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Every Human Being is having his own intellectual ideas and working for the welfare of him as well as for his family. During his daily routine of work, He has to undergo lot of internal & external disturbances. The present disturbances prevailing in the society like bomb blasts, natural calamities, stress and other negative incidents are psychologically disturbing every him i.e. creating fear, stress resulting in arresting his innovative & creative ideas. In recent years as per the media report, depression factor is increased among everyone resulting in wrong decisions and actions. Hence it is very much important that Psychological Factors courage , good habits, patience, creativity , discipline and dedication in them . Our Vedic & Scientific Research foundation with the blessings of Atharva Veda Sankaracharya Swamiji has designed Spirituality & Mind Management Techniques and wishes to impart this knowledge to everyone for the betterment of them. MIND POWER: Mind Power - Utilization of Brain Potential According to the study by John Peter & Donald M.Luria regarding Human Brain & Neuro Network Behaviour Comparisons , Human Beings Brain efficiency is only 10% Reasons for less efficiency of Brain : 1. Lack of techniques for Energizing Brain 2. Lack of Spirituality 3. Lack of Involvement 4. Lack of Dedication 5. Lack of Concentration like Mind & Spirituality Management are to be imparted to them through training which in turn generate

Presently , we are using our brain for only temporary storage, communication. According to our VEDIC PHILOSOPHY, i)) Our Brain got capacity to store large volumes of data. A persons data regarding every activity from his age of 2 to 80 can be stored in his/her brains memory and the data can be retrieved at any time. ii) Brain got capacity to communicate your thoughts to anybody in anywhere without instruments (Telepathy). Our Rishis has used this feature. iii) During the age between 3 to 15, every student got capacity to store large volume of data in his brain and his memory power is very active during this period. The Students future is based on how much they are undergoing good education system along with disciplinary factors during this time period. For Example in ancient/present Vedic Gurukula the Vedic student has to undergo Vedic recitation with discipline, food control factor. So that in a period of 8-10 years, they can able to memorize the large volume of Vedas and they can able to retrieve any vedic data from their memory even after 50 years . SPIRITUALITY: It means devotion along with discipline which increases the inner energy of an individual. 1) 2) SPIRITUALITY has been mainly taught by all religions in their own methodology for the Character building of an Individual Progress of the Society

The Person those who has the Spirituality factor will definitely possess o o o o o o o o Patience Punctuality Sacrificing attitude Discipline Loyalty Dedication Mind Steadiness Creativity and Good Health

All of these are essential for building leadership qualities in an individual.

Our VSRF insists on methodologies like 1. Praying of Nature 2. Rhythmic recitation 3. Meditation 4. Yoga 5. Motivation techniques to attain Spiritual & Mind Management

1. Praying of Nature
Inculcation of respect on Nature and other living beings Sound Body and Sound Mind Control of Senses Creation of Positive thoughts

2. Rhythmic recitation
Generation of Positive Vibration Effective Blood Circulation Effective Respiration Energizing of Brain

3. Meditation
Increase of Concentration Control of unwanted emotions Activation of Sixth Sense Control of Stress & Depression

Florida State University Clinical Test on effect of Meditation & Recitation on Sixty two subjects under strict clinical observations. Results showed that regular chanting & meditation reduces Stress & Depression and helps reduce bad habits & addictions.

4. Effect of Yoga
Physiological Fitness Increase of Inner Energy

5. Motivation Techniques through lectures, interactions, workshop Development of Morality, Self Belief Inculcation of Boldness, Creativity Respect of Elders

The above mentioned methodologies generate Spiritual Management & Mind Management which are the essential qualities of good citizen apart from his profession. Hence the Mind Mangement generates Inner Energy Efficiency Intuition Power Mind Concentration Positive thoughts Mind Strength Good thoughts & Aims Control of feelings (angry, ego, adamant, arrogance, fear) Self Confidence Creativity for Self Development

Spiritual Management generates

o o o o o o o o Patience Punctuality Sacrificing attitude Discipline Loyalty Dedication Mind Steadiness Good Health for Self & Society development

Hence by the combination of Spiritual & Mind Management one can become prominent leader, administrator, scientist, etc., as well as good citizen and he can attain psychological & Physiological betterment To face the Problems To accept the Failures To control Stress To handle situations smoothly To dedicate in Service To balance family and work Environment To achieve Goal To work for the Prosperous of the Society

Strong Body Strong Body && Strong Mind Strong Mind

Could Could Foresee Foresee Future Future && Etc., Etc.,

Less Disease Less Disease Spiritual Spiritual && Mind Mind Management Management
Concentration Concentration Power Power


Control their Control their Five Senses Five Senses

Intuition Power Intuition Power && Evoking Power Evoking Power from the Nature from the Nature