[2009년 4월] 해커스토익 Lynn 선생님 예상문제

101. Students are encouraged to _______ 105. Compared to last year’s disappointing involved in the community by engaging in public service activities. (A)make (B)become (C)enable (D)apply sales, the figures for this year indicate an ________ trend. (A)encouraging (B)entertaining (C)available (D)approving


According to a survey, more than half


According to a survey, employers are

of the graduates polled _______ most keen on positions in banking and finance, followed by trading. (A)is (B)was (C)were (D)have

showing a growing _______ for those with graduatelevel academic qualifications or experience in Business English. (A)number (B) preference (C)agreement (D) choice


________ 60 percent of salaried 107. _______ next month, Mr. Chung will

office workers are worried about being laid off by their employers. (A)near (B)around (C)of (D)at

be responsible for designing the University's strategic marketing plan. (A)beginning (B) the beginning (C)to begin (D) having begun


Completed applications for admission 108. Unemployment rate has increased

to Melbourne University can _______ in person or by mail. (A)submit (B)be submitting (C)be submitted (D)submitting

and some economists warned one million people could be _______ work by the end of this year. (A)into (B) along with (C)out of (D) through


up to 329. The number of employed workers in USA health consequences _______ to getting too little sleep. After several years of depressed sales 117. _______ the jobless population in Receipts are required to _______ _______ 10.22 million in February.000 people became unemployed due to the shutdowns of companies and plants. (A) rearrange (B) complicate (C) discount (D) verify February.kr .co. (A)increases (B) has increased (C)have been increasing (D) had increase manufacturing production.Hackers. the demand for such products _______ considerably in the past few months. _______ permission to advertise must be granted. (A)relation (B) related (C) relating (D) relates 115. (A)negotiate (B) negotiable (C)negotiator (D) negotiates 112. (A)by (B) over (C)among (D) from 113. Please make sure to read over these The Norva Pharmaceutical Co. In order to advertise on this web site. 111.[2009년 4월] 해커스토익 Lynn 선생님 예상문제 109. (A)enthusiast (B) establishment (C) preference (D) benefits terms and they are not __________ and there will be no exceptions. Several studies have shown negative 114. (A)out (B) of (C)besides (D) about 116. (A)total (B) totaling (C)totaled (D) was totaled expenses and make sure no expenses without receipts will be reimbursed. (A)before (B) ahead (C) advanced (D) prior www. has signed a cooperation agreement with National UK University Hospital (NUUH) on the _______ of a clinical research and development center. the KMC scheduling systems are _______ most simple and effective means for of textiles. 110.

Hackers. Many teachers of young children are the AGDA Conference will be available to the members only. (A)speculation (B) chance (C)potential (D) plan probationary management. (A) Busily (B) Heavily (C) Solely (D) Safely _______ about the right time to begin handwriting instruction. _______ discounted fees to participate in 123.co.m. (A) eligible (B) efficient (C) valid (D) certified management _______ that uses cards attached to components to monitor and control workflow in a factory. matched with strict quality testing standard.kr . (A)to (B) for (C)on (D) at 120. (A)ingredients (B) patterns (C)pieces (D) materials www. The goal of the job fair is to fill _______ of 124. (A)hundreds (B) sorts (C)kinds (D) many new style development and on perfect after sales services since it was established.[2009년 4월] 해커스토익 Lynn 선생님 예상문제 118. Our company has concentrated _______ positions with quality job seekers from the area. Students and faculty at any educational 126. (A)out of (B) as to (C)up to (D) because of 121. (A)ability (B) proficiency (C)execution 122. SSKY Shoes Ltd. uses good quality shoe (D) technique _______. The Kanban system is a new production institution are _______ for an additional 20% off the courses by MLT Institution. The National Weather Service forecasts a 125. (A)unstable (B) unknown (C)uncertain (D) unsafe 119. A decision _______ whether to retain employees will be made by the 40 percent _______of rain and thunderstorms today after 2 p.

(A)reduce (B) reduced (C)reducing (D) reduces done by the deadline. (A)Otherwise (B) Despite (C) Although (D) Regarding 129. Lee. It is always wise for you to run an anti- virus program on all material _______ from the Internet. Australia.Hackers. (A) cooperatively (B) typically (C) recently (D) measurably schools only require that applicants be native English speakers and have a 4-year degree. (A)fortune (B) fortunately (C) fortunate (D) fortunes 128.co. spokesman for SG Appliances. (A)download (B) downloading (C)downloaded (D) to download said that their products are 10 to 20 percent cheaper than other _______ brands. Shipping direct from China to major 132. The website also opened a bulletin board allowing citizens to add their personal comments _______ their views on policymaking. US. _______ teaching experience is useful. Mr. (A) impressing (B)impressed (C) impression (D) impressive 134. and _______ the director was very pleased with it. the more _______ I was with its flexibility.) _______ takes only 3-to-10 days. our destinations (Europe. Kelly Ahn managed to get the article suppliers helps manufacturers _______ the risk of over-stocking or running out of stock.. The more I learned about the virtualization by filling out the form below after your application to the course_______. (A)include (B) have included (C)to include (D) included www. 130. (A)compared (B) comparing (C) comparable (D) compare 135. (A)has submitted (B) has been submitted (C)will be submitted (D) submitted technology.kr .[2009년 4월] 해커스토익 Lynn 선생님 예상문제 127. You may submit a scholarship request 133. Implementing a new system with 131. etc.

and interviews. lectures. all articles should be submitted five days prior to the publication date.co. (A) that (B) which 138. (A)taking (B) to take (C)take (D) taken 137.kr . System operators reserve the right Questions 141-143 refer to the following letter.[2009년 4월] 해커스토익 Lynn 선생님 예상문제 136. App corp. also added a new voice (C) mutual (D) later memos feature.Hackers. (A) soon (B) prompt 139. 142. (A) making (B) allowing (C)preventing (D) demonstrating Thank you for the kind words contained in your letter.500 has been received 141. _______ the content of mail that passes through their system. (A) forwardly (B) forwarded (C) forwarding (D) forward www. In order_______ the editors to make (C) by whom (D) in which Dear Miranda Kuur necessary revisions. We look _______ to many years of mutual prosperity. ______ users to record voice notes. (A) to (B) of (C)for (D) about and I would like to thank you for your _______ remittance following our telephone call of the same date. All employees can ask _______ part predicted that the country may be _______ to achieve 5 percent economic growth this year. 143. (A)reliable (B) unable (C)available (D) valuable in training that might not be specifically related to their job. (A) to be reviewed (B) reviewed (C)reviewing (D) to review Your letter of Jan 21 _______ you enclosed your payment of $1. Many government officials and economists 140.

Dear Mr. 149. (A) agreeably (B) unfortunately (C) practically (D) recently After checking with all of our other stores in the area. You have my best wishes in finding someone _______ for the position._______. I would be most happy to do so.[2009년 4월] 해커스토익 Lynn 선생님 예상문제 Questions 144-146 refer to the following letter. (A) normally (B) closely (C) finally (D) substantially Once again. (A) mention (B) explain (C) inform (D) say been unable to locate another item ( Model No. please call me _______ your convenience at 080-555-1234. 200394) for you. Questions 147-149 refer to the following letter. 146. (A) suitable (B) advisable (C) enviable (D) credible takes between four to six weeks to receive merchandise ordered in this manner.Hackers. If this is your desire. _______. I regret to _______ you that I have 147. (A) on (B) for (C) with (D) at On behalf of Ellen Inc. I would like to thank you for shopping at our store and if there is any way that we can be of further assistance to you. it 148. 145.co. www. please let us know.kr . I'd like to express my gratitude for the offer and my regrets that it didn't work out. I will not be accepting the position as it does not fit the path I am taking 144. Jones. (A) achievement (B) achieve (C) to achieve (D) achieved If you would like me to place a special order. ______ my career goals. Dear valued customer Thank you very much for offering me the opportunity to work at Bronson Associates.

(A) resolve (B) resolving (C) resolves (D) to resolve Please telephone me to let me know how you'd like to deal with this.Hackers.[2009년 4월] 해커스토익 Lynn 선생님 예상문제 Questions 150-152 refer to the following letter. Your engineers have been excellent as always. Can I ask that you look _______ this situation to ensure that the next service visit. machine. (A) for (B) to (C) at (D) into arranged for March 21 _______the matter. John Smith To whom it may concern I really need your help with this. 150. Your engineer called for the third time in the past ten days to repair our washing machine at the above address.kr . (A) once (B) still (C) ever (D) already and I am _______ without a working He was unable to carry out the repair because the spare part was again not compatible. 151. 152. www.co. but without the correct parts they can't do the job required. I greatly appreciate your help.

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