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BEWARE OF THESE BANKS Looking at the rising complaints against ICICI Bank, SBI Cards, and ABN Amro

Bank, we request consumers to properly read their documents and keep a record when dealing with these banks, especially regarding credit card and housing loan. These banks are biggest defaulters and do not resolve consumer problems easily. Be aware of their terms in writing. Keep a perfect record of all correspondence with them. If they do not agree to written communication, immediately stop their services. ICICI Bank has issued credit card to a person who expired 12 years ago !! This card was misused and the statement was sent to his alive son for payment of Rs. 36,000.

BEWARE OF NOKIA Nokia assures that their handset is covered under insurance. They even provide a certificate of insurance. But the condition is that if the handset is lost/stolen, you have to lodge an FIR to seek claims. The catch here is that the police station does not lodge FIR for loss of handsets, they only register NC. So you will never get insurance claims on basis of NC. BEWARE OF AIR DECCAN Their confirmed bookings are highly unreliable and of no guarantee that u will be allowed to fly. The booked tickets get cancelled without intimation to consumer only to be known by him when he goes to the airport to catch his flight.

BEWARE OF COUNTRY CLUB, BANGALORE They advertise that if you take their membership, a plot of land will be given free of cost near Golden Spa at Coconut Grove. Please note Golden Spa is 35 Kns from Bangalore and the said plot of land is over 100 Kms from Bangalore. Based on false promises and with arrangement with Citibank and ICICI Bank, this team cheats the consumers of his money by asking payments through credit card.

RAJ TOURS AND TRAVELS, MUMBAI They give fake promises. Don't believe them else you will be for a rude shock after landing in a foreign country! Avoid their services if you want to make a pleasure trip.

XANADU HOLIDAYS PVT. LTD., BANGALORE They are big cheats. They open offices in various cities, collect money, and then close the office. You will be running from pillar to post if you have invested in their scheme. You will never get a holiday as they do not have any major properties.

TELESALES & RECOVERY AGENTS If you receive unwanted advertisement / telemarketing call from any company or recovery agents. Ask their telephone number and report to the police. File a police complaint against the Chairman of the company.

BEWARE OF TATAINDICOM BROADBAND Their promises to get you a broadband connection within a week is not to be relied upon. Once your money is stuck (about Rs. 2000), it takes lot of pains to recover it back.

BEWARE OF GODREJ WASHING MACHINE Godrej sells its washing machine with 5 year warranty. Now there is a big catch here. After 2 years they start charging Rs. 275 to Rs. 300 for servicing the machine. Imagine asking for service charges if the machine develops fault within warranty period. The quality of washing machine is very bad. Within a year it develops problems in its main PCB (costing Rs. 3500), motor, relay motor, etc. There is some problem or other within every 6 months. If you have bought this machine, be ready to shell out a fortune after the warranty period is over.

I would like to whole hearty thank and express my sincere gratitude to the principal R.K.Sharma for his constant encouragement in the development of this Project. I also sincerely thank Ms Swati for the constant encouragement and stimulating atmosphere provided to me. I also wish to especially thank Anmol sahib & Amandeep for their valuable support & guidance.

I also extend my sincere thanks to my family and my friends for their encouragement and support.

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