Baking and Pastry Recipe book

1 a) Soft Bun b) Traditional Bread 2 a) Sponge Cake b) Sponge Cake 2 c) Genoese Sponge 3 Puff Pastry 4 a) Butter cookies b) Short Bread

5. After the kneading process.5gm 1. Pour in mixture B bit by bit into the middle of mixture A after adding in yeast. Adding of mixture A and B will form dough. followed by baking it under 190 Celsius to 200 Celsius. Bread Flour Salt Fat B. Sugar Egg Milk C. 6. Next step would be placing of the dough into a prover for 20 minutes. add in bread flour and salt followed by adding in 25 gm of butter forming mixture A Then. Beat an egg evenly and mix with sugar and also milk forming mixture B. in another bowl add in sugar. 3. Pushing in mixture A from the side inwards slowly and slowly till mixture A and B are even. Spreading mixture A on to the table while forming a hole in the middle. Yeast 250gm 1. 4. Pour mixture A on to the table.5gm 25gm 25gm 1 no 125gm 7. 2. Instruction: 1stly. leave the dough under a bowl for bulk fermentation for approximately 1 hour. 7.Soft Bun A. Start kneading the dough forcefully till the dough is elastic and bouncy. .

. The ice water is needed when using the proving machine.Traditional Bread Bread flour Fat Salt Yeast Improver Ice water 600gm 13gm 15gm 12gm 6gm 250gm Instruction: Method is the same as soft bun but with the including of improver and ice water which is then made in a prover machine. Tips: Adding of improver is to strengthen the bread without the eggs.

pour mixture A into the sponge mixture. Slowly add in the oil according to need while mixing. Pour mixture into a mould and put into the oven to bake. Put the mixture together into the mixing machine. 2. 4.Sponge Cake Sponge Mix UHT Milk Ovallette Chilled Egg Vanilla Essence * Oil 500gm 125gm ½tbsp 500gm 1tsp 2tbsp Instructions 1. 3. . the chilled eggs and vanilla essence together forming mixture A. UHT milk. After mixed evenly. Mix the ovallete.

.Sponge Cake 2 Chilled Eggs Ice Water Ovallette Sugar Flour Corn flour Baking powder * Oil 800gm 150gm 50gm 400gm 375gm 25gm ¼ tsp 4tbsp Tips This method is the same but without the sponge mix. corn flour and baking powder to substitute for the sponge mix. Mix flour.

After the mould is set. 3. . Then wait the mixture to set in the mould. Mix all the ingredients and pour into a mould. put in some filling on the sponge and start rolling till u form a Swiss roll. 2.Genoese Sponge Eggs Sugar Flour Oil 4 no 100gm 100gm 50gm Instructions 1.

start folding the dough for the lamination process. . After that set the dough for a double fold and rest another 20 minutes. rest the dough for 20 minutes. Resting of the dough is to let the dough have a rest so that the dough is stretchable. 4. Add in water and start kneading on the table. Rub in the fat with flour evenly 3. Pastry Margarine 250gm 50gm ¼ tsp 125gm 125gm Instructions: 1. After resting.Puff Pastry A. Add salt into the strong flour. Strong Flour Fat Salt Iced Water B. Tips: After the dough forms a rectangular shape. After the single fold. start on another single fold and then rest the dough for another 20 minutes. Roll the dough evenly till it becomes of a rectangular shape. 2. The following steps are to make layers which then form the puff pastry. Knead till the dough is light.

2. . add in flour and start to knead. 3. 5. Next. Put in to the oven and bake. After the mixture is white and fluffy add in salt and vanilla. 4. Put the mixture into a piping bag and pipe out the mixture onto a tray.Butter Cookies Butter Icing Sugar Vanillin Salt Flour 100gm 25gm a pinch a pinch 100gm Instruction 1. Mix butter and icing sugar together using the creaming method.

3. add in flour and start to knead. 2. 4. take the amount of mixture that is needed to roll into the shape desired. After the mixture is white and fluffy add in salt and vanilla. Next.Short Bread Butter Icing sugar Vanillin Salt Flour 250gm 140gm a pinch ½ tsp 375gm Instruction 1. After kneading. Mix butter and icing sugar together using the creaming method. .

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