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NVQ Teaching Assistant Level 3 Unit 010 Knowledge Based Assignment Assist in Preparing and Maintaining the Learning Environment Help to prepare the learning environment. 10.1 iii, vi, vii 10.3 ii

Control of the environment is very important in enabling the intended learning. Our surroundings have a marked effect on our feelings and our behaviour, but although we cannot always affect their original structure we can control what happens within this space. Draw two plans (these need not be to scale) of: a. The classroom in which you mainly work. b. The same classroom with suggested alterations giving reasons for the alterations considering the Disabilities Discrimination Act 2002 (DDA). Your plans should include:  Position of furniture – shape of chairs / tables/cupboards.  Windows – blinds?  Heating – check temperature – too hot, too cold – effects on pupils, equipment  Artificial lighting – shadows?  Wall covering / posters (do they enhance or detract?)  Health and safety requirements. It would also be useful to give some explanations where relevant. What factors would you have to consider when setting out a learning environment considering pupil’s physical development (Foundation Stage - Yr. 11) and including special needs, safety arrangements, positioning furniture, equipment and materials, access to school/classroom, and storage areas? 10.1 iii, vi, 10.3 iv

TACL.NVQ.TA Unit 10 September 2005


The Adult College Lancaster

The learning environment is more than just a classroom. Complete the following spider diagram with suggestions for other areas.

10.1 ii, iii, vii 10.3 vi 15.1 v

School environment


From the above learning environments (apart from the classroom) list below any potential hazards you can think of and state what action would be needed to address them and to whom you would report. Learning Environment Classroom Hazard Doors Action Needed Finger guards fitted Reported To H & S officer

Write a brief statement about each of the following:
TACL.NVQ.TA Unit 10 September 2005


The Adult College Lancaster

 

What are your legal duties under the Health and Safety at work legislation. What role do you play in preparing and maintaining a safe and secure learning environment? Is this written in your job description and how do you encourage the children to accept responsibility for their learning environment? 10.1 i; ii; vii 10.3 i; v 15.1, ii, iii

Who else is responsible in your school for the learning environment? e.g. Site agent – give a brief description of their roles 10.1 ii 10.1 v 10.2 iii 10.3 i

TACL.NVQ.TA Unit 10 September 2005


The Adult College Lancaster What are the school procedures for a) reporting shortages of materials and equipment; b) ordering new supplies; c) storing materials / equipment; d) preparing materials / equipment; e) damage to equipment/ materials; f) ensuring the safety / security of the children and staff and g) storing any faulty/broken items? School Procedures for…… a) reporting shortages of materials and equipment Reported to Standards 10.2 iv 10.3 vi

b) ordering new supplies

10.2 iii

c) storing materials / equipment

10.2 iv 15.1 viii 22.1 I 22.2 xiii

d) preparing materials / equipment

10.2 iii

e) damage to equipment/ materials

10.1 v 10.3 vi 22.1 iv 22.2 ix

f) ensuring the safety / security of the children and staff

10.1 vii, viii 15.1 i

g) storing any faulty/broken items

10.3 vi 15.1 viii

TACL.NVQ.TA Unit 10 September 2005


The Adult College Lancaster Who is the Health and Safety Officer in your school and who is she/he responsible to? Find your school Health and Safety Policy. What procedures do you have to follow if you have any concerns or problems regarding potential hazards? 10.1 iv, v 10.3 iii 15.1 vi

What are your school requirements for health, hygiene, safety and supervision in the following environments: a) access to premises; b) store rooms; c) storage areas, d) specialised curriculum areas e.g. ICT, DT, Art, Food technology etc? a) access to premises 10.1 iv, vii viii 10.3 iii 15.1 i

b) store rooms

c) storage areas

d) specialised curriculum areas

Indicate on a copy of the school plan (often included in the school’s handbook for parents) the following:   The position of fire extinguishers / blankets in school. Indicate what the different types of extinguishers are used for. Location of the first aid box 10.1 PI.2 scope se. a, c 15.1 ix

TACL.NVQ.TA Unit 10 September 2005


The Adult College Lancaster

Who are the First Aiders in your school and list the contents of a school First Aid Box? Why should the contents be checked regularly and who is responsible for ensuring they are properly equipped? 10.1 ix

When you are preparing resources what health and safety requirements do you take into account e.g. glue, sulphuric acid? How do you minimise waste, and what disposal facilities are available to use for e.g. ink cartridges,/photocopy toner, handouts/ worksheets, science materials etc. 10.2 i , ii 15.1 i

TACL.NVQ.TA Unit 10 September 2005


The Adult College Lancaster

How might the following environmental factors affect the pupil’s learning process and how could you adjust it for different activities? Temperature 10.3 ii




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TACL.NVQ.TA Unit 10 September 2005


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