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Speech The Effect of Television for the Students Honorable the juries of this test Honorable my teachers My loving

brothers and sisters Assalamu alaikum Wr.Wb Good morning everybody, and How are you today ? First of all, Praise be to Allah who has given us health and great chance to meet in this room cheerfully and thank you very much to the committee who give a chance to stand up in front of scaring and beautiful and handsome juries of English speech test and my brothers and sisters. Its really special for me. . And here I d like to present a speech about The Effect of Television for the St udents Watching television is the most popular ways to spend free time in arround world . According to latest research that University of Michigan has done, 72 percent of U.S. and Canadian high school seniors, watch TV in their leisure time. TV pro grams have different effects on human beings; it might be beneficial or dissatis fied. Generally, television is behoof and benefit for students because television is p resenting which information most effective and efficient, effective of informati on and efficient to get that information. There are many positive thing that we can take from television such as hot news, general science, Entertainment, ect. And College and school students can understand many field of study: science, me dicine, the arts, and so on. Television can increase our knowledge. For example now a day hundreds of thousan d nonnative speakers use TV programs to improve their listening, expanding their vocabulary and be familiar with informal language. TV viewing takes away the ti me that we needs to develop important skills like language, creativity, motor, a nd social skills. TV viewing numbs the student s mind as it prevents their from exercising initiative, being intellectually challenged, thinking analytically, a nd using his imagination. The factors of childrens concentration difficulties can be caused by internal factors, such as disturbance of brain development, or bec ause external factors, such as watching too much television programs.For instanc e, twenty years of research has shown that students who are more exposed to medi a violence behave more aggressively as kids and when they are older.

Some experts, however, believe that TV is not all that bad. They qualify though that viewing TV can be good if it is done in moderation, and if the program bei ng watched is selected: Some TV shows can educate, inform and inspire. The Students use TV effectively as a complement to school learning. chooses TV s program that corresponds to their ages And also theres control of parents Brothers and Sisters I think thats all my speech. I hope my brief description on the effect of Televi sion will be useful for us. Finally, I would like to say sorry if there are mistakes in my speech words. Thank you very much for your attention. Wassalamualaikum Wr.Wb.

Made by Rabiatul Adawiyah Third Grade