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Prophets, Saviors, Seers, Priests, and Priestesses

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The Broken Okoma: The Ultimate Betrayal of J.B. Danquah .......pg. 6


n this time of great world tribulation and mass suffering the faith of many is wavering as they try to make sense out of all of the tragedies, both natural and unnatural, that have occurred over the past five years. To cope with the constant feeling of trepidation and hopelessness many turn to ‘the passion of the Christ’ and the myths surrounding his supposed birth, ministry, death, and subsequent resurrection as a means of spiritual and emotion reassurance and comfort. While that may seem well within itself, persons of Ba-Tu descent, as well as the world at large, must be reminded that they were many
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Esoteric Universe
Occultism, Cartoons, and the Muntu
By Jabulani Durojaye Introduction: If most individuals looked in retrospect at their childhood, often times they would fondly remember their favorite cartoons or comic book, but would be oblivious to the occult undertones of their favorite heroes. The exploits of extraordinary beings have been around for decades, but the arcane ground work was laid down in the 1960’s.

Dr Strange
Master of the Mystic Arts Dr Strange (Master of the Mystic Arts) was brought on the scene in 1963 (in the kabala, 10 is the number of aggregation of power) by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, the same minds who
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Fall 2005

Welcome to the second edition of NYANSA. It pleases us to say that the premiere issue was a resounding success! We sincerely appreciate the receptivity of the community as well the moral and spiritual support of those few ‘conscious’ brothers and sisters who continued to tell us to push ahead because ultimately what we’re doing would and does matter in the grand scheme of things. Asante sana! (Thank you!) To our detractors, we say... “The voice of truth shall overwhelm evil.” With that said, we hope this second edition is just as well received or even better received than the first. This time out we decided to spice things up a bit by including a very powerful revolutionary piece by literati Kefentse Bandele. For those who were bowled over by The Case Against Marijuana, Pt. 1, and anxiously awaiting Pt. 2, it was decided at the last minute due to an influx of new information that a more potent version could be presented, so rest assured that Pt. 2 will appear revised and more informative in the November issue. Know for a surety that the words therein are inscribed for ‘the chosen P.’ Rekh Tchenu! (Know thyself!) Enjoy!



Jabulani Durojaye

Editorial Staff
Ra-El Mahanem Elioenai Jabulani Durojaye

Contributing Writers
Jabulani Durojaye Ra-El Mahanem Elioenai Kefentse Bandele

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Fall 2005


Chronology of the Barbarians
By Jabulani Durojaye nce again the the bestial conglomerate known to the possessors of melanin, as the Western world have further put themselves in a position to reinvigorate neo-colonialism. As the soap opera of terrorism continues to assassinate common sense, the true purveyors of theft, debauchery and other criminal acts unspeakable, prepare to launch an assault unjustified on people of color. This warning has come from individuals riding the wave of pseudo-conservatism via personalities such as Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, and Rush Limbaugh: one man in particular, veteran radio personality Paul Harvey made the following assertion July 5, 2005 on the European intervention in Iraq....”Once upon a time, we elbowed our way onto and into this country by giving small pox blankets to Native Americans, Yes that was biological warfare! And we used every other weapon we could get our hands on to grab this land from whomever. And we grew prosperous. And, yes. we greased the skids with the sweat of slaves”. In the end Harvey stated we our not made out of sugar candy. Harvey’s contemporaries such as Savage and Limbaugh defend the murderous actions perpetrated by the United States, even demanding incarceration of any who dare criticize its august body. Those drunk from the intoxicant of power often forget that those they bring justice to, call them rapist, that which you call democracy, they call tyranny, your form of aid is nothing more then thievery with a smile. History is a misnomer for those of strength to distort, transform and in the end abolish truth. At this time let us go back in time sequestered from the myopic and away from colored republican/democrat wannabees and know the......Chronology of the Barbarians !!!


“Once upon a time, we elbowed our way onto and into this continent by giving small pox infected blankets to Native Americans, Yes that was biological warfare! And we used every other weapon we could get our hands on to grab this land from whomever. And we grew prosperous. And, yes, we greased the skids with the sweat of slaves.” --Paul Harvey
The few examples named went into retarding the moral, psychological and intellectual growth of those born in the sixties into the present. Such illusions of justice and liberty are no more relevant then a bird unable to fly and be among kith and kin. Barbarism knows only the way of might but in the end did not such a path destroy their progenitors?

1942 Operation Paperclip: The following is an exercise in
hypocrisy; the intelligence community brings Nazi criminals to America.

1947 Creation of the C.I.A: President Harry Truman signs
the charter that brings the C.I.A. into existence.

1949 Operation Mockingbird: The infiltration of the
media begins, and journalists are used to disseminate misinformation as well as spy on their colleagues.

How Greek Philosophy Corrupted The Christian Church of GOD Richard Hopkins The Biggest Secret David Icke

1953 M.K. Ultra: Funded by the Rockefeller and Ford foundation: L S D and other forms of mild-altering drugs were used too brainwash prisoners and the masses.

Broken Alliance (The Turbulent Times Between Blacks and Jews in America) Jonathan Kaufman



Fall 2005

Ba-Tu Prophets, Saviors, Seers, Priests, and Priestesses


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who walked in the light of z and whose ‘passion’ for life, not to mention the welfare of their fellow man and woman, stands as a living testament to divine wisdom, compassion, empathy, humility, altruism, sacrifice, and above all the transformational power of love. To these great warriors, conquerors, heroes, and heroines, who fought and won the greatest battle ever, that being the war against the limitations, vices, desires, and sins of the self, we say MOJUBA! Let us honor their memory by using their lives as an example par excellent, and by doing so show that we cherish the guidance and blessings that is sent to us, by whatever means, each passing day. We hail... KODA, CHADA, ORUNMILA, SHAMBA BOLONGONGO, CHEYI, CHAMINUKA, KINTU, ABUK, ANOKYE OKOMFO, ETIM NE, KAMONU, IMHOTEP, MUJAJI, NYIKANG, LE’EYO, AKHENATEN, ODUDUWA, NASILELE, WOTO, HWANDJELE, MOGO WA KEBIRO, NWANYERUWA, SAWOYE, MWAMBU, ZOA, NAMBI, AMA BONSU, GARANG, MARIMBA, SELA, TWE ADODO, LEBE, FARAN, MARWE, NGUNZA, ORANMIYAN, ROZWI, MOTU, NEHANDA, AUSAR, KAGUBI, KIMPA VITA, and lastly, the yet born Savior of aBa ntu abam’nyama, LUZWI MUUNDI . On all of them be PEACE...

In the way of

BA-Tu Counseling, Guidance, and Healing through Temple Etherians the Principles of
of the


z ... (African-centered)

The approach is truth (balance), The way is God (love), The consequence is transformation /
• • • • •

Marriage/Pre-Marital Counseling Family, Individual, Child Counseling Divorce Alcohol & Substance Abuse Depression


Priest Ra-El Mahanem Elioenai


Church f he Perfect Man


Fall 2005


Music Reviews
Babatunde Olatunji: Drums of Passion
nyone who is familiar with traditional drumming cannot help but appreciate Babatunde Olatunji. Coming to the United States via Atlanta to attend Morehouse College, those unfamiliar with music from Africa would become acquainted with it with the release of “Drums of Passion” in 1959. This without a doubt is one of my favorite releases from a artist from the continent, beginning with a song of praise on side one ‘Chan-go’ (Shango) followed by gems on the same side such as ‘Ah-key-woh-woh’ (Akiwowo). Not withstanding is ‘Gin-go-lo-bah’ (Gin-go-lo-ba), and side two shows the listener that true music needs little words, as Baba-GeeUn-Day (Baba Jinde) and Oh-yin-Maw-Maw-Ah-Dough (Oyin Momo Ado) move your body relentlessly as if one is back in the Motherland. Babatunde Olatunji made his transition April 6, 2003, and with his mixture of traditional drumming and jazz this pioneer of African music stands as a giant in a genre that currently is about marketing instead of talent. Five stars!!!


Babatunde Olatunji
1927 2003

I fed yo momma revolution....
By Kefentse Bandele

Our people suffer from a horrific disease called self-hate! So it’s written my child come forth and take yo place. Among the men and women who’s had the honor of ‘Oludumare’s’ grace! I’ll be damned if your subjected to assimilation, or just gettin a job and a degree!

while you were in her womb, so she will givin birth, to a freedom fighter real soon. I read the words of the elders and the ancestors too! Plus, Baba read his own words hopin’ it I’ll be damned if I stand by and allow your spirituality to be will manifest in you. robbed! But never the less yo momma and I find it PAINFULLY necessary, to feed our soldier revolution, and I fed yo momma revolution...so you gotta price to pay, give birth to a revolutionary!!! I didn’t have to feed her much cause revolution’s in her d.n.a. No matter the avenue you choose it will lead to uhuru... liberation you will see, the relevancy of the obstacles you will be facin’!!! I fed yo momma revolution...so you can feed on the fruits of war. Some may say it’s selfish to engage u in this but that’s what I make my children for! To defend, defeat, attack or retreat, and soon as you able to stand on 2 feet, I’mma start showerin’ you in the ways of the scales, and show you the difference between heaven and hell! Most of the lessons daddy got in the store, are bought and paid for, see I’ve been through this before! I fed yo momma revolution... so yo destiny is to die! No time to ask why, and it damn sure ain’t time to cry. It ain’t fair but our circumstances dictate our fate!



Fall 2005

The Broken Okoma:
The Ultimate Betrayal of J.B. Danquah
By Jabulani Durojaye

Kwame Nkrumah’s infatuation with power grew to the point of eradicating real or imagined adversaries; this exercise in egotism went as far Nkrumah declaring himself “President for Life”, with Gestapo forces to discourage attempts on his life (many of which were C.I.A. orchestrated). This reached its apex with J.B. Danquah being sentenced to Nsawam Medium-Security Prison for challenging the C.P.P. Danquah would die at the age of 69 in this prison, and what followed was even more shocking. Nkrumah passed an edict stating J.B. Danquah was not too be mourned or his life and accomplishments celebrated. Osegyefo would later pay for his naivete, and arrogance with the C.I.A. supported coup that put Col. E.K. Kotoka in power. While Kwame Nkrumah made a monumental contribution to Pan-Africanism becoming pervasive, we must remember irrespective of melanin the old adage “absolute power, corrupts absolutely”, and learn that African socialism cannot work towards uplifting the collective continental or in the Diaspora. For this system ignores morality, ethical conduct, and the Nsaman Pa. If we look at the indigenous culture in its quintessence their was no separation of spirituality, and the political body, that is a European phenomenon. And this is why as a system African socialism has failed because African leaders trained in Eurocentric pedagogy were all too willing to accept the ways of the west. So when we pick up the ‘Akan Doctrine of GOD’, or read the speeches of the Doyen of Ghanaian politics, let us remember J.B. Danquah for helping not just Ghana but those in America who rediscovered themselves.

Pictured left are: J.B. Danquah, and brother, Okyenhene Nana Ofori Atta 1.

etrayal is a flaw inherent in most people, but when utilized as action whom which you betray cannot only hurt the individual it is directed towards, but taint a legacy as well. Kwame Nkrumah, Osegyefo (the liberator, of the sons and daughters of Nyame) assumed a place in the hearts of European Marxists, and African revolutionaries of the western world, but left out of the narratives of this staunch panAfricanist is a sad chapter of the failure of socialism and the covenant broken with another pan-Africanist. Who played just as an important role in Ghana’s independence from British domination? Nana Kwame Kweretwie, or more commonly known to African intelligentsia and nationalists as J.B. Danquah, Danquah a brilliant literati and champion of Ghanaian culture would die in prison ironically by the decree of his former student, Nkrumah whom he taught at Achimota College known in the present day as The University of Ghana).


An Invitation to Disaster: Arnold Beichman The Akan Doctrine of GOD: J.B. Danquah The Handbook of Revolutionary Warfare: Kwame Nkrumah Africa Must Unite: Kwame Nkrumah The Rise and Fall of Kwame Nkrumah

Without question this is a all too tragic trend in African socialist regimes. In Guinea, Ahmad Sekou Toure who would rule Guinea for twenty-six years, became a despot and butcher, even jailing Kwame Toure. Nkrumah politically was educated in London and the United States. Upon becoming Ghana’s prime minister on March 6,1957; Nkrumah would exhibit erratic behavior in his rule as well as a consummate need for self-aggrandizement. J.B Danquah served as the opponent, and antithesis to Nkrumah’s (Convention People’s Party: C.P.P.) and this aided in sealing his fate.



Fall 2005



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the failure of a clan

pt. 1

f the truth be told the importance of friendship and brotherhood cannot be stressed and emphasized enough. When in our youthful years the actual significance of friendship flies by most because all too often persons are seen as instantaneously replaceable. Hence, by the time most Westerners have reached the age of 18 they have had on average 5 to 10 supposed best friends and 10 to 20 assumed good friends. Of course such trivializing of human relationships just frankly does not exist in places where the highly contagious disease of capitalism and gross individualism have not been allowed to infect the general populous. people compreTraditionally, Ba-Tu hended the necessity of age-grade grouping and the importance of ‘vowed brotherhoods’ (as well as ‘vowed sisterhoods) as a stabilizing force required to insure the peace, productivity and protection of any given nation. This fact


can be easily proven by taking a cursory glance through any so- The Five Deadly Venoms Clan: Lo Meng (the Toad), Kuo Chui (the Lizard), Sun Chien (the Scorpion), Lu Feng (the Centipede), Wei Pai (the Snake), and called social and/or anthropo- Chiang Sheng (young Venom), were not only actual martial artists who starred in a number of Shaw Brothers kung fu classics, but off-screen ‘blood brothers’ whose logical tome clan feel apart due to the closing of Shaw Studios. As a result their friendships dealing with the suffered and all were eventually left to their own devices which unfortunately resulted in the subsequent demise of Chiang Sheng (young Venom). It can never be peculiarities of stressed enough that we are indeed our ‘brother’s keeper,’ for when brotherhoods supposed African dissolve and clans break asunder the result(s) are most often than not catastrophic! people. In the to incur displeasure. If he does now classic ‘Facing Mt. Kenya’ by not change his ways he will find Jomo Kenyatta it is clearly brought to his old companions have deserted light how important mbare (mbari), i.e. him.” (Facing Mt. Kenya by brotherhood (and sisterhood) clans are. Jomo Kenyatta)
“The teaching of social obligations is emphasized by the classification of age-groups. When a man of the same age-group injures another it is a serious magico-religious offense. They are like blood brothers; they must not do any wrong to each other. The selfish or reckless youth is taught by the opinion of his age-group that it does not pay


If such a moral code of brotherhood was adopted and practiced among so-called African-Americans today then what some prefer to misnomer Black-on Black crime would practically cease to exist.
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brought you Spiderman. Stephen Strange, an arrogant surgeon loses the mobility in his hands as a result of a car accident. Sinking to the depths of depravity, a chance meeting with a Tibetan mystic left Strange among priests of a concealed order. Baron Mordu plays the antagonist, and servant of the sinister Dormammu. Upon foiling the machinations of Mordu, Dr Strange was accepted as an apprentice.


Fall 2005

Esoteric Universe Continued from Page 1
Native American “Centurious”). This is the scenario; Johnnie Blaze is the son of cyclist Barton Blaze, who was lost during a motorcycle stunt. His mother Clara died during childbirth. Raised by cyclist Crash Simpson, Johnnie Blaze indulged in negative occultism. This implores him to make a bargain with the demon lord “Mephisto” to save the life of Simpson who is afflicted with a rare blood disease, and thus the Ghost Rider is born! Possession, sorcery and the fostering of demonic forces were a staple in the Marvel Universe in the 1970’s. For the record, Nicolas Cage is the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola, who brought “The Godfather” to life. Ironically, Mario Puzo the author of the “Godfather”, enjoyed a short stint at Marvel comics. On this plane there are no coincidences, apprentices for darkness, just like for light is groomed. battles the forces of evil with his magical deck (or more commonly Tarot deck, which was created in Atlantis and used in Kmt). Dealing with opening portals from other dimensions, Egyptian cosmology and reincarnation. Yu-gi-oh is in fact a pharaoh that deals with the ancestry of the Omuntu omnyama. Whether negative or for marshaling sentinels to battle fallen gods, it starts with children, for their imagination is a powerful weapon indeed. Who creates and controls the cartoon/comic world? Answer, adults and many are occult adepts who are planting the seeds of good and evil using a powerful tool, which is curiosity.

Daimon Hellstrom:

“The Son of Satan” Daimon Hellstrom, this a name Marvel Comics will not acknowledge, but in 1973 he made his debut in Marvel Spotlight. For comic enthusiasts he was known as “The Son of Satan”, the half-breed demon and prince of hell is the son of Shaytaan and Victoria Wingate, and has a sister Satana who would have purely malevolent qualities. Anticipating a backlash the rueful campaign in misinformation was encouraged, with Marvel writers stating this Shaytaan is not the one of the Christian faith. Verily, many archdaemons existed millennia ago in other religious folklore such as “Iblis” in Al-Islaam, and “Angra Mainyo” in Zoroastrianism. Classes of demons include lesser demons, servant class (or those born with a human), or the Lords, which are the fallen or cast down during the time of birth and infant like ignorance of man. Battling in other dimensions, “The Son of Satan” would exist in the mortal realm with the occupation of demonologist, and occult researcher. Joining the Defenders, he would marry fellow member Hellcat fading into the comic abyss in 1983.

May those who desire esoteric knowledge stand with the ‘Banjele’ (angelic beings of light) and not the ‘Ajogun’ (fallen ethereal beings, who plot the destruction of mankind), and know that if a child stands against their caretakers the nation implodes.

Dragonball Z:

Johnnie Blaze: Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider, this soon to be adaptation on-screen starring Nicolas Cage (who took the last name, after marvel hero Luke Cage) as Johnnie Blaze, who tragically serves as a walk-in for the demon “Zarathos” (who battled the

The Adventures of Goku Dragonball Z, The Adventures of Goku, in fact are the chronicles of the Sumerian Gods. Goku and Vegeta are none other then the deities ‘Enki’ and ‘Enlil’, the two brothers who were bitter rivals. Themes of demi-gods saturate the cartoon (this is the Sons of GODS, and the Daughters of Men) teaching the lesson that when bloodlines are diluted it more than often results in a hybrid race that subsequently loses the glorious legacy of its superior parentage. The Z fighters represent many of our progenitors, such as Piccolo (Zulu), Krillin (Twa), Tien (Dravidian), and Yamcha (Ashanti). What is well concealed is the ability to utilize the ‘kundalini’ energy and astral projection to do things that are superhuman to the mind of a child.

Marvel Spotlight 13 Marvel Spotlight 5 Strange Tales 110

Yu-gi-oh: Duel Master Supreme
Yu-gi-oh, another popular cartoon at this time, began in Japan with the young hero brown skinned. Yu-gi-oh