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APPENDIX A REFLECTION PAPERS Topic: The challenges and opportunities of leaders today The Difference "Difference" Makes A clich

goes like this: Necessity is the mother of inventionof change, of a difference. People must take risks; learn new ways, experiment incrementally making their way forward as they invent a different kind of organization. In this day and age, leaders face a cosmic variation of challenges, crisis even economic crisis, and scarcity of resources, level of followers, time, and many more. Challenges at hand with the leaders today hand round for their benefit to be conceptually equipped and prepared for future constraints. The biggest challenge, in my view, is the difficulty people have in being willing and able to question how they do their work and why they do it that way. Is it because it's the most effective way, or is it because it's the way it's always been done? If the answer is the latter, and if the practice may be systematically, if inadvertently, creating differential opportunities for different groups, then the next big challenge is to garner support for experimenting with how people might do the work differently. People, as expected, are dead set against to changing a system in which they have been successful at demonstrating their competence and getting rewarded for it. Yet, these are the very people who, because they have achieved success and hold positions of power, may be best positioned to lead the sorts of changes we are advocating. That said, it is not just the powerful who are resistant to change. Most people resist change, even when change might be in their interest, because change is threatening; it involves taking risks and experimenting, not knowing the outcome. This is hard for most people to do. It's even hard for us to do, and we see the costs of the existing system, as well as the potential benefits to change! Retrenchment by some institutions induced by economic crisis sent and held several individuals now as unemployed. Everyday living to others expectation is also a challenge. Working and adjusting to new processes, adapting to novice workers and even relating to workers who tend not to follow rules and regulations, give extra burden to leaders. While challenges and adversities cover the land, opportunities also cohabit with it. These are promoting oneself to higher position because of the retrenchment of workers in the lower management. Opportunities such as seminar and workshop are also chances for employers to keep themselves abreast of the educational updates and skills enrichment.

We believe that for this kind of organizational change to occur, people must be open to changing themselves in the service of achieving their goals. The kind of leadership that is necessary to make the changes in organizations that we are advocating involves the capacity to reflect on and learn from our own life and experience; to solicit and integrate feedback from others; to remain continually open to reevaluating our beliefs in the face of new information that contradicts what we "know" to be true; and to maintain clarity about our priorities and goals, so that we can be constantly vigilant in assessing the connection between what we value and what we say and do. Opportunities for progress and advancement are gifts to leaders. These will mold them to be more like of a leader who have followers wholl never leave them even on the verge of a stupendous crisis. Topic: College Education in the Philippines Education plays a crucial role in the future and well-being of the nation. College Education, we all believe, is an investment in the development of our countrys human resources. We could not afford to neglect this basic resource which is the foundation of our countrys development. Globalization demands competent and technologically skilled graduates. This belief in attaining higher education is shown in the mounting enrolment for collegiate courses. Many government efforts have been fore fronted at fortifying the stronghold of college education, especially nursing. The implementation of a five year program for nursing and other degrees is one of the challenges today. This realization for me is not the solution for predicament but furthermore adds insult to the injury. But I think, this does not solve the educational problem our country is attending today. I, for one, am a product of a four-year nursing program, but I suppose this does not make me less of a professional. Topic: College Teacher To teach is to touch many lives forever. To educate is to purposively shape these lives and make them imbibe positive values. Teaching is indeed a sublime vocation. This is but one of the positive aspects of teaching. That is how vital a college teachers role is, as depicted in the chapter. The chapter talks of the qualifications and professional responsibilities of being such. Rights and privileges of a college teacher were also accentuated. Topic: College Student In a gist, the chapter elucidates on the college freshmans background of general education where he/she enhances learning, civic and social values. Coupled with a sense of maturity, he/she develops critical thinking and dexterity in interpersonal skills. Surmounting college life entails distractions, but his/her goal should be constant. Time, Resources, and Self management are facets to be hurdled, inasmuch as there will be sundry activities both in the curricular and extra-curricular realms of college life.