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The Holy Tabernacle Ministries' Purpose Is To Prepare You For The Real Messiah, However, We Must First Prepare You For The Anti-Christ As Stated In 1st John 2:18 And I Quote: "Little Children, It Is The Last Time: And As Ye Have Heard That The Anti-Christ Shall Come, Even Now Are There Many Anti-Christs; Whereby We Know That It Is The Last Time". You See By The Word "Now" (vw) In Greek Means "At This Time, The Present"; John Taught That He Was In The Last Times. And In Matthew 24:5 It States, "For Many Shall Come In My Name, Saying I Am Christ; And Shall Deceive Many." In This Quote The Word "Shall" Meant He Taught It Was To Come In Later Times. In Greek, The Word For "Anti-Christ" Is "Antichristos" (avuXpUJTOc;) And In Ashuric/Syriac (Arabic) Muslims Use The Word Did-da Al Masiyh (c±^JIo^) Or "Masiyh AI Dajjaal" (c-^-o Jl^J!) "The False Christ" Meaning: "A Swindler, Cheat, Imposter. Quack, Charlatan, Lying Christ": And The Verb "Dajjala" Means To: "Deceive Dupe, Cheat, Take In Impose And Use Trickery". The Dajjaal Or Anti-Christ Will Cover The Earth In Magnitude. And Who Is The Anti-Christ? It's Your Religious Teacher Or

Authored By: Dr. Malachi Z. York For The Holy Tabernacle Ministries

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ, Preacher And His Followers, And They Will Promise You Earthly Treasures, Comforts And Luxuries For After You Die To Deceive And Win Your Heart. The Beguiler (Numbers 25:18, Koran 8:62, Colossians 2:4), The Anti-Christ, Does His Job So Well, That He Has Even Managed To Swindle His Way Into The Truth, Which Has Resulted In Many People Getting Caught Up In His Web. So Beware Of Charismatic Teachers And Fast Talking Preachers Who Are All Teaching You To Let Your Guard Down By Telling You That The Loving God Or Heavenly Father Would Leave You In Suffering And Ignorance; Or They'll Just Tell You It's A Test Of Faith. First Of All, An All-Knowing God Doesn't Have To Test You. He Already Knows What You Are Going To Do, Right! It's One Thing To Say God Is Testing You, But It's Another Thing To Watch Your Children Turn Into Drug Addicts Because They Can't Deal With This Life, Or Be Born Deformed Into A World They See As No Hope, And These Preachers And Teachers And Sheikhs Try To Tell You That Is God's Loving Plan. They All Use The Same Mis-Translation Of The Bible Or Koran. They Can't Get Together On What It Means. Each Has His/Her Interpretation Of It Without Even Knowing The Real Language Of It.

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ

Two-faced baby get chance at normal life

Figure 1

Parents Of A Child Born With Two Faces Sees His Only Hope For A Normal Life In The Hands Of Human Doctors. This Is Why I Have Authored A Line Of Books Entitled Is God A Wimp? Scroll #86; Does God Help His Own? Scroll #99; Who Is God? Scroll #103; Does God Need Love? Scroll #109; Whose God Is Responsible? Scroll #89; Does God Need Religion? Scroll #97; Does God And The Devil Exist? Scroll #93; What Is God's Language? Scroll #96; Is Jesus The God Of The Koran? Scroll #100;

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ What Is God Doing For You? Scroll #54 And Others, Because The Almighty, All Powerful God Is Not Intimidated On Behalf Of His Loyal Servant, Because He Is Trying To Prepare You For The False Messiahs That Are Yet To Come. Whose God Is Responsible? Not My God, Because You Can't Tell Me God Is Loving And The World Is In This State. It's The Devil Who Wants You To Accept Suffering. In Fact, The Scriptures Say That This World Is The Devil's Kingdom In Luke 4:5-6 When Satan Tells Jesus He Will Give Him Power Over The Whole World And I Quote: "And The Devil, Taking Him Up Into A High Mountain, Showed Unto Him All The Kingdoms Of The World In A Moment Of Time. (6) And The Devil Said Unto Him. All The Power mil I Give Thee, And The Glory Of Them: For That Is Delivered Unto Me; And To Whomsoever I Will, I Give It" Also If The Statement Is Made By Jesus "Thy Kingdom Come" In Matthew 6:10, Then You Tel! Me Whose Kingdom Are We Living In? And If Satan Is "The Prince Of Devils" (Matthew 12:24), Then There Must Be A "King" Which Is Defined According To One Of Your Most Popular Reference Sources, "Webster", As "The Male Ruler Of A Nation Or

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ, State Usually Called A Kingdom" And If There Is A King, Of Course There's A Kingdom, The Planet Earth, Which Is The Devil's Playground. This Is Satan's Structure (Ephesians6:12) He Is Also Known As, The Devil, Enzu, Beelzebub, Humbaba, Tarnush, Anzu, Zuen, Shakhar, Iblis, Shaytaan, Taaghuut.
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_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_
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_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ^ Until He Found Job (Job 2:2), And What Did He Do?



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With These Influences, His Powers Control Nations, Governments, Cities, And Towns. Satan's Spider Web Covers The Whole World And Very Few Escape From Him. Question: Why Would You Say The Earth Is The Devil's Playground? Ans: Let's Look At Job, Who The Bible States In Job 1:1 And I Quote: "Was Perfect And Upright And One That Feared God And Escheweth Evil", Yet, The Devil Played With His Wealth, Emotions, And His Life. First Satan Was "Going To And Fro In The Earth And Walking Up And Down In It" Figure 2 Job Son Of Issachar And Ataara He Took Everything He Had, Killed His Family, And Destroyed Their Homes As Stated In Job 1:14-19 And I Quote: "And There Came A

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ^ Messenger (MALAK) Unto Job, And Said "The Oxen Were Plowing, And The Asses Feeding Beside Them: (15) And The Sabeans Fell Upon Them, And Took Them Away; Yea. They Have Slain The Servants...(16) While He Was Yet Speaking, There Came Also Another, And Said, The Fire Of God (ELOHEEM) Is Fallen From Heaven. And Hath Burned Up The Sheep. And The Servants. And Consumed Them.... (17) While He Was Yet Speaking, There Came Also Another, And Said, The Chaldeans Made Out Three Bands, And Fell Upon The Camels. And Have Carried Them Away. Yea. And Slain The Servants... (18) While He Was Yet Speaking, There Came Also Another, And Said, Thy Sons And Thy Daughters Were Eating And Drinking Wine In Their Eldest Brother's House: (19) And Behold, There Came A Great Wind From The Wilderness And Smote The Four Corners Of The House. And It Fell Upon The Young Men. And They Are Dead" And Job Was Afflicted With Disease As Stated In Job 2:7, "So Went Satan Forth From The Presence Of The Lord (YAHWEH), And Smote Job With Sore Boils From The Sole Of His Foot Unto His Crown." And All For What? Just To See What Job Would Do

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ Now Let's Go Back To A Very Important Element In The First Chapter Of Job. The Fact That God Gave Satan Permission To Do EVIL Unto His "Perfect And Upright" Servant In Job 1:12 And I Quote: "And The Lord (YAHWEH) Said Unto Satan, Behold, All That He Hath Is In Thy Power...". Why Did I Use The Word "Evil", Which Translates In Hebrew As "Rah" (JH) Meaning, "Disagreeableness"! Because The Scriptures That You Follow Uses It, As Stated In Jeremiah 18:8 The Lord (YAHWEH) And I Quote: "If That Nation, Against Whom I Have Pronounced, Turn From Their Evil I Will Repent Of The EltiLThat I Thought To Do Unto Them." And What Was Done To Job, His Family, And His Servants Was In Fact, Disagreeable. However, This Verse, Jeremiah 18:8, Is Saying That If These People Turn Away From Evil Then 'God Won't Do Evil To Them9 This Brings To Question, Then What Is This Evil That God Thought To Do To Them? Think About It, You Are Saying God Can Do Evil. You Were Taught And Groomed By Your Preachers And Teachers To Look At Evil As Anything In Relation To The Devil And What He Does, As A Malicious And Deliberate Attempt To Hurt Or

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ^ Destroy A Person As We've Just Read In The Story Of Job. And According To " Websters New World Dictionary" The Word "Evil" Means: "Morally Bad Or Wrong; Wicked; Depraved; Resulting From Conduct Regarded As Immoral; Harmful; Injurious; Offensive; Unlucky; Disastrous; Wickedness; Depravity; Sin; Anything That Causes Harm, Pain, Disaster, Etc." So Now I Ask You Is This The Same Evil That Your God Thought To Do In Jeremiah 18:8 And In Many Other Places In The Scriptures That You Avidly Follow? Another Example Is, In Jonah 3:10, And I Quote: "And God (ELOHEEM) Saw Their Works, That They Turned From Their Evil Way; And God (ELOHEEM) Repented Of The Evil, That He Had Said That He Would Do Unto Them; And He Did It Not. " But Not In The Case Of Job. Yet, The Scriptures Also Show That God Does Keep His Servants From Evil, Because In 1 Samuel 25:39 He Helped David With Nabal And I Quote: "Blessed Be The Lord (YAHWEH) Of My Reproach^.From The Hand Of Nabal, And Hath Kept His Servant From Evil..." Meaning That He Kept Nabal From Doing Anything To Him. However, Not In The Case Of Job. And In Psalm 34:14-16 It Says And I Quote: ''Depart From Evil, And Do Good; Seek Peace, And Pursue It. (15)

JBe Prepared For The Anti-Christ, The Eyes Of The Lord (YAHWEH) Are Upon The Righteous (ZODOQITE) And His Ears Are Open Unto Their Cry. (16) The Face Of The Lord (YAHWEH) Is Against Them That Do Evil, To Cut Off The Remembrance Of Them From The Earth. (17) The Righteous Cry, And The Lord (YAHWEH) Heareth And Delivereth Them Out Of All Their Troubles". But Not In The Case Of Job. If God's Eyes Were Over Job And His Ears Were Open For The Righteous Of Whom Job Undoubtedly Was, Then, This God Ignored Job To Prove A Point To Satan Whom He Created. And Why Were All Of Job's Servants, Children And Animals Killed When The Whole Point Was To Be Made With Job, How He Would Endure, Or Was It A Game? Or This God Wasn't Sure About His Servant. Whatever The Case May Be, Innocent People's Lives Were Disrupted And Destroyed. And As For The Animals, Even If You Say That They Would Have Eventually Been Slain For Food, At Least They Would Have Been Used To Sustain Another Life. Just Take For Instance "The Curse Of Canaan", A Subject That Is The Root Of Much Racism.



_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ But If We Look At Genesis 9:24, When Noah Had Awaken From His Wine And Knew What His Younger Son, Ham Had Done To Him, He Goes On To Curse Him. Europeans Say This Curse Is Why People Are Black Skinned And Have Big Lips. We, Nubians Know The Curse Is Why People Are Pale Albino And Leprous; Just Read Leviticus Chapters 13 And 14. But If We Look At The Story It's All About The Flood Itself, Which Starts In Genesis Chapter 7, All The Way Up To The 9th Chapter Is Mass Murder, The Drowning Of Millions Of People.

Figure 3

Noah Son Of Lamech And Kamilah

Figure 4 Ham Son Of

Noah And Namah

According To Jews Who Believe In The Torah (Genesis 7:10). Christians Who Believe In The New Testament (2 Peters 2:5) And Of Course, The Muhammadans Who Believe In The Koran (Koran 29:14), They Accept That This God (YAHWEH, THEHOS, Or ALLAH) In Genesis 6:6, Who REPENTED (Nakham [DH3]) Which Means, 'He Was Sorry", He Pitied Himself, He Was Grieved Because He Had Made Adam (Man) On Earth'. So In Verse 7 He Proceeds To Say "/ Will Destroy Man Whom I Have Created". Then He Went On Even Further To Want To Kill All The Beasts, And All

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ The Creeping Things And All The Fowls, Because He REPENTED Or Was Grieved Because He Made A Mistake.

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ Because And I Quote: "And God (YAHWEH) Saw That The WICKEDNESS (Rah /in/ Disagreeableness) Of Man (Adamites) Was Great In The Earth...". So Now If God Was Going To Drown Humanity Because He Created Them, And They Became Evil, Then He Doesn't Know All Things Because, He Would Have Known That They Were Going To Become Evil And Thus Wouldn't Have Created Them, Or It's A Game. You Create Them Knowing They Would Become Evil Just So You Could Destroy Them. But The Point I'm Reaching At Is, Why Must AH The Animals And The Birds Die If It Was Man That Did The Wickedness? So Then After The Flood Or Mass Murder, Noah, Whose Mind Should Be Controlled By God Because Genesis 6:9 Refers To Noah As "Just" And "Perfect" And States That "He Walked With God (ELOHEEM)" Why Did God Allow His Son In Genesis 9:22 To Look At His Nakedness Or PO Something To Him, Knowing That In Leviticus Chapter 18:7 It Was A Sin For A Child To Look At

Figure 5

The Flood Was To Preserve The Good In Man, Yet Evil Still Persists. The Point Is, This God f s Purpose For Drowning Humanity According To Genesis Chapter 6:5 Was

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ, The Nakedness Of The Mother Or Father? Yet, Ham Was Allowed, And Then Noah Found Out And In Genesis 9:25 Placed A Curse On His Son Canaan Making Him A Slave Or Servant ('Abd [o^]) To His Brothers Which Is A Contradiction, Because It Clearly States In Deuteronomy 6:73-75; Where God Says: 'Don't Serve Any Other Beings In The Heavens Above, On The Earth, Or Beneath The Earth, But You Are To Serve Him Alone Because He Is Jealous'.

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ

Figure 7 Shem Son Of Noah And Namah

Figure 6 Canaan Albino Son Of Ham And Haliyma

Figure 8 Japheth Son Of Noah And Namah

JSe Prepared For The Anti-Christ, Yet, Genesis 9:25 Declares Him A Servant Of Servants. And If You Read Verse 26 And He Said "Blessed Be The Lord God (YAHWEH ELOHEEM) OfShem And Canaan Shall Be His Servant". So The Curse Was More Than Being A Servant Of Servants. And Then Again In Verse 27, God (ELOHEEM) Shall Enlarge Japheth And He Shall Dwell In The Tents OfShem And Canaan Shall Be His Servant'9. It Is Clear That Noah Was Casting His Own Curse And That The Servitude Or Making One A Servant Was Going Against Deuteronomy 10:12 And 11:13. And All Of This Could Have Been Prevented, Which Means None Of This Had To Happen If God Knew The Nature Of The Human Beings That He Was Making And Creating, As Found In Psalm 139:2-3 Where It Clearly States That God Knowest All Of My Thoughts, And I Quote: "Thou Knowest My Downsitting And Mine Uprising, Thou Understandest My Thought Afar Off. Thou Compasseth My Path And My Lying Down, And Art Acquainted With All My Ways." Then He Would Have Known That Man Was Going To Go Bad And He Would Have Known That Ham Was Going To Look At The Nudity Of His Father And He Would Have Known That Noah Was Going To Declare

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ Canaan A Servant To A Being Other Than Him. All Of This Could Have Been Prevented Or It's Just A Big Game. Now Let's Take The Temptation Of Jesus Who God Said In Matthew 3:17 And I Quote: "...This Is My Beloved Son, In Whom I Am Well Pleased". In Matthew 4:2 " And When Jesus Had Fasted For Forty Days And Forty Nights, He Was Afterward Hungry " Firstly, If Jesus Was God, God Can't Become Hungry. And Satan Said To Jesus In The Next Verse, Matthew 4:3: "...If Thou Be The Son Of God (THEHOS) Command That These Stones Be Made Bread". Then Jesus Was Taken To The Top Of The Temple In Jerusalem And Satan Said In The 6th Verse And I Quote: "If Thou Be The Son Of God, Cast Thyself Down; For It Is Written, He Shall Give His Angels Charge...". Then In Verse 8-9 Jesus Was Taken Up To A Very High Mountain And Was Shown All The Kingdoms Of The World And Satan Says: "All These Things I Will Give Thee, If Thou Wilt Fall Down And Worship Me". Now Go Back And Read Matthew 4:1 And I Quote: "Then Was Jesus Led Up Of The Spirit Into The Wilderness To Be Tempted Of The Devil." So Is This Verse Saying That Jesus, The BELOVED SON OF GOD Was Purposely Taken To Be



JBe Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ Tempted By The Devil. Yet, In Matthew 6:13 Jesus Leads A Prayer Stating: "And Lead Us Not Into Temptation, But Deliver Us From Evil...". And In Verse 8 Jesus Tells Them That "...Your Father Knoweth What Things Ye Have Need Of, Before Ye Ask Him." Yet, When God Was Speaking To The People Of Philadelphia In Revelation 3:10, He Told Them That He Would Keep Them From Temptation And I Quote: "Because Thou Hast Kept The Word Of My Patience, I Also Will Keep Thee From The Hour Of Temptation...". The Word "Temptation" In Greek "Peirasmos" (rceipaa^ux;) Means ''Experiment, Attempt. Trial, Proving." Jesus Says Anything You Ask The Father For He Will Give You, As Stated In Matthew 7:7 And I Quote: Ask, And It Shall Be Given..." And Verse 8 Goes On To Say "For Anyone That Asketh Receiveth", And The 9th Verse States: "Or What Man Is There Of You, Whom If His Son Ask Bread, Will He Give Him A Stone". Couldn't God, The Almighty, All Powerful, By The Wave Of His Hand, Turn The Stone Into Bread For His Beloved Son In Whom He Was Well Pleased (Matthew 3:17) And Prevent Satan From Harassing Him Any Further? Or Better Yet, He Could Have Just Prevented The Devil From Approaching Him At All.

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ He Gave His Chosen People, The Children Of Israel. Manna (Mushrooms) When They Were In The Wilderness (Exodus 16:15). When Jesus Was On The Crucifixion Cross, According To John 19:29, Why Was He Allowed To Get Vinegar When He Asked For Water? Or Are We Talking About Two Different Fathers Or Two Different Gods, Or There's An Obvious Contradiction Here? Because Jesus Did Ask His Father In Matthew 6:13 To "Lead Us Not Into Temptation" And He Used The Word "Us" Meaning Inclusive Of Himself, But His Father Allowed Him To Be Tempted Anyway. Or Like Previously Stated, It's A Game. Think About It! It Can All Be A Game, Or Someone Else Other Than Whom You've Been Taught About Has Been Guiding Your Life. Whatever The Case May Be It's Real And The Results And Consequences Are Real, And For Some, Almost Like A Living Hell. Ques: Could Jesus Have Been Referring To Two Different Fathers Or Two Different Gods When Asking For Help? Ans: You Tell Me, Because In Matthew 6:9 Jesus Refers To God As, And I Quote: "...Our Father. The Word "Father" Is Actually The Schoolboy


_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ Slang For The Greek Word "Pater" (TOXTTp), And Is Where The Word "Paternal" Comes From Meaning, "Of, Like A Father; Fatherly; Derived Or Inherited From A Father9; Related To The Father's Side Of The Family" According To "Webster's New World Dictionary". And The Word "Our" Is From The Greek Word "Nostrum" (rpexepOc;) Which Is The Possessive Form Of The Pronoun "We". So In Matthew 6:9, Jesus Is Generalizing "Our Father", Who Art In Heaven, Which Is, In Heaven. However, In The 26th Chapter Of Matthew When The Time Was Coming Near For Jesus To Be Crucified He Asked His Father For Help Three Times: Once Verse 39 And I Quote: "O My Father. If It Be Possible, Let This Cup Pass From Me...". A Second Time In Verse 42 And 1 Quote: "O My Father. If This Cup May Not Pass Away From Me..." And In Verse 44 It Says And 1 Quote: "And He Left Them, And Went Away Again, And Prayed The Third Time, Saying The Same Words." In These Verses Jesus No Longer Generalized The Word "Father" By Saying Our Father, But Rather, He Speaks In Terms Of "My Father". Another Instance Is When He Says In Luke 2:49 "...IMust Be About My Father's Business". The Greek Word For

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ, "My" Is Emos (£|10<;), Which Is The Possessive Form Of The Pronoun "I". Now Remember Jesus Told His Disciples To Pray In A Certain Manner In Matthew 6:9, And I Quote: "After This Manner Therefore Pray Ye: Our Father Which Art In Heaven..." Meaning Everybody's Father, And He's In Heaven. So This Is Another Contradiction In The Bible, Or Is Jesus Addressing Someone Else As Father, Meaning His Own Father. And This Point Could Also Be True Because He Says In The Same Verse, Matthew 6:9, Pray "Ye", Which Is The Archaic "You" Meaning, This Is How You Pray. "Our Father". Jesus Was The Son Of God (Matthew 26:63) And He Was The Son Of Man (Matthew 16:13*. So This God Was A Man, A Mortal Because Jesus Was His Son And Jesus Also Places This God In Heaven. That Means, To Be Inside Something. You Must, As 1 Said Before, Be Smaller Than Heaven To Be In It. Jesus Makes The Distinction Between God And His Father In Revelation 1:6 And I Quote: "And He Made Us Kings And Priests Unto God (THEHOS) And His Father (Pater)...". Take Note That They Use The Word "And" Which Means, "Together With Or Along With: Also; In Addition; As Well As." Thus Separating The Words "God" And "His * 23

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ^ Father", Otherwise It Would Have Stated "God, The Father" Or "God Who Is Thv Father". So When Jesus Said "Our Father" It Was General, But Then He Speaks Of "My Father" Making It Personal. So Jesus Separates God From His Father; He Makes A Distinction: One Being God, Our Father And One Being God, My Father. In The First Chapter Of John, The 13th Verse, It States That 'He Was Born, Not Of Blood. Nor Of The Will Of The Flesh, Nor Of The Will Of Man, But Of God'. However, In Verse 14 It States, 'When He Was Made Flesh, And Dwelt Among Us And We Beheld His Glory, The Glory As Of The Only Begotten Of The Father.' And Verse 18 Goes On To Say That "No Man Hath Seen God (THEHOS) At Any Time; The Only Begotten Son, Which Is In The Bosom Of The Father...", Making Another Distinction Between "God" And "Father". Another Point I'd Like To Bring Out Here Is That, If Jesus Was Standing On Earth, How Could He Be In The Bosom Of The Father? And He Was Indeed On Earth Because In John 1:29 It Says, And I Quote: "The Next Day John Seeth Jesus Coming Unto Him..." And In Verse 36 Of The Very Same Chapter, Jesus Was Seen Again And 1 Quote: "And Looking Upon Jesus As He Walked...". So St. John 1:18 Spoke About Jesus In The Bosom Of The Father,

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ Father, And According To Matthew 6:9 The Father Is In Heaven. Now Where Was Jesus And What Does He Mean By "In The Bosom Of The Father."

Figure 9 Location Of The Bosom In The Human Body The Word "Bosom" Is Translated From The Greek Word "Kolpos" (K^OTig And Is Located In The Front Of The Body Between The Arms Which Mean That Jesus' Father Had A Physical Body In Order For Jesus To Be In His Bosom. The Exact Same Word "Bosom" (Kolpos) Is Used In St. John 13:23 When One Of Jesus' Disciples Was Leaning On His Breast Or Bosom And I Quote: "Now There Was Leaning On Jesus' Bosom One OJ His Disciples", And For

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ, You To Clearly Overstand The Area In Which His Disciple Was Leaning On Him We'll Go To The 25th Verse Of This Same Chapter Where It Clearly Says And I Quote: "He Then Lying On Jesus' Breast".

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ Our Father He Had To Be Referring To Someone Greater Than His Father, Because He Contains Him By Using The Statement "Who Is In Heaven". And This Father Also Made A Separation In Matthew 3:17 When He Said "...This Is My_ Beloved Son, In Whom I Am Well Pleased". The Son Was Sent To Bear Witness Of Him, As A Physical Manifestation Of God (John 1:7). You Won't See God Manifest. So YAHWEH, Meaning "OH HE WHO IS"; Allah, Meaning "THE SOURCE"; God Or Whomever You Choose To Call Him, Stayed In The Heavens According To Your Scriptures Or Up On A Mountain According To Moses' Incident Found In The Torah (Exodus 3:4) And The Koran (Koran 7:143). The New Testament, The Book Of Revelation, Chapter 21:2 Refers To It As "The Holy City Coming Down From Out Of Heaven", A Portion Of Heaven, Which Came From Heaven. The Greek Word For "Heaven" In Revelation 21:2 Is "Ouranos" (ODpCCVOg ORION Skies, A Place That Can Be Found In Any Astronomy Book In High School Today.

Figure 10

Of Course Some Of You Might Say That The Word "Bosom" Is Symbolic And Means That Jesus Was In His Heart. If That Was The Case Then They Would Have Used The Word "Kardia" (KOpSia) The Greek Word For "The Emotional Heart". So Again, The Father That Jesus Was Referring To That Has A Bosom And Who Is La Heaven Could Not Have Been The Same God Who Is Creator Of The Heavens. So When Jesus Was Referring To

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christl_ _Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ Was In The ORION Star Constellation, A Specific Place Mapable In These Days And Times With Your Advanced Technology. It Also States In The Same Chapter That A Voice Spoke Out Of ORION Telling Them To "Behold The Tabernacle Of God" And That It Is Now With Man, And That God Himself, As The Quote Says In Revelation 21:3: "Shall Be With Them And Be Their God". This May Sound Strange Unless You Overstand That The Teachings Of Jesus And His Disciples Are The Same As The Teachings Of Moses, Because Jesus Makes It Clear In St. John Chapter 1, Verse 17 "For The Law Was Given To Moses, And This Moses In Exodus 25:10 Was Taught How To Build What Is Referred To As The Ark Of The Covenant.

Figure 11 ORION Star Constellation For Instance, "Star Wvtch" By Ben Mayer On Pages 26-29, Gives You Maps And Charts Not Known In The Time Of John. But If This Was A Divine Revelation To Him In The Isles Of Patmos In The Year 96 A.D. Then Whoever Was Inspiring Him To Write, Or As The Word "Revelation" Means "To Reveal" These Facts, Knew That ORION Was One Of Many Star Constellations In Your Universe. So It Says Clearly, If You Believe In The Greek Translation Of Your Bible, That The Holy City, The New Jerusalem

Figure 12 Ark Of The Covenant


_Be Prepared for The Anti-Christ And Exodus 25, Verse 22 Makes It Clear That God Says "And There I Will Meet With Thee And I Will Commune With Thee From Above The Mercy Seat". Commune Is Dabar ("QT) In Aramic (Hebrew) And Means, "To Speak". This Is Hie Same Word "Speak" Used By Any Two Human Beings (Genesis 31:24). Then If You Look At Exodus 26:1 You Will Find That This Ark Of The Covenant Is To Be Within The Tabernacle. Verse 1 States: "Moreover Thou Shalt Make A Tabernacle".

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ, Heaven Saying Behold The Tabernacle Of God Is With Men: And He Will Dwell With Them And They Shall Be His People And God Himself Shall Be With Them And Be Their God". That Quote Says That God Himself Will Be Coming With This Holy City Or This Crystal City And This God Cannot Be The Omnipotent Whom We Call The ALL, Because This God Was Placed Within The Ark Of The Covenant In Moses' Time, And In The Holy City, The New Jerusalem In John's Time. So This God Was An ELOH, One Of The ELOHEEMS That Is Called God In Genesis Chapter 1 Where You Read "In The Beginning God (ELOHEEM) Created The Heaven And The Earth". The Word Being Used For God There Is ELOHEEM. And Then Again In Genesis Chapter 1:26 Where It States, And I Quote: "And God Said Let Us Make Man In Our Image And After Our Likeness...". The Same Word For God (ELOHEEM) In Genesis 1:1 Is The Same Word Being Used For God In Genesis 1:26 Which Is ELOHEEM, Previously Explained As A Plural Being Mistranslated In Your Bible As A Single. So These ELOHEEMS Came Down To Confront The People. And In John 6:38,39 Jesus Came Down From Heaven (OURANOS) And I Quote: 'Tor I

Figure 13 Moses Son Of Anirani And Jochebed So It Is Plain To See That Revelation Chapter 21:3 And ! Quote: "And I Heard A (ireat Voice Out Of



JSe Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ Came Down From Heaven, Not To Do Mine Own Will But The Will Of Him That Sent Me. And This Is The Father's Will Which Hath Sent Me..." So When It Says Jesus Was Taken Up In Acts 1:9 And I Quote: "And When He Had Spoken These Things, While They Beheld, He Was Taken Up; And A Cloud Received Him Out Of Their Sight" (Refer To Mystery Clouds, Are They UFO'S, Scroll #91). And Acts 1:2 Says The Place He Was Taken Up To Was Heaven, Where Our Father Who Art In Heaven, Is And I Quote: "This Same Jesus, Which Is Taken Up From You Into Heaven". And He Makes It Clear In John 8:23 Where He's From When It States And I Quote: "I Am From Above", And The Greek Word In That Quote For "Above" Is "Ano" (OCVCO) Meaning "ANU (He Who Is Above, The Heavenly)" Which Is The Cuneiform, Also The Akkadian And Babylonian Name For The Heavenly Father, Who To Them, Was A Physical Being, And Whose Other Name Was EN, Who Had Wives And Children. The Muhammadans Call Him ALI (^*), The Most High. When You Put These Together "ALI-EN" You Get "ALIEN". Look Up Names Such As: ENLIL, ENQI, NINTI, NERGAL , Etc. That Can All Be Found In Reference Sources Like The Encyclopedia Britannica.

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ

Figure 14 Enlil Son Of Anu \nd An turn

Figure 15 Enqi Son Of Anu And lyd


_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ^

___Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ So Jesus Makes The Statement: "I Am From ANV" And "You Are From Beneath", "Kato", Meaning, "The Lower World", Because After The Dust Cloud Caused By The Great Meteorite That Struck The Earth And Killed All The Dinosaurs, You Went Beneath The Earth Into What They Call "Hades", And When The Dark Cloud Was Removed You Came Back Up On The Earth's Surface. This Was During The Second Meteorite Shower 14 Million Years Ago Which Destroyed Man (Pygmies Also Called Prehistoric Man) And Animals (Dinosaurs) That Evolved From The Water 17,250,000 Years Ago After The First Meteorite Shower. The Second Meteorite Shower Wiped Out Two-Thirds Of The Inhabitants Of The Planet Earth And Formed A Thick Dust Cloud That Blocked The Sun's Light (Refer To The Holy Sabbath, Scroll #6). This Occurrence Aided In The Formation Of Earth According To The Creation Story Recorded In Your Bible, Which Was Supposed To Have Happened 6,000 Years Ago Called The Big Bang Theory. So In Speaking Of Adam's Birth Based On Their Calendar Date, Is Where The Problem Comes In, Because According To Judaism, Adam's Birth Would Not Have Been Any More Than 5,000 To 6,000 Years Ago. The Christians 2,000 Concerning Adam's Birth, And The Muhammadans Add On

Figure 16 Niiiti Daughter Of Anu

Figure 17 Nergal Son Of Anu


JBe Prepared For The Anti-Christ, 1,400 Years More And Say That, 7,000 Years Ago Is When He Was Born. This Is Because They Are Looking Over The Events That Took Place Prior To Can (]J [The Enclosed Garden Ot Delight]) Known As The Garden Of Eden In Your Bibles (Genesis 2:15). It Is A Known Scientific And Archeological Fact That The Earth Existed Much More Than 10,000 Years Ago And People Inhabited The Planet Earth Long Before The Creation Of Adam Which Was Really 49,000 Years Ago, Not 7,000 Or 6,000 Years Ago As Most So-Called Biblical And Koranic Scholars Calculate. There Were Human Beings Of Two Kinds That Existed On The Planet Earth After The Second Meteorite Shower 14 Million Years Ago, The Pygmy, Who Were 4 Feet Tall, And The Watusi Who Were 7 Feet Tall. Before The Meteorites Hit The Planet Earth, The Elders Or The Zodoq, Meaning, "Men Of The Zodiac Of The Skies", Taught Certain Tribes How To Go Behind The Waterfall And Go Down To The Center Of The Earth Or In Caverns Where There Were Air Pockets. These Air Pockets Created By The ELOHEEM Were Great Holes Dug In The Earth, So That The Agreeable Children Could Survive The Meteorites. These Holes Still Exist Today. They Are Not The Subterranean City Called "Shamballah" (Scented

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christl_ By Allah) And "Aghaarta" (Through The Hole) In The Planet Earth, Complete With Their Own Central Sun 600 Miles In Diameter (Koran 6:35) In Which Entrances Are Located In The North And South Poles (Refer To Shamballah And Aghaarta, Cities Within The Earth, Scroll #131)

Diagram 1 Aghaarta The Great Rulers, Ptah And His Wife Anath From The Ptahite Or Pygmy Tribe Were The First Ones To Come Back From Out Of The Center Of The Earth (Hades, The Under World) After The Meteorites Hit.

Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ _

JRe Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ You Are Now In The 4th 6,000 Year Period (The Sun Cycle), The Last Of This 24,000 Year Period.

Sun Cycle 6000 yrs

Moon Cycle 6000 yrs

Figure 18

Figure 19

Ptah Anath Rulers Of The Ptahites After This, Was The Beginning (Bara [X~O1) Of Or Genesis (The Re-Construction Period) And The Beginning Of The 6000 Year Of This Moon Cycle. You Have Four Cycles; Two Suns Or Gold Cycles And Two Silver Or Moon Cycles. The Entire Universe Moves Around During These Four Cycles. Your Entire Solar System Is A Part Of A Bigger System Known As The Milky Way Which Moves Every 24,000 Years At Which Time You Re-New Your History. Let Me Explain This A Little Further. You See This 24,000 Year Re-Newal Is Broken Up Into Four 6,000 Year Periods As Previously Stated.

Moon Cycle 6000 yrs

Sun Cycle 6000 yrs

Diagram 2 Your 24,000 Year Cycle This Goes To Show You That These Bible Scholars Knew All Along That Human Beings Existed Long Before The Bible And They Knew About The Underworld Because They Used The Greek Word "Hades". So There Must Have Been Some Joint Effort In Keeping It From You Because Different People Translated Different Versions Of The Bible At Different Times And They Use The Word


JSe Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ "Beneath", When In The Greek Language It's Kato. Again, If Jesus Makes The Statement, "/ Am From ANU And You Are From Kato", Meaning He Is From The Heavenly One. And If The Almighty, All Powerful God Is In The Heavens, Then He Is Not Omnipresent, Meaning, "Present In All Place At The Same Time". He Cannot Be In Heaven, He Would Be The Heavens. This Is ALL, And Not "THE ALL IN ALL", A Principle That You, In Your Physical Form Cannot Overstand. You Must First Overstand At What Point The Word "Then" Plays In Your Life. The Concept Of Jesus Being God, Puts Him Inside Of Existence When They Put Him In Something. When You Look At A Tree, The Life Force Is In The Tree, You See The Manifestation Of God. Most People In Religion Went Past God.
Figure 20

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ, Muslims Wanted To Bypass Jesus And Said, The Father, Allah. But You Can't Pass Jesus Because It Says In John 14:6 And I Quote: "...I Am The Way, The Truth, And The Life, No Man Cometh Unto The Father, Bui By Me." This Person That Has Been Assigned To You Is, TAMMUZ, Meaning, "Sprout OfJife", Which Is His Ancient Babylonian Name, In Egypt He Is Called Horus. But If You Look At The Meaning Of The Name "Sprout Of Life:" Jesus Is "The Sprout Of Life" Meaning The Offspring Of God Who Became Your God, And Was Assigned To Oversee You And Be Your Eloh For 6,000 Years. Some Think He Is Allah Meaning "The Source". TAMMUZ Is AI Masiyh (c~~Ji), The Messiah To The Muslim?, Christ To The Christians, And Mashiakh (rruto) To The Jews Sent By ANU Who Is Allah (THE SOURCE), Or Yahweh (OH HE WHO IS) Ques: If It States In Matthew 6:10, "Thy Kingdom Come", Then What Would This World Be? Ans: First Of All Let's Establish, What Is This Kingdom That Is Coming, And Where Is It Coming From.

These Are Levels Of Faith. You Are On The Third Density Level Of Solid, Liquid, And Gas. The

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ__

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ This Can Be Found In The 21st Chapter Of Revelation, Verse 2 As Previously Mentioned, And I Quote: "And I John Saw The Holy City, New Jerusalem, Coming Down From God Out Of Heaven..." So Here We Have "The Kingdom Of God" Which Is "The New Jerusalem", Coming Down Out Of Heaven Or ORION As Previously Mentioned. Now Let's Just Stop And Think For A Moment, Take Away All The Spookism And Just Look At This Realistically. Now John Was Born Thousands Of Years Ago, 2 B.C. To Be Exact. 1. There Were No Airplanes, Jets Or Helicopters. The Only Thing John Probably Ever Saw Flying In The Sky Were Birds:

Figure 21

John Son Of Zebedee And Salome

Figure 22 Airplane


Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ 2. No Cars, Only Horses And Chariots;

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ 4. No Engines, Only The Roar Of A Lion And The Sound Of Horses Running Or Wheels Of Chariots;

Figure 23 Car

3. No Electric Lights, Only Candles Or Torches;

Figure 25 Car Engine

5. No Telephones, Speakers, Radios, Or Television, Maybe A Person Standing Or Yelling From A Distance Or Maybe Even The Sound Of An Instrument, Like The Drum That Was Used For Long Distance Communication.

Figure 24 City Lights

Figure 26 - Telephone



_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ Everything That You Would Consider Now-A-Days As Primitive. When Looking At Revelation 21:2 Through The Eyes Of John In His Time, And According To His Overstanding, You Will Only See What John Saw. Now Picture A Gigantic Craft, That Is So Huge It Looks As Big As A City. This Is How Big The Holy City, The New Jerusalem Was, Which Is Also Called The Crystal City And The Mothership Or Mother Plane. And This Ship Came From An Even Bigger Craft. A Planetship Called NIBIRU ("Planet Of The Crossing") Merkabah ''Movable Throne". Which Is Bigger Than This Planet And Yields The Crystal City, Having 2,880 Ships (Or Sham) Of 50 Passengers Each (Refer To Man From Planet Rizq, Scroll #80). This Is What John Saw, But He Could Only Describe It In The Terms That He Knew.

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ Now The Next Question Is, From Where? The English Translation Says Heaven. However, The Word "Heaven" In Greek Is "Ouranos" Meaning "ORION". ORION Is The 6th Star Or Sun System In The 16th Galaxy, An Actual Place.

Diagram 4



NIBIRU Ship Which Is 5 Times Bigger T ha« The Planet Earth And Verse 3 Goes On To Say, And I Quote: "And I Heard A Great Voice Out Of Heaven..." The Word

Diav'i am 3 The Crystal City (The Mothership)


_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christl_ Greatff Which Was Translated From The Greek Word "Megas" ((leyac;) Meaning "Great, Loud", From Where You Get The Word "Mega" Also Meaning "Great". And The Word "Voice" Is Translated From The Greek Word "Phone" (<|>CGVr|), Meaning, "Speech Language Tongue", Which Is Where You Get The Word "Telephone", Then This God Had A Voice Which Means That God Had To Have A Tongue, A Larynx, A Throat, Head On Down To The Feet; Or A Telephone, A C.B. Unit Etc., Which Again Would Belittle God, Your Father. Couldn't He Have Just Put His Message In John's Mind, What They Call Inspiration.
Zygomalic bone (cm) t-nt. pterygoid plate | Tensor v«li p»l»lnii in. Orbictibro oculi i

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ Revelation 21:3



mi r|Ko9aa c|x;vr|co |j,eyaXr|co eic T00 'povo0 ?teyo0ar|co, i5o0 T| aicr|vr| io0 'eo0 laeia icy avpc^v, Kai aicr|vc;(jei JLIET a0T<;v, Kai a0iov Axxoi a0io0 KOCI a0xo(o o EOCO JLIFT a0T<;v eaioci,



Diagram 5 Location Of Larynx In The Human Body

E»oph§ge»t m.



_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ Kindred And ANU Also Will Be With Them As Their Creator.

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ With His Glory (2)...Babylon The Great Is Fallen And Is Become The Habitation Of Devils, And The Hold Of Every Foul Spirit, And A Cage Of Every Unclean And Hateful Bird. (3) For All Nations Have Drunk Of The Wine Of The Wrath Of Her Fornication..." So Revelation 18:3 States That This Angel (ELOHEEM) Came Down From Heaven, ORION To The Planet Earth Or Terra Whose Ancient Name Was Tiamat, And They Say The Earth Was Lightened With His Glory. Now Think! One Angel Lit Up The Whole Planet Earth, The Whole 24,896 Miles, No Way. And They Say The Planet Earth Is The Habitation Of Devils. The Word "Habitation" In Greek Is "Katoiketerion", Which Means, "A Place In Which To Live- Dwell; Home". This Is Where The Devil Resided (Revelation 2:13), When He Was Cast Out Into The Earth. His 200 Fallen Angels Were Cast Out With Him (Revelation 12:9), Which Also Means That We're Not Just Talking About One Being Called The Devil Or Satan, We're Talking About Quite A Few Others, 200 To Be Exact.

Mistranslation King James 1611 A.D.

Dr. Malachi Z. York

Right Translation In Greek By:

"AND I HEARD A GREAT VOICE OUT OF HEAVEN SAYING, BEHOLD, THE TABERNACLE OF GOD IS WITH MEN, AND HE WILL DWELL WITH THEM, AND THEY SHALL BE HIS PEOPLE, AND GOD HIMSELF SHALL BE WITH THEM, AND BE THEIR GOD." So John Heard A Great Voice From ORION Saying: "God Will Wipe Away The Tears From Their Eyes; No More Death; Nor Sorrow; Nur Crying; And No More Pain". It Sounds Like What You Call Heaven, Right! This Was God's Kingdom Coming, The Holy City, The New Jerusalem, That Came From The ORION, Skies, To The Planet Earth, Also Called QI Or TERRA, In The End. So If This Is Heaven Coming, Then Where Is Hell? You'll Find The Answer In Revelations 18:1-3 And I Quote: "And After These Things I Saw Another Angel Come Down From Heaven...And The Earth Was Lightened


_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ Question: Is That Why You Sometimes Feel Like You're In Hell Or Your Life Is A Living Hell? Ans: That's Because You're Not Living, You Are Dying. From The Day You Are Born You Are Getting Older And Sicker, And Will Die. So You Are Not Living, You Are Dying And If You Survive To The End You Will Get The Crown Of Life. (Revelaton 2:10)

JSe Prepared For The Anti-Christ, 1. Hell Speaks Of Burning In Fire. It May Not Happen To You Individually, But If It Happened To Anyone Who Was Burned Or Had Their Family Burned On Earth, It's Being In Hell.

Figure 29 Figure 28 Death So Life Comes At The End. That Is Also Why Everything That You Can Come Up With Here On Earth, Hell Offers. For Example: 1 Kings 16:18 "And It Came To Pass, When Zimri Saw That The City Was Taken, That He Went Into The Palace Of The King's House, And Burnt The King's House Over Him With Fire, And Died"

Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ. 2. Hell Speaks Of People Hanging Upside Down, People Put In Lions Den (Daniel 6:16) Infectious Disease Eating The Body.

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ 3. People Covered With Worms And Maggots, And Eaten By Rats And Being Attacked By Evil Creeping Things.

Figure 30 Psalm 38:7 "For My Loins Are Filled With A Loathsome Disease: And There Is No Soundness In My Flesh."

Figure 31

Job 7:5
"My Flesh Is Clothed With Worms And Clods Of Dust, My Skin Is Broken, And Became Loathsome:



_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ 4. Half-Humans, People With Terrifying Faces, Whose Grotesque Bodies Are Of Strange Mangled Parts, With Heads Of Flesh-Eating Animals And Birds.

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ 5. Darkness Where AH You Hear Are The Cries Of Torment And Whipping; Being Beaten Until Your Blood Runs As In Jail Dungeons.

Figure 33

JBe Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ This Concept Of Hell And A Devil With A Pitch Fork Standing In Front Of An Open Furnace, The Electric Chair, Are All Things Put In Your Minds By Religious Leaders And The Media For Their Own Personal Gain. The More You Believe In Their Concept Of Hell, The More Frightened You Become And The More You Will Pay For The Religious Leaders To Forgive Your Sins And Redeem Your Souls. Everybody Gains Not Just Religious Institutions, Just With The Concept Of Horror Which You Know Is Entirely Based On The Devil And Hell, Everybody Gains. Anything Else Is Just Thrown In. It Produces Movies, Which Benefit The Movie Industries, Magazine And Newspaper Publishers, Novelists, Etc. The More Grotesque Your Conception Of Hell Is, The More Frightened You Become And The More Money They Will Earn. However, The Scriptures Use The Word "Hell" As A Place Of Punishment And Torment For The People Who Do Evil And The Wicked In Psalm 9:17 And I Quote: "The Wicked Shall Be Turned Into Hell And All The Nations That Forget God". However, When You Look At The Aramic (Hebrew) Word For "Hell", "Sheowl" (VtQp), Which Means, "Underworld, Grave, Designation For The Abode Of Hell, Place Of No Return", It Has Nothing To Do With Anyone Hanging Upside

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ, Down, A Red Man With Horns And A Pitchfork, Or Fire Burning, But This Is What Is Taught And Believed Which Is In The Old Testament. But In The New Testament, There Are Three Greek Words, For The English Word "Hell". Firstly, In Matthew 23:33 And I Quote: "Ye Serpents, Ye Generations Of Vipers, How Can Ye Escape The Damnation Of Hell". Hell In This Quote Is Translated From The Greek Word "Gehenna" (yeevva) And Means, "Gates Of Hell". Gehenna Was Originally The Valley Of Ghi-Hinnon, Or Hiniion, South Of Jerusalem, Where The Filth And Dead Animals Of The City Were Cast Out And Burned. Make Note That The Muslims Got Their Word For Hell "Jahannam" (Koran 98:6) From This Greek Word; Just Look At Them: Gehenna And Jahannam. And Also I Would Like To Make Note The Many Arabs Pronounce The Letter (^) = Jeem As Geem. So It Would Be Gahannam The Exact Same Word. That's Right Again Most Muslims Don't Know This. Also Make Note Of The Words "Bible" And "Babel" Sounds Almost The Same. Secondly, In Matthew 16:18 And I Quote: "And I Say Also Unto Thee, That Thou Art Peter, And Upon


JSe Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ This Rock Will I Build My Church; And The Gates Of Hell Shall Not Prevail Against It." And The Greek Word Here Is "Hades" (a5r|g Meaning, "Grave" Or Lower World, And Refers To The Underworld, Or Region For The Departed, The Intermediate State Between Death And The Resurrection. According To "A Critical Lexicon And Concordance To The English And Greek New Testament", It States The Word "Hades" "Is A Heathen Word And Comes Down To Us Surrounded With Heathen Traditions, Which Had Their Origin In Babel, And Not In The Bible, And Have Reached Us Through Judaism And Romanism". Again, Within The Greek Language, There Is No Indication Of Any Eternal Fire Burning, No Pot Of Boiling Oil, btr And Thirdly, In 2 Peters 2:4 And I Quote: "For If God Spared Not The Angels That Sinned, But Cast Them Down To Hell, And Delivered Them Mo Chains Of Darkness To Be Reserved Unto Judgment". The Greek Word In This Quote For Hell Is "Tartoros" (TOCpTCCpOc;) Meaning: "The Name Of A Subterranean Region, Doleful And Dark". As You Can See The Indication Of The Word Hell Was Originally Used For A Place Where The Dead Reside And Had Nothing To Do With Whether You Were Righteous Or Not. This Excerpt From The New

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ lingers Bible Dictionary, Page 551 Explains This Hell Concept Very Clearly: "The Bible Doctrine Of Hell Is By No Means Confined To The Terms Above Mentioned And To The Passages In Which They Appear. There Are Many Phrases In Which The Overshadowing Idea Is Presented With Great Distinctness, Such As: "Unquenchable Fire", "Black Darkness", "Furnace Of Fire", "Fire And Brimstone", "The Smoke Of Their Torment", "The Lake Of Which Bums With Brimstone", "Where Their Worm Does Not Die", "The Eternal Fire Which Has Been Prepared For The Devii And His Angels." Van Oosterzee Does Well To Remark: "There Is No Doubt That The Holy Scriptures Requires Us To Believe In A Properly So-Called Place Of Punishment, In Whatever Part Of God's Boundless Creation It Is To Be Sought. That The Different Images Under Which It Is Represented Cannot Possibly Be Taken Literally Will Certainly Need No Demonstration; But It Is Perhaps Not Unnecessary To Warn Against The Opinion That We Have To Do Here With Mere Imagery. Who Shall Say That The Reality Will Not Infinitely Surpass In Awfulness The Boldest Pictures Of It?"


_Be Prepared for The Anti-Christ_ So You Have To Stop Believing That Hell Is Some Spooked Out Place And That The Devil Is A Spook. For Years I Have Battled And Struggled With You In An Attempt To Make You Overstand The Truth Of Heaven And Hell. Hell And The Devil Are Not What Your Religious Leaders And The Media Have Drilled In Your Minds! The Truth Is, There Is Nothing In This Day And Time That They Can Come Up With For Hell That You Cannot See Or Experience Here On Earth. He Wants You To Believe Otherwise So That You Will Blindly Trust Him. Combating Tins Spookism That Has Been Instilled In The Minds Of People Is One Of The Biggest Problems That Exist. Everything In Hell Is Right Here On Earth. This Is The Devil At Work In His Playground. What Could Be Worse? They Would Have To Fabricate A Hotter Fire For Someone Who Has Already Been Burned On Earth By Fire. Let's Get Down To Reality, It's A Bunch Of Crap. If You Get Down To Basic Details, It's A Living Hell On Earth. If An Evil Man Gets The Electric Chair, He Bums. What Will Hell Be For Him? Ques: So How Will You Know Who The Anti-Christ Is?

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ Ans: I've Written A Whole Book That Is Dedicated To That Subject Called "Fake God's False Christ, Scroll #105" Which I Encourage You To Read Thoroughly Because This Is One Of Religions Biggest Problems. Religion Itself, Creates The Dissensiou Which Invites These So-Called Gods And Christs With It's Sectism, Cultism And Denominations. And These Sects And What Have You, Lead Way To Deviation From The Fundamentals And Facts Of A Found Religion; And You, Not Knowing The Dangers, Are Misled By These Fake Gods And False Christs Or, I'll Just Use The Word Anti-Christ. When You Look At The Word "God" Backwards, You Get "Dog". Now Take The Word "Christian" (Chris-Tian) And You Get "Anti-Christ". It Is Believed That The Concept Of The Anti-Christ Originated In The Christian Era. However, This Concept Is Much Older And Was Taken Over By Christianity From Judaism. Judaism Had Been Influenced By Iranian And Babylonian Myths Of The Battle Of God And The Devil At The End Of Time. In The Old Testament The Jewish Conception Of The Struggle Is Found in The Prophecy Of Daniel Written At The Beginning Of The Maccabean Period (168 B.C.). The Historical Figure Who Served As A Model For The Anti-Christ Was Antiochus IV


JSe Prepared For The Anti-Christ,, Epiphanes, The Persecutor Of Jews, Who Left A Lasting Impression Upon The Conception. In Later Times, The Tyrant Who Was God's Enemy Became A Figure Of Prophecy That Was Applied To Various Situations. Note His Name "Anti-O-Chus". Now Look At "Anti-Christ", Sounds The Same. They Play A Lot Of Word Games.

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ

Of Man, And A Mouth Speaking Great Things. " And Daniel 8:9, "And Out Of One Of Them Came Forth A Little Horn, Which Waxed Exceedingly Great, Toward The South, And Toward The East, And Toward The Pleasant Land."; 3. "The Prince Who Is To Come" In Daniel 9:26, "And. After Threescore And Two Weeks Shall The Messiah !K Cut Off, But Not For Himself: And The People Of The Prince That Shall Come Shall Destroy The City And The Sanctuary; And The End Thereof Shall Be With A Flood, And Unto The End Of The War Desolations Are Determined." 4. "The Willful King" In Daniel 11:36, "And The King Shall Do According To His Will; And He Shall Exalt Himself, And Magnify Himself Above Every God And Shall Speak Marvelous Things Against The God Of Gods, And Shall Prosper Till The indignation Be Accomplished For That Is Determined Shall Be Done."

But The General Opinion Of Those Who Closely Followed The Scriptures Was That He Would Be A Man In Whom Satan Would Dwell Bodily And Who Would Be Armed With Satanic And Demonic Powers. In The Old Testament He Is Prefigured Under: 1. 'The King Of Babylon" In Isaiah. 14:4 And I Quote: "That Thou Shalt Take Up This Proverb Against The King Of Babylon, And Say, Ho\y Hath The Oppressor Ceased! The Golden City Ceased!9'; 2. "The Little Horn" In Daniel 7:8, And I Quote: "I Considered The Horns, And, Behold, There Came Up Among Them Another Little Horn, Before Whom There Were Three Of The First Horns Plucked Up By The Roots: And, Behold, In This Horn Were Eyes Like The Eyes


_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ, In The New Testament He Is Called: 1. "Man Of Sin" In 2 Thessaloniam 2:3 "Let No Man Deceive You By Any Means: For That Day Shall Not Come, Except There Come A Falling Away First, And That Man Of Sin Be Revealed The Son Of Perdition." 2. And In 1 John 2:18 Is The First Place Where They Mention The Word "Antichrist". "Little Children, It Is The Last Time: And Ye Have Heard That Antichrist Shall Come, Even Now Are There Many Antichrists: Where By We Know That It Is The Last Time." 3 "The Beast" Revelation 13:11-12 "And I Saw Another Beast Coming Up Out Of The Earth; He Had Two Horns Like A Lamb, And Yet He Speaks Out Just Like The Beast. And He Exerciseth All The Authority Of The First Beast All Those Who Dwell On The Planet Earth Prostrate To The First Beast, Who Was Healed Of The Deadly Hit.11

JBe Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ The Two Horns Represents The 30 Anti-Christs Or The Anti-Christs Who Have Been In Power Throughout Time, Around The World. They Raise Up And Fool People, Because They Appear As A Lamb: Innocent, Genuine And For The Masses Of People, But In Actuality They Are Frauds! Anti-Christs Have Been Amongst Us For Many, Many Years Even Up To This Day. The Year 1930 A.D. Marked The Beginning Of The Appearance Of Many False Teachers. Within A 40 Year Stretch, Many False Religions Were Introduced. There Were Men Such As Father Divine, Who Was Called "Our Reverend And Majestic Lord, The Prince Of Peace, The Everlasting Father And Mighty God". Then There Was Daddy Grace. Sweet Daddy Grace And Father Divine Were Only Two Of The Many Swindlers, Charlatans, Liars, Power Seekers, Ego Trippers And Mad Men, Who Took Everything They Could Find From The Hearts And Pockets Of Their Own Followers Who Hungered For Righteousness1 Sake. Today You Have People Like: Jimmy Swaggart, Pat Robertson, Fredrick Price, Oral Robert, Jim Bakker, Reverend Lyons, Billy Graham, Ahmed Deedat, Ben Ami Carter, Yahweh Ben Yahweh, Minister Louis Farrakhan, And Many Muslim Imams Who Have Stepped Up

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ _ Into The Deceiver's Chair. They Follow Nothing That They Themselves Preach And Are The Biggest Cheaters, Fornicators, Etc. Of All Time. Their Sole Purpose Is Not The Salvation Of Your Souls But Ripping You Off In Every Possible Means. Just Because They Say They Are Christ, From Christ Or In Christ's Name, Does Not Mean That They Follow Him. Many Schemes And Cons Are Used To Lure You Into Their Trap. And Then You Have Charles Manson Who Professed To Be Christ. Following Him Resulted In The Cold Blooded Murder Of The "Tate Family" In 1968 A.D.

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_

Figure 35

Wallace Dodd Ford, Called W.F. Muhammad Called Christ And God. He Was Imprisoned 1929 And 1932 A.D., And His Own Prophet.

Sung Myuug Moon And Wife

Figure 34

Sung Myung Moon, Professed To Be Christ. He Was Investigated And Imprisoned In 1992 A.D.

Figure 36

Elijah Muhammad Was Also Imprisoned In 1942 A.D.


_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ

Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ

Figure 37 David Korresh, They Say Professed To Be Christ. Following Him Resulted In Mass Murder. Maitreya The Christ, Professed To Be The Christ Returned And The List Goes On And On. And These Are Only The Few You May Have Heard About Through The Media The Latest Being Juc Journet, A 46 Year Old Homeopathic Physician And Spiritual Explorer Called By The October !7, 1994 A.D Edition Of The Time Magazine, Page 59 As "A "Would Be Messiah", Who Warned That The World Would End Soon In A Convergence Of Environmental Disasters And That Only A Select Few Would Survive.

Figure 38 Yahweh Ben Yahweh Professed To Be Christ, And Is Now Serving A 20 Year Jail Sentence.

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ Of The Farmhouse Was An Audio Cassette With A Rambling Taped Discourse About Earth, Sky And Astrological Alignments.

Figure 40

In Cheiry, Police Officers Collect Bodies Of Jouret's Faithful The October 6, 1994 A.D. Issue Of "The Atlanta Journal" Stated He Billed Himself As f A "New Christ", And Those Who Fell Victim To This Smooth Talking False Messiah Or Anti-Christ, Are Not Here To Tell You Of It's Woes. Because Two Sites In Switzerland And One In Canada Were In Ashes, Where 59 Of His Followers And Their Children Died. Albert Giacobino, A Wealthy Retired Farmer Who Had Bought The Place Four Years Ago Was Found Dead From A Gunshot Wound. Tacked To A Door

Figure 41

Once Again, Mass Death Resulting From Following The Anti-Christs On The Ground Floor, Including A Chapel With Mirrored Walls And Red Satin Draperie; Were 22 Bodies, Many Cloaked In Ceremonial White, Gold, Red Or Black Robes. Mast Of The Dead Were Arranged In A Circle With Their Faces Looking Up At A Portrait Of A Christ-Like Figure Resembling Join et While Some Appeared To Wear Serene Smiles, Nearly All Had Suffered Bullet Wounds In The


_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ Head, Then Had Plastic Bags Tied Over Their Heads. Several Had Their Hands Bound. About Four Hours Later, 50 Miles south east Of Cheiry, Fires Erupted At Three Adjoining Ski Chalets, Including One That Belonged To Jouret. This Time The Police Found 25 Bodies, AH Badly Burned, Including The Remains Of At Least 5 Children. At The Same Time, Police In Canada Were Raking Though The Rubble Of A Spacious Chalet 50 Miles Northwest Of Montreal, Where Five Bodies Were Found. Two Were Wearing Red-And-Gold Metal Lions Bearing A Double-HeadejJ Eagle And The Initials T.S. For Temple Solair, One Name For Jouret's Group. Three Others, A Man, Woman Bore Stab Wombs, And A 3 Month Old That Was Found Behind A Water Heater With A Plastic Bag Over Its Head. One Of The Things I Deeply Stress Is To Find Out The Background Of These People. They May Seem To Do The Right Things And Say The Right Words At The Time, But The Results Can Be Devastating And Can Cost You Your Money, Your Life And Your Soul. For Example, This Is The Background Of Joe Jouret: He Was Born In Kitwit In The Belgian Congo, Now Zaire.

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ He Went To Brussels. Belgium In The 1970?S A.D. For Medical Training Where He Received A Medical Degree From A Free University In 1974 A.D. Then He Studied Acupuncture And Homeopathy In Mexico And Argentina. Figure 42 Joe Jouret A Self-Described Christ He Was Drawn To I h e Spiritual Arcana Of The Knights Templar, A Mystical Brotherhood Banned In France In The 14th Century. Eventually He Joined A French-Based Group Called The Reformed Order Of The Temple That Mixed Roman Catholicism, Yoga, Alchemy And Anti-Communism Under The Leadership Of An Ex-Gestapo Officer Named Julien Origas. After Origas Died In 1981 A.D. Jouret Became Leader, And Within Three Years He Had Left To Set Up His Own Geneva Based Cult, The Order Of The Solair Temple, And A Network Of Clubs That

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ, Promoted His Lectures And Served As Recruitment Centers. He Adapted Catholic Rituals, Including Communions Offered At Masses Where He Played The Priest. Jouret Was Convicted In July 1993 A.D. Of Possession Of Prohibited Weapons And Conspiracy And Hadn't Been Seen In Canada Since. He Has Been Investigated By Quebec Police For Possible Links To Death Threats Against Politicians, A Series Of Bombings Against Hydro-Quebec Transmission Towers, An Attempt To Infiltrate The Utility, Conspiracy To Bomb Reservations And The Purchasing Of Illegal Weapons. And You Can Bet, His Followers Had No Idea Of His Past And What Led Him To Become A ^>o-Called Spiritual Leader. His Followers Were Not Poor, Underprivileged People, And They Did Not Live In Communes. They Had Their Own Homes And Their Own Jobs. In Fact, The Members Were Charged Steep Fees And Required To Sign Away Their Assets; One Woman In Quebec, Rose Marie Klaus, Said Her Husband Gave Him Nearly $500,000. The Followers Of The Soliar Temple Gave Their Lives All Because "Jouret Made Us Feel We Were A Chosen And Privileged Congregation". This Is Just One Example Of What These False Preachers And Teachers Will Say. As You Can See,

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ That Is Contrary To What Is In Their Minds; They Cover Their Real Intentions With Falsehood. Yet, They Have Done Nothing For Your Salvation, Instead They Try To Deceive You With Their False Predictions, Which In Some Cases Encourage Innocent Victims To Take Their Lives. These Men Or Women Pretend That They Don't Want To Be Worshipped And Speak Of God As Being Like Themselves And They Represent God. These Are The Ones Who Become Your False Messiahs And False Christs Or Even False Gods. You Start To Believe That It Doesn't Make A Difference. In Just About Every Religious Denomination, Be It Pentecostal, Buddhist, Mason, Hare Krishna, Presbyterian, Taoism, Seventh Day Adventist, Jainism, Santeria, Mormans, Satanic Worship, Hinduism, Rastafarian, Zenbuddahism, Rosicrucians, Sikhism, Skin Heads, Yoruba, Or The Ku Klux Klan, You Will Find False Messiahs, False Prophets, False Leaders, False Teachers, And Fake God's Or False Christs Affecting People In All Levels, And Their Brainwashing Techniques Are Working. This Is All A Plot Of The Fake Messiah To Stir You. Away From The Coming Of The Real Messiah. So The Prophecy In Matthew 24:4 That There Would Come Many "False Christs" Or "Lying Christs" Especially During The "Final Hour", (Or The Last

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ 70 Years From 1930 - 2000 A.D.) Has Come. And The Real Fear Is Some Man Coming Down Out Of The Sky Performing Miracles And Healing People Looking The Way They Think Jesus Should Look, But Being A Fake Christ. Question: How Do You Know The Final Hour Has Come? Ans: Because In The 24th Chapter Of Matthew Starting With The 3rd Verse When Jesus Sat Upon The Mount Of Olives With His Disciples They Said, And 1 Quote: "Tell Us, When Shall These Things Be? And What Shall Be The Sign Of Thy Coming, And Of The End Of The World." First, Jesus Said In The Next Verse, Matthew 24:4-5 And I Quote: "...Take Heed That No Man Deceives You. For Many Shall Come In My Name Saying I Am Christ; And Shall Deceive Many. " This Is Exemplified By The Many Different Denominations Of Christians, Such As Pentecostal, Episcopalian, Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, And Jehovah Witnesses To Name A Few. Those Who Call Themselves Christians Will Deceive Many.


_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ'•_

Figure 43

They Are The False Christs. Then He Went On To Say That You Will Hear Of Wars And Rumors Of Wars As Stated In Matthew 24:6 And I Quote "Ye Shall Hear Of Wars And Rumors Of Wars: See That Ye Be Not Troubled For All These Things Musi Come To Pass, Bin The End h Not Yet "

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ In 1990 A.D. The Gulf War Began Which Started Between Iraq And Iran, And In 1994 A.D., There Are Rumors Of War In Iraq, Haiti, Cuba, And Other Countries Around The World.

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ,

Figure 45

Figure 44

And Nation Shall Rise Against Nation As Stated In Matthew 24:7 And I Quote: "For Nation Shall Rise Against Nation And Kingdom Against Kingdom...:

And There Shall Be Famines. Many Of You Have Heard Of Famines From School, Or From The Media. But Do You Really Overstand What A Famine Is? A Famine Is A Long-Term Shortage Of Food. I'm Not Talking About Missing A Day Or Even A Week Of Food. I'm Talking About Months And Years Of Food Shortages Which Can Lead To


_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ, Hunger And Malnutrition: And Later To Disease And Starvation, And Eventually Death. They Began To Suffer From Diarrhea And Other Famine Related Diseases, Their Faces And Stomachs Swell, And Their Legs And Arms Are Frail And Stick-Like As Shown In The Picture Below.

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christl_ 2. Jordan Emergency Relief For 1/2 Million Refugees That Fled From Kuwait And Iraq. 3. Ethiopia Food Aid Was Needed For 4 Million People Starving In The Province Of Tigre And Wollo. 1991 A.D.: Africa, Famine Was Judged Critical In Angola, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Somalia And Sudan 1992 A.D.: 1. Mozambique Drought In Six Of The Country's Provinces Led To Serious Grain Shortages.

Figure 46

2. Botswana 1 Out Of 4 Children Suffers From Malnutrition. Famines Affect Countries That Are Unable To Provide Enough Food To Feed Their Population, And If You Listen To The News, You Hear Of Hundreds Of People In Your Own Cities That Are Starving Right Now.

Right Now You Only Hear Of 3rd World Countries Suffering From Famines, But A Famine Is A Widespread Problem And Can Strike Any Corner Of The World. These Are A Few Of The Countries That Famines And Droughts Have Affected: 1990 A.D.: 1. Spain Suffered A Severe Drought.


_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ

Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ__ Immune Deficiency Syndrome) Topping The List, But It Is Not The Only One.

Figure 47

How Many Times Have You Looked Upon Faces Like These Just On Your Way To Work Or To The Store? Not Just Hungry Children, But Entire Families Lined Up Begging For Food. And The Number Is Increasing Rapidly Everyday. Pestilence,n When You Think Of The Word "Pestilence" What Comes To Mind Is Something Dealing With Insects Or A Person Who Aggravates You. However, It Is Not. What The Scriptures Are Referring To Here Is Any Contagious Or Infectious Disease That Is Fatal Or Very Harmful Like Leprosy Which Is Mentioned In Leviticus, Chapter 13. However, In These Days And Times We Have Developed Quite A Few With A.I.D.S (Acquired

Figure 48 A.I.D.S. Victim Older Disease Like Tuberculosis Are Rapidly Evolving Into Forms That Are Resistant To Antibiotics Which Was The Main Weapon Used By Doctors To Fight Bacteria Infections. Even With The Boast About The Power Of Modern Medicine, Deadly Infections Are A Growing Threat To E\eryone, Everywhere. Hardly A Week Goes By Without Reports Of Outbreaks In The United States And Other Developed Nations For Example:



_ Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ^ 1. A Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship On A Trip To Baja California Returned Early To Los Angeles After More Than 400 Passengers Came Down With An Unidentified Intestinal Ailment, It May Have Been Why One Elderly Man Died. 2. 1,200 Passengers Were Evacuated From The Oceanliner Horizon In Bermuda Because Of The Threat Of Legionnaires Disease. There Had Been 11 Confirmed Cases Of The Potentially Fatal Pneumonia Like Illness And 24 Suspected Cases, At Least One Victim Died.

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ 3. A Yale School Of Medicine Researcher Is Recovering From A Rare And Potentially Lethal Disease Called Sabia Virus. The Illness Was Unknown To Medicine Before 1990 AJX Until A Woman From Sabia, Brazil Died From The Mysterious Virus That Had Been Circulating In Local Rodents For Years Before Making An Assault On Humans. 4. More Than 850 People H^ve Come Down With Cholera In Southern Russia, And Officials Fear The Disease Could Erupt Into An Epidemic.

Figure 49 Legionnaires' Contamination On The Horizon

Figure 50 Cholera, Drug-Resistant Strains Showed Up In Refugee Camps



_Be Prepared For The Anti-ChristL 5. The Notorious Flare-Up In Glouchester Shire, England, Of What The Press Dubbed As Flesh-Eating Bacteria, Alerted People To The Dangers Of Streptococcus-A Infections. The Common Bacteria That Causes Strep Throat Generally Produce No Lasting Harm If Properly Treated, But Certain Virulent Strains Can Turn Lethal. Strep-A Infections Claim Thousands Of Lives Each Year In The U.S. And Europe Alone.

JBe Prepared For The Anti-Christ Minister. California, A Middle-Class Suburb Of Los Angeles. The Disease Was Apparently Brought In By A 16 Year Old Vietnamese Immigrant Who Contracted It In Her Native Country. Nearly 400 Young People, Or 30% Of The Students Tested Positive For The Infection. One Student Lost Part Of Her Lung.

Figure 52 Figure 51

Tuberculosis, Many Thought TB Had Been Conquered 7. The Children Of Cincinnati Suffered An Epidemic Of Pertussis (Whooping Cough) In 1993 A.D. There Were 352 Cases. The Alarming Part Was Most Of The Children Had Been Vaccinated, Suggesting That An Unusually Hardy Strain Of The

Streptococcus-A Scars From Flesh Eating Bacteria, Untreated, Can Kill You. 6. A Flare-Up Of Tuberculosis That Was First Detected In 1993 A.D. At A High School In West


_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ Pertussis Bacterium Might Be Emerging. Another Disturbing Statistic Is That There Were More Than 6,500 Cases Nationwide, The Largest Number In More Than 26 Years. 8. In Many Parts Of The U.S., Especially The Northeast, People Are Already Leery Of Strolling In Wooded Areas For Fear Of Encountering Ticks Carrying Lyme Disease, A Potentially Chronic, Arthritis-Like Condition. Now The Journal Of The American Medical Association Has Reported Another Tick-Borne Disease, Which Struck 25 People In Wisconsin And Minnesota, Killing Two. It Is Caused By A New Variety Of The Ehrlichia Bacterium, Which Was First Detected In Humans In 1954 AD. Doctors Are Concerned Because Life-Threatening Ehrlichia Infections May Be Misdiagnosed As Lyme Disease Or Even A Bad Cold. A Generation Ago, No One Had Ever Heard Of Lyme Or Legionnaires' Disease, Much Less A.I.D.S.

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ When Bacteria Began To Outwit Antibiotics, Doctors Found Themselves Retreating In The Battle Against The Germs.

The World's Deadliest Scourges
infectious disease Acute Respiratory Infections (rncslff Pneumonia) Orarrteaf Diseases Tuberculosis Hep»trti$8 Malaria Measfet Neonatal Tetanus Cause Bacterial or Viral Bacterial or Viral Bacterial Viral Protozoan Viral Bacterial Viral Bacterial Annual deafr.s 4,300,000 3,200.000 3,000.000 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 1.000,000 880,000 6OO.OOO 550,000 360,000


How Mew Threats Arise
(? (vfloraeo t of drag

<r o' bx\tr,411 -.-:jf.-f'. *;;' » Ml.aux.. :n.n! al IV microbe:, «cMM

ItMttMi hcwwm.tow 3»*M»fe«*t«iMtitirMiwta<rafilMtoftfft«| W
«*• ,?«M> ft*-I • • • . • •

A virus may mfect a barteflal crll (Mi wi't^cs a gwe'« a dwdly to«m The vims m«y wcnipof.ilr this ijeiw into ,t, nwn genes Catei the virus can infect amdrw ttfrlmnmi H ttw vmis doesnt kill its new hoV itm^y . called transductior tunstei the rteadly jene lo th>' ti^cteriun' mikinii the baflemin rwre

The Question Ceases To Be, When Will Diseases Be Gone? And Becomes, Where Will The Next Deadly Vims Appear?

Emergence from the wild ^

, •

. «H» b* h*i-!h::«(! tr *?,. -,' ,: xk:rM
•• :

, 3-ij; ••usunw Mai ft -

! ! :,.

w* ; I

Some viruses lie hidden in environments that are Mated from htimans for eianpte. when a forest is riearprf people may cone urta rontacl with ammals carrying sush ,os If hiimanj a<p infecterl thev r an cany ttid (Jistf^sc >o populated *«as Ihf u> s wi,.:, »a» have entered the human population this wav

Figure 53


Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ Earthquakes In Diverse Places. If You Are A Person That Has Never Experienced An Earthquake You Can Not Imagine What It Would Be Like For What Seems Like The Whole World To Crumple Right Under Your Feet. And If You Have, You Probably Thought It Was The End Of The World. You Look Around There1* No Where Tc Go, Then The Ground, The Very Earth Itself, Cracks Open Right In Front Of You. You See A Car That Was Riding Down The Street. It Plunges Over The Edge And Falls Into The Crack Which Is Now Heading Towards You, The House Across The Street Suddenly Collapes, The Walls Split And Cave In Like Paper Being Crumpled In Someone's Hand. Finally, The Trembling Stops And The Ground Is No Longer Shaking, And It Only Lasted A Little Over A Minute. Of Course Earthquakes Are Nothing New In San Francisco, Central Italy, Japan Chile, USSR, And Alaska. However, Tremers And Earthquakes Have Been Happening In Places Where Earthquakes Would Not Normally Occur Like Ne\\ York. Earthquakes Are One Of The Most Devastating Natural Disasters That Can Occur Which Destroys Entire Towns And Massacres Thousands Of Men, Women And Children.

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ^

Figure 54 The Result Of A Single Earthquake They Will Be Afflicted And Killed As it Says In Matthew 24:9 And I Quote: "Then Shall They Deliver You Up To Be Afflicted, And Shall Kill You: And Ye Shall Be Hated Of All Nations For My Name's Sake."


_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ And There Shall Be False Prophets That Deceive Many As Stated In Matthew 24:11 "And Many False Prophets Shall Rise, And Deceive Many"

Figure 55 Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. You Shall Betray And Hate One Another As Stated In Matthew 24:10 And I Quote: "Then Shall Many Be Offended, And Shall Betray Ow. Another, And Shall Hate One Another." Because Of All The Different Denominations, Many People Will Not Know Which Way Of Life Is The Truth. The Christians Sound Good, The Buddhists Sound Good And So Do The Muslims And The Jews. The Devil Has Created Many Paths To Confuse You. He's Even Created Atheism For Those Of You Who Are Truly Lost.

Figure 56 Elizabeth Clare Prophet Authored 50 Books And Conducts Workshops And Retreats On Jesus' Lite. And The Love Of Many Will Be Waxed Cold As Stated In Matthew 24:12, And I Quote: "And Became Iniquity Shall Abound, The Love Of Many Shall Be Waxed Cold". Now-A-Days There Are


_Be Prepared For The Anti-Chrk>__ Children Killing Their Parents, Parents Killing Their Children, Children Killing Their Siblings With No Concern, And No Remorse.
Sunday, October 16, 1994 The Atlanta Journal

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ Fear That Pollutants Reproductive Systems. Are Damaging Human

Boys, 11 And 10, Found Guilty Of Setting 3 -Year-Old Afire
Hopewell, Va. A judge Friday found two hot innocent, the juvenile equivalent of guilty, in the dousing of a 3-year-old boy with gasoline and setting him on fire. Hopewell Juvenile And Domestic Relatives Judge Sam Campbell convicted the brothers, ages 11 and 10, of malicious wounding following a three-hour hearing closed to the public. On Sept. 19, the boys attached Dill as the 3-year-old Hopewell boy was playing in a back yard. According to Hopewell police, the boys splasb'H gasoline on and around Dillhoff ignited him ;:nd ran aV. ay. PillhoP. vvas burned over 85 percent of his body. His life was likely saved by his two older brothers Shane, 17 and Ken, 13 who rolled him on the ground.

"Environmental Groups Are Pointing To A Different, Previously Unrecognized Threat, Chemical Pollutants, They Say, Can Interfere With One Of The Most Basic Of Biological Functions: The Ability To Reproduce. The Chemicals Allegedly Disrupt The Action Of Hormones, Those All-Important Molecular Messengers That Regulate Just About All Bodily Activities, Including Growth And Reproduction. The Result May Be A Variety Of Harmful" Effects That Could Decrease Fertility. Among Them: 1. Testicular Cancer And Reduced Sperm Counts In Men, 2. Uterine Abnormalities 3. Miscarriages In Women. Scientists And The Environmental Protection Agency Are Arguing The Issue That Chemicals Such As Dioxin (A Class Of Chlorine Containing Compounds That Are Waste By Products Of Many Industrial Processes Such As Paper Making And

Women Who Are Pregnant And Breastfeeding Are Endangered In This Day And Time As Stated In Matthew 24:19. Woe To The Children Whose Mothers And Fathers Are Crack Addicts, Or Who Are Exposed To Radiation, Poison, Filth, And Extreme Poverty. In The September 19, 1994 A.D Issue Of Time Magazine, In An Article Entitled "Not So Fertile Ground" It States That Scientist


_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ Waste Incineration) Do Not Have A Great Effect On Humans. However, Several Hormone-Related Human Disorders, Including Low Sperm Counts, Testicular And Breast Cancers And Edometrosis (A Painful Condition In Which Uterine Cells Migrate To Other Parts Of The Pelvic Area), Have Arguably Been On The Rise In The Decades Since DDT; Dioxin And The Like First Entered The Food Chains.

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ Theodora Colborn, A Zoologist With The World Wild Life Fund And Others, Have Found That A Pattern Emerged In Animals Exposed To Chemicals - Thyroid Damage, Immune Deficiencies, Sexual Abnormalities — Most Of The Problems Involved Malfunctions Of The Endocrine System That Is Responsible For Producing Hormones. Among The Chemicals Fingered Were DDT, Kepone, Triazine Herbibcides, Certain PCB's And Dioxins, Styrenes And The Alkyl Phenols Found In Some Detergents And Plastics. These Are The Signs Of The Times And The Signs Of The End Which Are Occurring World Wide. And These Are The Signs Of Those Who Believe In And Await Th? Coming Of The Messiah Jesus. Ques: How Will You Know The Real Messiah? 4ns: By Adhering To Matthew, Chapter 24 And Mark, Chapter 13 Which Speaks Of The Signs Of His Coming, So If You Are Told That: The Messiah Jesus Is A Prophet Here On Earth,

Figure 57

Don't Believe It!!



_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ The Messiah Jesus Will Rise Up Out Of The Desert In The East, Don't Believe It!! The Messiah Jesus Is In A Secret Chamber Don't Believe It!! The Messiah Jesus Is That Man Or Woman You Know. Don't Believe Him Oi Her The Coming Of The Messiah Is A Very Controversial Subject Amongst The World Religions. Why? Because Each Denomination Has Their Own Interpretation Of When The Messiah Will Come, Where He Will Appear And Who He Will Be Coming For. The Messiah Jesus Is Not Going To Come To Earth The Way The Christian Preachers Have Taught You, Not The Way The Rabbis Have Taught You, Nor The Way The Imaams Have Taught You. The Christians Believe That The Messiah Is Going To Return Out Of The Sky With Horses, And,

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ, Chariots, And With A Philharmonic Orchestra Playing In The Background. And The Jews Believe That The Messiah Hasn't Come, But When He Does He Will Come Out Of Jerusalem. Then You Have Some Muslims Who Believe That The Messiah Will Come Down From Heaven Placing His Two Palms Upon The Wings Of Angels And Descending In The White Minaret To The East Of Damascus. However, He's Not Coming Like That. When He Comes He Will Not Come Alone. He Will Come Down In The Holy City, The New Jerusalem As Previously Mentioned In Revelation 21:2. My Question Is Why Do People Insist On Making These Stories, Rather Than Accepting The Truth? If You Read The Scriptures You Will Know How He Will Come And The Signs Of His Coming. No One Knows The Exact Hour Of The End. That Is Why You Were Given Signs. Conclusion: Now Let's Take A Total Look At What We Are Talking About. First For Those Of You Who Believe In The Bible Let's Look At 1 John 2:18 And I Quote: "LITTLE CHILDREN, IT IS THE LAST TIME: AND AS YE HAVE HEARD THAT

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ ANTICHRIST SHALL COME, EVEN NOW ARE THERE MANY ANTICHRISTS: WHEREBY WE KNOW THAT IT IS THE LAST TIME". This Quote From John, T£e Brother Of Jesus, Says That The End Of The World Was In This Time, And He Introduced The First Epistle From Ephesus In Greece In The Year 98 A.D. This Would Be 65 Years After The Crucifixion Of Jesus, If He Was Indeed Crucified In The Year 33 A.D. According To What Christians Teach And Believe. So Right Out Of His Own Mouth He Implies That The End Of The World Was During His Time Because The Antichrist Was There. And This Is Confirmed By 1 John 2:18 When It Says "DURING HIS TIME" The People Of His Time "HAD HEARD THAT THE ANTICHRIST SHALL COME" But Then He Goes On To Add In The Same Verse, "EVEN NOW ARE THERE MANY ANTICHRISTS Then He Says "WHEREBY WE KNOW THAT IT IS THE LAST TIME", And By "THE LAST TIME" Meaning, "The End Of The World." Well, He Was Obviously Wrong. Here I Am 2,000 Years Later, Writing This Pamphlet, And The World And The Evils Of It Have Not Ended. And If We Look At Matthew Which Was Revealed In The Years 41 A.D. In Palestine, Chapter 24, We'll Find Where It's Suppose To Be Jesus Himself Speaking. So Jesus,

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ Before John Received His- Book In The Year 98 A.D. Had Already Cleared Up The Future Events Of The End Of The World. In Fact, Matthew 24:4 "AND JESUS ANSWERED, AND SAID UNTO THEM. TAKE HEED THAT NO MAN DECEIVE YOU.", Simply Means, "Be Careful And Don't Let Any Man Trick You". Then In Verse 5 He Says "FOR MANY SHALL COME IN MY NAME SAYING I AM CHRIST AND SHALL DECEIVE MANY." This Quote Is Always Misunderstood. He Is Not Talking About People Using His Name For Themselves. He's Talking About People Coming In His Name Saying That He Sent Them, He Speaks Through Them, He Speaks To Their Heart Or They Represent Him. They'll Even Announce Publicly That They Are His Followers, That They Are Christians Coming In His Name. They'll Even Proclaim That He Is Christ. These Are Not To Be Confused With The Others That Claim That They Are Christ As Mentioned In Matthew 24:24 "FOR THERE SHALL ARISE FALSE CHRISTS AND FALSE PROPHETS AND SHALL SHOW GREAT SIGNS AND WONDERS INSOMUCH THAT IF IT WERE POSSIBLE THEY SHALL DECEIVE THE VERY ELECT ". This Is A Totally Different Group Of People I Am Referring To In Matthew 24:4-5 Saying They Are Representatives Of Christ.

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ It Tells You To Be Careful Of Them And It Gives You A List Of Things In Matthew, Chapter 24 To Be On Guard Against That You May Know The End Of The World. He Says In Verse 6 "AND YE SHALL HEAR OF WARS AND RUMORS OF WARS. SEE THAT YE BE NOT TROUBLED: FOR ALL THESE THINGS MUST COME TO PASS, BUT THE END IS NOT YET" And Claims With All Of These Events, The End Is Not Yet. Yet John Implies That The World Was Over In His Day And Time. He Goes On In / John 4,1 To Say "BELOVED BELIEVE NOT EVERY SPIRIT, BUT TRY THE SPIRITS". The Word For "Try" As We Look It Up In Greek "Dokimazo" (5oKl|ia£co) Means: "Prove, Approve, Examine, Test, Scrutinize", To Know Whether They Are Of God Or Not, Because Many False Prophets Are Gone Out Into The World And In Relation To Prophets, He Was Speaking In Past Tense. False Prophets Had Already Been Sent Into The World. But Now They Had, And Have To Watch Out For Spirits. And These Spirits Are The Foundation Of The New Born Again And Charismatic Churches, Speaking Of: Speaking In Tongues Such As, The Pentecostals As You Kind In Acts Chapiei 2 l/erse 4 "AND THEY WERE 4LL FILLED WITH THE HOLY GHOST AND BEGAN TO SPEAK IN

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ'_ OTHER TONGUES AS THE SPIRIT GAVE THEM UTTERANCE". Jesus Had Warned Against These Spirits And His Brother John Confirmed That You Are To Test These Spirits. And This Is What The Holy Tabernacle Ministries Is Founded On, TESTING ANYONE OR ANYTHING THAT ANYONE SAYS THEY BELIEVE IN HIS COMING AS A MEANS OF OUR SALVATION. AND THAT WE SHOULD QUESTION! So When You Read A Quote That Says God Is A Spirit Such As John 4:24. "GOD IS A SPIRIT AND THEY THAT WORSHIP HIM MUST WORSHIP IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH." Then In Philippians 3:3 "FOR WE ARE THE CIRCUMCISION WHICH WORSHIP GOD IN THE SPIRIT AND REJOICE IN JESUS CHRIST AND HAVE NO CONFIDENCE IN THE FLESH." It Is Clear That They Are Asking You To Accept God As A Spirit. And That They Have No Confidence In Flesh. So When We Write A Book Like Is God A Wimp Scroll? #86; Does God Help His Own? Scroll #99; Who Is God? Scroll #103; Does God Need Love? Scroll #109; Whose God Is

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ Responsible? Scroll #89; Does God Need Religion? Scroll #97; Does God And The Devil Exist? Scroll #93; What Is God's Language? Scroll #96; Is Jesus The God Of The Koran? Scroll #100; What Is God Doing For You? Scroll #54. These Titles That Bear The Name God, Is Talking About These Spirits That Should Be Tested That Will Be The Inspiration For False Christ And False Prophets That Will Deceive Even Those Amongst You Who Consider Themselves The Elect Of God. The Greek Word As Found In Matthew 24:24 For The "Elect" Is "Eklektos" (eicXeKTCK;) And Means Elected Out Of Others, "The Chosen, The Picked Out, The Chosen Of God, From The Root Word "Eklegomai" (eKXeyOjLKXl) Meaning, "To Make A Choice, To Chose For Oneself, To Choose One For An Office." Make Note That Mark Was Revealed In The Year 60-65 A.D. In Rome, And Confirms Matthew 24:24 By Being A Word For Word Copy, Being Matthew Was Already Written In 41 A.D. In Palestine. Mark Didn't Get Recorded Until 60-65 A.D. In Rome. Some Say By Matthew Himself. Then It Is Clear That The Elect Are Those Who Consider Themselves The Chosen Of God, And That Is Those People Who Go Around Claiming To Be Christ And That A Certain Spirit Is Going To Possess Them And They're Going To Think That They Have The Holy

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ Ghost, And They're Going To Go Out, And Teach In The Name Of Christ, But Its Going To Be A False Christ. And They're Going To Teach In The Name Of God, But Its Going To Be A False God. And Then The Elect Also Includes The Reverends, The Pastors, The Fathers, The Deacons, The Popes The Cardinals, The Elders, The Vicars, Bishops, And Priests, That All Feel That They Have Been Chosen By God, When They Have Been Indeed Possessed By Evil Spirits Who Only Seek To Deceive And Misinform By Putting Out Misinformation Unchecked, Unquestioned, And Undisputed. And If You Dare Stand Up And Speak Out Against Them, Or Question Their Beliefs That Is The Way They Want You To Believe In Jesus Christ Or The Heavenly Father, Then They Will Speak Out Against You As Jesus Says In The Beatitudes In Matthew 5:10-11 "UltsseJ Are They iYhich Ar:> Persecuted For Righteousness Sake: For 1'heirs Is The Kingdom Of Heaven (11) Blessed Are Ye, When Men Shall Revile You, And Persecute You, And Shall Say All Manner Of Evil Against You Falsely, For My Sake." We, Of The Holy Tabernacle Ministries Put Forth All Of These Questions: 1. For His Sake 107

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ We, The Holy Tabernacle Ministries Put Ourselves Out To Be Scorned And Ridiculed, 2. For His Sake We, The Holy Tabernacle Ministries Put Ourselves Out To Be Rejected From Our Families, 3. For His Sake We, The Holy Tabernacle Ministries Put Ourselves Out To Be Slandered, 4. For His Sake We, The Holy Tabernacle Ministries Put Ourselves Out To Be Questioned, 5. For His Sake We, The Holy Tabernacle Ministries Put Ourselves Out To Be Criticized, 6. For His Sake We, The Holy Tabernacle Ministries Put Ourselves Out To Be Hated And Betrayed By Antichrist, False Christs, And False Prophets, 7. For His Sake

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ The 30 Anti-Christ From Biblical Times Up Until Now, There Have Been Many Who Are Self-Acclaimed Or Delcared By Others To Be "The Messiah". The Following Are A List Of 30 Anti-Christ Who Have Tried To Deceive The World. 1. Joseph Smith Organized The Church Of The Latter-Day Saints In 1830 A.D., And Claimed That He Was Visited By A Person Named "Moroni" Who Directed Him To A Golden Plate Which Became The Mormon Bible. Inl884A.D. 2. Ellen Gould White, Founder Of The Development Of The Seventh Day Adventist In 1863 A.D. Siie Claimed To Have Received As Many \s 200 Visions And Guided By The Holy Spirit And She Considered A Messiah. 3. Bahallah, Born Mizra Hoseyn Ali Nuri, Was Founder Of The Bahai Faith In 1867 A.D. Upon His Claim To Be The Manifestation Of The Unknowable God. 4. Charles Tazzell Russel, Founder Of The Jehovah Witnesses In 1870 A.D., Claimed To Be The 7Th Angel, Predicted The End Of The World Several Times And Was Considered The Christ. 5. Mizra Ghulam Ahmad Founded The Ahmadiyya/Qadiani Sect In 1889 A.D. Was Considered To Be The Mahdi And An Incarnation Of Jesus And Muhammad. 6. Joseph Franklin Rutherford Succeeded Charles Tazzell Russel In 1917 A.D. He Claimed To Be The


_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ_ Mouthpiece Of The Creator, Thus To Question Him Was To Question The Creator. 7. Father Divine, Born As George Baker, Founded The Peace Mission In 1919 A.D. He Claimed That He Would Never Die And That There Were No More Prophets For "God" Himself Had Come. His Name Was Last Changed To Father God Major J. Divine, Dean Of The Universe. 8. Sweet Daddy Grace, Born As Marcelino Manuel De Graca, Established His First House Of Prayer In 1921 A.D. And Claimed He Was The Grace Of The World, Thus He Washed Away Their Sins By Baptism And Was Touched With His Hand. 9. Adolf Hitler Claimed To Be The Messiah With A Divine Mission, He Became Leader In 1921 A.D. With Hatred Of The Jew As His Ideology And Wanted To Create A Supreme Race. 10. King Fahd Ibn Abdul Aziz Al Saud, Proclaimed Himself King Of Saudi Arabia In 1926 A.D. 11. Shaikh Hassan Al Banna Founded The Akhwani Muslim Sect In 1928.A.D. 12. Wallace Douglas (Dodd) Ford (Fard) Was Called God, Allah In The Flesh, The Messiah And The Mahdi By The Memembers Of 1 he Nation Of Islam. In 1930 A.D. His Organization Was Originally Called "Allah Temple Of Islam". 13. Haile Selassie, Born Tatari Makonnen, Was The Emperor Of Ethiopia In 1930 A.D., And Called Himself The Elect Of Yah, King Of Zion, King Of Kings And Lord Of Lords. He Was Believed To Be The True God By The Rastafarians.

_Be Prepared For The Anti~Christ_ 14. Oral Roberts, A Pentecostal Evangelists Founded The Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association In 1948 A.D. He Is Considered Americas Leading Evangelist And Faith Healer. 15. Rabbi Menachem Shneerson, The Leader Of Lubavitcher Hasidic Jews Since 1950 A.D., Was Believed To Be The Messiah. 16. Billy Graham Born As William Franklin Jr., Founded The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association In 1950 A.D. 17. Sung Myung Moon, Leader Of The Moonies And Founder Of The Holy Spirit Association Of The Unification Church In 1954 A.D. Was Declared The Messiah. 18. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Have Been Wntng The Teachings On Immortal Saints, Gurus Since 1958 A.D. And Is Considered The Authoratative Source On The Ascended ,Masters. 19. Clarence 13X, Born Clarence Jowars Smith Was Expelled From The Nation Of Islam And Founded The 5% Nation In 1964 A.D. And Was Considered A Messiah. 20. Pope John Paul 6th, Came To America In Power In 1965 A.D. And Considered To Have Extensive Power To Control Religions And Political Heads. 21. Jim Bakker Founded The Praise The Lord Club In 1974 A.D. 22. Wallace D. Mohammed Succeeded Elijah Muhammad In 1975 A.D. And Changed The Teachings And The Name Of The Nation Of Islam To Accept The Devil.

_Be Prepared For The Anti-Christ^ 23. Maitreya, Claimed To Be The Messiah Returned, As Well As The Mahdi, Jesus Christ, Krishna, The 5Th Buddah And Maitreya Buddah And Is Known As The World Teacher Who Descended In 1977. A.D. 24. Salis Muhammad, Broke Away From The Nation Of Islam And Headed His Own Sect Called The Nation Of Islam In 1977 A.D. 25. Louis Farrakhan, Born Louis Walcott, Later Known As Abdul Haleem Farrakhan, Established A Splinter Sect Of The Nation Of Islam In 1984 A.D. He Subtly Calls Himself A Messiah Type Or The Lamb Of Allah. 26. Juc Journet, Became Leader Of The Order Of The Solair Temple In 1984 A.D. And Billed Himself The Christ. 27. Yahweh Ben Yahweh, Born Hulon Mitchell Jr. A Renegade Of The Nation Of Islam And Founder Of The Hebrew Israelites In 1986 A.D., Declared Himself Christ And The Son Of Yahweh. 28. David Korresh, Born Vernon Howell Korresh, Founded The Branch Davidian Church That Was Destroyed In 1993 A.D. He Declared Himself Christ. 29. Ben Ammi Carter Born, The Leader Of The Black Hebrews, Declared Himself Christ. 30. Jimmy Swaggart, A Pentacostal Preacher Formed His Own Crusade, And Was Called The Undisputed King Of Hellfire And Brimstone.

JSe Prepared For The Anti-Christ, Index Of Figures And Diagrams Religion: Figure 2 Job Figure 3 Noah Figure 4 Ham Figure 5 Flood Figure 6 Canaan Figure 7 Shem Figure 8 Japeth Disciple/Jesus Figure 10 Figure 12 Ark Of The Covenant Moses Figure 13 John Figure 21 Sung Moon Figure 34 W.D. Ford Figure 35 Elijah Muhammad Figure 36 David Korresh Figure 3 7 Yahweh Ben Yahweh Figure 38 Maitreya Figure 39 Cheiry Police Figure 40 Mass Death Figure 41 Page 7 Page 12 Page 12 Page 14 Page 16 Page 17 Page 17 Page 26 Page 29

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