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Dont Forget the Rayovac

Isabelle Donovan & Mary Cullen
Situation Analysis
The alkaline disposable battery category is a multi-billion dollar cat-
egory. Alkaline batteries are disposable batteries; they are not reusable
after their life is spent. Alkaline batteries come in a wide range of sizes;
AA batteries are the most popular. Other battery sizes include AAA, C,
D, and 9 volt (eg fre alarm batteries). The large battery brands enjoy
healthy margins on alkaline batteries.
There are smaller, niche segments in the battery category, which are
also very proftable. Rechargeable batteries are alkaline batteries that
can be recharged, using a brand-specifc charging device. Other spe-
cialty batteries include hearing aid batteries and watch batteries.
Rayovac Alkaline battery team needs an interactive media plan on their
alkaline battery business; they do not plan on supporting their other
product lines with interactive media at this time.
Rayovac Alkaline Batteries is the #3 battery brand behind Duracell and
Energizer. Rayovac is one of a number of brands currently owned by
Spectrum Brands, which is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin.
While more than 90% of consumers are aware of Duracell and Ener-
gizer on an aided basis, aided brand awareness for Rayovac is much
lower only about 50%. Only about 25% of consumers can name the
Rayovac Brand on an unaided basis. Part of the awareness issue among
the brands is driven by a large differential in marketing and advertis-
ing investment; as the category underdog, Rayovac is outspent by its
competitors 5:1.
With Duracell and Energizer both being owned by mega-conglomerate
corporations, they have deeper pockets in which to spend on ad-
vertising. Procter & Gamble owns the Duracell brand, and Energizer
Holdings (parent to other home and personal care brands like Schick
and Playtex) owns Energizer. This means that, as the underdog, Ray-
ovac to be very effcient and yet effective in the marketing and adver-
tising programming vehicles that it selects.
branD revIew
Situation Analysis
When asked, consumers will often say that Duracell and Energizer
are better batteries than Rayovac. Duracell and Energizer both have
higher brand you can trust and quality brand ratings. Energizer and
Duracell batteries are often times trusted more by consumers in high
performance devices.
But, with much of the world-wide battery production being done
overseas, the surprise here is that Rayovac alkaline batteries actually
offer consumers the exact same performance as Duracell and Energizer
batteries. Said another way, they will last just as long in a comparable
device as the bigger 2 brands. Independent battery category perfor-
mance tests prove this point.
Rayovac is therefore a better value than Duracell or Energizer. On a
per battery basis, Rayovac batteries cost less. Rayovacs core issue is
that most consumers dont know this fact; and, if they do know it, they
may not believe it. Consumers appear skeptical that the Rayovac brand
actually delivers on this promise. Rayovac brand management believes
that, with the current economic conditions, their value message is
poised to have a greater impact with both retailers and consumers.
The majority of batteries are sold in the mass merchandiser channel,
through retailers like WalMart, Target, and Kmart. The alkaline battery
category is very competitive, with the top 3 brands duking it out for
market share quarter after quarter. Because batteries can be an impulse
item, in-store distribution is directly related to product sales. Meaning,
the more in-store distribution a brand has, the higher market share they
will have.
The implication of this is that retailers have a strong power in the dis-
tribution channel of the battery category. They can easily infuence the
sales of batteries of any one battery brand.
The majority of alkaline batteries are purchased by households with
kids. Moms are the primary purchaser of batteries.
Another consumer target opportunity is to target the users of batteries:
this could be kids, electronic device users, consumers wanting a battery
for their safety devices (smoke alarms, fashlights, etc.)
Situation Analysis
For more demographics (including media habits), attitudes and be-
haviors regarding the current Rayovac consumer, please contact us for
Simmons Data.
While alkaline batteries are an everyday item (meaning, they are
used and purchased by consumers on an everyday basis), there are key
peak purchase periods throughout the year. Because of high-drain de-
vices are often purchased during the Holidays, batteries sales spike in
the November early January time frame. Another key selling period
is the back-to-school (late July August).
revIew (Cont)
Rayovac Batteries are bought and sold primarily in the Midwest and
South, but have sales nation-wide.
High-performance alkaline batteries that last as long as
Duracell and Energizers
As the underdog, could move faster than the bigger,
competitive brands
Low aided and unaided brand awareness vs. Duracell and
Fewer dollars available to invest in advertising
Current economic climate a strength for value brands
Rayovac batteries last as long as the big guys, they just cost
Deeper pockets of major competitors
Key busIness
Inform consumers of the great performance of Rayovac
batteries, which are available at a lower price vs. the
Convince them that Rayovac batteries really work as well as
the big guys
Strategic Value Consumer
Our primary strategic value consumer are middle-aged (ages 30-50)
general battery buyers with families who engage in outdoor activities.
This target market is largely concentrated in Midwestern cities and
their surrounding areas.
Current alkaline-disposable battery users who enjoy the outdoors. They
are parents with kids ages 30-50 with high school diplomas. Current
alkaline-disposable battery purchasers interested in outdoor activities
have an income that ranges from $25,000-$40,000. This demographic
includes both men and women who tend to be concentrated in the
Midwest, in cities and surrounding areas such as Chicago, Milwaukee,
Minneapolis, Madison, Detroit, Indianapolis and Dubuque. Their me-
dia habits include heavy consumption of cable television, the weather
channel, outdoor magazines and country music.
This strategic value consumer is likely to value family over friends.
Active outdoor disposable alkaline battery consumers claim that they
are less likely to be swayed by others and they are more likely to search
out sales and purchase bargain products.
Simmons Choices data demonstrates that traditionally:
-The Rayovac battery brand has been very successful among
outdoorsy and adventure-seeking individuals who are much
more likely to participate in outdoor activities than the average
-Active outdoor disposable alkaline battery consumers tend to
be family-oriented
-This SVC is fscally conservative due to their lower income
bracket and tends to look for bargains
-Active outdoor disposable alkaline battery consumers are
claim that they are less likely to be swayed by others, therefore
more likely to be open to buying a secondary brand
Strategic Value Consumer
General battery users tend to be active entertainment seekers. As
mentioned in their attitudes, they are family-oriented and enjoy fam-
ily oriented activities such as playing board games, visiting museums,
visiting aquariums, attending state fairs, going bowling and visiting
zoos. According to Simmons datam Outdoorsy disposable alkaline
battery users are more likely to indulge their children with small extra
things. Other activity-based interests that resonate with their outdoor
adventure-seeking personalities include hunting, freshwater fshing,
canoeing, bicycling, kayaking, gardening, and camping at least once
every six months to once a year. In addition to family and outdoor-
oriented activities, this target enjoys hands-on activities such as wood-
work or furniture re-fnishing, antique shopping and photography.
Matt and Rachel Johnson are 37 and 35, respectively, with 2 children,
ages 7 and 10. They are an active family, love the outdoors, but also
are working on a budget. Although Matt has a bachelors degree and
Rachel has an associates degree, raising two kids is fnancially drain-
ing on their budget, especially with Rachel staying home to raise the
kids. Living in Rochester, Minnesota, the Johnsons take full advantage
of their environmental surroundings, going camping several times a
year, biking in the summer, hunting in the fall and fshing on the many
nearby lakes.
Meet the
svC: the
Matt and
Rachel John-
son and their
two kids, who
frequently take
outdoor adven-
Objectives & Strategies
Increase Rayovac sales by 3% in 2012.
Increase brand image of Rayovac batteries as the go-to outdoor battery
in 2012 amongst our SVC alkaline-disposable battery consumers who
currently purchase Duracell, Energizer, generic brand and Rayovac bat-
Positioning: Re-position the Rayovac brand as an economically smart
and high-performing battery for all outdoor durable battery uses needs.
Product: Develop new product packaging that emphasizes Rayovacs
high-quality and outdoorsy attributes.
Place: Place in-store displays in general all-purpose stores near camp-
ing and sports equipment in addition to a heavy emphasis in outdoor
recreational stores.
Price: Continue current competitive price advantage while emphasizing
quality in addition to appropriate seasonal discounts.
Promotion: Create promotions plan to emphasize the outdoor adventure
aspect of the Rayovac re-branding
exaMPle of
Here is an example of a
photo from a promotion
Rayovac would run
Objectives & Strategies
Increase product awareness amongst our SVC by 10%
Increase brand engagement of Rayovac users in the Rayovac commu-
Convince outdoor battery users that Rayovac is of equal quality to its
competitors and the preferred battery for outdoor uses
Communicate Rayovac as a high-quality outdoor battery
Leverage promotional trip giveaway to drive consumers to our online
forums in order to improve brand image
Utilize public relations efforts ito reinforce Rayovacs equal quality
and multiple uses for outdoor activities
By leveraging product awareness within our SVC, Rayovac can capi-
talize on an already lucrative market of outdoorsy battery consumers.
By increasing the brand engagement of Rayovac users Rayovac will
gain greater control over their brand image and more loyal consumers
By emphasizing the quality of Rayovac batteries compared to other
top-competitors, Rayovac will gain greater consumer trust.
By emphasizing the many outdoor uses for Rayovac batteries, Ray-
ovac will tap into a niche market that is more likely to purchase and
continue purchasing Rayovac
nIChe MarKet
Our advertising
strategy is to make
Rayovac batteries
seem as crucial to
outdoor enthusiasts
as these items.
Media Objectives
Middle-aged alkaline battery consumers, with families, interested in
the outdoors.
National media plan with heavy focus on Midwest markets, especially
in key cities and their surrounding areas such as Chicago, Milwaukee,
Minneapolis, Madison, Detroit, Indianapolis and Dubuque.
Midwest areas have rich natural environments that provide consumers,
including our SVC, with many ways to enjoy the outdoors. This, as a
result, provides Rayovac with the opportunity to become branded as
the reliable battery for any and all outdoor activities.
Heavy marketing months will include March, April, June, July, August,
September, October and November. Special emphasis will be given to
March and April, the beginning of fshing season, when many outdoor
fshermen will be purchasing their new gear for the season. In addition,
heavy emphasis focused on family camping trips and outdoor activi-
ties will commence in May and June when kids will be out of school
for the summer and they are more likely to be planning family trips. To
emphasize the hunting season this campaign will also pay special at-
tention to the months of September and November which coincide with
the hunting season openers in many Midwestern cities.
Due to Midwestern weather patterns, a strong emphasis on early spring,
springtime, summer and fall advertising will take place to capitalize
on our SVC taking advantage of the opportunity to spend some time
outside in the Midwest. In addition, this time period spans from the
frst fshing opener through the hunting season. By capitalizing on these
key months, Rayovac will be able to reach its targets who are planning
outdoor outings most likely revolving around these things.
Media Objectives
Our SVC needs to know the weather while planning their adventures
each morning, whether that entails getting their kids ready for school or
packing for a week long camping trip.
weeKs wIthIn
the Month
Days wIthIn
the weeK
Families plan adventures at different times throughout the month, so
advertisments would be scheduled equally throughout the weeks in
each month. However, during months that contained national or federal
holidays, advertising would increase in the weeks prior to the holidays.
This media campaign will focus on Thursday, Friday and Saturday to
capitalize on our SVCs likely free time. Because they are busy parents
and part of a family, they are likely to use their free time on the week-
end to go shopping and run errands for non-necessities like outdoor
gear and in preparation for packing for a trip.
hours wIthIn
the Day
Since mornings are used by our SVC to prepare their children for
school and get ready for work, our campaign will focus advertising ef-
forts between the hours of 6am and 10am when our SVC is most likely
surfng the internet or watching morning television. We will also target
6pm-9pm when parents will most likely have time to engage with me-
dia after work and other family activities.
Media Objectives
Mini Creative Brief
The role of the advertising is to brand Rayovac batteries as the battery
of outdoor activities. The creative message will emphasize the quality
and reliablity of Rayovac batteries in every aspect of adventurous life.
the role of
bIg IDea
Key Message
Dont forget Rayovac.
The unifying theme throughout our campaign will focus on the role
of Rayovac batteries in operating essential items for all of our SVCs
outdoor adventures. It will brand Rayovac as a reliable battery that you
can trust when youre in nature and focus on the security that one can
feel with a Rayovac. Because batteries are often forgotten and a last-
minute item, especially for outdoor activities, this slogan will empha-
size the importance of the security that having a pack of Rayovacs will
bring a consumer. Playing on the idea of Dont forget your umbrella
when it is raining, the Dont forget Rayovac slogan will evoke ideas
of necessity, security and preparation for our outdoor adventure seeking
Rayovac is the reliable batteries of all outdoor activities, for all outdoor
enthusiasts. The advertising needs to reinforce the image of Rayovac as
an outdoor essential that provides high-performace and is a must-have
for all adventurous consumers.
tone anD
Tone: The Rayovac tone is fun, adventurous, family-oriented and re-
sponsible. It is ingrained in every adventure-seekers to-do list in order
to ensure a safe and fun trip for the whole family.

Manner: The manner of the advertisements will be demonstrated
through vivid landscape shots, images of outdoor necessities, such as
tents and lanterns, and packing check-lists. The manner will also be
achieved by associating Rayovac with other necessary outdoor equip-
ment, such as fashlights, frst-aid kits, walkie-talkies, radios, etc.
Online Advertising
The role of online advertising in the new Rayovac campaign will be to
concentrate on reaching our specifc niche market of disposable alka-
line batteries who enjoy outdoor activities. Online advertising will also
allow for greater brand interaction and diffusion of information and
comprehension of the Rayovac product and brand.
the role of
Data analysIs
Since the SVC of our campaign is a niche market, online advertising is
the most effective and cost-effcient way to reach our target consumer,
allowing us to single them out in our marketing and advertising. On-
line advertising allows for greater brand interaction, since online ads
can lead consumers to the Rayovac website, which includes product
information and availability, forums, promotions and user-generated
Reach (coverage) Analysis: Using our campaign consumer target
demographics of adults 30-50 with kids age 0-17 living with them, the
Quantcast data retrieved a major
ity of parenting, and specifcally, mom websites and blogs that ft our
selected qualifcations. Although the campaign will take the results into
consideration when choosing where and how to advertise, the restric-
tions of Quantcasts demographic selections lead us to believe that
better options may be available when trying to reach our niche market
of active, outdoorists.
Composition Analysis: The Quantcast data for our specifed target
reveals that parenting and motherhood websites are visited frequently
by people ages 30-50 with children ages 0-17 living at home. Nearly
all of the top 15 websites for coverage dealt with kids, parenting and/
or motherhood. This is not necessarily useful for our specifc target
considering we are searching for a much more specifc demographic of
outdoor enthusiasts. However, due to limitations within QuantCast, we
were unable to specify our target market to the degree necessary.
Online Advertising
QuantCast (as of April 30, 2011)
Top Advertised Websites Amongst:
Age 25-49, Children ages 0-17 at home
Data analysIs
Website Rank Website Name Coverage
1 39%
2 18%
3 17%
4 15%
5 15%
6 13%
7 13%
8 12%
9 11%
10 10%

reaCh (Coverage) analysIs
Online Advertising
Data analysIs
Website Name Composition
1 39% 386
2 38% 378
3 35% 350
4 34% 331
5 33% 328
6 33% 328
7 31% 308
8 30% 229
9 30% 297
10 29% 285
11 28% 276
12 28% 275
13 28% 273
14 28% 272
15 27% 269

QuantCast (as of April 30, 2011)
Top Advertised Websites Amongst:
Age 25-49, Children ages 0-17 at home
CoMPosItIon analysIs
Online Advertising
QuantCast (as of April 30, 2011)
Top Advertised Websites Amongst:
Age 25-49, Children ages 0-17 at home
(Screen Shot)
Data analysIs
Online Advertising
QuantCast (as of April 30, 2011)
Top Advertised Websites Amongst:
Age 25-49, Children ages 0-17 at home
(Screen Shot)
Data analysIs
Online Advertising
Other websites we believe our SVC visits:
Measures or
Many of these websites are catered to our SVC as evidenced by our
Simmons Choices data. In addition, we have hand-selected certain
large reach websites that would allow Rayovac to expand its advertise-
ments to a broad range of consumers while appealing to the specifc
SVC as well. The outdoor and hunting and travel websites will most
likely appeal to men who are making purchasing decisions for their
families travel equipment while the lifestyle and mom websites will
appeal to mothers who may also be making some of the purchasing
decisions for their recreational plans, or may be picking up last-minute
items. In addition, people who are visiting the more specifc websites
that resonate with our SVC are likely to be more interested in interact-
ing with Rayovacs interactive media and be interested in the sweep-
stakes promotions mentioned earlier in our marketing plan.
From March through November, we will use high-impact creative units
using rich-media, fash and video ads to correspond with popular
outdoor activities such as camping, fshing and hunting seasons. March
through November also corresponds to the most outdoor accessible
times in our target market, the Midwest.
tIMIng wIthIn
reCoMMenDatIon of CreatIve
unIts In your Plan
Online Advertising
As mentioned before, we will place emphasis on days immediately pri-
or to weekends and on weekends, when we suppose our SVC will have
time to do online research and shopping and in-store shopping for their
non-necessity needs like outdoor gear or gear for family outings and
activities that may take place over the weekend. For this reason, Thurs-
day, Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings will be heavily targeted
with high-impact creative units using rich-media, fash and video that
will engage consumers who are most likely to be making purchases at
that time.
tIMIng wIthIn
the Day of
the weeK
We will use more rich-media, fash and video at times when our SVC
is likely to be engaged and not distracted online. Because they are
usually a part of a family with children living at home, they most likely
have this time in the mornings before their kids wake up, during lunch
breaks and work and at night when their children are occupied with
other activities. During times when our SVC will be more preoccupied
with other activities, we will default to static banner-ads that will con-
tinue to generate baseline awareness of Rayovac batteries.
tIMIng wIthIn
the tIMe of
We chose to use high impact creative units using rich-media throughout
the heavy parts of our campaign in order engage the consumer with the
Rayovac brand at the time that they are most likely to purchase batter-
ies and other outdoor necessities. The high impact rich-media ads allow
Rayovac to more comprehensively reach our SVC, through attention-
grabbing, interactive advertising. We chose to use video and fash ads
along with the high impact rich-media ads during the campaigns heavy
advertising months as an additional outlet for consumers to learn about
and begin to recognize Rayovac as the brand of the outdoors. We chose
basic display ads during the slower advertising months of December
through February to continue building recognition and awareness, and
remind consumers of what to buy when spring fnally does roll around.
Continuing some sort of ads at all time also ensures a presence among
outdoor enthusiast consumers, even during the less opportune winter
Online Advertising
In order to fully incorporate the slogan, Dont forget the Rayovacs,
the fash ad for this campaign uses a situation that consumers can relate
to. It depicts a camping scene, with post-it note of things to remember
being checked off next to the photograph of the illuminated tent. The
last item to be checked off the list is Rayovacs. After Rayovacs have
been checked, another post-it note slides over the entire screen, with
Dont forget the Rayovacs written on the quintessential yellow post-
it. The ad is attention grabbing and easy to relate to, while still remind-
ing consumers of the Rayovac slogan and why they should choose
Rayovac over other brands.
flash aD
Online Advertising
onlIne aDvertIsIng targetIng
How this targeting works:
-This targeting method works by buying a group of individuals across
many sites instead of a single audience on one site. The targeting is
based on users past online interactions which is then aggregated and
Who you will target:
-Users who have a history of searching for outdoors gear online.
-This method will allow us to target users who are searching for out-
door gear on the web to ensure that we are reaching our consumer
target market of outdoorsy battery users who are engaging online to
search for products.
How this targeting works:
-Composition targeting is based on the content of the website on which
you are planning to run your ad.
Who you will target:
-With this targeting method, we will be targeting people who are visit-
ing our top sites that deal with outdoor activities and outdoor trip-plan-
-This tactic will allow us to sift through the multitude of online users
who may not be interested in buying batteries for their outdoor recre-
ational needs and will allow us to directly advertise to those who are
actively seeking out information and products directly linked to our
selling premise and branding strategy.
Online Advertising
onlIne aDvertIsIng targetIng
How this targeting works:
-Geo-targeting works by using user-entered data or IP addresses to
determine where users are located.
Who you will target:
-Midwestern outdoorsy battery users.
-Using geo-targeting will allow us to emphasize marketing efforts
in the Midwest, in cities such as Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis,
Madison, Detroit, Indianapolis and Dubuque.
Top 10 sites:
sPeCIfIC sItes
These sites will provide us with a good mix of both composition and
reach while targeting online forums that Simons Choices data has
demonstrated our SVC visits and reads frequently. Sites like these
will target all ranges of our SVC from the mother who may be buying
batteries for their family trip to the father who is interested in
puchasing batteries for a hunting weekend up North with his friends.
Online Advertising
onlIne aDvertIsIng targetIng
Online Advertising
onlIne aDvertIsIng targetIng
Total: $56,115,084
Non-Paid Social Media
Facebook is a social networking site that allows users to connect to
other users, products and brands through a multimedia platform.
1) Increase word of mouth and peer-to-peer recommendation
2) Build brand loyalty and develop relationships
3) Foster brand awareness and brand image
role of
The Facebook page will provide lifestyle content that is interesting
and useful to our SVC. This will include travel tips, packing tips, free
packing check lists and forums for outdoor enthusiasts to engage with
each other. In addition, the site will provide a meaningful and genuine
voice for our brand that will answer customer comments, questions and
concerns and provide interesting information about the Rayovac brand
and the high-quality alkaline batteries.
benefIts of
Heavy Facebook users tend to be more affuent and spend more money
online. In addition, Facebook allows you to target your audience based
on a series of demographics, attitudinal and behavioral factors that will
allow you to reach a more specifc consumer.
Non-Paid Social Media
Because the SVC for this campaign tend to be in lower income brack-
ets, they are most likely attracted to the economical aspect of Rayovac
batteries. In order to appease these customers, the Facebook initiatives
will include coupons and discounts for Rayovac Facebook fans. In ad-
dition, the summer trip giveaway will also be included on this forum.
The coupons and discounts will include basic coupons for discounted
batteries at a variety of local geo-targeted retailers.
The social media platform will also be used to promote the public rela-
tions effort of the summer trip giveaway by engaging fans and follow-
ers through photo updates and providing a forum for discussion and
photo submission. Users will be able to share their own travel adven-
tures together on the social media outlets as well.
A third promotion would be a series of online videos that demonstrated
how real-life Rayovac users are using their batteries in addition to a
side-by-side battery test with Rayovac competitors. Users will be en-
couraged to share how they have been using their Rayovac batteries in
the outdoors.
Facebook allows a brand to engage in a distinct way from Twitter and
other social media outlets. The brand page allows for more content-
heavy posts that can provide more lifestyle information and tips and a
better forum for Rayovac consumers to engage with
each other.
wIthIn the
MeDIa Plan
On Facebook, we would like Rayovac to post 1-2 lifestyle posts a day.
On days where there happens to be other pressing news, we would
lower that number so the page averaged two content related posts per
day. Other daily posts will be delegated to respond to approximately
75% of consumer questions and concerns.
soCIal MeDIa
PolICy Con-
The Facebook initiative fts within the current media plan because it
will allow Rayovac to target the very specifc SVC that we have deter-
mined for the alkaline disposable batteries. By targeting users based on
a series of lifestyles, attitues, demographics and behaviors on Face-
book, Rayovac will be able to reach out to high-impact consumers.
Additionally, the Facebook initiative will help to promote Rayovacs
re-branding process as the outdoor battery. Providing lifestyle con-
tent and a space for Rayovac customers to discuss their outdoor adven-
tures will speed this process along and create greater brand engage-
Non-Paid Social Media
The timing of these posts will be concurrent with the current media
plan. Heavy emphasis on outdoor activity lifestyle posts will be placed
in March-October, coinciding with the camping, outdoor activity and
hunting seasons. However, due to the importance of constant engage-
ment with consumers on outlets like Facebook, Rayovac will continue
posting relevant content in the off-season. This strategy will allow
Rayovac to continue branding itself online while engaging with cus-
tomers. In addition, it will target the SVC at critical times in order to
maximize purchases during that time.
The aforementioned Facebook initiative will cost approximately
$100,000 in order to staff an annual Facebook administrator and fund
promotions and giveaways.
Twitter is a social medium that allows users to connect in real-time, to
tailored individuals and businesses of their choice, through messages
using up to 140 characters.
benefIts of
Twitter has many benefts, specifcally that businesses can interact with
thousands of users in real-time and start conversations about events or
topics, at little to no cost.
how we
wIll use
We will use Twitter to promote Rayovac as the adventurous battery
choice. We will use Twitter to interact with consumers, focusing on
certain words through hash tags that would appeal to outdoor enthusi-
asts, and making them trend on the site.
We will use Twitter to start conversations, retweet followers Tweets,
respond to users and adventure seekers, and keep chatter high on the
topic of Rayovac batteries.
Non-Paid Social Media
Rayovac will run a contest called Adventure, Recharged! We will ask
followers to submit Twit pics of their latest adventures, which will cul-
minate in a Twit pic contest, which ask followers to submit their best
adventure pictures, and the winner will receive a camping trip for their
entire family to the Grand Canyon, courtesy of Rayovac. The promo-
tion will ask them to submit Twitpics daily from the trip they won.
Twitter use will differ from Facebook use by focusing on certain key
words, directly following certain Twitter users, and more real-time,
condensed messaging sent out to followers via Tweets.
what sets
We will tweet several times throughout the day, however the amount
of Tweets will vary based on time of year, time of week and current
events. For instance, there will be increased Tweets in the summertime,
around fshing and hunting openers, holidays such as Memorial Day
and Labor Day, and on weekends, when families are more likely to be
preparing for weekend activities.
We will respond to many Tweets, in order to keep interaction between
followers and consumers high, but we will not respond to all. We will
not respond to inapplicable Tweets, or Tweets that do not move the
Rayovac brand in a positive direction or continue with the Rayovac
campaign. We will also retweet Tweets that fully embody the
Rayovac brand, concentrating on adventurous Tweets.
soCIal MeDIa
Using Twitter makes sense for Rayovac because it is another way to
increase brand interaction with consumers and potential consumers
and expand brand awareness. It also allows Rayovac to connect with
consumers on a more intimate level, with little cost involved.
Non-Paid Social Media
Twitter will play the role of connecting with followers and consumers
based on consumer interests, and allow Rayovac to solidify its image
as an outdoor, adventure-oriented brand.
role of
Research tells us that Rayovac consumers tend to be interested in the
outdoors, therefore the appropriate time to reach these consumers is
during times of high outdoor activity, such as the summer, seasonal
openers (fshing and hunting) and around the weekends, when the ma-
jority of families have more time to spend outdoors.
Implementing Twitter in our campaigns media plan will cost $100,000,
including the cost of a salaried employee and promotional costs.
Paid Social Media
aDvertIsIng on faCebooK
role of
faCebooK aDs
This outlet will allow Rayovac to reach the very specifc SVC that this
campaign is targeting based on the aforementioned benefts of Face-
book advertisements.
The role of Facebook advertising in our plan will help achieve greater
targeting to a very specifc SVC. In addition, these advertisements will
aid to the overall brand image of Rayovac batteries as the go-to outdoor
The target of the Facebook advertising initiative will be individuals
age 30-50 who have interests of 4-wheeling, backpacking, camp fres,
camping, canoeing, hiking, hunting, hunting and fshing, outdoors,
spending time with my family and a walk in the woods. These are all
activities, lifestyle, behaviors, attitudes and demographics that are con-
gruent with Simmons Choices data.
Facebook advertisements allow you to target a highly specifc audience
based on lifestyle, demographic, attitudes and behaviors.
Paid Social Media
The timing that will be employed is a heavy emphasis on the outdoor
activity season. This specifc ad is an example of an ad that would be-
gin running in April and run through September to gear up for camping
trips and other outdoor activities. A separate ad would likely be pro-
duced to target the hunters during hunting season.
tIMIng &
on twItter
0.067 x 6,759 = $4,528.53
Although Twitter is an effective, new way to advertise via social media,
it is not yet available to smaller businesses and budgets.
this most likely will change in the near future. Provided next are brief
overviews of the current Twitter advertising services available to larger
Promoted Tweets are similar to regular Tweets, but reach a much larger
audience. The Tweet is frst sent to followers, and then come up as
actual content in the search results, as opposed to next to them. Twitter
users can see the promoted Tweet when they search for certain words
you used in your Tweet.
aDvertIsIng on twItter
Promoted Tweets are sold on a Cost-Per-Engagement basis. CPE means
that you only pay when Tweets are retweeted, replied to, clicked on or
made a favorite by a user.
Paid Social Media
Promoted trends are trends that are purchased by companies. By pur-
chasing this, businesses enable their trend to be put on top of the trends
If someone clicks on the trend, the user is taken to the conversa-
tion regarding that trend, and promotional Tweets by that company are
placed at the top of the conversation.
Promoted trends are currently in a beta period and not openly avail-
able to all advertisers. Twitter hopes to promoted trends possible for all
advertisers as soon as possible.
Promoted accounts are Twitter profles that are suggested for users. If
a promoted account is purchased, it is suggested by Twitter with users
that share common interests.
Promoted Accounts can work with advertising budgets of all kinds,
from $5,000 to over $100,000.
Example of Promoted
Coutesy of: http://busi-
Paid Social Media
streaMIng vIDeo
Hulu has a very extensive audience reach within the United States. In
addition, it allows you to target consumers in a variety of ways. Ad-
vertising on Hulu will allow Rayovac to target their advertisements
to specifc television shows that are watched by the Strategic Value
why hulu?
Hulu is a website that streams television and movies online. Hulu is
only available in the United States and is an ad-supported website.
Hulu users have the option to upgrade for a cost in order to recieve less
commercials, more shows and Hulu on othe mobile devices.
On Hulu, Rayovac would purchase in-stream video ads. This choice
would be made because it is proven that viewers are more partial
to video advertising and it will allow for Rayovac to promote its
new brand identity as the outdoor-enthusiasts. In addition, the video
streamed in the middle of an episode being watched will ensure that
the consumer sees the video ad and is most likely engaged with what is
going on on the screen.
tyPes of aDs
The ability to use video to capture an already captive audience that is
already engaged in watching a video is a unique opportunity within
Hulu. In addition, the multitude of programs offered will allow specifc
demographic targeting. Hulu is generally appreciated by its users and
the positive association is also an important advantage of Hulu.
role of hulu
Total Cost: 35 x 1,200,500 = 1,200,500
total Cost
Paid Social Media
streaMIng auDIo
Advertising on Pandora allows businesses the opportunity to reach lis-
teners without being interrupted. Advertisements are played in between
songs, and users do not have the option of fast-forwarding through
them or skipping them. Advertising on Pandora gives advertisers a bet-
ter opportunity to get the full attention of consumers.
Pandora is a free music-streaming website. It allows users to create an
account, create different stations based on artists they like, and log into
their account from any server. Commercials are placed intermittently
throughout the users listening time. Users can upgrade to commercial-
free Pandora, however it has a fee and signifcantly less users than
traditional Pandora.
We suggest that Rayovac use audio ad units. On Pandora, these ads are
up to 15 seconds of audio accompanied by an in-tile tuner ad (an ad
that appears in the same format as the songs being played) and tradi-
tional web display ad.
tyPes of aDs
Pandora gives advertisers the abililty to reach consumers through a
combination of audio and display ads. It also gives advertisers an outlet
to reach consumers in a more unobstructed, direct way. Its also unique
for web ads in the sense that users dont have to click or scroll over
anything, the audio ad is streamed as if it were the next song, and cant
be skipped over by the listener.
role of
Total cost: 13 x 22,700 = 295,100
total Cost
Advertising on Pandora offers Rayovac the unique opportunity of
audio, brought straight to consumers ears, without any active partici-
pation or pursuit by the Pandora user. Its also a great way to establish
a visual and audio presence, in tangent with one another by using the
audio ad unit, which includes display ads as well as audio. Addition-
ally, at $13 CPM, the exposure for the price is relatively high.
Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Marketing will allow Rayovac to continue to brand it-
self as a major key player in the battery market, especially as it pertains
to outdoor battery uses. Buying specifc keywords will allow Rayovac
to emphasize its outdoor brand identity and reach the Strategic Value
Consumer of this campaign more readily. In addition, this initiative
will increase brand awareness and generate more website visits which
will all lead to greater brand identity and recognition. This initiative
will ultimately drive Rayovac sales. SEM is an important tactic due to
the fact that it narrows the advertisements to users who are specifcally
looking for battery-related items online, thus increasing the value of the
seM KeyworDs
broaD MatCh
why seM?
analysIs of
Duracell and Energizer are both buying paid advertising on Google.
Rayovac is not. Duracell and Energizer are using their own brand
names for paid search and Energizer is buying ads under Rayovac on
later pages in the search engine list. In addition, both Energizer and
Duracell are using paid ads for the search term battery. It seems that
Duracell is dominating the keyword search initiative within Google
adwords, but both Energizer and Duracell are prominent competitors.
Rayovac is not capitalizing on the opportunities that exist in SEM.
Batteries, battery, AA batteries, AAA battery, alkaline batteries, Ray-
ovac coupon, rechargeable, power adapters, long lasting battery, lon-
gest lasting battery, double a batteries, aa battery, double a battery, best
battery, rayovac products, 9 V battery, 9 V batteries, nine volt battery,
nine volt batteries, 9 V, nine volt, disposable battery, single a batter-
ies, single a battery, triple a batteries, triple a battery, aaa batteries, aa
rechargeable batteries, lithium batteries, battery types, battery powered,
battery brands, hybrid batteries, battery needs, rechargeable alkaline
batteries, disposable lithium batteries, lithium-ion batteries, backup
of KeyworDs
These keywords were picked after an analaysis of a series of words
using the Google Adwords tool. They encompass both general battery
terms, specifc battery terms, outdoor terms and battery-related out-
door terms that will resonate with our SVC and the outdoor theme of
the campaign while maintaining a competitive edge against Rayovacs
major competitors.
Search Engine Marketing
Outdoor sports equipment batteries, sports equipment, fashlight, lan-
tern, camping, tents, outdoor gear, outdoor life, hunting, fshing, pack-
ing, roadtrip, camping supplies, camping batteries, hunting batteries,
fashlight batteries, outdoor batteries, camping checklist
exaCt MatCh
Quality batteries, Dont forget the Rayovac, cheap batteries, longest
lasting battery, battery deals, inexpensive batteries, best battery, batter-
ies for any device, power needs, battery chargers, precharged batteries,
battery replacement, cheapest battery, duracell coupons, energizer cou-
pons, sale batteries, batteries on sale, discount batteries, best alkaline
Duracell, Energizer, disposable batteries, Duracell batteries, Energizer
seM KeyworDs (ContInueD)
Rayovac, Rayovac fashing, Rayovac lantern, Rayovac camping light,
Rayovac outdoor light, Rayovac light, Rayovac sportsman extreme,
Rayovac sportsman xtreme
Rayovoc, Ryovac, Rayavac, Rayovack, Rayovak, Ryovak, Ryvac, bat-
terie, alkiline batteries, ray o vac, ray o vac batteries, batterys, bateries
100 keywords
Search Engine Marketing
toP KeyworDs
The following list of Google Adwords provide a good blend of of-
fensive, defensive, mis-spelled, broad and specifc Adwords that will
drive consumers attention to the Rayovac brand when searching for
battery related or outdoor related items on Google. Because Rayovac
is not Googled very often compared to that of Duracell or Energizer,
it is important that Rayovac capitalize on those searches. However,
these search terms will serve as watch outs on the Adword list due
to the controversial nature of buying competitors adwords. In addition,
because we do not know the outcome of the Dont forget the Rayovac!
campaign, it is not possible to determine how many searches those
terms will generate. After analyzing the Google data, we believe the list
that we generated still stands to develop into a successful campaign.
Keyword Monthly Searches
Battery 9,140,000
Batteries 2,240,000
Rayovac 40,500
Camping Gear 74,000
Cheap Batteries 18,100
Discount Batteries 6,600
Duracell 201,000
Energizer 201,000
Best battery 90,500
Alkaline battery 33,100
Rechargeable batteries 110,000
Outdoors 673,000
Camping supplies 27,100
Flashlight 550,000
Hiking 1.220,000
AA batteries 49,500
Rayavack N/A
AAA battery 22,200
Dont forget the Rayovacs N/A
Rayovac lantern 4,500

Search Engine Marketing
toP KeyworDs (ContInueD)
It appears that competitors are focusing on the key words regarding
battery discounts, such as deals, cheap, coupons, for less, discounted,
bulk and bargain. They are using these key words in conjunction with
several different phrases, including types of batteries, buying batteries
online, and different phrase orderings of these words.
Example of competitors appearing in SEM
Keyword Monthly Searches
Battery 9,140,000
Batteries 2,240,000
Rayovac 40,500
Camping Gear 74,000
Cheap Batteries 18,100
Discount Batteries 6,600
Duracell 201,000
Energizer 201,000
Best battery 90,500
Alkaline battery 33,100
Rechargeable batteries 110,000
Outdoors 673,000
Camping supplies 27,100
Flashlight 550,000
Hiking 1.220,000
AA batteries 49,500
Rayavack N/A
AAA battery 22,200
Dont forget the Rayovacs N/A
Rayovac lantern 4,500

Search Engine Marketing
google aDworDs
Title: Deals on Camping Supplies
Text URL:
Great for camping!
searCh aD
Search Engine Marketing
google aDworDs (ContInueD)
general Info
Dont Forget the Rayovac
Search Engine Marketing
google aDworDs (ContInueD)
Automatic bidding for clicks. $100 budget per day.
January 1, 2012- December 31, 2012
All available sites on networks and devices
Search Engine Marketing
google aDworDs (ContInueD)
Consumers ages 18- 64
The Google Adwords campaign will focus on the Midwest, West Coast
and Western States, where the SVC is most strongly concentrated.
Search Engine Marketing
google aDworDs (ContInueD)
The 20 keywords chosen for Google Adwords were used to estimate
the traffc summary. They were chosen to maximize exposure for the
Dont Forget the Rayovac SEM campaign.
Search Engine Marketing
google aDworDs (ContInueD)
Using the 20 chosen keywords, Google Adwords estimates the eff-
ciency and productivity of the campaign, including the average cost per
click (CPC) per day, clicks per day and estimated cost per day.
average CPC
$1.15- $1.70
ClICKs Per
Cost Per Day
$90.00- $110.00
Search Engine Marketing
google aDworDs (ContInueD)
Adjustments can be made to the keywords in order to optimize the
campaign, or in other words, get higher traffc summary results by
changing the 20 keywords.
exaMPle of oPtIMIzatIon
In this scenario, the frst 20 words achieved higher SEM results than
the edited keywords. Therefore, for the Dont Forget the Rayovac
Google Adword SEM campaign, the original 20 words will be used.
The timing of the Google adwords campaign is from January 1, 2012
to December 31, 2012. The timing corresponds with the entirety of the
Dont Forget the Rayovac campaign. The Google adwords advertis-
ing will be used throughout the entire campaign in order to create a
continued web presence and strong brand recognition. Also, the Google
adwords segment of the campaign will compliment the other advertis-
ing contributions throughout the yearlong campaign.
The geography of the Google adwords is focused on the Midwest, West
Coast and Alaska. The geography of the Google adwords corresponds
with the geographical focus of the rest of the campaign, which is cen-
tered around those most likely to camp, enjoy the outdoors, and take
outdoor weekend adventures with their families.
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization can help to drive purchasers whom are
already interested in a related product to the point of purchase online. It
also increases and fosters product awareness in the same manner. In ad-
dition, search is the number two activity done on online, thus it drives
the majority of internet users to their fnal destination website. Given
this information, it is evident how important SEO is for all brands,
especially given the competitive nature of the battery industry. In addi-
tion, many consumers use search engines to answer basic questions that
they have about products. By optimizing both natural and paid search
results, Rayovac can ensure greater brand and product awareness. In
order for Rayovac to increase brand awareness and market share of
disposable alkaline batteries it is important for Rayovac to increase
their SEO spending and strategy.
why seo?
rayovaC websIte
struCture &
The structure of the site is quite clearly laid out by category, product
and type of battery. In addition, there are many sections on battery
education for consumers. One navigation that should be removed from
the top bar may be promotions. The current promotional campaigns are
not very intriguing and there are not many and having it featured so
prominently on the site may be unattractive to consumers. Highlight-
ing the promotions in an interactive ad on the homepage may be more
Rayovac has good content, especially in their FAQ section where
consumers can look up frequently asked questions about batteries and
battery maintenance. Many of these FAQs show up on the frst page
of Google search when you type in a similar or exact question. In ad-
dition, the website has important and informational content regarding
batteries in general and battery care questions that many consumers
may have.
Search Engine Optimization
rayovaC websIte (ContInueD)
The overall design of the site is clean, sleek and un-cluttered. Some of
the sub-links under the larger categories are not intuitive however. Pho-
tos are relevant and there are interactive fash coupons that add good
design elements.
ClarIty of
The clarity of communication throughout the site is generally good.
There is some copy that is written in a very informal voice that may be
taking away from the content itself.
In Message
The website drives home the fact that Rayovac batteries are just as
reliable as other leading competitors in the disposable alkaline battery
category. In addition, there is signifcant emphasis on outdoor activi-
ties, but not as much as would be necessary to complete this campaign
Rayovac homepage
Search Engine Optimization
For the search terms Rayovac, Rayovak, Rayovack and Ray-o-vac,
Rayovacs website came up as the frst website every time. For broader
search terms like battery, batteries and general battery questions Ray-
ovac did not show up on the frst page at all.
Rayovac does not adequately match the level of SEO that Duracell
and Energizer are doing. Both Energizer and Duracell show up in the
majority of searches regarding batteries and Rayovac shows up in little
to none other than those that pertain to the exact brand name.
20 Keywords Rayovac Should Embed in Site:
Battery, batteries, alkaline, quality battery, cheap battery, light bat-
tery, battery safety, battery use, disposable battery, outdoor battery,
best battery, camping battery, long-lasting battery, alkaline battery life,
Rayovac, battery powered, battery size, aa battery, rechargeable battery,
fashlight battery
Duracell and Energizer are the top battery competitors. They appear
much more often in battery-related searches and dominate the SEO
sphere in both the branded and general search terms categories.
Current rayovaC seo strategIes
exaMPle of searCh results
Landing Page
Rayovac currently has several landing pages, but only ones occurring
naturally. Overall, the current landing pages are not especially helpful.
They lead consumers to pages that are present in the website, minimal-
ly navigating the site for them, however not marketed to a particularly
accurate SVC.
For instance, one of the landing pages is under the term, Retail bat-
teries, but leads searchers to the page for Rayovac retail hearing-aid
batteries, which is slightly misleading. Another landing page had the
tagline, Rechargeable batteries, and led users to the rechargeable
batteries page within the Rayovac site. Additionally, the fourth natural
search result returned a result titled, Rayovac-batteries, which led
consumers to the Canadian Rayovac homepage.
In general, the landing pages were not extremely helpful or appeal-
ing to consumers. We would suggest making at least one landing page
to be used in conjunction with SEM, and have it appear in the paid
search results, at the top of the page. The revised landing page would
bring consumers to a webpage that could not otherwise be found on
the site, in order to continue to educate consumers about Rayovac. For
this campaign, the landing page would be outdoor-themed, focusing on
Rayovac is not currently doing SEM. Altough Rayovac is not doing
SEM, several landing pages can be found through natural searches.
Current seM
Example of Rayovacs revised outdoors themed landing page
MobIle InItIatIves
Mobile can help drive consumers to purchase, interact with consumers
on a more intimate level, engage mobile marketing viewers in a deeper
and more meaningful way, drive greater click through rates and build
brand identity and relationships. Because of the intensely interactive
nature, users are more in control and are more likely to connect with
the brand in ways they can not do through traditional media outlets. We
will use mobile to increase product and brand awareness, to increase
the branding initiative and to reach specifc consumers in a new and
interactive way.
The texting campaign will consist of coupons and deals being texted
to users who have opted in to receiving the text messages. Because our
SVC tends to be of a lower income level, it is not as likely that they
will have a smart phone. Therefore, the majority of our mobile cam-
paign will be focused on texting coupons and deals to our fscally
conservative SVC. This initiative will integrate itself well with the em-
phasis of Rayovacs low price, equal quality message that will perme-
ate the campaign.
The application that Rayovac will develop in this mobile initiative will
be geared at the summer season of outdoor activities. It will locate
fun outdoor activities listed near the users location and will also pro-
vide activity tips, check lists for adventures and Rayovac coupons and
discounts for outdoor activities. This application will reinforce the trip
sweepstakes and be integrated with said promotion. In addition, it will
reiterate Rayovacs desired brand identity as the battery for all of your
outdoor adventure needs.
Rayovac will strategically purchase display ads on relevant mobile ap-
plications. These applications may include weather applications, travel
applications, relevant news stories within news applications and others.
The mobile display ads will reinforce Rayovacs outdoor battery initia-
tive and will ensure a captive and more aware and interactive audi-
ence. The click through rates are much higher on mobile applications,
and the specifcity of the mobile device will allow Rayovac to heavily
target more likely users.
DIsPlay aD
The mobile campaigns will be run in peak travel and outdoor activity
months in key cities in the Midwest region. These cities will include
Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Chicago. Each city will have a distinct
campaign. The campaign will start in April and terminate in November.
These months will include travel season, weather permitting outdoor
activities and hunting and fshing seasons as well. This initiative will be
targeted toward the Midwest because Midwesterners are the largest
group of Rayovac purchasers and will ensure the greatest click through
rate and response to the mobile campaign.
[1 mobile campaign Milwaukee (100,000) x 1 market x 3 months] +
[1 mobile campaign Minneapolis (100,000) x 1 market x 3 months]
+ [1 mobile campaign Chicago (100,000) x 1 market x 3 months] =
total MobIle
exaMPle of ConsuMers rayovaC woulD text
The Rayovac texting
initiative would be
targeted at Midwestern
families on a budget
that enjoy the outdoors,
such as the the family
Media Strategies
Emerging Media
Out of Home is an emerging media form that advertises to consumers
in a new way, closer to the point of purchase. OOH is considered more
on the go than traditional advertisements, because it reaches consum-
ers outside of their homes. According to the Digital Place-based Adver-
tising Association, it is the second fastest growing advertising medium,
after search.
OOH is broken into 2 main categories, non-digital (movie theaters)
and digital. non-digital OOH are the advertisements played before the
movie. Digital OOH (DOOH) advertising are generally commercials,
usually run on screens either in stores, gas stations or other places that
the consumers are likely to purchase the products. The screens running
the ads are usually placed near the products in the store. DOOH can
also be done at sporting events, airports, bars, ftness facilities, or any
other venues with screens that can display the ads.
out of hoMe
OOH reaches an active target audience. It is tailored to consumers that
are away from their homes, in transit and on-the-go.
OOH also has the numbers to back up its advertising reaching power.
According to media researcher MagnaGlobal, it is estimated to grow
by 8.3% in 2011, totaling $26.4 billion, which is second only to online
The rapid increase in OOH advertising spending demon-
strates not only the effectiveness of OOH on consumers outside of their
homes, but also that Rayovac does not want to be left behind.
Besides the numbers, OOH is a great overall match for Rayovac, and
specifcally with the Dont Forget the Rayovac campaign. In this
campaign, the SVCs are active, adventurous families that enjoy being
on the go and outdoors. The SVC is a prime candidate to see the OOH,
since they would rather be outside the home rather than in it, making
OOH an especially benefcial marketing strategy for Rayovac and this
Emerging Media
For this campaign, we propose buying OOH for May through Septem-
ber, during which the majority of outdoor activities take place. Buying
during the aforementioned months will help solidify Rayovac as the
outdoorists frst choice in batteries, and help extend brand recognition
of Rayovac as a travel necessity.
Each OOH outlet costs $300,000 per month, and this campaign has 3
different outlets for this section of advertising. The OOH campaign
will last for 5 months in each outlet. The cost for each outlet over the 5
months is $1.5 million, and the total cost for OOH advertising will be
$300,000 x 1 outlet= $300,000 (per month) x 5 months= $1,500,000
$300,000 x 3 outlets= $900,000 x 5 months= $4,500,000
MeDIa buy trIal
For this campaign, we propose placing OOH advertisements in 3 dif-
ferent outlets: Walmart, Target and Cabelas sporting goods stores.
These outlets reach the target consumer of active, price-concerned
outdoor-enthusiasts, at stores they are most likely to shop, and more
importantly, most likely to purchase outdoor necessities. The DOOH
advertisements in the 3 chains will be on the ends of aisles near the bat-
tery sections, but will run ads coinciding with the outdoor, adventure-
seeking theme of this campaign.
The DOOH advertisements in the 3 chains will be on the ends of aisles
near the battery sections, but will run ads coinciding with the outdoor,
adventure-seeking theme of this campaign. The ads will be similar to
the fash ad in this campaign, focusing on the outdoors, specifcally re-
garding to famililes, and solidifying Rayovac as an outdoor must-have.
Emerging Media
The target audience reach of gaming advertisements is very broad.
Since gaming includes not only video games in the traditional, but also
web and smart phone games, the target audience is very diverse, in-
cluding both men and women, and users of all ages.
According to a Microsoft study reported on by Social Times, advertise-
ments integrated into the games, known as in-game ads increased
consumer purchase intent by 24%, increased brand recommendation by
23% and increased overall brand rating by 32%.
If gaming advertising does become of large interest, it can be pur-
chased for $100,000 per month, per gaming outlet.
Gaming advertising is advertising that is incorporated into the gaming
experience, targeting consumers while they play their favorite games.
The games include console video games, combination console and web
games, iPhone and other smart phone games and web-specifc games.
Advertising in games varies, and includes advertising options such as
banner or display ads, pop-up ads, 15-30 second ads that run before a
game starts, ads that run while the game is loading, or actual product
placement within the game. With gaming technology growing, this is
also a quickly growing and adapting advertising sector.
Given the parameters and SVC of this campaign, we do not suggest
purchasing gaming advertising. Although it is and can be a very effec-
tive medium, we believe that there are more effective and economical
ways to reach the SVC.
The SVC identifed in this campaign enjoys the outdoors and is adven-
turous, and video games tend to cater to consumers of opposite inter-
ests, such as those that enjoy relaxing indoors and are more inclined to
spend money on technology as opposed to hunting, camping or travel-
ling supplies.
MeDIa buy trIal
Plan Prioritization
MeDIuM ranK anD ratIonale
!"#$%&' ()*+' (),$-*)."'
1 0nline auveitising is the best platfoim to taiget
the SvC specifically, thiough taigeteu au placing
Thiough flash aus, online aus can cieate
intiigue anu fuithei bianu iecognition among
0nline aus aie not only maiketeu to customizeu
consumeis, it also leaus consumeis to the
Rayovac website, which can leau to incieaseu
SENSE0 2 Rayovac is cuiiently behinu the cuive on SEN
maiketing, losing out to Buiacell anu Eneigizei
SEN is necessaiy to not only compete with
othei bianus, but also to appeai available to
consumeis seaiching foi Rayovac-ielateu
SEN is a ielatively low cost foi its ieach,
especially since many options only chaige once
the au is clickeu on, as opposeu to how many
times it appeais
An active website is a necessity to eveiy
business, anu Rayovac woulu piofit fiom
continuing to iun theiis anu fiom impioving it
anu its natuial stanuing in seaiches
00B S 00B is a iapiuly giowing auveitising sectoi that
cateis specifically to the SvC in this campaign
00B is the peifect meuium to ieach active, busy
consumeis, like the taiget maiket we iuentifieu
00B allows Rayovac to be neai consumeis'
point of puichase, by puichasing uigital space in
stoies that consumeis puichase batteiies anu
outuooi supplies, such as Taiget, Walmait anu
Social Neuia
(paiu & unpaiu)
4 Social meuia, both paiu anu unpaiu, is the
easiest, most cost-efficient way to connect with
consumeis on a moie intimate basis
Social meuia allows actual conveisations
between Rayovac anu its consumeis, cieating
gieatei bianu iecognition anu appieciation
Connecting with the consumei is impoitant, but
having followeis oi fiienus on a social netwoik
uoesn't necessaiily leau to sales incieases,
which is why we suggest cieating a piesence,
but focusing moie funus on othei meuiums
Plan Prioritization
MeDIuM ranK anD ratIonale
!"#$%&' ()*+' (),$-*)."'
Nobile S The SvC foi this campaign is on-the-go, anu
mobile auveitising cateis to this type of
Although the SvC iuentifieu in this campaign is
veiy active, tiauitional Rayovac consumeis
aien't necessaiily eaily technology auapteis,
anu most likely woulun't have the income foi a
smait phone, which aie key factois in mobile
We suggest text piomotions, which uon't
iequiie smait phones, but not a laige amount of
funus ueuicateu to this meuium
Bulu 6 The SvC of this campaign aie active anu love the
outuoois, which uoesn't completely match up
with consumeis watching online television
It is impoitant to ieach consumeis of all kinus,
anu Bulu allows Rayovac the oppoitunity to
ieach a uiffeient type of consumei, but we
suggest allotting significantly less funus to this
meuium uue to the clash of inteiests between
the aveiage Bulu usei anu the iuentifieu SvC
Panuoia 7 Panuoia is a ielatively low cost foi auveitising
with a bioau auuience ieach, but like Bulu,
uoesn't fully match the SvC of this campaign
Again, like Bulu, we suggest cieating a
piesence, oi possibly expanuing this auveitising
meuium in the futuie, but initially, to use this
platfoim veiy minimally
uaming 8 uaming ieaches a bioau auuience, but not
necessaiily an auuience inteiesteu in
puichasing Rayovac batteiies, being outuoois,
oi saving money
At this time, we suggest not auveitising in
gaming, anu insteau focusing funus on meuiums
that bettei align with the Bon't Foiget the
Rayovac campaign, such as those listeu above

Plan Summary
Our media plan is integrated by never losing sight of the Dont For-
get the Rayovac campaign theme. We integrated the idea of Rayovac
batteries being an outdoor necessity across every platform and me-
dium of the media plan, creating a fully comprehensive and integrated
campaign. All of the advertisements, regardless of the medium, present
similar advertising strategies, acting in harmony of one another in the
larger campaign as a whole.
We also tailored our creative efforts to make them appropriate for each
medium listed in the medium plan. The creative for each medium cor-
responds with all other mediums, while still being the most effective
for each specifc platform. For instance, images of camping are used
as a general theme throughout every medium, but the images and copy
wording are tweaked slightly for every type of advertising. Overall, the
media plan is completely integrated both with the campaign and with
all forms of advertising, executed through careful consideration of the
slogan, Dont Forget the Rayovac, and conscious efforts to most suc-
cessfully target the SVC.
The media plan addressed in this campaign most accurately fts the
needs of the SVC and other possible Rayovac consumers. It targets
active families that enjoy the outdoors in the advertising mediums that
they are most likely to see and respond to. The designed media plan not
only targets the correct consumers, it also creates a presence in places
where Rayovac is currently lacking, such as SEM, and strengthens the
areas it does currently advertise in, like social media.
This media plan takes into account that Rayovac already has the prod-
uct in place, and needs to focus its advertising needs on creating a pres-
ence among the correct consumers. Our media plan most economically
develops the Rayovac brand among a group of consumers that might
not otherwise even know about the brand. With the uniquely identifed
consumer of this campaign, the media plan corresponds to the target
consumers interests, attitudes and behaviors, in the most cost-effective
MeDIa Plan
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Wylie, Peter. Should You Advertise on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter?
Wylie, Peter. Should You Advertise on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter?
Pierce, Deb. Powerpoint. (
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