Dead Simple Fantasy RPG Rules

We believe that roleplaying is more important than rules-playing. This is why we have condensed these rules into a single page. The cardinal rule is: if there isn’t a rule for it – make it up as you go along. Have fun! Double Trouble; Can attack twice in a turn, if he has not moved, against any adjacent enemy. Burglary; Can use his Craft skill to attempt to pick locks, or to find & disarm traps. Holy Light; As long as the Priest stands still & holds up his holy symbol this light will prevent +Adventurer Creation+ Undead approaching closer than 10’. Attributes Healing; A Priest’s touch makes a KO’d figure New Adventurers have ten points to divide just wounded, or a wounded one whole. between the four attributes below. Each attribute Survival; Can use Perception skill to track must be given between one & four points. animals or enemies, & find food, shelter & water in Strength STR Dexterity DEX the wilderness. Intellect INT Spirit SPT

3rd Edition
Float: Touch person to let them float up/down 30’/turn. Lasts 1D6 turns (GM rolls this die). Haste: Wizard can move again in Magic phase. Ignite: This sets fire to a single flammable object that is touched by the Wizard. Invisibility: Wizard cannot be seen for 3 turns unless he attacks an enemy or casts a spell. Lock & Bar: Touch holds a door shut against anything except an Open Says I spell. Open Says I: Touch opens a locked door or lid. Teleport: Wizard disappears & reappears at any point he can see within 60’. Terrify: Enemy must pass a Toughness skill check to attack wizard. Lasts 3 turns. When things get interesting the game is played in Turns of about ten seconds in length. Each turn follows the sequence below:


Professional Abilities


Improving Adventurers

Skill Level = Aptitude + Training + Professional Modifier. Skill Aptitude Examples Agility DEX x 2 Climb, Leap, Swim Craft DEX + INT Make, Repair Fighting STR + INT Kill, Maim Knowledge INT x 2 Lore, Memory, Magic Perception INT + SPT Spot, Hear, Smell Persuasion SPT x 2 Charm, Con Shooting DEX + INT Sniper Speed STR + DEX Run, React Stealth DEX + SPT Sneak, Hide, Stalk Toughness STR + SPT Grit, Courage


New Adventurers are Trained in two skills & Familiar with three others of their choice. The remainder are Untrained. Training level Bonus Untrained -1 Familiar +0 Trained +1 Experienced +2 Mastered +3

Skill Check

Roll less than Skill Level on 1D20. When using a skill a roll of 1 is an automatic success & a roll of 20 an automatic failure.


Human: Big, ugly & everywhere. Elf: Pointy-eared, slender & mysterious. Dwarf: Short, greedy & tough.
SPT+1, can be any Profession. INT+1, can only be a Fighter, Wizard or Thief. STR+1, can only be a Fighter, Thief or Priest.

Hobbit: Little, larcenous & lucky.

DEX+1, can only be a Thief or Barbarian.


often the leader of a party of Adventurers. His job is to defend his friends & kill monsters. Fighting +2, Double Trouble, any Armour & Shield. Wizard: The master of magic, he starts with three spells of his choice in his spellbook. Knowledge +2, Spells, no Armour allowed. Thief: This is the burglar & scout of the party. He stops his friends getting killed by traps. Craft +2, Stealth +2, Burglary, only Light Armour. Priest: A powerful ally against the Undead & the only Adventurer who can heal their friends’ wounds. He is not bad in combat either. Persuasion +2, Holy Light, Healing, only Light or Medium Armour & Shield. Barbarian: A complete maniac from the savage tribes of the far north who lives to kill monsters. Toughness +2, Survival, only Light Armour & Shield.

Fighter: Well armed & armoured the Fighter is

Adventurers can choose to move before or after their enemies. Note that squares are 5’ across. They can move up to 3 + Speed in squares, -1 if in Medium Armour, -2 if in Heavy/Very Heavy. You cannot move through a solid object over waist Equipment high or another figure (unless they let you). All new Adventurers begin with a set of suitable You can climb over or up an object but this is at half clothes, a Hooded Cloak & a Backpack containing: a speed. Swimming & Stealthy movement is also at Bedroll, Rope (30’), Flint & Steel, Knife, Flask of Oil, half speed. Lantern, Sack, Three Sea Shells & Water-flask. 2. Use Magic In addition an Adventurer will have: A Wizard can cast one spell from his Spellbook in a Light Armour, Light Shield, Fighter turn. The same spells can be cast repeatedly but Sword/Axe. require a successful Knowledge check. An enemy Wizard Staff, Pointy Hat, Spellbook. will resist a spell cast upon him so deduct the Thief Dagger, Burglary Tools. enemy’s INT from the Wizard’s Knowledge skill. Priest Light Armour, Mace, Holy Symbol. To cast a spell on an enemy you must be able to see Barbarian Light Armour, Battle Axe, Furs. him. Human 3 Hunting Spears (range 30’). A Priest can use Holy Light or Healing once in a Elf Longbow (range 100’), 12 Arrows. turn, but not both. Dwarf A Crossbow (range 75’) & 16 Bolts. 3. Bloody Combat Hobbit A Sling (range 50’) & 20 bullets. Adventurers & monsters can attack once each in a They may each choose up to three items from the turn. The Adventurers always attack first. following list: Belt Pouch, Chalk, Chisels, Crowbar, You can only engage another figure in close combat Grapnel, Hammer, Ladder (10’), Small Mirror, Pick, in a square next to your own (including diagonally). Pole (8’), Pot of Grease, Spade, Iron Spikes (x6), You can shoot at any figure that is in line of sight & Tent, Writing Set, or a Potion of Healing (as Priest). range, even if they are fighting. The attacker makes a Fighting or Shooting skill Wizard Spells check minus their opponent’s DEX. The Wizard cannot cast a spell if he is in a square If there is more than one attacker attacking a single next to an enemy – even diagonally. opponent in close combat each one gets +1 to their Befriend: One person likes you for 5 minutes. He Skill Level. Thieves get +2 in this situation. will help & defend you, but not do anything suicidal. The difference between what the attacker needs & He will remember afterwards what you did. If you what he scores is the damage. For example a attack him it breaks the spell. Adventurer needs an 8 or less and then rolls a 2, he Befuddle: Target can't cast spells & may only take causes six points of damage to his opponent. non-offensive actions. Lasts 3 turns. If his weapon is Two-handed, a Crossbow or a Blind: Enemy is blinded for 3 turns. Range 30’ Hunting Spear he gets +1 to damage. Countermagic: This disrupts a spell targeted at the Armour stops the first few points of damage: Wizard & nullifies it. This is the only spell that can Light Armour stops 1 point, Medium 2, Heavy 3, be cast as an immediate reaction and not on the Very Heavy 4. Wizard’s turn. It can only be cast once per turn. A light shield stops 1 extra point on top of armour Daze: Enemy cannot attack for 3 turns. He can still or a heavy shield stops 2 extra points. move & defend himself. Range 30’. If his armour doesn’t stop all the damage the Detect Enemy: Gives the location of the nearest defender must make a Toughness Skill Check. He creature who intends to harm the caster up to 60’. deducts the remaining damage from his Skill level. Detect Magic: Gives the location of the nearest If he fails he becomes Wounded. magical item/creature or active spell up to 60’. A Wounded figure has all his skill levels reduced by Dodge: Reduces the Fighting/Shooting skill of 3 points (including Toughness). anyone who attacks the Wizard by 1 for 3 turns. If wounded a second time he is knocked out. Dragon Scale: Wizard has equivalent of Heavy A KO’d figure can be easily killed or captured. Armour for 3 turns. Doesn’t work with Dodge. 4. Use other Skills Enchant Weapon: Touch a Weapon to give it +1 to Fighting/Shooting skill for 3 turns. Weapon can only Anything not listed above can now be done. have one enchantment. Fire Bolt: If Wizard makes a Shooting check this automatically causes a wound. Range 30’.

After an adventure the Adventurers divide the loot between them equally. They can then spend some of this on training to improve themselves. Cost Improvement 500 Improve Attribute by +1 100 Improve a Skill’s training level by +1 200 A Wizard can choose a new spell to add to his spellbook. Costs are in Silver Ducats.

+Rules of Play+

1. Movement

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