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A200 BS Single Phase Meter

The A200 single phase meter from Elster provides the ideal solution for one-rate domestic metering applications. The meter offers high security and accuracy well within the Class limits. This is achieved using well proven metering technology. A stepper motor register provides permanent indication of the amount of energy consumed. The stepper motor register has large number wheels for ease of viewing and has the option or either 6 or 7 digits. An anti-tamper feature prevents the register from running in reverse. As an option the meter can be configured at manufacture as Power Flow Insensitive Mode. This feature allows the kWh register to advance regardless of whether the meter is importing or exporting energy. When this option is enabled, the pulsing LED indicates identically for import and export. The meter is housed in a compact double insulated, polycarbonate case. High security is achieved by permanently fixing the meter cover to the base at manufacture. No sealing is required. Ingress protection is to IP52 EN60529:1991. The future addition of Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) is facilitated by the pulsed output. AMR allows the meter to be read remotely by radio, mains signalling or over a telephone line. Fast, accurate meter readings can be obtained for use in energy management systems. The A200 meets the requirements of accuracy Class 1 and is approved to EN 61036:1996.

Cost effective domestic metering...
Features • • • • • • • • • • • • High accuracy over a wide load range Accuracy Class 1 20 years certified life Proven metering technology Large digit (6.8mm) stepper register Anti reverse run device Low maintenance BS double insulated, glass filled polycarbonate case Highly secure non-removable meter cover Compact design Test LED IP52 in accordance with EN 60529 : 1991

Options • • • • • Choice of nominal voltage: 120V or 230V Choice of current range: 20-100A or 10-100A kWh import or power flow insensitive 6 or 7 digits Pulsing output

elstermetering. Import 0001749 Import + Export Export 0000012 0001761 Terminal Arrangements 1 L N 2 3 4 L LOAD N 1 L N 2 3 4 L LOAD N + - MAIN MAIN Single Rate Pulsed Output Dimensions and Fixing Centres 130mm 47mm Pulsed Output An optional pulsed output can provide the basis for an energy management system or AMR.5mm wide. A200BS Draft 11/8/2003 . The meter has the option of either 6 or 7 digit registration. 105-127V 50 or 60Hz 1phase 2 wire (capacitive burden) 4kV RMS 50Hz 8kV 2ohm source 6.5mm (wide) 20 years -25° to + 55°C (Operational range) -25º to + 70ºC (Storage range) Annual Mean 75% (For 30 days spread over one year. The number wheels measure 6. The output conforms to DIN SO/EN 62053-31. Power Flow Insensitive Mode The A200 normally measures import energy only. Test Indicator A red test output LED is provided.Stepper Motor Register Technical Data Current Range Voltage Range Frequency System Connection Burden (230V) (120V) Insulation Impulse withstand Display Certified Life Temperature Humidity Pulse Output Weight Specifications Case 20-100A. 97mm 56mm Elster Metering Systems Oulton Road. 6 digit registration is achieved by blanking the most significant digit with the nameplate. power flow insensitive mode allows the meter register to advance when import and export energy are being measured. 10-100A 210-250V. Staffordshire.7mm (high) x 3. ST15 0RS Tel: 44 (0) 1785 812111 Fax: 44 (0) 1785 818804 www.7mm high by 3. The pulse rate is 1000 imp/kWh. Our policy is one of continuous product development and the right is reserved to supply equipment which may vary slightly from that described. 95%) 100ms pulse 100 p /kWh (=10Wh/pulse) 381 grams kWh Class 1 EN 61036 : 1996 IP 52 to EN 60529 : 1991 The stepper motor register consists of a traditional mechanical rolling number wheel drum which is driven by a step motor controlled by the metering circuit. The pulse frequency is the same as the test LED and is output via the meter auxiliary terminals. As a security feature.