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Manufacturing. Parts beyond Bopp & Reuther Messtechnik GmbH product range will be provided by other significant suppliers within this business sector. controlled and calibrated. Commissioning. Engineering. and ASME etc. Page 2 of 8 Brochure B&R-ME Rev.Bopp & Reuther Messtechnik ENGINEERING GmbH as a System Integrator is an independent engineering company and belongs to Bopp & Reuther Messtechnik GmbH Group. Gas and Liquid Metering & Proving Systems Training in Germany or at site System Engineering and Design B&R Messtechnik Mechanical & electrical installation ENGINEERING GmbH Commissioning Site Acceptance Test (SAT) Proving & Calibration Systems Sampling and Analyzing Systems Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) The areas of our activities are mainly the chemical and petrochemical industry. DIN. Training and Service for gas and liquid metering and proving systems are the speciality of the company. Their comprehensive range of top quality components enables us to offer the right solution for each and almost every application. We offer service wherever liquid and gaseous media need to be measured.01 . Our partners are accredited and certified companies and their products fulfil the international standards as ANSI.

and ultrasonic meters as well as orifices. turbine.Metering systems We provide metering systems with a singleone or several meter runs for liquids and gases.01 . repeatability and long term stability Interfaces to higher-level systems (own supervisory / client’s SCADA) Data acquisition. mass flow-. Depending on the medium and specification requirements we offer measuring systems with oval wheel-. archiving and administration Implementation of customer's specific control and monitoring functions Engineering Design and construction Manufacturing FAT SAT Commissioning Certification and documentation Gas Metering Station Page 3 of 8 Brochure B&R-ME Rev. Crude Oil Metering and Proving Station We offer: • • • • • • • • • • • • • Pipeline and peripheral equipment design according to ANSI / ASME / DIN High accuracy and repeatability according to API and ISO High flow capacity paired with high accuracy. nozzles or venturi tubes according to ISO 5167.

20 and 50 Liters Mobile Horizontal Tank Prover 2000 L Compact prover Page 4 of 8 Brochure B&R-ME Rev.01 .Prover and Calibration Systems • • • • • Stationary or mobile provers Dimensioning according to API and ISO NACE requirements Skid mounted Surface protection Bi-Directional Ball Prover Calibration Tank 2x10.

Proving and Calibration Systems. software) eXLerate supervisory software Page 5 of 8 Brochure B&R-ME Rev.Custody transfer flow metering and calibration systems What ever you need With our global network of companies “Bopp & Reuther Messtechnik Engineering” is able to deliver all necessary equipments for Measuring. Flow meters Oval wheel meter (PD meter) Turbine meter rim and helical type Ultrasonic meter Mass flow meter Orifice.01 . nozzle and venturi Flow computer and flow computer cabinet Flow-X / R Flow-X / P Supervisory systems (HMI) Communication solutions (HART protocol.

01 . DB&B.Sampling and analyzing systems Salt in crude oil Sampling system H2S in crude oil Periferial equipments Centrifugal gas separators Density meter Strainer Temperature and pressure transmitter Temperature and pressure gauge Differential pressure transmitter.way shut-off ball valves. manual or electrical Page 6 of 8 Brochure B&R-ME Rev. fire safe. indicator and switch Safety valves 2 and 4.

Engineering. We provide maintenance for the many years of operation. Our well educated and experienced personnel will put your system into operation and train your staff accordingly..System Engineering and commissioning In the field of measuring systems and the correlative process instrumentation our knowledge is built on years of experience.01 . Our teams provide all required and necessary equipments and documentations. design and construction Manufacturing and tests FAT Commissioning SAT Training After sales service Calibration Periodical calibration of the meters and the whole system etc. etc. In order to fulfil your requirements and to simplify your business we offer individual customised solutions. Page 7 of 8 Brochure B&R-ME Rev.

Project Page 8 of 8 Brochure B&R-ME Rev. mobile 20" Unidirectional Ball Prover. checklists. Our References More than 40 years of experience in custody transfer skid mounted metering and calibration Reference List Bopp & Reuther Messtechnik Engineering Germany No 1 2 … 72 … 169 170 171 173 Customer PTB Shell … Ruhrgas AG … Bouali Sina PC NIORDC WINGAS Tehran Oil Refinery Country Germany Netherlands … Germany … Iran Iran Germany Iran Year 1972 1979 … 1998 … 2004 2005 2005 2006 Type of Instalation Unidirectional Ball Prover.burmt-eng. stationary … Orifice Meter … Turbine Metering System Turbine Metering System 24" Ultrasonic Gas Meter Oval Wheel Metering System Please ask for our complete reference list Bopp & Reuther Messtechnik Engineering GmbH Am Neuen Rheinhafen 4 67346 Speyer Germany Phone: +49 6232 657 530 Fax: +49 6232 657 532 E-Mail: Web site: www.01 .Our Philosophy Not only the • • • • • DIN EN ISO 9001 Richtlinie 94/9/EG (ATEX) Richtlinie 97/23/EG HPO – Approval SGU – Certificate … The quality of our work and components. external certification at renamed European institutes and 3rd party inspections are standard daily practice. our QCM’s.

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