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B. 0 SECTION 02361 – TERMITE CONTROL PART 1 – GENERAL 1. 2. D. 1. ACRONYMS AND ABBREVIATIONS EPA ASHRAE LEED HCFC Environmental Protection Agency American Society of Heating. C. Division 1 Section "LEED Requirements" for additional LEED requirements. 1. 3. Wood treatment with borate Bait-station system. SUMMARY A. This Section includes the following: 1. 4.3 A.Section 02361 – Termite Control Rev.6 . 1. apply to this Section. bait-station system. codes and standards described in the NDIA Design Basis. Qatar Construction Standards. Metal mesh barrier system. Applicable Qatar local codes and standards and all other applicable specifications.5 A.4 A. 1. Service Life of Soil Treatment: Soil treatment by use of a termiticide that is effective for not less than 10 years against infestation of subterranean termites. 1. Soil treatment with termiticide. Product Data: For termiticide.2 Related Sections include the following: 1. borate. RELATED DOCUMENTS Drawings and general provisions of the Contract. 2. Include the EPA-Registered Label and Material Safety Data Sheet Page 1 of 8 25045-C1000-61-3PS-A-02361 New Doha International Airport (Package No. and metal mesh barrier system. 61) Airport Operations Facilities December 2009 Issued For Construction B. See Division 1 Section "Unit Prices" for list of unit prices. 1. SUBMITTALS A. B. 1. and Air-Conditioning Engineers Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Hydrochlorofluorocarbons UNIT PRICES Basis of Bids: Unit price for each termite bait station(s) provided. Refrigerating. including General and Supplementary Conditions and Division 1 Specification Sections. PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS Comply with the following: International Building Code (IBC 2003). Division 6 Section "Rough Carpentry" for wood preservative treatment by pressure process.1 A.

and rates of application used. volumes. Page 2 of 8 25045-C1000-61-3PS-A-02361 New Doha International Airport (Package No. including the following: 1. Warranty: Special warranty specified in this Section. Areas of application. signed by product manufacturer. Date and time of application. 3. Location of areas and sites conducive to termite feeding and activity. methods. volumes. Qualification Data: For Installer of termite control products. F. 5. submit report for Employer's record information. Areas of application. 4. Water source for application. 0 (MSDS) for termiticide and borate products. 4. 2. Bait-Station System Application Report: After installation of bait-station system is completed. 6. including the following: 1. 61) Airport Operations Facilities December 2009 Issued For Construction . C. 3. Moisture content of soil before application. Dilutions. Schedule of inspections for one year from date of Substantial Completion. procedure. E. 5. and rates of application used.Section 02361 – Termite Control Rev. submit report for Engineer’s record information. submit report for Employer's records information. H. 5. Wood Treatment Application Report: After application of borate is completed. Brand name and manufacturer of borate. B. 2. Equipment Certification: Certificates of calibration tests conducted on the equipment used in the termiticide application. 6. Dated report for each monitoring and inspection occurrence indicating level of termite activity. Plan drawing showing number and locations of monitoring stations and bait stations. Dilutions. Quantities of termite bait used. Soil Treatment Application Report: After application of termiticide is completed. methods. Quantity of undiluted borate used. 2. 4. and treatment applied before time of Substantial Completion. Product Certificates: For termite control products. Date and time of application. Brand name and manufacturer of termiticide. G. 3. Quantity of undiluted termiticide used. D. including the following: 1. Brand name and manufacturer of termiticide. 7.

CORROSION PROTECTION A. B. WORK REASONABLY INFERRED Contractor shall execute the Work in accordance with the intent and meaning of the Drawings and Specification and shall supply all accessories and other items essential for the proper Performance and Completion of the Work and shall execute all Work. as is the significant accumulation of fine sand and dust due to the nature of local soils. including the supply of necessary materials. Unless accepted otherwise by the Engineer. E.9 1. the resulting saline atmosphere. or similar system. non-corroding products and materials where appropriate including aluminum. for the prior approval of the Engineer.7 QUALITY ASSURANCE A. use manufacturers and installers that employ a Quality Management System complying with the program described in ISO 9001-2000. The climate at the project site is particularly corrosive due to its proximity to the ocean. In the case where no alternative to steel or other oxidizing metal is possible (or where the specifications specifically indicate the use of steel). The Contractor will make all provisions necessary to propose. 1. 61) Airport Operations Facilities December 2009 Issued For Construction C. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Refer to Division 1 specifications for sustainable development and LEEDS requirements.Section 02361 – Termite Control Rev. Regulatory Requirements: Formulate and apply termiticides according to the EPARegistered Label. and the high average temperatures. for example) with an anticorrosion guarantee of 10 years. Preinstallation Conference: Conduct conference at Project site to comply with requirements in Division 1 Section "Project Management and Coordination" to schedule application of termiticide products. and who employs workers trained and approved by bait-station system manufacturer to install manufacturer's products. Copies of daily records signed by an officer of the Contractor. Source Limitations: Obtain termite control products from a single manufacturer for each product. and plastics. . products and equipment from companies having an office and maintenance service based in Qatar.11 A.10 A. the steel or other material must be effectively protected against corrosion (by galvanization and/or protective paint coatings. 1. D. 1. F. the Contractor will be asked to modify if necessary the proposed product (even if a catalogue or manufactured item) and to replace the corroding-type materials by non. 0 1. In all other cases. The intense solar radiation is also a cause of accelerated aging of materials. stainless steel. other non-corroding metals. which can be reasonably Page 3 of 8 25045-C1000-61-3PS-A-02361 New Doha International Airport (Package No. and then to install. MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR Where possible the Contractor is to use suppliers of materials.corroding materials. Installer Qualifications: A specialist who is licensed according to regulations of authorities having jurisdiction to apply termite control treatment and products in jurisdiction where Project is located.8 A.

MANUFACTURERS Available Manufacturers: Subject to compliance with requirements. Warranty Period: 10 years from date of Final Acceptance. D. but are not limited to. Page 4 of 8 25045-C1000-61-3PS-A-02361 Aventis Environmental Science USA LP. and concreting operations. obligations. do not treat soil that is water saturated. State services. PART 2 – PRODUCTS 2. c. If subterranean termite activity or damage is discovered during warranty period. PROJECT CONDITIONS Environmental Limitations:To ensure penetration.12 A. 1. B. Install bait-station system after construction. grade beams. and re-treatment for occurrences of termite activity. 1. Do not treat soil while precipitation is occurring. FMC Corporation. whether or not specifically shown or described in the Drawings and Specification. d. re-treat soil and repair or replace damage caused by termite infestation. filling. is completed. sheathing.15 A. the following: 1.14 A. C. signed by Applicator and Contractor certifying that termite control work. Apply borate treatment after framing. and terms for agreement period. Comply with requirements of the EPA-Registered Label and requirements of authorities having jurisdiction.1 A. Agricultural Products Group. MAINTENANCE SERVICE Continuing Service: Beginning at Final Acceptance. WARRANTY Special Warranty: Manufacturer's standard form. provide 12 months' continuing service including monitoring. Install bait-station monitoring system during construction to determine areas of termite activity. 0 inferred. Provide a standard continuing service agreement. and groundsupported slabs before construction. Bayer Corporation. New Doha International Airport (Package No.Section 02361 – Termite Control Rev. will prevent infestation of subterranean termites. conditions. Dow AgroSciences LLC. Termiticides: a. 1. manufacturers offering products that may be incorporated into the Work include. b. COORDINATION Coordinate soil treatment application with excavating. including landscaping. and terms for future renewal options. inspection.13 A. Termidor. and exterior weather protection is completed but before electrical and mechanical systems are installed. 1. Premise 75. 61) Airport Operations Facilities December 2009 Issued For Construction . grading. consisting of applied soil termiticide treatment. Treat soil under footings. 1.

S. METAL MESH BARRIER SYSTEM Product: Subject to compliance with requirements. Type 316. stainless-steel wire. 2. landscaping.5 A. Provide quantity required for application at the label volume and rate for the maximum diffusible borate concentration allowed for each specific use. B. in an aqueous solution formulated to prevent termite infestation.. BAIT-STATION SYSTEM A. Borates: a. Sentricon System. Page 5 of 8 25045-C1000-61-3PS-A-02361 Proceed with application only after unsatisfactory conditions have been New Doha International Airport (Package No. Jecta. U. b.4 2.2 A. NovaGuard Technologies. manufacturer's written instructions. c.1 linear meters. FMC Corporation. WOOD TREATMENT A. First Line Systems.45mm mesh of 2. for compliance with requirements for moisture content of soil. slab and foundation work. formulated to prevent termite infestation in wood. according to manufacturer's EPARegistered Label for product. Dow AgroSciences LLC. 2. according to product's EPA-Registered Label. provide "TERMI-MESH" by TERMIMESH. according to product's EPA-Registered Label. Armor-Guard. SOIL TREATMENT Termiticide: Provide an EPA-registered termiticide complying with requirements of authorities having jurisdiction. Tim-Bor. EXAMINATION Examine substrates.64 by 0. in an aqueous solution for spray application and a gel solution for pressure injection. interfaces with earthwork. areas. Bait-Station Systems: a. and conditions. Nisus Corp. b.Section 02361 – Termite Control Rev.. Inc. Borax Inc..1 A. and the following: 1. 1.. PART 3 – EXECUTION 3. Agricultural Products Group. c. Inc.3 2.0mm diameter. Not less than 1 station per 6. Stainless-Steel Mesh: 0. Shell-Guard. Provide quantity required for application at the label volume and rate for the maximum termiticide concentration allowed for each specific use. Inc. Ensystex. with Applicator present. 3. Borate: Provide an EPA-registered borate complying with requirements of authorities having jurisdiction. 0 2. 61) Airport Operations Facilities December 2009 Issued For Construction . Bora-Care. Provide bait stations and monitoring stations based on the dimensions of building perimeter indicated on Drawings. Quarterra System. and other conditions affecting performance of termite control.

Crawlspaces: Soil under and adjacent to foundations as previously indicated. Remove all extraneous sources of wood cellulose and other edible materials such as wood debris. to the following so that a continuous horizontal and vertical termiticidal barrier or treated zone is established around and under building construction. Termiticides may be applied before placing compacted fill under slabs if recommended in writing by termiticide manufacturer. and chimney bases.Section 02361 – Termite Control Rev. also along the entire outside perimeter. Foundations: Adjacent soil including soil along the entire inside perimeter of foundation walls. Distribute treatment evenly. building slabs. Apply overall treatment only where attached concrete platforms are on fill or ground. according to manufacturer's EPARegistered Label. 3. B. 3. 1. Treat soil materials before concrete footings and slabs are placed. and level soil to be treated except previously compacted areas under slabs and footings. 3. including footings. along both sides of interior partition walls. Fit filling hose connected to water source at the site with a backflow preventer. and construction waste wood from soil within and around foundations. 3. formwork. tree stumps and roots. and around interior column footers. Application: Mix soil treatment termiticide solution to a uniform consistency. and attached slabs as an overall treatment. from grade to bottom of footing. Page 6 of 8 25045-C1000-61-3PS-A-02361 New Doha International Airport (Package No. APPLYING SOIL TREATMENT A. 61) Airport Operations Facilities December 2009 Issued For Construction . rake. Avoid soil washout around footings. Slabs-on-Grade and Basement Slabs: Under ground-supported slab construction.4 2. 1. control joints. Avoid disturbance of treated soil after application.3 A. piers. stakes. GENERAL General: Comply with the most stringent requirements of authorities having jurisdiction and with manufacturer's EPA-Registered Label for products. and areas where slabs will be penetrated. 4. Loosen. 0 corrected. APPLICATION. complying with requirements of authorities having jurisdiction. B. around plumbing pipes and electric conduit penetrating the slab. Provide quantity required for application at the label volume and rate for the maximum specified concentration of termiticide. Keep off treated areas until completely dry. PREPARATION General: Comply with the most stringent requirements of authorities having jurisdiction and with manufacturer's written instructions for preparation before beginning application of termite control treatment. Treat adjacent areas including around entrance platform and equipment bases. 5. Masonry: Treat voids.2 A. Penetrations: At expansion joints. Soil Treatment Preparation: Remove foreign matter and impermeable soil materials that could decrease treatment effectiveness on areas to be treated.

Section 02361 – Termite Control Rev. siding. according to manufacturer's EPARegistered Label. Wood Members Thicker Than 100mm: Inject borate gel solution under pressure into holes of size and spacing required by manufacturer for treatment. Framing and Sheathing: Apply borate solution by spray to bare wood for complete coverage. APPLYING BORATE TREATMENT D. if applicable. dispersed in treated soils and fills. 3. INSTALLING METAL MESH BARRIER SYSTEM Metal Mesh Barrier: Place metal mesh barrier where indicated to provide a continuous barrier to entry of subterranean termites. Use waterproof barrier according to EPARegistered Label instructions. 2. Other sites and locations as determined by licensed Installer. 8. 0 C. 3. Protect termiticide solution. 3. 6. Application: Mix wood treatment borate solution to a uniform consistency.5 A. 1. B. At plumbing penetrations through ground-supported slabs. Each area where roof drainage system. 2. and terminate at slab and New Doha International Airport (Package No. 1. and structural members subject to infestation receive treatment. In mulch beds. 4. so that wood framing. Areas of high soil moisture. sheathing. Reapply soil treatment solution to areas disturbed by subsequent excavation. according to the EPARegistered Label for product and manufacturer's written instructions for termite management system and bait products. landscaping. After 48 hours. Provide quantity required for application at the label volume and rate for the maximum specified concentration of borate. E. Near irrigation sprinkler heads. 3. grading. monitoring stations. 3. from being diluted until ground-supported slabs are installed.7 A. in areas that are conducive to termite feeding and activity.Registered Label for the product and manufacturer's written instructions.6 A. as follows: 1. drains to soil. according to the EPA. Conducive sites and locations indicated on Drawings. apply a seal coat of paint as specified in Division 9 painting Sections. Where wood directly contacts soil. Page 7 of 8 25045-C1000-61-3PS-A-02361 Fit mesh tightly around pipe or other penetrations. 7. INSTALLING BAIT-STATION SYSTEMS Place bait stations and. or other construction activities following application. 61) Airport Operations Facilities December 2009 Issued For Construction . 5. Post warning signs in areas of application. Exterior Uncoated Wood Trim and Siding: Apply borate solution to bare wood siding. Inspect and service stations from time of their application until completion of time period established by continuing service agreement. including downspouts and scuppers.

61) Airport Operations Facilities December 2009 Issued For Construction . 2. Install mesh under the perimeter of concrete slab edges and joints after vapor barrier and reinforcing steel are in place. END OF SECTION 02361 Page 8 of 8 25045-C1000-61-3PS-A-02361 New Doha International Airport (Package No. 0 foundation perimeters. and comply with manufacturer's written installation methods.Section 02361 – Termite Control Rev.