United Internet has launched the "FreeReader" application that informs users about special offers in shops. GMX and users can have digital brochures as well as samples of newspapers and magazines delivered to their inboxes for them to flick through. A Google Maps map also displays shops in the area where a copy of the brochure has been left for them. To ensure that target groups are accurately met, pages are selected depending on users' gender, age and address.

SOURCE: INITIATOR: KONTEXT: United Internet Media AG, Germany Convergence -> E-Reading Individualisation -> User Profiling Outernet -> Digital Maps



Evernote has developed the "Evernote Peek" app for the iPad2 and its Smart Cover that lets users create their own learning materials and be tested in fun ways. Digital notes can be turned into tasks and questions, which are revealed when users open the lower half of the protection cover. When they completely open the cover, the answer is revealed. When the screen is completely covered, the app automatically moves on to the next task.

SOURCE: INITIATOR: KONTEXT: Evernote Corp., United States Knowledge Society -> Knowledge Systems Virtualisation -> Cloud Computing


com/ Photon-X Inc.DIGITAL FACIAL RECOGNITION BASED ON MUSCLE MOVEMENT Photon-X is a technology company based in Alabama and it has recently developed a camera with special sensors that enable 3D images of people to be produced from large distances and in a single shot. United States Shy Tech -> Object & Face Recognition Virtualisation -> 3D Media & 3D Devices 3 . but will later also be applied in civilian areas.photon-x. This technology will initially be used for military purposes. SOURCE: INITIATOR: KONTEXT: http://www. The camera sensors can also be used to quickly and easily identify individuals in large crowds based on their distinctive facial movements. the camera can create a movement profile of a person's face based on the movement of their facial muscles. With just a few more shots..

If the files have already been recycled once. Users can decide if the file they wish to delete should be sent to the "Dumpster". SOURCE: INITIATOR: KONTEXT: http://dumpsterdrive. United States Community -> Open Source Sustainability -> Recycling Youmocracy -> User-Generated Content 4 . where all the users of "Dumpster Drive" can download the file and continue to use it for their own purposes. nobody else can access them after they are trashed Justin Blinder.DIGITAL RECYCLING DISCARDED FILES The programmer and interaction designer Justin Blinder from Brooklyn has developed an open-source desktop application called "Dumpster Drive" which enables collective access to files consigned to the digital trash.

com" is now making it possible for everyone to earn money from their own autoreply.. they can also donate it to a charity of their choice. Anyone can now sell their "out of office" message as a form of advertising to the highest Out Of Office Ad Systems. SOURCE: INITIATOR: KONTEXT: http://outofofficead. Virtualisation -> Virtual Marketing 5 .DIGITAL OUT OF OFFICE ADVERTISING It all began with the idea of selling the out of office autoreply of Saatchi & Saatchi Stockholm's art director Gustav Egerstedt to the digital production company B-Reel – and the platform "outofofficead.. If they wish. Sweden Attention Economy -> Recommendation Marketing Sustainability -> Corporate Social Responsibili.

The application is trained to recognise its owner by using different photos taken in different lighting conditions and with different expressions. If the application doesn't work correctly. among other criteria. United States Shy Tech -> Object & Face Recognition 6 .com/ Apocolipse. it is still possible to unlock the phone using the PIN. it unlocks the phone. The camera scans their face and compares it to different user photos in order to identify the user. SOURCE: INITIATOR: KONTEXT: UNLOCKING BY USING FACE RECOGNITION "RecognizeMe" is an iPhone jailbreaking app (USA) that lets users unlock their phones without a PIN and uses only face recognition. If this is successful.

. Canada Game On -> Social Games Youmocracy -> Social Networks 7 . videos and photos have been uploaded and issues a virtual currency for every activity – both to the people playing an active role and to their shareholders.DIGITAL ONLINE PROFILES AS GAMING CURRENCY "Empire Avenue" from the start-up of the same name is an online exchange game that deals with social media profiles. Virtual shares enable players to do business together. while the value and price of a share depends on a person's or company's activities in social networks like Facebook and Twitter.empireavenue. SOURCE: INITIATOR: KONTEXT: http://www. This makes it possible to playfully show a person's social capital and measure the value of various internet Empire Avenue Inc. "Empire Avenue" analyses how many posts.

Israel Trauma Centre for Victims of Terror and War. Israel -> Digital Community Community Healthstyle -> E-Health Youmocracy -> Social Networks 8 . and even the country's Red Cross now uses the "Facebook Blood Groups" when looking for more donors. or The campaign received huge attention from the media.bloodgroups. Facebook members who are willing to donate their blood can join the respective groups.DIGITAL DONATING BLOOD VIA FACEBOOK Israel's Trauma Centre for Victims of Terror and War. They set up eight Facebook groups based on the different blood groups. recently collaborated with the agency TwentyThree to launch a Facebook campaign called "Blood Groups" in an attempt to simplify the search for suitable blood donors. SOURCE: INITIATOR: KONTEXT: http://www.

Germany Attention Economy -> Interactive Media Youmocracy -> Social Networks 9 .DIGITAL RUSSIAN ROULETTE FOR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT Ilya Malyanov and Christian Feist from the Miami Ad School in Berlin have come up with a campaign concept for Russian Standard Vodka which is based on digital life. their Facebook account is blocked after their last status update while the others take part in the draw for the trip. When a shot is fired at someone. Miami Ad School Europe. SOURCE: INITIATOR: KONTEXT: http://cargocollective. The gun's cylinder is spun and aimed at the various players. Ilya Malyanov. "Russian Facebook Roulette" is a competition application to win a trip to Russia in which players first have to enter their password so that they can enter the game via video chat and select their Christian Feist. CargoCollective.

United States Outernet -> Web of Things Timeless Time -> Speed Retail 10 . Restaurants can rent this tablet for a fee of $100 per month.. After their meals. SOURCE: INITIATOR: KONTEXT: E La Carte Inc. People can also enter special wishes or state their allergies. people can pay on the tablet via their credit card. without entirely replacing the restaurant's staff. Diners can select their meals and drinks on it and their orders are directly forwarded to the bar or kitchen.elacarte. "E La Carte" is intended to boost sales and reduce waiting times.DIGITAL USING TABLETS AS DIGITAL WAITERS The 7-inch tablet "E La Carte" makes it possible to visit a restaurant almost without having any contact to the service personnel.

digital countryside. Windows media player visualizations are colours. SOURCE: INITIATOR: KONTEXT: http://blog.DIGITAL WINDOWS ADDS COLOUR TO THE LAND ROVER The British car manufacturer Land Rover has teamed up with Microsoft Windows to make the "Land Rover Windows Media Player Visualization" available for free download for the Windows media Land Rover patterns and shapes that move to the rhythm of the music selected by users. United Kingdom Attention Economy -> Sensation Marketing Virtualisation -> Virtual Marketing 11 . which changes shape as the music plays. This visualization shows a Land Rover driving through colourful.

With this app for the iPhone and Blackberry. users can detect where help is required in their own surroundings that doesn't need more than five minutes of their Everything Everywhere Ltd. A good example of this short charity work is taking a photograph of something for a community photo album. and divides up charity work into smaller portions.DIGITAL CHARITY IN FIVE MINUTES "Do Some Good" is an application from the British branch of the telecommunications company Orange. SOURCE: INITIATOR: KONTEXT: http://dosomegood.. United Kingdom Outernet -> Mobile Services Sustainability -> Charity Timeless Time -> Micro Boredom 12 .co. Orange

SOURCE: INITIATOR: KONTEXT: http://www. Coca-Cola thanked its fans and customers with an enormous 3D projection that was developed together with Obscura Digital.000 square metres.DIGITAL COCA-COLA: SHINING ANNIVERSARY As part of its 125th anniversary celebrations. The 26storey building had a total projection area of approx. A series of images from adverts over the past 125 years was also displayed to show how the brand has been Coca-Cola Company. United States Attention Economy -> Sensation Marketing Virtualisation -> 5 Sense Immersion 13 .facebook. 19.. The Coke headquarters in Atlanta were completely illuminated and displayed the message "Thank you". Obscura Digital Inc. Even photos from fans were on view which had been posted on social network sites.

SOURCE: INITIATOR: KONTEXT: http://www.facebook. however. United States Virtualisation -> Virtual Marketing Youmocracy -> Social Networks 14 .com/ Facebook Inc.. public people and companies. the tagging now also works for the fan pages of products. The companies cannot do the tagging themselves.DIGITAL PAGE TAGGING ON FACEBOOK AS BRAND COMMUNICATION Facebook has launched the option of tagging company pages on photos. Where it was previously only possible to tag friends or other people in photos. as this is only possible for the owners of the photos and their friends. This makes it much easier to make recommendations in the social network. Users can even tag the pages that they're not active fans of. which will be of great benefit to companies and their brand communication activities.

The players can win Sony's Vaio laptops..DIGITAL FINDING SHIPWRECKS WITH SONY As part of the "Project Shiphunt".com/ Intel Corp. United States Game On -> Online Games Outernet -> Digital Maps 15 . SOURCE: INITIATOR: KONTEXT: http://projectshiphunt. which the children can also use to find the ships. Sony and Intel have teamed up to let five schoolchildren from Michigan get the help of experts and available technology to search the oceans for a sunken ship. They can also play a game called "Oceans of Treasure" in which participants can use the Google Earth plug-in to search for wrecks on the world's sea beds.. Sony Electronics Inc. New tasks have to be completed every week and the hunts are supported by virtual tracking technology from Intel and Sony.

DIGITAL MATCHMAKE FRIENDS TO WIN PRIZES The Swedish agency Åkestam Holst has launched the "Unbore Relationships" campaign to promote Carlsberg's soft drink Festis. Carlsberg Sverige AB. Participants also give a reason why the two should be together and then game Äkestam Holst. where they select two friends they think should be a couple. Participants take part via the campaign's Facebook page. SOURCE: INITIATOR: KONTEXT: http://www.unborerelationships. Sweden Community -> Digital Dating Virtualisation -> Virtual Marketing Youmocracy -> Social Networks 16 . To help create the right mood. the matchmaker wins a bottle of Festis. they also choose a background for personal messages written between the chosen two. If the friends end up together.

the German company Datinf has created software called "BQScan" which can measure the degree of radioactivity. Germany Shy Tech -> Smart Sensors 17 . BQScan can record values from two microsieverts per hour and currently supports single lens reflex cameras made by Canon. Beta and gamma radiation is measured without a lens but instead with the camera's plastic protection cap and lasts thirty seconds. This software creates precise analysis of the radiation effects on the CCD chips in the camera and calculates the extent of Datinf GmbH.DIGITAL BQSCAN MEASURES RADIOACTIVITY USING DIGITAL CAMERAS As radiation causes image artifacts on digital photos. SOURCE: INITIATOR: KONTEXT: http://bqscan.

com/ Nagoya Institute of Technology. The system is based on the MMDAgent toolkit developed by the institute. who can be used everywhere as a tourist guide. Users ask their questions via an integrated microphone and then receive all the important location-based information they need from Mei-Chan. Japan Attention Economy -> Interactive Media Virtualisation -> Digital Preview 18 .youtube.DIGITAL USING AN AVATAR AS TRAVEL GUIDE The Nagoya Institute of Technology in Japan has introduced a 3D guide on its own campus in the form of life-sized avatar called Mei-Chan. verbal instructions and multimedia tools such as interactive maps and images. SOURCE: INITIATOR: KONTEXT: http://www. This animated character points students and visitors in the right direction using human gestures. vineme. people and keywords. as well as make suggestions on the location. a timeline develops that doesn't just document history. but also brings all kinds of users closer together. The photos can be uploaded by registered users and tagged with various information. SOURCE: INITIATOR: KONTEXT: http://www.DIGITAL PHOTO COMMUNITY ARCHIVES THE WORLD'S HISTORY "Vineme" is a photo community that can be used to archive pictures using a variety of criteria such as time. United States Community -> Digital Community Outernet -> Geotagging 19 . After a while. date and keywords. Other users then get the chance to post their comments on the pictures.

General Electric Company. United States Virtualisation -> Virtual Services 20 . Written descriptions of these are provided as well as 360° views. What's more.healthline. which provide users with an impression of the health risks and how to prevent Healthline Networks Inc. SOURCE: INITIATOR: KONTEXT: http://www..DIGITAL 3D INTERACTION WITH THE HUMAN BODY The Californian company Healthline has released an interactive version of the human body in 3D with which users can use familiarize themselves in detail with human anatomy online. "BodyMaps" allows users to navigate through the body of a man or woman and access different levels of the body and organs. the website also features videos on diseases.

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