USE OF ENGLISH Name:_______________________________________________________________

1 Which word in each group is different? Underline the different word. Example: beautiful/handsome/unattractive/good-looking (unattractive is different because it's negative) a) b) c) skinny/slim/relaxed/tall thumb/nose/mouth/eye organised/motivated/hard-working/unreliable

2 Complete the sentences with the correct form of do or make. Example: The police officer made a big mistake when he arrested the wrong person. a) b) c) d) e) f) We have some research before we can begin this project. enough money.

This company closed down because it was not The jury hasn't Yesterday I didn't Can you please What were you a decision.

my homework because I was tired. me a big favour and look after my dog for a while? when the teacher came into the room?

3 Answer the following questions. Example: What do we use to look at ourselves in the bathroom? (Answer: A mirror) a) How do you describe a person who gives a lot of things to other people? G

Answer: b)

How do you describe a person who has a lot of natural ability? T

Answer: c)

What is used for cutting down trees? An a

Answer: d)

What do we use to cut paper? S

Answer: e)

What type of person is motivated by success, power and social status? A

Answer: f)

What instrument, which uses batteries, do we use to see in the dark? At

Answer: g)

How do you describe a person who isn't frightened of anything? B

Answer: h)

What do we use to dig a hole in the ground? As


Present Simple Passive 4 a) Put the words in the correct order to make sentences.. two house in milk consumed this day litres of are every.

________________________________________________________________________ b) her visited Ruth friends is of by many.



in computers Japan made are these


Questions 5 Write the questions for the answers. Example: My name is Mario. What is your name? a) There are sixty students in the room. ?

How many b) How c) When d) Why Because I was hungry. I will finish the job next week. I came to work by train yesterday.




both, neither, either 6 a) b) c) d) e) Choose the correct word in italics. Both/Neither of my brothers love tennis. They play it nearly every day. I'm really hungry, so I'm going to eat either/both of these sandwiches. Tonight we can go to either/both the cinema or the theatre. Which one would you like? I really don't mind. Neither/Either of them would be fine. Either/Neither Erica nor James spent much money at the shops.

Past continuous and Past Simple 7 Complete the sentence with the correct form of the verb in brackets (Past Continuous or Past Simple).

It was a very busy day in our office yesterday because we had a lot of work to finish before the end of the day. While I (prepare) (type) (interrupt) an important document, my colleague some new contracts on her computer. Suddenly my boss me because he (want) me to make a when I

couple of urgent phone calls to China. Then an urgent fax (arrive) (speak) on the phone. But in the end everything went OK.

Uses of like 8 Answer the questions. Example: What is Jeremy like? He's kind and friendly a) What would you like to study in the future?



What does your girlfriend look like?



What do you like doing on holiday?

_______________________________________________________________________ d) What is your new boss like?


Present Perfect with for and since. 9 a) b) c) Choose the correct word in italics. We have been married for seven months/last July. They have been here since two hours/10 a.m. I haven't seen a good film for last five years/ages.

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