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Prepared by STOPKOREA Company Limited

Strategic Alliances with different oil and gas vendors and dealers has provided us with the competitive edge to offer cost effective solution. We have been very successful in providing highly skilled technical personnel to various oil and gas projects in Hyundai Heavy Industries.ENERGY MANAGEMENT LEADER www. DSME and notably Transocean and NOV which has acquired the services of our Company not only for manpower but also for their Logistical needs. Since its establishment. Samsung Heavy Industries. Our successful track record and large database of highly skilled and experienced technical personnel combined with wide range of quality world class equipment for various oil and gas projects supports our ability to provide our client with “One Stop Easy Solution” to all their needs. Jake Park. STOPKOREA is one of the key players in providing support to the oil and gas sector of South Korea specifically in Ulsan and Geoje. STOPKOREA has been involved in over 100 projects in oil and gas sector in the Ulsan and Geoje areas and is currently on the development phase of its 7th apartment building which is scheduled to be completed during the 2nd quarter of next year. Our service is known throughout the area for its Professionalism and Quality. but also as a specialist service contractor for a broad range of Our Company We are a young and dynamic company established in 1999 by its founder Mr. specially tailored to meet the requirements of international oil and gas companies and their main contractor operating in South Korea. STOPKOREA prides itself in giving Service that is efficient. outstanding and Professional. technical expertise. efficient and cost effective manner. Our Objective To achieve and maintain the status of the leading service provider in the services sector of the Oil and Gas construction industry in South Korea and the region.stopkorea. equipment and manpower to undertake large capital projects. Prepared by STOPKOREA Company Limited . Our company has proven itself not only as a leader in giving innovative solution to our clients . Our mission A total commitment in fulfilling our clients needs by providing a full spectrum of quality services in a highly reliable.

We also believe that "Reputation" of the company as an institution is a key and critical element in the service industry. j. We believe this is critical and an essential ingredient contributing towards a quality and professional output by our staff member. We have a full sense of responsibility and are always fully conscious of our Clients needs. Highly trained & Integrated Team c. Reliable & Competent English speaking staff d. Absolute Dedication f. The core value of our team is Reliability and Integrity which has a great impact on the way we do our business in return greatly improve staff morale and their decisions towards the company and its operation. Outstanding Benefits: a. Maximum Productivity & Minimum Cost h. Professional Management b. High HSE standards Prepared by STOPKOREA Company Limited . confidence and integrity. Experienced. Quality Performance i.ENERGY MANAGEMENT LEADER www. Creatively overcoming each and every Strategic Concept Reliability. Quality and Integrity is the culture and Philosophy of our company. We continuously strive in developing a distinctive strategy for satisfying and fulfilling our clients' needs. The team not only ensures superior quality of services but also stringent HSE standards and measures are enforced at all times. Our Commitment Each and every member of Stopkorea is fully committed to the mission and long term objectives of the company.stopkorea. wants and objectives. We thus strive to firmly establish long term business relationships with all of our clients through mutual trust. Consistency e. Professional and Methodical Approach g.

Equipment and Vehicle Rental 11. enjoyable and worry free experience in your venture with us in South Korea. the philosophy. large or small. We believe the quality and effectiveness of the professional service which Stopkorea has actively provided since its establishment. Prepared by STOPKOREA Company Limited . 4. 24/7 Emergency Assistance Program Quality of Service From the very onset of its foundation. 7.stopkorea. Transportation & Mobilization Logistics Cross Cultural and Korean Language Training Program Mobile Phone Rentals Consultant Management Tax Evaluation and Filing Korean Drivers License Acquisition Procurement and General Services 10. culture and the commitment of our company is to provide the highest quality of services in an efficient and the most cost effective method to all our clients'.ENERGY MANAGEMENT LEADER www. 6. Airport Meet and Greet program Services Provided Should you choose to utilize our services. 2. Manpower supply (Local and Expatriates) Accommodation (Supply and Management) and Travel (Organization and Logistics) 3. This is due to: We strive for flawless execution to meet our clients expectations We focus on what is important to our clients We communicate our company's expectation clearly and precisely We work hard. we assure you of a highly productive. 9. We treat the business of each and everyone of our clients as our own thus dedicate our efforts to ensure that our input and support is an integral part of the operational success of our clients at a minimum cost. learn from our shortfalls and celebrate our successes We continuously & creatively look for new ways to improve our services. 5. 8. for both onshore and offshore Oil and Gas project is unmatched. The following are just some of the services we offer: 1. We relentlessly pursue our goal which is to provide nothing less than "Complete and unequalled Client satisfaction".

com Our services Providing a full spectrum of high quality services in a professional and cost effective manner. Our Housing team always ensures that your accommodation will fit your lifestyle.stopkorea. Manpower Supply Our company recruits. supplies and manages ranges of blue and white collar technical manpower for oil and gas industry with our international network and local database capabilities. Stopkorea provides offshore oil & gas and shipbuilding manpower (Clerical. Consultants Stopkorea offers consultancy service to many of the oil and gas companies who build projects in South Korea The oil and gas industry faces environmental and safety challenges that influence competitiveness in ways unique only to South Korea. Prepared by STOPKOREA Company Limited . We can respond to any specific need for manpower supply. right to commissioning. We have an extensive history assisting our oil and gas clients with the challenges that they sometimes encounter in establishing and running a major project in South Korea.ENERGY MANAGEMENT LEADER www. all project stages from Engineering period to Accommodation We have a variety of very luxurious and state of the art apartments from 1 bedroom to 4 bedroom unit. Technical and Engineer) services.

develop procedures according to your preferences and needs. office supply procurement and other necessary major and minor support for oil and gas in South Korea. Meeting and exceeding our expectations through prompt response to request. due to our extensive network and quality of our personnel.ENERGY MANAGEMENT LEADER www. assistance in tax declaration. Meet and greet is an essential service. providing consultancy services under ordinary circumstances in general assisting and supporting your personnel in every way so that they can best accomplish your companies' goal and objective as well as providing your company and your costumers with efficient cost-effective project management. visa applications. hotel bookings & reservations and many other value services for staff and crews. assistance in baggage and a host of services that may be challenging to unaccompanied travelers. Procurement and General Services Stopkorea offers a variety of services including construction. we are able to be very flexible in tailoring our services to the specific needs of each Personal Handling Through our Meet and greet program we can arrange for drivers. Prepared by STOPKOREA Company Limited . providing personal guidance with local customs and immigration. Logistics and Procurement Stopkorea offers complete logistics services in all aspects. transportation. safe driving.stopkorea. commissioning equipments.

com Geoje Branch SKovil 1F 527-3 Car Rental We offer a broad range of Korean Cars from compact to SUV's that will fit your lifestyle Mobile Phone Rental Through specific agreement with our telecommunications partner Stopkorea can offer very attractive discounts on international calls.4948 Email add: skgj@stopkorea.stopkorea.ENERGY MANAGEMENT LEADER Prepared by STOPKOREA Company Limited . Office Locations Main Office (Ulsan) 1158-12 Bang Eo-Dong Dong.Gu Ulsan South Korea Telephone Number: +82 (0) 52 251-3134 Email add: stopkorea@stopkorea. Geoje South Korea Telephone Number: +82 (0) 55 688.

stopkorea.ENERGY MANAGEMENT LEADER Organizational Chart Prepared by STOPKOREA Company Limited .

Attention to Detail Competitive Advantage 1.7 We cater to almost all type of project whether big and small and this give Us the necessary experience to answer to all your needs. STOPKOREA is recognized in the Ulsan and Geoje areas as the premiere service provider which delivers quality and at the same time cost effective service for our Why choose Stopkorea? Benefits of our proposed plan When comparing our capabilities to that of our competitors. 2.ENERGY MANAGEMENT LEADER www. the benefits of choosing STOPKOREA are: 1.1 Highly Knowledgeable workforce 2.3 We Provide Powerhouse solutions to all your needs 2. Personal Care 7.6 Our prices are Flexible so as not to put additional burden to our clients 2. Cost Savings 2. Integrity 9. Professionalism 6.5 Company Stability ensures that it will meet all our clients demand 2. Prepared by STOPKOREA Company Limited . Service Reliability 4. Expertise and Stability 2. Shorter Time to Completion 3. Dedication 8.4 Employ High Level of Standards in all our work 2.stopkorea.2 Highly Skilled Personnel's in the oil and gas field 2. Lower Implementation Cost 5.

com Major Performance Record 2010 Transocean Deep Water Champion Supply of Manpower Accommodation Procurements Logistics National Oilwell Varco Supply of Manpower ( Inspectors and Administrative Staffs) Accommodation Procurement Logistics 2009 Total E & P OFON II Project Supply of Manpower (Expatriate and Local) Accommodation Procurement Logistics TOTAL E & P USAN FPSO Project Supply of Manpower Procurement Logistics DESMO Direct Engineering Services Procurement Logistics Prepared by STOPKOREA Company Limited .stopkorea.ENERGY MANAGEMENT LEADER www.

com 2008 National Oilwell Varco Supply of Manpower (Inspectors) Accommodation Procurement Logistics Total E & P Yadana Accommodation Procurement Total E & P AKPO Supply of Manpower Accommodation Procurement Logistic Total E & P Moho Bilondo Supply of Manpower Accommodation Procurement Logistics Prepared by STOPKOREA Company Limited .stopkorea.ENERGY MANAGEMENT LEADER www.

com Client Company Name Nationality Shipyard Year DESMO Total USAN Total Yadana VARCO Total Yadana AP Moller Thenamaris IPK NOV QATAR GAS Ti-Marine CMM ADMA OPCO Total OFON2 TRANSOCEAN SIMENS K2 SSI ABS Wahkwong VARCO AMS BAE Systems AGIP Australia France France USA France Denmark Greece UK Norway Qatar Norway Greece UAE France USA Norway SINGAPORE SINGAPORE USA Hong Kong USA UK USA Australia HHI Offshore HHI Offshore HHI Offshore SHI (Sakhalin) HHI Offshore HHI HSHI HHI.stopkorea. DSME SHI / DSME SHI/DSME HSHI HHI HHI Offshore HHI Offshore HHI DSME SHI SHI / DSME SHI / DSME HHI DSME(Exxon Kizomba ) HHI.ENERGY MANAGEMENT LEADER www. DSME DSME / HHI/ SHI HHI Offshore 2009~ 2008~ 2006~07 2006~07 2006~07 2006 2006 2006~08 2007~ 2007~ 2007~ 2007~ 2007~ 2007~ 2008~ 2007~ 2007~ 2007~ 2007~ 2004 2004 2004~05 2004~07 2004~05 Prepared by STOPKOREA Company Limited .

com Exxon Mobil Sakhalin BP Atlantis Total Dalia America America America France USA / Venezuela UK UK France France USA HHI Offshore HHI DSME DSME / SHI (Dalia Angola) SHI (Corocoro FSO) SHI (Corocoro FSO) HHI (BGT) HHI Offshore HHI Offshore / HSHI Nakika 2004~05 2004~06 2004~05 2004~05 Conoco Phillips NESSCO Shell Total Moho Total Akpo SHELL (International Exploration and Production Inc.) WALZEL WARTSILA EUKORAIL National Iranian Tanker Co. XL2 Maersk-XL1.ENERGY MANAGEMENT LEADER www. XL2) HHI Lan Tay Platform Maersk-XL1.V.P.Moller( Maersk-XL1. MSC(Marine Structure Consultants) Teekay Shipping (Canada) Clough Aker Joint Venture Prepared by STOPKOREA Company Limited .SHI.a HYDRALIFT BLM offshore Broad spectrum INSTRUMENTATION & ELETRICAL 2004~05 2005 2005~06 2005~08 2005~08 2002~03 USA USA Korea France IRAN Norway France Australia Holland Holland Canada Australia Nakika West Seno West Seno Tezeve HMD A. XL2 HHI.DSME HHI Offshore 2002~03 2002~03 2002~04 2002~03 2002~04 2002~04 2002 2002 2002 2002 2003~05 2003~05 KEN’s Crane B.) BP(Exploration and Production Inc.stopkorea.

HMD. HHI West Natuna HANZE HHI HHI HHI. Lloyd DNV International Paint Korea HEMPEL TI Marine Contracting as TMS Technical Marine Service SHELL(International Trading ) Israel Greece USA USA HHI HHI West Seno DSME(BP Thunderhorse) Nigeria LNG Limited UT-710 Girasol Amenam.P. Offshore Offshore. HMDI HHI HHI.(Swire Pacific Offshore) ELF ALSTOM CONOCO VEBA OSG Ship Management.ENERGY MANAGEMENT LEADER Zodiac / Tanker Pacific Sun Enterprise WALZEL VARCO SHELL(International Trading and Shipping Company Ltd. HMD. HHI. Inc.) S.O.stopkorea. HMD HMD Nigeria LNG Limited 2003~04 2003~05 2002~03 2003~05 UK Singapore France UK USA Holland USA UK Norway Korea Denmark Norway USA UK 2001~03 2000~02 2000~02 2000~03 2000~01 2000~01 2000~03 2000~03 2000~07 2000~05 2000~02 2000~03 2000~01 2001~03 Prepared by STOPKOREA Company Limited .

ENERGY MANAGEMENT LEADER www. COR pride itself as a global industry leader supplying the widest range of oilfield rental equipment at the highest quality to our clients since 1994. Operating in nearly 30 locations Alliance Companies We have entered into several licensing agreements and formed strategic alliances with companies who we believe bring value to our efforts and share our vision MIAC ARV Engineering Co. Proteus is a leading provider of engineering services to the resources and energy sectors of Australia and Asia. Installation and Maintenance Supporting Marine and offshore Oil and Gas Industry. covering all phases of a project's life cycle from identification to operations One of the largest oilfield rental tool companies in the world Providing widest range of equipment at highest standards. Construction.stopkorea..Ltd is a specialist company operating in the field of HVAC Design. MIAC ARV Engineering supported by ARV Offshore Engineering Group have established a team of specialist to provide solutions to HVAC & Refrigeration issue in the offshore Oil and Gas Industry. Prepared by STOPKOREA Company Limited .

was incorporated in Malaysia on 3rd May 2005 as SERVICING OF ROTATING BUSINESS of Motor. Turbine. workwear and workplace safety products. BHD. As such we are widely recognized as a provider of expert advice.ENERGY MANAGEMENT LEADER www. services and safety solutions for businesses in every market sector. ROTARY TECHNICAL SERVICES SDN. Mechanical and Electrical Repairs. Arco is the UK s leading supplier of personal protective equipment.stopkorea. Pumps and Prepared by STOPKOREA Company Limited . Transformer.