but caution should be taken when consuming bitter orange with caffeine or other alkaloid-containing products.
References 1. health Canada. Guidelines for the use of synephrine in Natural health Products. January 2010. 2. stohs sJ. The safety of Bitter orange (Citrus aurantium) and p-synephrine. herbalGram. 2010; American Botanical Council. 89:34-39. 3. stohs sJ. Assessment of the adverse event reports associated with Citrus aurantium (bitter orange) from April 2004 to october 2009. J Funct Foods. oct 2010; 2(4):235-8.


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Conference: April 14 & 15 erence: Trade Show: April 16 & 17 Vancouver Convention Centre, West Building, Vancouver

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Vancouver Convention Centre, West Building Vancouver, BC Thurs, April 14 8:30 am – 4:00 pm: Organic Bus Tour Fri, April 15 8:00 am – 12:30 pm: NHP Forum 9:00 am – 10:00 am: Opening Keynote 10:15 am – 11:00 am: Sustainability 11:15 am – Noon: Morning PES 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm: Canada Organic Brand 1:15 pm – 6:00 pm: Afternoon PES 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm: CHFA Member Forum 2:45 pm – 4:00 pm: Update Organic Market Sat, April 16 7:30 am – 9:00 am: CHFA AGM 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm: Awards Reception 7:00 pm – Midnight: Dinner & Dance

CHFA Natural Health Products Forum 8:00 am - 12:30 pm The Canadian Health Food Association is pleased to offer a regulatory forum that will provide the NHP industry with updates on many of the core regulatory topics. NHPD’s Director General, Scott Sawler is confirmed to attend and will provide the latest update on NHPD developments and activities. The remaining speakers, made up of several key Health Canada representatives, will provide the most recent information and updates on Product Licencing, Site Licencing, Compliance & Enforcement, Transitioning of NHPs to Food Format, and the New Allergen Labelling Requirements. Speakers will also be available to answer your questions and address concerns as they relate to the above discussion topics. Opening Keynote – Consumers: What really makes them buy? 9:00 am – 10:00 am Rick Kroetsch B.A., B.Comm. We face many challenges in business today including customers who want more and more from the companies they deal with. As we see changes in products, trends, and technology we also see increasing demands and costs. The landscape is changing and can be confusing. By understanding what motivates consumers in today’s Natural Health environment we can make informed decisions and develop plans that maximize the customer’s experience and your company’s sales and profitability. Integrating the latest research on the industry and natural health, this keynote will discuss the customer of today and your customer of the future. Understanding what triggers their buying and adapting your company to meet their needs has tremendous long term benefits. You’ll learn about: • Consumer attitudes • Buying trends • Internal and external influencers • Enhancing the customer experience • Mastering the Intangibles • Making policy and regulations work for you • Integrating social marketing • Knowledge, beliefs, and perception Advance Your Business Through Sustainability 10:15 am – 11:00 am How do you grow your business and stay true to your sustainability mission? This facilitated panel discussion dives into the first-hand experiences of four leading progressive natural food businesses that use collaboration as a tool to advance their companies. Learn how to maximize efforts, integrate sustainability and make

Expo West Organic Bus Tour 8:30am: Bus Departs Convention Centre For many, a good cup of coffee is part of every morning ritual, so what better way to begin the day than with a GREAT cup of coffee? Ethical Bean, a fair trade, organic, environmentally-aware company will be our first stop of the day. Their aim is to make the best coffee on the planet and we get to see just how they do it! Next, we make our way to Left Coast Naturals. Founded as Skeet & Ike’s, this company has been selected as one of the Fastest Growing Businesses in BC (by Business in Vancouver Magazine) for several years and has also been selected for PROFIT Magazines 100 fastest growing companies in Canada. We’ll learn all about their philosophy and successes and have an opportunity to sample some of their unique products. Lunch Time: Nature’s Path is our host for lunch, providing an organic meal for all to enjoy. Nature’s Path Richmond location boasts an on-site organic garden, some really big compost bins, a rooftop garden and a rainwater harvesting system. Olympic Dairy is our final destination. A Canadian owned and operated manufacturer and distributor of premium natural cultured dairy, organic and soy products. producing the highest quality of natural and organic products, at affordable prices, for our customers. A commitment to product value, quality and innovation is matched by their commitment to consumers health and the health of our environment. Thank you to all our members who make this day possible: Members $45 / Non Members $65


IHR show issue 2011

decisions that matter from these companies’ innovative initiatives and learned lessons. This session will be rich with anecdotes and dialogue to give you tangible time and money saving ideas you can implement when you return to your business on Monday morning. You will leave with a new understanding of collaboration and what it can do for your business. Panel: Stewart Brown - CEO and Founder of Genuine Health Charles Chang - CEO and Founder of Sequel Naturals Bruce Martin - General Manager of Community Natural Foods Ian Walker - CEO and Co-founder of Left Coast Naturals Facilitators: Miriam Karell – Managing Partner of Spiral Table™ and Founder of Three Point Vision Rob Sinclair - Managing Partner of Spiral Table™ and Founder of Conscious Brands™ Registration for this session is free for all registered participants of CHFA Expo West, courtesy of: Spiral Table™ Canada’s Organic Brand Strategy 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm The Organic Value Chain Roundtable has developed a brand strategy to promote the Canadian Organic Sector and differentiate it from competitors. The brand strategy is comprised of branding elements, a sector vision and mission and a 3 – 5 year implementation plan which is to be finalized through further consultation with the organic community. The brand strategy is intended to support all segments of the organic sector – from small to large farmers and processors, to distributors, retailers, restaurateurs etc. Gunta Vitins, Chair of the Market Development Work Group that initiated the project on behalf of the Roundtable, will present the brand strategy and progress to date and solicit further input from the Organic community. CHFA Member Forum 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm Join your fellow CHFA Members on Friday afternoon for a round table discussion on key developments, opportunities and concerns in the regulatory and government relations arena. Created by and for the members of CHFA, this forum is your opportunity to help guide the direction of CHFA initiatives and activities. An Update On The Organic Market 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm Designed to bring participants up-to-date on Canada’s organic sector and its marketing and regulatory challenges.

CHFA’s Annual General Meeting (Members Only) 7:30 am – 9:00 am 7:30 am – 8 :00 am – Breakfast Done Right: Organic! 8:00 am – 9:00 am – Annual General Meeting CHFA People of Excellence Awards Presentations 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm Room 302 Expo West Awards Dinner & Dance 7:00 pm - Midnight


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industry buzz

CHFA Montreal 2011

From Top to Bottom: Kerry Diaz, François-Pierre Chevalier and Shanti Hallard from Bio-K. Gérald Beauregard, Marie Ratte, Jody Tonin, Martin Provencal, Gary Masse, Christian St-Pierre, Mark Chivers and Richard Bellingham from Puresource. Sebastian Wong, Carl Carter and Salima Virani from CACDS.



industry buzz

From Top to Bottom: Alain Roy and Renzo Mariani from Body Plus Nutritional Products. Marie- Laure Protiere and Camille Limoge from Bioron Canada. Elisabeth Belanger, Danielle Beaudoin and Sophie Larin from Maison Orphee. Jean-Sebastien Roy, Zoe Zurolak and Marisa Paladino from Genuine Health.



industry buzz


From Top to Bottom: Claude Chevazier and Michel Sirgent from Bio-K. John Galeski, Nagatoshi Ide and Ken Nakamura from Kyolic. Julia Havey, Hyla Cass, Michael Murray, Shelaigh Jamison and Jason Burton from Natural Factors. Greg Seltz, Alexandria G. and Raj Prasad from Millcreek Botanicals. Ana Turner, James O’Young and Heather Nicholson from Uncle Lee’s Tea.



industry buzz

From Top to Bottom: Curt Valva and Karen Ress from Aubrey Organics. Courtney Fonseoa and Charles Chang from Sequel Naturals. Cory Wilson, Dave Freeman from Health First Network with Yvan Bourgault from Atrium Innovation and Joe Dodig from Wobenzym N. Pam Andrews, Marc St. Onge, Alexandra Orozco and Rene Leclerc from Ascenta. Gina Ferrato, Matt Stearn, David Stearn and Susan Morehouse from Derma-E.



Helen Sherrard; CHFA President, Scott Sawler; Director General, NHPD and Carl Carter; Director, Regulatory Affairs and Policy Development, CHFA.

Accomplishments & Looking Ahead
e Natural Health Products Directorate
Based on a presentation made by Scott B Sawler at the 2011 CHFA Expo East


he Natural Health Products Program Advisory Committee (NHP-PAC) is an advisory committee formed to provide the Natural Health Products Program with timely advice and recommendations on issues under federal responsibility for assuring the safety, quality and efficacy of natural health products for sale in Canada. Collectively, the committee members provide regulatory and related expertise and advice pertaining to risk/benefit assessments of natural health products to assist the Natural Health Products Program with making appropriate risk management decisions. e decision-making responsibility

remains with the Natural Health Products Program. e NHP-PAC has established several working groups: Standards of Evidence, Compliance & Enforcement. Weight Loss/Weight Management, and Product Testing. e Natural Health Products Directorate delivers information sessions and workshops to the industry, available to all applicants, small, medium, and large size companies; this is part of its education and outreach campaign. Other audiences include practitioners and pharmacists, and last but not least, the Canadian public.


e NHPD held a six-part webinar series (17 sessions in total) to increase the usage of the NHP Online System tools. Over 1000 applicants attended these sessions. Since the webinars, NHPD has seen a significant increase in the use of NHP Online tools. e NHPD continues to improve and expand the NHP Online toolset and is focusing on stakeholder outreach and education to increase usage. Information on the campaign can be found in upcoming events, or questions can be sent to contact us. You may also wish to subscribe to our electronic distribution list to receive any bulletins about the Natural Health Products Directorate and its ongoing activities. For more information, the Government of Canada website has comprehensive information on Natural Health Products – NHPs:

Probiotics e NHPD has drafted the revised Probiotics Monograph and AbLS for Live Microorganisms. e NHPD consulted with the Food Directorate. Key activities include a one day ahead “head’s up” to some major NHP stakeholders via email regarding the release of anything to do with changes to probiotic products. NHPD will send out a communiqué to NHP stakeholders through its email distribution list to inform them of any new approach.

Enzymes In December of 2009, an email (BEEP) was sent via NHPD distribution list to key stakeholders outlining issues, concerns and steps forward for products containing enzymes. In February 2010, an independent consultant (a practising naturopathic doctor) prepared a report on the clinical use of enzymes. en in March 2010, an email was sent to applicants of multi-vitamin & mineral products containing enzymes, where enzymes were not contributing to the claim to provide the option to remove enzymes from their product. June 2010 saw the presentation to NHP PAC on NHPD action plan regarding products containing enzymes. e NHPD will give a one day ahead “head’s up” to some major NHP stakeholders via email regarding the release of anything to do with changes to enzyme products. e NHPD will send out a communiqué to NHP stakeholders through its email distribution list to inform them of any new approach.

Energy Drinks e expert Panel on Caffeinated Energy Drinks created and convened on October 26, 2010. e expert Panel Report has been finalized and shared with Health Canada. Health Canada is considering the Expert Panel Report and recommendations within the report, along with other information provided to the Department to consider. e composition of the Expert Panel, its Terms of Reference, the Report and Health Canada’s response will be published once completed on Health Canada’s website.

Weight Loss/Weight Management An SOE is required. For example, what is the amount of how much “weight loss” and duration of effect is needed to make claim? (e.g., weight loss measured over a period of 6 months, 1 year, etc.) As part of process for WG & PAC, NHP-PAC will provide recommendations for NHPD DG regarding standards of evidence for weight loss/weight management; NHPD will consider recommendations and make final decisions and NHPD will publish standards of evidence guidance specific to weight loss/management.



research news

Early Introduction of Solid Foods Linked to Risk of Early Childhood Obesity
This study examined the association between timing of introduction of solid foods during infancy and obesity at 3 years of age (defined as BMi for age and gender ≥95th percentile) in 847 children. The primary exposure was the timing of introduction of solid foods, categorized as less than 4 months after birth, 4 to 5 months, or ≥6 months after birth. separate analysis was conducted for infants who were breastfed for at least 4 months (“breastfed”) and infants who were never breastfed or stopped breastfeeding before the age of four months (“formula-fed”). in the first 4 months of life, 568 infants (67%) were breastfed and 279 (32%) were formula-fed. At age 3 years, 75 children, an alarming 9%, were obese. Among breastfed infants, the timing of solid food introduction was not associated with odds of obesity (oR 1.1, 95%Ci 0.3-4.4). however, among formulafed infants, introduction of solid foods before 4 months of age was associated with a sixfold increase in odds of obesity at age 3 years, and this association was not explained by rapid early growth (oR after adjustment 6.3, 95%Ci 2.3-6.9). Pediatrics. 2011 Feb 7. PMiD: 21300681 .

Blueberries improve insulin sensitivity in obese, insulinresistant patients
This double-blinded, randomized, and placebocontrolled trial evaluated the effect of daily dietary supplementation with bioactives from blueberries on whole-body insulin sensitivity in men and women. Baseline (wk 0) insulin sensitivity was measured on 32 obese, nondiabetic, and insulinresistant subjects using a high-dose hyperinsulinemic-euglycemic clamp. serum inflammatory biomarkers and adiposity were also measured at baseline. Participants were randomized to consume either a smoothie containing 22.5 g blueberry bioactives or a smoothie of equal nutritional value but without added blueberry bioactives twice daily for 6 wk. The mean change in insulin sensitivity improved more in the blueberry group (1.7 ± 0.5 mg/kg fat free mass/min than in the placebo group (0.4 ± 0.4 mg/kg FFM/ min (P = 0.04). insulin sensitivity was enhanced in the blueberry group at the end of the study without significant changes in adiposity, energy intake, and inflammatory biomarkers. Daily dietary supplementation with bioactives from whole blueberries improved insulin sensitivity in obese, nondiabetic, and insulinresistant participants. J Nutr. 2010 oct;140(10):1764-8. PMiD: 20724487

Acetaminophen increases blood pressure in patients with coronary artery disease
Because traditional nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs have been associated with increased risk for acute cardiovascular events, current guidelines recommend acetaminophen as the first-line analgesic of choice on the assumption of its greater cardiovascular safety. This study evaluated the safety of acetaminophen in patients with coronary artery disease. A total of 33 patients with coronary artery disease participated in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study of acetaminophen or placebo (1g 3x/d) on top of standard cardiovascular therapy for 2 weeks. Treatment with acetaminophen resulted in a significant increase in mean systolic (from 122.4±11.9 to 125.3±12.0 mmhg, p=0.02 versus placebo) and diastolic (from 73.2±6.9 to 75.4±7.9 mmhg, p=0.02 versus placebo) ambulatory blood pressures. heart rate, endothelial function, early endothelial progenitor cells, and platelet function did not change. This is the first study to demonstrate that acetaminophen induces a significant increase in ambulatory blood pressure in patients with coronary artery disease. use of acetaminophen should be critically evaluated for use in patients at increased cardiovascular risk. Circulation. 2010 Nov 2;122(18):1789-96. PMiD: 20956208


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research news

Cinnamon in Type 2 diabetic patients
A total of 58 type 2 diabetic patients treated only with oral hypoglycemic agents but with an hbA1c >7% were randomly assigned to receive either 2g of cinnamon or placebo daily for 12 weeks. After 12 weeks, mean hbA1c decreased significantly in the cinnamon group (8.22% to 7.86%) compared with placebo group (8.55% to 8.68%, P<0.005). Mean systolic and diastolic blood pressures (sBP and DBP) were also significantly reduced (P<0.001) after 12 weeks in the cinnamon group (sBP: 132.6 to 129.2 mmhg and DBP: 85.2 to 80.2 mmhg) compared with the placebo group (sBP: 134.5 to 134.9 mmhg and DBP: 86.8 to 86.1 mmhg). A significant reduction in fasting plasma glucose (FPG), waist circumference and body mass index (BMi) was observed at week 12 compared to baseline in the cinnamon group, however, the changes were not significant when compared to placebo group. There were no significant differences in serum lipid profiles between nor within the groups. intake of 2g of cinnamon for 12 weeks significantly reduces the hbA1c, sBP and DBP among poorly controlled type 2 diabetes patients. Diabet Med. 2010 oct;27(10):1159-67. PMiD: 20854384 .

Common Household Insecticides Linked to Delayed Neurodevelopment
Pesticide-monitoring results suggest that a shift in residential pesticide exposure from organophosphorus insecticides to pyrethroid insecticides has occurred. however, pyrethroid insecticides are also potential neurodevelopmental toxicants and have not been evaluated for developmental toxicity. This study investigated the association between prenatal exposure to permethrin (a common pyrethroid) and piperonyl butoxide (a pyrethroid synergist) and neurodevelopment at 36-months. Participants (n=348) were part of a prospective cohort of black and Dominican mothers and newborns living in low-income neighborhoods in New York City. we examined 36-month cognitive and motor development using the Bayley scales of infant Development as a function of 1) permethrin levels measured in maternal and umbilical cord plasma collected on delivery and 2) permethrin and piperonyl butoxide levels measured in personal air collected during pregnancy. Prenatal exposure to permethrin in personal air and/or plasma was not associated with performance scores for the Bayley Mental Developmental index or the Psychomotor Developmental index. Pediatrics. 2011 Feb 14. PMiD: 21300677

Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation increases muscle protein synthesis in older adults
This randomized controlled trial evaluated the effect of omega-3 fatty acid supplementation on the rate of muscle protein synthesis in older adults. sixteen healthy, older adults were randomly assigned to receive either omega-3 fatty acids (3.36g combined ePA+DhA per day) or corn oil for 8 wk. The rate of muscle protein synthesis and the phosphorylation of key elements of the anabolic signaling pathway were evaluated before and after supplementation during basal, postabsorptive conditions and during a hyperaminoacidemic-hyperinsulinemic clamp. omega-3 fatty acid supplementation had no effect on the basal rate of muscle protein synthesis (P = 0.80) but augmented the hyperaminoacidemia-hyperinsulinemia-induced increase in the rate of muscle protein synthesis (from 0.009 ± 0.005% per hour above basal values to 0.031 ± 0.003%/h above basal values; P <0.01), which was accompanied by greater increases in muscle mToR(ser2448) (P = 0.08) and p70s6k(Thr389) (P < 0.01) phosphorylation. Corn oil supplementation had no effect on any measure of muscle protein synthesis. omega-3 fatty acids stimulate muscle protein synthesis in older adults and may be useful for the prevention and treatment of sarcopenia. Am J Clin Nutr. 2011 Feb;93(2):402-12. PMiD: 21159787


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Our mission is to provide all-natural, safe and effective personal care and lifestyle products to our customers. We offer a true and authentic alternative to many of the massproduced synthetic products on the market today. We craft only the highest quality allnatural products without compromise as to ingredients, packaging or cost. We believe in education and transparency. A customer is best able to make an educated and correct purchasing decision only when armed with true and valued information — not marketing fluff and puffery. Part of our core purpose is to provide that information as best as we can.

Lumessence Skin Care

A unique blend of all-natural ingredients and advanced skincare science that helps to minimize signs of aging, for a younger, rejuvenated look.

In better natural product retailers throughout Canada. For more information, call Purity Life at 1-800-265-2615 or Tall Grass Distribution at 1-800-616-5900, or New Age Marketing at 1-888-868-0127.


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research news

Anti-emetic effect of ginger powder for nausea of chemotherapy
sixty chemotherapy cycles of cisplatin/doxorubicin in bone sarcoma patients were randomized to ginger root powder capsules or placebo as an additional antiemetic to ondensetron and dexamethasone in a doubleblind design. Acute CiNV was defined as nausea and vomiting occurring within 24 hr of start of chemotherapy (days 1-4) and delayed CiNV as that occurring after 24 hr of completion of chemotherapy (days 5-10). Acute moderate to severe nausea was observed in 28/30 (93.3%) cycles in placebo group as compared to 15/27 (55.6%) cycles in the ginger group (P = 0.003). Acute moderate to severe vomiting was significantly more in the placebo group compared to the ginger group [23/30 (76.7%) vs. 9/27 (33.33%) P= 0.002]. Delayed moderate to severe nausea was observed in 22/30 (73.3%) cycles in the control group as compared to 7/27 (25.9%) in the experimental group (P < 0.001). Delayed moderate to severe vomiting was significantly more in the control group compared to the experimental group [14/30 (46.67%) vs. 4/27 (14.81%) (P = 0.022)]. Pediatr Blood Cancer. 2011 Feb;56(2):234-8. PMiD: 20842754

Dietary amino acid taurine ameliorates liver injury in chronic hepatitis patients
The amino acid taurine is a sulfur-containing amino acid that conjugates with bile acids in the human liver. This study examined the effect of taurine administration on the liver function of patients with chronic hepatitis. A total of 24 chronic hepatitis patients with 2-5 times over normal activities of alanine aminotransferase (ALT) or aspartate aminotransferase (AsT) were equally divided into taurine treatment and control groups. in taurine treatment group, each patient took 2g taurine 3 times a day for three months, and then stopped treatment for 1 month. Patients taking placebo without taurine for 4 months served as a control group. After 3 months, ALT and AsT activities and levels of cholesterol, triglyceride and thiobarbituric acid relative substances of serum plasma were significantly reduced in the taurine group, while there was no change in the placebo group (p<0.05). Levels started rising again after one month off treatment, suggesting that ongoing administration is required to sustain therapeutic effect. The study suggested that dietary amino acid taurine may ameliorate liver injury for chronic hepatitis patients. Amino Acids. 2008 Aug;35(2):469-73. PMiD: 17690950

Occurrence of Nonceliac Gluten Sensitivity in Patients with Allergic Disease
This study determined the occurrence of gluten sensitivity (Gs) in a group of allergic patients and assessed the efficacy of a gluten-free diet (GFD) as treatment for presenting symptomatology in those diagnosed with Gs but not celiac disease. A total of 262 unrelated allergic patients with gastrointestinal symptoms of obscure origin were tested for gluten sensitivity through biopsy. All patients were also genotyped for the typical celiac DQ2 and DQ8 molecules and investigated for hematological markers such as antigliadin and antiendomysial antibodies. Patients displaying mucosal lesions were invited to follow a GFD. seventy-seven of the 262 allergic patients were positive for mucosal lesions, but negative to the antiAGA, antieMA and to DQ2 and DQ8 molecules. The positive patients, who after the Gs diagnosis followed a GFD, exhibited control of symptoms as well as stabilization of the hematological parameters even if allergic manifestations were not abated. Authors concluded that a nonceliac glutensensitive enteropathy (NCGse) commonly exists in allergic patients. Based on the high prevalence of NCGse in allergy, these authors recommended that biopsy should be part of the routine investigation of allergic disease. int Arch Allergy immunol. 2011 Feb 22;155(4):389394. PMiD: 21346369


IHR show issue 2011

1million people lose weight
– for FREE with Julia Havey
THE million people GOAL To help 1
“Since losing 130 lbs myself, I have helped thousands of people to reach their weight loss goals through simple changes in lifestyle, not regimented diet plans. Together with PGX, I want to help 1 million people to achieve their weight loss goals by making these same changes.” — Julia Havey, author of The Vice-Busting Diet

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Receive free support at
The PGX support centre is available to answer your questions at 1-800-895-1470 or by email at

The Vice-Busting Diet book is FREE with any PGX® purchase.

6th Annual 6th Annual Top Top Seller Review Seller Review
Your Last Chance Your Vote! Your Last Chance To Validate To Validate Your Vote!
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Take a moment to fill out this Take a moment to fill out this questionnaire and your store may in the questionnaire and your store may be among those highlighted be among those highlighted in the Topnext issue of ihr. The number next issue of determines the topunits sold determines the top sellers. Top Seller review Section of the Seller review Section of the of units sold ihr. The number of sellers. To be included in the review, classified as natural must products not To be included in the review, products mentioned must be products mentionedhealthbe classified as natural health products not standard consumer brands. standard consumer brands.

Store Name__________________________________________________ city ______________________________________ province ___________ ____________________________________________ city ______________________________________ province ___________

date ___________ Name ____________________ Title _________ Address __________________________________________________________ Name ____________________ Title _________ Address __________________________________________________________

phone ___________________________ Fax _____________________________ email __________________________________________________ ________________ Fax _____________________________ email __________________________________________________ 1,000-3,000sq.ft. Approximate Age of Store customers: Approximate Age of Store customers: over 5,000sq.ft under 25 25-40 40-65 under 2565 25-40 over 40-65 over 65

Store Size: under 1,000sq.ft. er 1,000sq.ft. 1,000-3,000sq.ft. over 3,000-5,000sq.ft. 5,000sq.ft


$20,000-$40,000$60,000 $40,000-$60,000 me of Store Approximate income of Store customers: customers: $20,000-$40,000 $40,000-$60,000 over

over $60,000


>Food Top SellerS product: Brand: Size: Flavour: product: Brand: Size: Flavour: product: Brand: Size: Flavour: >HerBS Top SellerS product: Brand: Size: Flavour: product: Brand: Size: Flavour: product: Brand: Size: Flavour:

>SporTS >SporTS NuTriTioN Top SellerS NuTriTioN Top SellerS product: Brand: Brand: product: Brand: Size: Flavour: Flavour: Size: Flavour: Brand: product: Flavour: Size: Brand: product: Flavour: Size: product: Brand: Size: Flavour: product: Brand: Size: Flavour: Brand: Flavour: Brand: Flavour:


>viTAMiNS/SuppleMeNTS >viTAMiNS/SuppleMeNTS Top SellerS Top SellerS Brand: product: Flavour: Size: Brand: product: Flavour: Size: Brand: product: Flavour: Size: product: Brand: Size: Flavour: product: Brand: Size: Flavour: product: Brand: Size: Flavour: Brand: Flavour: Brand: Flavour: Brand: Flavour:

>perSoNAl cAre Top SellerS re Top SellerS product: Brand: Size: Flavour: product: Brand: Size: Flavour: product: Brand: Size: Flavour:

>NeW >NeW producTS Top SellerS producTS Top SellerS product: Brand: Brand: product: Brand: Size: Flavour: Flavour: Size: Flavour: Brand: product: Flavour: Size: Brand: product: Flavour: Size: product: Brand: Size: Flavour: product: Brand: Size: Flavour: Brand: Flavour: Brand: Flavour:

FAX: 1-888-849-0155 or MAil: ihr Magazine 60 Bloor St. West, MAil: ihr Magazine 60 Bloor St. West, -849-0155 or (416)703-6392 (416)703-6392 Toronto, oN, M4W 3B8 Toronto, oN, M4W 3B8 Suite 1106, Suite 1106,

Increase profits with Aroma Crystal Therapy’s Gardeners Dream Cream. 16 National awards of excellence, Best Body and Skin Care, Best Aromatherapy, Top selling healing cream in Canada. Testimonials for 1000s of human conditions, skin issues, circulation, pain management, sports injury, weird rashes and pleasure. Proprietary Vibrational imprints, no Parabens, Excellent margins, increased sales.

AGEOFF NutriCosmetic Pill
AGEOFF® is a clinically proven breakthrough scientifically designed to make you look, feel, and function healthier and look more youthful from within by addressing the precise reasons we age including; DNA degradation, loss of lean body mass, and loss of skin surface health.
AGEOFF is clinically proven to:

- Safe & Natural - Clinically Proven - Patented - Doctor Recommended

Reverse Cellular Ageing from within at the DNA level • Improve Body-Firmness and Tighten Skin-Tone • Decrease Wrinkle and Fine-Line Appearance • Increase Bone Mineral Density • Improve Energy-Levels and overall Well-Being

Skin-Minus® Youth-Signalling Serum
• Reduce Wrinkle Appearance by 45% in 56 Days • Clinically Proven Based on Research Conducted in France - Paraben-Free - Includes 4 Specialized Peptides - Permanent Results.

Envisk Organics/Bio™
A new generation of Natural & Organic products, developed with five specific goals: • Effective anti-aging products Envisk includes natural and organic peptides. • Safe products Eliminating harmful ingredients. • Preserve the environment using eco-friendly packaging and ingredients from organic farming. • Certified Natural & Organic from an independent third party validating the entire process. • Affordability. We don’t believe that is necessary to over pay to have an effective and safe product.

Beautiful fragrance. Uncompromised quality. Outstanding value. Comprised of 12 core fragrances balanced with vibrant fruits, florals, spices, and classic woods. Stella Mare products are hand-crafted in Portland, Oregon, using the highest quality ingredients. Lead-free wicks and free of phthalates, nitro-musks, and benzene. Customers appreciate the boutique style at everyday prices.

A SunOpta Company

To order, call PURITY LIFE HEALTH PRODUCTS 1• 800 • 265 • 2615 and press 1


Gardeners Dream Cream

INNOVATION Purity Life Health Products


Top Seller revieW
April 2011
queSTioNNAire* The first 15 people to respond will receive a

esurprise gift!


Take a moment to fill out this questionnaire and your store may be among those highlighted in the Top Seller review Section of the next issue of ihr. The number of units sold determines the top sellers. To be included in the review, products mentioned must be classified as natural health products not standard consumer brands.

Store Name__________________________________________________ city ______________________________________ province ___________ date ___________ Name ____________________ Title _________ Address __________________________________________________________ phone ___________________________ Fax _____________________________ email __________________________________________________ Store Size: under 1,000sq.ft. 3,000-5,000sq.ft. 1,000-3,000sq.ft. over 5,000sq.ft $20,000-$40,000 Approximate Age of Store customers: under 25 25-40 40-65 over 65

Approximate income of Store customers:


over $60,000

>Food Top SellerS product: Size: product: Size: product: Size: >HerBS Top SellerS product: Size: product: Size: product: Size: Brand: Flavour: Brand: Flavour: Brand: Flavour: Brand: Flavour: Brand: Flavour: Brand: Flavour:

>SporTS NuTriTioN Top SellerS product: Size: product: Size: product: Size: Brand: Flavour: Brand: Flavour: Brand: Flavour:

>viTAMiNS/SuppleMeNTS Top SellerS product: Size: product: Size: product: Size: Brand: Flavour: Brand: Flavour: Brand: Flavour:

>perSoNAl cAre Top SellerS product: Size: product: Size: product: Size: Brand: Flavour: Brand: Flavour: Brand: Flavour:

>NeW producTS Top SellerS product: Size: product: Size: product: Size: Brand: Flavour: Brand: Flavour: Brand: Flavour:

FAX: 1-888-849-0155 or (416)703-6392
IHR show issue 2011


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1. See product you want info on 2. use this quick reference list below to find out its free info number (it’s also on the ad) 3. Write the number(s) on the attached free info card

On any product advertised in this issue

4. Mail or fax us at 1-888-849-0155 or 416-703-6392 5. Receive free info, direct from as many advertisers as you like


Holista Webber Omega 3 True North Nutrition, Isopure pharmasave Green Beaver, Suncare North AM. Herb Spice, pom O power Natural Health Sciences cAcd (canadian Assoc of chain drugstores) preston cosmetics North Am Herb Spice, SinuOrega Intuition Epax cHFA West Health First Aubrey Organics, lumessence Skin care pGX Webber, kids Vitamin d Aubrey Organics, Suncare Ester–c® Vitamin d3, liquid and Softgels Holista Tea Tree Spray Webber lemon Meringue liquid Omega 3 Webber Multisure Iron kids Omegas for Smart kids

page 2-3 4-5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 23 33 47 53 65 67 69 75 76 14 14 14 14 14 16

write # 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124

delapointe’s Shea Butter Holista Tea Tree Hand and Body lotion Ascenta’s Nutrasea+d Organika’s All Natural Gummies life Science Nutrition Holista® Restorativ® Vitamin E lotion Webber Super prostate, Extra Strength pGX® dAIly Singles Iron kids calcium Gummies

page 16 16 16 16 18 18 18 18 18

write # 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133

STEp 1 STEp 3 STEp 4

STEp 2

Info card & Subscription
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To qualify check ovals
Approximate annual sales volume m under $500,000 m $500,000 - $1 million m $1 million - $5 million m $5 million - $10 million m $10 million - $20 million m over $20 million Number of Employees in your location: m 1-3 m 4-8 m 9-12 m 13+ Number of locations: ________________ categories you personally manage m herbs m personal care m sports nutrition m vitamin/supplements m other _______________________________

Signature: ___________________________ date: ________________ Your Name: __________________________ title: _________________ company Name: ___________________________________________ address: ____________________________________________________ city: _________________________________ Province: _____________ Postal code: ________________________________________________ Phone: ______________________________ Fax: __________________ email address (optional): ______________________________________

Which category best describes your business classification? m health and diet foods-retail m pharmacies-retail m naturopathic physician m holistic practitioner m homeopathic practitioner m vitamin store m grocery-retail m chain-retailer m manufacturer/distributor m other Selling area of your store m under 1,000sq.ft m 1,001 to 3,000sq.ft m 3,001 to 5,000sq.ft m over 5,000sq.ft

Reserved exclusively for retailers

aPril 2011 write iN the NuMBerS here For each Product You waNt More detailed iNForMatioN oN


uSe Quick reFereNce guide oN toP oF Page

Fax Now to: 1-888-849-0155 or 416-703-6392 | or Mail card todaY to: 60 Bloor St. west, Suite 1106, toronto, oN, M4w 3B8

show issue 2011 IHR


We are considering applications for the following Management position at various locations in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic stores

Natural Value/ Nature’s Treasure Department Manager
Interested candidates must be available to work varied shifts, including weekdays, weeknights and weekends on a regular basis. The successful candidate will be responsible to oversee the operations of the Natural Value department including: • Ensuring budgets are met • Inventory control and selection • Motivation and development of the department team The ideal candidate will have: • Retail experience and/or education in Alternative Medicine, Herbology, Vitamins & Minerals, as well as an interest and knowledge of Food and Nutrition; • The ability to work in a fast paced environment and the ability to multitask and prioritize; • Excellent communication skills and exemplary customer service skills. If you are interested in this opportunity, please submit a detailed resume and cover letter to: • Ordering • Merchandising • Labour scheduling

1135-13560 Maycrest Way Richmond OFFICE HEAD BC V6V 2W9 HEAD OFFICE PHONE: 604.288.0017 0 Maycrest Way 1135-1356 - TOLL est W 1.800.668.3008 1135-13560 MaycrFREE:ay FAX: 604.273.3417 9 Richmond BC V6V 2W9 Richmond V6V 2W PHONE: 604.288.0017 TOLL FREE: 1.800.668.3008 PHONE: 604.288.0017 - TOLL FREE: 1.800.668.3008 EASTERN :REGIONAL OFFICE FAX 604.273.3417 FAX: 604.273.3417 2165 Williams Parkway Brampton ON L6S 6B8 PHONE: 905.595.0409 - TOLL FREE: 1.800.668.3008 FAX: 905.791.0970 -

Territories available across Canada
Boston Mills Allergy Group Inc. is looking for highly motivated, commissioned sales representation. We offer allergy testing services to Naturopathic Doctors. If you are already calling on Naturopathic Doctors and are looking for an additional product line please send your resume to: Boston Mills Allergy Group Inc. 15023 Chinguacousy Road, Caledon, ON L7C 3H7

Senior Category Merchandising Manager (905) 861-2627
Thank you for your interest, however only those selected for an interview will be contacted.


Fax Number: 905-838-4567

Puresource Naturals is currently hiring part time demo staff for Ontario, specifically, SW, GTA, and Niagara Region. A fun and fantastic opportunity to subsidize your income! Must have education in nutrition, naturopathic, or similar alternative background. Please forward resumes to: Only qualified candidates will be contacted.
• Preparation of compliant Canadian label text for food products, supplements, skin care and drugs • Preparation of Drug Identification Number (DIN) and Natural Health Product (NHP) Number submissions • Preparation and management of GMP, SOP and Quality Control programs within the guidelines of the Natural Health Products Directorate • Formulating and contract packaging available for Canada and the U.S.A • Warehousing services and order fulfillment

Regional Sales Managers Gary Davis - East 647.962.2884 Regional Sa or Managers Regional Sales Managers g John Tivadar West Tracey Burby - East Tracey Burby - East 905.872.2775 9403.620.6950 r 05.872.2775 o t m Account Managers Shawna Quigley - West Shawna Quigley W es st 403.547.0486 or 403.547.0486 or m Darlene Costello - BC Mainland 604.220.2962 orManagers Account Managers Account Anne e Costello BC Interior DarlenHume-SmithB-C Mainland Darlene Costello - BC Mainland 604.220.2962 or 6250.499.9589 r 04.220.2962 o d m MandiAnne Hume-Smith - BC Interior Island Zolkowski AB h BC Interior Anne Hume- Smit& Prairies/Van 403.702.4324 or 250.499.9589 or 250.499.9589 or anne@ tbi 4 @m
John Tivadar AB & Prairies/Van Island John Tivadar -Berg - PrairMainland nd V Hartley AB BC ies/Van Isla 403.620.6950 or 403.620.6950 o john@mt tb 604.340.4264 Kerri Job BC Mainland Ker i Job - B- Mainland Brian rAsttaria CBC Mainland 604.512.6142 or 604.512.6142 or kerri@mt tb 778.938.5361or Brian Asttaria BC Mainland Brian Asttaria - BC Mainland a Melissa Russo—GTA 778.938.5361 or 778.938.5361 o brian@mt tb 647.382.1252 Vik Saini - To o S.Western Ontario Vik SainiSainir- nto & W estern Ontario Vik Toronto Western Ontario 519.267.2191 or 5519.267.2191or 19.267.2191 or b Helene Huot Ottawa/W Que/Maritimes Helene Huot -- Ottawa/W Que/Maritimes Helene Huot Ottawa/W Que/Maritimes 613.224.4983 or 613.224.4983 or h.huot@rogers com 2 h s.c 613.224.4983 or Kevin Alexander - Quebec Kevin Alexander Quebec Kevin Alexander - Quebec 514.995.7388 or 514.995.7388 or 514.995.7388 or

MMP ENTERPRISES LTD., 130 Industry St., Units 31-34 Toronto, Ontaro, Canada M6M 5G3 Phone (416) 604-7604 Fax (416) 604-7605


If You’re Reading It, You Know It Works! To Advertise in Marketplace Call (416) 203-7900 ext. 6108

Have you ever thought of owning your own health store and becoming part of the growing natural health industry? A reputable independent health and nutrition retail store is for sale in Calgary in an excellent, long-term location. Consistent annual revenues of $1.2 million, netting owners earnings of $200K. Share sale at $600K, including $110K of inventory. Come follow your passion to assist others with their wellness. For more information contact Andrew Savage at 403-827-3911 or


Sunshine Every Day
I get it with NEW Chewables and KIDS Liquid D
Everyone needs vitamin D, but babies and growing children require it for normal growth and development and to build strong bones and teeth. Sun exposure on skin is the major source of vitamin D but season length, geographic latitude, cloud cover, smog, and sunscreens can reduce exposure and vitamin D synthesis. Vitamin D products from webber naturals® offer a high quality, natural way to get the sunshine vitamin every day. Chewable Vitamin D3 is a quick, easy, and fun way to get that extra boost of the sunshine vitamin, especially during dark, rainy months. Kids enjoy the small tablet size and mild berry flavour. KIDS Liquid Vitamin D3 is not just for children. This is also a great product for anyone who doesn’t like to take pills or capsules. A baby-safe, measured dropper is included for accurate dosing.

I want

Want more information about webber naturals products?

1-800-430-7898 |
For details, write #117 on Free Info Page, page 73.

Herbals and supplements from webber naturals® are advertised on national television, major market radio, in consumer magazines, and daily newspapers.

A new look... and a whole new attitude toward sun care. Natural Sun combines only nature’s own sun-deflecting minerals with luxuriously rehydrating, damage-defying, never greasy natural ingredients: CoQ10, organic antioxidants, pomegranate and more. In six varieties, SPFs 15 and 30+, plus a new rich After Sun and Pure Aloe Vera. This combination of absolutely natural, broad-spectrum protection with irresistibly upscale packaging makes Natural Sun a stunning product line you do not want to miss.

For more information, call Purity Life at 1-800-265-2615 or Tall Grass Distribution at 1-800-616-5900, or New Age Marketing at 1-888-868-0127.


For details, write #118 on Free Info Page, page 73.

Non-whitening - Fragrance Free

Keep safe from the sun without chemical sunscreens !
Green Beaver introduces certified organic sunscreens approved by Health Canada

Naturally non-whitening, non-chemically altered zinc oxide formula
non-silicon coated - non-nanoparticle - non-penetrating Biodegradable, vegan and gluten-free
For details, write #105 on Free Info Page, page 73.

Product name Certi ed organic SPF 30 sunscreen 90ml Certi ed organic Kids SPF 30 sunscreen 90 ml Certi ed organic SPF 15 Lip Balm 4.5g 12 unit counter display Certi ed organic SPF 15 Lip Balm 4.5g 12 unit clip strip SPF Floor Display (48 units: 24 Kids SPF 30, 24 SPF 30 sunscreen)

UPC 834639003008 834639003039 10834639003074 10834639003098 10834639003111

Unit SRP $19.99 $19.99 $6.99 $6.99

Contains Canadian-grown anti-oxidant rich raspberry extract Made in Canada

48 units

TM The Green Beaver Company Limited, Hawkesbury ON K6A 3H2

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