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(Starpowerz & Indo Nissin Foods Limited ,)

In order to start the operations we have to comply the following:1.Central Labour License Purpose: Form V this is to be issued by the principal Employer To Starpowerz . Once Starpowerz receive the Form V issued by Principal company, Starpowerz shall prepare Form IV and along with Form V to be submitting the Hyderabad Labor License Depts. Labour department will issue us central Labour license.( 4 weeks) Once we apply for the license we can start working on the basis of applied for. 2. For ESI any location if number of employees are more than 20 then only Starpowerz will have to apply for a sub code otherwise the ESI is paid at the central locationHyderabad. For such employees who are located in less number along with ESI card FORM 101 will be issued by Hyd ESI to those employees to avail ESI benefits anywhere in India. FORM 101 needs to be renewed every 6 months 3. Provident fund Registration is Centralized, New Joinees need to be submit the following documents at the time of joining: 1.Employee Bio-Data with Salary Structure (Gross or Ctc) approved by the authorized person of Principal company. 2.One copy of Educational Qualification Certificates. 3. ESI Nomination Form-1. 4. PF Nomination Declaration Form-2. 5. Two Family Photos for the purpose of ESI. 6. One Copy of Address Proof & Two References 7. Previous Organization Relieving Letter along with Last Month Pay slip if available. 8. Basic Information Sheet.( Full name, Fathers name, present address, permanent address, all contact numbers etc) 9. Bank A/c no if any, New Account Open. 10. Two Contact No's In case of Emergency will be verify the STARPOWERZ. Once we get the above details (documents) than only we will issue the appointment letters accordingly.

SALARY CYCLE: Salaries cycle if finalized date for eg. 26th to 25th of every month. We will receive the attendance soft copy on 25th or 26th of every month, Generally mail approval is accepted by the client and then followed by hard copy duly approved by the authorized person. Once we get the attendance we have to be generate the payroll, preparing the Invoice and send it across to client by 28th. Once we receive the payment with in 72 hours we will release the salaries . If the Employee have Account like AXIS,HDFC,ICICI,SBI send with attendance If any employee dont have any Bank Account, we will open Axis Bank A/c or we suggest the employees to open in SBI as SB account as we can transfer the salary from Hyderabad to any location of SBI branches in India

ESI Card formalities

As per SOP we normally receives information along with all required documents from the candidate within 15 days from the date of joining, then we apply for ESI and obtain the temporary ESI card. This temporary ESI Card is valid up to 90 days before expiry date they should submit back to ESI LO and get the Permanent Card. Within one month time we will allot PF NO. Kindly note that we have Bank A/cs in AXIS, HDFC, ICICI, SBI, so it is better for an employee to have the above said any a/c, because salary transfer to their a/c will take only 1 day time, otherwise there will be delay in salary transfers

Dear Mr.Vora and Prasad, this has reference to our meeting on the above subject at Starpowerz office, following points were discussed in detail.

1. Starpowerz is very keen to be a valuable vendor in manpower outsourcing to Indo

Nissin. 2. All ISR's will be on the rolls of Starpowerz 3. Starpowerz shall manage the payrolls, appointment letters,bank account opening, and all statutory compliances 4. Starpowerz will declare on monthly basis of adhering to statutory compliances and also will submit the copies of challan of remittance of PF,ESI and other taxes 5. Starpowerz will also assist Indo Nissin in recruitment of the staff where ever possible 6. Starpowerz will also disburse the travel expenses besides salaries 7. Starpowerz and Indo Nissin has worked out two payment cycles to the ISRs 8. The suggested dates are 7th and 21st of the month 9. The 7th day of the month disbursement will comprise of Salary and daily allowance expenses 10. The second disbursement would be on 21st of the month 11. The submission of expenses will have two cycles from ISRs to Starpowerz. 12. The allowances statement from ISR will be from 26th to 10th and the same to be paid by 21st and 11th to 25th cycle needs to be paid by 7th 13. It has been agreed that an imprest cash will be paid Rs.1000 for twice during first month to cover both the cycles 14. All payments will be disbursed within 48 hours of receiving the same from Indo Nissin 15. In case any employee joins in betweeen that imprest amount will be paid by Starpowerz and will be claimed from Indo Nissin 16. Starpowerz will be chargin Rs.350 per employee plus Rs.8000 as a back end cost to Indo Nissin foods 17. Courier and ID card expenses will be on actual basis 18. Any other expenditure incurred by Starpowerz on behalf of Indo Nissin a prior approval have to be obtained for claiming the re-imbursement PFA draft appointment letter and Basic SOPs, you are requested to revert for any clarifications.