LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY TERM PAPER Lovely School of Technology Name of the faculty member: himanshu jindal Course

No: mgt511 Section: k77b1 Max. Marks: 25


Department of Management Course Title: business envirinment Date of Submission: 10 nov 2010

S.No 1

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Objectives of Academic Activity


Assigned Job
Water harvesting: Visit a nearby village and identify the irrigation sources used by them. You have to create the awareness about water harvesting techniques by seminars, demonstrations, etc. Construction sites: Visit the construction sites of LPU and try to find out the problem of health, sanitization, child education, etc. faced by the construction workers and devise some innovative ways and solutions for solving these problems Global warming: Critically analyze the level of awareness of your society about global warming and pollution and analyze how they are contributing to it. Suggest some useful ways to combat global warming and reducing pollution in Jalandhar NGO: You have to visit any NGO and find out the contribution done by them to the society and associate your group with them and help them in their activities and prepare a report of your contribution. Traffic problem: visit a nearby city. Study infrastructure available for commuting purpose. You have to find out the traffic problems being faced by the citizens. You have to consult government officials like DTO, RTO in order to identify the various steps taken by them to solve the problems. Child labor: Analyze about the child labor situation in sports industry in Jalandhar. Examine the initiatives

Model* The students have to submit a well documented hand written report covering all the aspects. The report needs to be in accordance with the objective of academic activity.

RK77B1A 06 2

the The objective of Search the academic Internet, activity in the Journals, Books etc. and give the subject complete details “business environment” are as follows: 1. To build upon concepts of various issues of subject 2. To imbibe the habit of analysis and rational thinking among the students.

RK77B1A 12 3

The credentials that will be taken into consideration for evaluation are as follows: 1. Emergence of the topic 2. Review of literature 3. impact of topic in economic of india 4. References

RK77B1A 13 4

RK77B1A 15 5


RK77B1A 18 RK77B1A 22

Academic Integrity: Students found to have copied both, the one who copied and from whom copied, will be awarded ZERO marks.

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RK77B1A 24 RK77B1A 30

taken to overcome this problem. Also analyze the present situation of Sports industry as well as level of Child labor employment. Suggest some innovative ways to overcome the ptoblem India vs. China: The pros and cons of doing business there. Subprime crisis and its impact on a particular given sector Visit the following website: .php. Read and analyse thoroughly the content provide on the given sector. Prepare a report on impact of Liberalization, Privatization and globalization on the given sector Discuss the limitations of trade policies in India. Prepare a detailed report about the mergers and acquisitions made in India for past five years Analyze the rationale for encouraging Foreign Direct Investment Examples of Corporate failure because of ignoring Business environment Suggest some innovative strategies to beat recession Satyam changed the rules of the game Opportunities and Threats for Education sector in India PESTLE Analysis Industry wise Country wise analysis of business environment from investor's point of view. ( S.W.O.T) Foreign investment in Indian economy a necessity? Corporate Governance has become an important buzzword. Analyze and give reasons Agriculture : The deadlock of Doha Report on corporate frauds The emerging business of business education: A critical report on mushrooming of Bschool in India ITC e-choupal - Strategic advantage of CSR Google Chrome- Can it shake the dominant position of Microsoft in the web browser

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industry Project Shakti-Strategic advantage of CSR Impact of suez cannel on internation trading Education system-visit a school near by in village .and find out problems with in system . Wto and their impact on trade Identify any crisis, which is occured recently in industry/organization. Critically analyze the ways by which it was resolved Indian IPO market International business environment.

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RK77B1B 74 RK77B1B 75 RK77B1B 76 RK77B1B 77

RK77B1B 78 35

Factors affecting the Economic trends Study various plan 1 to 11 (five year) –find out what are the things are not implemented according to plan and find out reason.

Himanshu jindal

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