PowerField@ Subwoofer with Active Crossover & Power Amplifier

Congratulationson your purchaseof a Definitive Technology ProSub 80 Subwoofer.This revolutionary subwoofer utilizes state-of-the-artcomponents, a non-resonantmonocoquecabinet and low diffraction constructionin order to achieve the most lifelike soundpossible in your listening room for many yearsto come. The ProSubis a compact,high quality powered speaker systemintended primarily for use as a subwoofer in superior quality music or home theatersystems. This ProSub80 poweredsubwooferincorporatesa high currentpower ... amplifier, electronic crossoverand preciseequalizationin order to achieve" the highestpossiblelevel of low frequencyperformance.The amplifier and~lectronic crossoverare completely self-contained moduleswhich are housetlin the subwoofer.The ProSub80 incorporatesDefinitive's proprietaryPowerField@ technology,by which the amplifier is specifically engineered conjunction in with the driver for optimum load matching and power transfercharacteristics. The integratedelectronic crossoverincorporateshigh level inputs and outputs as well aslow level inputs, preciseequalization,continuouslyvariablelow pass filter (between40 and 150 Hz), fixed speakerlevel high passfilter (to match the ProMonitors) and a precisionvolume control. The tremendous built-in flexibility allows easy,seamless integrationwith all main speakersystemsand optimum performancein any room. The crossoverincorporatescircuitry which allows for exceptionalperformanceaseither a single subwoofer(blendingleft and right basschannels)or when two subwoofersare used,one eachfor the left and right channels. Our engineershave spentmany yearsin developing this product. To ensure that you only experiencethe finest performancepossiblefrom your subwoofer, we encourageyou to take a moment with this owner's manual and familiarize yourself with the proper installation and setupproceduresfor your subwoofer.

8. stoves or other heat-generatingdevices. Damage Requiring Service-The device should be serviced by licensed technicians when: The plug or power supply cord has been damaged. 10. floor registers. The international symbol of an exclamation point inside a triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of important operating. Objects have fallen or liquid spilled inside of the device. 3. Periods Of Non-Use. The device has been exposed to moisture. 6. 15. The use of unauthorized substitutions may result in . 1. device should always be located in such a way that it maintains proper ventilation. CAUTION! To prevent electrical shock. 2. ne pas ouvrir. match wide blade of plug to wide slot. Cleaning-The device should be cleaned in accordancewith manufacturer's instructions. Only replacement parts specified by the manufacturer should be used.The device should be unplugged when not being used for extended periods. The device does not appear to be operating prop~rly or exhibits a ma. II. its 9. Retain Instructions-The safety and operating instructions should be retained f9r future reference. Follow Instructions-All operating and safety instructions should be followed. . do not expose this equipment to rain or moisture. . 14.rkedchange in performance. maintenance and servicing information in the manual accompanying the device.CAUTION! To reduce the risk of electric shock and fire. . . Heed Warnings-All warnings on the device and in the operating instructions should be adhered to. Attention: Pour eviter les chocs electriques.hock. Please refer all servicing to licensed service technicians. Heat-Never locate the device near heat sourcessuch as radiators. 7. Water & Moisture-The device should never be used in. It should never be placed in a built-in heat sink. Power Supply-The device should only be connected to a power supply of the type described in the operating instructions or as marked on the device. . Avis: Risque de choc electricque. 12. introduire la lame la plus large de la tichedans la borne correspondante de la prise et pousser jusqu'au fond. Dangerous Entry-Care should be taken that no foreign objects or liquids fall or are spilled inside the device. 16. 4. There are no user serviceable parts inside. or other hazards. The device has been dropped or the cabinet becomes damaged. do not remove the cover or back plate of this device. 5. Carts & Stands-The device should only be used on carts or standsrecommendedby the manufacturer. . fire . Power Cord Protection-Power cables should be routed so they are not likely to be steppedon or crushed by items placed on them or against them. CAUTION! The international symbol of a lightning bolt inside a triangle is intended to alert the user to uninsulated "dangerous voltage" within the device's enclosure. on or near water for risk of fatal shock. installation or anywhere that may impede the flow of air through . Read Instructions-All safety and operating instructions should be read before operating the device. CAUTION! To reduce the risk of electrical shock. Wall & Ceiling Mounting-The device should be mounted on a wall or ceiling only as recommended by Ventilation-The the manufacturer. fully insert. 13. Service-The device should always be serviced by licensed technicians. Special attention should be paid to areaswhere the plug enters a socket or fused strip and where the cord exits the device.

rather. Use the high level outputjacks to connectthe subwooferto a pair of left and right main speakers.Use the low level jacks when connectingthe subwoofer to the left and right low level or LFE outputjacks of a receiver. . There are severalways to install your subwoofer.it is recommended that you usehigh quality speaker cable and try to maintaincableruns of the samelength for the left andright channels.Record the serial number found on the back of the subwoofer in the appropriateplace on your warranty card. Your Definitive Technology ProSub80 subwooferoperates frpm either high level (speaker-type) low level (RCA-type) outputson or your electronics. Shouldyou perchanceexperience level of groundhum or noise.To preventaccidentaldamageto your subwooferfrom overdriving the system.the any subwooferinto the samecircuit asyour"amplifier. Use the high level speaker terminal inputs to connectthe subwooferto the amplifier output (speaker) jacks of your receiveror amplifier.Also. Readthe installation suggestions below to determinewhich optionsbest suit your needs.eachis a function of what type of entertainment systemyou own and how you plan to integrateyour components.Your new ProSub80 Subwoofeicontainsa built-in amplifier and sophisticated electroniccrossover. and should be reported at once to your Definitive dealer or the delivery company that delivered your loudspeaker. (See wiring diagramsJ When connectingthe subwooferto your system. Any visible or concealeddamagemost likely occurred in handling after it left our plant. Each loudspeakerleavesour plant in perfect condition. consultthe "Troubleshooting"sectionof this manual.the subwoofer featuresan internal overloadprotectioncircuit.One setupis not considered"better" than another.Pleaseunpack your system carefully.try plugging.Pleasetakecareto perform all wiring procedures with your systemcompletelypowereddown. Saveall cartons and packing material in caseyou move or need to ship your system. a preampor a signalprocessor.

movementof A evenafoot or two can dramaticallychangeyour system'sresponse characteristics.pleasebe sureit receivesa clear flow of cooling air. Comer placementwill increasethe subwoofer'sefficiency. consult the ProMonitor instruction manual for other placement tips.however. 6.be sureto put someventilation holesin the cabinetback behind the subwoofer'sback panel.your subwoofer canbe locatedanywherein your listening room that is most convenient. You shouldexperimentwith placementin your particular listening room in order to achievethe highestperformance from your subwoofer. Sincethe subwooferhassomeoutput from therear. 5.Here. 7.Your Definitive Technologysubwooferhasbeendesignedto operateat frequencies generallybelow 150Hz. For maximum output the subwoofershouldbe placedin a comer or againstthe wall.((l and are greatly influencedby the subwoofer'splacement.nd great. Because low-frequency information in this rangeessentiallyis non-directional. if you put the subwooferin a cabinet. 2. 3.somegeneralrules that you shouldbearin mind when locating your subwoofer: 1. ensuringgreatperformancewhereveryou place your subwoofer. While one Definitive Technologysubwooferwill alwayssou. Your subwoofercontainsa powerful amplifier inside its cabinetry.Also. When placing the subwooferinto a built-in cabinet. .the useof two subwooferswill definitely enhance your system's performance providing a smootherand more consistent by response pattern.Thereare. 4.leave2"-4" aroundthe outsideof the subwoofer for the soundfrom the rear to get out. If your subwooferis to be located in a closed-back cabinet.it is recommended you locate the subthat wooferson the sameside of the room as the main speaker the same of channel. the continuouslyvariable low passfilter operates at a very fast roll-off.which in turn will increaseyour system'smaximum output and improve the dynamiccapability of the subwoofer. Always rememberthat frequencyresponse output lev. leaving roughly 2"-4" clearance betweenthe subwoofer and the wall(s). When using the ProSub 80 with Definitive ProMonitors.

.--. an interconnectfrom the left and right outrun puts of the preampor decoderto the left and right low level input5on the subwoofer.L-.you can useone set of these. @+@ .. . . A.@J 0 .:!:."'"""...~~ LW .oo'" Pow..w.".."" .. ~ "@-@ @-@ r .. Often theseoutputshavetheir own low PRE-AMPLIFIER I -.." .- @ ~~~= l D~~_~~8>'8 So'..""". .:=. Additionally."="""' --m l."" ..@+@ IE" [:::..0.". you can put a Y-connectorinto eachoutput (left and right) and run half of eachY back into a (left and right) main input on the preampdecoder..~~ ...preampsand decoders featurea mono (line level) output intendedto be usedwith subwoofers.--- POWER AMPLIFIER MAIN SPEAKERS RIGHT LEFT MAIN OUT LEFT RIGHT LEFT -E) -f) L R -... I!lany new model receivers..For preampsand decoders.if not.'..ld .::J CAunON AVIS .. . .Low Level Connections Oneway to hook up your Definitive Technology ProSub80 subwoofer is via the low level input connectors which are RCA-type jacks designedto acceptstandardaudio interconnectcables.~.....Fi.If you have two setsof outputs. U" - HighL.". .~:. w'o' - . '-OHIO" . .You can feed the mono or LFE subwooferoutput of your receiveror decoderto the LFE low level input on the subwooferand achievefull performance. @@ . receiveror power amp and the other half into the (left and right) low level input on the subwoofer. .. 1 ~.::. ""...

. .etc. RCA-type stereoY-connector to split the mono output into separate andright inputs on the subleft woofer. filter will work in conjunctionwith the low passfilter found In the ProSub80 subwooferto createa very steepcrossoverslopeiUsually.'. receivers.via high levelcPJlnectigns. P.i S .FI..@+@ @-@ @-@ ""~+~ "UT'O'di:.deeoder etc. '- m ~ .. a slight increase gain.. You canhook the L andR low level inputs on the subwooferup to the L andR outputson your receiver... '"" @... High Level Speaker Wire Connections Your Definitive Technology ProSub80 subwoofer alsobe can hookedup.§:.+ D~~_~~f?'J~....all threechannels with the subwoofer.you canusea standard. at the sametime ashooking the LFE input up to the LFE outputin orderto reproducethe bassof.+ ~~:~ un HighL".thus the gain control on your subwoofermay needto be adjustedaccordinglyfor properbalance. ~. havethe you ."'.. .RECEIVER/PREAM P/D ECOD~ R MAIN SPEAKERS RIGHT LEFT I .. For in however."..Also. ..~="":' r:!1 0 A--" '-0""" .ld .. If you usetheseoutputs.N .Use the LFE input on the subwooferto hook the subwooferup to the LFE (low frequencyeffects)output on Dolby Digital AC-3* decoders.::iiL. thesesubwooferoutputstendto havelessgain thanmain line level outputs. : ."...this ~w pass"'.. if your receiveror decoderalreadyhasa built-in low passcrossover. . . @@ passfilter built into the circuit.'m. . Jqthis situation.. you shouldtumthe low passcontrol on your ProSub80 to 150.

take careto makered to red (" +") andblack to AMPLIFIER OR RECEIVER MAIN SPEAKERS RIGHT LEFT . Again. high level For wiring. Your main speakers now be connected one of two ways. Please take carethat the red ("+") terminal on the subwooferis connectedto the red ("+") terminal on your receiveror amplifier.This will ensureabsolute phase throughoutyour system. andthat the black ("-") terminal on your receiveror amplifier is connected to the black ("-") terminal on the subwoofer. your interconnects simply equaldistance are lengthsof high quality speaker cable. Repeatthis processfor the left channel. To hook up your ProSub80 subwoofervia the high level connections. simply run speakercablefrom the right channelhigh level connectoron the subwooferto the right channelspeaker connector of your receiveror amplifier.simply connectyour main speakers the high level out terminalson the to subwoofer.optionof runningyour main speakers "full range"or tolling off the low endby usingthe high passfilter built into the subwoofer.If can in you wish to utilize the high passfilter built into your subwoofer.

will clearly be able to play your systemlouder you by using the built-in high passcrossover your main speakers.In many systems.wiring is quite similar to traditional high level connections. the left and right low frequency signals are reproducedby their own individual subwoofers. In addition. On the otherhand. With a single subwoofer. Dual Subwoofer Connections When hooking up a stereopair of subwoofers. With stereosubwoofers. Don't worry that on your left subwoofer the right channel terminals will be empty and that on the right channel subwoofer the left channel terminals will be empty-both channels are combined at the subwoofer's input stage.In addition. Two subwoofers couple much better to the air in your room (four times". however. your speakers true full if are rangesystems. take careto makered to red ("+") and black to black ("-") terminal connections.For moreoverallbassoutputwhenusingfull rangemain spe~ers.black ("-") terminal connections.if you find that you are overdriving your main speakers.you will run the left channelto the left channelsubwoofer and the right channelto the right channelsubwoofer. . This connection will provide a smoothlycontoured roll-off of the low frequencies going to your main speakers startingat approximately Hz.Again.'. The use of one subwoofer achievesoutstanding performance.Here.There is a possibility that with this type of wiring you may need to increaseyour gain a little bit for proper balance. the addition of a secondsubwoofer (one for the left and one for the right channel) clearly offers the highest level of performance achievable for both movies and music. The use of stereosubwoofers smoothes out the peaksand dips which result from the eigenmodesin your room. better) and of courseoffer double the power. some state-of-the-art Dolby Digital* home theater installations"have begun to use a separate subwoofer hooked up to the rear (surround) channels and we recommend this for the absolute ultimate in performance. insteadof running both speaker cablesfrom your receiveror amplifier to the left and right high level terminals on the subwoofer. for The Advantages of Multiple Subwoofers Definitive's ProSub 80 subwoofersare engineeredto be used singly or in stereopairs. We recommend hook-up 80 this (wiring the main speakers throughthe crossover the subwoofer) in whenusingProMonitors. may find that you get a more satisfyingsoundby you running the speakers full-range and crossingyour subwooferin fairly low (40-70Hz). some1state-ofthe-art home theater installations have begun to use a separatesubwoofer hooked up to the rear (surround) channelsand we recommenAthis for the absoluteultimate in performance. run the main speakers rangeby hookingthem full up directly to the amp. both left and right signals are sentto the subwoofer wherein they are combined via the electronic crossoverinto one composite signal.

for In main speaker connections aremadebetween your receiveror amplifierin a traditionalmanner.Most of them basically arethe "set and forget"type. please consultthe instruction manual section"Using the ProSub 80 with Definitive ProMonitors. TheTedLED on the back panel will light up when a signal is sensed the amplifier turns on. itcontrol shouJd This besetby earfor bestperformance yourroom. This control is usedto raise or lower the output level of your subwooferin relationto the other speakers your system. full we would generallyrecommendsettingthe low passfilter fairly 10w (40-70 Hz). This filter is continuouslyvariablebetween40 and 150Hz.A dual subwoofer system usinglow level connections equallysimis ple. althoughoccasionallycertain controls will requireminor adjustments.Set to whereit . active poweredsubwoofersection aswell as an electroniccrossoverand so eachsubwoofermust be pluggedinto an electrical socketof the appropriatevoltage (as indicatedon the back of your unit) using the plug on the end of the black cord attachedto the electronicsmoduleon the back of the loudspeaker. Gain Control On the back panelof your subwooferis a gain (volume) control." Your subwoofercontainsa built-in.From your receiveror preamp. you The process shouldthenbe repeated the right channel. this setup. Your Definitive TechnologyProSub80 subwooferis equippedwith a full complementof operatingcontrolsto ensurecompleteflexibility andmaximumperformancein any installation. This low passfilter control is usedto obtain the optimum transition betweenthe subwooferand your main speakers. When using the ProSub80 with Definitive ProMonitors. The subwooferhas a specialcircuit which automaticallyturns the poweredsubwoofersectionon when a signal is fed to the loudspeaker and doesnot require an on-off switch. in sounds bestto you. If you are running your main speakers range. in Low Pass Filter Your subwoofer'sback panelfeaturesa continuouslyvariablelow passfilter. It will and automaticallyturn off a little while after the signal is discontinued. an RCA-typeinterconnect run from theleft channelmain outputto the left channel low level input on the subwoofer areusingfor the left channel. - .

15 . If you are still having problems. wiring and placement. in the to . ~ . 1. Please note that some cable TV hookups induce hum into the whole system and require a special isolation device. The system is provided with sophisticated internal protection circuitry. Listen to a wide variety of music to determine correct the setting thisin yoursystem.. If for some reason the protection circuitry is tripped.. Set the subwoofer level control to the first dot left of center. note the your ~. listening exact taste. your particular set-up.. . . Please note that the exact frequency will depend on many factors including specific positions of the speakers room. ~r If you experience any difficulties with your subwoofer. 1. please con- sult your ProMonitor instruction manual for specific information regarding hookup. .When using the ProSub with Definitive ProMonitors. position of the speakers. Remember. so you nright experiment with a slightly higher or lower setting achieve ideal blending between the sub and the satellites for ~. Please personal room 40 . 2. as well as that the depends including subwoofer level while listening to a wide variety of your music ~ AI. Set the variable low pass crossover control on the back of the ProSub 80 to approximately 2 o'clock. . for 2. Please consult your dealer. Should you experience any level of ground hum or noise. try plugging the subwoofer into the same circuit as your amplifier. etc. try the suggestions described below. Make sure all your system interconnects and power cords are solidly in their place. 3. please turn down your system's volume and wait five minutes before trying Alax . the following are our suggestions for starting set- tings on your controls. these are just appro~imate settings and we suggest experimenting to determine the best-sounding set- tings for your particular set-up. level so you on nright many experiment factors with size. Setting the Level and Crossover Frequency When Using the ProSub 80 with ProMonitors When you have the ProMonitors wired to the speaker level outputs on your ProSub 80. please consult your Definitive Technology Authorized Dealer for assistance." until you achieve the ideal setting for your system.

Service and warranty work on your Definitive loudspeakers will normally be performed-by your local Definitive Technology dealer. describing the problem and requesting authorization as well as the location of the nearest factory service center. If. 5. Suite K Owings Mills. pleasebring the subwoofer to your Definitive Technology Authorized Dealer for assistance. If you cannot get your subwoofer to turn on or if no sound comes out and you're sure the system is set up properly. the system will turn itself off until the amplifier cools and resets. Definitive Technology Offices 11433 Cronridge Drive. however. please contact us first. you wish to return the speaker . Please contact your nearest Definitive Technology dealer or contact us directly at 410-363-7148. Please note that the Under no circumstances address given in this booklet should loudspeakers is the address of be shipped to our offices only offices or returned without contacting us first and obtaining! return authorization. Check to be sure that your power cord has not been damaged. 6. If the amplifier should overheat.to us.the system again. Check that no foreign objects or liquid has entered the cabinet. 4. Maryland 21117 Phone: 410-363-7148 Dimensions Frequency Response Driver Complement Built-in Amplifier High PassFilter Low PassFilter 12 1/2"H x 9 1/2"W X 15 1/4"D 21 Hz 150kHz One 8" woofer with polymer cone 250 watts RMS 6 dB/octavespeakerlevel at 100Hz 24 dB/octavecontinuouslyvariable(40-150Hz) - our . It is our pleasure to offer assistanceif you have any questions regarding your ProSub 80 or its set-up.

in any case the risk of loss or damage in transit is to be borne by you. If. This Warranty does not include service or parts to repair damage caused by accident. repair or replace this Product at no additional charge. commercial use. it is determined that the unit was defective in materials or workmanship at any time during this Warranty period. Defective Products must be shipped.In no eventwill DefinitiveTechnology liable to youfor any incidentalor be consequential damages arising out of the useor inability to usethe Product. inadequate packing or shipping procedures. However. The original retail purchaser shall hereinafter be referred to as "you. Definitive Technology makes Warrantywith respectto its Products no purchased from 1 dealersor outletsother than DefinitiveTechnology Franchised Dealers. C( This product complieswith the essentialrequirements of EMC directives 89/336/EECand 73/23/EEC (inclusive of 93/68/EEC) and carriesthe CE mark accordingly. or service. or to the nearest factory service center.so the abovelimitations may not apply to you.your sole remedy as shall be repair or replacement asprovided above. at its option. voltage in excess of the rated maximum of the unit. upon examination at the Factory or a Definitive Technology Franchised Dealer. Product(s) must be shipped in the original shipping container or its equivalent. This Warrantyis in lieu of all other expressed Warranties. freight collect. together with proof of date of purchase. . this warranty will automatically terminate prior to the expiration of five (5) years for the drivers and cabinets and three (3) years for the electronic components if the original retail purchaser sells or otherwise transfers the Product to any other party. Some or statesdo not allow the exclusionor limitation of consequential damages. within ten days of the date of purchase. and you also may haveother rights which varyfrom stateto state. Definitive Technology or the Definitive Technology Franchised Dealer will. " .evenif Definitive Technology a Definitive Technology or Franchised Dealer hasbeenadvisedof thepossibility of suchdamages. abuse. Product(s) replaced or repaired under this Warranty will be returned to you. for any claim by any otherparty. within a reasonable time.Somestatesdo not allow limitation on how long an implied Warrantylasts." To obtain the warranty protection for your Definitive Technology Product(s). except as set forth below. or repair or modification of the Product which has not been authorized by Definitive Technology. so All implied warrantieson the Productare limited to theduration of this expressed Warranty. you must fill out the Warranty Registration Card(s). EFMM 122898 . misuse. prepaid insured to the Franchised Dealer from whom you purchased the Product. theabovelimitation maynot apply to you. negligence.Limited Warranty: 5-Years for Drivers and Cabinets. cosmetic appearance of cabinetry not directly attributable to defects in materials or workmanship.. This Warrantygivesyou specificlegal rights. . All replaced parts and Product(s) become the property of Definitive Technology. and three (3) years for the electronic components from the date of the original purchase from a Definitive Technology Franchised Dealer. this Productis detective If in material or workmanship warrantedabove. 3-Years for Electronic Components Definitive Technology warrants to the original retail purchaser only that this Definitive Technology Loudspeak~r Product (the "Product") will be free from defects in materials and workmanship fora period of five (5) years covering the drivers and cabinets.

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